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Do you think this chart is still accurate or does it need to be updated?

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We need one of these with male bulge sizes.

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That too. Do we have any volunteers for that?

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>no Xeno
Needs to be updated. Definitely

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We need Blue, Xeno, Marcia, Linda Redshirt I guess, the two in this picture, and maybe Commissar Paunch. Khornette, Tzenchette, and Nurglette are also oddly absent. Am I missing anyone?
Who would we even have on it? Dranon, LIIVI, and the Scraplootas? Only one of those guys even has a dick and he is probably chem-gelded.

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no cultist?

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Well I guess it could use... >>27034895

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Idranel comes to mind, but nobody remembers her anyway.

Also, I'm pretty sure that two of the people you listed have dicks- it's not like Lofn was brought by the stork. And unless "Commissar" in that picture refers to Raege, she's missing too.

Shit, that's a biggie.

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As per the old thread, cata-chan probably need a bigger upper body and knockers.

Also for some reason the having to write really tiny to fit in "Drookian fen-chan" makes me smile like an idiot. Some names just lend themselves easier to waifu-ization than others.

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I actually want more milf gaunt

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Ronery Wych needs love too.
And by "love" I mean "dick".

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>all the girls looking jealously at Fuc Myr and Doo Myr
I lol'd

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She destroys everything she loves.

And by "love" I mean "dick"

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Is that supposed to be a bad thing?

Anyway, who's going to draw the new chart anyway? I can't into drawfagging.

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Of course, then we get into the problem of where her pecs end and her tits begin, and it's hard to tell by looking.

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Good point. We still need Boone, Raege, Cultist, and Lofn. I did not notice Cultist of all people was missing. Also maybe this kawaii daemonette right here. And Eversor-chan. And maybe that psyker broad from that recent writefaggotry.

Just throwing names out of random female /tg/ fan characters, feel free to veto any of it.
>it's not like Lofn was brought by the stork.
Hey man, eldar reproduction is fucking WEIRD. Besides, I was referring to Dranon when I mentioned a lack of dicks. Yeah, yeah, Dranons Delight, but in all reality that dude looks way too mangled to be sporting a functioning chode.

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>The Myrs looking smugly back at them
Aww yeah taus know where its at.

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Have you ever seen a female bodybuilder with big old fake tits do a pec bounce? It is simultaneously terrifying and hot.

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Slaanesh could have given him some new ones, though. Or at least a tentacle or five. And come to think of it, Callidus is missing there too. (We'll use her untransformed size for simplicity's sake).

Nice smiley flowers there, btw.

What, no ridiculous-looking sunglasses?

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>Slaanesh could have given him some new ones, though
That implies Dranon worships Slaanesh. He hates that faggot and seems to be pretty heavily Khorne aligned.

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He's old man angry, in that part of the venn diagram where nurgle and khorne meet.

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He's a Word Bearer, which means that by definition he worships all of them.

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i dunno, tits are really fucking hard to accurately portray to sizes. ive gone through 8 girlfriends and i still dont understand what the numbers mean. nor do i wish to actually understand them

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He doesn't seem to care much for Tzeentch, outright hates Slaanesh, hes fine with Nurgle but still finds the old bag o pus and all his followers gross as fuck. He was on good enough terms with Khorne, though.

At least, that's what I gathered from the comics.

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Its all wrong, the numbers indicate the total length of the bra and the letter indicates cup size

why does Catachan have 36-C and Caerys have 38-C

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I have no idea- I just dug this up from an old thread on foolz and noticed the obvious gaps.

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Numbers simply mean the size of the ribs. AKA, how large her chest is without the tits.

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We still need a drawfag, guys.

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musclegirls often have absurd proportions. Like, 42B or something like that.

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aaand unflexed, because holy shit

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So Cultist would probably be an A-cup, right?

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That picture where she has giant tits, a throbbing dick, and banana-yellow skin notwithstanding.

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It's Baki's dad.

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some one post that cute buffed russian girl!

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More like a B. Small C at best.

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OK, so I'll jot that down as 34B, then.
What about Lofn? She's only a preteen or so, so I'd guess she'd fit in the "Training bra" section. Same with Boone.

