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I'm about to start running a game of Only War.
However I'd like a more diverse choice of options for npc character.
So in this thread: pics of 40k individuals of any faction.

Pic related. It's the regiment my players made.

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Couple of Drinking buddy officers from another regiment.
depends on where they get deployed to.

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How is Only War?

After playing Dark Heresy for the first time like two weeks ago, I definitely have an urge to keep doing this 40k RP shit.

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a lot more polished than the earlier games, but not without some goofs and quirks.

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The rules are a LOT more streamlined and allow for characters to be made the way the player wants and not cookie cutter.

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This Guy.

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Spiders see in ultra violet light, Tau show up like the sun to them.

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Something I found a while back.

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These two

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Nordic Chuck Norris

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Don't think i can use that as characters.

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You are of best candidate to be shot or emperor, take bag, welcome to Imperial army! Now be going with other men with guns, Glory to Emperor!

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the grisly conclusion.
i can't remember, was there more to this?

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God the Dornian heresy got my dick hard as a rock

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Well sheeeit, sounds like someone i'd like to try...my DH character is an IG and I love it so far.

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my favorite

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That feel when you face down a genestealer as a guardsman, and only have a pile of laspistols.

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found some more

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The few, the proud, the Arstotzkian!

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I should remember my papers.

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that image is fantastic, whats the source on that bad boy?

also here's one of my fav warhammer arts at the moment

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everyone loves smokin hot members of the inquisition

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Yes, yes they do.

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They should get awesome trucks like this thing.
what kind of planet are the hapless fools from?

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A frozen ice death world. Filled to the brim with giant acid blood ice spiders, polar owlbears, and quill covered rabbits they can't eat because poisonous. Named Despair.

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Best Commisar

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"Sgt parker! I want corpses, corpses of heretics!"

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>Damn it Pvt. Parker, I don't want excuses, I want PICTURES! PICTURES OF DEAD TYRANIDS!

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Is that the My Chemical Romance spider? Cuz I would serve in a Guard regiment based on MCR.

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You know what, it is.....and I didn't fucking realize it till you mentioned it. I just googled spider and used used it without paying attention.

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More! More of these wonderful IG pictures I say!

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I'm getting close to running out of pictures. Kind of why I started this thread.

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Nothing like the smell of promethium in the morning.

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>best commissar
I don't think so.

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Looks like Lee from the Telltale Walking Dead games.

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Will dump what I have. Starting with some Ork Hunters.

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In the grim darkness of the grimdark future, there's still little girls.

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It's definitely worth trying. Combat's still a bit on the swingy side, especially melee, but overall it's probably the best iteration of 40KRP out there right now.

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Fenris PDF?

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Are your guards man enough to punch orks in the face? No they aren't. Play Ork Hunter now.

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No PDF on Fenris. The planet is a gigantic shithole of a deathworld actively trying to kill every living being on it on a daily basis. It's inhabited by kraken hunting vikings that don't know what civilisation is, let alone the Imperium. And there's the giant pack of rabid mutant furries that will hunt your ass down if, for some retarded reason, you get too close of this worthless backwater shithole.

So no, not Fenris PDF. The first is probably another viking guard (perhaps even the original company of Leman Russ), the second is certainly someone going for Irish IG (they'll all die due to shitty E-rank Luck).

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A zombie hunter is fine too.

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Huh. Thought all Imperial planets were required to post at least a nominal PDF.

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Just required to tithe whatever the Imperium wants from them. Don't think Catachan has a PDF either, then again they don't need one. Lot of feral worlds or feudal world don't have PDFs either.

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/tg/ needs to create a Chamber Militanr for the Ordo Sepulturum

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