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So my speech professor is a really cool and is letting my do my main speeches this semester on about anything we can make a good speech on (two informative, third persuasive), and approved of my idea to run my speeches along the greater theme of monster folk from various mythologies and I'd kind of like to ask if /tg/ has some recommendations for material sources.

But you can just ignore all that and we can have a monster girl/guy thread.

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Also, dumping the small handful I have.

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No, I think I could not understirl beauty of the beast

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I was just about to ask if OP could love a monster man

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It takes a brave man to stand up reveal their /d/ powerlevel in public like that.

Or perhaps a lunatic. Either way, it would be hilarious if you based it on the source of your image.

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Oh Lordi!

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Aw, crap, did I make some kind of weird typo somewhere?

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Filthy xenos.

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I actually considered it to a degree, but I realized I wouldn't have enough material for one full speech (let alone three, I'm planning to chain all of mine together to seem like a Television Documentary Special), so I'm going more mythological.

I do want you guys to know though, that manga and you guys inspired me to do this. Oh, and the Penny Arcade strip where Tycho imagines the President calls him for consultation on Manticores.

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I find monster-monsters more interesting honestly. Monster-girls just don't seem to have interesting personalities, or even capable of having interesting personalities.

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didn't you know? 4chan makes you dyslexic.

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Not at all.
It was just to keep with the rhyme scheme of Lordi's "Would you love a Monsterman."

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You never let me down, /tg/
I think it all depends, really. I mean with monster-girls/men, exploring the full implications of their sort of odd-mon-out situation of being too intelligent to be a beast but too beastly to be considered a person opens some interesting character plot, hooks. Combine with potential complications involved in their natures (super sharp claws they need to keep in mind when interacting with things, etc.) and then top it all off with an interspecies romance and you've got a can of worms that dig out through the steel container and are boring their way into the foundation of the building.

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Monstrous humanoids?

Like satyrs? Centaurs?

Dryads? Naiads?

There was also this pretty hot african water spirit... what was it called again?

Silly me, did have it in an image filename

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On topic of more monstrous humanoids, there were some nordic/scandinavian fox-folks, haven't there?

Ah there, filename does it again

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If they're too intelligent to be a beast, it's a question of upbringing if they have difficulties in society. If you go the other way, of having incompatible hardwired instincts, you run the risk of creating a civilization too alien to functionally communicate with.

Also, I can't find the damn IRC, where's it relocated now?

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Pretty much, mostly going for "monsters of human level intelligence or demi-human nature"

So, yeah, those things would be included, along with potential looks into Fairfolk and such.
Damn that's a nice song.

Have a hawkman! (Actually, that's a falcon and probably not voiced by Brian Blessed)

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OP, don't. Not in public. My common sense is tingling.

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The only reason why monstergirls 'work' in the first place is that they exist in stories and pictures. There is no viable way to create one in 'reality'. That said, the monstergirls created in pictures and stories are, at least in the modern day, near-universally cute - hence 'girls' rather than 'beasts'. As I'm a fan of cute things, I would be able to love them.

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I don't know, this isn't really an official "monster girl" thread to be honest. Sorry.
Thank you so much, these are great!

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East Asia has at least three, Kumiho, Huli Jing, and Kitsune.

All of which were notorious for shapeshifting, spreading plagues, wiping out nations, seducing men and driving them mad, and of course, eating people.

I believe France had some too, and the English just had generic shapeshifters who could turn into foxes.

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Ah, I forgot, there's also the Coyote trickster spirit, and Loki could take the form of a fox, I believe. And there was something about Russia, but I can't be sure.

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I don't think OP is going to talk about monstergirl waifus.

Just about human-animal hybrid monsters in myth and stuff.

At least I hope he isn't.

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Hahah, don't worry your pretty, anonymous head, I don't plan on using images like this from Monster musume, I plan on using things more in line with >>26960126 and other traditional, historical depictions of creatures like Kappa.
Besides, my professor said it was cool and I got not only his approval but praise on the concept.
>and then I find out my professor browses /tg/.

Well, that would just be a bit awkward.
That's going to be one of my points in my first speech which will focus on how these creatures seem somewhat universal. Even though the archetypes related to them naturally would be, but I'm not gonna let that ruin my speech.

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Hulder are a weird sort, they are more properly thought of as a type of elf that has a tail, either fox or cattle like.

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On the topic of monstergirl waifus (and the inevitable resulting discussion of monstergirl daughterus), has the logical issue of waifuing a monstergirl whose animal half is an r-selected species ever been brought up?

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Aye, never let reason or logic get in the way of a good speech. Seriously, don't, otherwise your English papers will all be relatively short and to the point, and you'll be failed for not writing like Tolkien.

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Yep, definitely, like I said, I briefly considered basing it a bit more off of things like Monster Musume (namely by acting as though monstrous humanoids are already known to exist, and thus my documentary would be about "easing" people into the idea of their existence and how to deal with them.) but I realized I wouldn't have a lot of material so I'm sticking more to myth and classical work than contemporary, as well as treating them as though they're still unknown for the most part.

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I suppose it helps that I'm doing these more for entertainment value (and I'll need to ask my professor if I need to put such a disclaimer before each speech) than true fact.
>r-selected species

pardon? You mean like... The Mermaid problem?

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This bothers me, because it implies Zeus had anything to do with the Minotaur.

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Oh dear, I'm already almost out.

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You'd have plenty of material, OP.

Are you even aware of how many doujins there are out there? And how much absurd detail some of them have?

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Understandable. Still, joke and all that.

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Why not talk about sex robots instead? There's more of a debate about those going on.

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Is that fishgirl Tomoko?

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I have...quite a few.

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I think I know this style.
Source, please?

