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General art and /tg/ related Dump thread, Mk. 2.

I'll be at this for a few more hours I think.

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Hmm... nWoD I can do quick and ugly. A lot I'm tempted to do there. Not sure if Mage, Changeling, or Promethean.

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Yea I had a chick that always told everyone about how she went to a Asylum as a kid and now "Neil Gaiman Is The Only Reason I'm Sane". Meanwhile I've never told anyone about it and felt like that meant I didn't have problems.

Those fuckers didn't mess me up or anything, but for years I thought I needed to have stories to be sick in the head. Kept me from looking for help for years.

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Was going to do Hunter or Mage myself, chances are Hunter, though I normally deal with OWoD. Hunter: The Reckoning was just too much fun for me.
Eh, only ever went once, and that was for a suicide watch when I was young, dumb, and determined. Got stabbed with a plastic fork, that's about all that ever happened there.

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Not sure when I'll use the Immortal Brothers, but I'm pretty sure you'd be the main villians in either my Kamen Rider Promethean game or my 80s Horror Geist Game

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Good Lord...

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I'm still pretty terrified of those places. So long story short my brand of crazy is a weird mental break that acts like multiple personalities except we're aware and talk to each other. We feel alive and shit so the idea of medicine taking us away is fucking terrifying, ya dig?

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I'll see what I can do, it's been forever since I've rolled up a character in WoD.

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Pretty rough brother.

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Fuck /tg/ is a weird place. I should be sleeping but this is so interesting.

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I got help. Helped kind of. The meds sure didn't. The meditation and the control over my bodily faculties did. Goes a long way to making you feel sane again.
But most of my stories are just disconcerting "I can't be sure it wasn't real crap".
Like one time when I was in Savannah, Georgia with my grandfather and I wandered out of the hotel to go down to the wharf and find a drink. I thought it was really odd that everyone was in like 1860 period costume and was getting a lot of odd looks. Ended up just wandering around for like an hour and figured it was some weird fucking ren faire style bullshit before returning to the hotel. Opened the door and my grandfather asked me why I was back so soon. Looked down at my watch and it'd been like five minutes. Ended up feeling really fucking weirded out and went back down to the wharf to find everything absolutely fucking normal. Ended up not sleeping for like four days after that. Nearly had a nervous break, couldn't eat, hardly could drink. That's one not even the shrink had heard.

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The weirdest, but also the best.

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So long as you're good company...

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A few of these are from Cutest Krieger quest, which was terrible, but adorable all the same.

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You're entitled to your opinions Brother.

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Fuck man. I got a story myself.

So when I was like 15 I was weird and pimply and wanted a girl bad. I had this fucking awesome dream (always had lucid dreams) that felt real. For three months in that dream I dated a girl, this redhead I met at a comic shop.

Two years later I met a redhead at a comic shop and dated her for three months. Then she dissapeared. Didn't work at the same place, didn't live at the same place, only thing that made sure she was real was that her phone still had a message machine with her voice on it. I thought I had snapped, and shortly after that I did. I thought I was in a dream and had to die to wake up, but since I'd never convinced myself to commit suicide before no matter how many times I tried it didn't happen. So I just started hurting myself and shit, real nasty. Eventually I got better and now I have real fears about not waking up from dreams.

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do you do requests?

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One of my worst fears, in truth. That and the thought of being a creation of someone else's imagination/dreams, and subject to their whims, or deletion. Shit's nutty.

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What'cha looking for? Hopefully I'll have it.

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Man sometimes you gotta just sit back and realize how nutty it is that THAT'S your greatest fear. That you might be dreaming. Back when I was a little kid I would have never thought I was this fucked up ya know?

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D├Żou happen to have horror stuff? Looking for wolfman in particular. Otherwise general cyberpunk is fine ofcourse,

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TBH with all my past "holy fuck I got close to just being a serial killer" shit it made me get a really strong moral fiber. Which of course makes me even more socially awkward as I'm the only guy saying "no you asshole cheating is fucking wrong".

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Alright I gotta sleep. Night crazy anons. Wish me luck on waking up.

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>real dreams of the future
>fat weird pimply 15 year old dating redhead

Hey wow. Kind of a coincidence there.

Of course my redhead didn't disappear, we were together for years, but hey.

Now that dreams of the future thing. Happens to me a lot. I really want to say it's just deja vu, but I fucking remember all those dreams vividly. Mine are never really long, just a couple minutes of totally unimportant shit (a segment of a conversation usually).

Now does this happen to a lot of people or is this weird? I've asked a few people about it and gotten mixed answers.

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When I was a kid I had this massive fixation on Death. Not what comes after, not how I'll die, but just the process and feeling or non-feeling of death. Would I feel my mind slowly slipping away? Will I know exactly what's happening? What goes first? Sight, smell, touch, taste? Does the last thing you see determine what comes after?

