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Smutfic thread: Labor Day Weekend Overtime edition.
Previous thread here: 26968834

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Woops Newfag mistake

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Are these really /tg/ related, though?

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Last thread had some Macha, Cain and Amberley loving. So I'd say so at least.

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Do I need to combine the Cain x Amberley fics into one pastebin or has it been done on 1d4chan?

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They are, if only because they're derived from 40k and the like. Besides, more writefaggotry of any type is always a good thing.

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1d4chan hasn't added your stuff just yet, so combining them would be a good idea.

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There's it combined. I wish I knew how to add to 1d4chan, got only 1 of the fap fics from the past one there.

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That be nice, but I don't think its been done yet on 1d4chan.
If only someone had an account and just made it a page.

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Just click on the "Help" button and it should tell you what you need to know.

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>mfw Mon-Keigh Fucker
>no fics of her fucking Mon-keigh, maybe like one pic from Chink.
Damn it /tg/ I believed in you.

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Damn 4.7k words of juicy Vail cosplay sex unf.

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>no fics of her fucking Mon-keigh
Someone hasn't read Love Bloomed In Her Mouth

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Will do at some point, thanks!

Enjoy. I haven't been to sleep, so I decided to write something. Requester wanted lots of mouth action, so I tried to do some of that.

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Thats it thought, its JUST a BJ.
I need MOAR. Maybe with a passionate uptight Taldeer dressing up as a human cheerleader for some real fucking and roleplay.

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>mfw I am requester with blowjob/throat fucking fetish.
Your fic made me IRL pic related:

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There is Love Bloomed in her Mouth over on 1d4chan, but ironically you'll have better luck finding material of Macha.

So much for being the Ever Virgin- not only did she get laid and fall in love with the lucky bastard, said lucky bastard is HEAVILY implied to be a Perpetual as well, thus ensuring that she won't need to worry about the lifespan problem. And as an added bonus, they're compatible enough that their very souls fused for a short time- the result was kind of like a Protoss Archon, but less likely to kill you.

Some people have all the luck.

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>mfw I might have added to Love Bloomed

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Glad you enjoyed it. I aim to please.

And she got surprise butt-sechs by a polymorphined Calldius Assassin in my fic!

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She did indeed. On several different occasions.

Things sure have changed since then, haven't they?

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...I might have made it a little longer near the end. And a few details.
I have sinned, defiling another writefag's work

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It's not defilement if you made it better. Though asking permission would be nice next time- less chance of writing styles clashing.

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I'd watch that.

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Yeah I should, shame the fic was like from the start of /tg/ or something. So it was all old.

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>dat taldeer

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You could do like what the rest of /tg/ does and turn old writefaggotry into some overblown melodramatic quest staring whiny lesbians and chicks with bugs for skin.

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And here is the rest of that picture.
Does this look like Quest Thread General to you?

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Sorry. Let me post some cheese to go with my whine.

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That's much better.

Where exactly did /tg/ get the idea for khornettes, nurglettes, and tzeentchettes anyway?

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True. For some reason, people love the idea of her losing her virginity. Hence why I did anal, so it's technically not lost.

As long as people enjoy the fics, I don't mind.

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Its mostly new fics and requests here though, along with any *SFW* lewd pics for some motivation and/or discussion.

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I've never quite understood it. Does she just have bad luck with getting laid or is there something actually working against her to prevent it?

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Because a desperate, adorable, and pervy Macha finally getting laid is the hottest thing ever, plus being an Ever-Virgin means her vag must be the tightest thing ever.
>/tg/ could not resist dipping its fingers in that cookie jar.

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Bad luck. She does get laid though, but before that new fic, she basically only got laid in non- preferred ways. For example, in my fic, she gets semi-raped by a polymorphed calldius assassin (so a female morphed as a male) in the butt. That's not the "Eldar/Mon'keigh male in vayjay"

Sorry, had to delete that comment due to picture. Better the whole thing than just the picture.

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Slaanesh has daemonettes, therefore the other chaos gods needed -ettes as well

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Back when 4chan as a whole was more like Japanese culture, they loved to make R63 -tans/-chans of various factions and the like.

That and why should Slaanesh get all the fun?

On the plus side, khornettes are semi-canon. Some Khornate marine in some comic mentions how he will go visit his demon-brides after he kills some Spess Muhreen.

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It started way back in the day when IronShrineMaiden was still drawfagging for /tg/. This picture got posted, and things snowballed from there into the"Ever Virgin" meme. While the first requests of R34 for her were denied because it would supposedly ruin the joke, it became an old meme after a while and further requests eventually resulted in these two fics.


The rest is history (or maybe heresy).

I was the guy who made the request that proved to be the straw that broke the camel's back. And I have to say that I'm very pleased with the end results.

I did not know that, but I'm not surprised that the other chaos gods looked at the daemonettes and thought "Slaanesh must be doing something right if there's so many of them about".

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It also doesn't help when theories arise about what happens if Macha lost her virginity, ranging from Slaanesh being empowered to overwhelm the other Chaos gods off her freed lust, to Eldrad's master plan of her never losing it because duh he's her super protective dad and a bit of a dick, to Macha finally seducing and freeing the God Emperor Reborn.

>but always, Taldeer gets really annoying and they bicker while Macha rubs in her popped cherry in Taldeer's face.

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>I did not know that
Its where all the Cultist-chan, Cata-chan, Chem-chan, Kasrkin-chan, Milf Tyrant, Loli-D, and all those other cutesy mascot characters came from. Hell, /tg/ even used to do those Japanese styled bust charts, too.

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Or "Eldar/any male in vayjay", at that matter.

As it turns out, the real answer was a lot more interesting than that.

Does anyone have one of those bust charts lying around?

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If not, I'm sure you could find them on 1d4chan.

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Hold on, I found it. Posting here for posterity/shits and giggles.

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Also, I would now like to submit a request for something involving Ronery Wych. Because I need more stuff in my Dark Eldar folder.

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Bump for getting the writefags to come out and play.

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I would love to see something cute with Nurglette

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Well, we certainly can't let those gifts of Nurgle go to waste. Unfortunately, I am completely unable to write anything even remotely good. But I figure that someone's bound to show up eventually.

