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It's that time of week again, where we break out all the lewdness related to anything /tg/. Writefags, drawfags, or whatever kind of lewdfag are all welcome to contribute content.

While NSFW text should be spoilered, remember that NSFW images still aren't allowed. If you're paranoid/worried, link to said content hosted elsewhere, such as pastebin, 1d4chan, or imgur.

Be excellent to one another!

OP is not responsible for any chaffed dicks

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ELH here, I didn't get as far as I wanted on the fics yet, but here's those I'll be updating for the rest of the day:

Will be receiving two chapters, including transformation and tentacles:

Will be getting at least one bit, mostly about the aftermath of one Macha getting creamed by the Star Child:

Dunno how much chaos god antics I'll get up to today, but have this too:

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Woo, been waiting for this one.

ELH, it doesn't seem like you remembered to put up the LelithxAcolyte intro. No rush, though- I know that you're working on a buncha stuff as is.

Also, let me post a request from last week- I'm not sure if anyone saw it.

Dark Eldar Succubus twincest with one lucky bastard.

And for the Dungeons and Dragons fans:

Human adventurer wanders into underdark, gets captured by Drow Matron, who takes a look at his "sword" and decides to keep him for her own use. Eventually, she decides to use him to introduce her daughter and heir apparent to the wonders of sex.

If you need inspiration for that one, check the following sadpanda links that inspired me to hatch this idea (spoilered for the sensitive types):


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Slash time?

>> No.27098872

You may as well, as long as it gets things going.

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>Macha getting creamed
>Khorne gonna get fucked
Oh hey boner.

>> No.27099081

And this is why Sunday is my favorite day of the week.

>> No.27099273

porn for the porn god

>> No.27099330

Help me out here people

>no good tg fiction anywhere

Any suggestions?

>> No.27099340

Do you mean fiction from /tg/ or something else? 1d4chan hosts a fair amount of writefaggotry, if that's what you mean.

>> No.27099357

lol nah I'm talking about gender transformation.

>> No.27099395

Oh. In that case, ask The Provider if he shows up. That's assuming a Callidus using polymorphine counts as gender transformation.

>> No.27099615

You might have better luck on /d/, but perhaps one of the writefags will indulge you. It's rather late, though- try again in a few hours. Of course, if you're lucky one of them might be on here ready to post something right now and you can ask them (hint, hint).

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If anyone was nice enough to post a little tg I would be eternally grateful. An epic poem would be written in their name to be ready only by the fairest ladies in the land.

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those aint ladies...

>> No.27099694

Maybe we should have these threads on Saturdays- more people are likely to be around then.

Also, perhaps we should coordinate this stuff better. I don't know about you all, but it's 4:26 over here, which isn't exactly a peak activity time for this stuff.

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Smut waits for no man.


For the right price, I may abuse Khorne in such a manner.

>> No.27099804

Lol i should be asleep, we do have multiple threads though. And to be fair we did have some derailed partial smut threads that just popped up on like a couple days ago.

>> No.27099860

Good point there.

Where? This seems to be the only one now.

>> No.27099887

Anyhow, I'll probably collapse on my keyboard if i stay up much longer. Write some good stuff while I'm conked out, would ya?

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Hey guys I just generated a chapter of my very own. I don't know what colors to give them and what their chapter colors should be. I really want to know what colors suit them but it'd also be much appreciated if you guys can write a little bit of fluff for them.

They're called the Screaming Lions

>Founded for a crusade
>Founding date is unknown
>Come from Imperial Fists
>Gene seed is pure
>Chapter cares about cleansing and purifying quite a bit, cleanse the mutant, burn the heretic, purge the xeno, all that jazz.
>Figure of legend is our chapter master who boarded an Eldar Craftworld and inflicted grevious harm and many Eldar casualties.
>Home world is an ice world and a hive world
>Are distant rulers of planet, do not get very involved in homeworld's planetary politcs
>Love armored assault
>Do not field assault marines
>Are blessed with some sort of rare weaponry in abundance that other chapters have little or no of
>Are under strength from some battle or blunder decades ago, we can regain our losses pretty easily it'll just take some time.
>Friends with the imperial Navy
>Our most hated enemy is a particular daemon, chaos prince, or disciple of chaos

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Define "good" before you ask people questions like that or you might read something that makes you want to tear your eyes out.

>> No.27100120

>Our most hated enemy is a particular daemon, chaos prince, or disciple of chaos
did he rape them as children?

>> No.27100126

Even if he did aren't astartes brainwiped before initiation?

>> No.27100150

not all, its recommended in the codex IIRC, but plenty of the founding chapters and their descendants don't do that

>> No.27100179

> Shadowrun After-run RP turns into a hot lesbian 3 way
> Involves Magic, an Elf, a Lizard Girl, and a Vampire in a Jacuzzi

In other news, I should have that transformation sequence for the daemonette soon.

>> No.27100180

Shit crap but still better than the Ultra Smurfs

>> No.27100188

>asks the lewd fic thread for background for his chapter
>implying we won't just make them official "liasons' with all of the Sisters of Battle and various xenos women
>inb4 a fic detailing how a selected teen boy must successfully seduce 10 hot women and please them in order to past the final test.

>> No.27100209


> "B...But Sir I don't understand...!"
> "Y...Yes Sir... but..."
> *insert hot orgy w/ a teenager creaming over 10 sisters of battle*

>> No.27100215

>Their Chapter Name is actually the Screaming Loins, the Administratum just got the paperwork wrong.

>> No.27100226

Grey Knights are. Probably some others. The vast majority aren't though, most are just conditioned to consider their former lives irrelevant.

>> No.27100229

Wait a second. I thought this was a normal drawfag thread.

N-never mind...

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You could have prevented this.


>> No.27100265

Best mistake ever.
>We space marines now.

>> No.27100291

>You could have prevented this.
Yeah, but why would I?

>> No.27100300

All those frosted Sisters faces soaked in some of the Emperor's holy seed and continue to take turns nursing from the future Asstartes, while said boy enjoys both passing his trials and getting his remaining cum slurped and his throat comfortably buried in a Sister's mouth, vibrating while she moans.

>> No.27100304

>I need an adult.
>I am an adult.

And then they fucked.

>> No.27100309

Sorry change *throat* to dick. It's getting late.

>> No.27100325

/tg/ never change. My sides.

>> No.27100328

>his throat comfortably buried in a Sister's mouth, vibrating while she moans.

>> No.27100348

>>his throat comfortably buried in a Sister's mouth, vibrating while she moans.
xenomorph (Alien) could actually pull that

>> No.27100357

Oh god what have I done.

