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I think Sisters of Battle look badass, but after doing some research it seems they have been completely forgotten. (Where can I even find a codex/rules for them?)

Is it still feasible to collect a Sisters of Battle army? Is there any chance of GW every bringing them back?

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hahaha fuck your fetish army

enjoy becoming grey knights

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>What are you doing son?
>Painting small women
>Do you need more of that adhesive you use?
>No I'll hot glue them

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Muh warrior waifu army

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They have an advantage in that no one knows crap about countering them, and you can trick people into low point games and utterly destroy them with faith points.

Alternately, you'll fail terribly in high point games because faith points don't scale.

Still, when people expect your seraphims to be female assault marines, you're put at an advantage.

As for the codex, google it.

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What should I focus on for points? I've heard from several places just to abuse the flame stuff. I wonder if /tg/ (or anyone) has a list.

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Jeeeesus Christ, that was fast. Sometimes I really hate you guys.

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Saint Celestine. MUST TAKE.

Fire and Melta, not just because it works, but because it fits in fluff too. Generally same rules as marines, some infantry, metal boxes, and vehicles to back them up. If you've got a wallet big enough for forgeworld, you've got some great choices there too.

That poster (>>27066042) is either a decent troll, or never at risk of reproducing. Either way, I'd advise not engaging it.

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Exorcists rule, for a start. The old shotgun guy (Jakobus iirc?) is pretty good (maybe borderline mandatory if you plan to rely on faith powers), as is celestine.

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Awesome, wrote this stuff down.

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Seconding the guy recommending forgeworld as well, you already have to pay out the nose to play sisters anyways. The avenger strike fighter is really really really good.

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Most definitely not being excellent to each other come on guys

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Your troop options honestly suck, so you should take minimum detachments of them and camp on objectives. Your fast attack options are actually quite good, and you'll be spending most of your points here along with HQ units

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if its any help this guy recasts them in resin for cheap its in Chinese yaun. http://zhanchui.taobao.com/?spm=a1z10.3.0.0.KdEa0N

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Sisters 2014?

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>Is there any chance of GW every bringing them back?

Can't link to the source on this first one because 4chan doesn't like the link, so I'll copy paste instead. This was during the Ask the Audience segment at Enter the Citadel.

> A couple of these ones got some further points. It was mentioned that originally there had been a technical problem with developing Sisters plastics, but that Games Workshop would now have the technology to be able to do them.


http://www.lounge.belloflostsouls.net/showthread.php?34864-Gamesday-Germany-2013-Master-Roundup/page2 (in the second post)

They probably won't be for a while yet, but it's looking like they're in the works.

For a codex PDF, I'd recommend this one. Very concise.


Don't forget to grab a Rhino for all your troops, they'll need them to safely and quickly grab objectives. Also, be sure to park the Rhino in front of them for easy cover once its job is done.

Okay, some essential units I haven't seen covered yet ITT. Dominions are must-takes. Take a five woman squad, two meltas and a combi-melta on the Superior, load them into a Melta Immolator. Since they have Scouts, they're pretty grat at taking out enemy tanks. Rets are also fantastic. Put four Heavy Bolters in a squad, along with a Simulacrum Imperialis, and their Act of Faith makes their Heavy Bolters rending. Will fuck up infantry and light vehicles. They can also be put behind an Aegis Defense line for a Rending Quad gun, since the gun inherets their AoF.

One more thing, and for fuck's sake, don't buy the Space Marine Rhino. Immolators can be assembled as SoB Rhinos and even come with instructions to assemble them as those instead.

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Possibly late 2014, I'm thinking. Perhaps early 2015, even.

Not that I mind. I'm building metal army at the moment, and new models would just make my gun nun force look inconsistent.

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I just hope they don't get black templar'd (i.e. incorperated into another codex).

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That pdf has outdated rules for the repressor, it's back up to 75 points with like no fire points now (but front armour 13)

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>As a Templar player it pains me this is now a phrase

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One the bright side you can bring psykers now. Plus aren't most of the crusader squad rules still there?

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Ok, to clarify, no black templars can't bring psykers. Not without allies, at least.

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Unlikely, IMO. They can't really go anywhere. Fluff-wise, it wouldn't work to have them in an army with GKs. Plus, they have a unique playstyle, power armoured short-range shooting. Wouldn't really mesh so well to just push them into another codex, which would have its own differing playstyle. And anyways, since their modelling issues are apparently past, they can stand on their own two feet as an army now. Just my opinion of it.

Also, Black Templars aren't really a valid comparison. They're essentially just Marines with some special rules and characters. Very simple to roll into the Marine codex. Sisters, meanwihile, aren't a subset of something like the Templars were.

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You're right, sorry about that.

I'll ask the guy who made it if there's an updated version yet.

Hey, look on the bright side- we're Allies of Convinience now!

Uh, not that I'm happy about that, or anything. You're still heathen b-brutes and all...

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>power armoured short-range shooting
Wait, I can't tell, are we talking about Sisters, Grey Knights, or Salamanders?
Such a unique playstyle.

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Actually, I take that back. Considering that sisters spam exorcists and heavy bolters, I wouldn't call them "short-ranged"
So, Salamanders or Grey Knights?

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>that feel when I wish they kept the rule about not allying in Pskyers

They kept the aesthetic feel, with Initiates and Neophytes, but we've lost the vows (so Rage) in exchange for Crusaders and Adamantine Will. IIRC if you Run you can't Assault so Crusader us really helpful. For the shooty types 5 man blam squads still exist, though are less effective than devastator squads probably. We also lost Sword Bretheran squads not that anyone took them but we can take Honor Guards now.

Now we have access to an updated armory and vehicles, but loose much of the unique gear (RIP Holy Hand Grenade). In the long term it's better but it still hurts.

