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/tg/, I love you, and I want you to have good things again. So here's a SFW greenmarine dump, and maybe some other stuff, I dunno, I'm bored.

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>YFW this thread.

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>Try to post picture of Slaaneshii Female Marine
>Image appears corrupt, cannot post.
>Laughing God Emperor of Mankind.jpg

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Can't post all that Too Hot For T.V. Filthy Thri-Kreen Heresy!

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Anyone Lurking? Just give me a heads up, otherwise I'm gonna wrap up.

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Yeah, I'm watching.

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This is good and you should feel good

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Greenmarine's faces annoy the shit outta me.

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I'm not the artist, but I'm glad you enjoy it anon. The days gone by had many such creations.
A lot of this is his earlier stuff, he got better as he went along.

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I like them

Remember, they could be preston's

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I think you really have an inflated opinion about the subject, but I don't want your bubble to burst, that would just be unbearable.

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A better one of his.

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>Aye, ya fookin' Dusty!

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One of my favorites.

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One of my requests from back in the day.

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Have a Crab-Tank.

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Wish he did more Monsters. He normally does a great job on them, especially Mind Flayers.

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Last one for now, I'll be back later.

Love you /tg/, always will. There'll be many more dumps like this in the future.

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Annnnd we're back.

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What are you up to tonight /tg/? Anything in particular? Just got done doing some paintan' and reorganizing my work Station.

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Just going through my folder randomly, if I see something without tit's, I'll post it. Pretty much.

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Ahhh, back when things were good between our boards. Back before the great exodus of awesome.

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Anyone around still?

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And now onto something different!

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Postan Chink stuff now.

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>A lot of this is his earlier stuff, he got better as he went along.
for the faces, not so much, he still tends to make them warped and kinda flat.

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Orly? I haven't seen some of his stuff in a while, perhaps it's just because I have some of the more detailed drawings saved. He's still a good guy in my book, flat faces and all.

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This inspires me. I now know what to write for the Mystery Box Surprise with Lelith.

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Glad I could be of service anon.

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Poor Macha.

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Some Jo now.

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I'm sorry anon; could we just be friends?

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I guess. My parents will be disappointed you won't be coming around for Christmas though.

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Muju now.

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Man, I miss Greenmarine.

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Don't we all.

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I miss Chink more, and I just barely remembered he's a thing.

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There was an abundance of awesome Drawfriends and generally great people posting back in those days, everyone filled a niche. I miss Scripty and his threads. That last one was so fucking sad. It was just the Little Gingerblade that Couldn't.

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Pretty sure Muju comes around erry now and again. Haven't seen her for a while though.

Also; Anyone know what happened to DLFG? She used to do some pretty good dumps, and was helpful with general info stuff.

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greenmarine, you mean the guy who went to join for beating his girlfriend?

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If he did, that's a shame, hadn't heard that. Got any info?

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>the feeling when Drew the Lich is hardly remembered
>that feeling when Grandpa Dreadnought disappeared
>that feeling when all the drawfags from Colosal Fagot to Chink to Greenmarine have all moved on or disappeared
>that feeling when Scriptarius has given up warhams and last Christmas was the last one ever
>that feeling when this certainly isn't the same board I first visited a hundred years ago
>that feeling when all of this will be lost like tear drops in rain.
I still love teej though.

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Possibly, how is that a bad thing? If that happened it was a while ago, now he has all the time he needs to draw stuff, that's all we need to know.

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And nothing of value was lost.

Except for three or four drawfags. That's about all you should be sad about.

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God, I know that feeling all too well. Warhammer Wednesdays were a big thing for me, and when /tg/ was first created, I was fucking ecstatic. /tg/ shall continue on however.
The biggest issue is that the board culture has changed. We've gone from being the helpful, awesome, OC driven powerhouse, to a place that's reduced to Warhammer Generals/Quest Threads and Thread-Threads. It's not even just Nostalgia goggles (Though I will admit a fair bit of it is)

/tg/ has changed, and will continue to do so, and not for the better sadly.

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Eh, it's mostly the feeling of loss of community. The board's culture has changed and it just feels different. For the better or worse isn't really up to me to say, but there's plenty of good left and plenty more good will come. Don't mean I don't appreciate old memories.

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We still have a board culture that's great bro. Fuck we made VELOcity just a bit ago! It was bangers! I'm working on a system from a thread on this board too!

Don't despair anon for ends only bring beginnings!

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And thanks for the art dump OP, don't get a lot of the old /tg/ OC except every once in a while when the Collector rolls around.

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Glad someone else feels the same way.
Oh, don't get me wrong, /tg/ is still by far the best board leaps and bounds, we have a tight knit community. But the summer came and stayed forever, now it's beginning to regurgitate rather than create (Not that I'm helping much.)
The Collector and Cryptkeeper are two bros of mine, I owe 2/3 of this collection to those guys.