>> No.27100373

>It was I, Genestealer!
I like where this is going.

>> No.27100382


>The Sisters suddenly become confused when the boy turns into a Jeanstealer, who then steals all their pants

>> No.27100405

Fixed that for you.
>mfw pantystealers are an elite choice for rumored Tyranids.

>> No.27100685

Smut bump.

>> No.27100741

Hey, can you post the NSFW version on another site/image sharing place and link them here?

>> No.27100756

looking good

fucking this, soo much of a tease when you can post a link to the uncensored one

>> No.27100758

I think you're missing a huge opportunity for Gay Marines. It just seems like a natural fit.

>> No.27100771

>not knowing who Jeanstealer is
Gosh derned whippasnappas

>> No.27100775


> "B...But sir, the Codex Astartes doesn't suppo..."
> "Shhhh, now bend over."

>> No.27100810

I'm not a fan of being pidgeonholed into a single thread a week instead of just mingling freely in the writethreads.

>> No.27100822

Something about Xeno's itty bitty booty?
Not anything "canon", of course, since Xeno wouldn't do anything lewd.

>> No.27100877

More like
>Are you ready to take my red hot geneseed into your body, Initiate-kun?
>J-Just be gentle with me, Apothecary-kun...
>I cant promise you that.

>> No.27100924

Anyway, holy shit these threads still exist. Makes me want to write more tg or tf or masking shit for /tg/.

>> No.27101024

I wrote the first half of a sidestory involving a felinid, Macha, and an Inquisitor. It involves amasec and spaghetti. Since I'm now in Scotland and have lost two days out of my week getting here, it's also only one of two parts. Part two may come next week, and will be about 100% solid smut, beginning to end.


>> No.27101289

Jesus, I just realized how early it is back there.

This time difference is gonna be hard as fuck to get used to.

>> No.27101325


More fine work Anon. I wish you would take a name so I knew what to call you, but carry on with the good stuff. And yeah, it's like 7am here at the moment.

In other news, here's that transformation/tentacles scene you all wanted:


>> No.27101340

There's nothing itty bitty about Xeno's booty.

>> No.27102039

I dunno. That's the second time someone's brought it up. I'll consider the possibility.

Are you ELH? I'm tired enough that I can't keep track of what all you're doing, but if you are him you're up rather early.

>> No.27102091


>Implying that holograms sleep.

No but seriously, yeah I'm ELH. I generally don't sleep until about 10am these days. Yay painkillers and Crohn's!

Uh, for everyone else, either I'll squeeze out another update before 10am, or I'll bring you some stuff whenever I wake up.

>> No.27102104


I want to see a smutfic about Xeno's innocent experimenting with sex. She doesn't get why her subjects are embarassed.

>> No.27102117

I know the feeling re: fucked up sleep schedule. I'm trying to grind out some more boob chart revision sketches.

>> No.27102122


If anybody wants the Cain x Amberley fic again, I'll post it, but most of you saw it, I think.

>> No.27102138

Why do you care? You're just a banana. Go [Potassium Intensifies] in some non-lewd thread!

(Joking, if LewdAnon is around, he/she will probably be doing any requests)

>> No.27102208

Were the femdom fics ever finished?

>> No.27102220

You'll have to be a bit more specific.

>> No.27102254

>that poker scene
>revving intensifies

>> No.27102267

Just going to pointlessly post the Cain x Amberley fic again, then I'll be up for some requests so I can brainstorm ideas.

JAW should be on (sometime) and he'll be doing fic requests, too. But, might be later. Who is drawing around here? I've seen Lewd's stuff (seriously, we'll make you a page on 1d4chan so you can post uncensored stuff!) and I -think- there are a couple of others (with no names as yet, which will eventually change).

So, enjoy.


>> No.27102290


Pssst, I put that up on 1d4chan for you:



It was meant to be more an homage to Anon behind the other Macha fic, but ended up being a nice segway to two fics. Yay for ideas.

>> No.27102296

I am here, sorry, missed this for some reason.

Above is Macha getting fucked by some polymorphined Callidus Assassin, Female-Male.

Above is Male-Female, same sort of stuff, some futa was added for another requester, but I wouldn't be surprised if you have already seen these.

>> No.27102309

Oh, thanks muchly, I am a faggot and don't have a 1d4chan account!

I need to put the other ones up, though.

>> No.27102333

I know. I wrote the other fic.

... I'm going to try using a name in these threads, with the assumption I'll be back for at least one more. If I or anyone else decides later it was a shit idea, it'll go away.

>> No.27102340


You actually don't need an account to make or edit the pages. It's just a matter of making a fresh page like so:


_'s are spaces. Upper/lower case matters

>> No.27102353


Yay a name! I'll add a little tag to your story so we can track you down in the future.

>> No.27102412

Oh, really? Thanks.

>> No.27102419

> Lewd's stuff (seriously, we'll make you a page on 1d4chan so you can post uncensored stuff!)

fucking this, no need to tease us like that when you can just put it up in all its glory on a 1d4chan page

>> No.27102428

Nah, actually, SHE would get embarrassed. She's only oblivious about certain aspects of it.

>> No.27102436

>a natural fit

>> No.27102471

>She's only oblivious about certain aspects of it.
Like everything about it.

>> No.27102477

I enjoy that Sunday Smut Thread has become an actual thing.

>> No.27102479

Hence why it's also a lot of fun to have her tricked into sex, and when she realizes it, she's like "okay.jg".

>> No.27102494

Hetero or lesbian?

>> No.27102511


>> No.27102514

There were more than 1 or 2? I know there was at least one SoB one

>> No.27102528

might get around to writing and posting more Deldar /ss/ with persus and co. this thread

>> No.27102552

>Deldar /ss/
only good if it's a trueborn kid raping a battle suster. And reminding her that he's still older than her.

>> No.27102564


Uhh... just saying. Lelith Hesperax with any human is the same thing.

>> No.27102583

I, too, am down with goth bodybuilder elf ladies in bondagewear

>> No.27102595

On a slightly related note, it seems we rustled someone from New Jersey's jimmies. They're defacing all sorts of pages on 1d4chan, focusing on writefags.

>> No.27102599

No, because it has to be a trueborn kid raping a battle suster and so on and so on.
Not anything else.

>> No.27102614

so what happened to Creed of Heresy and his writefagging?

>> No.27102616

hardly a problem considering how shitty and never up-to-date this site is.

>> No.27102626

Can we request non-40K but still /tg/ things? Or is this thread 40k only?

>> No.27102632


I think we found him. Would you like some cream for your butthurt?

