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Dumping every Scraplootas related image that I have.

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Why does anyone do anything?

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Wait, what?

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/f/ drew it, don't expect other boards to know the anatomy of taus.

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I think someone from another board did it.

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I still love how scared the daemon wall looks.

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It's a bit of a shame, since I really like the rest of the pic, but the nose bugs me. It's still a good pic, though.

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Forgive my ignorance, but why does Blue have a swastika on her chest?

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What're you talking about? She doesn't have a...

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And with the exception of a few uncolored versions of pics I've already posted, I believe I am out of images.

Anyone have any I missed?

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it's in a lot of them... what the fuck?

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It's an ork glyph that means "ally" or "friend". Or it means something close to that, anyway.

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It's a biker thing. Same with the pickelhaub helmets.

Also, swastika had long association with religion before nazi's came along and ruined it.

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It's an Ork glyph standing for Orky

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Actually, it's the glyph for 'Ork'. Except it's generally a little more compact than a swastika - more like a square with lines on it than four arms.

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It's confirmed.

Orks are Nazis.

Makes sense.

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Its an orky glyph, meaning orky. Which makes me imagine Zizzbitz labled his lucky grot as orky just in case someone like Derknitt forgot and tried to krump her.
>Dere we go! Dis ’ere glyph says Blue’s orky, so dere’s no way she aint orky, ya gits!

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Well, they were kinda German in older version, with their helmets and StormBoyz

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Makes sense.

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I have a few. Not many, though.

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Actually, that last one was the only one. Except for this.

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Same pic.

I get the feeling I may have posted at least one that might not have ever been posted on /tg/ till this thread.

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This is actually Xeno pre-Necronizing, not Blue. Overalls are her thing.

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That means someone lied to me.

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They're modeled after British soccer hooligans, who are often extremely racist if not outright neo-nazis.

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>dat cultistchan
>dat blueberry
oh baby

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Here you go.

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thank you based anon

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Might as well make the thread good for something.

I don't know if I'm happy, surprised, or sad that there never was a story about a time when the Scraplootas krumped a chaos warband that Cultist-chan was currently a part of.

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Posting some unfinished writefaggoty not currently collected on
in the hopes of luring out the one who was writing it.

Krumpus Bay, one afternoon, right outside Teeftougua. A moderately sized shuttle broke away from a Space Hulk that orbited the bay. As it drew closer, curious eyes saw that it bore the emblem of the Scraplootas, a spanner and a bent strip of metal behind the front of some trukk engine with headlight eyes and teeth. The shuttle landed in front of one of the safe ports, the grot on duty giving the shuttle a nod and a salute as the engine cut off. Scraplootas weren't very well known in Krumpus Bay, but they did have allies amongst the desidens they could trust fairly well. They never had to fire on any parts of the bay itself, yet.
The door to the shuttle opened, a ramp extended, and down walked four nobs, a really skinny weirdboy, a shrub, and a handful of grots. The biggest one had a looted commissar's cap and was draped in a similarly looted Ethereal's robe like a cloak. He didn't carry many weapons, save for a very large revolver at his waist and a decently sized chainchoppa, practically ceremonial by Ork standards. With bandoliers of mugs and two serving grots on his back, it was fairly obvious this Ork was serious business, for fighting, for interspecies interactions, and for a good cup of squig tea or coffee. His serving grots waved Scraplootas banners half heartedly. This was Urtylug, de facto leader of the Scraplootas. He looked almost noble or refined. Definitely by ork standards, almost by other more exacting standards. As both Warboss and Kaptin, he was particular about his titles, and calling him a Warboss in space and vice versa was asking for a good krumping. In floating space station places like Krumpus Bay, the distinction was at best blurry, so generally it was best to call him something along the lines of Warkaptin or Kaptinboss or da Boss.