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...There ARE people willing to contribute to this, right?

>> No.26986868


I would, but sadly my knowledge of Nurgle is... shall we say sub-standard.

Now Tzeentch on the other hand....

>> No.26986873

Wait. The Pleaguebearer has two eyes. Should only have one...

>> No.26986920

That's not a plaguebearer. That's a Nurglette- a Daemonette of Nurgle.

Tzeentch is fine too. But why limit ourselves to 40k stuff at all? I'm fine with whatever you lot are capable of writing up.

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I'm also bad at writing smut, and writing in general. Otherwise I would write a story of the 4 of them being sent out to seduce one man or something along those lines.

>> No.26987007

Is there a Malicechan?

Because to be fair Malice is still in the fluff, it'll just never be seen again.

>> No.26987022

I see. Well, we can't ALL suck at writing, and odds are that one of the writefags will stumble over this.

Not that I know of.

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unless GW does something like a 14th Black Crusade and a guy with Sons of Malice does some serious shit.

>> No.26987034

Theres no Malicette as far as I know.

>> No.26987056

Unless GW does something like a 14th Black Crusade and a guy with Sons of Malice does some serious shit

>> No.26987059

At which time whoever has the copyright for the name "Malice" will sue the pants off of GW.

>> No.26987131

Technically, they can use the name "Malal" which was the Fantasy version.

>> No.26987160

Malal is the copyrighted one, they can use Malice freely.

>> No.26987190

Who copyrighted "Malal" anyway?

>> No.26987512

Some asshole.
Normally I'm for creator rights, but if you win something then fucking use it.

>> No.26987683

And when have WE ever cared about copyright?

Anyway, someone should get to the smut already- we don't have all day here. (I do, but that's beside the point.)

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>mfw I wish I had the time to draw more smut for our Smutfag Sundays...

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Lewdanon, we were wondering where you went. So, how have you been holding up?

>> No.26987839

Malal/Malice=self destruction, and the bad end of both Warhammers for Chaos is that every time Chaos fights Chaos, he gets a little stronger.

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Wow, Eldrad is such a dickhead.

>> No.26987915

Lewdanon is like God. Rarely seen, always busy with more important things, but when he does appear it's always worth it.

>> No.26987969

I'll say. I do have a bit of a backlog of requests for him, but perhaps it would be best for me to hold off on that until his schedule frees up. (Real life is a bitch, isn't it?)

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Malal of course.

>> No.26988335

oh goddamnit what
the last thread appeared and vanished without me noticing
is this the third thread we're on?

anyway, i'm still adding some more to dark eldar/choir boy /ss/ lewd

>> No.26988486

Thank you based anon, you are the best of us.

>> No.26988501

Yep, you're in the right place and we're starved for content. So you're a real sight for sore eyes.

>> No.26988719

This thread'll probably be here for a while. No worries.

>> No.26988744

Can you show us what you've got so far?

>> No.26988867

This thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/26970673/
gave me the idea, how would a date between Slaanesh and the Emperor go? Someone please write this.

>> No.26989043

haven't put any new stuff on the internet but here's a pastebin i made yesterday for it;

>> No.26989291


There's needs to be a fic of Nurglette feeding anon her filthy futa dickcheese.


>> No.26989333

Do you think you'll be able to add a little more soon?

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Malicechan is just Tomoko from Watamote.

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You're on /d/lite and don't like futa?

>> No.26989490

Sorry, not my fetish.

And seriously, where the fuck did all our writefags go?

>> No.26989493

If I liked futa I'd be on /d/, not /d/lite
People go on /d/lite to the /d/ fetishes that aren't futa

>> No.26989540

*for the, not to the

>> No.26989547

You're on /d/-lite instead of /d/-proper looking for dickgirls?

>> No.26989609


Warhammer dickgirls, yes. Everyone in this thread is looking for smut on a traditional games board too.

>> No.26989664

Then why isn't anyone making any, then?

>> No.26989666

The only reason /tg/ even became /d/-lite is because /d/eviants were looking for safe asylum away from all that dickgirl faggotry.

>> No.26989701

/d/ has always been for dickgirls. It was founded for the sake of dickgirls, just as /tg/ was made for 40k and all of 4chan is a big giant weeaboo website.

You can't "Escape" it, you were never there for why it was made in the first place.

>> No.26989735

>/d/ has always been for dickgirls.
And hey, look at that! We aren't on fucking /d/, now are we? Fuck off back to your dickgirl board.

>> No.26989751

I am there now, as I always am.

>not always keeping a tab open for /d/ickgirls

You sir are a faggot and also a pleb.

>> No.26989774

Then you have no reason to be trying to force dickgirls on /tg/.
>likes dickgirls
>calls other plebs
Quit embarrassing yourself.

>> No.26989830

Now if you are all done bitching, where the fuck is our fapping material? All I see here are a bunch of requests nobody's bothered to fill. So can somebody PLEASE contribute something of worth here?

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Ok i'll try and write one or something i guess. Someone name a character they want a futa fic of and what kind of position they want her to be in (Futa on female, futa on male, futa on futa, etc)

And don't complain when it's shit because this will be my first time.

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File: 57 KB, 280x395, 1377812308633.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Perhaps you don't understand. WE DO NOT WANT DICKGIRLS. Write something else if you wish, but if you want futa go back to /d/.

>> No.26989952


Well seeing as i wasn't the one who called you a pleb there's atleast one other person who does.

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File: 135 KB, 680x680, Metroid ate too much delicious candy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>futa fic

>> No.26990000

He should go back to /d/ too.

>> No.26990009


Crucify him, he's got one of the most overused, boring fetishes!

>> No.26990035

And one which literally has an entire board for it. Why don't you just go ask THEM?

>> No.26990063

Honestly, is a little regular male on regular female (Or at least, no hermaphrodite) too much to ask? I ask this sincerely: Are you gay? Because needing your women to have a penis is literally gay.

>> No.26990064

I dunno, dark eldar on eldar would work for that pretty well.