>> No.27102643

yeah anything /tg/ / stuff that tickles our interests is fine. these threads stemmed from 40k fapfics but it's not exclusively for them

>> No.27102649

as long as there is smut, alll good

>> No.27102684

drow femdom pls

>> No.27102773

If she doesn't understand, how can she give consent? That's rape, anon-kun!

>> No.27102815

Hello all, JAW here. Havent been here for months. Happy to lend my own modest skills to writing/creating smut. Not alot/any of my work is really saved uploaded anywhere, so I'm happy to repost some of my stories if anyone wants those, though Im happy to make new stuff.

Happy to take requests for 40k or other common fantasy/sci-fi mediaverses, or even original stuff, smutty or otherwise. Let me know what you want and I'll see what I can do, though extremely niche stuff is generally off-limits, both because of board rules and because well, I want you to have a satisfying fap, and if its something I can't understand/write well, then I can't guarantee that quality, can I?

>> No.27102832

that's why it wouldn't be canon, much like all Xeno porn ever made.

>> No.27102845

> board rules
pastebin is a thing for anything hardcore, and also, text aint against the rules

i'm interested in your older stories, why not through them up on pastebin?

>> No.27102854

There's been others?

>> No.27102864 [DELETED] 


[Schoolgirl Squeals Intensify]

I don't suppose you could indulge a few of these?

* Macha spinning like a top on top of a human as featured in Extra Large Heresy

* The Daemonette featured in Shedding the Darkness

* Macha and Virtanen merging into an archon as seen in Extra Large Heresy

* Lofn trying to understand why Taldeer is yelling at a thoroughly creamed Macha

* More Daemonettes of Tzeentch

>> No.27102877

Why do you keep saging?

>> No.27102880

only drawings

>> No.27102882 [DELETED] 


Uhhhh anon, he's a writefag, not a drawfag.

>> No.27102945


Posted the rest of the "Arken" or "Solace" Trilogy that someone asked for. Theyre not that great but some people seemed to like them.

I'll upload a few more aswell, i got a few requests for serious non-erotic 40kfic, so ill post one or 2 of those.

>> No.27102964


Don't know. His last entry on the talk page was:

> Nah, didn't run outta red ink, I've just had a very, very rough month, so this got put on the backburner while I've been dealing with everything else. Plus I'm going to put this back up onto /tg/ later. I found out how I can easily ban-evade the mod permanently. Most he'll be able to do is ban my username, and all I need to do is just add numbers to the end of it or just go anonymous. See, all you need to do is just use an IP-redirect to 4chan itself. Shit's really easy, tried it and tested it. The lulz against the mods will commence.

So take that as you will =/

>> No.27103059

Finding Solace in the Warp- Arken 2(sequel to Sisters of Solace)

Tale of Two Hivers- Arken 3

Septima, Guardswoman(SFW)

I have a few more, including a quick homosexual tau story, 2 short-stories about an inquisitor dealing with SCPs, and a story about a Ratling girl and an Ogryn male finding that love can indeed bloom in the battlefield.

>> No.27103081

Let me know if you want those posted or want some original stories, etc.

>> No.27103435 [DELETED] 

I gotta say, posting non-censored stuff here sure feels weird, it's almost as if I'm violating some sort of natural order...



I'm pretty sure 1d4chan doesn't allow separate pages for drawfags though.

>> No.27103457

Oh well here goes...


I'm pretty sure 1d4chan doesn't allow separate pages for drawfags though.

>> No.27103468

why not just make 1 as a collection of it all?

>> No.27103559

I'm disappointed nothing going on with Tyranids in this thread.

>> No.27103562


What about a party of dnd adventurers finding a cursed belt of genderswapping, the works-once-per-person version, and hijinks ensue?

The first person to find it wouldn't know what it does and gets changed accidentally. But after that it could get used on the others, either willingly or unwillingly.

If they maintain their original orientation, it could even be used by the original transformee to make another party member who is coming on to her pretty hard more palatable to her tastes.

>> No.27103609

Sure, I could do something like that, if you want. Anything more specific? Class/race/genders for the party, existing characters, any specific scenarios or anything? The more detail the better.

>> No.27103629

Just letting you all know Provider's been autobanned for posting links, unfortunately, so anyone waiting on something from him you're unfortunately going to have to wait.

Also, many thanks to the artists who've stopped by and given us some of your work. :) Always good to see drawfags, smutty and non-smutty. I dont think people thank you all enough for your work on here, so kudos.

>> No.27103661


I think that's because pastebin is frequently used to post... questionable links, on other boards. It might vary on how many links he posts. How long is he banned?

>> No.27103668

That's weird. I haven't been banned, and to the best of my knowledge ELH has never gotten banned.

Does the number or kind of link make a difference?

>> No.27103692

ahahahaha wat? So now you're not allowed to post to pastebin? God 4chan can be retarded.

And if I could make a request? I know that this is a tad more /v/ than anything else but it's a Dragon Warrior 3 request, which is bread and butter fantasy so I hope it'd /tg/ enough.

Basically, female Hero getting made love to tenderly by her harmen of cute guy party members (Warrior, Cleric, Mage let's say, for variety's sake). Bonus points for exhibitionism in the form of holding hands in public.

>> No.27103700

Its an autoban so probably no more than a few days. Apparently someone was asking for where they could get cheap models in another thread, and he made the mistake of trying to provide links, even edited ones, to those places.

A common mistake, but it goes to show you have to be very careful.

>> No.27103703

the ban is usually automated, so who knows what our robot overlords are afraid of, usually the beginning andend extensions, the dot com bits are the ones looked for, so you could just post the extension to go after the dot com and be fine

lol, it thought this post was spam originally

>> No.27103727

I miss the good old days of red /tg/. Granted, some things got a little out of control but there was less pussyfooting around.

>> No.27103739

B-but anon-kun! Then the poor kiddies who come to /tg/ might see n-naughty things! We, we can't let that happen!

>> No.27103803

Good idea. I can finally tell who's posting what.

Also, my request from up here still stands:

>> No.27103892

We can't have that on a Christian imageboard, can we?

>> No.27103946


Lets go with a half-orc barbarian, an elf wizard, a human thief and a half-elven cleric. All male.

The barbarian grabs the belt as soon as the wizard confirms it is magical, and ends up as a busty, amazonian half orc girl. Cute, though. Obviously unhappy with the change, they head back to town to plan their next move and try and find a way to reverse the curse.