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I noticed there that Macha's bust size illustration doesn't match up with the listed size- B-cup should look bigger than that.

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We really need an ass size chart too.

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I think they're just being generous giving her a b-cup.

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One step at a time, people.

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But all of the ones with b-cups look tiny. B-cup should be more around average size.

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>Dat crossbreeding from Humans and Eldar.
All that constant insemination, I can tell the human males had plenty of fun from this arrangement.

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Idranel should be maybe 32A at best. She's absolutely tiny.

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Compared to D's and DD's, a B is pretty small.

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Good point. I just thought it would be more of an "average" size. Anyway, we still need someone to draw this thing.

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OK, it seems like Raege would be a D-cup and Boone a B-cup. That sound correct?

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Boone has pretty big breasts, I thought? Not DDs or anything, but still big.

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Sounds about right to me.

We should actually start making this chart soon. Hopefully someone will get it done while I'm sleeping.

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Rogue Trader sure could get surreal at times.

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Being pimp is the best way to let load of bitched to germinate, and done they wear out, they can become purestrain hosts.

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What are they, plants?

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>dat khorne flag

>> No.27036941

>Khorne in my Genestealers
>Khorne in my Orks
>Orks in my Khorne

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Khorne in my poo

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I thought it was the other way around. Boone is the busty one, Raege is more athletic so she'd be smaller.

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You should probably get that checked out by a doctor or some such.

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Both are actually very well endowed. Raege moreso from Cul's drawings.

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I've always preferred to shorten it to "Droo-Chan" myself because I'm full of lazy. Kind of a shame the character never really took off.

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We need info on Cuddles' bust size.
I need it.
For reasons.
God I wanna cuddle Cuddles

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I have some profiles that lewdanon drew up a while ago.


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and the Tau air caste babe that hasn't got a name yet.

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And Xeno, by some unknown drawfag.

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Damn, she's pretty stacked.

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>Look at image
>Ctrl+f "Jubblowski"

Get your shit together m8! Google Private Jubblowski. She is shockingly missing from this image.

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Don't remember ever seeing that one...

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I think she's a B to A cup. Pretty lanky and slim overall body type.

Some of the characters from Boone Quest could also go on the chart, like Klon Gwizdek, that tall brown techpriestess, and BBEG psyker woman.

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b-but she is there

>> No.27039031


Jubblowski is the Kasrkin.

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Right there, top row, between the tau bitches and ronery Wych

>> No.27039052

She's up there, in the top row.

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Jubblowski, the Kasrkin, Zune Lockwood... why is every Cadian woman so fucking stacked? Is it the pylons? The proximity to the Eye of Terror? Are these mammaries heretical?

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Who DOESN'T want to cuddle Cuddles?
She's basically a SlenderWoman Waifu!

>> No.27039377

Throne, I cannot begin to tell you how much I wanna make her dinner, take her to a vid-holo, scare off all the other patrons, enjoy it, get some icecream approximation, enjoy it, go home and spend the rest of the evening lovinglyspooning and not doing anything else
And I don't think I mind A or B cup. A sad, sad man talking to people about an imaginary woman in an attempt to fill in holes in his life cannot be a chooser, as the old saying goes.

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You could say she has a stack overflow

>> No.27039725

That's why they call her Cuddles.

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Dammit Carlos

>> No.27039870

Nope, Loli-D is still perfect. All is right in the world.

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We never said to remove things, just to add on to the chart. Expand the busts, if you will.

>> No.27039931

>More volume than 40D
Someone forgot how to bra.

>> No.27039946

More is better. It always is.

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Wait until we get the boob chart done first. Then we can move to asses.

>> No.27041084

Yes, but we can always take creative liberties with the measurements.

>> No.27041146

Is cock size based on S, T, W or A?

And if its A, do Chaos Spawn have Schroedinger's Cock

>> No.27041198

I think it's a stat of its own. As is boob and ass size. It's a shame GW doesn't stat those out, so it looks like it's up to us as usual.

>> No.27041415

Reasonable Daemonette?