>> No.26990065

I know, right? IT"S SO BORING.

It's just MEN WITH TITS FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE! If you're so inclined to them, GO TO AN ANIME CONVENTION!

>> No.26990097


>> No.26990105

He's right, you know. So stop bickering and WRITE already!

>> No.26990166


Her being futa allows me easier understanding of what she's feeling. You see a woman with a boner, you know she's feeling the same euphoric feeling you're feeling. You KNOW she's into you.

I've already been though vanilla, that stuff does nothing for me anymore. I don't know why, it just doesn't, i'm bored of it. Futa is different, new, exciting. If you want a fic, i'll write it. I'm not adverse to giving her a vagina too but i'm just not gunna be able to write anything remotely sexy without being stimulated myself. It's like asking you to write a fic of a girl shitting in anons mouth when that isn't your fetish.

>> No.26990201

I dislike futa for that reason. I don't want to "understand" everything about my partner, that's ridiculous. Why not just fuck a mirror, or be gay?

>> No.26990206

You're writing for us, not for yourself. Don't be so fucking selfish.

>> No.26990218

Stop. We have all seen this argument a million times. Just go to fucking /d/ if you want to see girls with dicks. Thats the simplest way to do things.

>> No.26990235

Basically anon, I don't think anyone minds if you write futa fiction, just aslong as you keep it to yourself/don't really bring it up.

If you're writing it for yourself, go ahead. If you're writing it for other people, then it's unlikely anyone's going to be requesting futa.

>> No.26990249

Yes a thousand times over. I'll get a disclaimer for future threads.

>We are not /d/. If you want dickgirls, go there. If we wanted futa, we would request it. If you MUST post it, do it in a pastebin.

>> No.26990263

By the Emperor, we need some real writefags here so the thread doesn't get clogged with faggotry and unanswered requests.

>> No.26990277


Ok, sorry, i'll go. Everyone calls this place like /d/ and there's monster girl thread and all that shit, and i see people talking about futa all the time on here in a favourable manner. I didn't think the only people inhabiting the thread would be guys not into futa seeing as they seem (or seemed) to be such a minority on this board. If litterally no one here wants futa, cya.

>> No.26990293

Ouch guys lets not start a shitflinging contest when we should all be jacking off to words of fictional characters on the internet.
>while I ain't exactly a fan of futa, we really don't have ANY fic to critizice anyways.
Just write whatever you want and if someone digs or request it they'll comment yes and if they don't they won't.
Like what we've done for the last like 5 threads.

>> No.26990296

Some people like it, and some people very vocally dislike it, and some people just plain don't care either way.

>> No.26990317

And in this case, dickgirl fans are in the minority, Sorry to disappoint you there,

>> No.26990321

They sort of busy, they kinda working on long ass fics instead of the couple posts circle jerk you see.
>/tg/ actually doesn't have THAT much fapfic writers unlike other boards comparatively.

>> No.26990332

Where do we get more then? I'd do it, but I'm a permavirgin who couldn't write to save his life.

>> No.26990343

Deldar /ss/ guy here, sorry
written a bit more
just going to get to some sort of milestone before i post some more on pastebin

>> No.26990364

Well when you piggy back off of someone elses request to try to change into some sort of disgusting bullshit about moldy futa dickcheese, you're gonna step on some toes. Yeah, /tg/ is /d/lite, but that doesnt mean we have to put up with shit like dickgirls and diapers.

>> No.26990410

Thank god. You have no idea how bad things were going until now.

>> No.26990423

Don't come back!

>> No.26990462

Tau Writefag here. Dunno if anyone remembers me, but if you guys want I've got an LCB smutfic here to keep you tied over for now. Any takers?

>> No.26990485

I remember you. I'll bite.

>> No.26990514

Unless its Love Bloomed in Her Mouth, in which case whatever (because I read it like 10 times).

>> No.26990516

>Tau Writefag here.
If you mean the water caste guy, then yes I do. I hope you do take up that idea of one-shots of different castes.
>I've got an LCB smutfic here to keep you tied over for now. Any takers?
Lay it on us. Please.

>> No.26990566


Heh, glad to see I made an impression. I plan on doing something more with the Castes, but this was a bit of a spur of the moment thing. Hope you guys enjoy.

“She never loved you, you know. Never did, never will.”

The Exitus rifle cracked again, but the Daemonette merely laughed as she was suddenly next to him. She smacked away the weapon and in a flash had him by the throat.

“Pathetic, really,” she sighed. “You’re just a toy. A pawn in her little game. Don’t you understand that? She’s no better than the humans who once held your leash.”

“Chaos, filth,” he snarled. “Where is she?”

“She left you, idiot,” she snorted, tightening her grip. “Had her fun, got her fill, then left you to die like an animal. Now you get to be MY plaything.”

Her grip was too strong, even as he tried to pry himself free. His lungs screamed for air, vision beginning to blur as he felt darkness creeping in around him…

>> No.26990585


LIIVI woke with a start, a sharp gasp for air escaping him as he reached for the sidearm on the nightstand beside him. Reality came crashing back into his senses a moment later and he hesitated, listening to the quiet breathing of his partner next to him. Taldeer was still asleep, cuddled into his side with her raven hair a slight mess from sleep. The sight calmed his frayed nerves, and with restraint left the weapon were it was. Instead he kissed the top of his lover’s head and silently untangled himself from her, sitting at the edge of the bed with his face buried in his hands. Not the only nightmare he suffered from, but one of the worse ones so far.

He wasn’t sure how long he’d sat there, lost in his thoughts, but he suddenly became aware of a pair of lithe arms wrapping around him. A time before it would have triggered some defensive reaction, but by now it was a welcome feeling as he felt Taldeer nuzzle his neck.

“Trouble sleeping?” she whispered.

“I... yes,” LIIVI sighed, taking one of her hands in his and squeezing.

Taldeer knew better than to ask anything more. She didn’t need to be a Farseer to know the darkness that haunted the Vindicare, and saw no need to press the point. The more human he grew, his conscious grew as well. He hid it well from the others, but as close as they’d grown it was impossible to keep it from her. A familiar calm came over him as he felt her presence caress his mind; not demanding or controlling, but simply offering something to cling to. For him, it was enough.