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Likely, knowing Shwigs tendency to steal from others and claim it as his own.

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>mfw best lordi song

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I have been collecting these for my Monstergirl Campaign I'm working on.

Choose wisely. Anything not labeled there is like humans or standard race. I also have a bunch of unsorted below that I can search if anyone wants.

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Well thanks to you now, I'm imagining a monster-girl presentation done in the style of a 1950's educational video. Complete with Bioshock and Fallout style illustrations.

Complete with "politely racist" comments.

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I think that's sneaking in a reference.

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I vote multi arms

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>Implying King Minos' wife didnt fuck Zeus as a bull.
He's Zeus, he is the one who fucks.

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Best Thorse.

Also, if all your sci-fi budget can handle for aliens is guys in suits, you might as well go the "Giant Earth Animals With Hands" route.

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She didn't. Learn your goddamn myths.

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>Believing the official story

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Why not .rar them all and upload them to share?

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>implying theres things zeus hasnt fucked
learn yours

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That's my littlest folder, I only have 4 including this one.

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Dark Elves

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probably, the artist is a fan of anime.
It's the artist who worked on Broquest, their name eludes me but they've done a lot of other stuff.
Ah, Shwigs.
I'll vote multi-armed too.

Also, something from /co/.

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>Those ass spikes
>You cannot enjoy the anal without painful spikes into your stomach

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>tumblr noses

Is nothing safe.
#removekabobs #kabobsmeanstumblr

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they might be only semi-rigid cartilage. So the real concern should by you breaking her dorsal fins while giving anal.

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The fuck is a tumblr nose?

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Would a dropbox work? I've never shared things like this before.

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>wanting to stick it in the pooper

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What's this from?

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You are going to waste some great potential by not researching the original function of gree monsterboys, you know.

You could totally take te red pill and make a presentation on how bitches would totally marry a Satyr as long as he's a musician or a Centaur as long as he's a quarterback and how nice guys always end up in the firendzone because modern society can't appreciate small dicks anymore.

You should do it, for the lulz and because it allows you to mash up internet awfulness with classic studies.

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The next one's the last one I got for this, sorry about all these super lame picture names though.

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>and Loki could take the form of a fox

He took on the form of a mare and had sex with a stallion, dude. Turning into a fox is smalltime.

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>Not wanting to stick it in the pooper
>Not wanting to stick it into a mermaid's pooper, no less

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He also gave birth to that foal. What's your point? He could still turn into a fox.

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crap, I don't quite remember but it's a DC title, you can probably ask /co/.
Well, I already have some decent confidence on finding sources, especially anything from Classical myth, though I was wondering if /tg/ had any books to recommend or what have you.

Also, I am trying to avoid "internet awfulness" at least for the in a 80-90 percent sort of way. I mean I do plan to try to paint the monster-folk as sympathetic and deserving to be treated as equals in society.

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hnnngggg that lower back. never much cared for harpies, either. guess it's time to get to work...

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R vs K selection is a (somewhat oversimplified) model of reproduction. It basically describes two classes of reproductive strategy. R-selected species produce massive numbers of offspring and invest very little into each one (often even banking on a lot of them dying early), and include animals like insects and a number of rodent species.

K-selected species produce few offspring, often one at a time, and invest heavily in the survival and prosperity of each one. A prominent example of a K-selected species would be humans ourselves.

Basically what that anon is saying is that if your waifu was, say, a spidergirl, she likely wouldn't give a shit about any of her children until they'd survived past the point that means they'll likely make it to adulthood, while the human instinct is to care for and protect all of our children.

If I remember correctly, with a number of spider species, the children also eat their siblings, and the mother will often eat the weaker children.

A wife with radically different maternal instincts would probably be hard to deal with.

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Last one, Brown elves next, I hope there isn't took many repeats, I'll try to use ones I don't see that often.

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He gave birth to Sleipnir, get it right.

>> No.26960930

That is Delphyne Gorgon, the page is from Heroic Age: Prince of Power, she also shows up in The Incredible Hercules which comes before that.

>> No.26960933

>The original creepy-ass horsefucker brony

And thus, the real reason Odin chained the guy up as well as disposed of his kids.

>> No.26960950

What? No, he did that because he constantly fucked over the pantheon and killed Baldr and prevented him from coming back to life.

>> No.26960967

There is a conceptual space between "completely normal when raised in society" and "hardwired to be alien", you know. Vampire fiction makes pretty good play with the space, on ocassion.

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Right now my picture folder for these, sorted and unsorted ones and everything else, is uploading to dropbox. Apparently I have something like 500 or so files in there Jeeze.

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>What is jokes
There's a reason why the guy said "real reason", not just "reason".

>> No.26960988

Ah, I see, forgive my ignorance, and that would be a bit of a hassle, of course, this assumes full interspecies reproduction is possible, though since it often is... Really it's a tossup between any three things happening: the human mate causes a more K type reproduction, spider-mom might freakout at such low numbers and high investment.
R-type might happen with human mate freaking out.
or some weird crosswhere the number is high for humans but very low for the monster-girl mate.
It was a joke, man. Sorry, didn't mean to offend you. (Though loki was sort of an offensive guy with his sense of humor)

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You're doing the Emperor's work, anon.

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Or many of the R-type are, in monstergirl form, K-types. So Spiders lay a ton of eggs, whereas as spidergirls only have a single egg or a few eggs that are nurtured inside them. Same with Lamias and Harpies.

>> No.26961041

Awesome, I mostly collected from here and /d/, snipped some good nsfw pictures from there earlier this week, I just hope I'm giving some different stuff.

>> No.26961086

>Oops, forgot text
The easy edit. I suppose more intensive edit is a bit contrary to OP.

