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Hey /tg/, I just got two boxes of Thunderwolves as a rather kind gift for my foot-slogging army, and I was wondering what kind of experience folks around here had with fielding them or fighting them. What kind of set-ups have you seen before, and what generally seems to work the best?

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Burn them. With fire.

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have you wolf wolfed the wolf?

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I may have inadvertently wolfened the wolf when I took a large wolf during the wolfening of wolf. I deeply wolf for this transwolf of your wolf.

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death star those bad boys

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That's right, I forgot /tg/ hates Space Wolves. Well if it helps, I was thinking about making two of them with thunder-hammers and storm shields, two with storm shields and two vanilla. One of the hammer bros. would become a Wolf Lord, the rest would all stay together as a squad. Is this a good idea or not? Does anyone even see these guys on the table anymore?

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They suck now that you can't abuse the wound nonsense from 5th and assault sucks

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That's alright, my playgroup doesn't bother with abusing the game rules, we just want to have fun. For instance, before the FAQ hit my friend who plays Orks never tried to say his Nob squad was made up of characters. We were aware of it being in RAW, but we also knew it wouldn't make the game any more fun for us.

I'm mostly worried about effectiveness for when I'm going up against people who aren't in my immediate playgroup.

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How does somebody wearing heavy, mechanical armor ride a wolf? How do the wolves' backs not snap? Because those wolves are mutants. And do you know what the Imperium says about mutants?

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There are no wolves on Fenris.

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Because they're giant fucking killing machines that can tear through metal with just their goddamn jaws. They've also been mechanically augmented, allowing them to carry McLargeHuge & Co. into battle.

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I'm not going to make playing space yiffs any easier.

Instead, I'll just recommend that you keep your fastest unit available to escort them off the board the moment they fail their morale and break.

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Space Marines are mutants

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strap storm shields to EVERYONE, give someone a hammer, and trample through pretty much everything with shocking ease. had that build kill 60 wytches back when webway portals and calling them in through it was the done thing.

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Calling a non-mutant Astartes a mutated human is like calling a piece of machinery a mutated ore.

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They're a fun unit OP.

Extremely fast, and can pack quite a punch, although usually you outfit them as lean as possibly and make a Wolf Lord the main hitting power, they're more of just a character delivery system.

They'll most likely get shot apart on the way there, which is fine, if you make their purpose the above. Due to their speed it should only take a turn or two to get into immediate threat range anyways.

When equipped with very little they're strong combat units but not "I'll take on your Deathstar" strong. Due to being cavalry models you get to choose your fights so they'll usually go after someone noticeably weaker (in combat) that need to be eliminated.

tl:dr: Pressure/Aggressive unit, character delivery system, Don't go overboard on the upgrades. If you want killy, have a character.

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>the moment they fail their morale and break.

They've got And They Shall Know No Fear. Even if they do break, they just auto-rally at the start of the next turn and get back to work instantly.

Morale isn't a thing Marines need to worry about except in very specific circumstances.

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This is good advice, listen to this guy.

Don't go bonkers on upgrades with them. Take a Wolf Lord if you want them to turn into a rapetrain.

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Like when you're a unit that falls back 3d6 and get shot at in the first turn?

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Yeah, because sticking organs into people that makes them learn by eating, spit acid, make their ribs solid plates, enable them to hear and see better, add a 2nd heart and a 3rd lung, which also enables you to breathe water and toxic air, have your blood dry up the moment it hits atmosphere, etc. is perfectly normal.

And not many chapters have intact gene-seeds. Salamanders are nigging it up, Raven Guard pretending to be Norwegian Metal Heads, BA go nuts, Yiffs grow wolf nuts, Fists won't give up, Fire Falcons are on FIRE!, Black Dragons go all wolverine with adamantium laced bone claws, etc. etc.

If sticking some organs to people (gland warriors) qualify them as mutants, then Marines are turbo mutants.

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if you can manage to lose three toughness 5, power armored, three wound models to shooting in turn one AND fail a leadership, get new dice.

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Turning iron ore into machines that learn by eating, spit acid, making the porous rock solid plates, enable them to hear and see AT ALL, add a 2nd heart and a 3rd lung to humans, which also enables humans to breathe water and toxic air, have your blood dry up the moment it hits the atmosphere, etc is perfectly normal.

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2 wound models, but the point stands. Thats some monumentally bad saving/morale rolls if a unit of TCav break and run on the first goddamn turn.