>> No.27041442

Can't say. It's hard to tell with that sweater of hers. Maybe a low C?

>> No.27041458

So long as you mean this one and not the one attached to that Knights Inductor faggotry.

>> No.27041539


That's Slaaneshi Salesgirl, rather than Reasonable Daemonette. She'll do anything as long as she can make a business transaction, where Reasonable Daemonette believes in heresy in moderation.

>> No.27041582

See what I meant about the sweater? No indication of how large her gifts of Slaanesh are at all.

>> No.27041655

I really need to look at my thumbnails better before I post. Either way, you get what I mean.
We can surmise from her shtick that they are a reasonable, moderate size.

>> No.27041711

So, would that be a B or a C?

Either way, why hasn't anyone started drawing it up yet?

>> No.27041726

My guess would be mid-scale D cup or maybe higher-scale C with a good bra. It's amazing how a good bra can alter how big your tits look. It doesn't even have to be a push-up to make 'em look bigger

>> No.27041735

Hmmm.. C. Sounds perfectly Reasonable compared to the DDs and As

>> No.27041752

Or course she would have some sexy-demi bra or lacy one. The Reasonable ones are the ones that fuck like tigers when the doors are shut

>> No.27041817


> Fuck like a tiger

But tigers don't have consensual sex in the missionary position.

>> No.27041840

Of course they can be into bondage. They just make sure to use padded cuffs and have the safewords all planned out beforehand.

>> No.27042244

And don't forget the whips WITHOUT spikes all over.

>> No.27042701

Would they use those squeaky hammers instead of paddles?

>> No.27042740

>Gene rests, not comfortably so, but he's horizontal. He was awoken twenty minutes ago by a squeaking noise coming from his ceiling. A brief moan followed every cartoonish squeak. His eye twitched.

>> No.27042746

no but probably one of those soft paddles made from velvet and leather

>> No.27042971


that is some great Heresy

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>> No.27043074

But it's missing a lot of characters. If a drawfag could fix it up, all of /tg/ would be thankful.

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>> No.27043643

>dat poster

>> No.27043729


Hey, no glove, no love. Even tentacle monsters should abide by that.

>> No.27043912

Most of them would probably collect STDs like stamps anyway, especially if they worship Nurgle on the side.

>> No.27043945

Are there any other characters we've missed? I think we got all the important ones.

Now we just need a drawfag to actually draw the thing. Any takers?

>> No.27043977

>Are there any other characters we've missed?
Mare, I guess, but like the other psyker girl mentioned, she was never really more than a little writefaggotry.

>> No.27044031

Bluh, I'll give some of the characters a shot. I dunno if you'll get one single drawfag to do one unified picture like the one up top.

I should try to draw again. I drew cata-chan and co. awhile back but left /tg/ around the time of the sergal infestation. I'd like to get back into the saddle again, but keep running into the problem I keep drawing her with bigger tits/everything. I can't believe my original sketch of her from back in early 2008 was this lean fitness type that over time has uh, leveled up I guess.

>> No.27044066

Sergals are a thing of the past now-only one avatarfag posts them and he gets banned almost as soon as he posts.

Good luck. /tg/ will thank for you for this.

>> No.27044073

>I keep drawing her with bigger tits/everything
Okay, now tell us about the problem you keep running into.

>> No.27044145

1.) "he he, boobies"

2.) "That's not right, that muscle doesn't connect to that neck like that"

3.) *hour of searching for ref and fucking around with sketch doodles later*

4.) *anon ADD*

5.) *look at drawing, have crises of self confidence.*

6.) *abandon drawing for the day*

7.) goto 1

>> No.27044201

Maybe start with someone less ripped? I cant into art so I dont know how much that will actually help, but at least this way you wont have to make the musculature so pronounced.

>> No.27044215


tl;dr If i get off work reasonably soon tonight I'll try to give it a shot. I'd like to sketch something here but I don't want to explain to the boss re: half-assed sketches of suspiciously viscous fluid flowing down between E-cup pec-cleavage and over 8-pak abs like water down one of those rapids that bears catch salmon in.

Fuck 60 hour weeks/laziness/atrophied art skills.