>> No.26961090

And kept the six-legged horse kid as his personal mount.

>> No.26961094

I do have a taste for the exotic, so yeah. I would.

I'd prefer me a catgirl, though. Fluffy tail, dat purr, dem ears...

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Apparently dropbox is 200 files in, 300 to go. But my kb/sec dropped off to nothing...Internet what are you doing?

>> No.26961128

Damn, I know, Felicia here was my first waifu and made me love catgirls. Helped I already liked cats though and thought they were the best.

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Do it

Film it, put it on youtube, post it on /tg/

>> No.26961208

oh, adding shading to the nose.

Some artist did it, other people saw it and thought it worked, since sometimes people get kinda red noses, and suddenly there's a whole reactionist THAT THING IS BAD YOU CAN'T HAVE THAT THING going on about it.

Just like anything else that gets even slightly popular.

>> No.26961212

Aha! Internet has returned somewhat. Go little thing go!

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>Not having hundreds of adorable spidergirl babies
I don't know if I like this.

>> No.26961247

>Would you love a monster girl

Of course, especially if I can Touch Fluffy Tail.

>> No.26961262

I'd recommend focusing on a subset of mythology, like classical Greek antiquity - and even then you could write a book on just that one.

You could take a ton of angles, but probably the most "respectably academic" angle is probably an exploration of the reasons to have anthropomorphized monster-human hybrids rather than outright monsters.

>> No.26961279

The problem is 95% of the time the red noses are there for no reason and look retarded.

Doubly so because they tend to be present on ABSOLUTELY EVERY CHARACTER EVER DRAWN when it's used.

>> No.26961282

I'll do that one of those next, I don't even remember what all I have in there.
Which should I do next everybody?
Spiders and Bugs
Or Plants

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>> No.26961337

Also, note the idea of human/monster liminality varies immensely among culture to culture. The Greek model for example has monsters as their own sort of race and society - take Centaurs, while others are unique loners/freaks. It's essential to note there wasn't a sense of them as somehow "supernatural" - they were out there, if unconfirmed.

Conversely, in ancient Egypt, the various animal-aspected gods were not understood to literally exist as some sort of species - rather, their human/animal nature was an expression of their divine power. Similar sorts of things underpin East Indian beliefs about the naga.

>> No.26961371

>implying tumblr noses are shaded
The problem is the entire fucking thing is a solid blob of red/pink, so it looks like someone took a hunk of clay and globbed it onto their face rather than an actual facial feature.

>> No.26961382

I don't actually care and I wouldn't have even noticed if it weren't for people like you screaming about it.

>> No.26961395

So what happens DURING the ritual?

>> No.26961421

>Stop disliking what I don't dislike

>> No.26961465

This is the first time I have ever seen that greentext.
I feel like I should give you a prize.

>> No.26961470

Yeah, probably.

>> No.26961494 [DELETED] 

>"Remember that Harpies are prone to lesser intelligences and limited memory, so be certain, when speaking to a harpy, to keep you sentences simple and direct!"
>"Remember that a traditional gift to centaurs are apples and carrots, just like your favorite horse!"

>> No.26961513

Fluffiness is more of a fox thing.

>> No.26961553

I pride myself on the accuracy of my pithy derision.

>> No.26961563

>"remember to award your fellow centaur employees, after a hard day's work, with sugarcubes, apples, carrots, and a salt lick! Just like your favorite racing horse!"

>> No.26961564

I'm doing a sun worshiping brown elf society, so when they reach maturity they beginning tanning, forcibly or otherwise. If you want to enter the priesthood you have to go around for a while all covered up, and then you have to basically spend a period of time under a giant magnifying glass: if you survive you are worthy, if not then you're crispy and dead.

Also I chose....bugs and spiders.

>> No.26961574

>flat-chested foxgirl
That still seems inherently wrong somehow to me.

>> No.26961581

>[x] touch every single one of the fluffy tails

>> No.26961594

Seconded. It just aint right.

>> No.26961597

Wow, well. That is quite the dillemma. I don't know, but I think R vs K selection all depends on the type of monstergirl and also the fantasy of who designed them.

However I believe that most monstergirl births are live and few. And which they would heavily invest in. If this isn't the case, I think it would break my heart. I mean any premature death of offspring can be traumatizing for people.

>> No.26961630


Fucking Philistines you both are. Have a big chested Tamamo

>> No.26961633

OH oh! Here's my dropbox link, it updates with new pictures as it uploads them so not all the pictures are there yet, so if you just refresh it it should add more. I'll post it again when it's done.


>> No.26961644

That's the thing, though. It WOULDN'T be traumatizing to your spider-girl waifu that one third of your 100 new adorable spidergirl daughterus died within the first week or so.

That's how things are supposed to go.

Meanwhile her husband is all kinds of fucked up over it and she doesn't get why.

>> No.26961646

Don't know about you, I'm all cowgirls all day long.

>holstaurus.jpg because for some reason the pic won't upload

>> No.26961649

Orange, mint, honey, tea bee?

>> No.26961652

I like me some DFC, but there is a time and a place for it.

And that place is not on foxgirls.

>> No.26961675

another question is, how panicked would Spider-waifu be over struggling with the eggs and finding she laid only one or three at the most?

>> No.26961678


She probably taste like shit.

>> No.26961707

Yeah... it was on some thread about food things on /d/, I think, so I was like: A honey Bee girl made out of honey? Good enough for me.

>> No.26961720

Offspring is also one of my main interests in monstergirls.
Clash of culture, or in this case species. This also depends if they can speak languages. Because then you can explain and set ground rules.

>> No.26961726


No tits, fox only, final destination.

