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the devs are reading this thread edition

Ork Clans:
Goffs, Evil Sunz, Deathskulls, Bad Moons

Confirmed and speculated classes:
Boys, Nobs, Mekboy, Painboy, Stormboy, Weirdboy

Space Marine Chapters:
Ultramarine, Space Wolves, Blood Angels, Dark Angels

Confirmed and Speculated Classes:
Tactical Marines, Devastators, Assault Marines, Apothecaries, Techmarines, Librarians

New thread, without all the bitching and whining.

Chaos Legions:
Iron Warriors

Speculated Classes:

Eldar Craftworlds:
None so far

Speculated Classes:
Swooping Hawks, Bonesingers, Warlocks

If you want to find info, go on the website, or search for Q&A videos on youtube or look up written interviews online, some good interviews are on mmorpg.com

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Let's pick up where we ended: what kind of stuff would you want to decorate your spaceship with? Not saying we should go tell the devs to put those things in, I just think it's fun to speculate. Especially when it seems spaceship customization and interior decorating will actually be a thing in this game.

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How long till the game removes the paywalls and goes totally free to play?

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>posting thumbnails

OP, you are a knave and a buffoon.

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Space Marines: ALL OF THE PURITY SEALS. Also weapons.
Also weapons.
Also weapons.
Also squigs.

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>expecting something for nothing

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Depends. How long until your brain damage reverses itself?

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goddammit we can see Ulthwé in the OP pic

i don't even like the eldar dangit

the dicks of my enemies

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Astartes Eye for the Heretic Guy

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Lots of Orky gubbinz to hang on the walls. Gretchin slaves cleaning your ship, a growler squig chained up near the door.

Oh, do you think Cybork stuff will be implemented?

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I just want squigs and gretchens running about underfoot. Also clan insignia, and giant runes to hang on the walls, particularly the symbols of gork and mork.

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That's fine. The Eldar will just kill you then.


Hmm. If it's just aesthetic, likely pay to get.

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probably never

it's single payment, so I don't think it will be microtransaction based.

sry bbz xoxox

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The doctors say it's irreversible so uh... never?

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Cybork stuff seems very likely, either as actual upgrades or just parts of character customization. Hell, I can't really imagine a mekboy with all his original fleshy parts intact.

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That demon axe looks so silly.
Like it's constipated or something.

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F2P games with zero pay walls are very successful.
This idea of having everyone who doesn't pay be locked into one class will just piss off more players than it gets to buy.

It is better to let players get hooked into a game for free, then later they drop their wallets on cosmetic items and boosts.

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Tyranid heads mounted as trophies. This could work for pretty much any faction, maybe as a reward for fighting off the swarm.

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Meanwhile, at Chaos HQ:

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>Tfw best pay model
My dick is diamonds.

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But how will they kill me... WHEN I AM ONE OF THEM???

Or I might be, anyway. I'll be rolling as an Ork or Eldar, though Eldar will likely be more challenging so I think I'll go with them first.

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>be daemon axe
>be trying to shit out PURE CHAOS
>be constipated
>for some reason my 'owner' is posing with an elf, an ork, and a space marine

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I dunno. GW2 is doing pretty well. And honestly, the whole Guild Wars strategy was always 'initial payment, and most of the rest is free'.

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It's not just that. You don't even have to buy the game. Say you only wanna play Eldar, well you just buy the Eldar options in the game, upgrading your F2P account to have the Eldar in it, then you don't have to bother with anything else.

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That actually would be a pretty good non-pay thing. Get the head of a tyranid for each type you slay.

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Now with special premium items: Abaddon's arms, Macha's virginity, and the Looted Emprah.

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>mfw I didn't know about the name change to eternal crusade so I thought this was some new 40k tabletop RPG at first

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>Constipated Daemon Axe
>Has an 8% chance of dropping an orb of pure Chaos, which may be picked up by allied players to grant a temporary X% damage increase

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Friendly fire.

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>not having multiple characters across multiple races

It's like you're trying to go full pleb.

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There is no name change. This is totally different than the other MMO.

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"Farseer Eldrad, we had a... friendly fire incident with a D-cannon."
"Just. As. Planned."

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My biggest dream? Plasma overheats and explodes...

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>For a limited time only:
>Loota package: Comes with five rare-quality personal vanity items
>Blood Raven Package: Comes with an rare-quality aesthetic ship decoration and five rare-quality personal vanity items
>Trazyn package: Comes with an epic-quality aesthetic ship decoration and five epic-quality personal vanity items
>Matt Ward's Personal Reserves: Comes with an epic-quality aesthetic ship decoration, five epic-quality personal vanity items, and a real-life signed copy of the Codex Astartes

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>Dammit, Ilyriel, I thought I told you not to resurrect the Brighter Lance project!
>The math was sound, Luthandriel! If that Wraithlord had kept still while the cannon charged, everything would have gone swimmingly!

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Now that... that works very well.

I sure hope the devs are watching this thread.

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>implying Matt Ward's Personal Reserves wouldn't be a nude picture of Rowboat Girlyman and blue buttplug.

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Oh, and well done to the guy who worked on the 1d4chan page. You are credit to team.

> not catching the "first" at the end of my post

It's an entirely different project. Different devs, totally different gameplay.

