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Kingdom Death delayed.
Q1 2014 now expected project completion.
Poots now switching to Hard Plastic sprues like GW, pic related.
I'm not surprised by the delay. I think his date was ambitious, and I expect delays in Kickstarters these days anyways.
I hope he doesn't delay it again though. That'll be annoying.

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>that boob bit

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I'm honestly glad he did, considering how much money I tossed at him during funding, I'd be a little more than pissed if I got a sub par product come November (his original ballpark estimate).

Those sprues look fantastic and given his dedication to quality, I hope the final product looks better.

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I expected a delay, but upgraded models is a plus. It also leaves room for conversion opportunities.

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Same, I spotted the delay coming just based on how common it is for kickstarters to go through this kind of shit.

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The upgrade to hard plastic, like GW's, from PVC is well worth it, or so I'd hope.

If the pledge manager opens again, I'll find myself increasing my order.

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>Boobs available as bitz

oh yes

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So should I reserve the URL titzbitz.com for my future tits bits recasting business?

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Posted a thread about this earlier, but no one seemed to really care at that time. But yeah, I would have been more surprised if there wasn't a delay, given the scope of the project and the time he had allotted. I'm glad I backed it though now seeing as he is going to push the retail price up higher, anywhere between $150-$200 instead of the $115 I payed. I'm not sure I'm even going to open mine though, my brother is picking up a copy and I might just use his while keeping mine as a collectable.

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Yeah, the announcement of possible 200$ game makes the Kickstarter that much more worth it.
I might as well.

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I just hope it doesn't lead to possible budget problems. "Whoops, increased the quality too much, we can't afford to actually get it produced now!"

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The expensive part is the initial investment of the molds.

The materials and producing the models once you have the molds is more of a drop in a bucket, and that is when you start bringing in the money to make the investment worth it.

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Plastic sprues have my interest, but I don't l;ike the larger scale and weirdo models

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>Delicious plastic


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This also pretty much guarentees that the game will continue to be offered at a later date. It has to be to make it worth it

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I really kind of wondered how much it will sell at the increased price, especially now that it will be increased further. Then again, Games Workshop products sell regardless of price, so I'm sure it should do fine post-kickstarter.

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Yeah, I know people that get turned off at 100$ games. Being 200$ is really risky, especially considering you can buy vidya game consoles for that much.

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Yeah, I think that the $200 is going to restrict it's audience, but not any more than the content of the game itself. I mean, it's full of a fuckton of unpainted miniatures of extremely high quality, this isn't babby's first miniature outing.

It's a game made for adults that have already probably spend a few thousand on other plastic miniatures, or have the dosh to send the game out and get it painted halfway decently. It's already kind of a niche audience.

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Or people like me who are no-talent fucks who are just insane and find the game beyond appealing.

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I think he will very much want to make a "plasticless" version, with all the cards and such, but only cardboard tokens in place of minis. Sell it for around 60 bucks?

But he would probably consider that compromising his vision, so i doubt it will happen.

Pity, because it would be a great way to get people into the game. Only even needs to be the base game even. It would be entirely feasible to keep the expansions as models.

Also, mixed reaction to the different card backs. On one hand they look GREAT and it makes organizing them super easy.
On the other hand, it makes combining monsters for homebrew a bit tougher, and i also have no clue how the lion god will work like this. I guess it would require opaque cardsleeves, which kinda sucks. Was hoping to use clear ones because DEM BEAUTIFUL CARDBACKS

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Yeah, the game hits me really hard on that spot! Its kinda like Berserk meets Dark Souls meets lewdness meets Monster Hunter (okay, I really dont like the cheesecake)

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Use clear for normal, use none-clear when running homebrew stuff. Sucks having to switch them out, but eh.

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Well, really, I think it depends on how multiple monsters will work, if it works well at all. There might be no need to make one deck in the first place, or it could be a necessary bit of balance to know which will act next, since it might be otherwise unreasonable.

Opaque sleeves can solve the problem either way, even though that's not really the best option.

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Not multiple monsters. Homebrew monsters.

Someone on BGG asked poots if it would be possible to mix cards from different monsters together to homebrew something. Like combining the lion and phoenix to make a griffon. Poots said it was possible, and, it appears, got inspired to make the Lion God based on it. But with this change its a bit more annoying to do so.

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Oh. Well at that point, I'd personally just print new cards. Gives the opportunity to make something completely unique at that point.

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Oh i plan to do that as well. Thank the lord for print on demand companies. But for just dicking around and learning how the games systems interact, im gonna be combining monsters.

Same thing when im picking apart RPGs. Move abilities around to figure out how they interact, before trying to create something completely new, and undoubtably broken.

