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Ork Clans:
Goffs, Evil Sunz, Deathskulls, Bad Moons

Confirmed and speculated classes:
Boys, Nobs, Mekboy, Painboy, Stormboy, Weirdboy

Space Marine Chapters:
Ultramarine, Space Wolves, Blood Angels, Dark Angels

Confirmed and Speculated Classes:
Tactical Marines, Devastators, Assault Marines, Apothecaries, Techmarines, Librarians

New thread, without all the bitching and whining.

Chaos Legions:
Iron Warriors

Speculated Classes:

Eldar Craftworlds:
None so far

Speculated Classes:
Swooping Hawks, Bonesingers, Warlocks

If you want to find info, go on the website, or search for Q&A videos on youtube or look up written interviews online, some good interviews are on mmorpg.com

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Last one ended with me bringing up pets.

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How do you even play a Bonesinger?

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They've been doing some ARG shit at PAX. It's been solved and they've linked the code and the place you go to claim it on their twitter.

You can only actually use the code when the game comes out which sucks, but still. Free exclusive shit, get in there elegen/tg/entlemen

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Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons Necrons

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You sing to people's bones.

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Well they are engineers of Eldar stuff, which means there would be a focus on them upgrading stuff and possibly crafting things (there is suppose to be a very basic crafting system, a much larger focus on upgrading)

Other than some engineer like abilities, they would fight like normal Eldar I assume. The same with Meks and Techmarines

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We're out of shit to talk about. Stop making new threads.

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Then we'll do what /tg/ always does when confronted with vidya threads. Perform the Chapter Master maneuver.

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Shit man, two years till I can claim this code.

I hope I don't fucking forget.

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I just made a folder on my desktop called Eternal Crusade and saved the code in a txt document. Figure it'll be pretty hard to forget that way

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I wrote it down on a slip of paper and put it in my front desk drawer, hopefully when Eternal Crusade comes out, if I forget about the code, it will jog my memory.

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Wait what? How do I get this code?

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What other classes do you think they will have for Chaos?

I'm thinking Berserker, Noise Marine, Plague Marine, Sorcerer?

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>thinking they'll have god-specific classes at launch

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Go to the eternal crusade twitter, there's a tweet on there talking about the ARG being solved and a link to where to claim it. Do dis

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What Space Marines have, but evil, so going by the OP.

>Tactical Marines, Devastators, Assault Marines, Apothecaries, Techmarines, Librarians

Chaos Marines, Havocs, Raptors, Dark Apostles for buffers I guess, Warpsmiths, Sorcerers.

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God I hope they make an Inquisitor/GK class.
>TFW heresy everywhere
>TFW Nemesis Force weapon to gullet

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they probably have warbands separate from classes, with exceptions now world eater sorcerers for example

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>they probably have warbands separate from classes

They probably don't. World Eaters likely won't make it in.

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Thanks to the Tweet code, guys.

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Iron Warriors? that is pretty cool. I would of thought they go with Black Legion

Too bad the Space Marine Chapters you can choose are all shit though

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Necrons would be cool. How would the classes work though.

Warrior, Cryptek, Lychguard, Immortal, Lord?

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Well what is the main face of the Chaos marines? Like how Ultramarines are the most well known Space Marines.

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They of all legions are probably gonna make it in. They're iconic of Chaos.

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Black Legion i think

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Lord, Cryptek, Lychguard, Praetorian, Deathmark

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Black Legion.

No they're not, they're iconic of Khorne. The Undivided legions are going to be the ones that get in the game.

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Hope I will be able to hop in one of these

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If they don't have World Eaters I'm almost definitely not playing Chaos. It just wont be the same without BLUD FER DA BLUD GOD

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Then I'm sure there will be Black Legion. Maybe Emperor's Children and Death Guard?

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Black Legion, Iron Warriors, Word Bearers and Night Lords or Alpha Legion.

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Nope. Nope nope nope no no no.

They said no already...thank the Emperor they did too...

Fucking space marine inside a space marine.

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No Warrior?

>> No.26968578

I doubt those will be added into the game, a little to new

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>Fucking space marine inside a space marine.

But it's not, it's a guy in armour piloting a larger armour. Just like tank crews still wear armour.

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No, what the fuck is a warrior supposed to do? Maybe they could be a f2p option like Orks,

>> No.26968629

The game's years away, wouldn't be hard to put them in.

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I think the red CSM is Crimson slaughter not Word bearers because one of the dev specifically mentioned them in the thread with the picture.

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What is this?

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Crimson Slaughter are red and gold, not red and silver.

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I doubt they'll do the god specific cults as seperate classes, mainly cus they only have 4 warbands per faction.
it'd be weird to have 3 cults and a warband, or 3 warbands and a cult.

Maybe they'll do the cults as a mark of chaos upgrade, so you get your mark of nurgle equipped and gain access to the decaying armour and plague knife items.

or you equip your mark of Khorne to gain access to the Khorne chain axe item and Blood surge special ability.

That might be cool to play a Khorne aligned Warpsmith

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Eternal Crusade, 40k MMO in the works.

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How do these classes sound for Deldar:


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Like shit. And Deldar are not in right now.

and hopefully never will be

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Nothing is in for two more years.

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DEldar aren't going to be in, in more than 2 years.

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Eternal Crusade will use PikkoServer, which will be capable of having a lot of players. This technology is the same one that MuchDifferent used to set a record breaking 1,000 players in a single game environment.

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I hope you don't play against many space marines because these guys will be all over.

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>two years away

Here's hoping they make nids a playable faction. Fuck year, genestealer party in the enemy fortress!

>> No.26971971

Nids won't be playable. Ever.

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Two years is a long time.

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It can't happen, players can't replicate a hive mind

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The perfect free to play faction

>> No.26972192

Rogue traders can do it. They must have a charter.

>> No.26972303

>players can't replicate the [insert faction hierarchy here]

This goes for all factions in the game.

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Synapse creatures are AI controlled. You must defend them and stay near them to benefit from synapse.

Losing your closest synapse creature or wandering off from the brood causes your keyboard controls to reverse at random intervals, and all wildlife and lifeforms randomly appear as lootable drops.

>> No.26972392

Yeah, but theres still a semblance of it there, and there will be in game stuff to try and get people to go along with it.

A race revolving around being a ravenous hive mind? No, theres no room for players there.

>> No.26972434

There is room for players. People play the alien factions in games. Xenomorph, zerg, tyranid, what-have-you. It is fun for people.