>> No.26961730

I tend to keep certain real world ideas in my fantasy and k-type reproduction is one of them, as any species intelligent enough to form societies and use tools is a k-type reproducer. This is represented by elephants, spotted hyenas, chimps, ravens, dolphins, and other large brained, highly social types.

>> No.26961784

>Offspring is also one of my main interests in monstergirls.
I think that holds true for a lot of /tg/

>> No.26961799

Thanks for giving me my only sfw cowgirl picture.

Which reminds me....
WARNING: be careful in my dropbox thing, there's a lot of nsfw and bad stuff in there not approved for most audiences....

>> No.26961801

no puffy vulva?

>> No.26961828

Blasphemy. You are a cur.

>> No.26961857


>> No.26961910

you are 100% correct. I need to find an exotic adoption agency.

>> No.26961914

I would love a girl, no matter how monstrous.

>> No.26961934

Lamias are too adorable, mang.

>> No.26961937


Not liking DFC Tamamo? No sir, YOU are a DOUBLE CUR!

>> No.26961940

>Not going for full tragedy

>> No.26961969

>However I believe that most monstergirl births are live and few.
I agree with few, but not live. Egg tending is too cute to disregard.

>> No.26961978

Her especially. East Asian fox spirits are super feminine perfect-wife types (well, the Korean kind just look that way). That includes the sort of attributes that indicate high fecundity and proficiency at nursing offspring.

>> No.26961986

That's the only way I'd want any offspring, regular babies aren't worth it.

>> No.26962013

You realize that if your lamia wife lays eggs she won't breastfeed and likely has no reason to have breasts at all, yes?

At best she'd have decoy-breasts used to attract human males.

>> No.26962014

I'm not sure how but I seem to have failed to save a certain picture. A Spidergirl picture. She was wearing a sweater and the whole thing was a soft-yellow. It was so adorable.


>> No.26962020

Yeah, them monsterchildren are one of the main draws of the deal.
My second draw is monster/human interactions, shit's great.

The porn actually comes down somewhere like number five or six, after economics, sociology, and mythological significance.

>> No.26962033

>Clearly a reproductively-mature adult
>Still a caterpillar
The fuck?

>> No.26962055

>Humiliating your devoted lamia wife
Terrible husband.

>> No.26962085

I'm certain that lamia is the same daughter from before, just older.

>> No.26962086

Thats his daughter you donut. This is his wife.

>> No.26962100

no no, that's your lamia daughter.
You're showing the baby-pictures to her prospective suitor. Who knows if that's a husband or boyfriend or what.

>> No.26962101

That's his daughter, he's trying to scare the jock away with baby pictures.

>> No.26962118

Alright, fine.
>Humiliating your adoring lamia daughter
Terrible father.

>> No.26962128

that picture was always creepy to me, since his smile seems artificial. Like he has sinister plans.

>> No.26962129 [DELETED] 

She can do both.

>> No.26962139

Isn't a 100 a bit over exaggerated? Realistically speaking, making that many offspring the size of a baby, 3.5kg each, is impossible.
At first I'd try to avoid these situations, you just know some monstergirls are bad picks. But then as a father I would try to make everyone survive, if there was about 20 of them.

Disregarding the lore of people turned into demons. Imagine a demonic mother, how would they interact, if any, with their offspring? And what if the father really spoils and takes care of his children?
I'd like to imagine these situations.

>> No.26962152

But literally every parent ever does that, and so will you.
Well, if you ever actually have kids.

>> No.26962158

It's standard parental procedure to embarrass your children by showing people baby pictures. That doesn't change just because your daughter is a lamia.

>> No.26962165

From the thumbnail the head and egg on the right look like a butt.

>> No.26962166

I'm pretty sure fathers are contractually obligated to be embarrassing.
Incidentally, most monstergirl porn artists seem to feel the same way. They are equally interested in centaur lingerie and living space as they are in horsepussy.

>> No.26962206


>> No.26962212

She's a late bloomer, but serious I have no idea. >>26962014
Sorry dude, I don't got it. Sorry

>> No.26962234

>talking about tits
No, the REAL thing she won't have is a bellybutton. Delicious flat belly. They should also be quite long. Fuck if anyone does both of those though.

>> No.26962279

Miia from Monster Musume is fucking hueg at least.

>> No.26962306

I'm pretty sure newly-hatched spidergirls would probably be somewhere between spider-baby and human-baby sized.

They'd just grow like fucking crazy.

>> No.26962322

You know humans are r-selected right?

>> No.26962325

>Would you love a monster girl?
"Would" usually implies a condition, ie, "would you X if Y?"

If you mean "could" I love a monster girl, the answer is yes, for both emotional and physical directions of "love".

>> No.26962346

yeah, it seems to be doing some good work in illustrating just how huge a snakeperson would have to be to operate normally while reared up like that.
Also, I appreciate how she absolutely cleans him out when they go out to eat. Huge means grocery bills.
I like the small-but-grows model.

>> No.26962348

Going to do plant girls next, unless someone wants something else more.

>> No.26962381

I'm pretty sure I'm the only person on /tg/ who cares not the slightest bit for monster girls.

Humanoid creatures, like angels, demons, and youkai? Sure, those are cool. But shit like harpies and lamias? No...just no.

If I'm fapping to something it better have two arms and two legs, and it better be a bipedal humanoid

>> No.26962399

He probably has substantially government-supplemented income, considering how many dependents he has now.

Especially considering the size of most of them.

I wonder if Rarachnea's diet is mostly liquid.

>> No.26962408

>fapping to monster girls
Like I said, that's ancillary to the reason I like 'em.

>> No.26962413

how about two arms, two legs, two wings, and a tail?

