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You also hate-fucked Slannesh into the universe. Thanks assholes.

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It's been a while since we've had one of these threads.

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Wait, are you the race the necron created alongside the orks to be their bitches? I don't see ork numbers dwindling...

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Awesome mini.

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Eldar, on the other side...

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Hows that working out for you these days?

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If the Eldar didn't want to die so much maybe they should stop attacking people.

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yeah once, you old wash ups, meanwhile the NEcrons still can make them live and die at command

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> Had thousands of years to kill the Necrons in their sleep
> Instead fuck the God of strippers and blackjack into existence

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Hey, what's going on in this thread?

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>not being grateful for strippers and blackjack
Do you even heresy?

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I love that one guy giving the thumbs up.

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They are nice every now and again but an excess of them is just boring.

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I think he's actually holding a grenade

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now if they had High Elf Birth rates this would be a sound tactic

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And that's why we need Slaanesh. Bored of strippers? Now the nipples spit acid. I dare you to take your eyes off those tits.

Praise Slaanesh's infinite wisdom.

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No way man he's just that happy to have his sweet ass meltagun.

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>tfw you wish Farsight was this awesome

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hey, even Mon'keigh know to respect the melta gun, remember Jurgen

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Guys, speaking of the orks, can't we all just get along and murder those green skinned abominations? Or find a way to control them?

Remember the Tyranids? those guys are still there, the sentient races of the milky way need to group together to fix that little problem.

Eldar, let the Imperial guard use your webway so they don't lose 50% of their person ell in transit

Tau, get over yourselves and stop trying to be the dominant race, lend us some of those plasma guns

Imperium, stop trying to kill and subjugate everyone. You are the most powerful faction and you are still losing to opponents you don't need to fight. Lend the other factions some of that manpower.

We can do this guys

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I feel like a dick for hijacking this thread, but it is sort of about Eldar. I'm in a campaign as DE. Tau nigga issues me a challenge. I know to get Tau into close combat, but how the FUCK do I combat both a Riptide and these little fucks? (pic related) I mean there's only so much I can do against anti air. My list so far looks like this:

Haemy-Flesh Gauntlet, Stinger Pistol, Liquifier Gun, Animus Vitae
Succubus-Haywire Grenades, Splinter Pistol, Power Lance

Grotesques-4x w/ 1 Liquifier Gun and a Raider w/ Flicker

Kabbies-10x with a splinter cannon in a Raider with Flicker and Splinter Racks
Wracks-10x with 2x liquifier guns and an acothyst with a Hexrifle in a Raider with Flicker
Wyches-5x with haywire grenades and Hekatrix with an Agoniser in a Venom with two splinter cannons and chain snares

Heavy Support
Ravager with Flicker

So my question to you, /tg/ is how to I fucking kill Tau flyers? My limit is 1100 and no named characters.

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> he race the necron created
> alongside the orks
I can't laugh louder.

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Sorry what was that, we killed our way here

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Fuck you asshole we renegade for life.

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Sorry Shepard, I don't think you can charisma your way out of this one

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Hey shepard. I heard you were dead or a hologram or something.

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>Shepard seduces the entire SoB regiment

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as femshep

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Yeah...about that. Not true at all. Some terrible writers got the story all garbled. Can't even get my gender right

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Oh my.

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I figure that would be about the only way Shep could do it.

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>not red-head femshep
Heretic confirmed.

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Or as a 10-15 year old male shep

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Yeah, but he's in backstory mode from 10-15.

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And they don't now. Tell me something, elf. When was the last time your people actually did something other than slide closer to extinction?

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>not blonde bimbo shepard

What are you doing

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And we all know how that turned out.

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>our dreams once overturned worlds and quenched suns

>tfw that was literally true and a pre-Fall Eldar could go to bed only to wake up later and find that he'd accidentally a solar system

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That feel when if the emperor had not been a softie and killed Horus as soon as he could, the empire would have reached heights higher than any previous one.

Sort-of related, would a webway connecting two ( or more ) galaxies possible ?

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As far as we know, Old Ones doesn't build Webway out of Milky Way.

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Notice when the eldar talk about how good they are at something, they talk in past tense.