At the inn, the thief keeps making passes at the barbarian. At first it seems jokingly, but as the night goes on it becomes more and more clear that it isn't a joke. Charming rogue that he is, she starts to warm up to the idea, even though her male mind cant stand the idea of sleeping with a man. They go back up to her room, but before things go too far the barbarian wrestles the thief down and straps the belt on him, turning him into a woman. The thief is understandably upset and tries to escape, but the stronger barbarian pins her down and makes sure that the thief gives her the wild night of sex he had been promising her all evening, whether she wants to or not.

In the next room, the cleric hears all of this going down and is hard as a rock. He never used to want to be a woman, but ever since he saw the barbarian change, he cant stop thinking about the belt. Holy shit new fetish acquired. At breakfast the next day, he sees the transformed thief and barbarian come down together, and can no longer resist. He goes back upstairs planning to have some 'personal time', but on his way there he cant resist the urge to grab the belt from the barbarian's room. He goes into his room and struggles back and forth against the urge to put it on before temptation wins out and he changes himself. Self exploration ensues.

I don't have any ideas for the wizard, feel free to surprise me. How the story ends is up to you but I would like them to stay transformed. Perhaps they lose the belt and without it to study the wizard cant be sure how to break the curse.

>> No.27104022

Heh, thats alot more detail than I expected, to be sure. Sounds like you could probably write this story yourself, if you wanted.

I'll begin work now, and post the pastebin when its done.

Added 2 more to my account if anyone's interested. They're SFW vaguely- SCP related stories, with a few attempts at humour. Mostly I just worked on building mood, and trying to capture what it was they wanted in the weird character they requested.

>> No.27104056

If you can get my request from up here, >>27098821
that would be nice too.

>> No.27104125

If you guys need to post pastebins, just post the paste ID.

>> No.27104172

Yeah no. /tg/ is good not being /d/b/-lite.

>> No.27104188

We've learned to regulate ourselves a little better since then.

>> No.27104254

I would enjoy this greatly.

>> No.27104274

Oh, by the way guys, this thread is still here:


>> No.27104328

Lewdanon, is that you?

>> No.27104347

no, he didn't name this file like this

>> No.27104364


>> No.27104734

I'm still lurking around though...

>> No.27104778


Come on man, don't tease us!

>> No.27104797

ohh dude can you draw me a semi related image?

I need a slim eldar girl in an arabian themed outfit with eldar runes over it. Veiled of course

>> No.27104871

Dat threesome inbound.
>Amused Macha gonna get in touch with her menage a trois side.

>> No.27104872

You mean in a similar pose and with the same expression?

>> No.27104890

perhaps not, maybe winking? You tend to do some pretty boner-inducing work but have fun with this

>> No.27104905

Anyone into TF?
I could write some stuff.

>> No.27104972

Still here, just had to stop for a bit for supper and stuff.

Working on the genderswap party request. Dont know if I'll do >>27098821's request, sorry. This one's pretty long but I might try and do a quick Drow Matron thing if you really want, though you're probably better off asking the drowtales forums or something. Not a big Drow fan myself.

Nice art, didnt realise it was you Lewd! Good to see you around still doing stuff.

>> No.27105053

>I might try and do a quick Drow Matron thing if you really want
We do.

>> No.27105144

They're the original lewd elves? Why wouldn't we want it?

Besides, Drowtales forums are filled with cancer. I trust /tg/ to do a much better job of it.

>> No.27105298 [SPOILER] 

>> No.27105334

Context, please? I can tell the big guy is a Terminator, but who's the kid?

>> No.27105396


>> No.27105407

If we're talking smut, I'd love to see drawfaggotry of this character >>27105122 in a compromising position.

And here's his F-list page http://www.f-list.net/c/leonardo%20sunderland/

>> No.27105414

I see now. Couldn't tell with the close-up.

>> No.27105454


No idea if they're actually related. But one thing is for sure: Terminators and lolis are a match made in heaven.

>> No.27105475

Wrong thread, holmes. And this is more for stuff like Bondage Elves and Macha learning the wonders of butt stuff, not a drawthread for your ORIGINAL CHARACTER DONUT STEEL

>> No.27105484

And to keep with the theme, here is the loli suster all growed up.

>> No.27105553

Requesting a young elf attempting to eat a donut made of steel. drawn or written is fine either way.

>> No.27105557


Get that grandmother out of here.

>mfw she still has the little stuffed termie

>> No.27105560

Seconding- the mental image is hilarious.

>> No.27105609

All I got is this. You guys would probably be better off asking the actual drawthread.

>> No.27105628

you first

>> No.27105678

>hating on dat ass

>> No.27105731

That works too.

Fukken saved.

>> No.27105865

Write friend here, talking requests. I'm not really in the mood to write anything too hard core, so please keep requests to male/femal or mael/multiple females.

>> No.27105892

>those pics

Now i want to read a story where the little sister is all grown up and finds the terminator on some world they are fighting on, and they are all adorable and sharing stories and such

>> No.27105983

Can you do a Dark Eldar Succubus twincest with a "lucky" human?

>> No.27106060

Hmmm... I believe this is something I could do. I will have to have a quick look at the DE codex and 1d4chan to refresh my memory on the DE then I'll start.

The human will be a guardsman, by the way.

>> No.27106155

Works for me.

>> No.27106203

Awwww, but it would be so much better if he was my original character who's a half-fae dragon who can talk to all animals and who all like him, except for darke animals but they're the bad guys so it doesn't matter. Also all the girls around him fight over his affections.

(Am I gary stue yet guys?)

>> No.27106274

Meh, that's just a shit character, not a gary stu. Try a little harder.

>> No.27106284

not yet.
You need the darke animals to be actually good guys, but oppressed and misunderstood ;_;
Also, it needs to be raining.

>> No.27106326

I am taking notes. My next attempt will be far better. Oh, OH! What if, secretly, he is a darke dragon?!?!? And once he realizes that the darke are oppressed and what not then he comes to terms with his own origins and helps lead the fight for their acceptance into the wider world? In a thunderstorm.

I think I have just stumbled onto the plot of the next best selling teen novel series!!!

>> No.27106347

We write smut here, pal. And that still doesn't sound ridiculous enough.

>> No.27106349

Needs more angst and self involvement. Less 'save a civilisation', more 'Does she like me or not? I'm so alone...'.

>> No.27106403

fear not, we will help.

It's best if you make him the angstiest, selfish and arrogant motherfucker alive. The most unlikable bit of shit around and is STILL plagued by popularirty (yes, it IS a plague if you want him to be a sue).