>> No.26962434

What? No we aren't. Do you have it backwards or something?

>> No.26962437

>plant girls
So under appreciated.

I still love the thread where /tg/ speculated that dryads would love both sunlight and sugars to nourish their bodies, so going out for snowcones and a walk through a sunny park would be the perfect date for your dryad waifu.

>> No.26962450

Angels and demons still count.

>> No.26962465

R-Selected is exponential growth
K-Selected is logarithmic growth

Humans are in competition with bacteria to be the most R-Selected species on the planet (hyperbole but probably close enough)

>> No.26962474

chose 1

>> No.26962503


Angels and demons are not very monstrous, compared to something like Lamias or Spidergirls.

>> No.26962507

A snake can't lift itself up like that at most it can lift about 1/3 of its body off the floor. The length however seems about right a Lamia assuming she "stands" at say 5'4" would have to be 3x that or 16" long.

>> No.26962519

i dunno, some stories i've read about them made me think otherwise.

>> No.26962533

No, that's not how it's defined.

It's not really a very respected theory by this point as it is, but that's not how it's defined.

See >>26960903 for a more or less accurate summary. It's the quantity/quality tradeoff, usually based on how stable the environment is with regard to resources.

>> No.26962555

I don't see a mention of them here, so if you've never heard of them, selkie are a pretty cool Irish myth monster/people.
They are seals that can take their skin off like it was clothing and become human.
Their skin is a physical object, though. And they need it to turn back into seals.
Bad Machinery had a cool storyline about one such "stranded" selkie, for example.

>> No.26962557

Lordi is one of my guilty pleasures

>> No.26962558

Aha! Quick reply went away, but I fixed it!
I don't have a lot of this stuff, but you can have all I got.

>> No.26962564

I think there was an earlier discussion on whether Lamias could decide how "tall" they were to a degree based on how much of their body they wanted to hold upright, or whether they had to be a specific "height" because the needeed muscle groups would only be located at a specific length down their body.

>> No.26962593

You steal a selkie's sealskin to make her your wife, yes. If she finds that shit she'll abandon you and she'll never see you again.

I think the myths disagree on whether she's compelled to leave you upon finding her sealskin, or whether she does it because you were basically holding her prisoner.

>> No.26962598

Too vanilla for me.

>> No.26962613

um no, R/K is based on whether they limit themselves to the environment or the environment limts them. R selected will breed and have a dieback to reach equilibrium. A K selected will slow breeding and reach equilibrium.

Until about ten thousand years ago humans were K selected, now that we have the technology, we breed as fast and as much as possible, at least in the third world (most of the world) and use war as a dieback mechanism.

Humans became R-Selected when they became smart enough to beat the environment

>> No.26962617

>This entire post
Jesus, you have no idea how population and evolutionary biology work, do you?

>> No.26962620

oh, it was a gauge of length, not standing ability. A demonstration of longness.

>> No.26962632

Either your evolutionary biology courses were fucking with you or mine were fucking with me, guy.

>> No.26962679

I got some dudes in here also, might post those.

>> No.26962686

Wikipedia seems to degree with you, for whatever that's worth.

>> No.26962695

Disagree, rather.

>> No.26962715

You must be woefully ignorant of the modern era

Humans breed as fast as they can and then die in wars

Our population is growing exponentially because of the third world, that is a trait of R-Selected species'. If we were K-Selected then we would be slowing down by now due to world wide poverty and hunger.

The funny thing is middle class humans have stable populations akin to a k-selected species, but if you take away their money and make them poor they switch to r-selected and breed exponentially. Since most of the world is poor (china, india, africa, latin america), we as a whole are r-selected

we were k-selected, we stopped

Now we breed for quantity and quality, so it's just a debate over which we do more and which is more defining.

>> No.26962718

that's not what R-selected means.

>> No.26962719


>You realize that if your lamia wife lays eggs she won't breastfeed and likely has no reason to have breasts at all, yes?
A creature that is the top half of a human with the bottom half of a snake would have perfect "reason" to have breasts and breastfeed; namely, that breasts are on the top half of a human.

Even in other scaly amalgams of human and animal, they can always potentially have breasts, because humans do, just like they can always potentially have hands, human vocalizations, bipedal humanoid stance...

Aww, she looks like she needs a hug.


>> No.26962729

No, but King Minos' mother was fucked by Zeus as a bull.

So you know, close enough.

>> No.26962783

"Best" does not require "good," though I like the occasional Lordi anyway.

Just because you can find the best legless human sans prosthetics at 'running' the 100m dash does not mean they are good at it.
>from tufacts

>> No.26962785

That's not what R-selected and K-selected mean, is why you're wrong.

There are also a hell of a lot of other organisms who bread a hell of a lot faster and more abundantly than we do.

You seem to be throwing evopsych bullshit in here too, now, so I'm going to start assuming you were never formally educated on this stuff.

>> No.26962820


>> No.26962836

yeah, he's just going super-fedora on us.

>> No.26962837

>There are also a hell of a lot of other organisms who bread a hell of a lot faster and more abundantly than we do.
clearly you didn't read my hyperbole disclaimer

>implying thought patterns don't influence breeding patterns

I'll start believing you when you show that our population isn't growing exponentially

>> No.26962859

yeah, the guy doesn't seem actually educated about this.

>> No.26962864

And this shit is why we don't use R-selected and K-selected anymore. They're not accurate for modelling what actually happens.

>> No.26962879

>implying exponential breeding has anything to do with k/r

>> No.26962883

I see I am bested by the clever use of word. I salute you my dear fellow. Until next time.

>> No.26962886


>> No.26962896

>I'll start believing you when you show that our population isn't growing exponentially
I'll start believing you the moment you show me a published scientific paper that defines r and k selection the way you're defining it.