>> No.26972490

Synapse creatures should be a higher tier of progression. You start out as gaunts, and work your way up.

>> No.26972548

Yes, the thing is, those are different situations. In RTS, you control the whole race, not forced to be an individual creature, so you are able to work like a hive mind. With Xenomorphs, they aren't a hivemind, so that doesn't work. But if you are forced to control a single unit, you cannot have a hive mind based race, because you aren't a hive mind ,you are individual minds. It's like having Space Marines walking around with daemon pets, or Orks not in mass numbers, it goes against the nature and theme of the race itself, and if you are ok with that, then you aren't an actual fan of that race.

>> No.26972569

Thats stupid, no player in their right mind would want to play an MMO race where you are on a constant escort mission just to play.

>> No.26972602

The problem isn't "nobody likes them" it's "they aren't individuals and don't act as though they were".

>> No.26972787

>want free will to do whatever the fuck you want
>as a Tyranid

Don't see how that doesn't work?

>> No.26972842

Not a good tank in the lot of them, but that's Dark Eldar for you.

>> No.26972857

>xenomorphs aren't a hivemind

They are, friend. And they were quite fun to play as in that AvP game (though the game itself was lackluster). Also, your analogies don't apply at all. It is not fluff-breaking for the hivemind to try different tactics in the midst of battle. Alternatively, will you cry foul when battle brother Xx420_purge_it_faggotxX Disobeys a direct order?

Tyranids are individuals. Putting those individuals together makes the hivemind.

>> No.26972898

They have free will. They're just really good at working together. It is a hivemind, not a puppetmaster.

>> No.26973092

>They have free will.

Non synapse carnifexes are fucking retarded animals.

>> No.26973104

>And they were quite fun to play as in that AvP game

Speak for yourself. Jump cancelling the OHKO tail stab was amazing. Hopping around stabbing bitches with my tail ,running on ceilings.

>> No.26973128

Beong cut off from nigh omnipptent situational awareness is a helluva drug.

>> No.26973143

A hivemind is a collection of beings that all think the same, a collective conscious. When a thought rises from the hivemind, all they inhabit it think that same thought. That is the strength of Tyranids, they all move to the same mind and orders without wasting time ordering each other around. Which is what would happen if they are playable, there would be no fluidity to their actions, it would be chaotic and erratic, having to give commands to their allies to move instead of being a hivemind. An AI can do that though, an AI can move all the Nids with a single command that the players never see.

Not to mention, outside the hivemind, Nids are just dumb, docile animals.

Nids cannot be playable, and they won't be playable. They are going to be AI controlled, and will be part of the Player vs Environment aspect of Eternal Crusade.

>> No.26973194


How about synapse gives radar hacks showing all enemies and teammates and stuff?

>> No.26973204

>OHKO tail stab
I wish. Fucking preds laugh at that shit, and it takes forever to pull off.

>> No.26973208


And if an enemy is seen by a teammate their outline can be seen by you through the walls.

>> No.26973223


That's why you do it midair while jumping.

Also I stopped playing Preds when they put an ammo count on my retarded bouncing ninja star of death.

>rush for ninja star room
>camp in narrow corridors and small rooms
>throw that shit

>> No.26973243

Look, just stop. Nids won't be playable, the devs have gone on and on about how Nids will be AI controlled and will be the PvE part of the game, being used as a balancing force on the battlefield and infesting underground chambers that players can clean out for rewards. You won't get to play them, you'll never get to play them, just stop.

>> No.26973320

Nids drown the enemy in bodies. Too people on the planet being consumed, it looks like a roiling, livimg wave of acid-spitting death. Maybe a veteran marine could see the nuances of tactical genius. Everyone else sees OHSHITFUCKTHEY'REEVERYWHERE.

Also, noted lack of response to both it being fluffed as the hiveind trying different approaches and random bumfuck marine disobeying direct orders.

>> No.26973326


That sounds fun as fuck but

>infested underground chambers
>no terminator suit option

If Space Hulk and Battle for Macragge has taught me anything, it's that you need terminator armor for that kind of shit just to STAND A CHANCE OF TAKING THE ENEMY DOWN WITH YOU. Power armored players are going to get slaughtered.

>> No.26973363

I like it. Just imagime the trollishness of playing hive guard support.

>> No.26973417

Well on Space Hulks it's in more enclosed spaces and they don't have armies or huge weapons to deal with them. In Eternal Crusade, you and your Boyz can hope in a trukk and go run over some Nids underground.

Depending on how the underground chambers/caves look, they could be a great location for races, like talked about in the last thread. Gather up races from the different factions, bike type vehicles, and get in there, racing through tunnels and ancient constructions, dodging Nids and the other racers, trying to survive, the roar of engines waking up and drawing every fucking thing in those underground locations to the racers.

>> No.26973423

Rolled 8

What about genestealers?

>> No.26973462

Shh, they're doing that nofun thing. Just let them be.

>> No.26973486

I'd play a warrior for f2p

>> No.26973502


You mean gant/gaunt.

>> No.26973540

This is the first I've heard of this game so I'm super glad you guys made this thread. Got my code now so good to go.

So I know that Ork Boyz are the F2P class and most will be terrible but I'm actually really looking forward to playing one. Exporting the WAAAAGGGHHHH!!! to every battlefield will be awesome

>> No.26973559

He's talking crons.

And orks should be the only free to play.

>> No.26973569

That could work, but a whole faction with just one class? Not to mention genestealers are supposed to be mainly about infiltration.

>> No.26973591

Yeah, thats what I look forward to most, just being an Ork, finally playing the Mekboy I've always wanted to be, and riding out onto the field of battle in the back of a wartrukk, the thundering roar of all my allies alongside me as we wade into battle. If the game does this, if it can capture that joy and excitement, then it will have succeeded for me.

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is there a chance to play as eldar if f2p
or am I stuck with orks and guard, cause I want my cone heads

>> No.26973689

Its a stealth based army, kind of like how orks are melee based.

And genestealers can totally be multiple classes. Or at least one very customizable class

>> No.26973700

Guard's not even going to be in the initial release. You're stuck as a boy for now.

>> No.26973724

Only Ork boyz are F2P

>> No.26973725


... Dammit.

They should really give every faction a free to play class. Imperium could use Imperial Guard, Orks use Boyz, Chaos uses cultists and Eldar use guardians. Otherwise the Orks would just get an unfair numbers advantage since they'd have all the free players, even if half of them are fuckwits.

>> No.26973732

It's an example of free will in the hivemind, nit a suggestion that you only get to play stealers ever.

