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Does /tg/ still want to be the little girl?

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Is that a new image, or did this somehow avoid the 1d4chan page?

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The day /tg/ ceases to wish to be the little girl is the day /tg/ is no more.

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God I hope not. They're so obnoxious about it.

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Some of us already are.

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Well, that's a picture I'm going to have to save when I get home.

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>eat all the semen
>never lift a weight

Come on dudette, never lift a weight is a bad idea for cis- and transwomen. Don't lift too much while you're full of T, but lift something. It's good for you.

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Technically I want to -raise- the little girl.
Which I guess is something that needs to exist in a sea of people who want to be the little girl.

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Tempted to try this. I've already got girly limbs, a decent ass and lovely hair. It would be good for a larf if nothing else.

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Find and support someone through transition~

Helps if you don't be a creepy chaser and just generally support them as a friend and don't try to fuck them, though.

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You betcha sweet checks.

Now get off my fucking piano.

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sorry bro, anyone who's legally becoming a girl is very much of the age they aren't a little one any more.
Unless they invented backwards-aging sex changes.

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>It would be good for a larf if nothing else.
a larf?

is that what the hip young kids are calling it these days?

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Height is relative, so you don't have to get smaller, you just have to make everyone else taller.

And that's why I lace the local resevoirs with growth hormones.

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the point is, they won't really need much of the "raising", by traditional definitions.

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"It would amuse me greatly if I was feminine enough to be mistaken for a female."


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>hip young kids

if by hip young kids you mean 40-50 year old farmers from Somerset England then yes.... because it be day dat tall'c loike dat 'round 'ear.

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Cider is good for promoting estrogen production! Drink more cider!

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Fuck, I've already done two dumps tonight... Whatever, cultist dump.

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It is delicious and deliciously alcoholic, a match made in lightweight crossdresser heaven.

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Don't be bashin' on cider now. That and Mead are the drink of Men.

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Men AND women. Cider owns.

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Damn true, I love Ace and Angry Orchard personally. Been trying to get my hands on some Original Sin, but apparently that's an East Coast thing.

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>Tfw tons of your cultist is NSFW

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I might try this. The annoying thing at the moment is my facial hair is enough to destroy the potential for being a trap but so pathetic I'd never have a beard in a million years.
Mostly I just want an excuse to have a hair-braid thingy like this...

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>East Coast
>Not living in SW england
condolences, me lover.

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Yeah, I'm actually in Commiefornia. We've got Ace as a local brew, and Angry Orchard as a good national. We're going to be making our own soon. (2 batches of beer finish up next month, A "Scottish Wee Heavy" and a Dark Brown, Medium hop signature, with honey and Brown Sugar)

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>The annoying thing at the moment is my facial hair is enough to destroy the potential for being a trap but so pathetic I'd never have a beard in a million years.

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I fully agree.

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>Weight Training is bad
>Lift dumbells
And hey, what's wrong with having weak arms? Maybe i want to be easily overpowered because I have rape fantasies.

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What they're talking about is Low Weight/High Rep. It makes tightly corded muscles for definition, rather than large, bulging muscles. Swimming would be more advised. It makes you much more lithe, and works all the areas.

And it's not about being weak, it's about being defined.

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>dat braid

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You can do that as a dude. Just have it thick enough to braid bones or some manly looking beads/carvings into it.

Cap'n Jack can get away with it.

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Ok, thank you for clarification.

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Maybe I should try that couch to 5k thing

Maybe not

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A bit of strength is really useful for fucking in new and exciting positions.

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>One of my old requests. /x/-tan Cultist.
Hey, no problem. I was doing some pretty rigorous training with a Marine a little while ago til I got injured (Tore my Cruciate Ligament and injured my ACL), so I've been doing nothing but plotting my regimen once I get back up from my surgery.

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As a dom... This. I hate it when my sub can't help out with new stuff because her core is too weak.

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Jack Sparrow is not a paragon of masculinity...

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Say that to him...

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Can you give examples?

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what kind of Dom are you? Whenever I have that problem I just ridicule her about it and let her know Im dissapointed until she does something.

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It wouldn't be /tg/ if I didn't want to be the little girl.

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This one time I had her ankles bound behind her head, tied in a half hitch to the bed post. She held it for maybe 10 minutes before it started to hurt, and we had to undo it and re-tie her into a different position.
The kind that takes care of his sub. Safe, Sane, Consensual. Ridiculing them if their body can't handle something is a sure fire way to fuck up hard later down the road. I do aerial suspensions and long term ties, that's a good way to permanently injure someone.

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>captcha: psbotec cult-titles

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See If that were the case, I'd just end up mentally suppressing the pain. I'm not the strongest, but I have incredible willpower.

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That's bad. Pain exists for a reason. An improper position can reduce blood flow from the limbs, leading to partial paralysis, blood clots, etc, etc.