You also can't go wrong with a strawman to pit against your character. Their entire purpose will be to make the audience hate him,and make them like your character by proxy.
Also, at least one of your powers needs to be entirely unique with absolutely no explanation ever given as to how the fuck your character has it.

>> No.27106416

Oh man thats hot...say you wouldnt happen to have the blowjob pics uncensored would you?

>> No.27106562

Gotta purge those enemies of the imperium

>> No.27106616

Requesting knight crossing king and country, slaying fowl menaces and terrible men, just to find the BBEG, a dragon, servicing herself to his exploits. The trap is set, and she now has the knight in her lair, and he has done her such a service over these past few months.

>> No.27106634

ELH is already working on something like that IIRC.

>> No.27106685

Well. I wrote some smut for you /tg/.... The problem is that I ended up writing too much. It's more a fanfic, with lots of bits of smut, and I'm still not done....

Why is writing about dirty Tau things so good. Two Tau females, one who a standard stuck up bitch who looks down on everyone that isn't a beautiful Tau, the other who likes to have fun with the Gue'vesa.

Why you do things like this to me /tg/?

>> No.27106732

Because /tg/ loves the blueberry.

>> No.27106747


>>27106732 This.

Also, post a link?

>> No.27106761

Is anyone interested in writing something around exhibitionism?

>> No.27106800

"Interested" how, exactly? As in including it, or writing a story entirely about it?

>> No.27106848

Give me a few more details.

>> No.27106850


I'm still writing it. Gotta finish this last smut piece.

Also, trying to edit out all the story bits and cut it into chapters of smut, with no back story cause who wants that?

>> No.27106879

Either/or. It doesn't come up often. Something incredibly public, maybe involving elements of mind control and public speaking, destruction of a career in a single afternoon. Something like, an evil sorceror mind controls a female fighter into gradually removing her entire kit at a public event, forcing her to enjoy it despite herself.

>> No.27106902

I Love the idea of friendly, carying, heroic SMs like that. Do any exist in the canon? Would it be unreasonable to assume that 'exemplar' Chapters like the Ultras sometimes act like that?

>> No.27106909

I cannot get a boner at words unless they have at least as much plot as they do PLOT.

>> No.27106919

Lamenters are the closest you're gonna get and the universe literally hates them for it.

>> No.27106926

So much this.

>> No.27106999

I think Salamanders are like that? Though I haven't read their fluff since Ward got to them so they might have changed.

>> No.27107024

That was a fun night wasn't it?

>> No.27107076

They're the same as ever.

>> No.27107160

Still writing this up, can someone think of a decent name for this? The basic pitch is that the guardsmen was knocked unconscious as the attack started and was spared death by chance. When he wakes up, his squad is dead all around him and he goes and tries to find some live humans when a pair of succubi (twins of course) find him and decide to have some fun.

>> No.27107179

Can anyone recommend some good fics involving female inquisitors?

>> No.27107190

"The Litany of Twinned-Linked Lovin' "

>> No.27107196

Considering most of them are vat babies, twins/triplets/sextuplets/whatever are probably pretty common with deldar

>> No.27107233

"Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun"

>> No.27107254

Considering these are deldar we're talking about, he's unlikely to survive the experience.

>> No.27107259

>"Double the DEldar, Double the Fun"

>> No.27107294

What, and break their toy? Besides, Haemonculi bring dead people back to life all the time.

>> No.27107299

Two DEldar twins sucking your soul through hours of blowjobs and cumshots.
>Dying from all this wonder sex
>implying dying on the battlefield with a bunch of dudes is better.
He's a guardsman, this pretty much is as good as it gets.

>> No.27107327

Okay, this gender-swap thing is taking alot longer than expected, and is really eating into my creativity. If you like I'll post what I've written so far and shelve it, and start work on this Drow Matron story which I think I'll be able to write much faster, and come back to the genderswap party thing at a later point, when my creativity has been restored.

Thoughts, /tg/?

>> No.27107355

Sure, why not. I suggest putting it in a pastebin, as genderswapping isn't exactly a common kink on this board.

>> No.27107420

Can anybody join the smut thread? I've got work in half an hour, but it's a short shift and I need to get some writing did.

>> No.27107454

I've been here the whole time.

>> No.27107472

Of course anyone can join, this is /tg/ and we're not elitist. What do you plan to write about?

>> No.27107479

No, only registered writefags my grace this thread with their presence! Groundlings leave.

No but seriously, anyone may write, it's far from a formal, organized thing.

>> No.27107500

Okay, the unfinished first part of the story is on my pastebin account.

The code is UKL8YuWC.

>> No.27107502


Sure. Some stories take longer than a day to write.


Are you kidding? Even these days, after the mod crackdown, we get whole threads dedicated to genderswapping now and again.

>> No.27107530

It actually comes up so often that people have often tried to shout it back to /d/. Loads of threads and quests have been devoted to the subject, too.

>> No.27107550

Really? Maybe I just didn't notice, since I don't pay much attention to quests.

>> No.27107553

I'm not sure. It seems there are some requests floating in the thread. I'll check and see which ones haven't been fulfilled when I get back home and start on one of those, I guess.

>> No.27107622

Got some formatting issues, mate. It's double-spacing mid-sentence.

>> No.27107651

Damn, Pastebin is pretty bleh when it comes to formatting. Thanks, I'll see what I can do to sort it out.

>> No.27107760

Still want.

>> No.27107958


Good start. I hope you finish it some day.

>> No.27108011

Thank you. If Smut Sunday continues to be a thing I can guarantee i'll definitely have a finished version up by then.

>> No.27108053

In the meantime, there's Drow smut for you to write.

>> No.27108067

Anything involving transformation and corruption, but with a focus on the changes happening?

>> No.27108109

Can someone make a 1d4chan page for Smutfriend Sundays with the links to archived threads and stories? I would, but I'm shit at formatting.

>> No.27108124

One is already archived on suptg. Probably one of the only useful things LWYS has ever done.

>> No.27108333

So how's everyone's progress coming along?

>> No.27108334

I am still writing the Succubi/guardsman twincest story, but I'm afraid it's not going to be done this evening. It will certainly be done by next week's thread, when I will post.

Actually, I would also like some of these. Has anyone got a suggestion?

>> No.27108350

I write TF. "Focus on the changes happening" is a common request but I don't know how well can I deliver it.
This one for example has no "focus" on it, but I tried to at least be rather descriptive when it actually happened.

>> No.27108367

What the hell is that tag for anyways, is it some kind of troll tag?

>> No.27108397

It's the equivalent of a tripcode for some bitter sperglord who archives things he hates. LL's called him out a few times, and I think he's been banned from suptg at least once.

