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One of the devs tweeted that had a poll where they overwhelmingly won't be playing orks, da gits. So I made a poll for us.


Also, let's have Eternal Crusade general discussion, and therefore here's the information we know so far:

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And in general orky news:
>@pulsemeat 9 Sep
>Well, @lordpada just informed me that we hit our Waaagh! milestone over the weekend. Da Boyz 'ave spoken.

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/tg/ gets shit done once again. Or, well, we've added quite a large part of the total I'd think.

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Better poll.

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I know I replied with WAAAGH.

I just want to see the next update in Orkspeak.

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Taken from the website...

>Each army has its own diversity through Chapters, Legions, Clans or Craftworlds. All warriors of a faction must choose one of these organizations. The choice affects not only your appearance, but also provides a set of bonuses and abilities unique to that division.

Thoughts/Speculation/Wishful thinking on who might get what? BAs with their CC bonus and SW with their furry porn and so forth..

Also what other Chaos Legions besides IWs do you think will be in. I mean that looks like a Word Bearer on the cover there...

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So far we know Word Bearers, Iron Warriors and Black Legion are in. And that they're all undivided. So the last one is probably Night Lords or Alpha Legion.

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What does this mean, exactly? What is this milestone?

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Links to a few Q&A's and interviews with the devs

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Basically, in the last newsletter, they said if they got enough emails with WAAAGH in the subject, the next newsletter would be in Orkspeak.

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>Eldar Speculated Classes: Swooping Hawks, Bonesingers, Warlocks

I bet they'll take Warp Spiders over Swooping Hawks also

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I was in a /v/ thread earlier and they were spamming it also

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I'd give my left nut for a Warp Spider class.

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>Implying Swooping Hawks are better than Warp Spiders

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they'll use swooping hawks because then they can reuse jumppack stuff for all the reaces

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b-but asymmetrical factions!

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notice how there are no Tau pictured here

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After so many games I was pumped for turned out to suck, I told myself to never get excited for anything ever again...
But sometimes, I just can't help myself.
I'll deal with the crippling disappointment when it comes.

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Yeah, they're not going to be in at launch.

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Faction release schedule is:

Imperial Guard
Tau and Necrons
SoB and Deldar

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Is that official?

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Yup, proven. They're also going to include air units in the third one.

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> Waiting for Tau
> Waiting for SoB or Deldar
Worse than waiting on OP

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[citation needed]

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will the second expansion be the best? with the third widely regarded as shit?

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>IG is released
>everyone's face

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I have always held that the third one will be mediocre, but maybe that's because Deldar are my favorites.

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Ig seems like it should be another f2p one to me

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Necrons will be OP as shit in the second expansion, until they patch it at which point Eldar will be the new hotness.

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They should be the F2P with Space Marines

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by that do you mean you buy space marines and get IG for free?

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>Don't know the Eldar classes
Hard to answer the poll without that. I'd be an Eldar Bonesinger without a second consideration. Without that, probably a Librarian.

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Eldar are doing much better than I thought they would! Glad I won't be alone when I create and deploy my Space Pansy.

> so no Sisters
You know me too well, OP...

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the basic problem with that is that spruce maroons are already going to be the most-played faction (beside F2P orcs), so giving them a F2P ally on top of that would be grossly unfair

unless some excuse is made for the imperial guard to be fighting against the maroons

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>Eternal Crusade

>> No.27143964


>Not wanting both teleportin' and swoopin' aspects

Aspect warriors have so much potential for varied and interesting playstyles. Done right, the Eldar will be by far the most interesting faction for gameplay.

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The devs have talked about a 5th faction joining the ones already announced and it will be decided by community vote

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None of this is confirmed, they just said that there will be expansions with more races mentioning Necrons. There's no release schedule.

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>5th faction

I mean 5th chapter

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The joke is that "release schedule" is the exact order that new factions were introduced in the original Dawn of War.

You have all been played, and those who get the joke were laughing heartily at your expense. Sorry for ruining the joke, but this was just too painful to watch.

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Master ruseman, you are not.

>> No.27144039

Oh yes there is. It's been confirmed for a long ass time now. 2008, I think.

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You know everything you ever wanted?
we are going it. The game...really

>> No.27144058

Ah! You funny man! I kill you last.

>> No.27144063

Dammit, anon! I could have milked that shit for at least 20 more posts.

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Jokes on you. We all dead already.

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Le hilarious epig truly epig ruse

>> No.27144076

> You know everything you ever wanted?
> we are going it.
That's awfully optimistic of you

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Honestly, by >>27144039 it would have been a bit obvious.

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But dat rage though.

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Well, I feel a little silly now

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Wow, did not expect Eldar to be more popular than (C)SM.