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I can't say I'm upset or surprised. The game already looked awesome and the upgrade to GW like sprues gives me a ceiling cracking boner.
I hope the big things move to plastic too, he said they might remain PVC, but anything past this is gravy.

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larger plastic kits would be nice indeed.

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So I'm curious, I thought that was what this molding would have been from the start. What's the difference with PVC? If it's not on sprues, what kind of finished product would it have been?

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I'd think so but that'd mean he could keep selling it at $150 or whatever was planned first. The initial investment like molds, models and art is covered by pledges, further retail shouldn't be that expensive really.

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...yeah. I feel dumb. I never painted a single miniature and spend 300

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If it's just two packs of cards, not from 10 different monsters, put them next to each other and let a dice role decide from which you draw. You could also weight certain traits that way.

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I've painted SOME miniatures, so I guess I'll be a little better off, despite spending $600. Can't fucking wait. I guess the delay gives me a little more time to suck less at painting.

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A cheapo version seems like a good idea, he already sells the models separately, it could be quite popular with people who would rather build up their model collection over time rather than paying one lump sum. Or hell, if you're playing with a group of friends they could bring over their collection and combine them all to get a better game.

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If you're really worried just basecoat them a nice shade of white and leave them looking statuesque, they will still look awesome and you won't risk fucking them.

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I'd considered that pretty strongly, perhaps with something to bring out the detail as well. Part of me wants to see how well I can manage, though.

Maybe my tune will change when I see their size in person.

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I'm glad they pushed it back. It leaves me more room to save up money for the import tax.

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Ive been experimenting with using polyshade.

Basecoat in white, brush on minwax, spray eith an anti-gloss seal, and it looks fucking GREAT in my opinion. I think the style it makes would be a perfect fit for KDM.

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I'd love to see non-pin up plastic prototypes

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Forgot the pic

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looks like the plastic have lost a bit of the crispness of the sculpts though, not sure I like that.

>> No.27126180

Then you'll have to wait.

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oh man that looks really fuckin neat
i like how it makes the details really pop

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Yeah, that might be a pretty damn cool way of doing it. I'd consider giving it some highlight though or not using as much, it looks just a bit dingy as-is.

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Yeah, these are just test minis. I dont play ravenloft anymore, so figured i would get my moneys worth by experimenting on the minis.

You can see the adventurer and kobold sorcerer are EXTRA terrible, and with ravenloft himself i tried literally dipping him in the stain. There is also two where i tried painting it with just washes, and then staining them, but it seems to make the colors run too much. I havent used the anti-gloss on those two yet though.

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I might try this with a jade color, maybe do some highlights.

>> No.27126387

Oh wow, my picture came out better then my actual mini's.

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Nice. Fits the KD aesthetic.

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And yet there are those who believe plastic minis are as detailed as resin or metal.

I hope he'll still have the resin minis available for painters and people who prefer the full detail.

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>Ravenloft himself.

And the ghoul looks kinda cool from a distance.

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I don't think he's ever going to ditch the resin minis, pretty much everything besides the base games miniatures are available to be purchased in resin.

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The added frailness is not worth such a small loss in detail. For actual PLAY, people will definitely want the plastic mini's. Resin is just too easy to break.

And he WILL be selling resin versions of all monsters, and all pinups. Not sure about survivors though, since he claimed he won't even be selling the kits outside of the game itself.

But seeing as how popular those got, they might go up for sale after all, which would be nice.

R-right. Its been forever since I played, and I was never invested in the actual setting. My mistake. I knew he was the big bad.

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>And yet there are those who believe plastic minis are as detailed as resin or metal.
Really? I have never heard of anyone stating a claim like that. Besides, it's test models for now.

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What are we looking at in terms of price for the plastic minis? Will there be sets? Nice as they are, I'm not paying GW money for these.

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200 bucks for all of this. (plus some masks which were just added)
Its not as bad as GW prices, but its still pretty expensive.

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The current kickstarter prices are pretty much as follows:

Resin singles/pinups - $25
Plastic singles/pinups - $15
Various armor kits (enough to make 4 complete miniatures) - $25
Various armor kit 5-packs (Enough to make 20 complete miniatures) - $50

Expansions range from $15 to $45 and often contain their own armor kits (4 miniatures + monster)

He hasn't really said anything about what the prices are going to be like after all the backers get their stuff, other than that the actual game itself is going to range from $150-$200.

>> No.27126982

Actually, there were MSRPs, but they've probably all changed due to the new plastic.
All of the expansions have a MSRP that's 150-200% of the kickstarter price.