>> No.27108443

These threads really don't need to be archived on suptg, though. Whoever archived this one was an idiot.
It means Live With Your Shame. He is trying to immortalize what he considers to be /tg/s lowest points. Or something.
Its multiple people, too. Hes gained a fanbase of copycats.

>> No.27108506

Are they trying to troll people by doing that? If so, then it doesn't work.

>> No.27108524

>mfw the LWYS thread got a good rating anyways. Rubbing it in that autists no funs face how much of a loser he is.
This is good.

>> No.27108536

Yeah. That's actually pretty good.

>> No.27108668

>threads producing writing, a good portion of it not on 1d4chan and existing mainly in pastebins, don't need to be archived!

Keep on trucking.

>> No.27108751

I meant more that foolz already grabs them, they all have an easily searched subject name, and most of it is uploaded to other easily repostable links, such as 1d4chan or pastebin. Suptg really doesnt add any ease to the occasion whatsoever and LL will probably purge it anyways because he is a prude who hates everything that isn't a quest. I am very much a fan of these threads and hope they continue to flourish.

Now if you excuse me, I have to get back to waiting for the next installment of ELH, wherein a catgirl (hopefully) gets double teamed by an elf and an immortal.

>> No.27108782


This is going to see a TON of use.

>> No.27108828

Struggling. I've got a giant headache, and my diet and sleeping patterns are out of whack. I also think I pulled my hamstring stumbling over a loose cobblestone.

I'm nearly through the confrontation, but I'm trying to resolve things in a way where none of the characters involved are too thrilled at the prospect of a threesome.

>> No.27108829

Its been around for a while. I'm surprised /tg/ has never seen it before.

>> No.27108892

Uhhhhhh.... you know you should -probably- put your health and wellbeing over writing porn for a bunch of people on the internet.

>> No.27108938


>> No.27108945

Got a good title and am working on the drow story non-sequentially, beginning with the ending sex scenes, and working sorta backwards. Hopefully when I put it all together it'll make sense.

>> No.27108975


>> No.27108990

It's not like I have anything else to do but eat and sleep. I've already done one of those and it's too early for the other, and I've got no TV, no xBox, etc.

>> No.27109016

My mind blanked out on "uncomfortable position". So, eh.

>> No.27109123

Sleep anyway. You said your sleep pattern's already out of whack, so what does it matter? If it looks pretty, fuck it. If you feel tired, sleep!

>> No.27109403

Anyone asked for some clowns yet?

Clowns would be nice....

>> No.27109522

Sounds like a plan to me.

>> No.27109577

If it worked for Memento it should also work for smut.

>> No.27109605

>Harlequin having rough sex with Cultist
I never realized how much I needed that until right now...

>> No.27109632

Censor bars have become the greatest pain in my life...

>> No.27109699

You ever had your hair pulled? I mean like, really yanked? Shit hurts.

>> No.27109715

Yes I have and yes it does. Some of us are into that.

>> No.27109764

>harlequin lewdly torturing Cultist
>promises to stop only if she says Uncle
>Cultist breaks down into tears because she can never not talk like an idiot

>> No.27109784

Lewd likes dem clown colored booty. Interesting taste.

>> No.27109814

Huh. *shrugs* Fair enough. I suppose I can't force people to not like things.


>> No.27109816

How about doing more of the boob line-up with Reasonable Daemonette?

>> No.27109822

lol, any chance for a panicked jizzed Macha running out of a sperm bank while angry nurses chase her? I need this for humor/fetish reasons....

>> No.27109826

Send in the Clowns. Lots more Clowns. With cum-pies. And whips. Yes.

Really, anything you feel like drawing.

>> No.27109842

Well /tg/ here you go, delicious Tau lesbians, it will branch into other things as I edit the story later.

Pastabin code is 1masV4Zi

I've not written smut in a while and that was pretty enjoyable. I'll add more later, but for now. Lunch.

>> No.27109843


I want this Harlequin on her lonesome. Or tormenting Xeno.

>> No.27110106

What, just one?

>> No.27110406

Some mild critiques/grammar stuff
>twisting her head back and fourth slightly
Should be forth
>and her nose rubbed
Taus don't have noses.

That aside, I cant wait for the next installment.

>> No.27110407

You can always post what you've got now and give us something to look forward to.

>> No.27110559

Lewd, could you draw Clown butt?

Please and thank you.

>> No.27110687

>Stop being a dick.

In all seriousness though /tg/, non-consensual rough sex is not cool and remember, always use a safeword.

Alright, I'll try adding some more clown smut tomorrow.

>> No.27110785

So I'm going to run what I have by you, the readers. I'll be looking for input on how I've resolved the scene: whether it was believable (for a 40k fanfiction, I mean), and whether it seemed like a copout or anything.

Mini-dump incoming.

>> No.27110839

“... so how much was a lie? Was any of what you told me true?”

Petrichenko frowned, and her ears lay back against her head. Still, she refused to even look at the Inquisitor. “I don't remember last night, but I'd have known if we'd fucked. I was still very young when Cheng “recruited” me, and I haven't had much personal time, if you follow. The rest of my story was true. All of it... especially the part about wanting you to want me.”

“Why would you do this?” Macha growled. “You know what there is between us... and until now we trusted you. Why risk that?”

“Maybe I was jealous,” the Lieutenant offered. “Maybe I hate you for laying sole claim to the only man who ever cared for me? Who treated me like a person?” Petrichenko's voice started to rise, and her tail twitched madly as she rose from the bed to face her accuser. She seemed nearly oblivious to the fact that she was only wearing her socks, and that the eldar was head and shoulders taller than her.

“Did THAT ever occur to you, knife-eared bitch? Or do human emotions just not FUCKING COMPUTE? You asked me why? Because you're an IMPEDIMENT. You're standing between me and the man I want and who wants ME, so rather than compete directly I decided to work around you.”

>> No.27110867

This message brought to you by the Public Broadcasting Service, and the help of viewers like you!

>> No.27110869

Is there anywhere I can find LewdAnon's pics uncensored?

>> No.27110874

“And you failed,” Macha whispered harshly, glaring down at her rival. “I assure you, I DO understand human emotion, but there is only ONE human whose feelings I consider. A hint? It is NOT. YOU.”

“Like it or not,” Virtanen interrupted, interposing himself between the two, “some things've been said that can't be taken back.”

“You cannot mean...”

“Yes, Macha. I've got a thing for Lydia, and I want her to be happy.” Macha stared down at the felinid behind Virtanen.

“So are you going to leave...”

“No, Lydia, I don't intend to leave Macha for you.” Petrichenko cocked her head in curiosity.

