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40k eternal crusade 2: eletric boogaloo

Ork Clans:
Goffs, Evil Sunz, Deathskulls, Bad Moons

Confirmed and speculated classes:
Boys, Nobs, Mekboy, Painboy, Stormboy, Weirdboy

Space Marine Chapters:
Ultramarine, Space Wolves, Blood Angels, Dark Angels

Confirmed and Speculated Classes:
Tactical Marines, Devastators, Assault Marines, Apothecaries, Techmarines, Librarians

Chaos Legions:
Iron Warriors

Speculated Classes:

Eldar Craftworlds:
None so far

Speculated Classes:
Swooping Hawks, Bonesingers, Warlocks

If you want to find info, go on the website, or search for Q&A videos on youtube

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wiki page needs some work

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It's still two years out.

Nids will become playable. Have faith in the Skymother.

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you people got me hyped as fuck

can't wait for krumpin' gitz with slavs and brazilians

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You know what else could use a little work? Our very own 1d4chan page.


That bloody fail banner needs to go for a start. We're actually excited about this.

Yes, I would do it myself but am phone for now. Will work on it later of nobody else does.

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I doubt it. They're just not suited to the faction thing. They're one big hive mind, they're not going to be able to have truces and designated leaders like the others.

Sorry to be a bastard, but they're best suited to PvE duty,

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Excitement doesn't change the fact that it might be a horrendous failure.

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>ptp player are the synaptic organisms
>ftp player die if they aren't near objectives or leaders

it's not too difficult
they can do it

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But do we consider it to be fail right now? I'd say that the most of /tg/ is looking forward to it.

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I don't think we should make any kind of judgements either way at this point.

The only thing it's got going for it at this point is that the developer can talk a good game, and if MWO has taught us anything its that dev talk is cheap.

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>b-but mhu fun

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No Kommando?

>> No.26955274

no commando visible?

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>Hype for a WoW clone general.

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Personally I'm cautiously optimistic. I don't let myself get hyped over games anymore, especially not MMOs.

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>inb4 "ded game ded thred i fukn haet devs"

>inb4 "ded game RIP eternal turdsade ;_;7"

Hyperbole is one helluva drug.

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You haven't got anything yet. It might be fun, that'd be great, but all you have is a dev shooting the breeze and some artwork.

Look forward to it all you like, hope it's good all you want for sure, but you can't pass any kind of judgement on it yet, because we've got nothing to pass judgement on.

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The thing is that nids need numbers.
So do Orks. If you have two f2p factions then they are both going to have a lot less players.
Perhaps if the game is a success then it would be cool to add them as a playable faction, but realistically they shouldn't be on release.

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Seems a bit harsh. Outside of synapse should cause debuffs related to battlefield awareness that the hivemind grants. Like, within synapse, you can see everything any other nid in synapse can. Not literally, but a see-enemies-through-walls deal. Plus less offense/defense power since your strikes and maneuvers aren't as sure without the hivemind.

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lol this isn't going to play anything like wow

are you from summer?

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I better be able to play as a plague marine

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They're being combined with Slaaneshi marines. You can spread STDs to enemies to debuff them.

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They're still having to jump through hoops to try to shoehorn the players into NOT acting like a disorganized rabble of selfish gloryhog individuals. Its a losing battle.

Plus, the point of Orks being f2p is that they'll have a disproportionate number of players. If you split the f2p up between two factions it will likely dilute the effect significantly.

If the can actually maintain enough f2p players to support two factions then I'd support the idea of adding a second, but keeping it limited to just Orks at launch is the right call.

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And also nids pretty much lack personality. They are pretty much nameless grunts who simple kill and eat.

Nids are pretty doomed to be PVE. The only way that Nids can be playable faction is that GW finally decided to give them som personality and independent thought like Ward-Necron.

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oh. Eldar it is then

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The only way I could see Imperial Guard working is if they give each player control of a full squad or something.
So you'd get classes like

IG Captain: Can command much bigger troop formations. Individually weak in combat.