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>Sort-of related, would a webway connecting two ( or more ) galaxies possible ?


They did, but the Necrons broke them.

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> mfw raid in another galaxy

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you'll get nothing but Tyranids

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High Elf birth rates can't keep up with the death rates.

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A tyranid is fine too.

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Or goats. Tyranids hate goats.

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3e Necron Codex. It says they had an intergalactic network, but it actually got destroyed by warp denizens.

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True, but any time someone mentions some massive feat of human technological prowess they start their sentence with the words, "In the dark age of technology..."
Frankly humanity has been in a downward spiral ever since the Horus Heresy, they create few new wonders and their greatest marvels are built on the bones of their ancient ancestors.
Really they've failed just as hard and fallen just as far as the Eldar have. Renegade or Imperial, humans are all slaves to darkness.

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they do better than Eldar's Zero

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B-but eldar actually do babies.

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*Craftworld* Eldar's zero.
Exodites and DEldar are doing just fine population-wise.

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Actually, both factions' population growth is negative.

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>are you the race the necron created alongside the orks
>the race the necron created alongside the orks
>the race the necron created
>necron created

Well sounds like you totally understand the lore

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>implying any other faction had anything to do with Slaanesh

The reasons for Eldar's current predicament is the Eldar.

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>Imperium, stop trying to kill and subjugate everyone. You are the most powerful faction
>most powerful faction
>The faction with comparatively mediocre numbers and by far the worst technology after orks

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>The faction with comparatively mediocre numbers and by far the worst technology after orks

>yfw the IG are the largest and most diverse army in existence and DAoT technology is easily at the level of Necron and Eldar

Xenos scum.

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>laughing eldar
>as they get raped in literally every circumstance
>they live for hundreds of years, get to the penacle of form and get mowed down by glorified flashlights
>can't even reproduce properly without a fucklong gestation period
>their numbers are quickly going down the shitter
GTFO Xenos, and go learn how to not be useless.

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And I'm asking myself...why won't they take example from the Dark Eldar (the cloning part, not the rape part)?

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>technology is easily at the level of Necron and Eldar
Oh god, you're serious.

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Kotov’s fragile consciousness plunged deeper and deeper, the gossamer-thin lifeline held by Magos Blaylock a tremulous thread in a firestorm of golden light. He saw systems flicker past his floodstream that were as alien to him as anything the most secretive xenotech might dream of in his fevered nightmares, and technological echoes of machines that surely predated the Imperium itself. Power generation that could harness the galactic background radiation to propel ships beyond lightspeed, weapon-tech that could crack open planets and event horizon machines that had the power to drag entire star systems into their light- and time-swallowing embrace.

All this and more dwelled here, ancient data, forgotten lore and locked vaults where the secrets of the ancients had been hidden. In this one, fleeting glance, Kotov realised he had been a fool to drag this proud starship into the howling emptiness of space in search of hidden secrets.

The Speranza was the greatest secret of all, and in its heart it held the truth of all things, the key to unlocking all that the Mechanicus had ever dreamed. Yet that knowledge was sealed behind impenetrable barriers, bound in the heart of the mighty vessel for good reason. The knowledge of the Men of Gold and their ancient ancestors was encoded in its very bones, enmeshed within every diamond helix of its structure.

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Looping targeting arrays for weapons he had never imagined the Speranza possessing and others that he did not understand flashed up before the astrogation and engineering hubs. Azuramagelli and Saiixek backed away from their stations, confused and not a little frightened by this unknown power rising up around them. Stark against the red of the main display, the image of an alien starship resolved itself. It was smooth and graceful, its hull like a tapered gemstone and topped with a vast sail that billowed in the gravitational tempests. Its image flickered and danced as though attempting to conceal itself like a teasing courtesan, but whatever matrices were at work in the heart of the Speranza saw through its glamours with ease.


The flanks of the Speranza shuddered as a weapon system built into its superstructure ground upwards on heavy duty rails. A vast gun tube rose from the angled planes of the Ark Mechanicus like the great menhir of some tribal place of worship being lifted into place. Power readouts, the likes of which had rarely been seen in the Imperium since before the wars of Unity, bloomed within the weapon and a pair of circling tori described twisting arcs around the tapered end of the unveiled barrel. Elements of the technology that had gone into their construction would have been familiar to some of the more esoteric branches of black hole research and relativistic temporal arcana, but their assembled complexity would have baffled even the Fabricator General on Mars.