Classes would probably be gaunts/gargoyles, warriors, genestealers, lictors, raveners, zoanthropes, biovores, hive guards, hive tyrants.

Stuff like carnifex, trygon, tyrannofex, tervigon would probably be nid "vehicles".

>> No.26973735

Nope, you'll have to pay whatever they charge for the game to be eldar. At least it's a one-time cost.

>> No.26973746

No guards in the game as of yet. Ork Boyz are the only option for F2P, but there will be options to unlock stuff in the game by paying for them, so you can just buy the Eldar stuff without having to buy the whole game.

>> No.26973751

But.....thats how Orks work

>> No.26973778

Thats not the only option, you can unlock stuff through payments without buying the full game, it just means if you want more stuff, you have to pay for them too. So if someone is satisfied with just one faction, they can just buy that one.

>> No.26973798

No, it wasn't an example. Only genestealers have free will. And a whole army can be based on them that is allied but works independently from the Nid AI. Genestealers can have a lot of variety to them

>> No.26973819

>Otherwise the Orks would just get an unfair numbers advantage since they'd have all the free players, even if half of them are fuckwits.
Thats what they want to happen, they want lots of Orks in the game, which is why Ork Boyz are made really weak compared to average characters (example: 5 Boyz are needed to kill one Marine)

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File: 59 KB, 624x599, 1376875393366.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh thank the butthurt gods I only have to pay once
if it where pay monthly I'd just not play, I just don't like being stuck as ork, no offense boyz

>> No.26973865

did you ever look at a land speeder?

>> No.26973878

Yeah, I know how you feel. Personally I wanna be a flash git.

>> No.26973897

You don't even have to pay the full price, as was pointed out in >>26973746 and >>26973778
The options are F2P Boyz, buy the whole game and get everything, or micro-transactions to unlock stuff you want from your F2P account.

>> No.26973909

>Wanting to be a Flash Git when you can just be a Loota

>> No.26973928
File: 210 KB, 400x430, 1349378327242.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That seems oddly forward-thinking for a F2P game. I'm shocked.

>> No.26973951

The head of the dev team is vehemently against subscription based MMOs, he hates that shit.

>> No.26973997


That's also how Imperial Guard and most Cultists work.


Assuming you have an even distribution of p2p players (probably won't happen due to Space Marines) you'll have just as many Nobz as Chaos has Marines and Eldar has Aspect Warriors/Warlocks. Add those nobs to literally every free player in the game and those free players are what's going to tip the balance, because if you have 1 Nob and a Boy against a Space Marine, that Nob is ahead of the game already.

>> No.26974041

A stealer is still a nid. It's not about free will. They all have that, with the hivemind. It's about the ability to operate outside the hivemind. Which they all technically have,just some nids are better at it. Like lictors, or stealers. And synapse creatures, but they're technically always synapse.

>> No.26974065

Well the game is built to feel like you are playing the tabletop game, but on the tabletop itself. A Nob with a mob of Boys is a pretty powerful force, and can handle fighting a squad of Space Marines, but against a squad of Marines lead by a Captain or a Librarian, then it's a lot more leveled out. Likewise, a Captain and his squad will have a heap of trouble trying to fight a Warboss and his mob of Nobs

>> No.26974080

Do we know *anything* about the gameplay? This really really sounds like a MOBA, and I really *really* don't want that.

>> No.26974093

Potential future Noise Marine reporting in.

>> No.26974121

>Do we know *anything* about the gameplay?
>This really really sounds like a MOBA,
It really really doesn't. It's an MMO, for one thing.

>> No.26974125

Thats all fine and dandy, but I wasn't using stealers as an example. I was suggesting stealers as an army

>> No.26974204

There have been a few games that it was compared to, or how the gameplay will be similar to. Space Marine, Dark Souls, Mount and Blade, Gears of War, stuff like that.

It's a third person, over the shoulder action game, it will apparently work kind of like Planetside, (pick a place on the map, pick your class, drop into battle, thats all we know so far really) and it will have an emphasis on infantry fighting, Shoot shoot shoot, get into close range, and hack at your enemy. It will have executions and you will be able to revive allies when they are taken down but not finished off.

>> No.26974240
File: 145 KB, 589x589, bueno.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Procedurally Generated content. After planets are conquered a new one is made. All dungeons/PVE content is procedurally generated.

I want this so hard right now.

>> No.26974243

calling it Etternal Crusade and no Black Templars

>> No.26974245

Also, the game will be about massive campaigns over multiple months, where factions fight over huge battlefields to capture important locations to pump resources into your faction, allowing you to fight back stronger and harder.

>> No.26974246

Well then, why not lictors? They too are able to operate outside of the hivemind.

Or further, any synapse creature, since they have the higher functions needed to be synapse?

>> No.26974247

>Be Mek.
>Shock Attack Gun!

Please, can we have shock attack guns?

>> No.26974304

If they don't, I will be sorely disappointed.

I also want them to make nids playable. Eventually, at least.

>> No.26974329


If we're going off the assumption that a Nob is equal to a Space Marine in power and that the distribution of p2p players is still even, then here it'd be the Captain and a squad of Marines against a Warboss (well, probably not a Warboss so much as a bigger Nob, since a Warboss would probably be on equal terms with a Chapter Master) and a squad of Nobz AND a shitload of Boyz, because free players have no choice but to play a Boy.

If you gave each faction the option for free play, it'd be the same scenario except the SM gets a bunch of Imperial Guard instead of the Orks just getting all the little minions.

I don't necessarily think that making Imperial Guard playable would ruin the feel of it being Table Top style, since in TT an Ork Boy is about equal to a Guardsman anyway, and the same goes for Guardians (kind of). Cultists not so much, but they could just be particularly competent Cultists, like the Blood Pact.

>> No.26974332

As per the link in >>26974121 , they're gonna be how the developers keep the sides in check. If one faction starts rolfstomping too hard, they get a hive fleet dropped on their asses.

>> No.26974333

Half of these do the same thing. I don't think you can make good classes for Deldar without creating something new.

>> No.26974337

They better have a shokk attack gun, nothing would be more hype than lugging one around on the battle field and popping Snotlings at Eldar. I'm not sure how they would handle the Snotling ammo, unless they don't show the Snotlings and just have them fire out until you tun out of ammo, no reloading, you just have to resupply.

>> No.26974376

>Tyranid faction used for balance if someone is getting steamrolled too much

"Hey, Mark, the Chaos guild Skullfvckers is spawncamping the Eldar again."
"Oh, well, just open up the dev console and spawn tyranids until they can't."