>> No.27044237

Oh i do. I have bunches of pages of generic figures. Like I said, when I get time and stop making excuses for myself, I'll get on it.

>> No.27044323

We've got plenty of time.

>> No.27044326

>implying they wouldn't give you the week off so long as you shared

>> No.27044420

Man. That'd get weird. And I know that happens too! The Golddigger guy got his start drawing porn for his fellow soldiers during Gulf War I in the early 90s.

"Yeah, we got a guy that can get you pure white Colombian fat fox hermtaur. Uncut."

>> No.27044528

So few tits in a thread about tits

>> No.27044534

I'm working on it.

I hope you guys like some ogryn chan

>> No.27044572

Normally I'd be slightly unnerved by that, but OC is OC.

>> No.27044693


Gunts of the Imperium

>> No.27044752

Ogryn-chan has been around for a while now.

>> No.27044774

Really? I'd never heard of her until now. Must have been one of the lesser-known -chans.

>> No.27044913

I think she actually ended up with a name, but every picture of her has a bag on her head for obvious reasons.

>> No.27044927

I lost it.

>> No.27045120

How did I miss that the first time around?

>> No.27045319

Okay, I lied. Finished six rough sketches of...I'm gonna limit myself to a dozen Imperium-tans on this one. Will clean up when I get home. i got to get back to work or these calculations will not get done.

What I'm saying is, if you stop in a recently built, shitty motel somewhere in west Texas, don't kick the walls too hard. Or plug anything into the outlets. Or really, just keep on going.

>> No.27045449

Or better yet, don't stop in a recently built, shitty motel somewhere in west Texas.

Don't forget about the xenos, though.

>> No.27045613

>Or better yet, don't stop in a recently built, shitty motel somewhere in west Texas.
I think he already said that
>Or really, just keep on going.

But really, don't forget about the xenos. We already have plenty of Imperium-tans. Not that more wont be appreciated, its just that xenos need some love too.

>> No.27046000

The xenos always need more love.

>> No.27046071

This thread...I like it.

>> No.27046241

I agree with him. That drawfag's gotta get here sooner or later.

>> No.27046302

You go my sensibly dressed sister!

Well isn't the average American Breast Cup size a D?
And if anyone would be wearing a properly fitted Bra, it'd be Reasonable...

...Pre or Post Mutation?

I'm pretty sure 90% of Artist start drawing so they can make porn...

Is she that one labeled "Female Orgyn Combat Instructor?"
...Because she's alright looking.

>> No.27046887

>90% of Artist start drawing so they can make porn
On 4chan this number is closer to 100%.

>> No.27046954


Really? I would think its closer to 99% than 100%

>> No.27046983

I rounded up. It's more like 99.5%.

>> No.27047694

Are you nearly done yet? I'm still waiting.

If any other drawfags want to help, go ahead and do so.

>> No.27048191

>> No.27048717

Her boyfriend is Risk Aware (K)Consensual Kraken

Mousnchi rank

>> No.27048799

>Even tentacle monsters should abide by that.
Isn't that mostly just extreme fingering? Sure, they should was their appendages before and after use, but unless they're gentacles, orifice tentacles, or other fluid emitting tentacles, you shouldn't have to worry about diseases.

>> No.27049003

Unless they're associated with Nurgle, in which case it's too late.

>> No.27049653

Is that drawfag back yet? It can't take him THAT long to get home.

>> No.27049687

Cool your jets, drawfagging is a courtesy.

>> No.27049729

His last post (as far as I know) was nearly four hours ago, so it's not surprising some anons would get a little impatient.

>> No.27049741

Maybe he's dead?

>> No.27049759

Rolled 1

that's flexed, it's called flaring your lats.

>> No.27049771

I'm pretty sure that it's common courtesy to have the next of kin to post something confirming that when that happens.

>> No.27049794

>milf gaunt
I swear, there's only like three images of this character.
That is far too few.

>> No.27049821

I didn't know that character existed before that chart.

How do you tell what sex a Gaunt is anyway?

>> No.27049875

the tiddies didnt give it away?

>> No.27049893

One can never be too sure.