Commissar: Buffs and Nerfs, stronger than the captain in individual combat.

Tank Commander: Techincally more of an Operator. Has access to all of the vehicles. Starts in a Sentinel, but eventually has access to Hellhounds and Leman Russes. Baneblades and Artillery may be beyond the scope of Player Characters, except perhaps as special mission events and call downs.

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You sicken me twofold, both for failing to see the possibilities in nids and for spouting Wardian heresy.

>> No.26955461

the ai for your squad would no doubt be shit.
As much as I like the guard, it's probably better if they sit this one out.

>> No.26955500

You're missing my point. Their unique hivemind mindset sets them too far apart from the other factions. Other factions can negotiate, 'Nids don't. Other factions can have a variety of goals and objectives, 'Nids just want to nom things. They just wouldn't fit the idea of a player-run faction.

>> No.26955514

I just can't see the AI squad thing working. What happens to your squad if you die? How well will the servers cope with hundreds of players bringing their own AI squads?

>> No.26955528

You might be missing the point,.a bit. All the factions gave the same goals: they want the resources.

And no faction will be some glorious player-run entity. They will all be filled with people just playing vidya.

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I still think that saying we all consider it to be fail is too harsh. I'd say cautious optimism, myself.

lolbud. I was joking.

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Actually, player-run is exactly what the devs are aiming for. Each faciton gets a small group of players running it and setting their soldiers objectives, which the players are inclined to follow to get bonus experience/loot ect. These objectives, from what I've heard, are things like taking means of production to get bonuses to resources. Stuff like that.

The 'Nids meanwhile just don't operate like that. It's one, single mind trying to eat everything else. There's no leadership and no capturing resources.

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You can play them as army but not as individual soldier. Because they are pretty much control by the hivemind and they CAN'T make deal with other factions because they either too retarded for it or they have no concept of diplomacy.

And also the Dev need a NPC faction in case if the war become unbalanced (Take example that Eldar, Chaos and Space Marines ally together to deal with the orks). The perfect choose was the nids, if Ward hadn't changed the Necron fluff, they too could be another NPC faction.

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Well IIRC the server tech they bought can handle up to around 1000 players in a single battle, so yeah. It could probably work.

If you die your squad could just hunker down and defend your corpse until they are killed/the medic revives you. If you respawn instead they fall back to wherever you respawned and join up with you again. Not a terribly complex thing to implement.

I think the micro-squad thing could go a long way to bringing some real variety to the game, since all of the player's power isn't focused on just their character any more. It also gives more room for personalisation and such, being able to make your two men just how you want them, along with your own character.

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Synapse is basically nid leadership, if not techically.

If they capture something, they can eat more.

Truces? Eat that thing first, it's more important than that other thing.

No matter what the devs want, or /tg/ hopes for, it will still be mainly random vidya people that will play this. Roleplaying will not be a priority.

>> No.26955719

>Well IIRC the server tech they bought can handle up to around 1000 players in a single battle,
True, but this would be about 500 guard players plus all of their cronies. I'm just thinking that it could end up being too massive for even their fancy server tech.

as for the post-death behaviour thing, the problem I see there is that it would be incredibly easy to hamstring a guard force by killing of the actual players, forcing the AI squaddies to withdraw or retreat altogether.

>> No.26955802

I personally think that 500 players is the upper limit for a battle, since I read somewhere that they don't plan on using all of the grunt power it provides, and 250 on 250 is still a freaking huge vidya battle.

As for hamstringing the IG by picking off the players, I think killing all of the players in any other faction would also nobble them something fierce.

Also, perhaps higher level characters could have a Medicae in tow who can heal and revive players and other NPCs? The Marines have their apothecaries after all, and I'm sure that the other factions all have some sort of medic available. Besides, who needs infantry anyway?

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>Confirmed and speculated classes:

Why not have a separate category for confirmed and speculated?

>> No.26956056

>personally think that 500 players is the upper limit for a battle, since I read somewhere that they don't plan on using all of the grunt power it provides
Oh? I think I recall the lead dev Miguel giving an example of 500 Marines vs 500 Orks one time. Or have they backpedaled since then?