I think they're still talking about how to best implement that. Miguel suggested penalising players who do it too often, but I haven't heard of a final decision on it yet.

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>Implying that Ward would dare take those out of his gilded Ultra-shrine

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I want Shokk Attack Guns that have the risks involved. Nothing more hilarious than seeing a group of Mek's suddenly pop into existence right next to the enemies they were shooting at.

I even know how a SAG could work aside from the random event. It would have a full ammo number, and no reloading, but if you run out of ammo, you have to go resupply.

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Will this game have bosses? I'm still not clear on if there will be dungeons, "instances" and other special scenarios other than just fighting for territories.

>> No.26992485

One thing has been confirmed, Tyranids will be a NPC/Dev controlled faction that will push everyones shit in every once in a while.

>> No.26992513

No bosses. The dungeons will simply be infested with nids, probably some high level, powerful nids like Tyrants or something, but no bosses, so no boss raids. The closest thing the game will have to bosses, is the high level enemy faction players.

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Do you guys think deep striking will be a thing in this game? If so, STEEL REIGN.

Also, Galactic Partridges group loaded up with purity seals and kill stealing in major battles.

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Absolute dream scenario that will probable impossible to implement, but would make me harder than Battletoads:
Titans. That you can pilot. Even if it's just for a special gameplay mode.

>> No.26992549

Holy crap, that spelling. Time to go to bed.

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>Not surfing Titans to victory

>> No.26992567

Titans were mentioned as playing a role in the game, so they might be boss encounters. Alternately, Necron Overlords.


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For those speculating about the FtP/P2P/Microtransaction stuff, from the website FAQ:

>What business model will the game use?
>Although it’s still under consideration, the current plan is that Eternal Crusade will be “premium with a free-to-play option.” By purchasing a copy of the game, you will have access to it forever with no need for a subscription. There will be post-launch expansions, as well as a cash shop for customization & convenience items. If you don’t want to buy the box, you can still try the game as a free-to-play version of an Ork character. As opposed to the premium Orks, your progression will be slower and some options will be locked off, but you’ll be able to go anywhere and fight for the Waaagh! If you like it but still don’t want to pay the full price, you can unlock some of the missing options with microtransactions.

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Faction leadership break down

>Council: An unknown number of elected players who will run the entire factions actions, deciding where forces and resources go, and electing hero characters

>"Chapter" Leader: Elected players, unknown what their job or abilities will be, but most likely a leader on the field and frontline, giving orders to the armies

>Squad Leader: Elected by squad mates, the leader in the fray who fights along side the squad

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Player-pilotable Titans is reaching into impossible-tier, but something like dev-spawnable NPC Titans that serve as spawn points for players and vehicles would be doable.

>battle kicks up in the field between Orks and Mehreens
>more and more people joining in until it's a fuckhuge kerfuffle
>devs spawn a Titan and a Stompa
>each side has to breach and fight their way to the core, to destroy it from the inside

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>on top mek's space hulk
>greet fellow fa/tg/uys
>walk to trophy room
>admire the visual representation of guild's current raid progress in the form of tyranid and necron bits
>mfw I have to wait 2 years for this

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>Macha's virginity
How the fuck do you hand that on your wall?

>> No.26992652

Well, they could divide the Titan's functions up among the bridge crew. One moderati gets the main gun limbs, the princeps gets movement, and the other moderati gets sensors and point defense guns, for instance.

>> No.26992677

stained sheets?

>> No.26992679

A photo of the act? A glass box containing the Eldar hymen-equivalent? I can't believe I just typed that.

>> No.26992683

With a hook.
Fucking duh.

>> No.26992698

Well each faction will have leaders but they'll just be high level PCs. I guess there will be Synapse enemies like Tyrants that you need to defeat in Tyranid dungeons.

>> No.26992707

I doubt that will happen, Titans involved in the actual gameplay would rip away the focus of the infantry and sort of ruin the dynamic. Most likely Titans will be set pieces, since there was mention of Titan manufactorums

>> No.26992723

>A glass box containing the Eldar hymen-equivalent?
Well that's very Chaos.

>> No.26992725

A small, humanoid skull with a beard attached.

Also servoskulls. LOTS of servoskulls.

Oh, and a two-headed, bionic eagle for the SM, of course. Definitely going to ask the devs to put that in.

>> No.26992728

I just want to be a Chaos sorcerer. That is all I want.

>> No.26992730

I'm sure there will be, as there have been mentions of unique abilities your armies can employ, also apparently at some point your personal space ship can do things, like orbital strikes, so I'm guessing deep strikes will happen, just like in Planetside where drop pods can come down to locations that are smoked.

>> No.26992739

True, but you could find ways of taking them down as an infantry team. A Terminator strike team could brute force it into submission. Alternately, fast attack forces could kite the Titan into a mountain pass or chokepoint, making it ripe for jump troops to assault from above.

>> No.26992742

A servoskull with a bow on it's skull.

>> No.26992766

I'm betting cybernetic parts will enhance your abilities, like swinging harder and faster, being able to target enemies farther, maybe help aim a bit, faster running, yadda yadd

>> No.26992790

A metal box.