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I suffer for my loved ones.
But yes I am aware. Health is important to me but I'm also a bit of a masochist. If things get too severe I'll mention it, i do know my own limits.

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That's fine and dandy, but remember, communication is key in situations as such. It's up to you and your dom on what you can handle. Headspace changes.

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>Another of my requests.

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>communication is key
I say this so often to everyone i meet, they often agree but they never practice it. It's rather infuriating and has been the bane of many relationships. TALK TO ME DAMNIT!

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Doubly important when you risk maiming someone, or otherwise permanent injury. It's an undervalued tool in all walks in life.

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Yeah, that's a good way to tear a ligament or a muscle or lose a limb from loss of circulation - it's also stupid in terms of the relationship, because if something does go wrong the dom will get fucked up emotionally over it, and if you tell them "well I was suppressing the pain past the limits of my body" they can't trust you to give them the cues they need to do bondage on you SAFELY.

And that is legitimately a reason to break up with you, simply because you're not taking into account their need to know where your limits are so they don't override them.

This is the thing that annoys me about news media who go "oh those bondage fetishists are weird and scary, shun them shun them" is that BDSM based relationships tend to be really amazingly emotionally mature, more so than a lot of much more vanilla relationships.

Of course the ones that aren't tend to be less BDSM and more "abusive relationships with the occasional bouts of very dull rope play."
/BDSM rant

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As long as you keep in mind that pain is the flashing light on the dashboard of your body.

The body is an amazing machine, and yeah it's fun to push your machines to the edge, you've got to avoid breaking them. No matter how satisfying it is.

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>Another one of mine.

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>BDSM scary and kinky
PFFFFT, it's so damn common these days it's practically the new vanilla.

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This is why communities exist, and things like Folsom Street Fair exist. A large part of it is educating the community about being S.S.C.
Some of it is. The light stuff, maybe some instant ties, cheap handcuffs, and other "50 Shades of Gray" bullshit. Proper BDSM is still rather underground, and when people get out of their depth, people get hurt.

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I'm aware of these things, perhaps i should have been more clear.
If something is utterly painful, yes i'm going to tell you.
If I'm just 'uncomfortable', then i'll probably just deal with it.
I never do anything that can permenantly damage me and i always take these things under consideration. But the satisfaction of my partner comes before my own.

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Owow, I wasn't even in my big cultist folder...

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In short

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So why are there like no dom women ever? Or if there are, they're those insane egotistical ones who demand you refer to them as 'goddess'. I've never once heard of a guy demanding to be called god in the bdsm community.

That and all the women I've dated who claimed to be dom were LIARS. I mean sure, they'd get a little aggressive maybe once or twice but at the end of the day they still want you to plow them as hard as you can. It's really irritating that men are just expected to take on the aggressive dom/top role.

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She's starting to sound Israeli.

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If I needed a single picture to show how Cultist is awesome, this would be it. Because fuck this guy.

True enough, no point teaching my grandmother to suck eggs, after all.

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>dat jo-jo pose.

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They're normally lesbians. An aggressive/dominant nature normally leads to a temperament that wants to assert themselves over other women. As far as the Egotistical thing goes, it's because they're a rare breed. They're uncommon, and not used to being told "No."

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I know a few. They're really not liars? Maybe you're just meeting shitty ones.

>I've never once heard of a guy demanding to be called god in the bdsm community.
Heh. You have either all or none of the luck. You're meeting the terrible women, but somehow avoiding the even worse men.

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>Maybe you're just meeting shitty ones.
Very possible.

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God if that ain't the truth. Had one guy message my sub "You shall henceforth referrer to me as "Your Worship," You will send me a picture of you prostrate in worship each morning..." continued on for 4 paragraphs. It was literally the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen (Besides the gay guy who wanted to lick peanut butter off my shaved head. That was weird.)

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To be fair I've only really 'been' with 2 men and 2 women. So it's not a huge pool of knowledge to draw from. The women were bitches and switches and the men were whiney cunts who were trying to throw their bravado around to make up for their lack of self confidence in their lives. And I just can't take you seriously when you're trying to dominate me when at other times you're whining and contemplating suicide because your life is shitty.

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>Another of my requests.

>> No.27000871

Ew, that's fucking disgusting. Peanut butter? Horrible stuff.

A lot of men seem to think a dream BDSM lifestyle~~~ is a 1950s nostalgia relationship where they get to be abusive and ignore their partner and still have dinner on the table when they get home.

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Torture Machine is a twat.

>> No.27000882

Wow, yeah, that's terrible. Best of luck finding better partners for sure. Switches are normally pretty disappointing by nature because they can't commit to one role or another.
Yeah, that is more and more common. Also; The fratboys are getting into the scene because easy pussy.