Doing some new codex math, for example, a 5 man squad of Assault Marines, by cost and gear:

Old Templar Dex: 150 Points spent on
-5 dudes
-Krak Grenades (for everyone, had to pay for them)
-Meltabombs (for each squad member)
-2 Plasma Pistols
-Power fist

New Marine Dex: 170 Points spent on
-5 dudes
-2 plasma pistols
-meltabomb (only the sergeant)

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>Hey, look on the bright side- we're Allies of Convinience now!
Nope, sm codex says templars still use old tempar ally chart.

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GW are rolling GK and Sister back into one book for 6th. Mark my words

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So we still gotta keep up that tsundere routine.

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>Avenge Strike Fighter


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You're forgetting the emphasis on meltas and flamers, bud. The bolter gaining rapid fire within 12 innches further emphasises this sort of playstyle. Another thing that sets them apart is that they do this in far greater numbers than the GKs, who are generally a much smaller army.

As for Grey Knights, they play very differently to the Sisters as an army, being a small, mostly psyker army that's very viable in assault as well as shooting, whereas Sisters generally only have a few units outside of special characters able to hold their own in assault, and even those aren't phenomenal at it, given that even with their AoF Celestians are kinda mediocre at assault, and Repentias are usually a suicide unit. And Salamanders are not a unique army that the Sisters could potentially be rolled into, so they're neither here nor there.

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This would be such shit.

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Actually, it doesn't - Or else I haven't found them. The only mention I've seen of the old codex is that any reference to Codex: BT instead refers to C:SM with Chapter Tactics (BT). No mention of having to use the old allies chart.

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I've been looking for it too, can't find it.

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its that or another WD dex

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Well, yes, but consider the following- The ally rules refer to codex: black templars.

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It does? I heard from a guy that has the codex that the designers notes say that Templars use the Marine slot on the allies matrix now.

I dunno. Aside from the crunch-orientated reasons I mentioned, fluff-wise that'd also be awkward. You'd have Sisters reguarly working alongside GKs, when they're technically not even supposed to know that they exist and are quite seperate organisations. And then there's the issue of having to cram the fluff of the Sisters, Inquisition and Grey Knights into one book. Unless GW is feeling generous and does a fun-sized one like they did with the Marines, it'd be pretty bloated fluff-wise.

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Designer's Note: Some older publications may refer to Codex:
Black Templars. For all rules purposes, consider these
references to instead refer to detachments from Codex: Space
Marines using the Black Templars Chapter Tactics special rule.

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which means they refer to anything with chapter tactics black templar

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I guess we wait for day 1 errata.

>> No.27068894

Yeah, it's my take at least that that means detachments using black templar tactics use the old codex ally matrix.

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Does THE chinaman carry Sisters?

>> No.27068948


No. He said he'd try to get them in stock.

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Where'd that stupid new direction come from anyway? Sisters and Templar used to be cool. Hell the Sister are even honored on one of the Black Templars most sacred chapter banners

I mean you know the Emperor's Champion and the Canoness have secret meetings where they discuss their Emprah visions

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I'm not sure. The way it's phrased in >>27068852 it's essentially saying "anything that referred to Codex: Black Templars now refers to units from the Space Marine codex using Black Templar chapter tactics".

Hopefully an errata will say what the situation is outright.

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Why? Modelling issues are past, a big release is possible. And nothing has ever had two WD codexes in a row.

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The allies matrix has many a derp, anon.

Templars were also more willing to work with xenos than the Sisters, whilst in the fluff SoB and Templars work at allies of convinience level at least.

>> No.27069089

Yeah, they could probably errata it, but do you realisticly expect them to errata it any say anything other than what it seems to imply, that black templar still use the black templar section of the matrix?

>> No.27069090

its gonna be some sort of inquisition book is my point

>> No.27069185


Not seeing how it implies that. All it talks about is chapter tactics. Specifically, it marks all references to Codex: Black Templars as detatchments from the Space Marine codex that just use the Black Templar Chapter Tactics rules.

>> No.27069222

because that's the most realistic option. an inquisition book with some sister supplement down the line possibly

>> No.27069227

Why's it the most realistic option?

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Sisters will get a new codex at some point, you have to realize that with Sisters basically every single model, outside of perhaps characters, has to be scrapped and resculpted in addition to new models being created. Not to mention the time it takes to the write the actual rules so Sisters have their own feel.


Have you ever considered that it may be the Sisters who have trouble with the BT?

It's kind of arrogant to act like people on the internet have a better understanding of the fluff than the designers and writers who have access to who knows how much material.

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you honestly think it aint?

>> No.27069292

Explain why you think it is.

>> No.27069297

Tell that to IG

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Explain why you don't

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To be fair, like 80% of their list could be 1 plastic kit that makes battle sisters/celestian/retributors/dominions.

Specifically, it says when all older publications refer to codex: black templar, they mean codex: space marines: black templar.
The allies matrix, the thing that says what forces can ally and at what level, is in an older publication. And refers to codex: black templar. I don't get how this is even that ambiguous that you feel you really have a leg to stand on.

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I never specified which of them it was that "had a problem", just that we see them working together fine in the fluff. Not perfectly, but certainly not to the point of actively being tempted to shoot at each other.

And how would Templars be more willing to work with xenos than Sisters?

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Okay, so you don't actually have an argument. Good talk.

As for why not, they can make SoB models now. They can stand on their own as an army.

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No, it says units from the Space Marine codex using a special set of rules.

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>Fire and Melta, not just because it works, but because it's all we get.

Fixed that for you.

Still, Melta and Flamer work pretty damn well, if you use them right.

The key to Sisters is don't trust the power armour. They are NOT a survivable group. Oddly enough, due to their weapons. SOB are short range as a general rule and not so great at assault. This relies on them being forced to treat a lot of units as disposable because if you don't kill the enemy in one turn AND they don't have buddies backing them up, you are going to get ground up in Assault next turn against almost anyone but Tau.