>> No.26992814

But then theres not really PvP going on, it's enemies focusing on the giant AI controlled enemy, with mobs of troops gathered around it's legs, wacking away at it's armor. It doesn't really seem fun,

>> No.26992822

The real question is if cybernetic parts will be permanent upgrades, or if you'll be able to unequip them or switch them out, like any other inventory item.

>> No.26992839


havent they've been largely written out?

>> No.26992845

In the meantime, the Titan could be controlled a la >>26992652
In addition, it could house a number of players ready to protect the machine from boarding parties en route to its objective, and be escorted by a large infantry and vehicle force.

>> No.26992847


Will it give you bonuses...or will it be just cosmetic is another question. How do you acquire them? Etc etc.

>> No.26992859

Will one of the Eldar ship decorations be a romantic poster of a Vindicare stuck to the ceiling above the player's bed?

>> No.26992870


A man can but dream

>> No.26992883

SAGs are in the current Ork Codex, and the model is still in production. So they're not that forgotten anymore.

>> No.26992893

I'm sure they will be unequippable, or you can switch out for better ones, since the game won't be that adamant to realism since you will probably die many many times

>> No.26992895

>Titan wars as endgame PvP instances
>Skitarii rendered in glorious detail


>> No.26992907

perhaps you cant do it in the field. Like you have to "respec" or something.

>> No.26992913

so, fellow gitz, we all agree that(if possible) Top Meks will largely be kroozin around in warbikes wavin' our flash klaws around and generally derping the way Orks ought to when the game is released?

>> No.26992935

I say 1v1 duels must determine warboss

>> No.26992946

>1v1 drag races

>> No.26992966

Are Weird Boyz allowed in Top Mek, or must we all be Mek boyz?

>> No.26992967

Personally I think stuff like replaced limbs etc will be cosmetic and decided on character creation (maybe restricted to certain classes, like mekboys and techmarines in other to make the difference between classes more visual), while some things like cybernetic eyes and cables that go into your brain have actual in-game effects. Just speculation, of course.

>> No.26992969


Probably what happens is, with enough resources gathered (a la the GW2 WvW fun), you can build/requisition certain items. Titans will likely be 'we have a shitton of stuff, let's get one'.

>> No.26992971

1v1 duel drag races

>> No.26992981

Only if you keep using powers that make your head explode.

>> No.26992989

So how is this game going to work?

Just a giant TPS battle?

>> No.26992992


some weird boyz would probably be needed, depending how the devs make 'em. Hopefully not too much pigeonholing into a healer!

>> No.26992993

>Be Iron Hands Techmarine
>Walk around with duffel bag full of random bionics for different circumstances
>Chaos Space Marine? Better switch to my retractable power armblade!
>Eldar? Better switch to my automated heavy bolter arm!

>> No.26993003

I want to be a Painboy on a big, noisy bike. With lots of glyphs on it. 'ERE COMES DA AMBULANCE!

>> No.26993022

>giant TPS battle?

dunno right now; I slightly suspect it's gona end up like Vigil's attempt i.e: buttan mashan TPS

>> No.26993023

First you stat your ork
Then you run at the humies spamming WAAAAAAAAGH in the chat and holding the attack button.

>> No.26993030

>the siren is just a bunch of bagpipe squigs stuck on top of the exhaust pipes

>> No.26993034

I think healers will be painboys and mad docs. A weird boy that mainly heals instead of causing death and destruction just feels wrong, somehow.

>> No.26993046

>ork is felled, screaming but still just there
>Suddenly, the Painboyz come on their WAAAAAAAAAAGHMbulances.

>> No.26993067

Fukken sold.

>> No.26993072


centurion dreadnought

the horror, the horror

wonder If we'll ever see babby/dread-knights in-game, I sure as hell hope not

>> No.26993076

I'm considering calling it DA AMPULANCE. Because wherever I go, limbs are getting chopped. It doesn't really matter if it's ork or pinkskin ones.

>> No.26993080


Let's see here. Space Marines have apothecaries, Orks have Mad Doks an Painboys, Chaos has Nurgle, Eldar simply stick soulstones into mechs.

>> No.26993088



>> No.26993089

Like Planetside apparently. Log in, make your character, spawn into the battlefield (choosing a class when you do) and going into a over the shoulder, third person fighting, with guns or melee fighting. There will be executions, so when you take down an enemy you will be able to finish them off, or ignore them, then an ally can revive their fallen friend

>> No.26993092


>> No.26993097

the devs said that centurions won't be included

>> No.26993104

>Eldar don't heal
I knew those pansies would deem healers "too mainstream" for their tastes.

>> No.26993105

Centurion dreadnought dreadknight Titan

>> No.26993111

Can I play as an IG grunt?

>> No.26993112

>Ork medic call is "DON'T CALL DA DOK, PLEASE DON'T!"

>> No.26993121

No, at least not yet.

>> No.26993129

>an IG grunt
Trooper, where is the rest of your squad?

>Implying that the Guard expansion won't assign entire squads to a single player

>> No.26993136

I wonder if they'll let you change classes at will, or if a character is stuck in a specific class. The latter one seems more likely, since it seems like these guys want the game to be as fluffy as possible.

>> No.26993140

I could see a wierdboy having some sort of passive where he gains charges of a sort as his ally's do damage, and can then explode enemy/send ally into a rage with em.