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>second expansion hits
>Imp Guard playable
>So many karskins
>Karskins everywhere killing everything
>Suddenly baneblade at any sign of resitance, but for some reason most of its guns don't work.

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Not really. Orks are popular because them being free 2 play is kinda fluffy and cool. Eldar have lots of potential for different cool classes with aspects. Chaos are just evil Marines and Marines are the dull balanced human faction that have been playable in a bunch of games before. This will be the first time we'll get non-rts xeno gameplay so that's actually pretty exciting.

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What does that have to do with Eldar and Orks? And regardless of how that game played, it was actually an interesting prospect getting to fight marines.

>> No.27144253

Nothing. it is simply a game with non-rts xenos gameplay. I thought it was cool.

>> No.27144294


Oh right, I thought you were saying that it was a reason not to get excited. My bad.

Is Fire Warrior any good? I remember getting excited about it as a kid, but went off the idea when I heard it was kinda mediocre.

>> No.27144339

It IS kind of mediocre. It was also the first time I had seen characters from 40k moving around, shouting, and fighting. It was cool.

>> No.27144529

Dawn of Eldar making a comeback! You heard it here first! Rangers will snipe people from across the map, Warp-Spiders get a teleport spam ability that never gets patched, and exarchs summon the avatar for anything more challenging than boiling water.

>> No.27144702

Yeah I think it's cool, I want to play Eldar (might change upon seeing classes but hey) myself, I just expected Marines to be the most popular. Maybe they will be, and it's just that /tg/ has more interesting taste than the masses!

>> No.27144733

>it's just that /tg/ has more interesting taste than the masses!
They don't call us elegan/tg/entlemen for nothing, anon!

>> No.27144964


Why would they have bonesingers?

I don't know shit about Eldar and I've only seen those guys in DoW. They were just builders.

>> No.27144978

>Maybe they will be, and it's just that /tg/ has more interesting taste than the masses!

Probably. Space Marines are all most people even know, but I think long time 40k fans are gonna be more interested in the xeno side of things. I have wanted an aspect warrior game for sooo long and even though I've never been that interested in orks a free2play WAAAGH sounds really fun.

>> No.27145041

If they let you play a Swooping Hawk, then I best get to play as a scourge in the expansion.

>> No.27145096


>You will never soar at a billion mph on your raider with dozens of your Kabalite bros taking potshots at the lesser races squabbling below

>> No.27145165

Feels bad, klaivex.

>> No.27145236


>tfw there will be no haughty Incubi for you to humble in a duel

How else am I going to restore honour to my shrine?

>> No.27145776

Any news on voice emotes? The idea of Spehss Mahreens yelling "EET EES THA BEEEHNBLAAADE" is too hilarious to pass up.

>> No.27146332


If we can decide on a klan name or what-not, I can make us some symbols to choose from for our boss poles.

Also can make us a website just cause.

>> No.27146421

>decide on something
Nah, not happening.

I'd most like Blood Axes, but I guess we could go with Bad Moons otherwise.

>> No.27146489

>developer gives straw poll link out on twitter
>40% space marines


>> No.27146520

We chose "Top Mek" a few threads ago. It got decently big.

>> No.27146571

We gotta have this as our clan theme

>> No.27146625

Top Mek.


Any other information? mek-oriented group? Or?

>> No.27146652

>Top Mek
>Guild Leader is Da Stig

I'm okay with this.

I am 100% in for either Deffskullz or Evil Sunz Mek, leaning towards Evil Sunz.

>> No.27146661

> tfw this game is going to be so shit.

>> No.27146691

Not wanting this:


>> No.27146714

>Top Mek
>Guild Leader is Da Stig

Datz proppa orky dat iz. Now were did dat gretchin git run off wif me boike?

>> No.27146719

Primarily Evil Sunz and Bad Moons, also extremely meta and sarcastic.

There will be three guild leaders, and the best ftp player will be called Da Stigg.

>> No.27146724

When I read the Q&A by the Lead Level Designer, I have a positive outlook but when I read the Q&A by the Lead Programmer it sounds like it'll be kinda shitty. It might just be that the questions that were asked to the programmer were bad and he's french-canadian and maybe didn't understand them (because he also types like a moron) but I dunno. Just gonna have to wait and see.

2 more years

>> No.27146756

Not Da Squig?

>> No.27146801

Lots of vehicles, m8.

>> No.27146944

>How else am I going to restore honour to my shrine?

I think I'll give your soulstone back to the Scorpions shrine. Or crush it in my fist. Whatever catches my fancy.

>> No.27146978

>Da Squig
I'm okay with this too.