You need to get a feel for 'Just how much overkill I need to make SURE the enemy dies' as a trio of marines can lock down Sisters for a while and a terminator or two can ruin a squad.

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Sure I do, I'm just trying to be polite about it, given the thread I'm in. Screw that then:

The only reason GW hasn't SQUATTED SoB is because they've made a statement that they're not going to do that anymore. Yet they have no drive or want to to update SoB. But they've promised to update all codices to 6th too. So they're gonna do it in the most painless way possible. Hybrid dex.

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On release hopefully theres some Errata on this and Special weapon command squads...

I know if there isn't I'll be emailing them.

>> No.27069451

You're still dreaming if you think an errata would do anything but agree with me. What else would they do? Say 'oh, ignore that entire bit of the allies matrix that mentions black templar, they're just space marines now'
They wrote the allies matrix that way because they thought that best fit the templars. They aren't gonna just throw it out now and keep wasting ink on it.

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>Yet they have no drive or want to to update SoB.
Not quite true. Phil Kelly expressed interest in doing them, and there's three devs with full SoB armies as their main army.

Also, it's arguable that GW would have updated them, were there not modelling issues with them, which was primarily what was holding them back as an army. But now we have devs saying that these issues have been resolved, so a Dark Eldar-esque model/codex update is quite possible.

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The Repressor is also really good for an important reason. Armour 13 front.

The primary weapon people use for taking out Vehicles in this Edition is the Autocannon because it can glance them to death. A Repressor knocks it from a 3/6 chance to glance per hit to a 1/6, giving you a better chance of getting there...before you take the shield of faith into account. They also have a lot more gun than a Rhino, letting them continue to tool about the battlefield flamethrowering things after the Sister have gotten out.

It's a little expensive compared to a Rhino but I conciser them worth the price for giving a lack of fucks about terrain in the way to the enemy, a hell of an uparmour and a Heavy Flamer added on.

>> No.27069549

It's gonna be a joint dex of some sort. Just rejoice at the fact that when being tied to GK, you will have regular updates

>> No.27069553

But Templars are a part of the Marines codex now. Salamanders might have a different attitude to Ultramarines, but they don't get their own slot.

And an errata that agreed with your viewpoint would again be reversing what it says in the codex, which as is says that Codex: Black Templars now refers to units from the Marine codex.

>> No.27069561

sisters are getting shifted to the inquisitor game and are only going to be a HQ or Elite choice for 40k I would not recommend collecting them. In a short while all sisters armies will be broken up into 5 or 10 man squads and sold off to other armies all around the world

>> No.27069579

>It's gonna be a joint dex of some sort.
You've stopped giving reasons again.

>> No.27069623

I don't need anymore. You go ahead believe though. That's the one thing they can't take away from you

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>> No.27069652

Gonna laugh when this retarded army gets the squat treatment.

>> No.27069702

But all you've done is repeat the same thing without giving reasons why, or refuting the stuff in >>27069507 . Weaksauce, bro. I think we're done.

>> No.27069742

That shits so weaksauce to begin with I didn't even take it seriously. Phil Kelly wants to do it? Seriously? 3 developers have sisters armies? So fucking what? You think "I feel like doing" decides wether it gets done? Yeah were are done here.

>> No.27069772

Black templars don't need to 'get' their own slot though- They already have their own slot. It's right there in the rulebook. It refers to codex: black templars. The new codex says when old things refer to codex: black templar, they now mean codex: space marines with black templar chapter tactics.
I give up, at this point you're either a troll or being deliberately obtuse.

>> No.27069781


It's more evidence than you've put the other way.

Anyway, they are NOT currently Squatted, so giving advice to a person who's interested in them is still valid.

>> No.27069840

It's not 'evidence' by any stretch of the imagination. What Phil Kelly says he wants to do has no bearing on it. 3 devs having sisters forces has no bearing on it. Hell most devs probably have a little of everything.

And yeah, they're not squatted because GW said they wouldn't do that. Something they sorely regret now

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I'm considering making a chaos sisters army, but I can't decide if I should use the grey knights codex with power armored warriors for troops and coteaz representing a recently fallen inquisitor, or if I should just go all out and used the chaos dex.


Oh, army dedicated to tzeentch of course for the irony factor.

>> No.27069870


It's Circumstantial Evidence. Which is evidence, if less solid than Direct Evidence.

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Go with Sacred Rose as their founding Order, they're paranoid anyway.
Go for what they're proxying more for your playstyle than what makes sense fluff-wise.

>> No.27070787

>dismissable conjecture

Conjecture dismissed.

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File: 267 KB, 307x481, sister_of_battle_miniature_by_zk87-d2zo3b0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sisters of Battle general?

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>I'm considering making a chaos sisters army,

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File: 52 KB, 665x799, chaos_sister_of_battle_by_backsackandjack-d3lexlu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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>chaos sisters army

>> No.27070935

So are we getting an Ephrael when we DO get an update?

>> No.27071006


That would definitely be interesting. She's probably a rating 3-4 psyker considering how much bullshit she pulled off in the comics.

>> No.27071217

It'd be interesting, but it'd be like putting Cypher or whatever his name is in the Dark Angels Codex. She's an unsanctioned psyker, yo. They don't like her.

>> No.27071255


Still annoyed he wasn't in the CSM codex, and I don't even play 40k

>> No.27071303


>> No.27071311

Sisters like her, the Ecc doesn't.

>> No.27071315


Sisters of Battle are basically the most holy and loyal troops out there and they're all about CLEANSE EVERYTHING WITH FIRE and in case that doesn't work ADD MORE FIRE so I'm going to make a wild guess and say they'd do well against horde armies.