>> No.26990599


“Do you think it will ever stop?” LIIVI asked, quietly enough that the Farseer almost didn’t hear him.

“If you allow it to,” she answered, tightening her embrace. “You’re a good man, LIIVI. You can’t let your past weigh you down like this. Think of the future, instead.”

“I believe that is your specialty.”

Taldeer smiled at that. His dry, witty humor was endearing and, if he was using it, it meant he was feeling better.

“Come on, back to bed,” she ordered.

“I don’t think…” he started to object, but saw the futility in the effort and decided against it.

Moving back onto the bed, LIIVI rest his head in Taldeer’s lap at her beckoning. It wasn’t an uncommon gesture, and as her fingers began to run through his hair LIIVI tried to relax once more with better results, eyes closing as he concentrated on her touch.

>> No.26990610


“I’m sorry,” he said.

“For what?” she asked.

“You need rest.”

“So do you, but you’re still awake. I’ll go back to sleep when you do the same.”


He didn’t need to open his eyes to see her smile; he heard it in her laugh. It was a beautiful sound; something that put him at ease with the galaxy. Something that gave him reason to wake in the morning, and willingly return to bed at night. Even now, the Vindicare wasn’t sure what he had done that warranted a gift such as her.

A familiar set of lips met his and his thoughts were gone, replaced by nothing more than the sensation of her touch. The kiss was tender and sweet, but short-lived. Taldeer pulled away and LIIVI opened his eyes, finding a pair of teal eyes watching him, gleaming with mischief.

“Feeling better?” she asked.

>> No.26990636


“Yes,” he answered, thinking a moment before chuckling. “More could not hurt, though.”

“Well, since you asked so nicely…” Taldeer purred.

They kissed again, this one more passionate than the last. Nipping playfully at his bottom lip, the kiss deepened as both eagerly tasted the other. Taldeer tasted sweet, like one of her favorite pastries while LIIVI tasted somewhat bitter with a hint of amsec. Taldeer’s hands began to roam the Vindicare’s bare chest, trailing over faint scars while his cupped her face, one trailing up and rubbing the base of her ear. The action caught the Farseer off guard and she broke the kiss with a surprised gasp as he continued. Taking the sensitive lobe between his thumb and forefinger, LIIVI watched in amusement as Taldeer’s face lightly contorted in pleasure.

“Oh, Isha…” she murmured, leaning into his touch. “You’re getting good at that.”

Continuing this for a few seconds, LIIVI stopped and slid off her lap, causing her to tilt her head in confusion before he reached up and began to pull at her panties. Realization quickly setting in, Taldeer couldn’t help but smirk.

“My, my. A bold one tonight, aren't we?” she mused, rising up on her knees to make the task easier.

“I hear no complaint,” LIIVI chuckled.

>> No.26990652


With her panties now gone Taldeer slowly lowered herself down to his face, offering herself to LIIVI. His tongue circled around her entrance, drawing a coo from the Farseer as he teased the small bundle of nerves at the top. Being Captain of the ship, as well as having the walls soundproofed, Taldeer was happy to voice her approval of LIIVI’s actions as he deepened his ministrations.

“A little to the le-ooooh yes…”

Unhooking her bra and letting it fall to the floor, she looked on hungrily at the bulge desperately trying to get free from the Vindicare’s boxers. Lying across him, Taldeer pulled down his boxers and was greeted to a welcome sight. His member now free, she wrapped a hand around him and began to stroke while she gave the head a few tentative licks.

The action gave the Vindicare pause in his work, breath hitching as Taldeer took the head in her mouth and sucked gingerly. This only made him redouble his efforts, however, as he slid a pair of prodding fingers into her increasingly wet entrance. This caused the Farseers hips to tense, and from there they continued to try and draw a larger reaction from the other. Taldeer found herself taking him into her mouth completely, growing more practiced with each encounter while LIIVI had a thumb tentatively massaging her clit. Soon neither could take anymore and Taldeer rose and turned, straddling LIIVI who made to rise up to meet her before a gentle but firm hand stopped him.

>> No.26990668

Awwww so cute. I'm liking these feels.

>> No.26990675


Allowing her the lead, LIIVI tensed as Taldeer lowered herself onto him little by little.

“Taldeer,” LIIVI groaned as she swung her hips from side to side, obviously enjoying the affect she had on him.

“P-Patience, mon-keigh,” Taldeer grinned, though it was obvious she was enjoying things just as much. “Good things… come… to those who wait.”

Soon she had taken him to the hilt, and with a few testing thrusts was quickly entering a rhythm with him. LIIVI’s hands came up to her hips, steadying her as the speed of their movements increased. One of his hands rose to her breasts, squeezing her soft mound while taking a nipple between his fingers and gently pulling, pinching.

“Oh, yes,” Taldeer mewled, gripping him shoulder as her movements became more frantic. “I’m going to… to… oh, gods!”

With a grunt LIIVI brought Taldeer down once more, his seed spilling into her. Feeling the warmth inside her the Farseer reached her limit as well, crying out as she came hard.

>> No.26990703


Her limbs losing their strength, Taldeer lay against LIIVI’s chest, both panting heavily. An arm wrapped around and for a time there was nothing but bliss; a sense of fulfillment, accompanied by the soothing beat of the Vindicare’s heart. Moving to his side, Taldeer smiled coyly, a finger trailing small circles across his chest as she looked up at him. LIIVI smiled, a rare sight that always warmed her heart. The words died before they were made, and instead they shared a chaste kiss.

“I love you, Taldeer.”

“I love you too, LIIVI.”

Both were content to fall asleep in each others arms until a series of heavy knocks sounded from the door.

“Oi, Boss! We got problems!” a voice shouted.


Welp, how was it anon?

>> No.26990712

Lol 69s, this should probably go on 1d4chan.

>> No.26990744

It was delicious, especially since its moar Taldeer.
but now I want to know why dere's an Ork/scotish human knocking

>> No.26990746

I liked that. Nice, loving vanilla stuff. It made me feel warm and fuzzy in my heart.

and other places

>> No.26990853

And that's how Lofn was born. Probably.