>> No.27127008

The prices for the backers won't change at least, which is prompting me to re-open my pledge manager and add a little bit more to my already sizable order.

>> No.27127060

I'd buy more, but I don't really give a shit about the pinups, just the game content. The only thing that would really be worth it for me are the Armor Kits, but those are just too fucking expensive for me at the moment.

>> No.27127096

I hear ye, I didn't get much in the way of pinups, so if I add any more it will probably be armor kits, kings men, or expansions I didn't have the money to pick up during funding.

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take your stupid fucking rape game to /d/ and keep it out of here please.

>> No.27127142

Yeah, I was going to pledge for armor kits myself, but then there were just more and more stretch goals and more things with content, so I just got one of everything that even had a promo event, the Lantern Festival pinup because of my newly developed lantern fetish, and an illuminated lady because it seemed like a good idea.

>> No.27127167 [DELETED] 

Rape is a traditional game.

>> No.27127180 [DELETED] 

Calm down there buddy.

>> No.27127230 [DELETED] 

There is no rape in this game.

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speaking of lanterns, I know we joke about it a lot, but can we just take a moment to appreciate that the Twilight Witch's lanterns ( >>27126857 )look REALLY FUCKING NICE. I'm loving the detail on them.

>> No.27127304

I can't wait to rub my brush on those lanterns.

>> No.27127391

plastics always lose 'crisp' details just the nature of how the mold making must go

>> No.27128226

You've never had to deal with a GW fanboi who won't even touch a mini because its made of metal which is "old shitty material".

>> No.27128332

Metal kinda is shitty. And overpriced. Every material has its pros and cons. Plastic is good for games because its the most durable. Resin is good for high quality work for painter, because it holds the most detail. Metal is good for high detail mass production because it holds detail, but doesnt have to be hand poured like resin does.

>> No.27128876

Hey look another gw fag who doesnt know what their talking about

>> No.27128921

>this is what people actually believe

>> No.27128955

I'm not saying who is right or wrong, but you don't present any counterarguments. As an outside observer that is ignorant of the subject I am siding with him because he at least has some form of argument.

>> No.27128980

Jesus... I won't touch resin because I dislike it as a material. I got some resin vehicles and terrain pieces, but I've found it to be bad for smaller, more minis, since the little detail are at risk of snapping off.

I do prefer plastic when ever possible, but if it's a nice model that doesn't need much converting, metal's for me. Got loads of nice metal minis and even a whole daemon army of them (apart from chariots and soul grinder). People who have never carried a case full of metal minis don't know what they're missing out on.

>> No.27129008

>more minis

*More detailed minis.

>> No.27129156

Resin over metal detail argument is subjective. Unpainted metal models are often left looking blurry, but they're not any less detailed than the same models cast in resin. They just look that way because light reflects all over the metal surface. When GW switched over to resin on some minis, they just used the same old molds. And taking an old metal and new resin mini and comparing them is like taking a 2e Plastic Space marine and comparing it to, say, a plastic Mantic mini as proof that GW plastic is shit. Of course new minis look crisper, no matter what the material they're made out of.

Resin can have bubbles in them. Can't think of having a single resin mini that hasn't needed some fixing up. Out of a few hundred metal minis I have, exactly 1 has had a miscast, which was the muzzle of a laspistol.

As for hand pouring, ever heard of spin casting?

>> No.27129497

>spin casting
I was unaware of this. Looks neat. I wonder how feasible it is to set something like that up at home.

>> No.27130789

bumping for interest

>> No.27130824

>humping for interest

>> No.27130864

> I wonder how feasible it is to set something like that up at home.

really hard

the few companies out there spin casting are constantly running into problems (See Trollforge)

>> No.27133718

You can re-open it?

>> No.27133815

Yeah, poots said in one of the comments of his recent delay update that if you e-mail his waifu anna, she'd re-open the pledge manager for you. I did it earlier today, she just requested that the order be finalized before the end of this month.

>> No.27133842

Oh yes.

>> No.27133867


I wish that the deadline was longer. End of September may not be long enough for me to raise $115 or $175 from commissions.

>> No.27133900

I certainly know that feel, I've got one paycheck coming in between now and then. It might benefit us to see if there is some sort of extension that could be made to that.

>> No.27134457

I was so excited for the November launch date and now it's a mixed bag of emotions. I have to wait so much longer, but it's a better product

>> No.27134548

Can anyone link me to the announcement?

>> No.27134577



>> No.27134592

If you backed it on KS it should show up in your activity feed.

>> No.27134619

Thanks m8o

Sadly I couldn't back it since I didn't know about it til after the kickstarter ended which crushed me. I did manage to back WM Tactics in time though.

