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so, what does /tg/ think of the imperial guard in 40k? It doesn't seem like many people play them here (at least that I've seen)
I have a prtty big Guard army- 5000pts of Cadians and 4000pts of Steel legion, with some mordians thrown in as well.
...I'm not really sure what i want from this thread now... IG General, perhaps?

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will bump with pics for a while anyway, till the thread slowly dies a death

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>It doesn't seem like many people play them here
Well this IG general is off to a good start.

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I love my IG. The problem here is most people are afraid to say they play IG due to their powerlevel and easy cheese, and they're not as new as Eldar/Tau power so they've had time for most people to get used to it (i.e. stop raging unless someone brings them back up). Also, a lot of IG guys hang out on /k/.

I try to play a mix of Mech and Foot, but I've nowhere near your collection.

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IG's a fine army. It's as cheesable as any army, but it also garners respect. I think the number of people who WANT to play IG is a lot bigger than the number of people who do, due to the cost.

Not a cheap army to play.

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OP here.
Guard have always been my go-to-army: i have collected others over the years, but i always go back to them.

My cadians are a work of over 10 years, nd are mostly infantry, with only a few tanks.
My steel legion are all tanks, all the time, baby.
How do you guys play them on the table? any preferred tactics or lists?
my tactics tend to be pretty mundane mix of Sit and shoot or tank shock the squishy things

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I like distracting people with my Demolishers. Send one straight up the middle and one up the side, everyone freaks out about the Blast o' Doom that my Sentinels and Guard Squads can do all the actual damage I need. Always feels fairly fluffy, too.

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My 1000 point list:
CCS: 4x Plasma
Infantry Platoon 1:
PCS w/ 4x Flamers
2x Infantry Squads w/ Mortars
Platoon 2:
PCS w/ 4x Melta
3x Infantry Squads w/ Autocannons
Scout Sentinel w/ Autocannon
Scout Sentinel w/ Lascannon
Scout Sentinel w/ Lascannon
Demolisher w/ Dozer Blades, Hull Heavy Flamer
Demolisher w/ Hull Heavy Bolter
1000 Pts.

Not perfect (I'd like a Chimera for objective-grabbing, but just can't quite find the points). I know Sentinels aren't quite competitive, but keeping them mobile around the backfield and occasionally taking out tanks or SCs is fun.

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>It doesn't seem like many people play them here
You haven't been around here much, it seems to me they are one of the most talked about armies. Or maybe it's just that I filter out anything that isn't the based guardsmen.

I wish I had your numbers of steel legion, I'm just starting on mine with a few squads and then can move on to the tanks... I'm basing them off the DAK and have gotten a little Rommel mini to be my Company Commander. Though I was extremely pleased to find out a few weeks ago about the Armoured Battalion list Forge World has.

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well like I said my armies have been a work of love over several years: My steel legion are mostly tanks, but theres two platoons of 26 and two vet squads in there, along with the coy command. then it's stormtroopers, chimeras, and russ's all the way.
I have to say the look on an opponents face when you just keep putting tank after tank down without any apparent infantry is priceless.
yeah, i try to keep my army and tactics kinda fluffy: my cadians are, like i said, mostly Infantry, set up in a company orbat. Steel legion are a mechanised squadron, witha tank coy. in support. in apocalypse, they work together beautifully.

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Yeah you definitely need two Demolishers if you want one to do any work.


I like to form a mortar pit and have infantry push up in two different sections with a Russ supporting each. In my experience mortars are the heavy weapon people hate to take care of but also end up regret ignoring.

I'll also have a third tank with the exterminator autocannon and a lascannon manned by Pask maneuver around for some tank hunting. That's pretty fun too.

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Fun; I add something similar (Pask in a Vanquisher and another Platoon that advances) when I go up to 1500.

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Sorry, that's me; I'm the two-demolisher guy.

One up the middle usually just draws fire and makes people spread out; even if it never fires a shot, it usually gives me time. Nobody likes to charge TOWARDS it.

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I just finished the command and special weapons elements to what I consider my fourth IG army: a mix on actual Steel Legionnaires that I got my hands on, Warzone Bauhaus for bulk, generic-infantry-with-lasguns for conscripts and penal legion and all the tanks I have collected. I have no idea about the points but we're talking about 200 infranrty, 10 tanks and four sentinels, plus assorted Inquisitional reinforcements. All this led, of course, by Commissar Yarrick.

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IMO, Imperial Guard is the army that GW has dropped the ball on repeatedly. 20 man Cadian squad for $24.95? Sure. You're going to need about 1500 more dudesmen, your profit is dame near ensured. They're also one of the less diverse, again, in my opinion, which doesn't lend itself to the "Millions of World of the Imperium."

Still, there are two (three-ish) guys who play IG at my FLGS and they're all really cool. One is a fucking savant and I've been playing against him since 3rd, when he would eyeball his ordinance ON THE FUCKING SPOT TO THE 1/2 INCH. Made my first Spurg Muhrumbahs quiver, outside of Breakout missions and bad deployments.

Still, the general gist of IG is that its the freshly/deferred post-mil gamer's choice. While I've yet to see evidence of the contrary, I've yet to ALSO see evidence of the parent company making movements away from this since the 4th ed. codex, when doctrines and NARRATIVE FORGEAN were king.

*slurps more post-work whiskey*

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As an aside, I've had a slowly but surely growing =][= Stormtrooper force in the making since '09, largely dependant upon other projects, and have onsidered running this force with an IG Vets list. Just didn't fit, with what IG has to offer.