>> No.27147001

lol at those wnych faces

>> No.27147058

>All this hype for MMO
ALL MMO SUCK no expection

>> No.27147063

Why did the lead programmer sound so bad? What did he say?

>> No.27147094

Your girlfriend broke up with you over WoW, didn't she?

>> No.27147147

EVE and Dungeon Fighter actually but that's beside the point

>> No.27147225

The idea of making Orks F2P is fucking genius

>> No.27147250

Heres my guesses

>Evil Sunz-Speed boost on all vehicles, which can stack with the red speed boost, all Evil Sunz vehicles have more durability. Also they will have boosting abilities for vehicles

>Bad Moons-Discount on requisition costs and hire rate of fire for all weapons

>Deathskulls-Since lootan aint gonna be in it (at launch at least) I aint sure, cause luck aint really a stat that can be used.

>Goffs-Bigga n meana, passively stronger and more durable than any of the other clans

>> No.27147267


>implying you won't get so trolled by superior ninjutsu patience that you won't die out of sheer ass ravagement

>> No.27147274

>Deathskulls - Slightly higher percent chance of getting better drops.

>> No.27147285

Yeah I don't think "drops" are a thing in this game.

>> No.27147309

I don't remember what they said about it, but one of the devs said killing a Tyranid and a bolter gun popping out is rather dumb

>> No.27147310

It's just gonna be a WoW clone anyway so it's sure to have drops

>> No.27147322

Man, can you at least make effort with your trolling? Are you just having a lazy day, anon , and didn't feel like putting in the effort?

>> No.27147331

That's not even close to being true.

>> No.27147354

Just switch The Bard to a Space Marine and the wolfs to Tyranids.


>> No.27147358

Voted Chaos. They are in last place. Now I feel like a hipster. DAME YOU OP!

>> No.27147417

Nothing wrong with Chaos well for now at least. May get problematic if they decide to add the preacher legion to the game.

>> No.27147492

Nurgle is love.

>> No.27147544

Death Guard would be a cool legion to play now that i think about it

>> No.27147618

Space Elfs came out ahead of Kay-os and Smurfs and Friends? Chaos only beating the loyalists scum by one vote? What the hell /tg/?

>> No.27147619

You mean the Word Bearers? They are already in, look at the picture OP posted.

>> No.27147726

Buboes, phlegm, blood and guts! Boils, bogeys, rot and pus! Blisters, fevers, weeping sores! From your wounds the fester pours!

>> No.27147809

its not all bad then till the emperors children come along at least.

>> No.27147904

What did they say about IG being included?

>> No.27148017

After launch, like every other faction besides Eldar, Space Marines, Chaos Marines and Orks

>> No.27148037

>Play Emperor's Children
>Handed a power axe with guitar strings

>> No.27148165

>I-I can't believe you're breaking up with me.
>I'm sorry to do this, but just look at the size of his ship!

I'm sorry she was such a whore

>> No.27148250

>Game integrates your music library into your character's skills
>Cast time of Slaaneshi sorcery depends on the length of the song and guitar solos
>Play "Eruption"
>Literally melts faces
>Play "Painkiller"

>> No.27148294

>Plays Dragonforce
>Enemies die laughing at your music collection
>Plays Thunderstruck
>Plays Paranoid
>Everything goes nuts and kills allies

I like this idea.

>> No.27148298

>Play "Cliffs of Dover"
>Time Stop

>> No.27148331

>Play "God Gave Rock and Roll To You"
>Title Unlocked: Wyld Stallyn

>> No.27148347

>Play Bohemian Rhapsody
>The entire battle field stops to sing along.

>> No.27148389

>Play Power Rangers theme
>Five color-coded Warhounds appear in your HQ
>"Thunderhorse" summons a daemonic hellsteed mount
>"Shoot to Thrill" buffs your allies' fire rates and accuracy
>"Sexual Healing" heals allies

>> No.27148466

Aw that sucks. each of the 4 god legions would have been awesome, but I'm glad they got in the word bearers.

>> No.27148481 [DELETED] 

>play https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Wc_cIrh8tM

>> No.27148483

Guys, the game's not for another two years, stop getting me hyped up for it.

>> No.27148555

If rolling a Noise Marine lets me invert my keyboard and use it as an impromptu guitar, I'll be sold.

>> No.27148559

>thinking you can stop the hype train
good luck

>> No.27148584


Were gonna windup the hype machine until it's a giant, churning, smoke spewing monstrosity. Think Starbound, but with the weight of 40k at it's back.

This aint a hype train, this is a hype fleet

>> No.27148588


>> No.27148615

What would "Holy Diver" do?

>> No.27148643

The Great /tg/ Hype Armada

>> No.27148655

My body is ready.