>> No.26974389

Don't you have like a 1/36 chance of accidentally shooting yourself into melee?

>> No.26974405

That's part of the charm!

And even better, when that happens? No need to walk to the melee anymore!

>> No.26974411

Yeah, but that's what's fun about it.

>> No.26974431

The thing is, if there are other F2P races or classes, it drains from the pool of F2Pers that will be in the game. Where there would be 100 Boyz joining a fight, there would now be 50 Boyz in the fight and 50 Guardsmen, which isn't so bad, but it feels...lacking.

But in terms of numbers and strength and imbalance, we have to take into consideration other variables. Like vehicles, and stuff like Librarians and Devestators, who may be capable of mowing down huge swathes of boys (Space Marines will specialize in long range combat) So even if there are 100 Boyz, like 10 Nobs and a Warboss charging a line of 50 Space Marines, most of those Boyz will fall because of the gunfire. Which is why the studio head talked about using Trukks to block gunfire so that the Orks can get stuck in instead of running head first into a wall of bullets

>> No.26974446

>caring if it's balanced

>> No.26974454

>Meks raining snots on the Eldar line
>Suddenly Meks now raining on the Eldar line
>Meks are now close enough to krump Eldar without wasting time
Shokk Attack Gun, both a weapon, and a shortcut

>> No.26974484

On an interview, one of the devs apparently said "screw balancing, war isn't balanced"

In another, Miguel, the head of the dev studio, said that the stating for the game is being copied straight from the codexes, not sure if hes being serious, or the stats in the game will mirror the tabletop stats

>> No.26974561

>F2P option
>restricted to DA ORKS

Is there anyone who seriously believes this isn't a genius idea?

>> No.26974565


But that's the point I'm trying to make, it's all about numbers. It wouldn't be 100 boyz, 10 nobz and a Warboss charging a line of 50 space marines. It would be 100 boyz and 50 nobz charging a line of 50 Space Marines. And while the Space Marines are busy mowing the Boyz down, the Nobz are getting stuck in, and any Nob worth his teef will wreck a Devastator in assault. It'd be a lot more even if it was 10 nobz and 50 boyz against 10 marines and 50 guardsmen than 10 nobz and 100 boyz against the same 10 marines.

>> No.26974587

>Not only will you unlock more classes in each faction, but each class has its own deep skill tree to progress through. So you might start as a base Space Marine, but work your way up to a Chaplain and gain its armor and skillset.
OMG. Picture yourself as the chaplain, crashing through the front lines, your battle brothers behind you, crosius arcanum smashing skulls and blades left and right, battle hymns flowing from your chatbox!

"Onward brothers, onward! The Emperor is with us!"

>> No.26974604

I think they are also going on the assumption that most paying players are going to go SM

>> No.26974638

Probably there will be some changes from codex stats. But "screw balance" is the right way to go. I wish more devs thought this way. Being outnumbered is part of being an eldar, after all, just like being surrounded by incompetents is part of being an ork.

>> No.26974639


Space Marines are the experts at making sure that by the time those 50 nobs and 100 boyz get into melee, there's a hell of a lot fewer. Meanwhile the Orks are at a severe disadvantage until they get into melee, unless they somehow manage to mass more guns than the Spess Mehrines have bullets.

>> No.26974641

I love that idea. I hope it doesn't stop them from being a playable faction.

All dem delicious customization possibilities... so many biomorphs... unf.

>> No.26974643

I dunno, WAR taught me all the gibbering loonies would pick the evil team.
It was really weird being on the "good guys" and being surrounded by level headed folks.

>> No.26974651
File: 30 KB, 782x600, 1375832941848.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

dear diary, today tg beens helpful unlike vg,
tg being an hero as always, love those guys

p.s. why can't pants fly

>> No.26974653

The evil team are still space marines, just spiky ones.

>> No.26974666

>tg being an hero
>an hero
You do know what this means, right?

>> No.26974668

Do not forget, lack of faction balance is one of the things that killed Warhammer Online.

>> No.26974685


>> No.26974698


That was because the factions were intended to be balanced, and built around that idea. Here, the design takes into account that there will be different numbers on each team. Plus there's more than two factions, now.

>> No.26974758

Oh, ok I didn't catch that from your post, my apologize

Regardless of how it all ends up, I'll be playing a Mekboy, so I'll be busy fixin up some gubbinz

Also apparently you will be able to build fortifications, so that means Space Marines can retreat behind some kind of fortified defense line if the Orks are getting to hard to push back.

>> No.26974765 [DELETED] 


>They already said no

More proof that these guys as just like us.

>> No.26974774


Understandable, but that being the case, what do Chaos and Eldar get to level the playing field? Orks get their Boyz so they're a step ahead.

Also, Orks are extremely popular as is, and aren't likely to be far behind Space Marines in terms of p2p enrollment.


Orks are experts of having more dakka. Also the Orks could use Storm Boyz/Nobz to land right on top of the Space Marines' firing line, tying them up until the rest of them get there.

Every faction has options and tactics to overcome obstacles, but provided the same options and tactics, the guys with more bodies will win just because they have more bodies, and it's definitely looking like Orks will have more bodies.

>> No.26974786


>They already said no

More proof that these guys are us

>> No.26974804

Nids won't be a playable race

>> No.26974811

wait, how is Balance bad?

>> No.26974841

Well they played 40k tons and love it all, Miguel said some of the team can even speak Ork, whether this means they have a really good cockney accent, or they have memorized the Ork word chart, I'm not sure. Games Workshop also sent them tons of free miniatures, and apparently they play games while working on the game.

>> No.26974845


I mean balance as in population balance. When one side had way more people, everything fell apart. Eternal Crusade is balanced as a game in a way that hopefully takes into account that populations won't be balanced.

>> No.26974881
File: 537 KB, 483x3182, eternalwaaagh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26974890

Because if they are meant to be balanced...but not actually balanced, then shit gets screwed up.

>> No.26974901

>the guys with more bodies will win just because they have more bodies
Too many cooks...

>> No.26974928

>Games Workshop also sent them tons of free miniatures

>> No.26974930

It is beautifull!

>> No.26974934


Especially when about two thirds are Brazilians and the other third keep hitting each other because they want to be in charge.

>> No.26974937

As was posted above, two years is a long time. And if not at release, hopefully eventually.

>> No.26974943


I'll be playing Orks as well, probably as a standard Nob. Kommando might be fun if they decide to implement it.