> As for hamstringing the IG by picking off the players, I think killing all of the players in any other faction would also nobble them something fierce.
Of course, but our hypothetical squad using IG force is very reliant on its AI helpers, who would constitute a large amount of their forces. The individual IG player would be much weaker than the player in any other faction, thus much easeir to take down. Thus, it would be quite easy to halt an IG advance by picking off the actual players, forcing the AI squaddies to halt their advance while their leader flops around on the ground.

>> No.26956247

I just watched the meet the devs video. I must say I was impressed. Faith restored.

>> No.26956294

Easy way around this is to pass the player onto another nearby squad member until all of them are dead.

>> No.26956296

Apothecaries, sister hospilitars, ork pain boys, eldar magic, dark eldar haemonculae, chaos warpsmith or magic or apothacary, IG medic, tech priest, Tau could have a fire warrior medic, necron res lord, Tyranids could have a rebirth mechanic, etc.

>> No.26956297

>No Necrons

Remove Eldar

Necrons strong

>> No.26956305


>Implying it won't have a system built around a WoW UI with a WoW quest system, exp system, leveling system, group system etc

>> No.26956455

Source: Your ass

>> No.26956532

Haha, your trolling is weak! WEAK!

>> No.26956551

Necrons have been referneced by the devs quite a few times as an expansion race they'd like to do. They'll likely be one of the first expansion races.

>> No.26956691

Indeed, the IG are very reliant on their helpers. But I honestly don't see any other way of making up the numbers other than making them a F2P faction, which would make the Orks suffer. The alternative would be having Guard players be 'specialists' such as Commissars, Officers, Storm Troopers and such, but then it's not really the Imperial Guard if they do that, is it?

I think they could make good AI for the helpers, though, which could negate some of the problems. The UNSC Marines in Halo 4 were actually competent this time around, and I actually did a double take when I saw a pair of them working together to take down an Elite + its squad of Grunts (and succeeding). Throw in the ability to take cover, since it's rumoured that the game will feature one for those not wearing power armour and such, and you've got yourself a decent squad that can still be useful when the leader is dead.

In any event, I think we're going to have to wait until we see how a battle will work before we can come to any solid conclusions about whether or not a squad will work, however. I just think it should be considered as an option.

>> No.26956748

Oh, I forgot to say that I wouldn't call the source on the 'not using all of the power' info reliable at any rate. It's certainly possible that 500 Vs 500 battles will happen, but the pessimist in me thinks that's a very, very ambitious target. At least at launch.

Not that I'd complain if they did manage it, though.

>> No.26956756

IG should just be left out. Sorry, but your favourites don't fit the paradigm.

>> No.26956765

How come we're saying that we don't know any Eldar Craftworlds? It's quite clearly an Ulthwé Eldar in this picture, isn't it?

>> No.26956775

>Oh? I think I recall the lead dev Miguel giving an example of 500 Marines vs 500 Orks one time. Or have they backpedaled since then?
Considering they're now partnering with a company who have been working on technology to make 1000 dudes in a zone conflicts I don't think they've backed away from it.

>> No.26956788

Right, he said that after they announced that partnering.

>> No.26956795

And a Word Bearer, from the looks of it.

>> No.26956817

>9th Company Ultramarine

>> No.26956971

Will you march for Macragge with me /tg/ ?

>> No.26956991

Yeah... I was hoping it would be 7th company. :-/

>> No.26956998

>march for Macragge

Fuck off, Abnett.

>> No.26957034

I will march with you! For Macragge! For Guiliman! For Ward!

>> No.26957058

not gonna lie, I read that as miscarriage for a second

that Marine looks depressed.
>I hate nids
>I want a helmet, my face is cold
>I wish I was in Titus' unit killing Orks and Chaos Daemons

>> No.26957084

What's wrong with Abnett ?

>> No.26957103

His general shitness, but in this specific case his pushing of "We march for Macragge" as the Ultramarines battle cry.

>> No.26957126

Like it or not, he's probably the best of the BL Bunch.