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Pulsing streams of purple-hued anti-matter and graviton pumps combined in unknowable ways in the heart of a reactor that drew its power from the dark matter that lurked in the spaces between the stars. It was a gun designed to crack open the stately leviathans of ancient void war, a starship killer that delivered the ultimate coup de grace. Without any command authority from the bridge of the Speranza, the weapon unleashed a silent pulse that covered the distance to the Starblade at the speed of light. But even that wasn’t fast enough to catch a ship as nimble as one built by the bonesingers of Biel-Tan and guided by the prescient sight of a farseer. The pulse of dark energy coalesced a hundred kilometres off the vessel’s stern and a miniature black hole exploded into life, dragging in everything within its reach with howling force.

Stellar matter, light and gravity were crushed as they were drawn in and destroyed, and even the Starblade’s speed and manoeuvrability weren’t enough to save it completely as the secondary effect of the weapon’s deadly energies brushed over its solar sail. Chrono-weaponry shifted its target a nanosecond into the past, by which time the subatomic reactions within every molecule had shifted microscopically and forced identical neutrons into the same quantum space. Such a state of being was untenable on a fundamental level, and the resultant release of energy was catastrophic for the vast majority of objects hit by such a weapon.

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>Larger and more diverse than orks
>DAoT humanity not being second banana to the Eldar pre-fall Empire

I'm fucking dying here.

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Won't work because

-It's not cloning
-The fertilized eggs need to be fed pain and suffering through disgusting loathsome technology. What is birthed from that isn't gonna be Craftworld Eldar.
-It's not natural and it's a mockery of Eldar form in both a spiritual and physical sense. The Dark Eldar pureborn look down upon the vatgrown mongrels, what would be the reaction of the Craftworlders?

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Though on the periphery of the streaming waves of chronometric energy, the Starblade’s solar mast detonated as though its internal structure had been threaded with explosive charges. The sail tore free of the ship, ghost images of its previous existence flickering as the psycho-conductive wraithbone screamed in its death throes. Blue flame geysered from the topside of the eldar vessel and the craft lurched away from the force of the blast. Its previously distorted and fragmentary outline became solid, and the circling captains of the Kotov Fleet wasted no time in loosing salvo after salvo of torpedoes at the newly revealed warship.


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Let's compare basic weapons
Eldar: Tear you up with monomolecular-edged shurikens
Necron: Flay you alive at range
Imperial Guard: Zap zap, flashlight.

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Dark Eldar was never clonning. They just accelerate the growth of a child in a artifical womb.

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At least the Eldar should think something about their race dying out. Something like genetically modifying both males and females to be ultra-fertile or something like that.

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The laughter of idiots does not phase me!

>> No.27001404


What is that image meant to prove exactly? That an entire legion can ambush a single vessel that has just been in HELL and has time warped into a situation where they have no idea what's going on?

>> No.27001414

But, you see, the Imperium isn't very good at making more of this complicated technology. The fluff goes on and on about how few Baneblades there are and how they can't have breakfast until they appease the gremlins in their toaster.

Meanwhile, Eldar arm their basic troops with superscience and their biggest technological issue is that they're lacking in Eldar to use it.

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Even in its fallen state the Imperium is the most powerful faction in the galaxy AND THEY HAVEN'T UNLOCKED THE GOOD STUFF YET!

Give up already.

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>But our codex says we're the best


>> No.27001426

>single vessel
>A fleet of Eldar vessels from before the fall
Suck it, elfs.

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Femship is shitshep.

>> No.27001446

That's from the Apocalypse book where all factions are showcased with no bias.

Give up. You just lose, Xenophile. The Imperium is the greatest force in the galaxy and perhaps even beyond.

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Still failing to see what that proves. Congratulations your entire army ambushed a disorientated fleet that had been debilitated by hell itself.

>> No.27001468

> A fleet of Eldar vessels from before the fall
A fleet of Eldar vessels from before the fall may be an exodite fleet too, mon-keigh.