>> No.26993145

But anon, you can already get squads, you just need to be elected as a Squad Leader, then you can gather up a gaggle of players to lead around like a mother hen

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File: 1.47 MB, 1193x1504, queen of swords.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


More like Eldar don't get hit. They're agile glass cannons. They don't plan on trading hits, they hit first.

>> No.26993162


casuals will whine like hell



>> No.26993164

Probably never, since an IG grunt would be extremely outclassed by everyone else. If they do add IG, you'll probably start as a veteran or a Commissar or something. Or Ogryn. Man, I'd love to play an Ogryn.

>> No.26993168

Switching classes is confirmed, along with quickly being able to switch your load outs. Don't know if you can switch them while alive, but once you are dead you will probably be able to switch classes.

>> No.26993171

Not huge enough. Starting Guard players come in as sergeants, medics, or junior commissars. Where other factions get squad leader promotions, the Guard gets platoon leader promotions.

>> No.26993178



>> No.26993189

So if I get like a x8 multikill or something does may Chaos space marine get possesed by the dark gods?

Cause if a Khornate berzerker does something nuts he deserves to be turned into a blood letter or something until his next death.

>> No.26993203

I can see Weirdboys as buffers, but not really healers.

I can imagine mad doks as buffers as well, injecting other orks with various nasty combat drugs and mushroom extracts they've cooked up in their labs.

>> No.26993208

>Be Guardsman
>Die more times than I can count
>Sloooowly earn Req for a knife upgrade and camo-cloak
>Laugh maniacally as I perform the Lijah Cuu maneuver on everyone I see

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File: 24 KB, 525x248, teegee delivars.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.26993241

I'm mostly picturing this being like planetside 2, but with 40K.

10/10, would play.

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File: 486 KB, 2048x1536, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Presuming we get Eldar Jetbikes, I just hope we don't get the current easy rider ones. Hopefully the new ones are out by then or the devs have enough sense to make new ones based on the prototypes from long ago.

>> No.26993256

Weirdboys would also be the "spell casters" shooting lightning, psychic vomit and the such, also teleporting around the battle field with his allies. Also 'Eadbanging

>> No.26993283

No Daemons, they will get their own faction.

>> No.26993310

/tg/ may have just had a hand in shaping this game.

That's pretty damn cool.

>> No.26993315


Sheeeeit, got replied...good stuff...I look forward to this.

>> No.26993321

My guess is that weirdboys will be able to be customized to be either pure death machines or buffers, or a combination of both. So you can either concentrate on exploding heads and shooting lightning out of your nose, or help the other boys get into the fight faster by teleporting them and making them tougher by pumping raw WAAAAGH energy into them.

>> No.26993340

And seeing as players run and manage their own factions, you know what this means. Chapter Master may finally become a thing.

>> No.26993342

>one day I might be able to drive my ork bike into some beakies and do wheelies on top of their corpses.

Two years feels like an eternity...

>> No.26993343

You just got ganked, sure as sure.

>> No.26993353

Will the Trazyn package come with its own stasis'd screaming Vulkan?

>> No.26993370

It'll be even funnier if he comes in a carbonite brick.

>> No.26993375

It's certainly something to Bragg about to your fellow Guardsmen.

>> No.26993439


>> No.26993443

>The Inquisition is investigating your chapter for Heresy.

>> No.26993448


Oh fuck both of you.

I cried when I read that and nearly flipped a table in rage too.

>> No.26993451
File: 148 KB, 1130x900, 1361334703612.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

On their "Meet the Team" Video they show a cgi model of the Black Legion. And all their 40k models make me worry that this game is just a scheme to get free models.

>> No.26993462

Whoa now, dawg, Colm down.

>> No.26993471
File: 16 KB, 691x597, 1370057919335.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You are too paranoid anon

>> No.26993479

>Meet the Team
>WAAAGH's a good job, mate. Out of doorz, challengin' work, and I guaranteez ya won't go 'ungry, 'cause at da end o' da day, long as dere's two grots left on dis planet, someone's gonna want someone krumped.

>> No.26993495

You son of a bitch. I was just writing that.

>> No.26993496
File: 120 KB, 524x492, 1376431545187.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If being heresy-free is pleb, I'll be laboring under the Emperor's glowing benevolence, scum.

>> No.26993509


I am Devastator Marine....and this is my weapon...

>> No.26993514


The Emperor's glowing benevolence was gifted to us by the High Lords of Terra.

>> No.26993533

Hey, wait a minute, that guy's not a Guardsman. He's a Blood Raven!

>> No.26993547

>SoB burns and purges
"Do you believe in Big E, in a Sister's heart?"

>> No.26993548
File: 23 KB, 270x478, 270px-Eldar_arlequines_Hijos_de_Cegorach.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If I had one wish it would be to be able to play as Harlequins

>> No.26993554


'Alright Fryman, I gotta go back inside now...I've got a date with my lightning claw if you know what I mean'

>> No.26993564


That would be fucking awesome, yes.

>> No.26993583

>Battle brother, are you sure this will work?

>> No.26993584

>What? It was obvious! He's the Alpha Legion spy! We'll see a Hydra tattoo any minute now. See? Hydra--Oh wait, that's blood.