>> No.27134667

Ah, well shucks. You can still play online with /tg/. if nothing else.

>> No.27134825

Or he could pay someone to unlock their pledge manager and add the game and whatnot that he wants to their pledge.
Risky, but doable.

>> No.27134849

Tell me more anon

>> No.27134932

Well, if people have access to open their pledge manager, then you can give people the money to have them open it, add a survivor package and whatever else you might want to their pledge.
It'll ship to them and they'll have to send it to you. I figure you'd have to trust someone to do that for you though, since a person can pretty easily never send it to you, or just never make the peldge at all!

>> No.27134934

Assuming you are located in US, we might be able to strike up an arrangement, if you're willing to deal with a total stranger.

Throw-away email should you be interested.

(I could do out of US, but the shipping fees would be hellish for you likely.)

>> No.27135059

Thinking about adding the right stuff.
With the announcement of sprues and stuff, I sort of want to get more Dragon and Green Knight armor, but I think it is a little too expensive for the possible bits.

>> No.27135190

oh and I have the Dragon King expac too.
The Dragon Sacrifice is the only pinup model. Figure it could be useful with the Dragon King.

>> No.27136371

I'm surprised they opened the manager secretly. Now I'm in trouble. I didn't want to spend more considering the import tax but damn.

>> No.27136621

Fellow eurobro?

>> No.27136842

I've never heard people say plastic is as detailed as resin, but metal can be pretty shitty. Metal is going to be better if it's decent metal, but people who assume crappy metal is still better than high quality plastic are morons.

>> No.27137056

Yep. 19% + processing fee. Fuck my life.

>> No.27137184

We don't have processing fee, I think, but we have 30%-33% tax instead. So 200 bux in taxes come Q1 2014, ho!

>> No.27139720

Jeez, that sucks guys, I had to pay $35 dollars shipping to get it to Australia myself, which isn't terrible.

>> No.27139742

There is still hope if there's no value given on the parcel and no receipt given in the parcel. They wouldn't actually go far enough to get the actual value and I could claim $100 or something like that. I don't think poots will do that though. I also heard about shipping from an European location, dunno what happened to that.

>> No.27139805

He could do what they did with Bones, that they label the package with the pledge level you selected. Vampire level, for instance, was $100 and the value of the package was set at $100, even if you pledged for more than that (I think I punted $300 their way).

>> No.27139916

You should email him about it, obviously he probably can't put anything official up on the ks to say otherwise, but if he did it on the down low you could spread the information around a bit

>> No.27140068

IIRC, one of the official updates on Bones actually outright said that "We be doin' it this way."

>> No.27141566

Metal is often less crisp than plastic, see the new Malifaux and Recent GW plastics.

>> No.27141650

Well, compared to GW starters, you're getting the full rule book, 32 human miniatures, and 7 pretty big miniatures, and a shit load of printed cards.
A better comparison would be Descent 2nd ed, except it comes with much higher quality miniatures and a full color, full sized rule/fluff book.

>> No.27141706

More like D&D miniatures or bones.

>> No.27143284

I can't wait for our tit bits overlord. You can put all those tit bits on Slaneeshi models!

>> No.27145772

Oh Kingdom Death, thy plumpness and thy curves pleases me.
It's fan art

>> No.27147232


>> No.27147344

>Oh anon <3

>> No.27147401

This is a blue board man!

>> No.27147476


>> No.27147518

No, it's by lokmanlam himself.


>> No.27148015


>This is a personal fan art , not an official kingdom death artwork.

It's fan art.

>> No.27148236

True, not all metals are made equal. By the end GW was using pretty shitty metal to save on costs and PP's metal was teribad at holding detail.

The stuff Corvis Belli uses is very high quality metal and IMHO is shows on the detail of their sculpts, might be the best metal minis on the market.

Wyrd have really pushed the envelope with their recent plastics, its good shit better than GW's IMHO. Still lots of smooth surfaces lacking texture but that's one thing plastic excels in smoothness.

>> No.27148309

>fan art
>original artist

>> No.27148361

The the corvus belli Infinity metals are incredible.

>> No.27148380

>original artists can't be fans of the game
If it isn't for the actual game, it becomes fan art

>> No.27149328

Is is the game some sort of oWoD-Wraith-meets-Mordheim or what?

>> No.27149377

The common comparison has been Demon's SoulsxMonster HunterxBerserk.

>> No.27151722

>something made by an artist who worked on something automatically becomes official, even when its done for fun, without commission, and without input of the IP holder
You probably think the pinups are canon as well, dont you?