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Next to Urtylug was his right hand Ork, the Big Mek Zizzbitz. A first mate of sorts, Zizzbitz dealt with all of the technical bits that running such a technologically sophisticated Warband required, or at least did it by proxy when he couldn't be zogged to do it himself. He had a powereye and a powerklaw, which currently lofted a chest marked "GUBBINZ N BITZ." His arm underneath was intact, the chest was just so large and heavy that it required augmented strength or a bunch of grots to carry, and Zizzbitz wasn't about to trust a bunch of gits to his box of loot. At his belt he only carried an orange transparent kutlass with a chainblade, its bits were flashy and they probably zizzed a whole bunch when the kutlass was running. On his other shoulder sat a grot. A careful observer would notice that this grot was Blue, had a nasal slit like a Tau, had large Tau-like eyes, had hooves like a Tau, had the body shape of a female Tau, held a Tau Fio'la spanner in her hand like a Tau would, was wearing a squighide jacket that she made herself, and was definitely a grot. The kind of grot that aided a Big Mek in all of his duties loyally or got krumped. She didn't look like she got krumped much, and the Big Mek seemed to tolerate a lot of mischevious mucking about by this grot. Said grot was now trying to clamber onto Zizzbitz's head for a better view with minimal comment from the Big Mek.

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On Urtylug's left side was a Kommando. Draped in a tarp, he carefully surveyed the area the way only experienced trackers and hunters did. Or at least, he looked around quite slowly. He spat out a small pebble or perhaps a chip of a tooth. It was hard to tell, because this was Rockeata, a moniker that was both literal and figurative, as he was as patient as erosion and as sneaky as a sudden avalanche. And he ate rocks. It was rumored his waste matter could be used as building material, but horrible realization never dawned on him, mostly because you can't be that bright to go around eating rocks in the first place, so the literal application of a metaphorical phrase is completely avoided. Urtylug's best Kommando, Rockeata was a sneaky git when he needed to be, but he just looked out of place in the urban sprawl of Teeftougua.

Behind Urtylug was the "priest" Fizzgutz, the Weirdboy Threegrot, and a shrub of dakka.
Never mind that in the urban enviroment of Teeftougua even the toughest weeds were withered and pitiful, this shrub looked well watered and large enough to hide a nob inside. It also apparently grew fresh dakka. Whenever a grot tried to pick one of the dakka fruit, the shrub also grew a boot to kick the grot. The shrub would then grow Snekkit's head and yell at the grot. Snekkit was the second in command of Urtylug's Kommandoz, and was doing his best to be a notible swashkrumper, just like Urtylug himself. He actually had more successful missions than Rockeata, but no one was keep track and half of them were suicide missions anyway so they didn't count. He had a soft spot for Blue, and brought her on many missions, not the suicide kind, because he thought she was lucky.

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Fizzgutz was dressed in robes and held a large book that someone had carved "DA BUK" into the cover. he was surrounded by grots, for he was the Scraplootas' grot herder, though the grots seemed to be herding him. Every so often he'd pick a grot at random to throw the book at to keep them in line. The grot would just dodge the book, pretend to get hit anyway, and then make sure Fizzgutz got the book back. Da Buk contained the holy scriptures of Gork and Mork, or so Fizzgutz assumed, as he was illiterate and he considered reading unorky. It didn't stop him from opening the book, pointing at some line or other, and then preaching the ways of Gork and Mork, never once looking down at the page. The grots would politely clap each time he finished. He was also a recruiter of boyz, quite impressive actually. He'd take the ones that were mucking about and hit them with Da Buk while reciting something or other incoherent and then the grots would help add the boy to the press gang. The grots seemed to be doing their own sort of recruitment as their numbers mysteriously swelled over time, but Fizzgutz didn't notice.

Finally, Threegrot was just there, the first Weirdboy that Urtylug saw in the ship. It was helpful to have Weirdboy support in case something went funny, just so Urtylug could fight weird with weird. It was tactics. He could only be matched this way, never beaten. Urtylug never noticed that the first Weirdboy he saw every time he went looking for Weirdboys was Threegrot, but that was probably expected of a busy Boss like him. Threegrot knew though. Dressed in a trench coat, he lurched around like three Weirdgrots standing one on top of the other. But of course something like that would be ridiculous and definitely wouldn't happen. Most people didn't even notice Threegrot, as hard to not notice a skinny Weirdboy that grumbled from chest and hip level and occassionally produced small zaps of energy from his limbs and eyes.

