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Future Purchases thread?

Future Purchases thread!

Once Chinaman gets his stuff up to stock with the new spess mahreens, I'm getting all of this

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Im going to legitimately buy some Sternguard from GW, Because I think they are beautiful models, with lots of attention to detail.

Anything else i will buy from chinaman however

>> No.26958638

What time is it?


might also buy some FSA

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Unfortunately based chinaman doesn't stock my new army, so I'll be ebaying a fuck ton of Dark Eldar, at the moment I've gotten one Battleforce, and plan to get:

3 x Battleforce
1 x Lhamaean
2 x Haemonculus
2 x Incubi
2 x Venom
2 x Ravager

Going to roll with the Lhamaean as the Duke, or I suppose Dutchess now. There's still quite a bit I'd want to get, but that's definitely a start.

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Next paycheck.

Dat new battleship. I want it. I want it gooooooood

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check out lilith as well with a team of wychtes shes hilarious

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hey fellow comrade, where will you get your dark eldars?
for now i only looked at wayland, but i hope to find better offers
also i got 2 battleforces and 2 archons by trading old shit, i'm having the most fun of my last 2 years of 40k

also might start a warriors of chaos or high elves army if they are good. which one should i choose? better if it's not an annoying army

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>Future Purchases thread?
Kingdom Death: Monster - still feel like slapping myself for missing he kickstarter

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you uk based matey? cos if you are firestorm games are a great bunch

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dont worry, I'm sure 50% of the KS backers will regret their purchases and then ebay that shit for cheaps

>> No.26959672

Link to that site please?

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Is buying the Dark Vengeance set a good deal?

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when they release the toughest women in the galaxy im starting my heresy era im guard army. fucking month long kickstarters

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see you in 2 years

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Discounted sure

hell chinaman I think has some/most of the models there

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I ordered some stuff from Mr. Strikeforce, we'll see if he pulls through.

I didn't order any sternguard, so I might get some from GW as well.

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I think it's $80 with free 2 day shipping on Amazon.

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For the Dark Angels half, yes.

For Chaos, not so much. Their sculpts are sexy as fuck, but the actual units leave a lot to be desired.

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whats this chinaman everyone talks about? is it a website? im new to this stuff. sorry.

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I see, thanks!

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thats because CSM is pretty fucked anyways outside of certain cult troops and baledrakes

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I'm thinking of getting the Wrath of Kings KS

$200 for 5 of these boxes! Instant count as daemon army

>> No.26960078

I believe the 200 dollar one is 1 of each of the starters not 5 boxes of your choice

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"Steampunk" Guardsmen heads to make my cadians mesh decently with the Imperial Threncher's serving as Storm troopers.

I figure a british trench-war theme might freshen up the local scene.

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I really want the Aliens from trollforge but I'm waiting for them to actually be released

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at some point I need to get another War Hog and Road Hog for Hoards. And a new case

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He is the mascot of /tg/

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Man those look retarded.
Bloody Cogfop, also pig disgusting whitemetal.

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Whoops, meant that as a reply for


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guy a set than recast in resin; that's what I did with my Ironbrotherhood

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oh really


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Requesting Based Chinaman data please.
All this posting about him made me seriously consider playing the game.

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Have you tried Zhanchui?
You'd have to buy through yoybuy but it is cheap and I have read in this board that quality is good

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Who is Chinaman?

>> No.26960270

Naw, I'll stick with the purity of plastic and a few necessary evils like resin heads.

Besides, Not much into the prussian and zulu wars, not retarded weapons and jazzhands.

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Let's wait for Shas'O or Ghosted to come and tell us :3

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DE army needs a new case if I'm going to keep going to tourneys. Planning out a Tablewar case for them.

Maybe I'll pick up some SM stuff at some point, maybe a bike army for Ravenwing/Scars shenanigans.

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Password: 45632

>Do not share outside of /tg/
>Do not share to obvious idiots

1.Write Order list in this format:
FW-XX x 1
WB-0XXX x 3
2.Write your paypal account : [email protected]
3.Write your shipping information(include tel number)
4. Email this to: [email protected]

You'll get an invoice, you pay, he sends back a tracking number.

Don't email him questions, comments, pictures, dicks or anything besides what is specified.

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Anyone try budybuy? they have a 5% fee instead of 10% but their shipping is only 45% off

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I keep replying to the wrong people, I'm leaving 4chan for today.

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buyign shit tons of trolls

>> No.26960372

Thank you very much!

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spaghettitalian faggot, sorry
but i plan to transfer in grorious albion

>> No.26960385

anyone have any experince with aliexpress?

>> No.26960449

also firestorm can ship in my country.

>> No.26960479

No, but you got me interested. Links, please?
I need cheaper, because I am building a SW force (all Drop Pods, all the time) with a million combiweapons

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>New Legions releases never.

>> No.26960539

I ordered a Tervigon and a Tyrannofex from chiagod.

I ordered a Flyrant, a Swarmlord, a Trygon and a Khornate Lord on Jugger from Zhanchui.

At that price point I'm willing to buy stuff even if they are subpar, playability-wise, just to paint and enjoy.

Also have some gargoyles and paints coming my way from a normal source, to play with color schemes.

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Spartan has NO CONCEPT of commitment

Its why Uncharted Seas died, they barely touched that game and when they finally did it was already dead

Also Legions is shit since its 35mm scale and expensive as shit

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were did u find that chaplin? I dont find it among the pre order stuff?

>> No.26960606

GW forces you to buy a Razorback and a command squad to get him

thats why you wait for Chinaman!

>> No.26960615

Buying this once I have my second Sister squad complete. It will be glorious!


A Chinese recaster who sell FW and GW stuff cheap. You'll have to ask somebody who's in the know for the password to his site.

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I'm surprised they stuck with DW this long

>> No.26960687

How is firestorm holding up? I"m looking for a BFG replacement

>> No.26960790

Never heard of that game but the models actually look kinda cool! I like the slight chub on the furie wimmenz: They don't give a fuck about beauty standards, they just want to decapitate some mofos.

>> No.26960837

perfect G cups will do that to you

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Question about the chinaman, does he sell resin recasts or real plastic?how's the detail?

>> No.26960938

Detail is on par with, if not better than Forgeworld.