>> No.26993599

I wonder if Warpspiders will be playable. If so, would they have a chat filter that makes parts of their text warped?

>> No.26993602

I am now going to read all of Fabius Bile's lines in the HH books in the Medic's voice.

>> No.26993650 [DELETED] 
File: 87 KB, 500x1024, Striking Scorpion3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


That'd be cool.

God I hope aspects are done well with a good deal of variety. I want to rep dem Scorps.

>> No.26993681

i wonder if we will be invulnerable during the executions (and maybe get healed) or risk getting killed by a granagde mid-execution like WH40k: Space Marine

>> No.26993693
File: 87 KB, 500x1024, Striking Scorpion3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


That'd be cool. I also loved the way Spiders sounded in DOW.

God, I hope aspects are done well in this game. I want to rep dem Scorps.

>> No.26993706


>> No.26993715

why would this be even remotely considered a good idea?

>> No.26993727

Grenade, maybe?

>> No.26993741

>Playing as the clown brigade
>When you could be a glorious Shining Spear

>> No.26993767

welp, not my day

>> No.26993768

is it ever explained if astartes are castrated or not?

>> No.26993774

i saw you delete that post

>> No.26993781

Warp spiders would be a blast, jumping around making it hard to hit em. We can bet there will be some kind of Seer. i think rangers and/or dark reapers are a safe bet. Those two units would be easy since they are just gunners that don't do any weird crap. Dire avengers would be ideal since they are an shooty unit that switches to melee in a pinch

>> No.26993791

Dat gank power.

>> No.26993807
File: 154 KB, 900x842, striking scorpion.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


If you were from my craftworld, you'd be fucking dead.

>> No.26993809


Whether or not they are castrated depends on a number of things. The author writing, the phase of the moon, the state of El Nino, and the price of eggs in Shropshire.

>> No.26993811

nope, just through the marine-iffication they become unnattracted to females, or something like that
and all their babies are hideously deformed anyway

>> No.26993837
File: 123 KB, 700x933, Stealthy Striking Scorpions.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



[Spoiler]I... replied to the wrong guy...[/spoiler]

>> No.26993839

Any word on Dreadnoughts in the game yet?

>> No.26993859

>Eldar doing anything so crude as scratching their kills into their chainsword


>> No.26993864

And on a jetbike, too. I really hope they incorporate mounts and mount-based skills/subclasses.

>> No.26993873
File: 145 KB, 567x369, scorpions.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>fucked up the spoiler

Now they'll never let me join the shrine...

>> No.26993878

Maybe he's a new Scorpion who has yet to get rid of his cheesy moto bullshit.

>> No.26993892


>> No.26993896

He's just a rookie scorp. After a few hundred years there won't be a biting blade big enough for his tally.

>> No.26994083

I'm sure the Exarchs have integrated kill-tally trackers in their armour autosenses.

>> No.26994132


>eldar who go so far on the path of the warrior that they get stuck and can't leave
>needing a kill counter to track their kills

>> No.26994135

>Craftworlds' Aspect temples have online kill-tally leaderboards
>There's always some jackass in the #1 spot with the name AAA

>> No.26994157

That's why it's only the Exarchs bother with it. Everybody else would consider it eerily obsessive with the Warrior Path.


>> No.26994195


>kill counter goes up for some reason even when there's no war
>curious warlock starts investigating
>finds out each kill is from Eldrad moving a piece of grain

>> No.26994228

What a dick.

>> No.26994266

Just as planned.

>> No.26994281

As nice as this all sounds, I'm waiting until I see some gameplay before I get excited.

>> No.26994310

>Even Eldrad has no idea who AAA is

>> No.26994349

>Aspect Alcoholics Anonymous

Space Marine version
>Astarte Alcoholics Anonymous

>> No.26994518
File: 50 KB, 797x595, da councilboyz.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This took longer than I expected

>> No.26994529

>An Angry Autarch

>> No.26994544

Are you a drawfag?

Can you draw the average /tg/ Battle Brother's crib?

>> No.26994552

I hope to fuck that devs make it fun. I'm not bothered too much about depth because it seems like they have a good idea of how to accomplish that, but games like arma are hella complex but there's no real reward to the gunplay. But there are games like dishonored, which aren't actually that complex in gameplay but make up for it with flash and rewarding base mechanics.

Also, trukks are a must. I want to see orks scattered into the battlefield from a car crash and straight into fighting.

>> No.26994578


all day, erryday

>> No.26994658

Afraid I'm not a drawfag, just a doodlebug

>> No.26994747


>> No.26994918

all rewards in dishonored not only were pointless, but also felt worthless

>> No.26994951

looking at their twitter, trukks look like a definite

>> No.26995171

Looking at their twitter, Chapter Master Valkr is a faggot who should stop bugging the devs.

>> No.26995222

I don't think he's talking about ingame rewards, more about how much fun some of the shit you could pull off was due to interaction of simple systems.

>> No.26995326
File: 57 KB, 797x595, da councilboyz.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There we go

>> No.26995358

Holy shit, 2 chapters i like being present? Hell fucking yes

>> No.26995369

He does seem to be a bothersome little twat

>> No.26995472

That's not what a bad moon symbol looks like.

>> No.26995478

Fucking Shropshire.