>> No.27148663

Summon a dude in diving suit riding a tiger, obviously.

>> No.27148677

So, is this going to be for pc mustard race only, or is there also going to be a console port? I've heard conflicting data here.

>> No.27148708

On a side note, what would the DOOM theme song do?

>> No.27148720

Missile machine guns for me.

>> No.27148734

Turn you in to a berserker-packing man-and-a-half?

>> No.27148735

Summon BFG9000.

>> No.27148743

>plays King of Carrot Flowers
>I can feel /mu/ overtaking me!

>> No.27148747


>> No.27148762

Fucking saved

>> No.27148778

Launching on PC, porting to consoles after the devs see what Sony and MS's business models are

>> No.27148785

>hype navy

>> No.27148789

There is a lot of failure potential in this game. I hope they keep it simple.

And not abuse respawns, I never really enjoyed respawn shooters, but its only my opinion.

>> No.27148791

>"The Touch"
>Usable only once per 24 hours
>Invulnerability and increased damage until the song ends

>"Old Time Rock and Roll"
>All players within an X meter radius are unable to equip leg armor until the song ends

>"Hit Me With Your Best Shot"
>Taunt effect, reduces all damage done to allies but increases the damage done to the musician

>> No.27148807

What would happen if i play this?


>> No.27148834

It's going f2p from day one. The bar for success is pretty low, and with the IP they've got, they could almost shit in a can and succeed - I mean, that's how the Ultramarines movie went down. And this has a lot of positive to it, most importantly that they're listening to the community.

>> No.27148864

I doubt we will get DR.
As i think, eldar classes is gonna be something like we already saw with sm n' orks.
In other words:
Choppy: bumshees/scorpies
Jump infantry: hawks
Support: farseer/warlock
And some shooty class.
As you see, there's already two aspect warriors and it woudn't surprise me if for shooty class they choose ranger, not a DR.

>> No.27148870

It's not all F2P, you know that right? The only thing F2P will be Ork Boyz. To access the other classes and factions you have to buy the game.

>> No.27148872

I wonder if there will be Alpha Legion bullshit done by chaos clans...

>> No.27148875

The game rolls a virtual die to determine what named character is summoned forth from the fabric of space and time. You might get Kaldor Draigo. You might get a Daemon Primarch. Leman Russ might elbow drop a bitch from a warp portal that opened in low orbit.

>> No.27148910

>Jump infantry
>not Spiders

>> No.27148936

Or you can just buy the factions. That's f2p. Of course there's also stuff you can pay for, nobody except Toady just shit that's literally entirely free.

>> No.27148961

wont be that kind of game, but i gues syou can alway go outside of the game and play it on the social level with multiple accounts.

>> No.27148967

It would be fun, yep.
But I think hawks, cause someone in dev team could probably think in the way "Everyone gets jet packs, so why some faggot space elves should get teleporters? Let's give them jets too!"

>> No.27148994


Why not make Reapers a Eldar Heavy infantry choice.

>> No.27149197

/tg/, Ork Lovers everywhere

>> No.27149206

So far it looks like: (assuming the classes mirror each other for each race)

Heavy class -
Assault class - Hawks/Spiders
Support class - Farseer most likely from the only art we have
Dakka class - Dark Reaper?

Eldar don't really have a big tough guy role to fit into the heavy class so what could that be?

>> No.27149231

Strikign Scorpions, Storm Guardians, Howling Banshees. Hell it could be any of them.

>> No.27149240


I'm hoping for WELL MORE than two aspects. That's piddly and a waste of the most unique potential playstyles.

>Flying as Hawks
>Teleporting as Spiders
>Stealthing as Scorpions
>Blowing shit the FUCK up as Dragons/Reapers
>Gotta chop fast as Banshees

Fuck rangers, they may as well be any faction.

>> No.27149249

Wraithblade + Spiritseer.
The first class for two players!

>> No.27149252

Scorpions makes sense. I completely forgot about the scorp chainsword shown on the site.

>> No.27149351

Cant wait for mandiblaster ambushes. Imagine a squad of Marines walk into a ambush and a bunch of cloaked Scorpions hit them and mandiblaster them to hell.

And everyone is exterminatused.

>> No.27149403

Imagine the scorpion's claws. Imagine the biting blades. Imagine the double chainsaber assault mode. So much shooty. So much choppy.

>> No.27149461

The scorpion's claws. Imagine the biting blades. Imagine the double chainsaber assault mode.
And everythung of this are exarch options.
Do you think they allow us to play exarchs?
> yfw there are more exarchs then an average aspecters in the game

>> No.27149506


>All these mon'keigh
>Not wanting to play the best aspect warriors

Shining Spears

>> No.27149507

If anything they should make one chainsaber and one pistol the "balanced" jack-of-all-trades build.

