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Tell me of your dream campaign. The one you wish you could run or play in, but you know you'll never get the chance. System, plot, houserules, etc.

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Black Madonna / KULT
Judas Grail / KULT - all dem stupid moments when Ubergods behave like they care about society and its laws.

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Pic related, op. A game that captures the whimsy and emotion of the Mother series, Earthbound especially. 13 year olds with psychic powers having strange and sometimes scary adventures across the world, making friends and saving the world from weird aliens and robots, with an ending that brings smiles and tears.

Of course, it would have to be run by a GM who is intimately familiar with the sort of atmosphere and attitude Earthbound brought, and able to mimic that and the game's sense of humor, which can be a very tricky thing to do.

Mechanically, the game should be simple and fast to play, with a strong emphasis on teamwork and cooperation.

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Are you me? I've been dying to play something like this, and I wouldn't mind running it, if only I could work a few things out or figure out an appropriate system for it.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure if I have the time to run another game.


I don't know what this system is. Could you tell me a bit more about it?

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I'd like to play in a non-forced-grimdark Pokemon setting with a GM that isn't a sociopath and using a system that isn't PTA/PTU (or some other wacky d20 derivative).

Ain't ever happening, but a man can dream.

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If it weren't for the no pta/ptu thing, I'd invite you to the PMD game I'm running.

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A long time ago I tried writing a system for an Earthbound tabletop game but didn't get very far. One thing I did do, however, was make a system for cooking -- in addition to buying food from stores, at least one party member was expected to take the Cooking skill, which let them make food as healing items.

Food healed larger dice based on whether it was a bite, a snack, or a meal, and a character's Cooking skill determined the number of dice. The trick here is that the relationships between the cooker and the eater would affect how much HP it restored. This isn't it exactly, but it's roughly how it went:
>+1 per year known
>+1 if friends
>+2 if relative
>+1 if crush
>+1 if fought alongside in battle
>+2 if one saved the other's life
And so on.

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Well now I'm wondering if I'd be okay with 2/3. Especially since most of my problems with PTA come from the Trainer stuff (which overwhelmed me pretty quick and always seemed poorly balanced for the kind of games I ran/played in) and the horrifying things that happen when Pokemon get access to certain high damage moves in conjunction with x2/x4 effectiveness.

Oh, and as someone who ran a MD campaign for a few months a while back, do you get much use out of the sprites from the games? I absolutely loved flipping through the various expression-avatars for my NPCs. Really brought interactions to life, as it were.

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seemingly unrelated and separate arcs of various perspectives and time frame coming together, separating again, then merging again?

yeah, it's not gonna work

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That seems pretty good. It would encourage roleplaying and give mechanical benefits for such. I like it.

I myself had been working on a way to emulate the rolling HP system but never tested out what I came up with.


Ah, I see. Well, I and the rest of the players have never played the system before, so we're playing kinda fast and loose with the death rules, so taking a 4x move doesn't mean you're instantly dead dead. I plan on houseruling to give the players and NPCs more HP, which I'm working on for next session.

I haven't gotten much use from the sprites, though. We've just been using pictures of the pokemon for avatars. I wish I could get my hand on the portraits in this game, though!

Do you have contact information? My e-mail is in the field. If you're interested, hit me up with an e-mail. Even if you're not, I'd love to hear about how you ran your last MD campaign. It might give me some ideas on how to run my game better.

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>That seems pretty good. It would encourage roleplaying and give mechanical benefits for such. I like it.


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Is uber grimdark pokemans games a problem? Like a big problem? why would that be a problem? That's like Grimdark barney the dinosaur. It makes no sense.

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Imagine a Black Crusade game with your best friends, set in a universe where there are planets which happen to look like giant orbiting disco balls while a warp storm in the solar system blasts Alicia Bridges' I love The Nightlife because screw vacuum. In the same universe, there is a pleasure world dedicated to nothing but churning out the best pillows you can ever rest your weary head on while a fever spreads across the universe bringing the disco fever to everyone and a multitude of other examples like that.

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The more lighthearted something is, the higher propensity that people will try to make it grimdark. It just happens.

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I use The Spriters Resource to grab Mystery Dungeon avatars. Some species have more expressions than others, but I have a passing interest in pixel art so it isn't too hard to edit something passable, usually.

Contact address in the email field, also just sent you a message.

A good half the groups I've associated with were suspiciously heavy on the killing and/or maiming of trainers and pokemon. Might be the whole dogfighting thing coming to the fore, I suppose, or folks trying to make Pokemon battles feel more dangerous and 'real'.