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>oh noes they were confus!
If they were suck Übermenschen they'd have mopped the floor with the Black Legion regardless.
Eldar a shit.

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>oh noes they were confus!
If they were such Übermenschen they'd have mopped the floor with the Black Legion regardless.
Eldar a shit.

>> No.27001483

Was it a merchant fleet? An exploratory expedition? A fleet of transports on their way to Space Coachella?

They were attacked by incredibly well armed ex-special-forces armed with pre-heresy technology that are further strengthened by the ruinous powers.

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They could have been warriors from the War in Heaven too.

Whatever they were, they folded easy.

>> No.27001490

Exodites don't fucking HAVE fleets. Suck. It.

>> No.27001495

>WW2 tanks
>Guns that don't work unless your pray to it
>actively forgetting technology is one of their sacred policies
>Outnumbered tenfold by orks and tyranids

Oh god you are too cute.

>> No.27001501

A fleet. It's never said to have been civilians, it's a fleet.
Eldar have always been unworthy to lick human boots.

>> No.27001502

I can't stop myself from giggling at every part of this.

>> No.27001504

>The first eldar to immigrate had no fleets

Did they fucking walk to the maiden worlds?

>> No.27001509

> Whatever they were
Exodites is easy-to-kill-shit, that's the point.
You're fucking moron.
How the fuck they get to their worlds from the Empire?

>> No.27001512

And yet... you lose to those primitives. All the time. And your tanks are destroyed by children with sticks and rocks.
Are you really one to brag?

>> No.27001518




Imperial superiority is not up to debate. It's a fact carved into the soul of this setting. Anyone who disputes it is a moron.

>> No.27001521

Not that guy, but you can go through the webway without vehicle

>> No.27001522

If the webway portal's on the actual planet, then yes.
>Exodites is easy-to-kill-shit
They're violent dino riders who have Knight Titans. Eldar.

>> No.27001526

u wot

>> No.27001538

Knight Titans and dinos were developed far more after they settled Maiden Worlds.

>> No.27001539


You lose some you win some. There are millions of humans to each eldar and the imperium still manage to lose entire companies of muhreens in things like the Barran war. Just goes to show how much better eldar tech is that they can even the odds with webways n' shit.

>> No.27001544

>the galaxy has ever seen

So, more potent than what the old ones had? aha

More potent than the Necrons in full power?

More potent than the hight of the Eldar Empire?

More potent than The Imperium of Man BEFORE the age of aposty?
a fucking ha

More potent than humanity in the dark age of technology?

This is clearly not to be taken seriously

>> No.27001549

Let's face it, the Imperium dominates the galaxy because of the empire the Emperor carved out in it. Then shit got fucked, technology took a step backwards and humanity suddenly had to justify its position in the universe through wars of attrition. They are ants fighting lions, they win through numbers and little else.

The thing about the Eldar is that there aren't many of them. Basic tactics, three hundred starving dogs will beat well-armed soldier hands down.
>And your tanks are destroyed by children with sticks
You what mate?

>> No.27001559


Amazing. Could you do a crop of the scorpion grabbing the guardsman by the throat?


>> No.27001577

C.S. Goto. Feral world children destroy eldar tanks with rocks and sticks.

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>> No.27001590

> C.S. Goto
> C.S. Goto
> C.S. Goto

>> No.27001593

I seriously thought that was a Protoss at first. It does look really Protoss-y.

>> No.27001596

>C.S. Goto

>> No.27001610

>the Imperium is the most powerful faction in the galaxy
Yeah. In the galaxy.

>> No.27001616

I told you DAoT technology is easily the level of Necrons and Eldar. The Imperium has planets stocked with those ancient weapons and tech.

If the Imperium got desperate enough to unleash them, you will see destruction on a level the galaxy has never seen before.

>> No.27001639

And has the largest and most diverse military force IN EXISTENCE.

Just reminding you, in case missed it.

>> No.27001650

>buttmad about canon novels

>> No.27001654

>>C.S. Goto
>Khornate Sorcerer.
>Backflipping Terminators
>D-Cannons firing bullets

This explains everything.