>> No.27149553

>Shining Spears
>Best aspect warriors
>Not anything not Eldar

>> No.27149564

> best aspect warriors
> not The Slicing Orbs

>> No.27149581

Derp. In my ignorance I didn't realize chainsaber and chainsword were two different things.

>> No.27149679

They probably won't be incorporating bikes into the game, at least not on release. A whole class that spends all its combat time on bikes is extremely unlikely.

>> No.27149691



>> No.27149718


>Charge at Orks with Chain Sabres
>Choppy with attached Dakka that shoots Choppy Dakka
>Orks adopt you as their new warboss


>> No.27149740

>Eldar + Ork alliance against mahreens of all varieties


>> No.27149785

Dakka face should be team or clan or whatever. Ever single person on it is a dakka face scorpion, no heavy weapons or anything, just a tide of gree armoured dakka faces no allegiance to anyone, just into killing everything anad everyone. Because the best dakka is a shooting dakka and the best face a killing face.

>> No.27149829

So no DE anytime soo?

>> No.27149831

So we have Top Mek and Dakka Face as /tg/'s Ork and Eldar groups. Do we have any groups for Chaos and their Loyalist brethren?

>> No.27149853

I plan on going KAYOS but have no ideas on group names. I hope Noise Marines will be a thing...

>> No.27149874

Probably not for a while.

>> No.27149888

Alas, I doubt it. They're probably going to be the third or fourth race released because of all the Taufags.

>> No.27149916

>Mostly Armless
>Give Her The(Nacious) D
That's all I have.

>> No.27149921

Chaos will be the Metal Bawkses of Sindri. Everyone will flood all channels with cries of SINDRI!!!!! Or METAL MAWKSES!

Loyalists will be SPESS MEHEREENS! Reciting the entirety of the speech from the gloried captain and MEtal Raining all over the place. Or Spess Mehrees of Indrick the Boreale!

>> No.27149948

I like Mostly Armless.

>> No.27149951

Cokefiends of Slaanesh, Buttplugs of Destruction, Grand hedonists of Chaos and Porn.

>> No.27149964

>>Mostly Armless

>> No.27149970

> no incubi master race
It's sad.

>> No.27149989

We do Cocaine?

>> No.27149993

>/tg/ chaos warband
>not being dedicated to Malal

>> No.27150012

I'd like to play as a scourge. Flying heavy weapons, bitch. What your exarch got, hawk boi?

>> No.27150033

Well I did it for a whole summer back in Nicaragua when we ran out of weed, it isnt all that bad.

>> No.27150040

I hope your bones don't break, bird boy.

>> No.27150055

So, I'm throwing down a vote for Mostly Armless.

>> No.27150057

>yfw there are more exarchs then an average aspecters in the game

Welcome to Biel-Tan son.

>> No.27150068



I'm there.

>> No.27150112

We should come up with our own banner or rune for the Striking Scorpion Shrine of the Dakkaface.

>> No.27150129

They loved the taunt button in Chivalry and would love ot add it so...yeah....


Also hopefully they make the VOIP.

>> No.27150164

I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of my haywire blaster killing a wave serpent.

>> No.27150206

Imagine, Matt Ward could be hiding behind any ultramarine character in the game.

>> No.27150221

So we can probably expect there to be banners. I mean 40k is all about soldiers waving banners and carrying them to battle.

Who heres gonna carry their banner?

>> No.27150223



>> No.27150239


I want a banner and tabard but I probably won't be allowed to use them because I'll be playing an assault marine.

>> No.27150280

>Not strapping a huge flowing banner on so it waves wildly in the air as you jump around

>> No.27150329

>tabard gets sucked into intake
>you go into an uncontrollable spin as you slam into the enemy lines and explode

>> No.27150337 [DELETED] 

What about this?

>> No.27150351


I'll be the prettiest space marine on the battlefield!

They'll call me the Ribbon Dancer.

>> No.27150357

>"I think it's Sonic the Hedgehog."

>> No.27150366

What about this?

>> No.27150407


>> No.27150469

The face/helm of a Striking Scorpion with dakka dakka all over the back

>> No.27150479

Burn a cat.

>> No.27150485

I'm getting close. I need to modify the striking scorpion rune so it looks like a face with guns coming out of it or something

>> No.27150493

Also, biological wings ftw.

>> No.27150507

>> No.27150549

make that rune out of dakkas intead of lines.

>> No.27150554

I'm not seeing a lot of love for space marines in this thread...

>> No.27150557

meant for

>> No.27150576


40k fans have an irrational hatred of space marines. If you want to see space marine shit you gotta go to the space marine threads where space marine non-haters congregate.