>> No.26990897


Awesome. Glad you guys/girls/others liked it. I don't see it, but apparently I can cause feels when I put my mind to it. That's as far as I got, though, so if anyone wants to find out more(As in more story, less smut) then I guess I could do it at least until the other Writefags come around. Although now I actually have to think of what happens after the cliff-hangar...

>> No.26990974

Yeah more is always nice. Maybe some family life or some exploring.

>> No.26990998

That or, you know, one of the 1,000+ other times he's creamed inside her.

ELH here, I may have Slaanesh x Khorne done later tonight, we'll see. I've been sick all day, with not much sleep.

>> No.26991077

deldar choir boy /ss/ guy here.

continuing on from whats in the pastebin at >>26989043

as always, please point out any mistakes. i give everything a quick proof read once or twice to get out any glaring issues, but i can't say i've fixed every single thing.

After taking in the sight of the crying choir boy, Zesia reached out for Persus. With slender fingers, she began to tug at his robes, pulling them from his body. When he realised that the xeno was stripping him, Persus moved uncomfortably, attempting to pull the white material back over his exposed skin. However, this earned him another slap that, while not as hard as the first, landed on the same damaged cheek and drew another gasp and sob of pain. Once more forced to resign to the actions of the xeno in fear of punishment, Persus offered no more resistance as Zesia completely removed and discarded his choir boy robes, leaving the boy’s skinny body exposed other than a pair of white boxer shorts.

Zesia ran her hands across Persus’ body. She pinched, squeezed and tweaked at bare skin and two pale pink nipples, eliciting light squeaks and whimpers from Persus with each movement. Eventually a hand moved further downwards and cupped the choir boy’s crotch, causing Persus to stiffen immediately. Even with the fabric of his boxers separating her hand and his own flesh, the simple notion of being touched there by the xeno made Persus feel dirtied and revolted.

However, Persus’ mind wandered for the briefest second. He had never been touched in that manner, not even by himself, and for a moment he felt a heretical curiosity; what would it be like? But then the thoughts cleared and Persus snapped back to reality, becoming horribly aware of Zesia’s fingers creeping over the waistband of his underwear. Fingertips lightly brushed at hidden flesh and then gripped. Persus let out a sharp gasp as he felt the grasp tightening on his…


>> No.26991109

“No…” he whimpered and tugged feebly at the xeno’s arm, trying to pull it away. His efforts made no difference, and Zesia’s hand began moving. It was squeezing and tugging at something that Persus had known his entire life to be soft and limp but was suddenly growing. Saying his thoughts aloud in confusion, Persus looked up into the xeno’s smiling face, his arms dropping to his sides, and whispered. “It feels funny.”

Zesia’s hand was suddenly withdrawn. The boy watched as the xeno’s hand moved across her own torso, tapping at the tight black armour covering her. With each touch, the material split and withdrew, revealing her lithe form to the stunned boy. Eventually, while the armour upon her arms and legs remained, Zesia’s torso and pelvis were completely exposed. Persus covered his hands with his eyes, even now not wishing to subject his eyes to such a sight and intrude upon another in such a manner, but not before he took in a toned stomach, round breasts topped with dark nipples standing out against her pale skin, and an almost hairless area between her legs. Of course, even a brief glimpse of such sights had caused another confusing twitch down below.


>> No.26991122

Zesia gently pushed Persus back against the wooden pulpit and then downwards, until he sat upon the stone floor. Again, her fingers slipped under the waistband of his boxer shorts, but this time she pulled downwards, removing them completely. The simple item of clothing that gave Persus one last hint of modesty removed, he finally gave up and started crying softly, his breath coming in short, soft gasps and sobs. His hands were pulled away from his eyes as Zesia leaned into him. She positioned herself between the boy’s legs and pinned his arms at his sides, against the pulpit.

Persus looked up into her face, vision slightly obscured by tears, and could only mumble “Heresy…” meekly, before Zesia pressed herself down onto him.

that's it for now. i'll get back to writing in a little bit, i guess.

>> No.26991223
File: 21 KB, 320x214, its-full-of-stars.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw now visualizing all those thousand cumshots and facials.
Sorry to hear you've been sick, that sucks.

>> No.26991258


Agreed. Hope you feel better soon.

>> No.26991305
File: 120 KB, 631x807, sobawesome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hello Lewd, long time no smell. Do you have any of your old censored pictures, uncensored? People have been asking for them, or at least want your work stored in one place, so, if you're up to it, can you send the uncensored stuff to my email, using your google created one? Would be great if you could, everybody loves it and I'm proud to say you've done some pictures on my stuff.

Also, wanted to ask you if you could do a very lewd picture of some Warhammer Fantasy Amazons 'playing' with some captured High Elf Sister of Averlorn.... Is this a possibility? Obviously this could take you some time and it'll be adult, so could send it to my email, I'll add it to the collection I'm building. That's if it's OK with you!

Work still being a bitch? Hope you got round to reading my new fap fic!

Actually, plenty of people want futa. I've done a few requests, maybe that's why nobody asks for them.

See above.

It is, but some people like it.

Dem Quads.

Anybody got an account for it? Wouldn't mind if somebody could bump my stuff onto it somewhere so it's not on pastebin any more.

If you've not seen my stuff, I'll post it, but most people have.

>> No.26991309
File: 33 KB, 390x464, 12389128398.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Welp now I have a guilt boner.

>> No.26991414


I know that feel, been bed ridden for 5+ years now, leg muscles tear open due to over development of them due to my sporting stuff.... I enjoy a cocktail of diamorphine, neuropathic painkillers and psychoactive drugs, along with muscle relaxants and other fun stuff.

I'm exhausted all the time, but can't sleep, currently not slept for 30 hours odd now. It sucks, longest I did was 5 days.

At least writing is a release, not done it for awhile. Need to get Just Another Writefag back to these threads.

I hope it doesn't last too long dude(tte) and you get better soon.

>> No.26991482


>> No.26991619

Jesus. I didn't know muscles could even do that.