The resin he uses is slightly lighter than FW's resin, and is pretty brittle, so you have to handle them with care.

>> No.26960943

>Password: 45632
>>Do not share outside of

SO are the prices including shipping? minimum order size?


ps thank you

>> No.26960954

Is it strong enough to drill and magnetize?

>> No.26960969

Resin, good detail.
Plastic injection moulds cost tens of thousands each...

>> No.26960975


>if not better than Forgeworld.

>This is what thieves actually believe

>> No.26960979

For chinaguy
Prices don't include shipping, but any order above $35 has free shipping.

I'm not sure what he charges for orders under $35

>> No.26961001

I would assume so, as long as you're careful.

I haven't ordered from him, I've only heard accounts from other people.

>> No.26961080

I have both original FW kits and recasts (yes, the same kit in one case).
The Chinacast one required a lot less preparation before paiting. It also has the exact same details.

In case you are wondering, the kits are MK III Iron Armour.

>> No.26961109


The exact same=/=better

I don't see how it could be anything at most but the same unless he got his hands on the master moulds, which I seriously doubt.

>> No.26961113

Sorry, the MK III recast I got was russian, the China one is a Deathshrieker for Chaos Dwarves. I can't imagine how the FW one could be more detailed, though.

>> No.26961146

Original phrase:
>Detail is on par with, if not better than Forgeworld.

You can believe what you want, I have posted pictures of my recasted models lots of times here, and played my 90% recasted army in GW stores and tournaments without anybody noticing.

>> No.26961150

The overall quality is the same, but Chinaguy sends out fewer miscasts.

He has to have a better quality control since his business relies on his reputation.

>> No.26961182

then they scrape off the paint and show that bootleg cream color

>> No.26961231


He has better quality control simply because he isn't getting near the amount of orders FW probably does nor is he in all likelihood doing anything close to their amount of work.

>> No.26961236

Nobody is going to scrape the paint of my army for any reason. If they were to, I have a few "dummy" models gotten from ebay that are light grey resin.
And I would ask for compensation for ruining my beautiful paint jobs.

>> No.26961263

still not an excuse for the botches FW makes for their 'premium' prices

>> No.26961270

Oh god is this something people believe now?
This has never and will never happen. No GW employee would be stupid enough to start defacing people's models on the off chance they're recast, especially without any good reason to believe they are in the first place.

>> No.26961290

they weigh titans now because of the number of recasts out there. Same thing they did back in the armourcast days

>> No.26961320

Where can you get sob cheaply?

>> No.26961324

Weighting Titans I can believe, I can even see why they might do so. But scratching the paint off of space marines is ludicrous.

>> No.26961346

Apparently some retarded GW managers (in counted locations) do this. At the moment they tried to do this to me, they would not only uncover grey resin, but be in deep shit.
It seems a local thing, heard this 5 times or so for the past half year

>> No.26961358


Why do you think only GW Stores would do this?

If anything FLGS owners would have more of a reason to as your taking advantage of their good will and not making any attempts to help out the store.

>> No.26961366

Couldn't you just counter that by putting your Titan on a base?

>> No.26961414

Because I'm just as likely to tell them to fuck off and leave in disgust as I am a GW employee.

Damn straight. I can't believe this is actually confirmed as happening though.

>> No.26961501

I have done my approach of "okay, have this one, if it is original, I want it painted back, an apology and compensation".
They didn't check them any of the two times they suspected

>> No.26961514

my army is 90% genuine. what happens in the cases where they discover the army isnt recast?

Like, do the managers just go around vandalizing their customers mini's and nobody minds?

>> No.26961521


Get lucky on Ebay. I saw some guy dump a whole army in parts for cheap on monster-mouth games

>> No.26961570

See >>26961501

I haven't gotten my models scrapped. After saying this they left them alone

>> No.26961584

Isn't it easier to unplug the mini from the base, and scracth the bottom of the foot? It doesn't ruin the mini at all.

>> No.26961607

"Unplug?" That's straight up breaking the model.

>> No.26961739

thanks mate!

>> No.26961774

I don't know what the hell do you use to glue your minis to the base, but they will not break from taking them out of the base. Unplug, look if it's fake or not, and glue it again. It takes less than 5 minutes and the mini will look like nothing happens.

>> No.26962041


>I don't know what the hell do you use to glue your minis to the base, but they will not break from taking them out of the base.

Then ur doin it rong. I use superglue motherfucker, on scenic bases.

>> No.26962135

I'm thinking about getting a Nasier box. Though I only really like the Ashmen.

>> No.26962288

>malifaux 2.0
>maybe an outcast merc

>> No.26962313

Can anyone give me the link to based chinaman so I can not become broke in efforts to sculpt a hawklords army?

>> No.26962365

Ctrl + f

>> No.26962367

there are multiple links posted already.

>> No.26962455


>> No.26962511

1.) fuck ton of lost and the damned
2.) maybe some salamanders from an ebay reseller, then recast certain bits for myself cause those sternguard are fabulous

but really...
>new chaplain
>new librarian

do you hate good models or what?

>> No.26962538

Question for those who have ordered from based chinaman or any of the other chinese recasters

Do they cast the whole sprue or just a few parts?

>> No.26962577

will keep an eye out on ebay.
with the new releases there are always people looking to get rid of the old stuff.

>> No.26962592

The new librarian is pretty snazzy, man.

>separate head for helmet enthusiasts
>stupid flying baby is an optional piece

The only hangup is the price. If I didn't have the Dark Vengeance lib already I'd pick him up in a heartbeat.

>> No.26962660

>I like the slight chub on the furie wimmenz: They don't give a fuck about beauty standards

well the slight chub is just a different beauty standard.
the models are still naked females in tighhighs, so you can't tell me that's not fetish fodder.

>> No.26962673

$30 for a SINGLE FRAME/POSE model ($14 more than his finecast counterparts)

meanwhile the OLD Space Marine commander set is a box of customizable awesome

suffice to say besides ebay or a heavy discount store, I wont be seeing that libby in plastic

>> No.26962703

>the models are still naked females in tighhighs, so you can't tell me that's not fetish fodder.

feminism ho

>> No.26962724


I quite like how it appears giving him a different force weapon won't be that hard.


>$30 for a SINGLE FRAME/POSE model ($14 more than his finecast counterparts)

Plastic is more expensive to work than resin.