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Fizzgutz was the first to break away from the nobs and the grots dispersed with him, he was to round up some boyz to reinforce their frontline. Any boy who was muckin' about and would hear the word of Da Buk and was smaller than Fizzgutz was applicable. So Urtylug's retinue included the Big Mek, Blue on the Big Mek's shoulder, Rockeata, Threegrot, and the shrub, which grew boots when it needed to get places. Sometimes Snekkit's head also poked out of the top when he wanted a better view.
Today was the Scraplootas day in town. Urtylug was looking for work, Zizzbitz wanted to talk some shop and trade for flashy bits, and Blue wanted to look around. It was only the second time the Scraplootas had been to Krumpus Bay since she joined them. The first time she hadn't left the space hulk as she was still trying to get used to being an Ork. Today she was all eyes and ears, taking in the sights, breathing deep, and then coughing whatever it was that she just breathed in back up.

>to be continued

It's been 9 months now and I'm pretty sure the writefag said that they'd work on it some more every time they saw a Scraplootas thread up.

Now we play the waiting game for this thread to either expire or for someone else to post.

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Oh man, I forgot that I drew this. I'll need to break out the tablet again some time.

Somebody edited the picture to make corrections to the face and attempt fixing the feet. It might be possible to find it archived on suptg. foolz purged their images recently, so there's no chance of finding it there.

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God, I love the funstikk. It and Threegrot are my favorite parts of the Scraplootas.

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>Zod: Blue

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More drawings of Zizzbitz would be nice.

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>a story about a time when the Scraplootas krumped a chaos warband that Cultist-chan was currently a part of.
Fund it.

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I can see the outline quite clearly.

Another warband, an especially shitty one, gets spat out into the Scraplootas sector.

They, like every other warband before them in this sector, end up assimilating with the warband Rosncranz and Gilnstrum are part of and try to take on everyone.


Wait... given the nature of this particular sector... is it possible that a cultist could become the Chaos Lord of a warband? I mean, if everyone else were dead, and the only chaos marines left were the ones smart enough to know that being the leader was an instant death flag, could that actually happen?

Outline, not so clear anymore.

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>is it possible that a cultist could become the Chaos Lord of a warband?
Sure, but she would probably fail about as soon as she became one. Or all the lazy marines like Rosncraz just put up with her pretending to be a Chaos Lord but don't actually listen to her 90% of the time.

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Failure is something this undivided warband excels at, but the big question is what would she and the Scraplootas do in a fight?

To any other faction, it'd be like doing random moves on chess board to mess with a super computer designed for chess, so what happens when you get two opposing forces that both specialize in being unpredictable?

The demon core might end up deciding its better off in ork control then with any warband with Cultist-chan in it.

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I'm bored. Can I color this?

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That's basically how things are with would be high ranking Chaos Followers. Almost all of them fail horribly and become horribly mutated, or DIE.

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Go for it. The main colors of the Scraplootas is yellow.

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>To any other faction, it'd be like doing random moves on chess board to mess with a super computer designed for chess, so what happens when you get two opposing forces that both specialize in being unpredictable?
Easy, you set them against an unpredictable computer.

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I think that might've already happened before.

Or maybe it was just mentioned at some point in one of the stories.

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Xeno and Blue met up in that Xeno's Adventure Quest thing and the funstikk comic has a necron head on the wall, but that's all that I know of.

The picture you posted predates the Scraplootas.

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I was more referring to


There was some talk about the them raiding Xeno's planet for some reason or another.
I don't recall if it was for parts or as a hired mission by the eldar again.

There was also talk about a semi-unified /tg/ 40k setting back then, but those never really work out.

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