>> No.27050112

Rolled 34

There's a whole series of pics of milf gaunt on a date with.. a tau or eldar chick. Its been a long time since I've seen them. And when I mean on a date, it starts off that way and then quickly becomes lesbian porn between drastically different sized women.

If anyone has that, I would be soooo happy.

>> No.27050158

>If anyone has that, I would be soooo happy.
Gonna second this one

>> No.27050261


>3 images

And yet you've only posted one...

>> No.27050263

The bugs aren't my thing, but it'll tide us over until the new boob chart is made. We still have over 100 posts left until autosage, so it shouldn't hurt.

Worst case, I'll just restart the thread another time and hope it attracts more attention. I thought we had more drawfags than this, though- where did they all go?

>> No.27050306

Did your image go to someone in /sp/?

>> No.27050326


> Milf Gaunt
> Size of a tank

I'm fairly certain that's a Tyrant.

>> No.27050336


That is not the image i posted. i don't even know where that came from.

>> No.27050367

It happens. Try posting it again.

>> No.27050372

Some of them are 2lewd4/tg/, and the others I'm not even sure are the same character.
I mean, the bugs all look the same to me. I can barely tell the difference between a Zerg and a Nid most of the time.

>> No.27050374

>The bugs aren't my thing
Same, but size mismatched interspecies lesbians totally are.

>> No.27050392


>can't into censoring

>> No.27050432

I fear the banhammer too much to just spoiler it, and I'm not going to butcher the image with black bars.
Last SFW image, BTW.

>> No.27050514

A question to the femanons, is that even hot? In this case, what alternative would you suggest?

>> No.27050535


COWARD! If you will not serve the image board, you will serve on the FIRING LINE!

>> No.27050621


>> No.27050675

you can upload it to another image site and link it here without a ban.

>> No.27050685

Just post it in the monstergirl or xeno thread on /d/ and link us/tell us its there.

>> No.27050749

Do that with any Eldar or Dark Eldar pics you might have too, by the way.

>> No.27050783

Working on it.

>> No.27051000

>no Gas-mask

>> No.27051132

hey, doomed hotel drawfag here. rumors of my dead have been only slightly exaggerated. Back from work, scanning, making coffee. I was thinking on the krieg chan problem and its mostly how to differentiate her from karskin and chem since they have masks too. I'm guessing the situation is to give her the Krieg pickelhaub.

>> No.27051196

Do it fagget

>> No.27051262

>>Doomed Hotel

I think someone just picked his drawfag handle

>> No.27051411

Chem-chan would have that wispy Tank Girl-style hair, and all of their gas masks do look visibly different (Kasrkin's is built into a helmet, Chem-Chan's just covers her mouth and nose, etc.)

>> No.27051423

Full-face masc?!

>> No.27052178

Into the collection they go.

>> No.27052429 [DELETED] 


Bluh, lots of details to hammer out, but yeah. Hands are hard, foremost, also lots of overlaps and etc. More incoming over the course of this weekend.

>> No.27052647

Bluh, lots of details to hammer out, but yeah. Hands to hammerout, foremost. Also lots of overlaps and etc. More incoming over the course of this weekend. Deleted previous upload since she was too wide/jacked, and the transparency was bugging out for some reason.

>> No.27052961

I am excite.

>> No.27053090

Got any more? Even incomplete stuff is fine.

>> No.27053148

>retrieve arms

>> No.27053266

As an aside, does anyone else remember reading about a Crusade era human world which used power armored troops?

Astartes eventually beat them but they gave a good showing.

>> No.27053270

Might I suggest posting it during Sunday's smut thread? Those guys go apeshit for that kind of thing.

>> No.27053521


>> No.27053666

Is that a nighttime /tg/? I tried posting old stuff but we had a mod lurking over the thread like batman and I got banhammered.

Just the really really incomplete sketches I did. I'm hesitant to post them since while I appreciate that someone will save them, eventually they'll get continuously reposted, possibly instead of the finished product. When I refine some of them some more I'll put them up. I'm sure this thread will die and be remade a few times over the weekend. Or that smut thing on sunday.

>> No.27053791

The Interex?