>> No.26962755

Holy shit I hope this isn't a new trend with GW.

>> No.26962761

I'm talking more the pose and detail.

The detail is smooth and better than dark vengeance but it doesn't feel like a librarian at all. Looks like some conversion using a dark angels robed torso and njal's staff.

not to mention $30 for it, really. The dark vengeance one is way better.

>> No.26962782

Take into account that it's an Exorcists Librarian. He is covered in his Chapter's symbols

>> No.26962794

>swappable head
>swappable arms
>cherub optional
Welp, I'm reaching for my wallet.

>> No.26962795

pft. feminism my ass. but just call it what it is.

i like thick girls too.
btw kev from hasslefree miniatures does too...

>> No.26962831

Does nobody know the answer?

>> No.26962850

Bonus points for actually enabling you to mix that one with regular SM stuff. So you could easily make, say, 2 librarians with that kit using some spare SM bits. One could have the torso front and head and the other the back with the hood. One could take the staff and the other the legs.

>> No.26962872

never ordered from him, but since you order by the numbers assigned to the pics in the album i'd venture a guess and say you only get what's in the picture

>> No.26962882

he casts the part as they would be if you cut them from the spur. see the pictures of the multipart models

>> No.26962887

A more fitting title would've been "Capitalism, ho!"

>> No.26962897


>> No.26962901

Haven't ordered but if you go to chinamans web gallery it shows pics titled, for example, FW-210 and then FW-210a. the letter showing what comes in the package.

>> No.26962930

Ofc there's some level of fanservice to it, this happens in every form of nerd hobby: It's just freshening to see some variation and "artistic freedom" the expression and design ;)

>> No.26962945

Something which can pass as a mordheim dreg and a reasonable ghoul king minature.

>> No.26962954

Is Chinaman ever gonna stock up more on IG?
I want my stormtroopers damnit ;_;

>> No.26962985

doubt it. he really only does new stuff

>> No.26963041

dunno, but realistically speaking... you only want one unit right?

hunting on ebay might give you the original models for even less money.

metal mini+acteone=as good as new.
just needs a little patience and scrubbing.

>> No.26963125

>meanwhile the OLD Space Marine commander set is a box of customizable awesome
but looks like ass, since it's tied to the pose of the old multipart plastics.

EVERYTHING in the commander multipart is superseded by superior looking options in the Sternguard kit.

>it doesn't feel like a librarian at all
>covered in horned skulls (the symbol of the librarius)
>tabard features the iconography of an epistolary
>proper psychic hood, complete with tubes down the chestpiece
>force staff like the old 2nd ed libs
>dusty tome on the belt
In what way does he not look like a librarian?

>> No.26963151

Any word about their quality? espeically zchanhui

>> No.26963165

they're as good as the chinamen only issue is they don't do refunds on miscasts (which are rare)

>> No.26963192

Thanks a lot! Guess i know where my sisters are gonna come from... hm, asians in corset armor...

>> No.26963331

what is this? new space marine models for cheap?

>> No.26963385

Are those prices in Yuans?

Because then that means you can get sternguard boxes for $25

>> No.26963404

I just sent him a request for a Riptide.
$40 for that? Yes plz.
I will post results if it arrives.

>> No.26963417

yeah it's in yuan

>> No.26963501

is it the same stuff chinaman uses?

>> No.26963529

yeah just standard resin

>> No.26963530


So then
Op's purchase in Yuans is 1860

Which in USD is 303.95

Full GW price alone would have the Sternguard be $300!

>> No.26963537

It's yuan as google will tell you

>> No.26963557

He sells legit stuff also

>> No.26963615


>> No.26963626

if you translate the page it says something like "GW Genuine"

>> No.26963644

there are multiple ways to interpret that

>> No.26963689

Trusting Chinese saying Genuine is like trusting a fast food restaurant saying 100% natural

>> No.26963695

>Be me
>Majoring in English (just because, I already am an engineer)
>Spend past 5 hours studying for my Dialectal Variations subject for tomorrow's exam
>See this

I spilled a lot of coffee.

>> No.26963772

I'm talking with the guy that runs the group that makes Zanchui deliveries here and he says sometimes you get a real stuff instead of recast. But it is rare.

>> No.26963786

Np mate

>> No.26963812

>sometimes you get a real stuff instead of recast

thats really strange

how do you confuse recasted stuff with the real stuff

though I suppose given the chaotic state of some chinese factories

hell some of the recasters dont even know what 40k is, just that these small plastic army men sell well

>> No.26963911

Probably gonna be getting some new Space Marines, since they finally look marginally taller than my guardsmen and GW remembered the Iron Hands exist.

Already have a Master of the Forge and some Servitors so I'm thinking:
>1 tactical squad
>1 scout box
>1 stalker/hunter
>2 sternguards
>2 drop pods

Although if Ironclad dreadnoughts are actually made usable I might get those instead of sternguard and the Stalker/Hunter.

On the other hand I'm also getting one more Sentinel.

>> No.26963929

>some recasters dont even know what money is, they just know that someone throws them a piece of bread


>> No.26963944

>Iron Hands
anvil industries. look them up for the arms.

>> No.26964032


>> No.26964050

For you people who are considering Zhanchui, he offers free international shipping on orders above 2000 Yuan, which is about 326$.

Quite a lot but that's what I do, So nice to dont have to use Taobao agents.

>> No.26964055

...Those are some pretty cool looking autocannons, actually.

>> No.26964062

most importantly: bionics - for termies too

>> No.26964095

I'm digging the auto cannons

>> No.26964114

Dragon dildo launcher. Wow with scaly dragon dildo included with every purchase of 4 regular dildos.

>> No.26964128



>> No.26964139

lol anvil industries sucks

>> No.26964145

Why is /tg/ suddenly mentioning dragon dildos at random today?

I feel like I missed something.

>> No.26964178

Rolled 3

Its always on /tg/s mind

Maybe it was that box opening last night I think. Still wasn't dragon dildos

>> No.26964230

I don't like it. It keeps reminding me of that Emperor-forsaken furry comic.

>> No.26964237

whats wrong, too OPERATOR for you?

>> No.26964311

Taobao agents?
Could enlighten us non chinese speakers on what we're ordering and how; what the structure behind this magic?