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I do miss when this board was all I ever needed. Traditional games with a side of porn, vidya, and practically everything else I could ever want.

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Sometimes, I feel like a colossal faggot for feeling nostalgic for the /b/ that was.

Sure, I was a cunt. We all were when we enjoyed it. It was six or seven years ago now, but I loved it.

It's not that it changed from good to bad.

It went from one flavour of shit to another, and to another. It's no longer the flavour of shit I remember chewing on as a teenager when I thought I was special. I look back on what we were like, and I think half of what I feel is... it's not wanting my life from then back, it's knowing that what it was like will never return. I'm sad because a thing was lost, not because it had any value.

As for /tg/? Yeah, it's changed. I don't like some things. I've been filtering quest threads for a long time, even though I took part in and loved rubyquest.

4chan will never be perfect.
The past is a crystallised memory, only what you remember and make of it.
The present is coloured by emotions and outside things. You're not just experiencing this thread, you're experiencing dozens of things and they all change each other.
The future is what you think the present may otherwise be. If you're unhappy right now, well, that future's gonna suck, of course it is. It's gonna be downhill and awful and nothing like what you want.

Then you'll get there and it'll just be anotherday. You click through to another thread and call someone an autistic dickwolf for liking GURPS. You watch something on youtube, you laugh. You come back, the thread has been pruned. You discuss unusual weapons and what they mean to settings. It's another day on 4chan, and we're all faggots.

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Yeah, I know. Still plenty good coming around. But like all things, the sands of time bury the old and much is lost or forgotten. Hell, I've been running an online DH group that was originally made up of some folks from around here for what is almost half a decade now. And good stuff crops up all over the place. I'm largely here for the BTech stuff and I adore those crazy fuckers (even VV).

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>now it's beginning to regurgitate rather than create

Size. It's size that does it. The bigger a board gets, the less of its community see and participate in any individual thread, the less New Memes form. I don't mean new meme in the shitty way, I mean the less ideas and concepts and collective understandings get woven into it.

It's not that less is being created. More is being created, probably. Less is being subsumed into the groupthink.

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Not to get emo teenager on you but back a two years I've been on this board and TBH when I was 16 this kept me from continuing horrible abuse because I was a stupid weird teenager. I mean sure /tg/ is 4chan, full of dicks and assholes, but you're legitimately cool guys. It's a great place to feel like you belong too and it's a board you don't "waste" your time on. We're always building.

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Pretty much. Also, I had forgotten about the Dickwolves. Thanks for reminding me, I needed that.
That's a fair point, new games are making /tg/ related things more accessible then ever, and that will always bring new blood. With most of the old guard leaving and moving on, there's not enough grognards to teach the newfags how to /tg/. Guess I'll just have to keep doing my part.

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Also, forgot, I was in Rubyquest as well, good times. I was there for Love and Krieg too, found that enjoyable. Last quest I was in was PapaN!'s stuff, he does good work.
We've all been there. I've had a helping hand from /tg/ numerous times, be it a kind word, advice, a simple story, or someone writing Happy Birthday on their ass for me (Don't ask.) We're always here for each other, that's the good part of community.

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>just a bit ago

Bro that's been someone's big idea for a while now.

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welp we finished it. The point is we still Get Shit Done.

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I've been wanting to take up the mantle of drawfag for a while, now. Not for the fame (we're all laughing at that notion) or any sort of notoriety, but just to give back to /tg/, and fulfill someones request and improve a thread about a new system or campaign by helping them visualize what they want. I know I have potential, I just never have time. But I think you all know what I mean when I say that I want to give a little to the soul of /tg/, because all these little creative inlets that we've given to this board are what I think gave this place that soul.

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I getcha. That's why I still work on systems even though none of friends like playing and I have a shit internet connection.

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Do it, I guarantee you'll have a folder in my collection, no matter how good or bad you are, everything is appreciated.

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Do it bro. The best pic in my collection is still my Kamen Rider Crab Spider that I got from drawfags from here.

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Hell, I used to do stuff for /tg/ made out of Icing when I was a Baker/Cake Decorator. It was always a great time.

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And then there's good old Wasteland Warrior, whom I have not seen in ages.
Shas R O'Myr is still around at least. I love his games. I miss the Amedinejad,
It's always good to give back. Back before I was working on a complete homebrew setting and such I used to come in to dump tales from the adventures of my STALKER and DH groups. And the copious amounts of shit I'd statted up for both of them. Don't do it so much any more, mostly hover around /k/ these days and post about guns and such.
I have several friends whom I think would say I had a problem because of the amount of work I do. Just today I completely converted Halo into Only War because I didn't like the systems people were already using.

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Don't say this, or you'll draw fans of picrelated here.

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All my friends (like five people RL, god I need to stop being a hermit) are super social and when they hear I have a game every day of the week they just look at me like I'm crazy

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Ahhh, I like think I'm a little bit better than that, I'll let you guys judge. I'll post some stuff if I can find it on my hard drive.