I'm against Orks having all the free players mostly because I'm not all for having a particularly huge advantage over my enemies in a multiplayer game. I'll use any advantages that are presented to me, but I also expect my enemy to have the same kind of advantage. It's more fun that way because curb stomping an enemy due to an inherent advantage because of how the game works isn't fun.

Curb stomping an enemy because you're better than them on the other hand is what I'm all about.

>> No.26974946

I hope they add an orky word filter for da boyz

>> No.26974954

Balance isn't bad if it just happens, and it's required in some kinds of games. But for an MMO? Total balance takes away the fun of fighting a losing battle and knowing you couldn't do anything but cut your losses and come away with more than you by rights ought to have. Plus, pretending your game is balanced when it's not means you get the WAR problem. With this scenario, it doesn't matter if one faction is tougher - the devs can throw nids at the problem. And since it doesn't matter, different factions can have totally different dynamics without anyone having to fear unbalance.

>> No.26975037


Bear in mind that the classes in WAR were symetrical. Each class on each faction had a mirror class that functioned much the same way. The biggest issue was Bright Wizards, and that was mainly due to the devs being braindead and implementing a class mechanic that had no downside if someone threw a HOT on you every now and again.

So far we have no idea how the classes are going to look in EC, but given that they say they're taking the stats from the books, I seriously doubt that an Ork Nob is going to have a skillset remotely similar to an Space Marine.

>> No.26975038

Well remember, this is war, all about pushing and gaining advantages, getting the upper hand on your enemies, and driving them back to take what you want. If you don't want that, you can just be a solo-Nob without a Boy mob around you, but you'll be wading into enemies all on your own and probably end up dead.

>> No.26975102

Speaking of fortifications.

They said there will be destructible terrain, which will actually play into capture points. For example, a gang of Eldar took over a tower, you and your Boyz come and bust the place up and kill the Eldar. If you don't fix up the tower, if any enemy force comes to try and take the tower, you will have a hard time defending it because it's all broken and shit, but if you repair it, you will be able to hold the tower a lot better

>> No.26975162


What I meant by my post is that I'll still run with a mob of other Nobz and Boyz, but I'd prefer it if I could go up against squads of Space Marines with Imperial Guardsmen supporting them. Pushing the advantage is about knowing when and where to attack, but if you have a large inherent advantage, ie having a shitload of Boyz where the enemy has nothing to counter, then it becomes less about tactics and more about throwing your weight around and kicking the shit out of everyone because they can't stand up to you.

It's like highschool bullying, except instead of the principal you have Tyranids.

>> No.26975208

Well that fits the Ork theme, squads of Space Marines have taken on hordes of Orks before, so it's not a total disadvantage that there are tons of Boyz. But I understand what you mean, but until we see how things play out in the actual battles, we can't really see if it's a huge disadvantage or not.

>> No.26975226


Yes, and a 1/36 chance of erasing yourself or the enemy from existence.

I see boyz of green…red choppas too
I see em fight..... fight me and you
And I fink to meself.... what a wonderful WAAAAAAGH.

The helmets of a beakie.....so pretty ..on me stick
Are also on the faces.....of gitz gettin’ a kick
I see Nobz shaking hands.....sayin.. how do ya do
They'ze really sayin......I’ll krump you

I hear Eldars cryin’...... I hear their woe
They’ll bleed much more.....than I'll never know
And I think to meself .....what a wonderful WAAAAAGH

>> No.26975232

>I seriously doubt that an Ork Nob is going to have a skillset remotely similar to an Space Marine.
Shootin' and choppin. That's all you got and all you need.

>> No.26975275

Your song made me think...what if Warbosses gather heads for their boss pole when they kill enemies, not actually gathering them up and putting them on, but when they kill something and walk over them, a head gets added to their 'Ead Count, which you can see when you mouse over their pole, showing how many heads this Warboss has grabbed up.

>> No.26975279


>BR filters to Orkz
>lol filters to WAAAAAAGH

>> No.26975320


That's a pretty cool idea.

If they're taking inspiration from Warhammer: Space Marine (and they've said they are) then Assault marines could have the whole "regenerating health from killing shit" mechanic.

>> No.26975332

I doubt any of the classes will have much in terms of skillsets aside from the psykers. Maybe everyone will have some kind of charge skill which gives them a burst of speed when they run for a short time, jump packs will probably be their own mechanic and not a skill, but all in all I don't really forsee some "skill bar" for players, and more like just unlocking stuff and attaching them to keys so you can just do it without seeing it.

>> No.26975350
File: 377 KB, 768x1024, Emperor's Children Terminator by OVERLORD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The biggest thing I want is Chaos Terminators.

Let me play a Chaos Termie with lightning claws and I will pay you monies forever, even if I can't be a member of the Emperor's Children.

>> No.26975379

Terminators will probably be some high ranking thing or some point expensive class.

>> No.26975380


Having played virtually every MMO that came out in that time period and well before, with a slant towards anything PvP-focused, Bright Wizards at launch were the single most broken (and most fun) class I ever had the opportunity to play personally.

My friend was playing an Archmage; he'd just dump all the HoTs on me and I'd go stand in front of the enemy spawn and melt anyone who came out. Detonate was lol.

>> No.26975385

II like how the bulldog helmet with the horn looks a LOT like a rhino head

>> No.26975415


Yep. Devs were retarded. I can't even remember what the mirror class was for Destruction. Magnus? Sorcerer? I don't know. But I do know my poor Shaman arse got royally fucked up by Bright Wizards.

>> No.26975431

One of the interviews, Miguel talked about how the army wouldn't give a new recruit a tank if he can barely fire a gun, so Termies will probably be unlockable for high ranked players.

>> No.26975457

Is anyone else getting the impression that this is going to be similar to a 3rd person Planetside? Large open area to fight, big meat grinders that players will be fighting over whilst smaller units can sneak and ninja to grab unprotected objectives.

Also am I alone in thinking that having an IG equivalent to the boyz is a good idea? IG being more shooty, boyz being more choppy and disruptive.

>> No.26975483


Oh, that's exactly what I want this game to be. Planetside 2, but good and 40k based.

>> No.26975489

Thats exactly what it seems like it will be.

As for IG, it's not a bad idea, but right now Boyz is enough, it will be a great starting point, and if the game gets it's head above the water, they can possibly add IG as a secondary F2P option

>> No.26975506

It will also be infantry based, where as Planetside 2 is vehicle based

>> No.26975508

The problem with f2p gaurdsmen is that they would act more like orks than like gaurdsmen.
Plus the most obvious fix to this (Commissars) would be REVILED by the f2p community

>> No.26975532

>Also am I alone in thinking that having an IG equivalent to the boyz is a good idea?
So long as it's not Free-to-Play.