>> No.27053815

>There are no girls on the internet.

>> No.27054096

> We're suddenly on /b/

>> No.27054120


It's mostly a thread that's signified as being lewd from the start. While NSFW images aren't allowed still, smutfics/etc usually are fine if you either spoiler them or link to them. So, I guess in this case, you'll need to post the image(s) up on 1d4chan (or somewhere else) and then link us to them.

>> No.27054941

It's mostly smutfics and the like, but drawfagging is still much appreciated. Even an imgur link will work just fine.

>> No.27055576


I hope my autism doesn't get worse and I start doing the japanese hentai artist thing where I post 50 fucking minor permutations of a single picture.

I think this'll wrap it up for tonight. Got a half day of work tommorow, then errands. Hopefully something by the afternoon/evening on new characters.

>> No.27055910

Just move to a different character if the temptation gets too great. I can't be sure that this thread will survive that long, but if it doesn't just make a thread with it as the OP.

>> No.27057038


>> No.27057182

99% IS closer to 100% than it is to 90%.

>> No.27057863


two bong

>> No.27059927

just here to bump this thread

>> No.27061911


>> No.27061928

why are you bumping a shit thread?

>> No.27062178

because pic related. If you don't like it just hide you... you... double heretic

>> No.27062451

Oi, you need to post the uncensored version on that /d/ thread. >>27050783 Can't leave us hanging like this.

>> No.27062680

You're gay, aren't you?

>> No.27062721


Posted. I have more from the same artist, but I didn't see much point in posting it.

>> No.27062748

Sure he /could/ hide the thread with a single click, but that would be reasonable, considerate, and all and all a more efficient use of his time than bitching, so naturally he won't.

>> No.27063298

They never do.

>> No.27063956


Posted more over on /d/, for those interested, but ran out of said artist's stuff.

>> No.27065901


I need this because of reasons.

>> No.27066052

Look at the /d/ thread linked to>>27050783
I think it might be there.

>> No.27067633

Bumping because i can.

>> No.27069955 [DELETED] 

Speak of the devil and he shall appear

>> No.27069969 [DELETED] 

>shitty dickgirl edits
Goddamn do I hate /d/.

>> No.27070098 [DELETED] 


that's the original

>> No.27070131 [DELETED] 

The least you could have done is slap a spoiler tag on that.

>> No.27070153 [DELETED] 

This is a blue board. No fun allowed.

>> No.27070168 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 

Fixed for the chilluns

>> No.27073578

In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only boobs...

>> No.27073631

for all of its cheesecake, most /tg/ waifus are actually LESS fetishistic than default SoBs with spiked boobplate, power corsets, and high-heels.

>> No.27073739

Not enough of them, I say.

>> No.27073788

>there is only boobs...
Actually, theres a whole lotta hips n ass, too. And ears of both elf and cat variety. And fluffy tails. And tentacles, if you're into the multipurpose waifus.

>> No.27074523

I know. The next smuthread can't come soon enough.

>> No.27077162

There can never be enough boobs.

>> No.27080016

>Multipurpose Tentacles
Now you know why Vagina Anemone is WAY better than a penis...
...I'd like to see a dick type 120 words per minute...

That is why we shall not stop... UNTIL EVERY MORTAL HAS AT LEAST ONE PAIR!!!

>> No.27080354

>That is why we shall not stop... UNTIL EVERY MORTAL HAS AT LEAST ONE PAIR!!!

I see your fatbeard program is succeeding nicely.

>> No.27084156

Indeed, though we do need to work on making that adipose more boob and less blob...

>> No.27084436

And there's also the problem that boobs do not look good on men. Don't ask why, that's just the way it is.

>> No.27084497

if in doubt, just have each male's pair applied to the nearest female as an additional pair, boobs by proxy are still boobs right?

>> No.27085097 [DELETED] 

>Implying they'd STAY men...
Do you even Feminazi Anon?

>> No.27085190 [DELETED] 

Take it to /d/

>> No.27086323 [DELETED] 

We already did.

>> No.27089339

Better yet, let's turn all the men into women!
Then there will be NO shortage of breasts ANYWHERE!!!

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