>> No.27153236

I'll be straight up honest, shipping is my nightmare. It runs the highest risk of leaving the project in debt once everything is said and done. The reason I have yet to divulge fulfillment details is because we are looking into every possible option, before making a commitment. The core game box is roughly 12"x24"x4" and weighs around 11lbs! The cost to ship it around the world is not small, not even close. That's not even factoring in all the expansions...

By going with hard plastic, we also upped the dimensional size of everything. Since sprues take up considerable more room then a loose bag of PVC parts.

My only kickstarter regret and the thing I advise peers on and people that ask me about running a kickstarter. Is NOT to collect money for shipping up front.

I am confident we will work it out. And we've already started the process of pitting the shipping companies against each other.

>> No.27153483

>The core game box is roughly 12"x24"x4" and weighs around 11lbs!
Holy crap. I ordered every single item with gameplay things attached to it. Hearing that almost makes me feel a need to apologize, because I know other people did as well.

Anyway, if you're the real deal, that's awesome, and good luck with the rest of the project since, delays aside, it sounds as though things have been going well above and beyond expectations.

If the shipping companies want to fight each other for all the orders, that's a fair glimmer of hope as well.

>> No.27154063

Oh shit. Not sure if legit. If so can we get an answer to >>27124384

Also, how feasible would it be to run large scale, marked up lines of resin minis, as a "fundraiser" for the game, if its needed? Something to get you back in the black if needed.

Also to future kickstarters, after a certain point, just STOP with stretch goals, cause they only seem to lead to delays after the first 3 or 4.

>> No.27154202

>stopping the hype train
Pls no

>> No.27154276


Heh. You should see the Ogre box. 11lbs?

That's precious. ;)

>> No.27154366



I just checked.


>> No.27154486

It's been a long time since I've used 4chan, so I apologize I don't recall how to directly respond to a comment.

Thank you kindly good sir!

hehe! The box has two game boards, 700+ game cards and 200+ gear game cards, settlement records sheets, survivor record sheets. It's a lot of money in just PAPER! I couldn't sell a paperless version for $60, in fact adding more token sheets would just further increase the weight and make it more expensive. The vision for KD was always for it to be "deluxe" and it seems the reality of costs is leaving little wiggle room!

I can't really think about different versions of the game, as getting THIS ONE out to all the backers is my #1 absolute priority.

We have a loose plan of setting up a system within our store that will allow a group of people to purchase the game. An idea that came from the 4-packs that our popular on steam. I know just saying that most likely provokes more questions, but it'd be something we put serious thought and testing into before / if we ever rolled it out anyway.

I adore the resin figures. They are gorgeous but have many drawbacks. Expensive to produce, hard to quality control, break during bulk shipping, VERY SLOW to produce with a small pipeline. I do like your suggestion of running a resin fund-raiser, but to do it right, it might be throwing another release under the bus. We have so few units and they don't really have an issue selling... so.

It might be better to come up with something more unique that was more interesting / fun for people that wanted to get involved.

>> No.27154540

Oh dear Poots, would you be interested in helping to organize an unofficial, official, /tg/-run internet inter-settlement meta-game/

>> No.27154555

>700+ game cards
>200+ gear game cards
So that's almost 1000 cards... is that for all expansions, or just core?

I'm gonna be making a $600 pledge to Fantasy Flight Games too, it seems.

>> No.27154587

If you are the real Poots (not to be an ass but anyone can kinda claim anything here) mind taking a pic with a random KD thingy, maybe the test painted model you did? Just to y'know, show it's actually you we're talking too?

If it is I didn't back your game but will buy it on release. It looks amazing. Thanks for all the hard work, much love. <3

>> No.27154588

Forgot my pic.

>> No.27154607

>Just to y'know, show it's actually you we're talking too?
If you do that, it might be a good idea to pick up a tripcode at the same time.


>> No.27154948

Oh shit its poots. Hi there.

So im not sure if you have seen these threads before, and I was planning to email you at a later date when planning something like this was more feasible, but I was planning to make a VASSAL plugin once the game ships.

If you are unfamiliar, VASSAL is a way to play wargames and board games online, for free. Its really common for 40k and mordheim here on /tg/. As well as board games like Arkham Horror. Kingom Death should fit in fairly well.

However its also considered a courtesy to ask a developer before porting a game over to VASSAL, so I was curious if people playing online would be something you were comfortable with?

>> No.27155051

never used a trip code before, but i do know my way around an iPhone camera! We have been using the euro card ffg sleeves and I gotta say... they are pretty nice!

The sleeves that mayday games makes for dominion are awful. They stick together and are very inconsistent with sizes. The manufacturer we are working with was trying to pitch us on uniquely branded custom sleeves... as cool as this would be I think its an idea for another time.