>> No.27001675

>Da imperium has da best tech you guise
>Dey only let da Eldar rule da galaxy cuz they weren't desperate enough to use all this tech

Pfffffthahahaha, oh god I love imperium fanboys. Shine on you crazy diamond.

>> No.27001678

>most diverse
Absolutely not. Admit it, you're supper.

>> No.27001679

I mean, thats bullshit, but Ill just act like this is true. Which it isnt. Never even implied.

but okay.

this says that the backwards ass Imperium with a shadow of the DarkAgeOfTechnologystuff they used to have is the mightiest military force the galaxy has ever seen.

Which includes the time where everything humanity had was DAoT.

>> No.27001682

>giving [multilasers] to Space Marines, mounting them on Land Raiders, and hooking them onto Carnifexes.
You were saying?

>> No.27001690

Oh that too. Holy goop.

>> No.27001691

Why's that Marine's backback wider than his pauldrons? Pretty sure Power Armor doesn't work that way.

>> No.27001708

Okay, so lets take the Grey Knights novel. I think the name was dark apostate or something like that. Feudal World Knights with swords and spears hacked through Space Marine armor.

The Imperiums best armor is shit tier.

>> No.27001711

>Which includes the time where everything humanity had was DAoT.

The DAoT mankind wasn't united like the Imperium. It was separate scattered factions with no central authority.

Get it now?

>> No.27001713

>D cannons know no longer fire bullets
>Terminators are ninjas

It's canon you guise. Everything is canon. Even the stuff that contradicts.

>> No.27001718

I've read all the Goto novels and that last bit never happened.

>> No.27001727




Do you read English?

>> No.27001729

Gimme a source on that, you cockmonger.

>> No.27001733

I'm fairly certain the author said that was a gag.

>> No.27001737

why do you come on a board like this to troll?

>> No.27001747

and suddenly its not canon anymore?

See, you gotta pick and choose. So we all have to agree to pick and choose things that do not include CS Goto

>> No.27001753

Head to the rulebook and read up the history of mankind.

It was the Emperor who united mankind into a singular huge faction.

>> No.27001757

>I've read all the Goto novels

>> No.27001762

Yeah, I agree, the galaxy hasn't seen the true might of the Tyranids yet. But diverse? I believe we're beating you on that front, evolution-wise etc.

>> No.27001763

You mean that whole dealeo where the Emperor had to go around uniting all the factions of mankind?

>> No.27001775

Nobody is trolled other than me.

I mean look at this annoying bastard over here (>>27001675).

>> No.27001791

Well, sure. I'll assume it's a one off, while you can't because it wasn't just the one tank.
Let's take a Forge World source.
Your tanks were completely outmaneuvered and outsmarted by Leman Russes in Doom of Mymeara.
Your tanks fly.

>> No.27001800

Tyranids can have their evolution overwlemed by a faction that uses a lot of diverse tactics and weaponry. Happened once or twice, I recall.

And who is more diverse than the Imperium? No one.

>> No.27001807

I stand corrected. Everything else still stands including a Khornate sorcerer that wasn't turned inside-out due to double-heresy.

>> No.27001809


nigga they hunt tyranids for fun.

>> No.27001831

It's literally just a sorcerer that uttered "Blood for the Blood God". You know, Sindri.
Which is a line he actually said in game.

>> No.27001843

Every Ork is a fighter, and there are hundreds of Orks for every one human.

>> No.27001846

Am I the Eldar now? Alright.

I dont know about any of that stuff. I dont really keep up with Eldar lore. Not very interested in them. I was actually trying to just say: You have to do mental adjustments to 40k lore for it to be as enjoyable as possible. So discarding a source isnt just something a heathen would do.

>> No.27001850

The fun part is that there was one a big meeting where Autarchs from five major craftworlds met. Lots of Farseers warned them "Hey, we should care more about survival rather than trying to get back our glory!". Autarchs' answer? "HURR DURR LESSER RACES SHOULD KNOW THEIR PLACE". Goddamn it.

>> No.27001855


Okay, on the small, small chance you aren't trolling and really are this stupid, you do realize EVERYTHING is canon. By that I mean it's entirely up to interpretation.