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Nope, they don't.
They do well against non-combatants and...that's about it.

If there was a Cultists of Chaos army they'd to great. But once something has armor or a decent ranged or melee attack, NOPE.

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File: 10 KB, 397x140, NO.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27071519


>most zealous army in the galaxy
>slightest sign of heresy gets you flamed
>chaos sisters

I'm curious how you're going to justify it

>> No.27071661

Only one has ever willingly fallen, they've got the best record in the universe outside Tau (that we know of anyway) and the GK.

But against their will? Happens left and right.

>> No.27071704

Devs have bsaid a few times they're not gonna squat anything anymore.

>> No.27071753

The only reason I believe this is the fact they cancelled all the specialist games.

>> No.27071996

The games had been basically dead for years anyway. All the did was stop producing the minis.

>> No.27072044


One or two, sure but an entire army? I'd encourage you to come up with a background story on how it happened because shit won't fly with most players otherwise.

>> No.27072120

Against their will happens to entire armies. Don't forget it's only SOME of the Sisters who stayed pure in the whole Khornate Knights thing, the rest were corrupted.

>> No.27072127

Well if the one or two corrupted happened to be the Sister Superior of a Convent, she could then lead the rest of the convent into corruption.

>> No.27072142

In Grey Knights, a Canoness specifically mentions that Sisters do fall to Chaos, though they don't like to talk about it.
Deal with it.

>> No.27072197

Only one has willingly fallen, the rest have all been turned against their will via possession or trickery.

Now that being said, you could do what Warhammer Fantasy did. There's no more Sisters of Sigmar because the Lahmian vampires infiltrated and turned them all. Then again, Vampires are totally okay in the Imperium but it's a good start.

>> No.27072269

>Only one has willingly fallen, the rest have all been turned against their will via possession or trickery.
Is about as canon as orks reproducing like marsupials.
They fall to Chaos and have for many years.

>> No.27072318

The operating word here is willingly. Nothing has yet to violate that precedent.

>> No.27072347

>Well if the one or two corrupted happened to be the Sister Superior of a Convent
You mean like Mirariel or whatever the fuck her name was? That don't change shit, Jefferson.

>> No.27072349

Except for the ones that do fall to chaos, as mentioned in the Grey Knights novel.
Which I should note had Grey Knights killing Sisters years before the 5e codex.

>> No.27072368

Actually, it's still canon that only one has. She's mentioned by name.

She's turned entire minor Orders against their wills, that's kinda her thing.

>> No.27072384

>it's still canon that only one has
Citation needed.
In the novel I have specifically mentioned, a Canoness says differently.

>> No.27072420

Falling is not the same as willingly converting to Chaos. You have invalidated nothing I just said.

>> No.27072446


Well, the Sisters themselves support her. The Ecclessiarchy and the Inquisition don't. Seeing as the Sisters are the militant army of the Ecclessiarchy...they can't do a lot themselves aside from apply pressure.

>> No.27072487
File: 96 KB, 493x991, Miriael_Sabathiel_-_Servant_of_Slaanesh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Miriael Sabathiel is a former Sister-Superior of the Adepta Sororitas' Order of Our Martyred Lady who is the only known Battle-Sister in the history of the Imperium of Man to have willingly turned to the service of Chaos, in this case becoming a Chaos Champion of Slaanesh, the Dark Prince.

That's been referenced several times in current works too.
Unless your Sisters army is all just daemonettes or bloodletters or whatever wearing the Sisters as physical bodies, or the Sisters are essentially puppets with their souls having been consumed and their mind just shouting out random phrases they used to shout in battle but corrupted, there's no canon support.

That being said Chaosbro: do what you want. Seriously, fuck 40k's "THIS IS THE WAY IT IS" mindset now. Huge fucking universe, everyone is separated, lots of shit happens.

>> No.27072519

Not like Draigo showing up in the battle is sanctioned or anything, it's a stroke of luck he's there.

She should be an option, all I'm saying. As it is there's only one fucking named Sister you can take.

>> No.27072527

H.. how do i use this? Is it legal (in terms of importing and such, because gw can go fuck off in terms of copyright)

>> No.27072537

Says who?

Everyone who converts to Chaos is considered to have FALLEN to Chaos. The last time Miriael Sabathiel was mentioned was the TCG, for fuck's sake. In which I'm fairly certain she wasn't introduced as the only one to fall to Chaos.

>> No.27072560

>That's been referenced several times in current works too.
Prove it.
3e isn't fucking current.

>> No.27072569


Problem solved then. Pick an HQ that was supposedly corrupted.

>> No.27072586


Oh yes, I was agreeing with you. I'd love to see her in it.

Maybe a character but she can't join squads. Serves the same place as the Mephiston, a psudo-monsterous creature.

>> No.27072620

Can't you google your own shit?

>> No.27072655

I'm not going to post an entire Black Library book to prove a point. I'm also not going to root around through all of them looking for it when I already provided evidence.

Can't remember which one, but one of the 40k books with Assassins namedropped her as the one that's not to be spoken of. In addition there's a Fantasy book where a Daemon makes an allusion to "A Sister, not unlike your own" referencing 40k regarding Sisters of Sigmar (they do that shit a lot).

>> No.27072668
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>nipple spikes

>> No.27072678

Codex: Chaos Space Marines (3rd Edition, 1st Codex)
Codex: Sisters of Battle (2nd Edition), pp. 18-19, 35
Tales from the Dark Millennium (Anthology), "The Invitation," by Dan Abnett
Dark Millennium Warhammer 40,000 Collectible Card Game - Hope's Twilight (2006), Miriael Sabathiel - Champion of Chaos Card (Ultra Rare)
Both The Invitation and Hope's Twilight make no mention of her being the only fallen Sister.

>> No.27072709

plz respond.