>> No.26995496


Woh... are striking scorpions gonna be a path for eldar players?

Holy shit... this changes everything.

>> No.26995567

It doesn't have to be a Bad Moons symbol, it might just be some random glyph the ork put on there because he thought it looked cool.

>> No.26995699
File: 57 KB, 797x595, da councilboyz.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26995714

No confirmation or info on them, but the devs want Dreads to be in it if they can figure out how to implement them

>> No.26995758

No, I mean the colors is wrong.

>> No.26995776


>> No.26995816

Perhaps after a player of sufficient rank gets killed, they can pay whatever in-game currency to come back as a dread and pick their wargear and will be reverted back to a marine after they die? Possibly as a 'special' class that can only be leveled up while in a dread?

>> No.26995954

What about Deff Dreads? Go to some load out spot when you are a certain rank and pay a butt load of req points and get the dread, and you cant get out unless you die?

>> No.26995965

The moon should be yellow, on a black circle on more yellow. Right now it's Evil Sunz colors.

>> No.26996012

Oh, I know that, it's just a glyph, I made it red so it stuck out more, but I can change it to yellow on black

>> No.26996023

they said vehicles will be implemented, so it could be randomly spawned, or work like they do in planetside

>> No.26996055
File: 57 KB, 797x595, da councilboyz.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26996074
File: 1.46 MB, 680x1021, Swooping_Hawk_6th_Ed.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I'll probably end up playing Eldar either way. Just give me harlequins, warp spiders or swooping hawks.

>> No.26996105

I enjoy Planetside 2, but it's hell on my computer.
I have to go in and manually unpark my processors or the game runs at 10-15 FPS. I how Eternal Crusade isn't similar.

>> No.26996176

*I hope that
Brain, why can't you type?

>> No.26996237


It looks and plays like space marine. Thats their goal.

>> No.26996308


Planetside 2 is a fucking shitty F2P game that's terribly made by a shitty F2P company with an incompetent dev team that only cares about MLG.

I have higher hopes for EC.

>> No.26996740

Any word on the ARG that was supposed to launch during PAX?

>> No.26996805


>> No.26996819

Yeah, it's been solved. Check the Eternal Crusade twitter for what you need to do.

>> No.26996849

Alternate Reality Game, basically a game event in real life

>> No.26996852


>> No.26996860

Alternate Reality Game.
Stuff like I Love Bees and that thing Valve did with Portal 2.

>> No.26996894

just what did it do was it a web site of something

>> No.26996965

Well you asked, jeez

The devs did an ARG over Pax for special rewards if fans could solve clues and stuff, the first reward was the Orks wallpaper released, the second reward was a special code that they released on Twitter, when Eternal Crusade is released, you can turn in the code and get an exclusive item

>> No.26997010


>> No.26997030

All the while listening to Dance of Death by Iron Maiden.

>> No.26997061

Shropshire makes good blue cheese

>> No.26997069

And we don't like you.

>> No.26997207


>Finally, he noted that the ARG will continue to run for the next two years right up to the game's release.

>The game will also feature friendly-fire, though it will have some sort of "reduced potency." The concept is still being ironed out, but Caron explained that shooting a friend won't be exactly like shooting an enemy. If you're an experienced player in mechanical terms and you shoot a friendly, you'll get a harsher penalty because you should know better. If you're a low-level player and you shoot a friendly, you'll get some sort of debuff that says you're bad at shooting.

>> No.26997266

>debuffs for friendly fire
How are we supposed to choose warbosses now?

>> No.26997271

Excuse me for not knowing this, but what the fuck is ARG?

>> No.26997279
File: 472 KB, 885x1114, Ghazghkull_vs._Yarrick.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

by huehhue duels

>> No.26997280

You pick the guy with the biggest debuff, obviously.

>> No.26997282


>> No.26997296

Not a literal debuff, basically a little thing on your screen that says you're bad at shooting. They are ironing things out

>> No.26997298


Basically a marketing campaign featuring some kind of puzzles and storyline connected to the real world.

>> No.26997468

Well, obviously, the friendly fire settings will be turned off for the Boyz. They fight amongst themselves just as much as they fight the enemy.

...actually, that's something to keep in mind. EC Devs, make note.

>> No.26997540


Just tweeted it to one of them.

>> No.26997642

Now, the problem that's inherent in this is that as such the F2P Orkz will be rife with griefers and the like.

Hm...a potential solution is a "Krump" skill for Nobz, which targets the biggest friendly-fire offender in range and smacks him for a lot of damage (perhaps even fatal damage), in addition to temporarily disabling FF in a small radius around the Nob. It lets the powerful players deal with the troublemakers AND lets them redirect their Boyz at the objective/enemy that they need to be foightin'.

Needs some work obviously, but what's /tg/ think?

>> No.26997680


Ork ships NEED Rams.

Space Marine ship should have a Navigator pod that you can go up to and randomly hear bizarre sounds.

>> No.26997691
File: 90 KB, 512x512, 1378157683913.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Seems accurate enough for orks.

>You git!
>Foight da odder orks aftah da battle! We'ze got's beakies ta krump!

>> No.26997712

seems a bit complex, imo.

wouldn't that ability heavily depend on whether the nob wants to use it?

and what if it is used and there is no FF abuser nearby?