>> No.26964365

yeah just send him an email and they send the catalog (it's the whole GW line lol)

>> No.26964397

No, they only have certain minis. They don't have Incubi, nor Wyches/Kab Warriors for instance.

>> No.26964413

I only looked at the armies that mattered and they had pretty much everything

>> No.26964439


And resin is more expensive to produce than metal, which explains the plastic prices.

>> No.26964486

Not really sure what my future purchaes are yet since I haven't decided if I am going to make an Enclave Tau army or Crimson Fists in all Mark VI Beaky.

>> No.26964492

>Not mattering
Whatever dude.

>> No.26964496


>> No.26964522

Or maybe it's because those rockets look like dildos.

>> No.26964527

Zhanchui doesn't do international shipping, so you have to contact a Taobao ninja to ship it for them.

In order to get them to cooperate with you, however, you must defeat them in hand-to-hand combat.

>> No.26964541

Rolled 1

Well, to be fair, DEldar don't really matter in the setting in the long run

>> No.26964552

So call it a dildo launcher.

>> No.26964570

I've wanted to get those Marine sniper rifles and use them as anti-materiel rifles (autocannons) for my IG. They even come with a proper muzzle break.

>> No.26964606

I did. Dragon dildo launcher. Why dragon dildos? Because that pineapple frag rocket looks like a scaly dragon dildo and dragons are more /tg/ related.

>> No.26964667

So TLDR this topic...

Chinese people and Dildo Launchers

>> No.26964682

Can anyone give me tips on how to order from these guys. The site isn't all that user friendly and it says over seas customers should contact an email adress

>> No.26964708

Where are you from?

>> No.26964739

I just emailed him [email protected]

and they replied within the day

>> No.26964943

are you allowed to post an exhibit?

>> No.26965046

it's an email on how to order with a some excel doucs attached. not sure what you're asking

>> No.26965065

Yeah, trying to geta tombstakler

>> No.26965260

>Want to buy 5 Chaos Ogryns
>Look at Forge World
>£115 for the lot plus shipping
>Go to Chinamen
>Get them for £30 with shipping

>> No.26965296

>piracy cheaper than legit
>not having to pay for the artists that make the product possible
u don't say

>> No.26965369


You really think £30 wouldn't pay for artists, moulds and equipment to begin with? Everything else is a profit to GW, especially when 5 regular Ogryns are the same price, and resin is cheaper than plastic and metal.

You're paying for the label when it comes to Forge World.

>> No.26965397


>> No.26965411

Just trying to decide if I should buy a bit more right now to save on shipping

and 5 more Hiluxes

>> No.26965436

Dont you know?

Back then (like 4-5 years ago) GW employess would get 50, FIFTY PERCENT off GW products

And GW still made a decent profit

GW marks up its shit as crazy as clothes companies

>> No.26965451


>You really think £30 wouldn't pay for artists, moulds and equipment to begin with?


No, no it would not

>> No.26965453

>Doesn't even know how much artwork alone costs
Look at this pleb.

>> No.26965460

>sub 28mm
small toys for small penis

>> No.26965477

wat is dat shit
looks tasty

>> No.26965490

Been getting a shit ton of new stuff last few months, like..more than the entire last year. The sculpts caught up with DW in terms of quality, and there's 2nd edition, supposedly much less "baby's Dystopian Wars" and with more depth and tactical choices, scheduled for christmas. With refreshed, new ship starter sets for the main factions following.

If they don't fuck up, it'll be grand.

>> No.26965505


6mm historical models. Appropriate for Afghanistan, Africa, Middle East and of course Vietnam.

I'll be using them for Battletech miniatures and African wargaming

>> No.26965508

They'll fuck up
question is just how much

>> No.26965523


Did you two seriously think I literally meant £30 for a entire factory production and artist costs? Because you actually thought £115 would?Plebs.

>> No.26965530


>> No.26965541

Kingdom Death will either be my best purchase ever, or my worst purchase ever

>> No.26965552

How much do you think does forgeworld sell their 115 pound model? Hm?

>> No.26965557


So what's your point, you think FW should actually sell things at a LOSS?

>> No.26965560

*how often

>> No.26965568

They haven't fucked up DW, and I think they finally started giving shit about F:A. I have high hopes.

>> No.26965571

>Implying 28mm isn't a childrens toy

>> No.26965578

Is he shooting corn?

>> No.26965584


When does it arrive?

>> No.26965587

I've gotten stage one of my Eisenkern. Among them were three boxes of stormtroopers and three accessory kits. I think I want three more boxes of stormtroopers to make use of all the accessories. Now, if someone did recasts of the torso...

>> No.26965590

>They haven't fucked up DW

I think thats because they fucked up DL

So expect the FA Spinoff game to get fucked

>> No.26965597


This too

It's not like FW sells as much product as your average video game developer does

>> No.26965600

I'm impressed at the amount of not GW here /tg/. I always assumed that despite constantly bitching about their prices you guys still suckled their Jew Teets

>> No.26965602

>models you generally just drybrushed versus the glory of 28mm

>> No.26965608

November is the plan. Don't hold your breath though.

>> No.26965612

just cast them yourself or get them off hoard o bit

>> No.26965613

You know where you are right?

>> No.26965623

No one recasts anything other than warhammer

Honestly I'd jump at Recasted Warmahorde cavalry models but no one does it

>> No.26965626


I'm wishing I joined in now tbh

>> No.26965630

why are all the girls acting like they're not impressed.

>> No.26965638

You now irony, right?
I even used a nerdy injoke picture

>> No.26965641

Know when they'll release more stuff?
I'm really digging my Stormtroopers

>> No.26965646

there's only a market for WH recast because of the insane cost

>> No.26965656


Why has he got a huge rock up his ass?

Also, I've heard people mention Warmahordes recasts before, so you should be good.

>> No.26965658

lol jin roh knockopffs or what

>> No.26965662

>wow mister lion, you rolled a 20 to hit!

>yea I still got it!

>wtf am I reading

>> No.26965669

Did they? The game gets releases fairly regularily. Or do you mean ruleswise? I must admit I never checked, I couldn't care less about another 28mm game.

