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Did any of the Primarchs get laid during the Great Crusade or the Horus Heresy?

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Sex? In a GW game?

You're insane.

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Fulgrim did. Frequently

Mostly with himself

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Russ probably did. The others were too busy being asexual faggots to actually bother hooking up with anybody. And Fulgrim seemed to be staying pure fir his buddy Horus.

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>mfw they wrote in that dick torture buttsex.
What the fuck Black Library.

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Did Fulgrim have sex with anybody other than himself and maybe Horus?

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Who is the guy behind Horus?

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>Marius followed Lucius’s example and selected an instrument of torture from the collection of devices Fabius had laid out. He turned the pear-shaped device around in his hands, twisting a metal cog handle that gradually spread the leaves of the pear apart. Satisfied, he returned it to its original shape and moved down the gurney to place the device between the primarch’s legs.

>‘None of this coming together is random,’ explained Fulgrim. ‘It is all part of the universe’s nature, its tendency towards complexity. Ah... yes, that is most exquisite, Marius, another turn of the screw!

>‘You were talking of good and evil,’ said Lucius, taking hold of the plain wooden handle of his awl and pushing it in deeper.

>‘Oh, you wield that spike like a master craftsman,’ said Fulgrim. ‘You are as skilled with a smaller weapon as you are with a larger.’

>‘I practise,’ answered Lucius.

>‘I know,’ said Fulgrim.

>endowed useurce

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Rogal McDorn. He's easily recognized by the truly immovable rod up his ass.

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>not liking Rogal Dorn
It's like you didn't read anything about him.

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Fulgrim you faggot.
>mfw the Emperor didn't make you have genetically enhanced colons for this.
>crying Emperor is suffering.

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What?! Which book and pages?

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All of that.

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That bothers you? Read the Inquisition war series.

Mutant incest pedophilia, buildings made of dicks fucking each other, inflation BDSM, tentacle rape and a daemonette anal fisting just to start.

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Keep talking.

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There was also the regular paedophilia.
In that a loyalist planetary governor had a harem of children. And the squat, Grimm, was drooling over them.

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In The Primarchs anthology, a handful of the EC captains attempt to exorcise the daemon occupying Fulgrim's body through various torture devices, spinal taps, flame throwers, and a choke pear applied to the anus are involved.

Turns out Fulgrim had come to terms with the daemon and been able to beat the daemon through willpower to regain control of his body, he was just letting the torturing continue for the fun of it.

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It was this short story that killed the EC for me. I mean, I got them and their descent into lunacy up until this point. I genuinely like their last vestiges of decency in trying to save their primarch from a demon.

Everything after the moment of Fulgrim/Lucius' reveal? Shit writing. Had I been any one of the EC in the room at that moment, my reaction would have been "Welp," and gone all in trying to kill that self-assured motherfucking snob of a primarch. Because he had just proven he was nothing but a little shit. Fuck, LUCIUS should have gone all in, cowardly fucking shit.

But noooo, bad writing and pre-established canon ruled the day.

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Why? Isn't the quest for sensation something that all in the EC were striving for? And for most space marines, especially those who grew up alongside Fulgrim on Chemos, they would've died for Fulgrim without a second thought. Most of them probably saw it as Fulgrim teaching them a lesson, that no experience is to be denied and nothing should come in the way of achieving those experiences.

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Except something did come in the way of those experiences: Fulgrim. He led them on, was a colossal cocktease, all in the interests of teaching them some ephemeral "lesson." Considering how much they shit on legions with similar ideas of teaching lessons, Fulgrim should have gotten a bolt between the eyes for his prima donna bullshit.

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>prima donna bullshit
But he had that before turning to chaos too.

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Oh snap.
Uh....thats bad yeah totally.

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It's not portrayed as bad.
Actually nobody gives a shit.

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The governor was an albino mutant who had a lot of retarded inbred children as a result of his personal eugenics program. The ones that were too dumb to function were put in cages and used as breeding stock. It wasn't the Squat who was interested it was the navigator.

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Uh. No. I'm talking about that fat governor, who was expertly leading his PDF in fighting the Slaaneshi cult on his world.

>> No.26966177

I was trying to be sarcastic to hide my arousal god

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The Inquisition sanctioned his families mutation (albinos with infrared vision) and didn't care about his weird obsession with personal family eugenics, he was trying to better the quality of humanity that his world supplied to the Imperium. He was an extremely loyal and benevolent leader, too benevolent in fact.

His guard got wiped out because all his troops were equipped with non lethal weapons when they got over run by chaos cultists, he died basically because he was too nice.

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Same guy.

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I'm aware.
Thing is nobody gives a shit about it here.
Dude what.
You are mixing up two wildly different people. The mutant governor died in the EXTERMINATUS which the ASTROPATH BITCH called in.
The fat dude and everyone else in the whole room died to Meh'Lindi because he was inadvertently standing in Jaq's way, and Jaq was genuinely sorry about it because he'd just doomed the world. I'm fairly certain these aren't even the same book.

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That's actually a legitimate torture device, taken from reality. It was called "The Pear of Anguish"

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>implying Dorn is likable

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