Ive already bled myself dry buying the bulk of my sisters, and i'd really like to grab some shit from here to finish things up

>> No.27072717

I didn't say she's not canon.
I said she's not the only fallen.

>> No.27072755

>there's no canon support
Theres enough, Miriael demonstrates shows aren't incorrectable. Thats all the cannon support he needs to justify a chaos sisters army.

>> No.27072792


I've seen pictures in threads that looked great but I don't know. I'm skeptical myself because I need paints and they cost like 20 cents a pot for "official" ones on the site.

>> No.27072827
File: 84 KB, 753x267, _tg_ - Traditional Games_1338176775799.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As in "no canon support for any Sister but her".
But yeah, I agree. Do what you want.

Fuck having to justify and fucking cite references for your armies, there's too many 40k fans who take that shit way too seriously.
Pic related is how to do it.

>> No.27072882

What, you need that restated every edition?

Here's the evidence: old fluff said "only willingly corrupted" and there's been nothing new that contradicts this.

In the canonverse she's still the only one. In the homefluff within the range of plausibility, it's very possible another Sister may one day turn and it can easily be your HQ.

Now an entire Order willingly turning is a stretch but I wouldn't call anyone out on it.

>> No.27073217

I just hate the whole HURR, KAYOSS SUSTERS thing because it is literally the only thing /tg/ ever suggests for the sisters and all that possession shit keeps happening to them in the books and shit, too. It wasn't creative or clever the first time and it still isn't.

>> No.27073283

I'd rather we have ork sistahs that field nothing but penitent engines, repentia, and all the flamers they can carry

>> No.27073373

Hey, I stopped suggesting the Cult of Sigmar because all I got was mocked for it.

>> No.27073396

Well, Goreguts is fascinated by Sisters of Battle.
Although they haven't been mentioned since, and the only Orks mentioned are asexual, you can argue that Fem Boyz still exist SOMEWHERE.

Fuck it, Goreguts managed to make human-sized Orks out of the Fem Boyz. Now there's Ork Sisters of Battle.

>> No.27073727
File: 901 KB, 1183x1622, Digga history.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you can argue that Fem Boyz still exist SOMEWHERE.
Or you can just say that some SoBs decided to convert some Diggaz to form an orky convent.

>> No.27075223

so what's the go with the hair? is there something in the fluff that says sisters must have the terrible nun doo? I feel like sisters would be far more appealing as an army choice if they have long, lustrous pantene hair whipping in the wind

>> No.27075485

It's actually not in the fluff anywhere about the hair.
Seems there's a color scheme for the Orders though.

>> No.27075509

Most military organisations have a grooming standard which includes at most collar length hair for females. So it's long enough to be noticeably feminine but still within regulation.

>> No.27076105

the art shows more hair styles. I believe the3rd codex has a dark skinned sister with a mohawk

>> No.27076823
File: 25 KB, 474x334, basilianelohi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey guys I'm building a killteam of sisters, and I want to convert my seraphims.

I need plastic angel wings that i can shove inbetween the seraphim's back and jetpack.

I was thinking of getting these, mantic figures pictured. 3 of them for $20 and the wings look like they would do good for my seraphim.

Anyone know of a cheaper option? Maybe a place that just sells angel wings alone? I don't want them too big to where they are dwarfing the minis.

>> No.27077270

Bitsworld on ebay. Look for gryphon wings.
More specifically, that damn Island of Blood gryphon model you can pulls wings off of. $5-10 each.

Sometimes less than that. Have patience.

>> No.27077409

Miriael doesn't appear in any codex, that wiki is wrong. She is just a character from a third party trading card game.

>> No.27077456

Unless their chapter tactics rules say that they use their old allies slot, they're using the vanilla marines one.

>> No.27077515

I'd get BA sanguinary guard jump packs+wings from chinaman.

>> No.27077516

Nope. You're still conveniently forgetting about the modeling issues that held them back. But nice try.

And GW never actually said that the would never Squat an army. I've never seen a source in that.

>> No.27077549

yeah i was thinking about that. i dont want to get them from chinaman, so a box of them may be worth it.

any good bits resellers? the one i usually go to, bitzbarn is out of what i need.

>> No.27078003

Miriael corrupting other Sisters is also wrong. No idea where that wiki got it from, but none of its sources mentioned that happening. Seems like some fanfiction got mixed into that article.

Black Library is not conclusive proof. It's known for not always lining up with studio canon.

This isn't mentioned in any codex. Never has been.

>> No.27078041

The conception that she's the only one to fall is also third party, bro.

>> No.27078159

But codexes never list their ally options, those are listed in the main rule book and refer to codex forces.

>> No.27078271


Last I checked, GW's take was that there was no "studio canon". Everything with the 40k name is just as canon as everything else. That being, its all half-truths and half-remembered stories.

>> No.27078912

Naw, Black Library books and Codexes have high canon, comics are barely canon at all.

>> No.27078930

This isn't Star Wars, nigger. Citation fucking needed.

>> No.27079107

Yeah, I couldn't cite that the Earth is fucking round.
Call it rumor if you like, I just copypasta what I read.

>> No.27079269

Good, because the Earth isn't spherical.
I could, however, cite that the Earth is an oblate spheroid, or at least a similar shape.

I can likewise cite there being no "studio canon" in 40k.

>> No.27079280

Whilst true, we've seen plenty of fluff derps in BL stuff before. C.S Goto, Ben Counter having a GK briefly fall to Chaos, Sandy Mitchell having the Scholas not segregating by gender, stuff like that.

I guess all I'm saying is that I'd much prefer a studio ruling on the matter than an off-hand mention in a BL novel.

I think she may have been referenced in a White Dwarf, but I only heard that second hand.

>> No.27079301

>having a GK briefly fall to Chaos
He was possessed. He never fell.