>> No.26965670

Sometimes between now and the heatdeath of the universe. Next line is the super heavy troops after they finish the second not-titan

>> No.26965678


Yeah, I getcha now. Irony and sarcasm dont transfer over the internet well.

>> No.26965691

> I couldn't care less about another 28mm game.

Uhh the FA Spinoff game is like 10-15mm

>> No.26965707

Thats why I love em. And Panzer Cop knock offs would be more accurate

>> No.26965711

>Sitting there painting your succubus for hours
>Not just drybrushing your miniatures then going to a party
>Implying you even have time for parties when you just need to be painting elf thighs

>> No.26965722

I think they'll have a 2nd KS after their last shit comes out (APC, female troopers)

all depends of course how busy Wargames Factory is (everyone wants WGF to make their minis!)

>> No.26965729

>hoard o bit
THANK YOU! I didn't know that existed. Holy shit amazeballs, thank you!
It's alright anon, I got it and I can only play it with myself.
They are the lions bitches and they have seen far worse.
The second stage should ship within a month or two. It includ 28 mm scale Mortis and 15 mm scale leviathans, as well as more weapons for them. Stage three will ship maybe 3-4 months after that? Heavy troopers, heavy assault and heavy support.

>> No.26965751

I'll play with you ;_;

>> No.26965757


A lot, considering GW can sell more expensive material models on the same scale and size at a fraction of the price than Forge World. They make so much GW Staff are allowed discount.

The same with regular GW models too, they still make a profit off a staff members discount price.


You actually think the production of 5 resin models is forcing them to break even/make a small profit at £115? Resin (especially the shit tier resin Forge World uses) is dead cheap, far cheaper than plastic and metal. In fact, 5 regular, more expensive material based scale models GW sells are significantly cheaper than they are, by over half the price.

Artist and mould costs haven't got any more expensive than they did 10 years ago when they sold the same things in bigger bulks at cheaper prices. Anything else is just pure greed on their part. Despite popular belief, Chinamen also have to pay for production costs, staff, moulds, resin, plastic etc.

So like I said, when you buy Forge Worlds overpriced poor resin miniatures, you're paying for a label.

>> No.26965794

>implying painting elf parts isn't the greatest joy of my life

>> No.26965810

Thats why I avoided KD

Love the minis but I know no one would play with me

>they only play 10mm historicals here

>> No.26965818

I'm talking about the DL. As for the spinoff, the rules are done already, and look ok. More interesting than the DzC anyway I think.

>> No.26965846

Do you live in an old folks home?

>> No.26965863

I'm waiting for Pro Gloria's KS

Delicious 28mm plastic italian wars!

Also waiting on Macross

yea thats right, I said Macross

>> No.26965867


Let me guess, Civil War historicals?

>> No.26965868


>Despite popular belief, Chinamen also have to pay for production costs, staff, moulds, resin, plastic etc.

You're really going to tell me that that purchasing some basic equipment, shit tier resin, and MAYBE paying slave wages is equivalent to running a fully staffed factory using machinery that goes in to the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

>> No.26965880


Fuck, I wish I jumped on this. I regret not

>> No.26965893

yes, yes I do (this town is a bit old)

they are all pretty friggin awesome though. Just that they dont really like 35mm

>> No.26965904

ah ok

>> No.26965907

>Implying when your mother asks on her deathbed why you didn't provide her with a grandaughter you will be able to tell her you were too busy painting brown elf cooch to find a wife

>> No.26965918


Hey moron

FW Titan: $600
Chinaman Titan: $200

When Chinaman has FREE MOLDS, inferior resin, CHINESE LABOR, no sculptor cost, no nothing, and they charge $200, yeah I fucking believe a FW titan is worth $600 because they don't sell very many and they need to pay for the cost of creating and producing the model. Chinaman didn't have to design or sculpt or make molds fo rthat shit and he still charges $200.

>> No.26965920


>> No.26965922

You trying to play inquisitor Nigga?

>> No.26965937

inqui was 54 mm
and modern inqui,inq28 is heroic scale masterrace

>> No.26965982


>Hundreds of thousands of dollars

You've never seen Forge Worlds production room have you? It consists of a guy named Larry and his magical moulds and resin he stirs over a cauldron.

GW main factory is different, but the cost of the miniatures 10 years ago paid for these facilities and made a profit then still, now they make a huge profit by cutting down your boxes and charging you more for them.

>> No.26965988

I demand pics.

>> No.26966032


Ok, never actually played it. As far as specialist games went I only ever did Blood Bowl

>> No.26966088


>Inferior resin

His resin his superior to GW's as I have both Finecast, Forgeworld and Chinamans to compare to.

>Chinese labour

GW uses cheap labour too

>No Sculptor Cost

The Sculptor costs are minimal, like any other salary, they pay them peanuts anyway.

>yeah I fucking believe a FW titan is worth $600

Then you're a fool, producing the models are cheap and its not like they're losing money if they put the mould on the shelf until someone makes a order.

I didn't realize people hear actually believed GW's excuses. Like the transition between metal to finecast, saying it was cheaper for them to produce and then upping the prices to almost double on a lot of their miniatures.

>> No.26966090


>GW main factory is different, but the cost of the miniatures 10 years ago paid for these facilities

There is no way to know if the equipment GW is using now is the equipment they were using a decade ago, I doubt it since technology has a habit of advancing.

>> No.26966105

The only thing I see is 400$ saved

>> No.26966110


Plastic injection molds are not only expensive but they...


>> No.26966124

>The only thing I see is $200 wasted

>> No.26966126

>I doubt it since technology has a habit of advancing.

Literally the only advancement they made was using sliding mould for barrels. Something Tamiya and the likes mastered in the 80's and 90's...

>> No.26966136


That's why you're a moron who thinks the limited edition codexes and FW titans are rip offs. Because you have no idea how much money it takes and how much money is lost producing small amounts of things.

>> No.26966137

Nah, they probably made all those miniatures with modern computers in the 70's already
(this is what critics actually believe)

>> No.26966156

>compare 4th edtion space marine kits with 6th edition
Son, a lot has changed in your absence

>> No.26966186

You know what's even better? Paying £60 for a 1/100 scale Metal Gear Rex, which stands as tall as a FW warhound and is all plastic. Get my converting on and soon I'll be rolling a cheap ass warhound in my Guard without paying FW nor based Chinaman a dime.