>> No.26991640
File: 3 KB, 93x125, WhyDonchaHazASeat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26991661

And now I noticed I got quads. I feel so honored.

>> No.26991755

I'm surprised the mods are allowing this, considering how they banhammered the previous generation of writefags into oblivion.

Is there yet hope for /tg/?

>> No.26991800

We've had several different threads like this now. The age of Nazimod is over and gone.

>> No.26991801

We don't post nipples or hardcore porn, so yeah we've done this like 5 or 6 times, and all of those threads lived.
Just don't break the NSFW pic rules, but it IS 4chan, and technically this is nothing but words arranged in a way that causes us to have strange feelings in our peepees. Surely a mere coincidence.

>> No.26991894
File: 922 KB, 400x225, ILikeVeryMuch.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

More /ss/? Yes please.

>> No.26991897

Hah, thanks. It got worse when my brain got fucked up and basically my pain centres have rewired themselves to constantly fire messages that I am in terrible pain, when I'm not. I also found out, by pure luck, I was low on magnesium, which affects your heart muscle, so I had to inject myself with magnesium every day for a long time to avoid dying.



That's basically what I have, but it was a bit more extreme.

Anyway, no more doom and gloom.

Did all of you read my Cain x Amberley fap fic?!


There! Go go go! Sorry, can't sleep and like people enjoying themselves.

>> No.26991950

Well, we know Dark Eldar don't give a shit about foreplay, now let's get to the good parts as the kid is thoroughly corrupted into loving his new existence.

>> No.26991998

Awww yeah getting to the good....wait a minute are BJ's foreplay?
>oh god please tell me there's still a three DEldar BJ fest indulging and tasting the boy's essense, mocking him for its not-ripe taste.

>> No.26992024

It only looks like one of them is doing anything- what happened to the other two Deldar?

>> No.26992033

updated the pastebin:

yeah, sorry, i haven't forgotten about them. they're going to be coming in soon-ish.

>> No.26992036


They're masturbating in the corner, duh.

>> No.26992070

It's why I used pastebin. Besides, it was rumoured to be, and I use a quote here, "Nazi Mod" who banned people just cause he had the power. Furthermore, wasn't he the mod who created a troll thread, specifically so he could ban people who replied in 'rule breach' ways, but left his mod tag on? Which was sent to Moot and he then claimed it was photoshopped?

I heard that story somewhere. Anyway, don't post nudity and that's basically it. It's a shame, but dem's the rules.

Furthermore, Janitors are not above muting you and removing the thread, also. Happened to me a few months ago, was an art thread, posted a cover for a Monster Hunter Yuri doujin, no nudity, nothing, yet eventually got mute/ban request and the picture deleted. I don't get it.

>> No.26992089


Genie Story I wrote, posted yesterday, nobody gave a shit, posting as a paste bin today.

>> No.26992125

It was an interesting idea, but we only got a few choices you know?

>> No.26992126

It wasn't too bad. Not really into genderbending, but I could imagine worse.

>> No.26992263

Welp that's strange, maybe he thought it was too lewd.
>tfw you now have something in common with Dark Eldar pedos.

>> No.26992316

The kid's 16 at least, so it isn't pedophilia. He's just too innocent to know what his dick does.

And the Dark Eldar can change that.

>> No.26992326

I liked it, it was sweet and adorable, and hot.

>> No.26992370

Awww okay....mfw in my headcanon he's like 12 or something and tiny.
>dat futile resistance trying to keep the sexy lady from stroking his dick.

>> No.26992384


Not into genderbending myself, have written a couple for people (but seemed to have lost one, will have to look for it) but it seemed fine. No point me commenting on grammar and stuff, cause mine is worse.

Just keep going, if it's your particular fetish, do it for yourself, if you're doing a request, you'll make them happy! Keep writing!

>> No.26992386

Either way, I insist that we get more.

>> No.26992465

persus is X years old
X represents whatever age you feel comfortable fapping to

you'll probably get more in whichever thread i manage to catch next. i'm going to bed now, and it's not uncommon for one or two of these things to zip by while i'm snoozing.

>> No.26992496
File: 12 KB, 360x240, 522.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like that idea. I'd like some more to fap to please?

>> No.26992503

Thanks, it's what I tried to covey. I had to go off lexicanum personalities as I've not read the books.

And with that, people, I''ll try and get some sleep, with the possible return tomorrow to do some more requests. If you have any now, reply to this message and give as much detail as possible and I'll have a think about it and write some ideas down.

>> No.26992578

I'm in the mood to write some Tau fapfics.

Good idea Y/N

>> No.26992604

Earth Cast dem-hips face-sitting ples.

>> No.26992605

greater good idea

>> No.26992609

I'm gonna be heading off soon as well. In case any you didn't catch it my schtick is typically vanilla stuff, with a healthy amount of feels thrown in for good measure. Aside from the Tau Caste that I'll be going through I'm open to ideas.


Go for it, mate. We could always use more blueberry action.

>> No.26992667

Very well. Time for someone else to take over for him then. Any takers?

We haven't autosage yet.

Dark Eldar Succubus twincest with one lucky bastard.

Alternately, for the Dungeons and Dragons fans:

Human adventurer wanders into underdark, gets captured by Drow Matron, who takes a look at his "sword" and decides to keep him for her own use. Eventually, she decides to use him to introduce her daughter and heir apparent to the wonders of sex.

If you need inspiration for that one, check the following sadpanda links that inspired me to hatch this idea (spoilered for the sensitive types):

Do it.

>> No.26992692


This is where I need some help, I've not read up on Tau in a while, been focused on Eldar.

Any help on where to start?

>> No.26992747

Blueberries are best berries. just channel your greater good, maybe brush up on the lexicanum for some fluff and let the lewd out.

>> No.26992793

They're idealistic, somewhat naive about the dangers of the galaxy, and accepting of non-Tau as long as they adopt the Greater Good (this includes humans).

>> No.26992803


I did a guardsman and Water Caste fic last night, and an idea is to go through the Castes (Minus the Ethereal's) in one way or another, but really you can do whatever you wish. >>26992747 has a point. Lexicanum is a life saver when you're not sure about fluff.