This franchise has been around for a long time and there are tonnes of contradictions. You are welcome to pretend that the Imperium are the most advanced and powerful faction despite that contradicting what their tech essentially is and the fact they are hopelessly outnumbered, but pretending that one sentence in an apoc book that might as well describe any other faction over rides every other piece of fluff is just faggotry pure and simple.

>> No.27001861

Okay you're trolling but I feel like pointing out that the Imperium was so terrified of the Tyranids that they annihilated all life on several planets just to deny them resources. A planet full of Orks slowed them down, a planet full of Ultramarines (one of the greatest fighting forces of the Imperium) managed to withstand them with massive losses.

>> No.27001869

>u mad

at least try

>> No.27001875


I wasn't talking about the Imperium. I was talking about Dark Eldar.

And they do. They go on safari and shit.

>> No.27001877


>> No.27001879

>buttmad about canon novels

>> No.27001889

Oh my Emperor, look on that classic fall back tactic.

My interpretation, which is backed by various sources, is pretty valid and you have to deal with it.

>> No.27001890

If Eldar are so great then name a battle the Avatar of Khaine has actually won.

>> No.27001907

I'd guess this was part of the insult
Or roleplaying->incomplete information and /tg/ and shit

>> No.27001918

What? Who's that?

>> No.27001926

>u mad

at least try

>> No.27001930

>u mad

at least try

>> No.27001946


>> No.27001951

>buttmad about canon novels

>> No.27001965

Fuck, you're right. Sorry man.

Here's a picture of a kitten.

>> No.27001975


Troll zones. Do not enter.

>> No.27001987


Kittens are cool. I accept.

>> No.27002003

Awkward, every codex says eldar sucks, even their own.
And you seem to value that sort of information.

>> No.27002006



>> No.27002016

Stop being a pretentious hipster

>> No.27002018

>One sentence over rides all the other fluff about my army being outnumbered and out teched

So you are trolling...

>> No.27002047

>implying the old ones had the same number
History has shown that "few and elite" sucks.

>> No.27002051

Nope. Rulebooks and codexes point at the Imperium being the most powerful.

But I guess reading is too hard for you xenophiles. But don't worry I leave this thread to compile them all and shove them down your throat soon enough.

>> No.27002062

That's what I hate about Eldar backstory. Every other side of conflict has it's victories. But Eldar? Either no, or yes, but it's more like a pyrrhic victory. I like everything else about Eldar, but THIS.
And that's why people over at my FLGS laughed at me when I put my SM army on a shelf and started an Eldar one.

>> No.27002070 [DELETED] 

>>/tg/ wat do
>break it
>fuck it
>kill it

>> No.27002077

Oh shut up.

Eldar have victories in their codex. Eldrad defeated the Newcrons there

>> No.27002085

>he disagrees with me
>oh no, he even has sources!
>quick, make him look stupid
>lol u r trollin

>> No.27002097

How many eldar does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Just one, but you'll have to listen to him tell you how thousands of years ago he could make the stars themselves live and die at his command

>> No.27002099

And such a devastating victory it was.

>> No.27002100

>only hipsters sarcastically say "Übermensch"
You hang out with retards or what? Übermensch is a loanword to English.

>> No.27002120

Yeah, but that woke up A FUCKING DYNASTY.

>> No.27002124

Wow, now that's what's called a tactical retreat!
You could almost fool someone into thinking you're being a bro there

>> No.27002129

>churning mud uselessly

>> No.27002138

Nice accusations you throw out there
Anything to back that up?

>> No.27002150

Arguing with gibbons is hard. No matter how logically you argue all they do is shout and screw.

>> No.27002152

Dude, that's the point of loanwords: every foreign language word is one.
My point still stands.

>> No.27002164

>desperate samefag trying too hard

>> No.27002166

Still counts as a victory!

Geez...you guys are never satisfied.

>> No.27002167

Well, the "imperium ist stronger" guy argued logically until you trolled him into madness.

>> No.27002190

So... nothing?
What a pityful failure of a human being.
Now go back and cry yourself to sleep.