>> No.26966198

Chinaman is a thief.

I'm not gonna argue for GW's pricing habits, or encourage anyone not to use chinaman. Just ask that people stop feed the illusion that he's doing people any favors because he's an idealist.

>> No.26966209

What? The detailing is the same. They managed to get more bits on, but they're not more detailed or revolutionary in any way or form. And no, using CAD doesnt count, toy companies were doing it before.

>> No.26966219


Doesn't that Metal Gear figure cost $500?

>> No.26966247


The only real transition they have done is a introduction to cheaper laser technology for creating and developing moulds and miniatures. Everything for production is getting cheaper, but they're charging you more.

>> No.26966253


>His resin his superior to GW's as I have both Finecast, Forgeworld and Chinamans to compare to.

Really? Because I've seen multiple people describe it has brittle

>GW uses cheap labour too

Got a source on that? GW produces their products in the UK and the US, not China

>I didn't realize people hear actually believed GW's excuses.

It's not excuses, it's facts. Yes GW is charging more than they need to make a profit, that is the whole point of a business after all, however to act like pennies goes in to their production costs is absurd. Not to mention that some of us have grown tired of the retreaded ground that is constantly arguing and whining about GW prices and more recently fools thinking that by buying some knockoff space barbies they're combating a great force for injustice in the world when in reality they're just looking out for themselves.

>> No.26966256

>toy companies are the same as miniatures companies
Oh boy.

>> No.26966268

>but they're charging you more.

Why do people keep harping on price increases? What is inflation? What is gas prices quadroupling?

>> No.26966278

except labour costs

>> No.26966282

No one in this thread claimed that.
It's actually the opposite so far.
Why don't people read threads anymore before they complain?

>> No.26966283


When a mold breaks at GW they usually dump it and never remake it again. Thats what happened to numerous miniatures in the past.

>> No.26966292

GW's profit margin is like 5-10% you idiots if they had prices as low as you faggots wanted them they'd go out of business.

P.S. they sell to the retailers at like 40% MSRP so if you want super cheap toys go open up a game store.

>> No.26966309

Yes, they both make sculpts of usually human-like or animal-like things and sell them. The technology is the same, it's not like GW spent a penny on R&D. They literally had to hire a mook with Zbrush skills, spend 10k$ on a printer, and then go on making moulds like usual.

>> No.26966316

Every other company only raise prices by like 2-4 quid

meanwhile at GW

>Cut the Dire Avengers box is HALF

>charge same price

>> No.26966324

>Why don't people read threads anymore before they complain?

As opposed to ignorant idiots who know nothing about production costs complaining about STUPID ASS SHIT that's completely illogical to use as an argument as to why GW are a bunch of Jewish faggots.

>> No.26966328

>compare gw with warmahordes
yeah, their prices are fine per model
the amount of models needed though is beyond retarded in 28mm

>> No.26966336

>The technology is the same

No it's not. Toy companies use scanning technology to just miniaturize an athlete or actor's face and turn it into a figure. Miniature companies hand sculpt their masters.

>> No.26966351

>profit margin 5-10%
>selling with 40% discount

so is the margin 5-10 from the discounted price? Otherwise they'd be losing 30-25% on each box. And does it mean that every time you buy from GW direct you end up paying 40%+ overcharge?

>> No.26966352


The funny part is that DA 5 man box is STILL cheaper per model than Privateer Press or Infinity boxes of 5.

>> No.26966353

Have you ever seen an action figure? The toy ones going for like 5 bucks don't have any details and in fact very large gaps where their joints are; and the detailed, high quality ones start at 75€
I still don't see how you ahve a point.

>> No.26966368


That's a rules problem not a physical good/price problem. It's not like kill team and small games don't exist.

>> No.26966374

>No it's not. Toy companies use scanning technology to just miniaturize an athlete or actor's face and turn it into a figure. Miniature companies hand sculpt their masters.
[citation needed]

>> No.26966385

Aren't chaplains useless with out a jump pack?

>> No.26966386


Box of 6 plastic models from Wyrd, $45 :^)

If people actually bothered to look around, they'd see GW's prices are pretty much on par with their competitors.

>> No.26966393

You're thinking of massive 1/35 scale. This was a 25th anniversary edition or something. Cost me £62 shipped to my door. Just need to steak with the vulcan cannons a bit, mount a turbo-laser on the railgun and a multi-laser beneath the legs, slap a few aquilas here and there, and it'll be complete. Fits with my IG just fine, since I've gone for a more futuristic Elysian style.

>> No.26966401


The people with the quarterly reports say GW makes 10% profit OVERALL including book sales and stuff.

A HYPOTHETICAL study was done taking into account all factors including packaging, labor, etc and found that $50 Land Raiders only made GW $7-10 profit back when LRs were $50 MSRP and inflation was lower back then.

>> No.26966407

>Miniature companies hand sculpt their masters.
GW uses Zbrush. Corvus Belli uses the same on their mech models. Wyrd uses Zbrush. Sorry, but all the GW plastics recently were all done digitally.

>> No.26966410

that#s my point baka

>> No.26966415

>And does it mean that every time you buy from GW direct you end up paying 40%+ overcharge?

Of course. That's why you buy from retailers for 20% off and only 20% overcharge, or go to eBay.

>ordering directly from GW


>> No.26966432


Y-you too...

>> No.26966441

My point is, you collosal retard, that GW doesn't have to invest in any "cutting edge" tech and never had. They invest in tech like 3D sculpting and sliding moulds when it's old new to save on costs.

>> No.26966446

>tfw yesterday some faggot was saying how Wyrd was this awesome alternative company to GW's horrid prices and products


Why is everyone doing this lately? Or is it just YOU, YOU FAGGOT

>> No.26966455

That makes no sense how are they making money whole sale then? the actual cost is for everything included is <50% of retail.

>> No.26966458


Does the small one have lights and lots of functioning flaps and opening parts and stuff like teh big one?

>> No.26966466

Expect for those games you need less minis. You need twice as any minis for GW titles

>> No.26966477


You're retarded. New plastic injection molds still cost a shit ton.

>> No.26966497


>Slice the miniatures in most boxes by half
>Double or keep the price the same
>Take expensive metal miniatures and replace with cheap resin instead
>Increase the prices by 30-40%

I-Its inflation costs guys! Really! W-We need to pay our factory workers and sculptors!