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>I don't know how biology works, but I bet it's like machinery and ore processing

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Just because it seems natural to you doesn't mean ti is natural. Do you see elephants conducting mining operations and machining metal parts? No the fucking things dig for roots and then eat them.

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Machinery isn't natural.

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Let's assume you didn't get first turn (Let's say 50/50, keeping seize out of it) they do enough wounds to you, and you have to take an LD check.

Odds of failing LD:8 - 10/36 (28%)
If Majesty is nearby
Odds of failing LD:8+Majesty - 8%
If a Wolf Lord is with them
Odds of failing LD:10 - 3/36 (8%)
If they have Majesty
Odds of failing LD:10 - 0.64%

Now you're falling back: roll 3d6

Let's assume they're all lined up at 12" line. Their bases are under 2.5" wide, so you need a 10 to fall off.
Roll a 10+ on 3d6 - 63%
If they're in a tight rank/file? (4.72 inches)
Roll an 8+ on 3d6 - 84%
If they're in a loose rank/file (6.72 inches)
Roll a 6+ on 3d6 - 95.3%

So then their worst situation is:

Lost turn (1/2), Wounds, LD:8 fail(10/36), loose rank and file (0.953) - 13%

Best case scenario:
Lost turn (1/2), Wounds, LD:10 reroll fail (0.0064), single file(0.63) - 0.2%

So in closing, no, they're not likely to run off the board right away.
If I messed up my math feel free to tell me, I was working quickly.

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>he thinks behaviourisms aren't part of nature, evolution or biology
Oh boy, here we go!

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/tg/ has gone to shit.

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God granted us the knowledge to create microchips.

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I'm sorry, I never learned how to read graphs because they are unnatural.

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For some reason our brains are able to produce microchips, yes. The reasoning is irrelevant.

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And when did i say anything about something being unnatural?

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/tg/ gets shit dumb

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Yes brother.

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Yeah, your point was lost in a miasma of bullshit.

How about you take your time to explain what the point of this was, then:
>Calling a non-mutant Astartes a mutated human is like calling a piece of machinery a mutated ore.

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I didn't write that.

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Maybe that "miasma" occured because you can't understand that there are more than 2 persons in a single 4chan thread?
To not confuse you more,
writing here

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Clearly DA is the bestest funnest army.

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I still prefer the original for the Space Wolf one.

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I still prefer the original for the Space Wolf one.

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No matter what they do it will never look 80's enough to be awesome or gritty enough to look reasonable

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>twin-linked mouth bolt pistols


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I agree.

(This is the other one I have of this. It's been floating around /tg/ for years. From 3e wolf codex, counts as Wolf Guard on a Bike, IIRC)

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Back to space wolves.
In my local group, our only space marine player plays sw. Calling him "furry" is getting old. Any other words to use?

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How does that logic make what was said any more coherent? How is it missing the point? Does anyone know or are we just being snarky assholes for lulz?

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Does he use any Runepriests? If so, cast aspersions on their manhood for using women's magic.

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Speschul Snowflke mary sur

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Wear one of these bad boys when you play him. Or better yet, insist he accept it as a gift.

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3e Space Wolf torsos had rogue trader era chestplates now?
Fucking awesome.

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>I don't like thing
>Stop using thing

That's you right now, I hope you understand

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Thanks a lot you guys!

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Because your accusations are leveled at one or two other gentleman than me.

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Elephants use tools and so drastically affect the environment around them that it becomes Elephant Good Land within a few years even if it was shitty scrub before. Just passing through is enough to precipitate the changes.


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>What do you mean, this formula would work if i don't throw random shit from other stuff into it? Are you mad?

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/tg/ pls

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OP here, amazed to see this thread standing, noticeably less surprised to see it de-railed. So it sounds like a decked out Wolf Lord and a vanilla squad is what I want.

I like the way you think. Thanks for the earnest advice, and may your dice roll high.

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Yeah i like to think they are nano-augmented like that one cyborg wolf you can buy , but why didnt they sculpt them as such? seems like such a stupid stupid missed oppurtunity to have it make much more sense and look much more cool

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if it werent for the pricing , id buy 3 finecast cyborg wolves and use them instead of the mounts that come in the box, but it would cost me 175 dollaridoos for 3 thunderwolf models :|

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Guys, One of my friends started collecting Tau so I was prepared to laugh at his weeaboo-ness, but he painted them to look like metal gear solid bad guys and his fireblade has an eyepatch.

... is he pretty good?

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>I was prepared to laugh at his weeaboo-ness,
He is good and you are a fag.

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They're also prolly gene-augmented.

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