Unless you want guardsmen just waltzing around everywhere, outnumbering the orks, not following orders, generally not acting like guardsmen.

>> No.26975568

But that would prompt them to pay then. Also it would be hilarious to see the results.

>> No.26975573

>"Team killing asshole shot me, reported"
>"someone do something about this bitch ass shooting his team"
Every time a Commissar player tried to boost moral the player he killed would try and get revenge, players can hold fucking grudges. Like one time I was playing Planetside 2, I accidentally hit another player with a tank. He comes back and blows my tank up.

>> No.26975584

...OR they could just do the sensible thing and keep the orks acting like orks

>> No.26975616

And you KNOW that people would grief like hell with that

>> No.26975627

Thanks bro for telling me about this, I just snagged like 10 of them so hopefully it's something good.

>> No.26975655
File: 600 KB, 1536x2048, 1352415104290.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's fine by me. As long as it's an option, I'll play the shit out of Chaos to unlock it.

>> No.26975657

Nigga don't be a hoarder, they will be limited availability, I don't want to not get an exclusive item because some cockbag snatched up ten of the items

>> No.26975700


What if they added premium friendly fire on IG (and boyz) that way if theyre fucking around or getting in the way, lul bolt to the face guardsman. That would be griefable to a stupid extent but kind of appropriate for the lore/lulz

>> No.26975705
File: 188 KB, 500x750, 0tA76mt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Not hoarding them while you still can and selling them for mad dosh

>> No.26975727

They've already said it's gonna be similar to Planetside 2 in scale, but just with a combat system more like Gears of War/Space Marine.

>> No.26975793

But anon, the game won't have a currency system!

>> No.26975794

It's like you hate money.

"Aw man, what do you mean I have to pay to get back at that asshole? Shit game, I'm telling everyone I know not to get this."

>> No.26975796
File: 53 KB, 309x452, SNEAKY GITS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw no Kommandoz/Blood Axes announced yet
>no blowin' up 'da 'umie bases all sneaky like wiv' me bombs

>> No.26975805


I got news for you guys: a majority of every faction is going to play as an uncoordinated mob, whether they're paying to do so or not.

>> No.26975828

I was sad too, I mean I was gonna be a Mek regardless, but Kommandos would have been fun.

>> No.26975831

I know I am!

>> No.26975844


Well, as the largest kurbstomin'est faction, you're also going to get the most Tyranids.

Which means you won't be too kurb-stompy.

>> No.26975853

>No Kommandoz
Heres what you do Anon, if there are bombs in the game besides stikkbombs, which I'm sure there will be, you play a Boy or a Nob, or some class, and you start being sneaky. You don't need no class title to be a sneaky git, you just gotta be a sneaky git! Though the lack of camo will be saddening.

>> No.26975864

yes, Yes. YES!

>> No.26975877

It also means were gonna get some good fightan. I imagine there will be a group of Orks that end up becoming skilled at killing Tyranids, so they are used to exterminate infestations that pop up while the front line pushes
Da Bug Boyz

>> No.26975893


True. But of those, who do we reckon who is going to be the most organized overall?

Trick question, it's the Eldar. It's always going to be the Eldar.

>> No.26975917

Nigga you know first day out the Eldar players will have some kind of voice chat room set up with all the players in it so they can get shit right.

>> No.26975923

TBH, that sort of sounds more fun than fighting the other factions

>> No.26975940

Pretty easy with an army of 12 neckbeards

>> No.26975946

Well you'd have to be pretty hardcore/autistic to play Eldar so yeah.

>> No.26975959

Or women.

>> No.26975982


So basically the best RPing faction as well.

Fuckin' A.

>> No.26975983

>no playable tyranids
>no DEldar fetish shit
Will women even play this game? That's like 99% of female 40k players knocked out right there.

>> No.26975993

>implying Tyranids aren't fetish shit for most female players

>> No.26975994

I can't wait to play Eldar being the most outnumbered factions sending hit squads of Warp Spiders out and shit using guerilla warfare.

>> No.26976005


Why do you assume females play only those factions in 40K? My wife plays Necrons and the only other girl I know playing 40K plays Chaos.

>> No.26976022


It would be so amazing if the daily missions were set, like, a week in advance, and the Eldar could sneak-peek at them with their Farseers (based on Farseer level) just to pre-plan and maximize their small force.

>> No.26976041


>Eldar massively outnumbered
>Every other faction finds themselves drowning in Tyranids as a result
>Eldar lands are free of infestation
>Eldar forces move freely around, wearing down invading forces by attrition whilst the bulk of their enemies are tied down defending their home fronts from the Tyranid menace
>Strategic strikes save Eldar lives at the expense of thousands of deaths amongst the lesser races

This is the fluffiest game EVER

>> No.26976075

Missions are set by player-elected faction leaders though.

>> No.26976101

>how do I get soulstone?
>give shurrikn plz
>need bansee 4 bug raid

>> No.26976102


Yeah I know.

More sadness for me. But we don't know, maybe some environmental things will happen. One can but dream.

>> No.26976109

Add tyranids to the game

Instead of health you just have that many nids that your controlling in one big blob (at least until you get into the larger creatures)

>> No.26976146


>Eldar pissing off every other player with sneaky grabs
>Never sitting around long enough for any faction to drown them in bodies so no-one can hunt them down and exact revenge

Man, it really IS fluffy. The Eldar hate will only continue to increase, it seems.

>> No.26976169

Deldar will make this even better.

>> No.26976223


To be honest, I WOULD like the DE in...but I don't think they should be in. It'd be too much of a drain on the Eldar players and not enough of a draw for new ones, and so make both factions ineffective; not to mention they share the same niche.

Too many factions is just as bad as too big a sandbox.

>> No.26976227


Girls and Tyranids are like sand paper condoms and handcuffs. Almost inseparable in use.

I had a girl spy Dawn of War II playing on my computer, ask to give it a try, and then IMMEDIATELY went to the Tyranids. Didn't even consider any other faction. It's the same from everyone I've talked to on /tg/.

>> No.26976261
File: 55 KB, 477x345, 1352949509401.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw my friend's wife saw 40k for the first time and fell in love with Nurgle

>> No.26976279

If Nob, can you possibly garner enough teef to become a Flash Git?

>> No.26976289


It's either diseases or the squamous masses of birth imagery and organic material.