>> No.27150603

....I wish it hadn't failed...

>> No.27150607

So right now we have:
>Top Mek
>Shrine Dakkaface
>Mostly Armless

Now for Spehss Mahreens?
>Brodex Astartes
>Spehss Mahreens
>Spiritual Liege
>Pauldrons Unlimited
>Blood Jaguars
>Cruddace Cometh
>My Face Is My Shield
>A name that sucks less than the ones I suggested

>> No.27150609

Name them the Spiritual Lieges and done.

>> No.27150663

>Beakies Galore
>Last Edition Was Better
>Galactic Partridges
>Adeptus Estates
Savings Intensify

>> No.27150664

He did more damage in death then he did while living.

>> No.27150689

>Spehss Mahreens
This is the only one we need.

>> No.27150706

>Reasonable Marines

>> No.27150739

Spell it Spess Mehreens and you have my vote.

>> No.27150773


>> No.27150782

So no go on kill-stealing the shit out of everything as the Partridges?

>> No.27150804

Naming my own For the Emprahsque

>> No.27150813

How else would one spell it brother?

>> No.27150840

That was a horrible writefag with a horrible idea.

>> No.27150925

So what kind of name are you going to pick for your character?

Reminder, they will use a system like Guild War so you can't have retarded names or lore names.

Gonna be Badeye Scrapgutz, Ork Mekboy

>> No.27150933

>Devs introduce flyers
>Air kill lists topped by someone named Mobius1

>> No.27150958


>> No.27150976

because the starting chapters for Eternal crusade suck. Blood Angels and Dark Angels are okay tier

>> No.27151004

Bogzog Nazgor. The most colourful of Orks.

>> No.27151033

Gog Magog.

>> No.27151036


>> No.27151054

Look on the bright side. BA and DA players better than those team-killing Minotaur fuckers.

>> No.27151078

Didn't they say there'd be a 5th one based on community input since a lot of people were wanting the same chapter?

>> No.27151102

>banner is plain green
I see they're not that familiar with middle eastern flags.
Unless that was intentional?

>> No.27151113

It will be SW, I am sure the Wolves will be there.

I also wonder about plague marines...wonder if they will be present.

>> No.27151117

everytime i hear about them I think of that retarded mascot from the movie "Role Models" If you haven't seen it don't bother

>> No.27151119

I'm trying to come up with something.

>> No.27151120


While I like Spess Mahreens and Blood Angels are one of my favorite chapters, I can't be expected to turn down being a goddamn Ork and gettin stuck in wit da boyz.

'Ere we go 'ere we go 'ere we go!

>> No.27151126

Inb4 Deathwatch is the fifth "Chapter"
>It comes with a pauldron painter

>> No.27151131

SW is already confirmed. i think the community is voting in a new chapter. i hope it is white scars

>> No.27151138

"They found me Marty."
"Who found you?"
"The Dakka Faces!"

>> No.27151167


I'd honestly be really fine with that, as long as there is a very large amount of chapter symbols to choose from.

>> No.27151168

What about Plague Marines of Papa Nurgle!

>> No.27151184

i think they said chaos undivided chapters only

>> No.27151191

That would be Black Templar. But like most things, this is a "maybe, after launch" thing.

>> No.27151210

>yfw each god comes as its own faction later

>> No.27151245

That would be good. But they'd have to do a sort of faction alliance thing, so they could still map everything controlled by the various Chaos factions as owned by Chaos. Same system could mark everything controlled by Imperium factions as Imperial control. Then have less penalty for crossing those borders, and allow for joint victories.

>> No.27151247

YAY! I would like that very much.

Reenact the Battle of Skalthrax.

I wonder if they will have Epic reenactments...

>> No.27151249

>visage barrage
>Not Shrine of the Stinging Pout

>> No.27151250


No, it's going pay at the door with a demoish f2p option.

Jesus, it's like you fucks don't even know what f2p really means.

>> No.27151280


Actually, bikes are confirmed. Like 7 threads ago. We might even get them in the random dungeons.

>> No.27151331


>/tg/ clans lose every war, but kill every Ultrasmurf twice

>> No.27151338

I wonder if some Chaos Sorceror can corrupt enemy machine spirits...

>> No.27151360


>> No.27151383

>Not thrice

>> No.27151411

>/tg/ clans lose every war because half their kills are each other and the other half are themeselves

>> No.27151414

I'll be playing an Ultramarine.

Bring it on /tg/ I'll take you all on.

>> No.27151428

Suddenly all major clans start falling.