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But... Why? Why would you even do that? You want dead pocket monsters go play Digimon. Digimon had INTERNET CTHULHU! TWICE! Why would you do Pokemon when there is a setting with a undercurrent of darkness right there?

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Mostly it's probably people trying too hard to shoehorn their 'LOL LET'S MAKE IT ADULT BY KILLING ALL THE THINGS' mentality into it.

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Er. Rather why would you force grim derp into pokemon when darkness is a built in undercurrent in Digimon? Needed to be a little clearer there.

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No, I got your meaning. I meant that people must force grimderp into things they view as 'kiddie'. At least, people around here in my local circle do that.

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people in your local group sound... "Frustrating."

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Reply sent.

I am hype.

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A game that lasts more than one session. It feels like I have some sort of curse in which every game I join dies. DIES!!!

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Dayum, OP.
Too many campaigns.
Too many.
I have tons of character concepts that I never managed to play as I am a foreverDM.
I wouldn't even know where to start.

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That seems like it would work for a story, but for a roleplaying game that seems like it would require too much preplanning and too much switching around. Either that or having the party split a lot, which also is hard.

Perhaps you could have a thing where people roll up multiple characters, and play different characters in different "storylines"? That could get complicated too, as it would require a lot of bookkeeping.

But 1920's-30's style fantasy would be kickass.

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A great adventure through Europe during WW1 to accomplish some great goal, some conspiracy that is the reason for the war, bla bla bla. I just want a really nice WW 1 story.
Probably because I once GM'd a very short but entertaining game set in late 1914 on /tg/station 13 . 4 guys, one left early and I took on for his character.
It was a group of four french brothers at the front trying to survive an engagement with the german army pre- mass entrenchment.
Things got bloody quickly and eventually the entire regiment and the reinforcements that arrived by train got slaughtered, but it was fun as fuck and the guys fought for every inch.

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Lay 'em on us! Who knows, someone might take you up.

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I've always wanted to play a mech game that struck a decent balance between ease of play and speed, and customization. I'm not talking something over-the-top like typical anime super robot stuff, but I'm also not talking spergy mecha stuff with a ruleset that hasn't been changed or updated since the early 90s.

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Always and evermore, a Wraith: The Oblivion game.

My books await that perfect group upon whom I can work that magical game to my liking.

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I must know the sauce on this.

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Getting a group of 40k nerds and rewriting the entire history from the Great Crusade to 999.M41 with Microscope.

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Wait, so you're saying the game where one type of pokemon literally wanders around with its mother's skull on it head, and "ghost" types are implied to be the ghosts of human beings... THAT's the setting you think is less dark than Digimon?

I do get that you mean that the setting and games and stories tend to go out of their way to hit a "light" tone, but Pokethulhu isn't that far from original games - The japanese know that cuteness and horrific are two sides of the same coin, hence why the words for "cute" and "scary" are near homophones.

Honestly, any pokemon RPG setting that doesn't have a bunch of alternate dark-as-fuck "nuzlocke" rule modifications at the back isn't Doing It Right imho;^)

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Forgotten Realms setting, characters provide at least two paragraphs of backstory explaining their connection to Faerun in general. Starts out as a straightforward crawl in the tower of some asshole wizard but when they get to the top, it tuns out they've ruined a spell.

Said spell inadvertently propels the party through time and space, into the land of Zakhara 50 years ago. The party must adventure through a strange land, seeking a way to undo the spell... but will they even want to return?

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You can have dark shit and acknowledge it. But why make it the focus? I remember reading here on /tg/ about someone playing a pokemon RPG who was a ghost trainer who found out she was a RPG character and killed her player or some shit. That was kinda dumb. Opinions may vary of course.

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>a ghost trainer who found out she was a RPG character and killed her player
>killed her player
Wasn't planning on sleeping tonight anyway.

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>Scared of that.
I thought you were made of sterner stuff anon.

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Which actually brings me to what I'd like to play. A transformers campaign. Which will never happen because most of the people I know are Tumblr folks who take it waaaaaaaaaaaaaay to far.

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Was that the one where she glitched out of the game and became a Nintendo employee? That was fucking sick, I only half remember it though

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I don't know. I remember it really not gelling with me though.

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Meh, any tone is "okay" for almost any game (with some really notable exceptions, like Kult, Paranoia, Wraith The Oblivion etc) imo, just matter of following through with it totally, no "haha team rocket is blasting off again!" one minute and the next it's all; "Then the wild and angry tangela inserts her vine whip into your trainer's eye, pressing it up underneath their eyelid and punching through the soft tissue at the back the eye socket and directly into their brain where it proceeds to thrash about and lobotomise him - minus 8 bajillion int points ho ho ho."