>> No.27002202

No, no it isn't.
>A loanword (or loan word) is a word borrowed from a donor language and incorporated into a recipient language.
If it is not a word which has become an actual PART of the language that appears in its own dictionaries, IT'S NOT A FUCKING LOANWORD. Guru is a loanword. Fenêtre is not.

Are you actually this retarded, or just trolling?

>> No.27002221

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA wow nice troll there

>> No.27002226

>still trying so hard
>getting mad because he's getting nowhere
>"b-b-but I made u cry! I DID I DID I DID !!! ;_;"

>> No.27002228

So, you have to carry a dictionary around to know when you're a pretentious hipster? Sounds like a pretentious hipster to me.

>> No.27002236


He's trolling, and badly. I don't know why you take him seriously.

>> No.27002239

>trying so hard = giving factual proof
Nigga, do you even into logic?

>> No.27002241

They still do, for us. What do you have to boast about?

>> No.27002245

Right, confirmed troll.
6/10, had me going there.

>> No.27002251

ok, that's enough bitching. let's put the facts together.
-is the guard the largest military in the galaxy?
No, the Tyranids are/is. Or the orks, if you count them as one force. humanity actually outnumbers both, but not all humans are in the guard.

-Is the imperium the most advanced faction?
Fuck no. the necrons are the most advanced, period, the the dark eldar and then the eldar (the dark eldar are most likely slightly more advanced, because they had te opportunity to develop since the fall, and had the necessity since they don't use psychic powers anymore). However, while the imperium lacks the eldar or necron supertech, and don't understand most of their own high tech stuff, the tech that they do have tends to be reliable and effective. Few can argue that the Leman Russ or the baneblade are bad tanks, for example, and bolters or meltas are pretty good weapons. the relative weakness of lasguns and flak armour comes from the fact that the imperium has to deliver millions of those to their troops every day, so something more complicated would be impossible.

-is the imperium the most powerful faction? very likely*. They are more unified then the orks, and more technologically advanced then either the orks or the tyranids. their numerical advantage makes the tau or eldar not even competitors. Dark eldar are swift, annoying, and eerily effective at what they do, but aren't a military powerhouse (because they don't need to be). Chaos can be a problem, but relies on defectors and stolen weapons, and is way to eager to fight amongst themselves to threaten the dominance of the imperium. Plus, theeir strongest forces are led by abbadon, which is a loss by default. The tyranids are the only serious threat for the imperium, even as it's sole focus, but the forces that currently are in the galaxy can be beaten, the same as the necrons.

*this is based on the current number of tyranids in the galaxy, and the fact that the necrons decided to screw the C'tan and balkanise.

>> No.27002259

>attempting damage control by backpedalling

>> No.27002269

Yeah, I'm not satisfied. I always thought that Eldar fight with the strength of a cornered rat, but it seems like they are just a punching bag. I'm fucking sick of it.
A-a-a-and I got myself angry while writing this. I better go.

>> No.27002275

Thanks, still learning, but quickly getting better.

>> No.27002277


>> No.27002283

Nice troll you got going there

>> No.27002285

>quickly getting better

Sorry grasshopper. Try on a board that's a bit more savvy than normalfag /tg/ and see how well you do.

>> No.27002293

Okay, at this point you fell into circular logic. You're probably trolling so there's no point to argue further.

>> No.27002295

Your not bad, but it's a doggy dog world out there, so you need to improve.

>> No.27002298


>> No.27002300


>> No.27002308

A cornered rat facing a hungering wolf....

>> No.27002309

>outnumbering Tyranids

You're too cute.

>> No.27002311


>kill a few techies
>fail to beat the necrons you wanted to stop
>get your ass kicked when the space marines come to investigate
>make the necron problem far worse

I don't think that word means what you think it means, ears.

>> No.27002314

Doesn't that picture show joy instead of laughter?

>> No.27002318

>trying to save face

Just admit defeat, at least you can leave with some dignity that way.

>> No.27002320

No, but they apparently know the word "desperation" very well

>> No.27002329

Actually, form an outsiders perspective he at least attempted a point wheras you were just insults.

>> No.27002338

>churning mud

You're probably hoping that your filler reply would buy you some time, and that maybe I'd give you a better hook with my next post.

>> No.27002348


Hi he.