>> No.27151448

>Check leaderboards
>SpirituaLiege at the very bottom with a truly hilarious death count
>Among his killers are StormofIron, TalosValcoran, NotAlpharius
>Graham McNeill, ADB, and Abnett are in on it too

>> No.27151478


Hey, we found Matt Ward!


picture related

>> No.27151486


Chaos Undecided

>> No.27151502

are you forced into one faction or can you make multiple characters and play what you want to play on a given day?

Like you just feel Orky one day and you feel like spreading the Emperor's mercy the next. Maybe one day you feel like being a faggot and play eldar or chaos.

>> No.27151503

>fa/tg/uys top kill lists because they start fighting and winning right out of spawn

>> No.27151505

>1st place

>> No.27151515


afaict, multiple characters.

>> No.27151533

Can't decide between devastator or terminators....
But I will be a founding member of any clan called Spehss Mahreens!
Also Most Loyal Chapter is ready for battle!

>> No.27151534

>the name of the Great Unclean One appears
Wait, when did the wordfilter stop blocking him?

>> No.27151538

>IG expansion comes out
>CuuL Guy has received a warning for teamkilling
>CuuL Guy has received another warning for teamkilling
>CuuL Guy has been banned for teamkilling thrice

>> No.27151540

Nothing has been said against multiple characters, but extra characters are something f2p games love jewing on.

>> No.27151544

pick one

>> No.27151553

Nearly a year ago now.

>> No.27151570

Come at us, Ward. We've been preparing for this battle for a long time now. You and your followers shall be cast down a a great green unwashed tide!

>> No.27151571

It's not a F2P game

>> No.27151572

Can't wait....
To bad Blood Ravens are not in the game yet...

>> No.27151588


Sounds like he needs to Try again

>> No.27151593

You probably won't be able to play a Terminator unless you're a high rank, so you will probably be able to play Devestator and then jump to Termy later

>> No.27151612

I probably will be as will, but only because there are no White Scars, Iron Hands or Sallies.

>> No.27151613


>> No.27151627

Looking at the picture I thought they where one of the 4 classes unless everyone has a class they can't be til high level.

>> No.27151636


>not playing a Blood Angel
>not giving in to Red Thirst
>not unleashing Black Rage upon the xenos

>> No.27151647


There are Assault Termies, Devastator Termies, and Tactical Termies.

Hell, some chapters have Librarian Termies.

>> No.27151651

I'm okay not being a ponsy nutter.

>> No.27151653

Maybe everybody starts as regular tacticool marines and then level up to get to the other classes or something?

>> No.27151667


So it's only the nutter thing, Ultrasmurf?

>> No.27151675

Sounds like my black girlfriend on her period.

>> No.27151677

You heard me heretic.

Wut you gunna do about it chaos faggot?

>> No.27151684


>10 hours as scout, with shotgun, flamethrower and sniper
>ever wanting another class

>> No.27151686

>Salamander Chapter released

>> No.27151702

On the one hand, screaming Dawn of War quotes into the mic is hilarious and will never get old.

On the other, wow man, those Space Marine chapters are boring as shit.

I might just join the Dark Gods on this one.

>> No.27151706


>> No.27151708

Well the devs have gone on about trying to stick to lore and having things make sense. Like how a new recruit in the army would never be put in the drivers seat of a tank. So that implies certain vehicles, classes and maybe even gear won't work for you unless you reach a certain rank

>> No.27151781

damn it man I was drinking a soda... and now it is everywhere.

>> No.27151880

Please tell me Orks will use teef as currency.

>> No.27151908

I might get crests man. Crests. Crests are fucking sweet.

>> No.27151939

Will voice acting feature a lot, /tg/? The VA work on their website is pretty good, would love to hear more like it ingame.

Also, not gonna lie, am doubly hyped for this since SoB are in line to get an expansion at some point. May be confined to room for days if I got to play as a Seraphim.

>> No.27151968


You want to take him seriously, but at the same time he just said "wilt."

>> No.27151981

No currency in the game, requisition point

>> No.27152004

Yeah, well, not everybody is as refined as us.

>> No.27152017

>Dawn of war release.

>> No.27152029

>No Orks buying things in teef
>No Spehss Mahreens dropping fat stacks of Thrones
>No Chaos Mahreens trading miniature skulls
>No Eldar with wraithpurses full of...whatever the fuck Eldar use for currency. Eldarbucks. Soulstones. Zany schemes?


>> No.27152047

That would be some fucked up currency.

>> No.27152050

I like the VA work on the website, I only ever had one problem with it, and thats the Ork lines. It was just...so unimpressive, they could have had him say any other lines or talk about how Orks were made for fighting and winning or what have you, instead he just says "humies is puny gits who need stompan" It was kind od a dull line compared to the other three.

>> No.27152074

Eldar use pure, solidified arrogance as currency. Kind of like how Bonesingers work, but with arrogance instead of warp stuff.