>> No.26997739

Damage dealt by krump scales with team damage?
If they havent shot any teammates he just bonks them on the head for like 2 hp.

>> No.26997741

Then it's like a Commissars BLAM. Urge them forwards and all that.

>> No.26997749


Have players climbing all over it and fighting inside it. Jump Pack troopers hitting the upper levels, ground forces either fighting their way through the superstructure inside after breaching the leg armour. Ranged players trying to target weak points in the armour from afar. Honestly there's plenty of options to make a Titan fight interesting.

>> No.26997758

>Space Marine ship should have a Navigator pod that you can go up to and randomly hear bizarre sounds.
Like psychic Numbers Stations, hidden in the warp. The first person to decode it gets a cookie.

>> No.26997765
File: 37 KB, 223x289, evagrin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Biggest FF abusers can power and become the biggest and orkiest bosses and clan leaders

>> No.26997766

Maybe it's a continuous aura-type ability, something like "Stop Muckin' About! - Friendly fire is disabled for all Orks within range."

>> No.26997773

Well yeah. It all depends if the Nob wants to get his Boyz back into the fight. He could simply just stand back and let them fight amongst themselves. But that would let the Beakies over the hill just swoop down on them and kick them in the gubbinz.

>> No.26997796


Hmm. What if Orks build up a resource called 'WAAAGH' by fighting anyone? Then use it for special abilities?

Would give them some value to fighting amongst themselves.

>> No.26997838

I won't be able to be Alpha Legion, will I?

Oh well. If I can become an Obliterator or some shit, I'm sure I'll still be happy.

>> No.26997859

I hope there will be some downside to Power Klaws and other power weapons. As great as they are, it would be kind of dull to see every single Ork running around with a power klaw, where usually Nobs or Bosses are hefting them around

>> No.26997878

Wouldn't work because then the orks would just let one spawn kill their own team until his power is over 9000

>> No.26997889

I want my Slaanesh ship decorated with penises. If possible, I want my ship to be a penis.

The real kicker is I also want the pixelated censorship bar covering it as well. I can imagine it now...


>> No.26997899

Well, they'll fight amongst themselves with little-to-no prodding. The problem is putting some kind of check on it so any potential griefing doesn't drive off new players.

Wait, I've got it! If you die to FF, you get a very hasty respawn timer and a special random respawn point near where you got killed. Any equipment you're carrying is not dropped (and will still be on you at respawn), and if you were in a purchasable vehicle, its cost is refunded to you. That way, even if you encounter a griefer, being killed by him would be nothing more than a minor annoyance. And to top it off, he wouldn't be able to spawn-camp you either, since you get a random special spawn a distance away from him.

>> No.26997917


>> No.26997937


>Orks in danger of being overrun by Humies
>suddenly stikkbombs in the middle of the Orks
>Orks respawn and encircle the humies

This sound hilarious.

>> No.26997951

I've figured it out, if their is a town area where the players can buy items or chat then that is where the Orks can fight to be the leader. Orks wouldn't vote for the leader, the leaders would be the ones with the most PvP kills. He would then be the biggest so he's the boss. On the battle field the orks are to busy fighting the other races to fight themselves so no friendly fire.

>> No.26997952

What about boosted damage against whoever killed you via friendly fire as well if you want to krump them back? Nobs using their krumping ability wouldn't be affected by this boosted damage.

>> No.26997961

You know, we could just keep the original FF idea, we don't have to stick to fighting with ourselves, not matter how fun and fitting it would be

>> No.26997969


"Hey look ya git, I'm a Mek. Dat means I solve problems."

"Not problems like 'what is beauty?' Because dat would fall wifin da pur...purv...somefing of your conun...con....problems of philo...softy"

"I solve practikal problems."

"For instance, hows I gonna stop some big armoured git from tearin' me and da boyz anuva backside we don't need?"

"Da answer? Use dakka."

"And if that don' work,"

"Use MORE dakka"

"Like dis triple barreled chain plasma shoota designed by me..."

"...Built by me..."

"And you gits best hope...not pointed at YOU"

>> No.26997979


This >>26997951 actually solves the problems good enough for fun.

>> No.26997990

That works too. So if you kill some random noob, he instantly respawns at a random location near you with enough buffs to take you down, and he's coming for ya teef. That should be enough of a deterrent for all but the most dedicated griefers. And if a Nob tries to do the same, well. Now he has a whole horde of boosted boys coming for him. I hope he's got the gubbinz to fight them ALL off .

>> No.26998012


Ork griefing: solved by buffing orks, respawning them, and letting them seek vengeance.


>> No.26998015

>IG comes to the game
>Commissar gets to FF without consequence.
>Actually gets buffs every time he kills a team mate.

>> No.26998046


>everyone else gets buffs
>someone works out the ideal numbers killed based on size of squad
>guys killed get xp
>everyone runs to be at back of squad to get blammed

>> No.26998064

Looking at these threads and looking at something like Battle-Brothers, I really notice that weve focused a lot on Orks, while the other site focuses on Mehreens

>> No.26998082

>Commissars blame their entire squads
>Gather together in a super Commissar team
>Wipe out the Orks with their super strength

>> No.26998101


That's because a lot of us are NEETs, so F2P Orkz will be the only way.