Gonna shoop another screencap now?

>> No.27002359

The most hilarious thing about the Maedrax incident is that it was an existing event, but only when the Eldar update came around was it revealed to have been a dismal failure for them.


>I don't think that word means what you think it means, ears.
>implying he's an Eldar fanboy and not a Necron fanboy

Also also

>holy fuck this thread has gone to shit

>> No.27002381

See, this is exactly what i'm talking about.
No wonder he left.

>> No.27002400

I would praise Kelly for this but after what he has done to my Necron lore in the Daemon Codex...

I guess he has a neutral position in my eyes.

>> No.27002402

Yupp, this board has been infsted lately with some 3edgy5me insultspewing wannabetrolls who make one logical fallacy after the other.
/tg/ has gone to shit.

>> No.27002421

Nah, Eldar threads are always like that.

Necron, Tau, Ork etc threads are usually more civil.

>> No.27002429

Guys, who was the one leading the attack? FUCKING ELDRAD. The necrons will probably remove the tyranids or close the eye of terror or something. Eldrad knows what he is doing and it was al intentional. Trust me, trust him.

>> No.27002432

Any ideas on why that could be?

>> No.27002438

>Knows what he's doing
I would say that everything points the other way in the fluff so far.

>> No.27002453


are you aware that you arent discussing a topic anymore? Just each others feelings?

>> No.27002456

He foresaw the horus heresy. He even told the humans. If they had listened, things wouldnt be as bad as they are now. So he does know what he's doing.

>> No.27002457

>Worse still, the Necron presence in the Maedrax system proves far more widespread than even the Eldar believed.

Plus Eldrad has failed before. The one failure that resulted in his death has been retconned out, but that just opens up room for more failures.

>> No.27002462

ment for

>> No.27002465

Yes, that's why i stopped writing.

>> No.27002471

Okay, didn't know that particulary bit; it just that he comes off as incompetent everywhere else i read his name.

>> No.27002473

It says Eldar, not Eldrad. I admit, its the only hope the Eldar race have, unless they warp themselves to some other empty galaxy.

>> No.27002474

He did not see (or farsee) that Fulgrim was corrupted and would murder his entire host.

>> No.27002498

Q: How many Centauri does it take to change a light bulb?
A: Just one. But in the grand old days of the Republic, hundreds of servants would jump to change thousands of bulbs at our slightest whim.

>> No.27002503

Oh dangit, >>27002421 was faster.

Just to confirm this: It has been this way for a long time now. Tau threads are often bickering wether Tau are evil or not, but not with the hostility displayed in Eldar threads, ork threads are almost only fans and the haters arent given much of a platform in all the goofyness and the Necron threads are often just a few pics and off to 404 with them.

>> No.27002523

>and the Necron threads are often just a few pics and off to 404 with them.

"I think Oldcrons are better than Newcrons."

>> No.27002531

The ambiguity in the fluff makes some Imperium fans just relish the idea of just being so ultraamazing that them being on the brink on existance gets handwaved with the superman explanation "They have to restrict themselves". Nothing wrong with that, only that they, being fanboys, want to push that on others too.

And Eldar, having had an Empire during the DAoT are a good target for that pushing on, since they are also emotional pussies

>> No.27002539

ah yeah right, that too. The picture with the Necrons in the car gets posted, two guys fight over Newcrons/Oldcrons, one guy maybe asks if his fluff is acceptable, gets the answer that, yes, a NEcron Lord can think however you want, and THEN it 404s

>> No.27002555

Very well, i shall abstian from eldar threads from now on.

>> No.27002603

seriously, you're falling for one 12 year old kids keeping this thread alive, even though the answer is obvious to everyone

>> No.27002699

>mfw I raid all your worlds while you argue

>> No.27002736


>> No.27004265

>More powerful than Chaos
>Outnumbering tyranids

Chaos Gods and Hive fleets say no.

>> No.27004279

>Tau threads are often bickering wether Tau are evil or not, but not with the hostility displayed in Eldar threads,


I do believe Tau ''evil or not'' threads are more fiery and stormy than Eldar threads. Also Tau ''Weeabo or not'', Tau ''Commies or not'', etc etc.

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