The Inquisitor sighed. “I propose a compromise. I've already committed myself... to BOTH of you. So either you learn to tolerate one another, and we all get along, or you don't.”

>> No.27110909

“And if we disagree?” Macha asked bluntly.

“I won't hurt one of you to spare the other. Follow me, Macha?”

“As far as I would like to,” she sighed.

“Look,” Virtanen snapped, before catching himself and taking a more conciliatory tone. “What it comes down to is how bad do you want it. Do you WANT to make it work or not?”

“I'll agree to it if the xeno... sorry, if MACHA will,” Petrichenko offered, stepping back a few paces. Her expression softened somewhat, and her ears were no longer angled back in any obvious hostility.

“Very well,” the Farseer concluded. In a blur, she sidestepped Virtanen and grabbed hold of Petrichenko's shoulders. With effortless grace and good aim, she lightly tossed the much smaller and lighter felinid onto the bed. With a small grunt of surprise, she landed on all fours in a surprisingly feline show of grace.

“Now finish what you started, little kitten. If I like what I see, I may even allow you to fill my needs tonight as well.”

>> No.27110995

And that's it for now.

Needless to say things go fairly well from there, and Macha knows what the ladies like (having been largely relegated to lesbians for an unknown number of centuries).

>> No.27111004

I think all of Lewd's lewd pictures are precensored, so no.

>> No.27111042

I like it so far.

>> No.27111062

Some people say the censor bar is printed on the paper he uses, and he simply draws the pictures around them.

>> No.27111068

>Macha knows what the ladies like (having been largely relegated to lesbians for an unknown number of centuries)
She must be having flashbacks to Callidus right now.

>> No.27111071

All we know, is he's called the Sti- I mean, LewdAnon.

>> No.27111150


And here I was going through the trouble of using imgur >>27103457

>> No.27111158

Well, I think he DOES also accept strong pornography as a form of payment.

>> No.27111189

>strong pornography
Musclegirls are what immediately came to mind for me.

>> No.27111206

I hate to ask this again, but after my computer got reformated, I lost the link.

Does anyone have the story about a half elf mage and her dragon companion going at it?

>> No.27111233

>There will never be a Muscle-Girl Quest where /tg/ can slay foes using the crushing iron grip of our thigh muscles

>> No.27111243

And some say that he fucked Slaanesh, and made him, her or it say the safeword first.

It's always 2 before that line.

>> No.27111275

Wrong thread, buddy.

Speaking of musclegirls, we need some musclesmut. Maybe some cat on catachan action? Or maybe the felinid is the buff one?

>> No.27111277

I heard he once ate an entire deep frier's worth of grease and didn't gain a single pound.

>> No.27111283


>> No.27111292

Oh-ho? Do I sense the gauntlet of challenge being laid down?

>> No.27111307

All we know is, he's called the Stig.

>> No.27111318

I hear he resurrected the Emperor by restarting his heart when he showed him an uncensored erotic picture. The Emperor's erection was said to be longer than the Astronomican itself.

>> No.27111343

Wrong guy, unless he IS also the Stig.

>> No.27111366

Am I the only one who thinks of bioshock when he sees this? Or is it made that way?

>> No.27111395

And Chapter One of the Drow Matron story is done. No sign of her daughter yet, but some fun erotica stuff nonetheless.

Anyone who wants to do any quick sketch-art of any of the female characters in this, I'd be very grateful. :) I love to see my characters drawn heh.

Pastebin Code is 6TGLJm0V

>> No.27111408

Unfortunately most of my musclegirl folder is NSFW. Or blue board in this case.

>> No.27111420

Would you kindly stop thinking about Bioshock?

>> No.27111424

I hear he once made love to a vampire, and they turned human again. Unfortunately, the vampire-turned human would die of their injuries sustained during the vigorous love making.

>> No.27111435

Nonsense! Lewd is obviously a gentle lover!

>> No.27111448


>> No.27111467

It was the heart, anon. The vampire's heart could not take the tenderness, the care, gentility of Lewd's masterful lovemaking.

>> No.27111524

I have a fair bit that's SFW, but I'm not gonna flood the thread.

>> No.27111530

I heard he only drinks the tears of tyranids, and that he once he stopped a chaos incursion with only a paperclip, a bowl of stale cereal and single felinid hair.

>> No.27111576

Wow. I did not realize this was my fetish.

C-can any write friends write us some muscle-girls?

>> No.27111609

That won't be a problem.
We're exactly two posts away from autosage anyhow.

>> No.27111631

Fair enough.

>> No.27111635

Could someone make another smut thread?

>> No.27111667


Carry on, Edinbro.


I'm sure someone will.

In other news - I'll see what I can squeeze out between now and tomorrow. No promises.

>> No.27111692

As it so happens, I'll let yo in on a little secret: yes

Brief dump incoming, ETA 10 minutes.

>> No.27111696

When this one gets further down the thread. Its rude to make a new thread before this one is on page 8 or lower since you can squeeze a few hours or so out of an overlimit threat.

>> No.27111926

Now that Macha took a long look at her, even she had to admit that the Lieutenant had her own charming points... upon which her eyes now lingered. Her musculature was one among those: where the Farseer herself was lithe and graceful, the felinid was compact and powerfully built. Certainly not heavyset, by any stretch of the imagination, but she was clearly stronger than her frame would lead one to believe. She even had little cuts over her stomach, dividing the muscle into eight parts that practically ran right down to her little pink labia. Her biceps did not bulge, but showed clear evidence of a life spent in training. Her lightly tanned skin was even, with barely discernible shadows where her underthings usually covered her, and her brown hair and brilliant blue eyes were rather fetching even as she frowned.

“I've... never done this,” she reminded them, snapping Macha out of her envious stare. The felinid's tail swished once in nervous anticipation. Her biceps and thighs danced beneath her skin as she turned to sit on the edge of the bed: Macha even caught a glimpse of the felinid's firm little ass, briefly remembering what it was like for Virtanen to do to her what he was about to do to Petrichenko. If she had felt that tight, Lydia must be at least as amazing...

>> No.27112114

K, I'm off work and ready to write some sweet, sweet smut. Somebody aim my pen(is).

>> No.27112215

“Do not worry,” Macha cooed, stepping closer to gently clasp Petrichenko's hands. “I will give you a fair chance... I can guide you through your first time.” She motioned quickly to Virtanen, who had been standing mesmerized across the room, his member having long since betrayed his thoughts.

“Lie down, Leon,” she ordered quietly. “Allow her to control the pace, as you so thoughtfully allowed me to.”