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That is pretty crazy, but awesome. I at least do a bit of work every day, be it for my D&D game on Fridays, or one of my armies painting and whatnot, always a little bit more.

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Seeing as I was with those super social people all day, they question me where I managed to somehow fit 40 hours of working on excel sheets between being a rowdy malcontent with them, work, and class. Then they remember that I'm apparently an ageless blight on humanity and that I don't sleep.

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I know that feel bro.

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God I was that in college. 4 games a week, 3 parties a week, 10 classes a week. Still not sure how I didn't drop out.

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All of it? I've garnered a reputation as an ancient and pervasive evil because a friend of mine who was into medieval art found a whole bunch of paintings of conquerors that looked uncannily like me hundreds of years apart and now people I don't even know ask me about it. It's weird... On the other hand, the not sleeping thing is mostly true. I have a weird sleep schedule where I only sleep about 4 out of every 30.

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I'm a spitting image of Alarik I, 6'1" and charismatic. I've had numerous people accuse me of plotting world domination or being the antichrist. Long bouts of insomnia and browsing the internet at ungodly hours don't help.

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Awkward sleep schedules, abuse of caffeine, horrific insomnia, potent stimulants, and a general disregard for ones own physical wellbeing?

>> No.26999435

Vigo the Carpathian is that you?

>> No.26999442

Well I did once run an experiment to see how long you need to go without sleep for hallucinations.

The answer is 5 days.

>> No.26999453

I think that's how all college kids survive.
I learned that the hard way. Insomnia at an early age, Auditory hallucinations at 5, visual at 6. Ended up seeing some Lovecraftian horror shit and drugged myself to sleep. Think I was 14?

>> No.26999456

Ahahahaha. Brother! Together we ought to conquer the world! I don't even know who I'm supposed to look like, but my reputation precedes me and I have had people ask me if I'm "Stan". Which is based on a running gag we have about a typo regarding a certain angelic apologist.

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Well, you know where to find me if ever a plot needs to take fruition.

>> No.26999471

Man I still see dudes with animal masks on just randomly. I know I'm not a speshul snowflake or anything, but damn I've never met someone with my special blend of fucking crazy.

Useful skill as a writer at the very least

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Permanently illucid from sleep deprivation, learned meditation to find sleep. Sleeping drugs actually wake me up. Might be schizophrenic as well, based on the fact that the auditory hallucinations are pretty consistent regardless of lucidity level. Ah the joys of insomnia.

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You pussy.

I get mad auditory hallucinations after a single day.

Get on my detached level.

>> No.26999483

Can you stat both of yourselves? I need two BBEGs for my new campaign.

>> No.26999493

What system? And do you mind this one being the plotter type? That's my specialization as That Bastard GM.

>> No.26999494

I submitted my story to /x/, they were weirded out, and then I submitted it to a Flash magazine, the editor wrote back that "You might need professional help, as it is, this is just too weird for us."
It's helpful for being creative, that's for sure. Especially in a "Don't Rest Your Head" game.
What system?

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BROTHERS! I've never met someone like me before who doesn't brag about it and is lying! It feels nice to be among madmen.

>> No.26999510

I'm just thankful my "murder gets me hard" days are behind me. I luckily stopped that train before it left the station besides some light stalking and villainous plans.

>> No.26999511

/tg/ has it's own special brand of Crazy Salt, but it adds flavor to the adventure, that's for sure.

Image limit reached, moving onto a new thread.

>> No.26999518

Hmmm...NWoD, 13th Age, or just use RISUS and I can fill it in myself.

>> No.26999528

New thread;

>> No.26999533

I'll post it in the new thread when I'm done with it.

>> No.26999537

Part of me wants to post some of the stories of weird crap and hallucinations I've been through but I have enough trouble believing them myself.
Everyone who brags about it and all that shit can get fucked. I wouldn't wish constant hallucinations, extreme paranoia, and constant mild malaise on my worst enemy.

The only real benefit is like everyone else has said: creativity. Which is mostly focused on my current series of games set in what could be easily mistaken from WoD if it weren't for the fact that it's actually the Illuminatus! Trilogy with more supernatural elements.

>> No.26999544


It's kind of a bummer man. Sleep deprivation is way too hard on me. I'm pretty spacey at the best of times, so I guess it just takes less to get my brain making shit up.

>> No.26999553

Feel free to post it in the new thread, I'm sure I can dig up some inspiration out of it.

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I don't think it's fair posting this stuff here. I mean that's not supposed to be an art, all his "pics" are pretty much an eye-splitting sketch in MS Paint and short slogans that for some reason make me smirk.

And since no civilised man would learn Polish in thirteenth year of third century, I hope that the based translator will visit this thread and see that I want him to once again threw some of those at us.

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Hey, I drew that one!

It wasn't Jo.

>> No.27000585

Fuck you, I love Henneck comics.

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