>> No.26962903

Do catgirls count?

>> No.26962907

So you're saying you're "exaggerating" when you say we are R-selected? Meaning we are not really R-selected, as in reality most of life in on the continuous spectrum between R- and K- strategies and so only the extreme examples are referred to as such (if they even are anymore as that particular heuristic is less useful in our modern academic context? Glad to see we agree, but then what the fuck are you trying to argue?

>> No.26962934

My puppy was barking at a bunch of towels because they were on his favorite sleeping spot. So cute..

>> No.26962936

As monstergirls? Barely, there's really not much about them that's "monstrous".

>> No.26962940

Catgirls are in the same weird twilight zone as angels/demons. Too vanilla for monstergirls, but too weird for normals.

>> No.26962979

I'm about halfway, or so, done with plants. Any other requests?

>> No.26963001

Well this thread has turned into a mess.

What is it about evolutionary biology as a topic that has every asshole who took a biology course in high school a couple of times convinced they're an expert who understands everything about the field?

>> No.26963014

Dumping my own plantgirls, too.

>> No.26963023

>> No.26963033


Kitsunes aren't exactly monstrous either but nobody debate they're legitimacy

>> No.26963035

>> No.26963057

>> No.26963065

because all the terms are poorly defined and being used to mean different things by different people

So Anon 1 says he worries about monstergirls that will eat their young
Anon 2 thinks he means monstergirls who breed too much and makes a comparison
Anon 3 thinks Anon 2 is talking about the same thing occuring in all three cases so he tries to correct Anon 1

and so on

>> No.26963067

They aren't as common, I guess. Same goes for wolfgirls.

Like I said, its weird.

>> No.26963071

There are legends about them tearing out people's livers and devouring them, that's good enough.

Most monstergirls are a mutated form of some sort of actual folkloric monster, and I don't think adorable pet catgirls are from folklore, they're just cute.

>> No.26963076

I only care about the cute 'n sexy.

>> No.26963079

>> No.26963090

>forever grown alone

>> No.26963100


>> No.26963108

Well, at least she looks more curious and fascinated than sad and lonely.

>> No.26963113

Hey look, she found a hibernation buddy!

And now you are imagining a lamia and a dryad sharing a greenhouse through the winter, since that's the only way they can both stay awake/alive through it.

>> No.26963121


>> No.26963126

Women can be dudes, though usually only when they're part of a group being addressed as "dudes".

It's like "guys".

>> No.26963138


>> No.26963143

Why did that harpy steal Nia's eyeballs?

>> No.26963155


>> No.26963184

I said might, not Oh lord here's a whole buch right now.
Here's one for you now though. Shhh

>> No.26963198

Those are pretty common in the animus.

On the earlier topic, its weird how cyclopes are considered more monstrous than catgirls.

>> No.26963204

Didn't the japanese foxgirls just drop their spaghetti and run into the woods in fox form, never to be seen again if the husband discovered her secret? And one dicked over an emperor for the hell of it or something.

It's the korean ones that are assholes. That's what happens when you play too much Starcraft, you just start mauling people and eating their livers.

>> No.26963208

>> No.26963218

>> No.26963222

>> No.26963232

I also just think this one looks cool

>> No.26963236

>> No.26963250

>> No.26963276

>> No.26963284

Discovering your shapeshifter wife's secret is usually bad news in mythology.

"Don't question good fortune" is a strong running theme in a lot of stories, folklore, and myth.

>> No.26963290

>> No.26963303

Because they're derived from myths.

>> No.26963307

(quoted post indicating request for further direction)
(quoted post indicating offered direction)
(quotation indicating suggestion of taking up the offered direction)
See, poster gets it.
> cyclopes are
Yes! Yes!

>> No.26963309

>> No.26963313


>> No.26963321

Eyes that big would leave less room for brain matter. They look so goddamn retarded.

>> No.26963326

>> No.26963332

>Keen vision
>no binocular vision
>long-distance precision aiming

>> No.26963340

>> No.26963342


Anime should never be considered an academic source.

>> No.26963353

It's true to the myths, though.

Greeks thought that the elephant skulls they found were cyclops skulls, and that the nasal cavity was one huge eye socket.

>> No.26963357

Double monstergirls!

>> No.26963368

Now for some harpies!

>> No.26963378

>> No.26963388

I wonder if they saw the tusks and went "oh shit, those are so big they must be for eating people!"

>> No.26963390

>> No.26963400

>> No.26963401

True, and thats why I have always thought cyclops were an incredibly dumb monster. Their anatomy is so severely fucked up. Frankly with the sizes of those eyes they should be as intelligent as a chimp, maybe.

>> No.26963406

>> No.26963411

>> No.26963423

>> No.26963434

>> No.26963436

Have you ever fired a gun?
And if so, do you try to use both eyes to look down the sights?

>> No.26963447

>> No.26963464

>> No.26963473

Ah, you've got a point there...

>> No.26963476

>> No.26963487

>> No.26963492

>Implying the Greeks had any idea how human anatomy worked either

>> No.26963505

>> No.26963519

>> No.26963532

>> No.26963544

>um no, R/K is based on whether they limit themselves to the environment or the environment limts them. R selected will breed and have a dieback to reach equilibrium. A K selected will slow breeding and reach equilibrium.
That is not what those terms mean. r and K are parameters in the Verhulst model of population growth, where r is reproductive rate and K is the carrying capacity of the environment. Interior Africa is seriously one of the only places in the world where the total fertility rate is higher than 3. Do you know what the TFR for a bacteria or a cockroach is?