>> No.26966502

GW uses cheap labour too

yeah, third world country UK is known to have shit wages

>> No.26966506


Land Raiders don't exactly sell a whole bunch. Most of their Land Raiders are still going out to retailers at less than 100% MSRP.

>> No.26966512

Wrong. Someone brought up Wyrd. A large game will include up to 15 models per side. That's less than a full regiment for WFB and just slightly above 1 unit of troops in 40k. and that's pretty much it, whereas with 40k, you can look forward to about 5 or 6 more boxes of infantry and some tanks on top of that.

>> No.26966528

>Take expensive metal miniatures and replace with cheap resin instead
>Increase the prices by 30-40%

That's 100% false. Finecast replacements for metal are the SAME EXACT COST as the previous metal model. The only reason they went up in price when switching to Finecast is because GW was going to hike the price anyway, Finecast or metal.


Stop exaggerating. I bet you think GW models cost more than their competitors, too.

>> No.26966530

Awkwrad, how come the competitors have the same prices?

>> No.26966546

>mfw faggots keep trying to bring up model count required for games when they realize GW models are some of the cheapest on the market

What is kill team? What is using GW models for other systems?

>> No.26966556

Stop being retared please
Rules have nothing to do with prices.
Don't bash the prices, bash them for using 28mm minis in a game involving fighting armies.

>> No.26966579


GW explicitly stated using resin was cheaper than metal.

>> No.26966581

The kill team rules that won't work anymore? And what use are non fantasy models in other games?

>> No.26966582


Wehrmacht '47 here.

>> No.26966590

No. If they make a unit cheaper points wise, they should derease the moneycost; if they want me to get 20 soldiers, i should have to pay the same as someone getting a full squad at 10. THat'd be fair, social and logical.
Anything else discourages horde armies.

>> No.26966597


They never said they'd pass the savings on to you.

>> No.26966615

>The kill team rules that won't work anymore?

[citation needed]

GW just had a fucking pfficial Kill Team tournament last fucking month you ignorant piece of shit.

>> No.26966627

>implying fantasy units aren't generic as fuck
>implying there are no other 28mm games with orks or other fantasy races in them to be sued

>> No.26966638


You're retarded. That's like saying Rhinos should cost nothing since they are only 35 points.

>> No.26966644 [SPOILER] 

>[citation needed]
To you sir.

>> No.26966651


I do use :^) on /tg/ from time to time and have been evangelizing Malifaux a bit. I don't remember anything about disparaging GW prices or practices and don't see a reason why I would as not only do I play both games but I don't care for tribalism.

:^) as far as I know is used to in the Fighting Game Community to to imply mockery or something similar.

>> No.26966655


Are their actual rulesets fun to play? I'm only ordering models for other games right now

>> No.26966670


No, but you're pulling out the production costs out of your ass as a result. Its like you thing when GW hikes prices up or looks for cheaper materials its because they need to pay for their factory. They don't, they're just profiteering.

>> No.26966672

:^) was made popular by the jew Mike Z that makes that shitty game Skullgirls

>> No.26966675



Feel like a retard yet?

>> No.26966697

>10% global profits

More like trying to stay in fucking business if you ask me.

>> No.26966710


You shut your whore mouth

>> No.26966713


I didn't even know that but that explains my instinctive gut hatred of it. Fuck Skullgirls.

>> No.26966714

But that's antisocial!
It's just white capitalists wanting to get greedy, but then everyone pulls out their "herp it's jews" "op is jew ahter" stuff out when you complain about those imperialist fags
Especially since they only want to limit their hobby to the rich white kids, because they hate us black poor kids
Btw, how the fuck are kings of war/warpath minis so cheap?

>> No.26966720

Just cause they're having a tournament doesnt mean the rules work.

Although I have no problem with em, and have had a few really fun games with em

>> No.26966728

All the non marine players here raise your hands.

You are the reason GW charges as much as they do.

>> No.26966735

It's the ideal deviantart project gone viral. Cancer to all good fighting games

>> No.26966737


How do the "rules not work" you faggot? You can play a game with them. They work.

>> No.26966748

If you think skullgirls is bad, you simply don't get fighting game mechanics. Sorry bro, but that's the truth.

>> No.26966755

>being a poor black kid complaining about prices

Shit son, just beat up the little crackas and steal their toys. Do you even nig?

>> No.26966759

Because Mantic isn't a corporation with public stock; they also kickstarter all their projects these days so their shit is already paid for by launch

>> No.26966760

Wtf why so insulting?! i didn't to anything to you

>> No.26966765

yeah 50% two day combos into impossible to see reset is a great game. Shit makes Marvel 3 look amazing

>> No.26966770

>Btw, how the fuck are kings of war/warpath minis so cheap?

Mantic uses Chinese labor.

>> No.26966787

>fighting game mechanics

Skullgirls is just reskinned Guilty Gear and Touhou.

>> No.26966795

That Link is literally just a picture saying kill team.

>> No.26966805


I can understand not liking the art style, not liking the mechanics, or the way the characters are portrayed, but not enough to hate the game.

>> No.26966836

Game distracted from real titles with that kickstarter shit

>> No.26966872

where do the competitors work

>> No.26966888

have you even played guilty gear or touhou?
This game is like marvel's "vs." series

>> No.26966897


Your browser sucks shit. It also has free PDF for kill team rules on it.

Stop trying to prove me wrong. Because I'm fucking right. And you still haven't proven yourself right.

I swear to god if I talked to half of the people on /tg/ in real life I'd be arrested for assault and battery.

>> No.26966910

Kill team is awful. Play a free skirmish game like Infinity

>> No.26966914

i really hated that scene, msotly ebcause i hate "attempted rape" scenes in general. it's like all men are just waiting for an oppurtinity in fiction
i also boycotted the last tomb raider for that reason

>> No.26966915


I haven't played Skullgirls but their alpha footage showed characters with exact moveset ripoffs of characters like Zato-1/Eddie, Remilia, etc. It's just a bunch of GG, Melty Blood, and Touhou fighting characters reskinned.

>> No.26966929


New Lara is moe as fuck.