>> No.26992828
File: 645 KB, 2000x1856, 1359947008176.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just remember.

Dem hips.
Also maybe some face-vag play.

>> No.26993000


Part of the reason why Tau~

On that note, any requests on what I should write about? Smut-wise at least?

>> No.26993087

I got an idea- Earth Caste Tau and her assistant. Hot dogging and Greater Goods not really optional.

>> No.26993108

So wait, do we KNOW that Ethereals are gross looking?
Artwork-wise, they look like fire caste. Which are also, to be fair, supposed to be fugly...

>> No.26993138

>So wait, do we KNOW that Ethereals are gross looking?
It was mostly a joke on that Xenology picture. If you want cut, dominant muscleEthereals, no one will stop you. Though, its kind of a moot point because Fire Caste fill that role even better and have thighs that could crush a melon.

>> No.26993174

And bigger Greater Goods. Also, I would like to call attention to my Drow request up here. >>26992667

It took nearly 10 minutes to come up with that, and I even left illustrations and everything. I'm not letting that prompt go to waste that easily.

>> No.26993293

Greater Goods Titty job is good too.

>> No.26993559

>Face Vag
It's called a mouth silly.

>> No.26993581

They meant the slit-thing on the forehead, but I think that you aren't supposed to stick things in there.

>> No.26993633
File: 57 KB, 200x200, Tau facevag thong.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No you fool, the Y-shaped face vagina.

>> No.26993658

I love it!

>> No.26993679

it's called a shio'he (for boys at least)

>> No.26993682

Nice of you to show up again, Lewd. Got time to hear out one request?

>> No.26993747

>Nice of you to show up again, Lewd.
Thats just a picture he drew for me in a drawthread a ways back.

>> No.26993766

Apparently that's their nose. And nose sex sounds rather...awkward.

Nuts. Perhaps one of us should take up drawfagging to fill in for him.

>> No.26993783
File: 89 KB, 387x260, 1375718468751.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


... Goddamn, all of this makes me realize just how much of an oldfag I am. Some of those classic screencaps were actual threads that I posted in... makes me nostalgic.

>> No.26993795

>And nose sex sounds rather...awkward.
You mean like earplay for eldar?

>> No.26993799

>makes me nostalgic.
So you wish us all bodily harm?

>> No.26993816

Hey, earplay for Eldar has a long historical precedent in elf ear rubbing. Tau nose-slits don't have that luxury.

>> No.26993855
File: 137 KB, 636x768, 1373090604357.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, that's more just me talking to my nostalgia. It's more, I remember when this was new.

>> No.26993862
File: 219 KB, 500x402, Dog is hope.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are these not the threads for breaking traditions of old and starting traditions of our own? If we can deflower Macha then we can pioneer tau facevag play!

>> No.26993876


It's not their nose, their olfactory organs are inside the mouth.

On that note, how does the idea of a Shas'Vre and Shas'Ui pair of female battle suit pilots, one of which enjoys the Gue'vesa and feels involved, if I can make you feel /tg/ and we move from there?

>> No.26993890

Excellent point.
Sounds good to me. Threesome?

>> No.26993926

Sounds like a plan. Maybe the other one learns the pleasures of forbidden love. Thats right, I'm talking about Nicassr Surfing

>> No.26993975


I was thinking of some out of caste forbidden love. But we'll have to get started from there first. I /should/ be able to have a starting point worked out soon and some words on paper by next week.

Work can suck it.

>> No.26993976
File: 136 KB, 402x564, 1377129830330.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26994019

awww there ain't no TF or gender bending fics in here you let me down /tg/.

>> No.26994039 [SPOILER] 
File: 22 KB, 500x500, Nicassar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Spoilered for delicate eyes.

>> No.26994049

why are you spoilering

>> No.26994050

1) Thank you for the link.
2) Since when was Cain an Inquisitor?

>> No.26994080

Why not?

>> No.26994093


...Fuck it. I'll add it to the list. That's what now, 6 things in the backlog?

>> No.26994100

As a joke. You expect something sexy under the spoiler but instead all you get is Nicassr Surfing

>> No.26994127

6? What are the other 5?

>> No.26994190



Guess it was only 5.

>> No.26994208

>Mystery Box Special
Why must you taunt us so?

>> No.26994252

Oh, and you forgot about LelithxAcolyte.

>> No.26994279


Maybe that's the Mystery Box?

>> No.26994355

Is it? I hope it is.

If not, add that to the backlog too. And make sure it gets done soon.

>> No.26994827

Is anybody still here?

>> No.26995119

Yup, say if anyone has an account could they help out Provider by making a Cain and Amberley fapfic page?

>> No.26995263

Wouldn't it be easier for him to make an account so he could do it?

If he needs help, the link to creating an account is right here.


>> No.26995299

How about Reasonable Daemonette with a SoB/IG where they engage in physicaly and emotinaly satisfying sex without undue cominitment because they are both reasonable adults and knew what they were getting into.

>> No.26995300

I'd do it for him, but I don't think he'd appreciate having an account where someone else knew his password.

>> No.26995422


I wish the artist that did that took commissions. I'm blanking on the name, can't remember if they are the same one who did the first iconic Taldeer artwork.

>> No.26995481

That was IronShrineMaiden, and I'm pretty sure that it's the same artist. Sadly, she thinks she's too good for /tg/ now. Figures.

We're not quite on autosage yet, so can someone post some more stuff?

>> No.26995499


There we go. Though seems she's up and disappeared from her deviant page. Ah well, I'll find another to draw 2lewd Taldeer cheesecake

Greenmarine take commissions?

>> No.26995552

Dunno, haven't seen him recently either. Lewdanon does stuff at times, but he's hardly ever around and he doesn't seem to respond to emails. I say we just make some new drawfags.

>> No.26995633


You don't need an account. Seriously, took me all of 2 minutes to do this:


>> No.26995653

That works too.

>> No.26995697

Does anyone know if the regular drawfag threads take lewd requests?

>> No.26995791

Hey ELH. How's progress on the other stuff going so far?

