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So, /tg/, I am poor as shit. However, I am about to begin running a game for a few people at one of the FLGSs in my city, and I'd like to have minis as a visual guideline for new players.

But, as stated, I am skint.

So, can anyone recommend me sites with free-to-cheap paper miniatures for fantasy gaming? Or even share some PDFs?

I will bump with what I find.

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Here's somethin bud.

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I have some stuff

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You might want to check out >>>/po/

There's a fa/tg/uy named Newobmij who frequents that board (or maybe he's from that board and frequents /tg/). He makes 3d papercraft fantasy stuff, but it's more cartoony than your pics.

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Here's an A-Frame PDF that should print in 1 inch bases once folded together. I use Photoshop to put images in the frames, and on the back side I mirror then black it out so that the back is obviously different from the front for facing.

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Holy God those are awesome. The zombies and skeletons are great! And those little ghoul peeners are freaking me out.

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Looks like I'm done, hope that helps

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I made paper minis that were more substantial by enclosing the sides. Unfortunately, my files are on my other computer, and all I could dig up was this microscopic image. Still, if you zoom in and squint at it, you'll get the basic idea.

>Here's a poor man's miniature. Just resize a bunch of pictures to put on them, print them out on something substantial (I just used index cards), cut around the edges, fold them into pyramid shapes and glue the overlapping bits together (the bottom and side flaps). Oh, and they don't get knocked around so badly if you glue a penny (or similarly worthless coin) to the inside of the base.

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Hi a year ago i also searched for cool minis, but was unable to find cool stuff.

The best thing I found where the ones from Order Of the Stick AUTHOR
"A Monster for Every Season: Spring

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I have a bunch of paper mini pics somewhere, but I can't find any of them.

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I was here yesterday dumping Papercraft .pdf files, I did First Light, Castles, and Mars Station... anything you'd like for me to dump?

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Anybody have paper minis of armed british civilians? I want to try playing A Very British Civil War but lack funds for minis themselves.

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long ago I did a lizardmen mini to print file
But it's innacesible now.

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The more medieval stuff would be good, or any fantasy bits and pieces. Dungeons, caves, etc would be amazing.

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RIGHT! Fantasy works: Arena-works! starting with the altar!

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I really like this piece since the altar can be either good or evil.

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Dojo / Shack is a small building suitable for being a hovel.

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How to fold a box: the instructions.

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Great for rooftop chases.

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it actually has a low wall surrounding the roof.

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Behold! the Grand Gate!

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It's a nice set piece.

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The Grand Tower!

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Not that grand, really.

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The Royal Box!

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into which his royal majesty went, and from which the royal heirs emerged...

Seriously, it has neat thrones.

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Ground Tiles, ever important for securing things to.

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Do you really need instructions? I mean, you made it to 4Chan without help, right?

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and instructions for how to make a wall. All in all, it's just another paper brick / wall.

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Banners! not the green angry kind but the fun decorative kind.

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instructions... Why?

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A bridge for spanning spaces.

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Cages... it's a box really.

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Chariots! and Horses! Honestly got far too much use out of these.

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Columns: good for raising certain structures and making battle fields a bit more dynamic.

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this one's only mostly dead.

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Simple fencing

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Man, how do storytimers do it?

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seriously, i'm barely halfway through the "props" folder, and bored of posting this stuff.

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I mean, all of it is really nice, and really useful for RPGs

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Glue where you want them, blah blah blah.

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best way to tell if you conquered some place: it has a FLAG on it.

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a fruit stand, just what PC's will try and plow their chariot through.

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Just realized: it looks more like a privy

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I'm not going to post instructions for this one, they're pits. Glue down to floor where applicable.

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A vendor's pushcart.

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Ahh, this one is actually a bit complex: a riser.

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Ramp style stairs, which i dislike, but they have their place...

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step style stairs

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That was the last of the Props folder for arenas... now for the real meat... the actual arena stands themselves.

Caution: Corners inbound, then the terraces.

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It's good to feel loved. These stands are large enough for minis to stand in, fight in, etc. etc. or you can just fill 'em up with papercraft commoners.

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once the corners are done, i'll move on to the terraces.

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Reverse 90 corner, for makign your arenas funny-shaped.

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Terrace Backs are next, then terrace fronts. I would do them the other way around, but alphabetical order and all that.

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Every folder has the same "terrace backs" instruction, so I'm going to just post all the backs, okay?

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Spoken too soon, this one is different.

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so... instructions. yayy.

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Back to the normal terraces.

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And a trifle weak in the signage department.

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But hey, flavor is flavor.

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The Door.

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Oh yes, we've moved on to the fronts now.

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The Gate, instead of the door.

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And the plain terrace. mix & match the three fronts and 5 backs to make a proper arena!

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That's it, all except for the beginner's guide and some advice pdfs. which i am going to post. but that's all of arenaworks.

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i'm going to post this last pdf file, I guess tomorrow when there's another inevitable "i want papercraft" thread, I'll be there too... except later in the day because i have work.

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Sir, your work here is legendary. Exemplary. I, OP-Who-Is-A-Fag, salute you.

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