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Take it too far how? Canon Lore wankery?

I want to have a transformers game too, so I'm just curious

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I already have a couple characters who's personalities take up a bit more mental real estate than I'm comfortable with. Last thing I need is to start giving them ideas.

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Well that and.... Fucking. lots of robo fucking. And stupid gimmicks. It's just kind of a clusterfuck I don't understand with those folks.

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I've always wanted to have a campaign that lasts decades, like actual decades in my actual life but I don't know anyone with whom I can make that dream come true ;_;

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I want to run a game in a fantastical pulp action alt history colonial Africa setting, but my group would just go back to standard d&d or pathfinder after the first session.

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There's a transformers slash fiction community.

Despite transformers having neither genitals nor rear emergency induction ports.

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Or genders if you follow IDW. It hurts my brain.

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Its too late, they have already begun to take over real estate in your brain. You are the Stilwater, anon. It is you.

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>but you know you'll never get the chance
What prevents you from playing a certain campaign, unless it's something so retarded that nobody would ever play it with you?

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Where do you draw the line between this and tulpas?

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Playing a system that isn't standardDnD, WoD or Warhams. No players in your area. Your players are fucktards and decide to do some other random shit because whatever. Lots of reasons really.

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Ditto with Marvel comics continuities.

Still, IDW has had the first couple which would probably be described as "gay". (Due to all but one of the race lacking gender, they're only gay by default)

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Players who won't play the game properly (Its why I won't do a serious campaign)
DMs who can't run it right (why I won't run a horror game)
Nobody else cares about the setting (which is why I will never play 40k RPGs)
Its easier to run games you are familiar with

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Whatever. All I know is people ship giant transforming robots recovering from a thousand year civil war. It's kinda weird and makes me uncomfortable. on a kind of related note. I'll never get to play Marvel Heroic Roleplay.

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Completely understood.

I personally prefer the political stuff.

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Political stuff is rad in transformers.

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As I understand it, tulpas are supposed to be entirely separate personalities. Characters on the brain just means you've had a lot of practice thinking like someone else, and the adopted habits and thought patterns are starting to stick.

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Yeah, and Shadowplay was awesome.

I mean, playing rogue police officers, working for a senator, having to break into the mausoleum of their leader to replace the fake matrix of leadership, which is actually a bomb, with your own fake.

It's a pretty neat scenario.

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>Deathwatch: Horus Heresy edition
As a detachment of Garro's Knights Errant, players travel the galaxy as Loyalist members of any of the 18 Legions to sabotage Horus' plans and delay the traitors long enough for Terra to be fully fortified. And to possibly alter the course of history, if their rolls are good enough.

>Fallout: Australia
The Great Barrier Reef has mutated to become an amphibious Lovecraftian combination of the Flood and Zerg Creep, spreading across the Land Down Under. Players must fight to survive in this harsh wasteland and stop the reef cultists from sacrificing more humans to their dark god. Along the way, they fight rad-koalas, spider-emu, blue ring octopuslurks, and mutated super-irukandji.

>Exalted: Return of the Scarlet Empress done right
Houseruled to Malfeas and back, enough to make combat fast and simple. More spotlight on Abyssals, Sidereals, Alchemicals, and DBs than in the original publication, with adventures taking the party to every direction of the celestial compass and beyond to save Creation.

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>Deathwatch: The Investigative Musical
What starts as a simple escort job and investigation with Bobby Darin's "Mack the Knife" turns into a full-blown space musical, featuring modified songs from Queen, Tenacious D, The Producers, Wicked, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, Les Miserables, and many, many more. Hijinks ensue as the Kill-Team embarks on the adventure of a lifetime, in which they learn the true meanings of friendship, brotherhood, and purgation.

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[email protected] Underrated gem.

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Pfft. Good luck playing anything colonial anything these days.


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But Australia is already like that.

Ware the dropbear.

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I just want to do one good Soul Eater campaign. It will never happen.

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or it should have been as they're awesome.

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Play a bunch of short campaigns with many callbacks and foreshadowing to each other and then play a total beast of a "merger" campaign. You might have to do some retroactive foreshadowing and randomly elevate some side characters (and maybe a PC or two) to super-fucking-important big name enemies behind the scenes after the fact, though.

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That sounds fucking badass.

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>I don't know what this system is. Could you tell me a bit more about it?