It would be a lot of fun to run a little demo session here actually! Maybe once the air clears and I am back from china trip #2. It would take solid work day to come with a good way to go about it, then i imagine prob another day to actually run it. So I am not making any promises now!

Thank you for all the support! My mind is sorta blown a little bit by it all. People seem to respond very well to genuine effort, it makes me think there is a tiny glimmer of light in humanity after all.

A faint lantern, surrounded by darkness! Haha, sorry about that, I just couldn't resist getting a little cheesy!

The transparency and amount of being up front I need to be overall is still a little strange to me. It would be nice to be able to just hide in a dark dark cave but I think those days are over for creators and wanna be creators.

Anyway, I gotta get back to work. Ended up scraping the design for the fighting arts cards ( basically skills ) and doing a new one. I tend to do that a lot, design and redesign over and over again. It drives Anna who does all the template replication insane! hehe

I'll check in again before I crash for the night. But really I just wanted to say thanks. I can't wait until were on the other side of this and can all play this insane game together!

>> No.27155116

Out of curiosity, what are the sales figures for pinups vs the game box? A lot of people are claiming the game only sold due to sex, and i think its bullshit to brush off all the hard work you did like that. Would be really neat to see the actual numbers.

(Also conisering you filled the funding goal 3 times over before the first pinup was ever shown, i think its pretty clear that it only being due to pinups is a load of bullshit.)

>> No.27155133

Uh, okay. I might send him a mail then. Does he actually answer?
My pledge level is $100, I get stuff for $330.

>> No.27155188

Your dedication to interacting with the community is inspiring. We love you poots.

I'm curious as well, but I wonder if he would even share that level of sales data with us.

I think all that bullshit was honestly just people looking for a reason to not like it. Not to say that the pinups don't have an audience, but people were using them as an excuse to say that the game wasn't inclusive to the ladies because of it, completely ignoring the fact that they have no influence on the game itself.

>> No.27155202

Holy shit it's true.

Great work man, keep it up! Great to see you here talking to your customers too.

Will definitely purchase your game once it's out. God speed with all the development. It looks truly fantastic.

I'll stop gushing now.

>> No.27155239

I think all that bullshit was honestly just people looking for a reason to not like it.

That said once the Flower and Dung Beetle knight got closer looks then the Grom a few people changed their tunes. Just a lot of the early advertising by anons around here was the more lewd material.

>> No.27155315

Have you read this here:
Will there be value on the package and what will it be?

>> No.27155332

>Just a lot of the early advertising by anons around here was the more lewd material.

I think that's just the nature of 4chan really, this site was kind of founded on anime and porn. It was either that or using it to stir up the usual cheesecake-in-muh-traditional-games shitstorm.

>> No.27155457

Indeed it certainly worked to drive up interest and thread bumps anyway.

Also, did anyone else notice the size of the Dung Beetle Knight in (>>27155051)!? He's awesomely massive!
Just take all my money Poots, you devious you bastard.

>> No.27155471

>you devious you bastard
I can't even type I'm so excited.

>> No.27155491

Yeah, after seeing the dung beetle scale I'm reconsidering not having grabbed him in the initial funding phase. Thank you based poots for allowing us to re-open our pledge managers.

>> No.27155498

>sticky note that clearly says to finish notes on rape
and you people still try to fucking deny what this game is

>> No.27155542

The sticky note says FADE.

You are seriously grasping at straws here.

>> No.27155585

That's a very odd spelling of R, one might even think it's an F.

>> No.27155586

I am so envious of you right now.

Yea, but at this point who even gives a flying pigs anus.



>> No.27155647

>very fucking obvious it's an F


Didn't pledge during the kickstarter?

>> No.27155733

Unfortunately I'm a poor student so my funds were non-existent at the time.


>> No.27156152

This seems like a good place to ask.

If I were to want to get a tabletop game going, and I already had an alpha build of the rules, I'd want to start by getting the word out, possibly even here on /tg/, and get models made of the minuatures?

Also, is it economically possible to move in on an idea held by another game, like, say, a direct competitor to Firestorm Armada? Or are traditional gamers interested in space battles going to stick with the existing property?

>> No.27157231

>Or are traditional gamers interested in space battles going to stick with the existing property?

I don't think so, new TG related properties pop up all the time. GW may have the market sort of cornered (they are probably the most well known I think) with Warhammer, other, newer properties still have strong followings.

I think as long as you have a quality product, in both rules and miniatures, you could probably do very well.

Or I could just not know what the fuck I'm talking about.

Also bump in hoping that poots comes back.