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Torture Device is a bit of a dick, in my opinion at least. If he doesn't like Cultist, it just makes her better.

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Hey, Jo and/or Collector, in the off chance either of you are lurking, do you happen to have the fixed version of this picture? That one lacks a crotch, and I know there's version with it.

>> No.27000898

>Switches are normally pretty disappointing by nature because they can't commit to one role or another.
and bisexuals, man, they always cheat on you right?

Good switches are great because they have experience and feels so they have a better idea of what they're doing.

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Sadly I'm neither. However, if I see them, I'll make sure to get it from them. Lemme do some digging, see if I can't find it.

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Well in my experience, switch is just a way of saying "I'm actually a sub who maybe has a dominant streak once or twice a month."
I know that's not all of the people out there but I've just had bad experiences with them.

>> No.27000908

My sub is a chick who thought she was a switch, I've since convinced her otherwise, and the bi thing comes in handy when you want to drag other chicks to bed with you anyways.

Been together 5 years now, she's never even thought of cheating as far as I can tell, and we're always checking out/bringing home the same chicks, so it's pretty nice.

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High classified Inquisition Materials from Japan showing Cultist infiltrating and Imperial World.

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Ugh, i once had a guy who constantly wanted new pictures of me. I mean yes, i fucking LOVE showing off my slutty body to people but not every single goddamn day. It becomes a chore then and it's really off-putting. That and I hold myself to high standards and I don't really think I'm at the point where I should be flinging pictures around anyway.

Mostly I just need to figure out how to keep my skin smooth and hairless for longer periods of time and figure out how to work with my bone structure in my face to be more photogenic. But really, taking pics every day is just annoying.

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Torture machine needed a fedora.

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Great, now this shit is turning into /d/. Unless your make your sub dress up as cultist, I guess that works.

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>turning into /d/
/tg/ has always been /d/-lite
and honestly? I find /d/ to be pretty tame compared to my own kinks. But I wont get into that.

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/tg/ is /d/-lite. Have a krieger instead.

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>> No.27001023

...Yeah, that's true.

>> No.27001025

>anything by that artist

>> No.27001030


Bondage is hardly /d/ these days. Why you ask? Because bondage doesn't always involve dicks.

>> No.27001032


You're forgetting that 3rd E D&D's "use rope" skill makes bdsm /tg/ related. that was how the mods explained it

>> No.27001034

>that semi-transparent loincloth

>> No.27001036

Like i said before, bondage is the new vanilla.

>> No.27001054

/tg/ wants to be the pink archer girl

>> No.27001063

Yes she is.

>> No.27001070

Fuck man, these types are rampant aren't they? They just meet you and they think you are gonna be completely subservient? Fuck those people

>> No.27001076

I'm all for being completely subservient. Buuut not if you're crazy. I have to like you.

>> No.27001080

Or not, as the case my be.

>> No.27001083

That's the issue. It's random people coming up and telling you to get on their knees, spread your asshole, and call them a god...

>> No.27001092

Yeah, I forgot about that.

>> No.27001093

I'm just going to pretend this thread never existed, and the conversation taking place never happened.

>> No.27001098

>random dude messages
>"open ass"
>that's it, that's the message

>> No.27001102

See, you'd have my attention up until the point where i have to call you god.
No, fuck you. You can use my body but I'm not going to worship you. I worship no one.

>> No.27001103

Exactly. I mean i have no problem if you want to be the slave but hell i don't want that.

Tell that to people

>> No.27001106

For the best.

I lol'd.

>> No.27001114

You must be new here. This is a very common thing from the olden days of /tg/.
A good Dom makes you worship and beg for every inch, desire incarnate. They make it feel as if you're incomplete without them, that you can't dream of higher pleasure than being with them. What's closer to godliness than that?

>> No.27001117

Loincloths are one of the sexiest things known to man.

>> No.27001123

Yeah, but don't they have to make you feel that first?

>> No.27001124

Actually being a god?

>> No.27001127

I'll beg but i wont worship. It mostly stems from my absolute hatred of religions and it always seems like they're trying to put themselves into that role.

>> No.27001136

I'm also a complete slut, 1 dick isn't enough for me.

>> No.27001138

Wait, what?

>> No.27001141

That fedora's gonna keep you from being passable.

>> No.27001147

TortureMachine's a chick bro.

>> No.27001149

What are you talking about? I don't wear fedoras. Fedoras are gay.

>> No.27001152

I thought /tg/ grew out of the little girl phase and now wants to be the little lich?

>> No.27001157

So are you, but the fedora's are polite enough not to mention it in front of company.

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>> No.27001178


The oversized Aerosmith T-Shirt disagrees with you.

>> No.27001181

No idea what you're rambling on about but whatever.

>> No.27001192

Well they did say 'one of', so I guess they can both be?