KULT is a former swedish RPG based on basic roleplaying, like most swedish rpgs, but much like Call of Cthulhu the system actually don't matter.

KULT is known as the darkest RPG around and putting the 90s in the 90s. It's a very interesting setting, being the CoC of our day, with some very well done campaigns to it.

Think its owned by some french company now though. Some editions do have english translations.

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My players can't remember the name of their hometown let alone multiple campaigns.

>Seriously, I had one of the party members captured and dragged to a facility,
>The party enter and hack and slash for 5 hours while the damnseled player is still in the room with us, just chilling
>I'm trying to progress fast as possible so the damseled player can actually fucking play this game
>near the end
>why are we here?
>Does anyone remember?

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I want to play a pathfinder campaign with a setting based upon the Neighborhood of Make Believe

>> No.26971222


a d20 future campaign based on ghost in the shell / appleseed / infinity, mauybe a bit of Trinity/Aeon mixed in

with well-behaved players that are down for some cyberpunk adventure, cool bionics and mystery and intrigue
Also an "Aliens/Aliens: Colonial Marines" miniature-based board game setting where each player is ith Reaper kickstarter IMEF marines versus a giant mass of Hudson's Bigs from Defiance games and the entire board is the Hirst sci-fi spaceship terrain.

Just dumb fun, mass dice rolling action

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I dont care what system...the upcoming malifaux RPG may work....maybe iron kingdoms

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Awesome, diverse, chaotic world with countless threats, organizations, groups, and world powers, all butting heads and duking it out.

Wildly creative powers and abilities with long-term character development and hilariously fun scenarios where every player gets a chance to shine.

I have trouble watching the anime version just because I'm constantly thinking, "This is an RPG. This is a party of player characters fucking up a GM's carefully planned encounters and plots. They weren't supposed to team up with that guy and kidnap the big bad from this last adventure, but they did anyways."

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Really? I see it as Luffy being that guy and GM is in love with his world so much that he's added DMPC's for every arc.
Luffy: That Guy derails plots, gets distracted by stupid shit. GM foolishly put him in the leader position hoping that it would give him some sense of gravity. NOPE
Zoro: Min maxer, here to minmax
Sanji: ERPer. GM got annoyed.
Nami: here for phat loot
Usopp: Tried to make mary sue character, but ended up rolling monk where he's inadequate in every aspect of the game
Chopper: new to RPG guy, just want to not get in the way and thinks best contribution he can do is be a healbot
Robin: Probably the oldest player, heavy RP focused. Ennes Lobby arc was run by her when GM was sick for couple of sessions
Franky: Took the abilities from the weirdest and the most obscure supplements
Brook: Can I play a bard? Can I be 2spooky4u? Lol

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A JoJo scenario.

I really wish I could find something/and people to play something like it.

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I want to play Changeling the Lost on acid, with a DM on acid but who knows the rules and is experianced with acid and can throw the trippiest campaign ever.

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Don't do acid. A bad trip is a REALLY bad trip when you are on acid.

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It was going to be so fun too! I was going to have the imperial roman remnant, Brittain, France, the Dutch all the big colonial ppwers and some resurected ancient euro powerblocs mixing with a modernised(for the times, it is 1870-1920 time span for games to take place) Egyptian empire, Nubians and Carthegians and all kinds of cool monsters and shit pulled from African legends. It was going to be one big pulpy adventure! I was goig to include magic, too! Not too much, a rather subdued and minor magic system but it was going to be there!

God I wish people would just give it a chance. Just a chance at the very least.

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It's something that didn't grow up with us, and we want to reclaim it. Besides, a pack of Houndoom hunting Ponyta and eating them is more believable than obvious carnivores eating fruit and cuddling. Believability is a big thing in roleplaying.

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Wreck-It Ralph, Pokeomn, Midnight. Any of those.

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A 3-PC party.
Male Gnommish Bard in a Jester's Attire
Male Human Bard in stylish clotges
Female Elvish Bard in a plain white dress

They go on a quest to free the realm from the clutches of a regime that stifles the whimsy and good will of the nation.

Points for anyone who gets the reference.

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>Rear Emergency Induction Ports
Butt Straws?

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I just want to play in a JoJo campaign. It will never happen.

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i'm completely in agreement, but it would seem like, at some point, the GM had an epiphany and finally understood his group, and started running games in a way that suits their absolutely retarded playstyle.

Either way, One Piece world would still be totally badass to play. I might run it in FATE or something, just to keep the action silly and light, instead of needlessly crunchy and complex.

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