>> No.26976298
File: 19 KB, 564x346, 1344828317465.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tau castes:

Tau speculated and confirmed classes:

>> No.26976321


I still wonder if the Orks will elect their leader or not.

What will their objectives even be other than "Get over there, ya gitz, and start shootin an choppin'!"?

>> No.26976367


You lot go to <resource point> and take it over or I'll smash your faces and put you back to nid herding.

>> No.26976402


It's pretty much scientific fact that girls interested in 40K only play the following:

- Tyranids
- Orks
- Dark Eldar
- Chaos Daemons

I suppose a few rare females play Eldar and CSM, and I've heard of at least one who plays SoB and another who plays C:SM.

Any female claiming to play any army other than the monstrous ones is likely to be a transexual.

>> No.26976419

In one of Miguel's interviews he talked about faction leaders meeting in secret locations to discuss alliances and shit, and other players spying on them.

>> No.26976438

Imma fucking girl.

>> No.26976442

>instead of getting a ship, the DEldar get a Commorragh apartment

>> No.26976445


Dark Elf Sorceress.

The thing is, Bright Wizards didn't kill WAR. BWs got toned down to be in line after about two months.

The real problem was that Bright Wizards were all Order had. Like four of the other class symmetry pairings were WELL in Chaos's favor, BWs were just so good at launch it didn't matter.

Witch Hunters were SO BAD by comparison to Witch Elves, both our healers were garbage, Marauders were fucking crazy while White Lions sucked, Squig Herders were unkillable due to all their mobility and CC breaks, etc. Chosen were fucking amazing because of those goddamn auras.

Out of the 12 class pairings, the only ones Order had an edge in were the Ironbreaker and Bright Wizard, and the devs just left it like that for months on end. It was like they felt bad about how broken BWs were at release so they just let Order get fucked in the eyehole as repentence and watched their game fucking die for it.

>> No.26976447


Well given that my wife is currently 6 months pregnant and has an all-girl Necron army, you're either wrong, or she's had one hell of an operation.

>> No.26976453

The leader decides where "there" is.

>> No.26976512

The council are the high point of the factions command structure, then theres "chapter leaders" and then squad leaders. The council can focus and refocus resources and generally decide the sway of their forces, as well as electing heroes. "chapter" leaders are probably the front line bosses, who command the armies across the map directly, and the squad leaders are exactly that, your captain or Nob or whatever, who will give your individual squad orders while in the fray.

>> No.26976595

So I was imagining and thinking about how the game will be like, standing on the battlefield...and for some reason the image of an army of Orks, while marching to battle, singing Hey Jude, came to my head.

>> No.26976632

So which one of you guys plans to be a Stormboy Nob, leading your disciplined, tightly wove fighting force of Stormboyz?

I dunno wot you been told,
Stormboy mobs is mighty bold,
We're da hardest of da lot,
We make you lot look like Grots.

>> No.26976676

>not playing Eldar and pissing off the entirety of the community with your dickass tactics and way of just forcing everyone to get mad as balls.
god damn it /tg/

>> No.26976690


Come on, we're an undisciplined mob of hooligans who thrive off of internal division and we hardly ever get shit done despite starting out well.

We're the embodiment of Orks.

>> No.26976700

>Wanting to cut fa/tg/uys off with a pay wall
Orks would let both paying and free /tg/ers play together in a mess of green and metal

>> No.26976711

Don't forget were prone to arguments and threats of violence.

Well every board is

Fuck, we should just get all of 4chan together as Orks.

>> No.26976761

Filterswap faggot with git and we'll even be in character.

>> No.26976774


/b/: Madboyz
/x/: Weirdboyz
/v/: Boyz
/m/: Stompa Boyz
/g/: Mekboyz
/o/: Speed Freaks
/d/: Nobz

>> No.26976821

/tg/ Warboss

>> No.26976829

/tg/: Lootaz
/vg/: Painboyz

>> No.26976879

>Not /k/

>> No.26976900

/k/ would be Flashgits.

>> No.26976948

>implying /d/ could ever play an asexual race

>> No.26976964


>Actually having guns

/k/ is ammo runts

>> No.26976969

>Implying /d/ wouldn't be Chaos Marines on the chance of being Slaanesh

>> No.26977184

Or flash gits

>> No.26978525
File: 244 KB, 425x617, 1329402265826.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No you just stop. Calm the fuck down and let people speculate or god forbid, imagine. Fucking sperglords all up in this thread.

>> No.26978906

I can't help but agree with him, though. Those guys are just setting themselves up for disappointment.

>> No.26979063

Anything is possible at this point. Maybe they could start one of them petition thingies, show the devs that there's interest. Never know.

>> No.26979107

But it doesn't make sense. Tyranids don't have personalities, only a number of them. We could get a genestealer cult, but we won't have a pure tyranid playable race, because players should use only genestealers and tyranid warriors, as the rest are bigger, monstrous creatures.

>> No.26979117

They already have a place for Nids though, they're their balancing factor.

>> No.26979133
File: 334 KB, 1137x1024, BTS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>no Black Templars

I just wanted to suffer not the unclean to live, guys.

>> No.26979158

Black Templars are to retarded and would have class restrictions.

>> No.26979178

One of their newsletters noted that they were open to the possibility of adding more subfactions, and that one particular Chapter had been requested a lot...

>> No.26979193

But they're speculating about one of the few things about the game that we have definite, concrete information on. Which is 'Tyranids will be dev-controlled NPC faction.'

A better subject for speculation fodder is what classes and gear will be available, because so far the only thing they've said (apart from those pictures) is that if you want to find out 'go and look in the army's codex'.

>> No.26979234


>> No.26979245

Nothing is concrete. The game is two years away. It's possible that when the game releases, orks will be the PvE and nids will be the f2p.

>> No.26979259

I wouldn't mind if imperial guard were f2p.
You should have to pay for support though.

>> No.26979260

>gau ts


I don't think so, Tim.

>> No.26979313

>all-girl Necron army

>> No.26979373

Necons have females.

Phaerakh Xun the Mother of Oblvion, for example. It's possible to have an amazon ''all girl'' Necron army.

>> No.26979425
File: 43 KB, 720x450, 1347570876730.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wish to be the little Word Bearer.

>> No.26979452

>Implying they'd make all those unique character models for one player faction
>Implying it wouldn't be a pain in the ass to create all those separate customisation options.

>> No.26979486
File: 18 KB, 319x341, 1375900670818.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So they're going to give all the best assets to NPCs.

Is that what you're getting at?