>> No.27001195

>Not The Blackest of Sabbaths.

>> No.27001201

I think I remember someone a while back storytimed a character of there's which was a little girl lich...

>> No.27001217

Doesn't Skyrim have a little girl lich? Or a little girl vampire?

>> No.27001247


And she is genre savvy enough to use it

>> No.27001287


>all the girls are monsters
>all the boys are whores

>> No.27001310

i'm ok with this

>> No.27001322


>> No.27001325

If a bitch is the opposite of a butch, does that make a lich the apposite of a lucha?

>> No.27001326

>40k is serious business
>no fun allowed

>> No.27001338

...I don't know how to respond to that.


>> No.27001367

If an anonymous imageboard is what passes as company to you, I'm going to suggest you re-asses your life.

>> No.27001388

Why? You're all people aren't you? unless you fuckers have been dogs the whole time without telling me. Fucking unforgivable.

>> No.27001442

Bark bark!

>*He's onto us!*

>> No.27001456

You sonsabitches, that's it! I'm going to /d/! At least they'll love me there!

>> No.27001466 [SPOILER] 


Haha, of course we're not DOGS.

We're australian.

>> No.27001478

Now why would you think that?

>> No.27001489

The opinions of owls are valued, dogs are dipshits however. Ergo, I was hoping you were all owls and not dogs.

>> No.27001551


>> No.27001552

Band of choice depending on personal preference.
ow we can ALL be happy.

>> No.27001570

Is this a beastiality thread now?

>> No.27001584

We can't all be happy because i'm not happy unless i'm drinking your tears.

>> No.27001592

o, beastiality is forbidden. This thread is about strictly platonic relationships with animals.

>> No.27001604

Dio was always better than Ozzy. Dude knew how to rock a song about rainbows and dragons and shit, wore a cape, and introduced the motherfucking horns to metal.

The horns, man.

That was Dio, because Ozzy threw the peace sign at his fans and Dio wanted something similar but didn't want to just copy Ozzy.


>> No.27001613

forbidden you say?

>> No.27001652

We can like both for different reasons.

>> No.27001661

I like Ozzy too, but Dio is superior in every way except for, you know, living.

>> No.27001685

>> No.27001813

>Does /tg/ still want to be the little girl?
Thats /a/ you cumslurper. /tg/ just raise the little monstergirl.

>> No.27001823


confirmed for neckbeard faggots

>> No.27001824

Have a lolich.
We INVENTED the lolich.

>> No.27001847

you got part 1

>> No.27001849

>> No.27001863

And fuck their moms.

>> No.27001880

Its just the same thing with less text. I do have these, though.

>> No.27001885

>> No.27001893

Well of course. Thats how it works, you know.

>> No.27001913

Just noting we don't go around adopting the cute little abominations, we home brew them.

>> No.27001933

No, we want to be the little girl. It's just one of those things that /tg/ does.

>> No.27002012

Love it!

>> No.27002040

Sounds like it comes from the Czech Republic.

>> No.27002336


Man what is going on. I request a futa fic in one thread and everyone tells me to go to /d/, and then this thread pops up and everyone is like "yeah man we're into traps, bondage and we're all gay."

It's almost like more than one kind of person inhabits these boards.

>> No.27002450

Welcome to /tg/.

>> No.27002745

Cultist actually looks really fine in that.

>> No.27002983

>we don't go around adopting the cute little abominations
No we do that, too.

>> No.27003003

>/d/ shits all over smut threads as well as making their own shitty offtopic threads
Oh look at that, /d/ shits up this board in more than one way. Real big surprise.

>> No.27003093


>Fapfic threads
>Not offtopic just as much as this one
>Implying /d/ made this one


>> No.27003128

>trapshit and gayshit
>not /d/s favorite
Whatever you say.

>> No.27003298

That's not how you spell futa.

>> No.27003338

>implying /d/ doesnt have 10 threads devoted to each individual form of futa and/or trap at any given time.
I just wish they would stop leaking their shit into /tg/

>> No.27003414

I see there are a lot of Sister of Battle and Cultist pics. Is there any writing to go with them?

>> No.27003434

>Is there any writing to go with them?
No, it was just Mr. Culexus and his terrible, terrible shipping

>> No.27003445

That is terrible.

>> No.27003478

just tried this

his first guess was the bitch from My Immortal

>> No.27003533


>> No.27003544

>dose orky boots

>> No.27003592

>200+ posts
Janitors suck.

>> No.27003671


Believe me, we know.

>> No.27003674

Do you by chance browse /k/?

>> No.27003686

Do I look like a weeaboo to you, faggot?

>> No.27004009

>no beef
>no pork
>no red meat


>> No.27004098

It's not NO red meat, it's LESS red meat. You can still have a steak once in a while.

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