Also, /tg/ loves our Orkz. I mean, yes, we like individual groups/chapters/characters of the rest, but Orkz just have the intense joy in killin an fightin an winnin that we live through vicariously.

Although I'll probably run around more with Eldar, personally.

>> No.26998109

Guard needs to be added as another F2P faction of super weak dudes.

>> No.26998117

Well I'll be trying to get a job, and I'm sure I can find a job in the 2 years before EC comes out. I'll see how it is when it comes out in beta and if I like it, i'll buy that shit and help lead the Orks to victory

>> No.26998131

nah, guard should be npc that just spawn and run at the objectives

>> No.26998188

>Leman Russ tanks
>Chimera and Hellhounds
>Basilisks and if you actually do walk all the way to where they are, there is a commissar there.

>> No.26998251

Good point. Would be better if it's a smaller buff for the whole squad, just enough that total fighting force remains about equal.

>> No.26998324
File: 259 KB, 594x784, 1377072683044.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>no Thousand Sons, Blood Ravens, Blood Axes


>> No.26998343

If your reasoning for it being shit is due to what special sue chapters/legions are/aren't in it, then you missed the whole part about the game being a pay2win clusterfuck.

>> No.26998383


We don't know about the thousand sons. Ideally there'd be World Eaters, Death Guard, Emperors Children and Black Legion/Word Bearers. Going by the space marine chapters available anyway.

>> No.26998442


Consider the following.

IG is a faction that certain intrigues are used to move them in the direction you want them to go.

>> No.26998459


>pay2win clusterfuck
>just because it's not actually f2p, but there's a demo option not as good as a paid option
>and all the microtransactions are solely for convenience/vanity

gtfo shitlord.

>> No.26998511

The devs are pretty adamant about it not being p2w. Of course, they could be lying but nothing indicates that's the case, so an optimistic view is every bit as valid as a pessimistic one.

>> No.26998778

I Know no Fear, but that Thing... it scares me...

>> No.26999025

Of course, /tg/ is gonna a be part of the glorious Ork WAAAAAAAAAAAAGH and destroy all the other factions with seemingly unlimited numbers.

>> No.26999120

New thread when?

>> No.26999133


Why, we autosaging?

I'd recommend someone archive this, we have some good ideas, in case the devs miss it.

>> No.26999147

About 9 more posts until autosage.

>> No.26999704

I think our best ideas get tweeted to the devs anyway

>> No.26999969

Are we going to get races from the pen and paper RPGs as NPCs?
Like the Slaught, the Lacrimole, those guys from Rogue Trader...

>> No.27000060

probably not, seeing as not even all the official races will be there from launch

>> No.27000115
File: 849 KB, 1002x1417, fear_in_the_void_by_nadiel-d6eso2q.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just want the Night Lords. That's all, I don't give a shit about any other, just give me some murdering psychopaths who virus-bombed planets for the presence of a single rebellious cult at the time of the Great Crusade.

>> No.27001094

>I enjoy Planetside 2, but it's hell on my computer.
>I have to go in and manually unpark my processors or the game runs at 10-15 FPS. I how Eternal Crusade isn't similar.
Oh, that's why, sorry.

>> No.27001116

>Completely out of the blue, needlessly belligerent post

Are you from /v/?

>> No.27001177

we're not /v/, and don't spend thousands on 1337 hardcore Xxl33txX ali3nwear computers just to be able to play crysis, or zork or something
wasted money is wasted money

I've spent most of mine on minituares, but still

>> No.27001324

I wonder what /v/ thinks of this game? They said anything?

>> No.27001382

I think the general opinion is its 'okay' but thanks to the whole 'brute force of numbers' gameplay you can't make individual progress.

But from personal experience, getting a party van of 4+ friends is great.

>> No.27001636

>you can't make individual progress.
You can, by the way. A big part of the game will be unlocking new classes, equipment and customisation options for your character.

>> No.27001976

I'm really looking forward to this game, the only thing that bothers me is the whole third person fighting. I loved in BF3 getting spun round, knifed and having my dog tags ripped off me because I hadn't been paying enough attention, I like the whole execution idea just think I prefer the creepy face-to-face version.

>> No.27001997

Third-person is best suited to melee combat, though, which is going to be highly emphasised in this game. Space Marine is said to be a major influence on its gameplay, after all.

>> No.27002048

I'm not sure I'd agree with you there. Skyrim and the other ES games were, for me at least, much more enjoyable in first person for combat, melee or otherwise. Then again, I could well be in the minority, I wouldn't not get the game because of the third person but I would like at least the option for first person thrown in there.

>> No.27002112

A lot of people seem to agree that something like Skyrim's system, being able to seamlessly switch between the two, might work well. Honestly I don't particularly care, whatever allows the devs to deliver the best game possible.

But my one preference is third-person for melee. I want to appreciate the brutal chainsword swings of my Marine, or the elegant weaving and slashing of my Banshee.

>> No.27002134

I can agree with, itching to get this game. As long as they deliver a great game I could easily live with third person.

>> No.27002384

they say the combat will draw heavily from space marine,
and the executions will be similiar to the ones in that game

>> No.27002540

Well, it's autosaging. New thread?

>> No.27002693

on it

>> No.27002737


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