>> No.27079468

Okay, now I'm interested. Cite something that goes contrary to it then.

>> No.27079547

Keep in mind Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 are worlds where half truths, lies, propaganda, politics, legends and myths exist. The absolute truth which is implied when you talk about "canonical background" will never be known because of this. Everything we know about these worlds is from the viewpoints of people in them which are as a result incomplete and even sometimes incorrect. The truth is mutable, debatable and lost as the victors write the history...

Here's our standard line: Yes it's all official, but remember that we're reporting back from a time where stories aren't always true, or at least 100% accurate. if it has the 40K logo on it, it exists in the 40K universe. Or it was a legend that may well have happened. Or a rumour that may or may not have any truth behind it.

Let's put it another way: anything with a 40K logo on it is as official as any Codex... and at least as crammed full of rumours, distorted legends and half-truths.

I think the real problem for me, and I speak for no other, is that the topic as a "big question" doesn't matter. It's all as true as everything else, and all just as false/half-remembered/sort-of-true. The answer you are seeking is "Yes and no" or perhaps "Sometimes". And for me, that's the end of it.

>> No.27079562

Now, ask us some specifics, eg can Black Templars spit acid and we can answer that one, and many others. But again note thet answer may well be "sometimes" or "it varies" or "depends".

But is it all true? Yes and no. Even though some of it is plainly contradictory? Yes and no. Do we deliberately contradict, retell with differences? Yes we do. Is the newer the stuff the truer it is? Yes and no. In some cases is it true that the older stuff is the truest? Yes and no. Maybe and sometimes. Depends and it varies.

It's a decaying universe without GPS and galaxy-wide communication, where precious facts are clung to long after they have been changed out of all recognition. Read A Canticle for Liebowitz by Walter M Miller, about monks toiling to hold onto facts in the aftermath of a nucelar war; that nails it for me.

Sorry, too much splurge here. Not meant to sound stroppy.

To attempt answer the initial question: What is GW's definition of canon? Perhaps we don't have one. Sometimes and maybe. Or perhaps we do and I'm not telling you.

>> No.27079948

Actually Fantasy is pretty hard canon. The army books tell from a perspective, but only by having only the first hand accounts of one faction.

Take the War of the Beard for example. High elf book makes it pretty clear that Caledor II was a fuckwit who was to blame. Dwarfs seem like some mysterious horde menace, but you see the nastiness of the crimes committed by the elves in it.
You get the same thing from the Dwarf book, but now you get details on how they too were to blame because the King knew what was going on and went along with it anyway because it was what he thought was proper. You also see how the Dwarfs who managed to get in charge of the war were sadistic bastards who's descendants were probably Chaos Dwarfs.

Same story, divided in two in both books. Neither is really propaganda, just one-sided (but not one-sided in the sense that their own side looks good and the other bad, just as in you only get it firsthand from their book).

Fantasy also relies more heavily on saying what the big groups are, then leaving a HUGE blank check for you to fill in however the fuck you want. 40k tends to prefer outright stating "this cannot happen" "this is how it happened" "this is the only way it can happen".

>> No.27080079

>40k tends to prefer outright stating "this cannot happen" "this is how it happened" "this is the only way it can happen".
Except all the ways in which it doesn't.

>> No.27080126

It gives you the rules and specifies the stuff you can't do, then gives you no actual fluff on the stuff you want to hear about.

>> No.27080153

Well, what stuff can't you do? Make female Space Marines? It doesn't really have many clear cut THOU SHALT NOTs.

>> No.27080453

>So it's long enough to be noticeably feminine but still within regulation.
to be honest they'd even look better with a standard military bristle

>> No.27080515

Might as well just swap in some shaved marine heads. You wouldn't notice the difference.

>> No.27080605

this is true, but I'm assuming the next lot of sisters (if they ever come out) will actually have more feminine facial features

>> No.27080662

I doubt it considering GW's sculptors, but at least they should come with enough helmets to fix the problem.

>> No.27080676


>> No.27080698

Didn't the Sisters in the GK novels know who they were?

>> No.27080765

No… they simply reached an understanding based on a common objective.

>> No.27081532

>implying the bowl cut is better

>> No.27081753

Random question, but does anybody else think that Sisters would look good in black suits and shades? Like Agent Smith in the Matrix

>> No.27081795

Heresy. The bowlcut is amazing.

>> No.27081872

Hoardobits is pretty good and my usual bits source. Should be worth looking at them.
Also Dark Eldar Scrouge wings might be worth a look, pretty sure the kit has a few feathered wings in it.

>> No.27081926

Now I imagine the nun/hitman from Black Lagoon in 40k

Surprisingly ok with this

>> No.27082395

Right, but the designers notes in the new Marine codex now say that all references to codex: Black Templars now refer to Units from the Space Marine with the Black Templar Chapter Tactics. Ergo, they are just parts of the Marine codex now, so they use its allies matrix slot.

>> No.27082418

That would fit more the Ordo Xenos Inquisitors.

>> No.27082696

But their big hats would competely clash with the suits! They would just look silly. The SoB bowlcut, on the other hand, would just go so well with a black suit.

>> No.27082710

Right so Codex Black templars = vanilla marine dex with templar tactics.
Therefore, if you're using templar chapter tactics you use the Templar ally rules instead of the vanilla marine ones.

>> No.27082745

Where does it specify that? All it's saying is that Tempars are now units from the Marine Codex with special gameplay rules.

>> No.27082871

It says that where an old book references Codex:black templars it means codex SM with chapter tactics Templars (essentially you swap "codex BT" for "codex SM with BT tactics" in the rules text but the rules still work the same).

In the allies matrix the Templars part of the chart which refers to the BT codex now refers Codex SM with Templar tactics. So a Templar army still uses its old allies rules.