>> No.26995851


Needs to be updated with blueberries.

>> No.26995855
File: 116 KB, 1280x720, 1245638715029.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Pic Related.

>> No.26995879

What. The Hell. Did you write?

Did you somehow manage to summon a Daemonette? (If so, can you post photos?)

>> No.26995903


...I...I don't know how those tentacles got in there...

>> No.26995923

Your words are like fire giants besieging the Asgard of my mind.

It's the KhornexSlaanesh one, isn't it?

>> No.26996028

It must be, cause lord knows how it got into other ones...Lofn x Lil'E yeah I don't think so.

>> No.26996059

I have to ask... why is Commissar Cain suddenly an inquisitor now?

>> No.26996126

You know how if you shoot the sheriff you become the sheriff?
I'm going to let you finish that thought.

>> No.26996135

So, the current requests are Lofi x Lil'E, KhornexSlaanesh, SlaaneshxEmperor, and the finishing of that DEldar /ss/

>> No.26996177

I'm even more confused now.

>> No.26996217

He got an inquisitor or Vail hooked him up with a promotion, maybe his death is simply a cover for Inquisitor Cain.

>> No.26996227

As well as >>26992667
and also>>26994252
(assuming ELH didn't take the second one already)

>> No.26996258

Fuc Myr and Doo Myr are blueberries.

>> No.26996293

But why bother? He's Cain, the Cowardly Commissar. That's his shtick.
The way it reads now, it just sounds like the the author had written an unrelated story and tacked on the names afterwards without making any other changes; or didn't know Cain was a commissar.

>> No.26996327

>or didn't know Cain was a commissar.
If I'm not mistaken, its this. The provider asked someone to give him a rundown of Cain when someone asked for the smut. He doesn't really act like Cain, but its still a well-written piece.

>> No.26996334

What I'm trying to say it that it's just confusing. I appreciate the effort, but the last thing you need when trying to jerk it is to be reminded that you're a hopeless, forever alone nerd that worries about canon conflictions in free internet porn.

>> No.26996351

You'll have to talk to Provider about that. But he's sleeping now.

>> No.26996370

>but its still a well-written piece
And for that, all is forgiven.

>> No.26996372

Do what the rest of us do- stop thinking about it.

>> No.26996444

That's kind of why I like the idea of using original characters alongside known ones: nobody expects them to behave a specific way.

It's kind of a copout, but it works.

>> No.26996463
File: 48 KB, 449x287, Romance.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any chance of a Battletech smutfic?
I want to read a story about the love between an Atlas and a Nova Cat overcoming the boundaries of class and size category.

>> No.26996491

Or known characters that received little characterization in the original works, like Macha and Taldeer (who were pretty much similar to any other Farseer before /tg/ got its hands on them).

>> No.26996523

The pilots or the mechs themselves?

>> No.26996742

Sounds like he's asking for the mechs.

>> No.26996795

That might be a little difficult, seeing that they have no sex organs or any biological parts whatsoever.

>> No.26996901

>intake and exhaust ports
You're now halfway there.

>> No.26996972
File: 57 KB, 402x564, Forbidden Love.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mechs Have Pilots!?

But yeah, the mechs themselves. Think about it, they're on extended patrol with no support crew to perform maintenance on them so they need to maintain each other. At first it starts out as an operational necessity, both of them are professional and businesslike.
Over time each of them starts learning what the other likes. Atlas spends an extra few minutes Rad-scrubbing Nova Cats reactor housing and Nova Cat finds that Atlas likes having his shoulder plating buffed.
Before you know it the two have fallen for each other hard, but each knows that their love is forbidden. After all, he's an assault and she's a heavy. It could never work out between them. Could it?

>> No.26997013

Quite frankly I have no idea exactly how to respond considering that mechs are inanimate objects in the absence of a pilot.

Good luck getting that filled though.

>> No.26997015


A point of Elementals ties down an Atlas and proceeds to jack it off. Or something like that. Kinda like those Snow White-Seven Dwarf ones.

>> No.26997040

Actually someone did write a fic about a Cthluhutech Engel falling in love with its pilot.....

>> No.26997089
File: 208 KB, 854x1000, Hauptmann fucking an Awesome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Implying it hasn't been done before

>> No.26997132

Machine spirits.

>> No.26997172

Battletech doesn't have machine spirits.

>> No.26997284
File: 98 KB, 541x486, Sky Pirates.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You just have to use your imagination.
If it really bothers you pretend that this is happening in the Battletech Universe version of Cars. Humans don't exist and vehicles are sentient.
You could call it an auto erotic romance story.

>> No.26997311

So, is anyone planning on writing anything or are we just going to make suggestions until we autosage?

>> No.26997568

Anyone at all?

>> No.26997580

I doubt it, days almost over anyways.
>some progress has been made though.

>> No.26997643

True. Lesson learned- next time leave smutfic threads for the weekends, as our primary writefags have their hands full during the rest of the week.

>> No.26998710

Mhm. Welp it was fun while it lasted.

>> No.27001586

And it appears some idiot saw fit to archive this at suptg, predictably using the "Live With Your Shame" tag. Why he would bother when nothing interesting happened is a mystery to me.

>> No.27002550

Oh well it was funny at least. I HAVE NO SHAME.

>> No.27002785

None of us do, so HA!

If LWYS is reading this, wait until we actually WRITE something before you archive it.

>> No.27004939

Some of us did. Theres some dark eldar /ss/ and some other stories, tau and cain and amberley

>> No.27005515

Yes, but certainly not enough to warrant archival, trolling or otherwise.

>> No.27005532

Unless you want to change that in less that 20 posts.

>> No.27005910

Oh well what you gonna do.
Guess lets just like this thread die then, and wait for next weekend.

>> No.27007827


>> No.27011452

>implying you don't like it.

>> No.27013503

Oh shit did I miss the thread?
Futile bump for lewd.

>> No.27013657

Way too late for that, buddy. All the writefags who give us the good stuff were asleep anyway, so unless you're one of them you won't be getting much now.

>> No.27013754

So wait till next week then?

>> No.27013877

Until Saturday, at least.

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