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Tell me of your Craftworld.

Is it very beautiful?

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My Wraithbone will endure whatever monstrosities the slaves of Chaos throw at me.

Curse your gods and die.

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>Is it very beautiful?

It used to be before fucking Mon'keigh illegal immigrants poured in stealing destroying the environment and shitting everywhere. They make no contribution whatsoever and no nothing all day except having a zillion ugly flatfaced Mon'keigh babies and impose their backward medieval religion on everyone else.

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Yes it makes a lovely ring smeared out in our tomb's orbit.

Now excuse me, I have a webway to plunder.

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Wonderful! You should stop by for-

Oh, you're moralfags now. I guess you can leave your N64 at the door.

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Look I know you might get slightly more pissed when tell you this but I've never even seen a craftworld. In fact you haven in about seven thousand years either. We found you after some orks looted you and were using you as a totem-pole. We meant to barter you back to your old craftworld but your local disciples didn't want to hand you over and I sure as all hell wasn't going to try and make them and then you woke up and you didn't seem to notice where the fuck you were and you must have thought the Incubi were aspect warriors or something and we've just been taking you on raids because fresh air and shit and now I'm babbling please don't hurt me.

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>Is it very beautiful?
You wouldn't understand its beauty, Human. You all are parts of hivemind, you live to serve, you accept that there more important things than you, and you gladly sacrifice your life for that.
We, Eldar, are individualist, we are incarantions of life itself.

Our craftworlds are shaped after our minds and needs, and there's a part dedicated to each and every of us.

See those towers? They are mind. You perceive them as military objects, but for me they are symbols of reaching higher and higher.

Such is my craftworld. You wouldn't understand it...

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Our legends speak of how our ancestors danced on relit ashes; their eyes were pools of Empyrean starlight, which beheld creation and wisdom only privy to gods. The roots of abstract elegance, upon which rested civilization, were saturated by the minds our greatest, they who were walkers of the graceful wheel of seasons passing, as they basked in the triumphant tomorrow that followed the ascendance of grace over primordial void. Illustrious thoughts were the unassailable walls, from within which a billion phoenician firstborn would forget the wastes of possibility. Unmaking's impossibility ushered in our forgetting of the tears that were our inheritance, and the shattering of the splendorous pillars of thought that carried the voices of blood and rebirth.

It is from this that my Craftworld was born. Yes, lord of wraithkin, my Craftworld was beautiful.

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Well, you know, it's a bit creepy here.
Ghost here, ghosts there, ghosts everywhere.

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Craftworld? Dont you mean floating xenos gay bar?

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All I know is they taste good. KEKEKEKEK.

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It's pretty fucking rad.

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>be in Ibraesil
>Hot Banshee ass errywhere

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I'm on my cell, quick, someone zoom in on the gaurdsmens face on the bottom right.

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No. Long ago, the farseers decided beauty was decadent. Soon after, they proclaimed many other things were Slaaneshi as well. Since then our craftworld has dedicated itself to mundanity and blandness. I would tell you the name, but I have forgotten it, so unremarkable the sound is.

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