>> No.27082984

Not quite, the Codex: Black Templars now refers to units from the Space Marine book. And as units of the Marine book, they use its allies rules. The only thing that sets the Templars apart here are their chapter rules, and these only modify how they play on the tabletop.

>> No.27083005

This seems like something thats not going to be resolved until we get some errata.

>> No.27083038

I'm not seeing how it's at all ambiguous. It says nothing about them using their old allies slot, and just says that they're units with the Marines codex using special rules now.

>> No.27083070

It seems pretty ambiguous to me, I really can't say which of you is wrong.
Both arguments on their own look correct.

>> No.27083114

>It says nothing about them using their old allies slot,

Not directly. But it does pick out Templars armies as still being a distinct army separate too vanilla marines within other rules. And does redefine all those other rules to still refer to templar armies even though they're under a different codex now.
Instead of telling us to ignore references to codex BT, we've been told to consider them references to a SM army with the BT chapter tactics specifically. Which RAW would mean if you pick BT tactics for your primary detachment you still have to use the BT allies stuff, because thats what the rules say.

>> No.27083162

Not really a distinct army, rather units within another army, the Space Marines, using special rules. They are no longer their own army. As for the RAW, that's saying to consider them as Codex: Space Marine units using special gameplay rules. Therefore, as C:SM units, they use the C:SM position on the allies matrix.

>> No.27083236
File: 12 KB, 412x132, BT DN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>As for the RAW, that's saying to consider them as Codex: Space Marine units using special gameplay rules.

Thats not what it saying.
Its saying that where a rule says "codex black templars" it means "codex space marines with black templars chapter tactics". Its specifically picking BT out as not just codex SM with special rules.

>> No.27083322

>not just codex SM with special rules.
That's exactly what it's saying.

> detatchments from codex space marine using the black templars chapter tactics special rules

They are parts of the marine codex, the only thing setting them apart being their chapter tactics special rules.

>> No.27083418

>That's exactly what it's saying.

Not its not, not even a little bit.
What it is saying is that BT chapter tactics IS Codex:BT as far as any rules go in older publications.

With allies with means that the part of the chart that used to refer to the BT codex is now for a BT tactics SM army. But you still have to follow the BT rules. Thats the entire purpose of the designers note, so BT armies are still BT armies.

If they hadn't put it in there then BT would just be codex SM with special rules.

>> No.27083507

>What it is saying is that BT chapter tactics IS Codex:BT as far as any rules go in older publications.
Nope. It's saying that they're detatchments from the Space Marine codex. The description for the Chapter tactics just have them as rules that change their gameplay on the tabletop. Therefore, all previous mentions of C:BT are units from C:SM. There's nothing saying that they still act as an independant army, just units using special rules.

> Thats the entire purpose of the designers note, so BT armies are still BT armies.
The purpose is to correct all previous publictions that list codex: Black Templars, instead denoting them as a part of the Marine codex.

Fuck, we're just going in circles at this point so I'm dropping it. It's clear that neither of us will convince the other? We'll just have to see what an errata says, so be sure to email them asking about it so they'll put it in.

>> No.27083566
File: 68 KB, 500x313, $T2eC16JHJHMFH!fI5-mgBSIz,!HnGQ~~60_12.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The problem is that the last codex ripped anything that made them interesting from them.
Flamers? Armory, e.g.Mantles or Book of. Lucius? Fuck dat shit

Seriously, they're the most boring to play as atm
And it makes me sad.

>> No.27083584
File: 37 KB, 500x375, $T2eC16FHJGoFFvohSJ5!BSCI-CRr5w~~60_12.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's better to use the /tg/ made codex form 1d4chan than the gw piece of crap

>> No.27083619

>power armoured short-range shooting
tfw when sisters were once about flame templates and picking the right faith power at the right moment out of your global pool

>> No.27083626

I disagree. They're still a characterful army with lots of effective and unique units. As you said, customisation was cut hard, but what's left is hardly uninteresting.

And, to be fair, how fun they are to play is rather subjective. I and many other SoB players have a lot of fun playing them.

>> No.27083631


As a Sisters player, we were ALWAYS power armoured short range shooting. Faith powers simply helped that.

>> No.27083686

tfw when i wanted black templar, sister of battle, inquisition together without gay knight shit

>> No.27083706

Flame Templates are still a thing. Especially with the introduction of overwatch.

>> No.27083741

i need to get those non man faces

>> No.27083748


>> No.27083757

>implying grey knights aren't paranoid as fuck

>> No.27083758

That was a custom mini that some guy made.

>> No.27083813


>> No.27083822
File: 40 KB, 600x800, 1286771882648.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I haven't laughed that hard all day.

>> No.27083844


>> No.27083851

I used feathery scourge wings to make some Valkyrie wolf guard to use as squad leaders, they work really well, but end up three models wide.

>> No.27083852

Yes, but it's not like you can go BURN EVERYHTING with your immolators anymore...

>> No.27083868
File: 40 KB, 265x191, new dexes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

May i remind you?

>> No.27083870

sadly not. At least Immos still have their use. They go very nicely with a melta Dominion Squad.

>> No.27083890

I do think rhinos are better, even with melta dominion.

>> No.27083932

You run 10 woman squads for Doms, I take it? A popular choice, lets you take five metlas in a squad. Would you say it's usually better than a five woman squad in an Immo?

>> No.27083952

Hell, what's after SM's, Nids? Then who?

>> No.27083957


I personally prefer the immo because you can split fire.

>> No.27083960

Orks in January/JanuWAAAAGHry i believe.

>> No.27083982

Yes, i do feel i get more for my buck. Meltasquads are there for tankhunting, and the dedicated transport is only there to make sure they get there. Flamersaren't nearly as helpful as meltas for that matter.