>> No.26979554

>nids have the most power
>nids have all the best gubbinz
>dev-controlled only at this point in time

Devs confirmed for humongous nid fanboys.

>> No.26979572

NPCs will definitely have more base models than player characters, yeah.
Players will probably have various armour and weapon models to put on top,

>> No.26979586

there are nids, but they're the dev/admin race that will prevent any steam rolling on any side

so have fun with that

>> No.26979594

…and nids can't have a bunch of biomorphs for armor/weapons?

>> No.26979616

Not really, and as I've said they'd need totally different models. A biomorph isn't going to fit on all the nids.

>> No.26980244

Warhammer Online v1.5

>inb4 imbalanced as fuck game because spess morons kill every other race easier than they get killed

>inb4 the other half of the playerbase either quitting or rerolling some variation of space morons

>inb4 massively disproportionate populations for factions, developers forced to rebalance so everyone is able to kill everyone equally

>inb4 as a direct result of the devs balancing the game, spess moron easy mode faggots cry and piss and moan and leave the game

>inb4 game turns into a graveyard less than a year in to it's lifecycle, put on lifesupport at year and a half

>inb4 all of you 40k fanatical faggots come here spouting "DEVS ARE THE BIGGEST GAYEST NIGGEST FAGETS EVER OMG WTF MUH LORE"

>inb4 "I fucking told you so"

I can tell the future.

>> No.26980300

But this isn't going to play anything like Warhammer Online. The only similarity here is the word "Warhammer" in the title.

It's just far too early to make predictions like that.

>> No.26980333

Really, the only difference between Age of reckoning and this is that in age of reckoning you have to click hotkeys to cast shit. In this, you mash left and right click to attack and block.

I can fucking guarantee you it's questing and story telling mechanics are going to be straight outta world of warcraft. Not the latest, oh no, they'll be stuff from 2004. But from EQ/ WoW nonetheless.

It might have been too early when it was initially announced. But with each and every interview they give, with each reveal they make, with each video they put on jewtube, it's fate becomes blindingly apparent.

>inb4 "I fucking told you so."

>> No.26980346

In fact, the game is so different that those predictions are mostly false. First, the game is not a true RPG as it is more a third person shooter, so balance seems to be not a great issue. Second, the true balance between factions is done using nids that zerg the most powerful faction base, which make it more interesting for everyone, and even funny. Third, and more important, it does not require a subscription fee, which means a longer lifespan as more people will play, though they will do it in a more casual way (as they dont need to pay, they will play now and then, as I would play if WAR didn't have a subscription fee).

>> No.26980352

This game is 90% pvp. There will be no questing nor storytelling, as it will be based on the council system.

>> No.26980378


Didn't they say it's gonna be something like Space Marine in a Planetside styled game?

Of course no quests and shit like that.

>> No.26980386

>I can fucking guarantee you it's questing and story telling mechanics are going to be straight outta world of warcraft. Not the latest, oh no, they'll be stuff from 2004. But from EQ/ WoW nonetheless.
Hahahaha, fucking what? This is mostly PvP. It plays nothing like a WoW clone. Have you done any research into it whatsoever?

>> No.26980405

>Didn't they say it's gonna be something like Space Marine in a Planetside styled game?
Exactly. In fact, they've been playing both of those games for inspiration. And if you look at the alpha footage in the meet the team vid, it looks fairly similar to Space Marine.

>> No.26980408


It's all PvP as already stated.

The only PvE will be instanced PvE against Nids or whatever with a group I think. How important it'll be to actually do PvE is unknown.

>> No.26980433

>How important it'll be to actually do PvE is unknown.
Devs have said that you can score stuff for your faction and yourself by going into the 'Nid dungeons. Also, you'll need to defend your territory against Tyranid incursions too.

>> No.26980461

Doing so helps your faction in the war-effort and gets them extra resources to use.

>> No.26980469


Sounds good enough to me. Would be a pain in the ass to be trying to rapture something then suddenly half your face is gone because a Lictor basically came out of no where.

>> No.26980475



Or rapture depending on what you play...Chaos or even Dark Eldar if they REALLY want to bring them in...which SURPRISE, THE DEVS LIKE DARK ELDAR.

>> No.26980585

Either going to be a Space Wolf assault marine or an Ork Nob. The first for the beard, and my love of axes, the second because Orks are the best race.

>> No.26980737
File: 762 KB, 245x150, ohgod.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26980774

Will Perils of the Warp be a thing? The idea of seeing the enemy's elite Librarian squad all rolling "Explode into Daemons" makes me chuckle.

>> No.26980783

Yep, it'll be there.

>> No.26981143

Didn't they say Warp storms would occasionally open and destroy the landscape, changing the way the battle goes?

>> No.26981291

I know this has been said a thousand times already and will be said a billion times before this game comes out, but how can you call a game "Eternal Crusade" and not have it featuring the fucking Black Templars?

>> No.26981339

The game doesn't have Black Templar's because anyone can crusade eternally.

>> No.26981343

Maybe the BTs will come in as a ridiculously expensive DLC. And we'll all buy it because MUH CRUSADERS

>> No.26981377
File: 1.20 MB, 483x3182, bloodravens.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26981407

>no Imperial Fists
Why no love for Dorn's sons?

>> No.26981414

That feel right where my soulstone should be.

>> No.26981449

They don't have their own codex.

>> No.26981535

All Imperial forces crusade, Eternal refers to the neverending war we'll see in the game. Templars are a likely addition to the Space Marin subfactions. Everything is fine.

>> No.26981536
File: 136 KB, 873x627, m3430185a_60040101008_ImperialFistLtdEdnSMCodex01_873x627[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But they do. It costs $115.

>> No.26981544

But do other Imperial forces have a ship called "Eternal Crusader"?

Check mate, heretics.

>> No.26981553

thread autosaging

>> No.26981559

Nah, that's codex Ultramarines featuring friends.

>> No.26981561

Is this what it's like to be raped?

>> No.26981582


>> No.26981604
File: 137 KB, 873x627, m3430155a_60030101018_SM2013CodexENG01_873x627[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, you are mistaken. They have this one. It costs only $60 because Ultramarines are 48% less cool than everybody else.

>> No.26981672
File: 126 KB, 873x627, 8937983e94.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But they also got this, which means they are 100% more cool than everyone else.

>> No.26981876

He looks like he's wondering how to reload his bolter, like he doesn't know how.

>> No.26982003

making a new thread, do not fret

>> No.26982120


>> No.26986023

>WoW clone
More like a DAoC clone m80.

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