Thats why the most haughty Eldar are the richest and most powerful.

>> No.27152083

It's actually from reddit.

You'll also note that despite that one being on both reddit and the dev twitter, ours has substantially more responses.

>> No.27152098

>Dick tokens

>> No.27152109


Hey now. They're Eldrad Tokens.

Because Eldrad is Eldar for 'giant dick'.

>> No.27152119

So he's the Eldar Ron Jeremy?

>> No.27152135

>Eldrad is richest man in 40k

>> No.27152137


The Chaos one was weakest to me. Ork one was just a chuckling warboss. It seems like all the quotes are from HQs so you can't expect any crazy warcries or rabble rabble rabble from a Warboss.

The Eldar sounded really good with the voice modulation. I really like those kinds of effects, such as on Transformers, Protoss, etc. He sounded like a DE though.

Space Marines my favorite. From bias and because he sounds the most DoW/soldiery/tough.

Chaos guy sounded like a loser.

>> No.27152139

Too bad the Devs don't visit us. They know about 4chan, but they won't visit us


>> No.27152168

Firaevus Carron confirmed to return?

>> No.27152178


I assume none of them feel like waiting for the next thread to start.

>> No.27152184

Should have been Araghast.

>> No.27152192

>I'd like one shuriken pistol please.
>That will be 40 Eldrad funbucks.
>Here you go.

>> No.27152206

Chaos kind of needed a little more...umph, he didn't sound like a fanatical worshipper of the dark gods, he sounded like he was just speaking a motto.

I don't mind the Ork not really going on a huge spiel, but Orks are pretty damn good at warcries or chants and generally boasting about themselves.

>> No.27152210

/tg/ & /v/ have a lot of love to give. But the recipient has to be juust riiight.

>> No.27152226

I would imagine all Eldar keep their money in a fanny pack.

>> No.27152228

Send a letter to the dev team.


>> No.27152239

If this is anything like when I played Exterminatus with /tg/, then it's going to be the best game ever.

>> No.27152275

I'm going to carry one of those spiffy COVERT banners.

>> No.27152282

What is they are here right now, just in secret...

>> No.27152307


>> No.27152311

There is nothing I would like better than for him and his original VA to jump out of a portal screaming, "Damn that Eliphas! Oh well, it seems that I will be having war no less." and then start beating face.

>> No.27152312


What love /v/ has to offer has long fermented into a finely aged, distilled hatred that reeks of nostalgia and mildew.

>> No.27152319

>I have 13 skulls; is that enough?
>oh I'm sorry Billy the plunderer, you need 15 skulls to live
>then Billy the plunderer was known as Billy the chaos spawn

>> No.27152339

I'll but banners on my bike, so everyone knows the painboy is coming.

>> No.27152365

>implying /v/ isn't made of pure hate, spite and bitterness.

>> No.27152382

well there is still /vg/ I guess.....

>> No.27152631


>> No.27152707

please make it the partridges
pleasepleaseplease i promise i'll be glorious enough
cape, purity seal, kill stealing!

>> No.27152780

but but... Spess Mehreens!

>> No.27152784

wow and I was sure I was the only one to know that one

>> No.27153146

>They know about 4chan
Why and how?

>> No.27153164

le reddit face XD

>> No.27153343

4chan isn't your secret club. Sorry to say.

>> No.27153398

They could be among us right now. Maybe Fantasy Flight Games is in on this, too. Inb4 Grendel's combat knife becomes a rare anti-Chaos weapon. Calling it right now.

>> No.27153518

>it's not a secret
>therefore everyone knows we talk about them without coming here
Your logic is flawed, sir.

>> No.27153549

>it's not a secret
>therefore people talk about it

>> No.27153854


It used to be. But idiots couldn't follow rules 1 and 2.

>> No.27153878

4chan would have 10 people if eveybody followed those rules.

>> No.27153888

maybe a non primary warband too, like Black Corsairs.

>> No.27153940

Why would they put in Black Corsairs after Black Legion were already in?

>> No.27153977

Who the fuck are the Black Corsairs and why are they stepping on the Red Corsairs' pirate turf?

>> No.27154247

From Twitter
>Miguel, people love seeing you guys get closer and closer to releasing this game. Would you consider posting some game videos?

>Yes, our plan is too release some by the end of Sept. We plan showing it to you in our next Reddit/TwitchTV AMA

>> No.27154380

Im going for Iron Warriors as they are my favs along with the Astral Claws

>> No.27155560

that's pretty BS since this game only got started after THQ want down and the original MMO urned offline game was dhot down

>> No.27156527

Behavior devs pls go

>> No.27156661


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