>> No.27083989
File: 248 KB, 600x800, 1376871227840.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27084017
File: 126 KB, 276x590, 1372757234634.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's looking like after 'Nids, it's IG and Orks, and possibly Space Wolves. Doesn't look like we know anything after that.

So, assuming that's true, that whittles it down to five codexes, including the SoB. Two of those five, the GKs and Necrons, certainly aren't in desperate need of an update. So, like I said, it's looking like SoB will get an update early 2014, maybe early 2015. Obviously, as it draws nearer the rumours should get more accurate.

>> No.27084045

Wouldn't SW be before IG? Isn't the SW codex older and seriously outdated due to the new SM codex?

>> No.27084057
File: 195 KB, 569x571, 1326063079247.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're kidding, right?

>> No.27084063
File: 84 KB, 873x627, m1241260_99060103099_Col40kOrkRockBandMain_873x627.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27084085
File: 220 KB, 1000x1229, Burny Boy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I swear to god, I better be able to Squadron Looted Wagons, and that rumored Mek Tank. I WANT 10 SAGS AT THE SAME TIME.

>> No.27084088

Apparently IG and Orks are coming out close together so that they can have Apoc Warzones made for them.

>> No.27084094

Will I get a Plastic Meganob Kit/Nazdreg back?

>> No.27084103

I want a Warboss Kit, like the Chaos Termi Lord, one that has every option ever, and a ton of bits.

>> No.27084122

>The only reason GW hasn't SQUATTED SoB is because they've made a statement that they're not going to do that anymore. Yet they have no drive or want to to update SoB. But they've promised to update all codices to 6th too. So they're gonna do it in the most painless way possible. Hybrid dex.

Yeah, so when do i get my updated Army list for my 100+ Arbiter models?

>> No.27084138

>>The only reason GW

I'm quite sure that GW never actually said this. I've never seen anybody able to give a source on it. It seems to be a sort of internet urban legend.

>> No.27084180

They said the same thing about SoB that they said about BT.

They will be "supported" but that doesn't mean they'll have their own codex.

>> No.27084249

Not quite true. At Enter the Citadel, Jervis said that "all armies will be updated in time", or something to that effect. Worded quite vaguely, and probably to cover for what was going to happen to the Templars. But then, in http://www.lounge.belloflostsouls.net/showthread.php?34864-Gamesday-Germany-2013-Master-Roundup/page2 we have him specifically mentioning the SoB by name. Not a definite answerm but it's far more than the Templars got.

And again, Templars ain't a valid comparison. They are Marine variants, so they can easily be folded into the main Marine coedex. Sisters, meanwhile, aren't a subset of anything like the BTs were. And the GKs have a firm hold on the Inquisition stuff right now, so I doubt that Sisters will be getting that stuff back. As for a merger with the GK themselves, that doesn't work either. Differing playstyles, differing looks, doesn't mesh with the fluff and such a book would be hella bloated.

>> No.27084301

fuck, didn't mean to quote that part

>> No.27084370

>believign gw
HAHAHA sheeplet
i bet you wear a scarf in spring

>> No.27084405

I don't actually own a scarf. Though that last winter was hideously cold, and my neck was sadly unprotected, so I might just purchase one when winter hits again.

Do you own a scraf, anon?

>> No.27084500

>bell of lost souls
>proper source
Keep dreaming.

>> No.27084623

The guy was an eyewitness, posting what was said. The site is irrelevant.

>> No.27086606

Hey guys real quick question on sisters and faith points.

Can i use more than one faith point on the same unit?

Like if i spend a faith point to get the units special, and fails the roll, can i spend another faith point to retry the roll? Or is it one attempt per unit per turn?

>> No.27086659
File: 203 KB, 786x1017, 1372127005302.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nope, you can only attempt an act of faith once per turn.

However, the regular SoB troops are something of an exception. Since their act of faith acts differently in each phase, you can attempt it once during each phase.

>> No.27086680

That makes sense. Thanks for clarifying it for me.

But if it's 2 separate units, can i spend 2 faith points to activate it on both of them, even though they are the same acts of faith? Like trying to activate The Emperor's Deliverance on 2 different units of Seraphim?

>> No.27086733

Yeah, it's fine if it's separate units. Basically, you can attempt an AoF once per turn per unit.

>> No.27086771


>> No.27088795

>>27068470 here, got an up to date PDF of their codex.


>> No.27089210

Thanks man.

>> No.27090037

awesome downloading now

>> No.27092476
File: 43 KB, 350x232, angelwings.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So for this, i checked my LGS and had these. Reaper metal angle wings. I think these would work perfect for what I'm trying to do. I'm only fielding 4 seraphim in my killteam anyway so its perfect.

Mainly i noticed seraphim get the Angelic Visage special ability, and i wanted to better represent that on my minis.

>> No.27093244
File: 133 KB, 597x398, Bild-6-735954.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Some women actually look good with short hair.
A small minority of women (mostly black, some Asians as well, and sporty looking Caucasians) look good with shaved heads.

>> No.27093251

If you thought they looked like Lady Gaga before...

>> No.27093272

Why not just incorporate a built-in Ward Save like in Fantasy and simply say it comes directly from faith?

>> No.27093295


They have that. It's called the 'Shield of faith' rule. 6+ inv save.

Unless you mean making it taken AFTER a failed save like Reanimation Protocols.

>> No.27093326
File: 284 KB, 1024x683, SoB IRL 17.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's the best thing about bald Sister heads: you can greenstuff on whatever hairstyle you want.

Anything else, you're stuck with it.

>> No.27093364

I have to disagree emphatically.

>> No.27093395

>mentions people who look good with short hair
>people mentioned are people who look good, sexy, interesting or awesome regardless
I have a hard time seeing black and Asian people as downright ugly in any way... If they are, it seems to be in some sort of awesome way...

>> No.27093798

Or in a "lives in a trailer" way, which is applicable to anyone.

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