>> No.26966936

i just said the link didn'T do anything, i wasn't even trying to prove you wrong o.O What the fuck did you smoke, bro

>> No.26966944


Their models are too expensive.

>> No.26966956


To be fair, they did get screwed over with regards to funding and indiegogo was the only way for them to amass the funds to port the game to PC + develop a few more characters.

>> No.26966957



>> No.26966962

then go download the trial from xbox marketplace or get a pirateversion of the excellent pc port

>> No.26966968

That MLP fighting game is more legit than Skullgirls.

Also MvC2 and X-Men vs. SF was here MvC3 is a shit.

>> No.26966975

30€ for a starter kit that you can actually play the gme with, unlike dark vengeance or battleforces.

>> No.26966978

Yes, pic related

Under 35 shipping is 5 American

>People actually believe someone would be this much of a dick

If anyone tells me to scratch off paint from my models I'll just tell them to go fuck themselves. My painting skills aren't top tier but I'm not defacing my models for no reason

>Obviously doesn't spend time basing his models
Also I use zap-a-gap, it literally melts the plastic

>> No.26966980


It's not weeaboo enough. I only play weeaboo fightan games.

>> No.26966990

Don't worry, i have your dox already
i kil you ebfore you kill me

>> No.26966997

>when I can keep playing 40k for free
>and have actual opponents to play with
>and not have to build more proper terrain for Infinity


>> No.26967000

wha....!? are you retarded?

>> No.26967010


It's part of the character, besides he gets his ass kicked a few moments later.

>> No.26967043

another 40k player that only plays in ruins or glasslands

>> No.26967054

>and not have to build more proper terrain for Infinity
You don't normal 40k terrain is enough
>and have actual opponents to play with
Yes, because only 40k has players and that isn't a factor for any game.
>when I can keep playing 40k for free
it's only "free" because you ahve the models already - tough luck enw rules aren't free unlike infinty ;)
Remember, you can easily proxy infinity with 40k, also helps you get players

>> No.26967055


Even cityfight terrain has windows.

>> No.26967070

Stop being such a hipster.

>> No.26967078

>tough luck enw rules aren't free unlike infinty ;)
>on 4chan
>rules aren't free


>> No.26967097

That doesn't make it any better. At all. It probably makes it worse.

>> No.26967114

Yes, you go play with printed out 40k rules in a gw store
if always ahving a pool of players is important to you, you go to gw stores, right
managers don't allow you to look into other peoples rulebooks

>> No.26967134

>playing in a gw store

I stand by my statement of your dumbassery.

>> No.26967156


Yes, you go play with Infinity in a GW store.

>> No.26967162

Then how come you can't find players for infinity?
Stop making yourself look like a prejudiced faggot.
Use your brain.

>> No.26967196

I wrote that with him playing with friends in mind, ebcause if he has friends i doubt they wouldn't at least give infinty a try; if he doesn't, he goes to gw
Even a kidnergartenkid would get this stuff, so please stop your retardation

>> No.26967200

fagbro, we can play a game were I can kick you in the dick until you pass out. We're playing, doesnt mean its fun.

I also said that I play with them, they're fine and fun, but not every instance of rules is balanced and fun.

>> No.26967237


Nothing in that post has to do with a ruleset "working" faggot.

>> No.26967268


Because not everyone hates 40K like you, dumbass. You can go to a store dominated by 40K or Warmahorde players and get zero people willing to try other systems. Luckily Infinity is the 3rd most popular behind Warhammer and Warmahordes. Good luck trying to get people to play Malifaux or Battletech or Dropzone.

>this whole post

You're an idiot.

>> No.26967306

When someone says you can play a game and they're not a fuckdamn psycopath then the implication is that that game will function and offer you fun.
Kill team works fine, stop being a faggot.

>> No.26967335

Listen here you pasty little cunt.
Kill team rules, smash your dick between two rocks and kill yourself.

>> No.26967361

I said kill team was fine.
But running an official tournament doesn't necessarily mean rules work

>> No.26967444

Where can i get these???

>> No.26967458

I never said i hated 40k, where the fuck did you get that from? Stop projecting.

>> No.26967459


>> No.26967470

>You're an idiot.

>> No.26967561

>kill team works
>kill team doesn'tn work

What the fuck I don't believe anyone can be this retarded.

>> No.26967576

>if none of your friends are willing to try something with you you have no friends

>> No.26967587

at no point did I say kill team didnt work.
Are you fucking dyslexic?

>> No.26967609

Note, that im a different guy to the guy who said kill team doesnt work, I just sorta interupted halfway through

>> No.26967612

>But running an official tournament doesn't necessarily mean rules work

Yes they do, otherwise you wouldn't be able to run a tournament with them, because they wouldn't work and you wouldn't be able to play games with the rules and hold a tournament for said games.

>> No.26967659

mattard pretty much broke LOTR, they still ran tournaments for that

>> No.26967705

Then why the fuck is he painted as an ultramarine?

Also, why the fuck are there ultramarine details all over my Captain / Sternguard / Vanguard?

>resin is more expensive than metal
Depends on the metal. In general, though, fuck no.
That's why they switched to resin in the first place; they were using a pewter-silver alloy and it was expensive as fuck. Other metals are less awesome to work with, but cheaper. tl;dr depends on the resin and the metal.

Plastic is expensive though, but not the material; the master and production molds, and the startup in general, costs a fuckton.

>> No.26967955

UPDATE. Not even 2 hours later received an invoice and an order number. Sent PayPal payment.

>> No.26968055

Do you even know what real friends are?

>> No.26968153


>That doesn't make it any better. At all. It probably makes it worse.

I'm sorry but it's kind of hard to play the victim card in a game like Skullgirls.

>> No.26968790

password is 45632
send an email with the names of the items you want based on the catalog and your paypal account. he'll send a confirmation email. shipping is usually 2 or 3 weeks

>> No.26968865

how did tg learna bout him, anyway?


Password: 45632

>Do not share outside of /tg/
>Do not share to obvious idiots

1.Write Order list in this format:
FW-XX x 1
WB-0XXX x 3
2.Write your paypal account : [email protected]
3.Write your shipping information(include tel number)
4. Email this to: [email protected]

You'll get an invoice, you pay, he sends back a tracking number.

Don't email him questions, comments, pictures, dicks or anything besides what is specified.

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