“Yes madame,” Virtanen replied with a hint of sarcasm, “of course, madame.” Despite having felt the need to remind Macha not to order him around, he didn't need to be told twice that Lydia would need a much gentler touch than he had been using with Macha of late.

Then, Macha turned her attention once more to the felinid, sliding the tips of her long fingers along the smaller woman's thighs. Gently, she urged Petrichenko's body into position, pressing lightly against the backs of her thighs and even eliciting a soft moan as she caressed the smooth, warm skin. “Here, little kitten,” she whispered, firmly but gently pushing up on the felinid's ass to lift her hips into position, trembling a little above Virtanen's waist. The tail quivered erratically, as if it knew what was coming.

>> No.27112236

“I... I'm ready,” the Lieutenant moaned as she felt alien hands tracing the lines of her abs.

“Slowly now,” Macha replied, as Virtanen's tool somehow seemed to grow even harder at the sight of her fingers gently spreading aside the folds of his felinid partner's labia. “Not all at once.” A small drop of her fluids landed on his own skin as Petrichenko's fingers slid about to find the base of his shaft, then stroked slowly towards the head, guiding him gingerly to meet her between Macha's outstretched fingers. His own hands helped to steady her, supporting a bit of her weight from beneath the toned flesh of her thighs.

And I'm afraid that's all for tonight. It's 1am here, and the tea has worn off. I'm going to go pass out now.

>> No.27112519

What is a pastebin code?

>> No.27112595


>> No.27112621

Many thanks elegan/tg/entleman

>> No.27112934

Looking pretty good so far.

>> No.27113012

Are you a Feminazi Daemonette trying to befriend and girlify every faction in Warhammer 40k?


Well I want to say I could work on a Daemonette corrupting a Female Inquisitor with Niceness and lewdity, but I don't have a good track record for the whole writting thing...

...Perhaps I should ERP it with someone to keep me focused...

>> No.27113059

Uhhhh, no? I just thought it'd be funny to be as gary stue as possible. As we've seen, I have much to learn.

>> No.27113166

Ignore him. He tries to derail threads with his fursona all the time.

>> No.27113320

...Son, I don't think you really understand what is going on here...

>> No.27113428

>still awake somehow
Will finish it by Sunday. Still no clue where to take the main story, if I add to it at all. Might pursue requests next Sunday.

>> No.27113590

Main story is fine the way it is if you ask me. Leaves the best stuff to the imagination.

>> No.27113636

That said, I'm fine with whatever so long as it keeps the same tone you've been using so far. 40k isn't exactly short on misery and girmdark.

>> No.27113737

Anybody? Requests?

>> No.27113811

Do you do gay stuff?

>> No.27113884

There was a guy earlier looking for stuff with a female Inquisitor.

And now that I think of it, I could go for some man-on-goddess action. Perhaps Sune personally "rewarding" a particularly devoted cleric of hers?

>> No.27113911

A female Eldar being forced to give in to Slaanesh with tentacles?
Anything with a female Inquisitor?
Some Tau getting peeled out of their battlesuits and violated by worshippers/Daemons of Slaanesh?

>> No.27113930

While there would still be sexual exploits and possibly even some warm and fuzzy feels and bonding, it bears note that there are things out there in the galaxy that have been lost for a very, very long time.

The Inquisitor isn't from a particularly nice time in human history, and Macha's foray to the Halo Stars is tied to an important piece of that past. So any flashbacks would be fairly grim. It's precisely that tone shift that has me uncertain about continuing.

>> No.27113989

>it bears note that there are things out there in the galaxy that have been lost for a very, very long time.
Like dragon dildos

>> No.27114048

Indeed. An entire Space Hulk filled with them and the daemonettes who discovered them, and now don't want to leave.

>> No.27114080

As long as it all ends on a relatively high note (inasmuch as our heroes manage to survive with their minds and souls intact and remain on good terms with one another), things should remain OK.

That said, if your doubts are as serious as you make them out to be, they may trying to tell you something. There's no shame in putting it on hiatus until you've worked things out, and you can always bounce ideas off of us.

For example, that is solid gold right there.

>> No.27114283

I could try, but it probably wouldn't be very good.

Female =][= might happen
Or hot slaaneshi tentacles.

>> No.27114297

Actually, yeah. I think I could make that encounter work to fit the tone.

With that rather disturbing bit of imagery, I really do have to get to sleep.

>> No.27114619

Sweet dreams!.

>> No.27115333


If it were me, I'd split the continuance of the main story off on to its own page. That way the tone shift won't be jarring, and it won't "ruin" the original piece. Entirely up to you though.

I have noticed that female Inquisitors have been a rather hot topic lately. Wonder why that is.

>> No.27115419

I'm working on a female Inquisitor/Stormtrooper caded story.

>> No.27115549

Why would that be necessary? Flashbacks are in the past by definition, and we've all seen that a lot can change in a surprisingly short time. Just don't lose sight of the big picture, so to speak.

Besides, I've learned my lesson about overreacting to fiction a few weeks ago when parts 3 and 4 were posted. (And unless anybody wants to look as neurotic as I did back then, I would think the others did too.)

>> No.27115638

As long as the grim isn't too permanently scarring and it comes with some tender loving aftercare, its all good.

>> No.27115695

Well, someone requested an EmperorxSlaanesh date fic, but I'm terrible at sex scenes, so I just made a short little >tfw no slaanesh gf
story. Maybe someone can take the concept and make some smut out of it.

>> No.27115850 [SPOILER] 

do you guys do wh40k exclusively? i could use a extremely lewd fic of Elspeth getting loved in the missionary position with lots of hand holding and tender kisses

>> No.27115910

No, anything goes as long as someone volunteers to write it.

>> No.27116004

I don't know who that is.

>> No.27116072

planeswalker, also the purest person in the multiverse

>> No.27116253

Let's see how long that lasts now that /tg/ is on the job.

>> No.27116263

There was Drow smut earlier in the thread. 40K is just has a surprisingly amount of Natural Lewd Deposits to be mined.

>> No.27116336

And it's the setting that the majority of /tg/ posters know like the back of their hands. You know what they say- write what you know.

>> No.27116411

Its also a bit of kitchen sink deal. Its got catgirls, plantgirls, elves, fishgirls, dark elves, cyborgs, robot skeletons, tentacles, a god of rape, xenomorph knockoffs, sexy blue alien chicks, two varieties of shortstack, muclegirls, pirates, elven pirates, elven rape pirates, a variety of different transformation/corruption macguffins, and really anything else you could need in a lewd story.

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