But even that side, keep in mind your actual argument is that humans aren't K-selected because they are K-selected, but they use technology to make K larger over time. That's dumb. In order for this argument to work and for humanity to even potentially become r-selected, the derivative of K with respect to time would have to be higher than r (carrying capacity increases faster than humans already reproduce), at which point it would become advantageous to reproduce faster. But if the derivative of K with respect to time is lower than r (carrying capacity increases slower than humans currently reproduce), then humanity is still K-selected but total population size will increase with carrying capacity. Given people are starving right now and overpopulation is totally a thing in places like India and China, I would say we reproduce faster than we increase our own carrying capacity.

>> No.26963548

>> No.26963561

>> No.26963574

>> No.26963585

>Vegas showgirl harpies
Why has this not been thought of before?

>> No.26963590

And now just a little bit of whatever, starting with a Shadowrun troll.

>> No.26963601

Because some people just don't have vision.

>> No.26963611

>> No.26963619


What do those cross-eyes mean?

Do certain animals have them?

Do certain birds have them?

>> No.26963629

>> No.26963638

Its just an anime thing as far as I can figure. Goats and octopi do have some weird as fuck eyes, though.

>> No.26963651

>> No.26963654


Odysseus tricked a cyclops into thinking that someone named "Nobody" put out his eye and escaped from him, so that the cyclop's friends would think him an idiot for telling them that "Nobody blinded me". So yeah, they're not bright.

>> No.26963656

It seems so obvious, in retrospect.

>> No.26963664

>> No.26963682

I don't know about you, but all the scopes I've used are for a single eye. And so are iron sights. And I'm sure you'd be perfectly capable of aiming with a bow with just one eye.

>> No.26963686

>> No.26963687

Odysseus was also meant to be almost unbelievably clever, though.

That was supposed to have been a masterstroke on his part.

>> No.26963696

Aw yisss, deliciously brown drunk spidergirls.

>> No.26963714

>weird as fuck
>Not wise and ancient, burdened by knowledge not meant to be known

>> No.26963715

That's not deliciously brown, she's just got a really dark tan.

You can see the tan lines. She's pretty pale normally.

>> No.26963718

Is this Kamidori or something else? Because if it's Kamidori, I need to go ahead and get around to playing it.

>> No.26963722

>> No.26963725

My internet ran away, looks like no more from me.

>> No.26963726 [SPOILER] 

So would you a cherub?

>> No.26963735

Close enough. Tan lines are fine, too.

>> No.26963742

thank you for a good and detailed argument back

Most of what you said was very true, but I counter that we are currently past our carrying capacity and waiting on a major dieback as there hasn't been a large war in decades, and when I say large I mean large in terms of total deaths. The last large war was WWII, and that was a freaking joke that only barely made the baby boomer generation.

So our reproductive rate is much higher than the growth of our carry capacity, indeed we are beyond it, which dictates we are due for a dieback be it from war, famine, or disease.

A k-selected species does not incur diebacks

>> No.26963747

I found another plantgirl, too.

>> No.26963752

>japanese steel
So shit that will rust at the slightest skin contact?

>> No.26963760

>Implying cherubs have sex drives
Their only urge is "deliver messages". Also sing God's praises and occasionally guard things, I guess.

>> No.26963764

Unlikely. Thrones are so much more interesting.

>> No.26963765

>> No.26963779

Please stop talking.

It has become more than clear that you have no idea what you're talking about.

>> No.26963780

>> No.26963781

do I need to break out the upload rate of ejaculation? That's delivering a message, a genetic message

>> No.26963792

>> No.26963795

Who's the artist?

>> No.26963798

That's the iron.

Their steel is actually pretty great, it just takes tons and tons of the iron to get a decent amount of workable steel.

There was a thread on this earlier today.

>> No.26963811

And that's it, lads.

>> No.26963813

When God wants things impregnated, he does it himself.

>> No.26963817

Papi is best girl

>> No.26963829


Those niggers knew that your liver can regenerate, they weren't slouches when it came to human anatomy (you know, compared to everyone else anyway).

>> No.26963834

Thats not how you spell all of them

>> No.26963837

>Best girl
>Not Miia or Rarachnea

>> No.26963861

No Crab or Lobster or general Crustacean girls?

>> No.26963868

>outwitting a mentally handicapped idiot

>> No.26963870

Poor thing. Is she begging? With a tuna can...

>> No.26963879

I have some, but the thread is full and they're NSFW.

>> No.26963930


Bro, you have no fucking clue what you're talking about.

>> No.26963955

You get human(ish) pussy compared to snake/hurrs/spider pussy. Plus delicious petite girl with cute lil butt.

>> No.26963978


I'm saying the Greeks weren't all that great at demonstrating the qualities they attributed to their heroes.

>> No.26964007

Rara has humanpussy. She's also got a human butt, which approaches Papi's in attractiveness, and might be on par or superior to some tastes.

She's got a spider butt as well.

Double the nice round butt.

>> No.26964035

>Most of what you said was very true, but I counter that we are currently past our carrying capacity and waiting on a major dieback as there hasn't been a large war in decades, and when I say large I mean large in terms of total deaths. The last large war was WWII, and that was a freaking joke that only barely made the baby boomer generation.
That is not how it works. The fact that there hasn't been a major dieoff in generations isn't evidence that we are r-selected and waiting on one. It is evidence that you are wrong, and the things you think are stupid. Carrying capacity isn't a magical thing you stretch until bad things happen. The resources are there or they aren't. There might be more in the future, there might be less, and that's something what will matter to the organisms living then.

But also, you literally just argued that if some virus/disease develops that kills giant squids and as a result sperm whale populations plummet from starvation, sperm whales aren't k-selected. Wat? Any population can experience a massive dieoff. Environments change.