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I expect a high degree of WYSIWYG and as such I love the freedom magnets provide in flexibility. Here's my Hellhound conversion that also comes with a Banewolf toxin cannon. All my special weapons are magnetized, as are my Sentinels, Chimeras and a converted Conqueror/Exterminator Leman Russ.

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Oh cool, I actually have a picture that shows ALL THE MAGNETS.

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Is it possible to have an IG list that uses no armor? (Not tourney competitive, but not laughably bad either.)

Just shit-tons of heavy weapons and a million lasguns. You'd think weight of dice alone would help

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Yup. It just takes forever to play and is expensive as fuck.

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I think T'Guard is very IG focused. They've got the fuck yeah humanity factor, they're near enough to modern and historic militaries to argue about with real world examples and all that.

I have played Imperial Guard exclusively in 40k for ten years, with only a small dabbling in the distinctly Guard-like Iron Warriors to detract from that.

My current army is centred around a Fortress of Redemption I'm scratch building as a Vietnam style firebase.

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That's what ork and tyranid players do.

If you roll enough dice, eventually you'll get a 6.

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That sounds like it could look great. Post a pic when it's done?

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Aye, you've got to kinda "division up" your army (so this unit this unit and this unit all basically operate together, same targets etc) in order to get anywhere near flowing.

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Also, you will get a real eye-rolling look from your opponent when he realizes each one of your turns will take at least 30 minutes to resolve

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When I finish it. I'll be so proud of it I have no doubt pics will appear.

It is a nice brown "hilltop" covered in matting surrounded with sandbags, the 'missile silo' is like a nebelwerfer pack built into a wrecked landraider (hey, the bunkers are armour 14!) while the AA laser is a SAM concealed under netting in a ruin.

To get a NVA/VC feel, parts of the bunkers are "underground" - ie the ruin with the SAM is the 'battlement' of the bunker, but the bunker itself is represented by a hatch in the floor of the ruin and four little bunker cupolas covered in camo (on square WHFB bases) that I sit around the ruin, in base contact.

Means no one has to climb, which is both an advantage and a disadvantage to both players, so I think it doesn't frig up the rules too much.

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Sounds really cool. Personally, I'd be happy to play against it; it sounds like you're losing a lot of the height in a trade for width, so you're losing out on LOS-blocking. I'd love to see it eventually.

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I didn't think of the LOS angle, I'll remember that should I ever need to negotiate use of it.

I did originally concieve of it as like a firebase built round an old tower or chapel, but it just never looked right.

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Why the mortars as platoon squad weapons? I've used mortar platoon commands to control home objectives from out of sight but using a whole 10-man squad seems excessive.

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What they said. The sheer weight of bodies you're willing to exhibit makes for useful deployment/adjustment circumstances for your opponent.

DIFFICULT, but adjustable. AS CSM, my onus would be on flame weapons and Fearless units tying up your line while DS options held objectives with high saves and expendible blockers.

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Maybe to cover the mortar team against deep strike shenanigans?

Yeah I'll admit, I wouldn't except a squad of guardsmen to stand up against anything deep striking either.

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Also, fuggit OP.

This is my Manly Men Doing Manly Things -folder.

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unless you use movement trays.

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So pretty I hate it.

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Basically? Because I feel guilt using Autocannons or anything else, and it just feels too against the grain to take naked squads. They're not often that useful, but they're worth it sometimes, and it's not like they're hurt by the chance.

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>Shmicrip imperfect

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What is this heresy?

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HAH! Rad!

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You have 10 seconds to name a unit more overpowered than the Vendetta.

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Skipping shit I know y'all have...

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Titan class. /inquiry

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I'm a little confused by this.

The guy in the passenger seat is clearly wearing a guardsman helmet, but he's also clearly wielding an AK47 or AK47 knockoff. (with red dot sight, no less)

What gives?

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Autoguns come in all shapes and sizes.

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The IoM has an indescribably broad grasp of small arms, and all from the same basic principals of STC ballistics.

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And then chainsword...

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Hmm, alright.

... I kinda wanna see a las rifle modeled to have a red dot sight now.

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Anyone tiring? I like serving my fellows, but if I'm muddling the mixture, I'd like to know...

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Oh, didn't see the ones with red dot sights. Neat.

Though I meant actually modeled, like for the tabletop.

>Dat M39 B

Don't think I've seen a bullpup style las rifle before. (Wanna see that modeled, too.)

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...also, if interested, this guy does some fantastic envisaging of IG dress procedure...


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wtf are the guys in the back carrying?

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see this? I like this. I would play 40k, I have plenty of spare cash, but I have no patients to cut out, put together, and paint models. I have unsteady hands, and if I fuck up once it's whoops gotta go buy another $40 kit!
I mean the stuff looks cool but jesus...

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Armed with nothing but bullpup lasguns.

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For some reason this looks better to me than an actual guard army.

Maybe it's because 28mm is a shit scale for mass humans.

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If still interested, do teh Googles for a half hour and you'll find all kinds of shit.

Bullpup is 'NOT' new, look at ForgeWorld website.

Meanwhile, step up and others will step up for ye.........

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Thanks for delivering, anon.

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More OC

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It is, and it's not too bad. For your elites I would recommend Marbo (duh) and two units of Stormtroopers with plasma/melta/flamers so that you can take out backfield objectives.

I personally don't use Leman Russes, I have found they're not all that useful for me and I'd rather have another 20 guys with plasma guns and some power weapon sergeants. Then again I play assault Guard with Straken sometimes. It does very well but loses against Tau/ fast opponents so I replaced Straken with a Biomany psyker and now do a more slow-advancing army which has done a lot better.

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