I'd stare at the darkness for hours worrying about it. Lost days of sleep over the years to that thought alone.
I'll see what I can dig up.

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Had that same shit. Met my girlfriends dad in my dreams years before I knew her. Dude's a total bro, but all our conversations are full of Deja Vu.

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I was watching MLP and I could remember an entire episode from years before it was made.
As in, could quote what characters were gonna say before they said it.
I had never watched it before, except in a dream

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Yeah... My big fear is absolute oblivion. Not even death, I don't think I'd mind being dead to be honest. My problem is the fact that part of me knows that I'm a random accumulation of crap slowly going crazy that hates being crazy but also hates the idea of not being here at all. Ended up tasting every bit of mysticism I could find in order to shake off the nihilism and ended up just settling on the fact that dwelling on the fact that it is highly probable that after the end of my existence there will be nothing is pointless.

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These are great

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I look at Oblivion as being removed from all time lines, so you never would have existed in the first place, ergo, cannot feel fear about it. It's essentially saying "Why would I worry about getting shot if I was never there in the first place?"

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>Oh Vlad.jpg

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Do you have more of these Slasher type of dudes?

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Quick reply is being weird.

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I'm sure I've got them somewhere. Got about 20k files total.

Warning, pretty disturbing picture.

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what the actual fuck

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Pretty much my reaction.

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GM looking for our BBEG counterparts, was there a particular experience level you're looking for? If you haven't one I'll post the file as if they were a fresh character and let you work from there.

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First, what is going on here? Second, is that by the person that used to do Castlevania art?

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Not positive if he's just stealing the remains or not, and I don't believe so. I haven't found any clear indication yes or no.

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You're doing a great job, anon!

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Thanks, glad you're enjoying it.

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Anyone else remember Mighty Max?

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Aiming for the get

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Does anybody have /tg/ related screensavers?

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And here you are good sir.

They call this dealer the devil
Come here straight from hell
But Mister Scratch can scratch your itch
And Scratch will scratch it well

I didn't know what XP level you wanted so I just made a base level character you can upgrade at will. A manipulator, a conqueror through other's hands, a puppeteer, not the puppet. At least he thinks.

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DO I? Yes. Yes, I do.

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Damn, missed it by 1.

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/tg/ related wallpapers now.
I'll work on mine with yours as a base, haven't created anything in NWoD.

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Should turn out fun for them regardless. I can't believe it took my players three games to realize that the lawyer they were contracting through was the devil though. This is in spite of the fact that referring to the Devil as Stan is a running gag.

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this is a fantastic dump. will you continue it into another thread?

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And now I'm bored and going to post some of the art that's been made for the games I've run. Most of my other /tg/ related stuff is on a hard drive at another house.

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Gods this one is hard to explain in a sane fashion.

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Can I get baroque, visceral cyborgs please?

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Contrary to popular belief, "visceral" doesn't mean "horrific" or "grotesque", it just refers to "gut feelings". It's only because it's so often used to refer to expressionist works that happen to be horrific and grotesque that the confusion occurs.

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Can I get baroque, "horrific" or "grotesque" cyborgs please?

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After our resident drawfags party scribblings all I've really got in that department are giant robots and shit, sadly. And some power armor designs. I wish I had some of the concept drawings for the tarot deck I'm making uploaded. Lots of monsters and /tg/ themes there

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I'll see what I can do.

Here you go, BBEG Guy. Dunno how I did, but hey, it's been 8 years since I touched a Whitewolf game.

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Doesn't look like it saved properly. Nothing recorded

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Well that's lame.

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It's shitty, but whatever, it works.

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Back to what I was doing before!

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Need some death deities, anyone got any?

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the guy who was looking for werewolves still around? I might've found a few.

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Yes, yes I am! Thank you

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No problem good sir. Hope they help, I'll post more if I find 'em.

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Image limit reached! Good going guys!

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I second this.

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Good werewolf art is so hard to find. I don't understand why so many artists think that humans, not inherently hard on the eyes at all, and wolves, also not inherently hard on the eyes either, need to combine to make something very gritty and ugly. And those who don't come to that conclusion go too far the opposite direction instead. So few designs fall in the sweet spot in the middle.

Also, while it's less of a problem, artists also like to make them super muscle bulky a lot, which is another aspect that isn't intrinsic to humans or wolves. And for that matter, why get overall bigger? Wolves aren't bigger than humans.

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Currently dumping over here, however, if I get burned out on it, I'll do a third thread. If you guys wish to start a third thread, I'll hop in and dump there too.


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Got one over here then

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Hah. Nice to see something I drew posted.

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