>> No.26964098

I can only ever think of this when I hear that name.

>> No.26964104

>all this evolutionary biology/population biology education
I'm learning things alongside getting new monstergirl pictures.

This is a good day.

>> No.26964118

I'm not sure what that is, but it doesn't seem like a bad thing.

>> No.26964144

well, one of us is horribly wrong

>> No.26964155

I'm gonna go with the general consensus, as opposed to the one guy everyone else is shitting on. Usually when there's this much agreement they're usually right.

>> No.26964180

yea and a birdbrain.

a delicious body kinda loses its appeal when Papi could be distracted by dangling keys in front of her or seeing something shiny.

>> No.26964194

Prepare for some crazy cyberfunk.

>> No.26964207

I think she and Suu are cute together. Not necessarily as a couple, mind you, just them two hanging out all the time is fun to see.

>> No.26964227

oh they're definitely cute, but I guess I see them more as kids than girls, if that makes sense.

Miia all the way.

>> No.26964235

Why is Ramza Beolve in that picture?

>> No.26964242


>> No.26964252

I still want the snake one. Or the horse one. Those are the best ones, who will make the most pleasant and interesting wives.

mermaid mistress end

>> No.26964263

This, Miia's affectionate and loving (if slightly clingy), while Rara can take care of herself, knows what she wants, and is generally competent, capable, and has her shit together. And she's quite affectionate too, in her own way.

Centorea is also good, though I wish she'd drop the "Master" thing. She's a knight, not a slave.

Mermaid girl is worst girl.

>> No.26964314

>Worst girl

>> No.26964317

I can never remember mermaid girl's name, the mix of being sweet to the point of blandness and her interest in tragic love making her okay with being the 'other woman' kind of make her a background character, hell even Suu has shown more of a direct interest in the protag.

>> No.26964438

Seriously a bad, bad, bad idea.

I did a informative lecture on Frankenstein and whether or not it would be possible to rebuild a person with modern medical practices... (I was pre-med and only taking speech for an elective). I went into detail about... organ transplantation, harvesting procedures, microsurgery, that sort of thing (this was right after the first hand transplant... AND I was playing a lot of Promethian at the time.) My lecture apparently disturbed the professor so much that she ejected me from the class and recommended that I see the college counselor.

>> No.26964448

She wanted to watch the protagonist die instead of helping him get over his cold.

She also has what amounts to an NTR fetish, with herself as the victim.

She's pretty and all, but her personality and views on love are pretty repugnant.

>> No.26964450 [DELETED] 

Rolled 1, 5, 1 = 7


>> No.26964463

>My lecture apparently disturbed the professor so much that she ejected me from the class and recommended that I see the college counselor.
Hahaha wow.

>> No.26964512

man, i would have loved to be at that lecture. and this is coming from a person that HATES lectures.

>> No.26964565

well played

>> No.26964569

I don't remember the speech, but my informative conclusion was largely "no, we couldn't do it if we started with a corpse, since brain death is permanent. But we could transplant and replace almost everything from the inside out on a living subject... and here's evidence from multiple separate individual operations and studies...

>> No.26964617

>since brain death is permanent
with today's medical tech, but what about in 50 years time?

>> No.26964630

I don't think we could, yet.

Maybe once we figure out how to grow spare organs from the recipient, but as it stands transplant rejection is basically an inevitability. We can delay it by suppressing the immune system, but that's definitely not without drawbacks as it is.

>> No.26964838

Funny, those very things are what makes her an interesting girl and possible life partner to me.

Similarly, my ideal romantic interest is a DEADLY RIVAL, possibly someone manning a shop of the same industry across the street from me.

>> No.26965689

>Paige Fox: "I got an A, plus..."
>Andy Fox: "That's great!"
>Paige Fox: "I mean I got an A, plus an appointment with the school counselor."
>Jason Fox: "Oh, I get that all the time."

>> No.26965708

Do you have a transcript of what you said? Or perhaps the script for the speech? I'd love to read it as I'm a huge fan of fringe science.

>> No.26965759

I dunno. I actually find it to be quite...Refreshing. For once, one of the harem girls IS interested in the protag, but doesn't make a move and is actually quite happy to sit on the sidelines and watch.

Also, the idea that one species' folklore (The Little Mermaid) could so deeply affect another species is interesting. (If I remember correctly, its suggested she isn't the only mermaid who has built up this concept that true love must be tragic.)

>> No.26965849

>the idea that one species' folklore (The Little Mermaid) could so deeply affect another species is interesting
To be fair, the same holds true for Miia.

>> No.26966038

True, but I meant it seems to have become an actual part of mermaid culture. Which is interesting.

>> No.26966103

>Hans Christian Andersen accidentally broke Mermaid culture.

>> No.26966617

>image limit
>cannot post further edits

>> No.26966832

No, he doesn't. Depth perception is fucked if you have only one eye. Of course, you can aim down the barrel but you might find it much harder to judge distance. Also, giant squids and horses don't have amazing vision, even though their eyes are fucking huge.

Oh sure, a giant squid can SEE in dark places but that doesn't mean its a master at aiming.

>> No.26967091

did the artist just give this girl six fingers on her right hand?

>> No.26967329

I know that feel
>senior high school
>make a presentation on whatever profession you were interested in and why
>psychology, go in depth about the curiosities of the mindsets of mass murderers
>apparently teacher went into hysterics; got me expelled from behind the scenes
luckily it was the last week before the end of the year so I still graduated since other instructors who knew me as a good kid made appeals

>> No.26967363

I vaguely remember some sort of video documentary some russian scientist or something made regarding reanimating the recently dead (particularly rebounding from brain death). I belieeveee he was partially successful.

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