>> No.27157861

>gets a link to the original artists dA page
>artists outright writes it's fan art
>even copied the qoute
>still don't think it's fan art
No no, I am clearly wrong and you are right.
>pic related

>> No.27158739

My recommendation would be to find an artist to work with. If you have money then pay them handsomely for their efforts! if not, then try to find a younger artist and sell em hard on the idea. ( then as you grow make sure to pay them! ) Sculptors, oof. They are the tough ones. You need the high quality art in order to bait them into sculpting. Sculpting is a long and time intensive process, be it digitally or by hand. So the sculptor has to be pretty into what they are working on or the result just won't stand up.

I see no issue with making a space battle game. So long as your not ripping off anyones IP or blatantly copying their game mechanics. The market is big enough to support new guys. Not so long ago, Kingdom Death was a super tiny range with nothing but ambition and oversized packaging!

The expansions far outsold the pinups. By about double.

Thanks again!

Time to crash for me, got another 16 hour work day tomorrow~

>> No.27158817

God speed, based Pootykins.

>> No.27158932

>The expansions far outsold the pinups. By about double.

>> No.27161200

poor anon

>> No.27161218

wait, Poots goes to /tg/?

Or is this copy pasta from KS/forums?

>> No.27161232

Apparently he decided to check us out. He obviously doesn't post often because he doesn't know how to work the place.
But that is okay.

>> No.27161264

It's Poots, unless you know someone that just happens to have KD minis and White Lion card.

>> No.27161413

COULD be a playtester of his, but I doubt they would have so many of the minis, as well as sticky notes about the current production of the game.

Also, that looks like the same desk from then picture of his cat in the second gameplay video.

So all in all, its pretty good evidence that its the real him.

>> No.27162558

>not getting Dung Beetle, Flower Knight, and enough other stuff to get Lion Knight and the Green Knight armor for free

>> No.27162616

Laughing lanters?

>> No.27162668

Wait, what's the difference between the Green and Flower?

Also it looks like it's him. Asked him to show us evidence it was him and he posted his desk. I mean, it's not 100% but it'd be pretty hard to get that photo through any other means. I don't see why anyone would pretend to be him anyway to share the info he shared.

>> No.27162683

Green Knight armor is made from harvesting the parts of the Lion Knight, Flower Knight, and Dung Beetle Knight.

>> No.27162712

Oh right, for some reason I thought that was a monster I had missed and nearly split a log.

>> No.27163155

I funded enough for Herald of Death, which got me all the free shit anyways, I just passed up the Dung Beetle Knight due to budget constraints and some other models/expansions being a little more important.

Now that poots has given us leave to open our pledge managers, I can grab that and a few more extra things to round it out.

>> No.27163161

>I don't see why anyone would pretend to be him anyway to share the info he shared.
Hee hee, you gullible fools, I've tricked you all into believing that the core box weighs 11lbs, when in reality it only weighs TEN POUNDS!


>> No.27163770


>> No.27166162

Bump because manlets
that are sadly not in the KS

>> No.27166208

I'm almost certain the Forge God will be an expansion at some point.

>> No.27166389

One can only dream because even though he is a dickhead, he is baller as fuck.

>> No.27166422 [SPOILER] 

Don't you mean testicular?

>> No.27166741

Shut up Carlos.

>> No.27167029

I think he was planned to be in the next game, not KDM

>> No.27167603

I'm hoping the chosen comes around in an expansion some time in the future.

>> No.27168501

What's Chosen? I've never hear-
Holy shit!

>> No.27168597

Yeah, he's still got some in stock, so I'm probably going to pick one up very soon. Too fucking cool to pass up.

>> No.27168745

Buy one for me and send to me plox? It's only $65 for a complete stranger.

>> No.27168788


>> No.27169453

If any latebros are still interested in getting kickstarter prices, shoot me an email. In general you'd be paying for your product plus shipping from southeast US. (Which can very based on what you order. I would not really know how to price shipping until the product arrives in Q1 2014.)

Or any tip you'd maybe add as well.
>Implying anyone would tip for the service.
>Implying anyone would ask favor of a stranger

>> No.27171707

I hope Q4 2014 means January.

>> No.27171747

March at the latest isnt too bad. More likely everyone will get their half naked waifus as a valentines day present from poots.

>> No.27172431

And you need gormite, but the dung beetle has a rare chance of giving up that resource. A more sure source is of course Gorm.

>> No.27172464

B-but I didn't want the ball sack

>> No.27172564

Yes you do.

>> No.27173187

I-I really d-don't.

>> No.27173268 [SPOILER] 

Stare into his mighty orbs.

>> No.27173817

I can't wait until KD:M actually comes out and we start seeing painted miniatures, I want to see some artisan lovingly paint and texture that scrotum.

