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> So since orks have WAAGHH!!! and sisters of battle have faith does that mean that if the imperial guard yell's WAAGHH or believes that their flashlights were more powerful that they would become more powerful?

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It was a battalion of latent psykers yeah. Sure. Why not.

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It's all being used to keep helmetless special characters from being shot in the head and to empower the cannons.
Same uses space marines put it to.

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Implying they would not be exploding

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>it was an honest question. I mean sisters of battle can become invulnerable from "faith". I wonder if the imperium painted its artillery shells red they'd go faster and hit harder? Due to ork influence?

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Precisely. And making Land Raider armor tougher.

Why are you greentexting? Because "Green iz best?"

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It was a green skin related question.

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>Why are you greentexting? Because "Green iz best?"

>Dat's shmott 'finkin, dat is.

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"They have a good bass section but how about a good tenor, eh boys?

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The Imperial Guard use lass weapons for logistical reasons

You can have almost 100 shots for every rifle

EVEN more so its powered by the sun

In emergency you can throw it in a fire and sometimes overcharges it and makes it more dangerous to the user and the man they are shooting at

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humie gitz knows nuffin 'bout bein an ork

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