>> No.27173949

At least most of them will have handy reference 'material'.

>> No.27173967

Bright red and flaky!

>> No.27174023


>> No.27174348


>> No.27174566


>> No.27174668

I'm just imagining a person painting the rear end of this thing and I can't stop giggling

>> No.27177562

I just want to stick my tounge in there.

>> No.27177708

Which end?

>> No.27177737

Well, I'm an assman, so...

>> No.27177762

The odd thing about that model are his front hands, that don't quite seem to fit right.

>> No.27177875

Part of me feels like it's part of the design. All of these parts that simply don't fit together actually coming together to form some sort of nonsensical horror.

>> No.27178810

Make sense, that's the first KD model ever sold and one of the earliest made.

>> No.27179083

Whelp. Sent Poots an email asking if he was okay with me making the VASSAL version, cause he didnt respond in the thread. He seems like a cool guy, so i doubt he will say no, especially with him already talking about an online demo.

If we are lucky, he MIGHT even be okay with providing digital versions of the card images, so we wouldn't have to play with shitty hand scanned cards. if thats the case I'm gonna need a new name.

Wait wasnt the twilight knight the first model?

>> No.27179091

Wait, first SOLD. That makes sense. Nevermind then,

>> No.27180814

Gorm certainly isn't the prettiest of models

>> No.27180844

>So metal

>> No.27182842

>ugly girl reading the book
just like real life!

>> No.27182946

I want this larger, as a wallpaper.

>> No.27182984

You and me both buddy

>> No.27183004

Oh man, I'm not a big fan of how he did the ladies and the OSL on their legs, but that lion knight is fucking baller.

>> No.27183112

Yeah, only the Flower Knight can match his #swag. The fluff for the Lion Knight even opens up for the possibility for brodom, if you have played the game right. If not, it's
#yolo time

>> No.27183789

Kings Hand.. Or... Something like that. One of the event monsters in the base game, can also do that.

They come, judge how you are developing, and either give you a new tech, leave a child, take away a child, or go "THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE" and kill everyone.

If i remember right, but this is all from memory

>> No.27183868

thats corrects, the kings hand, leads the kings knights

>> No.27183904

In other words, the game can't come soon enough.

Well it CAN! I still want everything I've pledged for.

>> No.27184088

i cant wait to be able to throw MORE money at him

>> No.27184098

and this is after i spent over 400 dollars on that project

>> No.27184134

I spent $600 (this is like girls with eating disorders competing who is the worst of the lot) and I would forcefeed him more money if I had any to spare. I want to win the lottory.

>> No.27184202

Gorm comes with two sets of hands, the other pair is somewhat smaller and I think they work better.

>> No.27184232


>> No.27184721

i fold, however, i have a good friend who spent over a grand on it

>> No.27184893

Didn't mean to come off as a dick-waving contestant, just throwing the stupid amount of money I put into the game into the mix of the conversation.

Now that poots is allowing us to reopen our pledge manager, I'm consider adding another $150 ;_;

>> No.27184949

no worries, i WISH i could afford to get ALL of the stuff i want to get. however i have negative dollars right now

>> No.27185105

Fuck, man and I thought my four hundie was bad.

>> No.27185730

If i had 500 bucks on hand, i would not hesitate to upgrade from survivor to all resin beta.
I gotta get my fix ASAP

>> No.27187172

unfortunately we have to wait for "Q1" which ever one that is

>> No.27187224

January to March, if you're being serious.

Here I am debating on whether or not I want to throw in extra for the Lion God and the Dung Beetle Knight, or save the money and buy the Chosen off of his site.

>> No.27187368

Chosen is a neat model.
The knights are TWO neat models AND game expansions.

The choice is obvious.

>> No.27187390

But what of my dream of taking the Chosen and modifying him to look like Sanguinius? What of my dream, anon...

>> No.27187513

Do it later

>> No.27187584

Oh, if I played BA, he'd be my choice as well.

>> No.27188707

i was being serious, i was looking to the govt/corp Q1 which starts in october and ends in december

>> No.27189089

Ah, fair enough. Now you have me worried, what if poots is going by financial quarters, I don't think I could wait until fucking october 2014.

>> No.27189156

Doubt it. He would have made it more obvious if the game was getting delayed THAT much. It will only be a few months, don't worry.

>> No.27189487

well, if he IS going by financial quarters, we MIGHT be getting it this winter

>> No.27189562

He specifically mentioned that it wont be there in time for the holidays, and said "Instead of the estimated Nov 2013, its been moved to Q1 2014."

Its pretty cut and dry guys.

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