>> No.26957140

What's wrong with "We march for Macragge" ? It's sounds cool.

>> No.26957184

I just want to play as a Noise Marine, is that too much to ask?

Also, I'm assuming Tau and Necrons will be first expansion (if this game can last that long)?

>> No.26957195

I disagree, but even being the best shit still leaves you a shit.

All it is crappy alliteration, that speaks nothing of their character, they don't just go to war for their homeworld, or even just Ultramar, but for the Emperor and Imperium.

>> No.26957233

So, what Craftworld are you guys gonna play as?

Protip: Saim Hann master race

>> No.26957264

They do actually. Especially after the Tyranic-wars.

>> No.26957280

>They do actually.

They do what?

>> No.26957293

Just got off the phone with Behaviour. Hrud are going to be the first expansion.

>> No.26957302

Fight for Macragge.

>> No.26957341

Yes, obviously, but not just for Macragge.

>> No.26957345

Biel-tan for the aspect buffs. I wonder if they let you become an exarch?

>> No.26957371

>my le face when game will be bad
>my le face when wont be able to be based slaanesh psychonaut noise marine

>> No.26957383


Not just for Macragge, but it's something around they rally.

>> No.26957466

>March for Macragge

A line born out a Abnett's terrible Ultramarine movie. Disgusting.

>> No.26957510

link pls

>> No.26957770


They have got some very very alpha gameplay poorly hidden in there as well. It looks very barebones, and pretty similar to the Space Marine game.
I consider that it's got gamepad support already to be a positive, but I don't know how other people feel about that.

>> No.26957804


I'm probably reading too much into this, but the Steam page in the last shot might imply that they want this on Steam from the start.
Might be reading too much into that though.

>> No.26957842

hey kid, wan khorne?

>> No.26957874

Well they want it to launch on the PS4, Xbox One and PC. They might be going for a simultaneous launch or something.

[?]But I'll be getting it on the PS4 because my PC a shit[/?]

>> No.26957888

You have 2 years to make your PC not shit.

>> No.26957891

don't get mad, but tzeentch says i'm not allowed to hang around with you anymore

>> No.26958002

I'll do that when I have £1000 to spare. I've looked at building a PC for £350, but so far I haven't been able to come up with anything that's actually better than a PS4 would be.

>> No.26958061

Ask /g/ about it. And you can really only expect so much with that much money. I don't know how the parts market is in the U.K. but allowing for the possible variation in relative cost, you just aren't going to get more than a certain amount with that.

>> No.26958218

>implying /g/ wouldn't descend into shitflinging about whether you should use AMD or intel

buy 7970

>> No.26958296

>250 on 250 is still a freaking huge vidya battle
Unless they make the retarded "hurrr guard with a squad" thing, then it will be 250 vs 25 and the remaining 225 players from the guard's faction will be benchwarming. It's a bad idea no matter how you look at it.

>> No.26958329

I was actually thinking of doing that. I'd really like to have a top-notch PC, but it's just out of my price range unfortunately. Hopefully I'll be able to (eventually) end up with a decent job once I get out of education and build one, but who knows?

Until then I'm just going to have to make do with a PS4. It does have a Blu-Ray player, though, which is nice.

>> No.26958356


>> No.26958426

Assumin each guard player brings his other 9 AI squadmates it makes each guard player 10 models. 25x10=250
250-25 = 225 remaining guard players who didn't get to play in this battle, but could if they didn't have squads.

>> No.26958473

I think you're the first person in this thread to bring up ten-man squads. So far everyone else has been going on the assumption that a 'squad' consists of two NPCs + the player. Full strength TT squads would be ridiculous.

>> No.26958748

>Tfw there better be striking scorpions or I hate everything.

Scorpions stronk!

>> No.26958853

Biel muthafukkin Tan bitch!

>> No.26958952

>Melee system- we're working on it, but in our early stages we're taking a lot of inspiration from Space Marine and Dark Souls.

m-muh DICK

>> No.26959013

>tfw no Necrons
>tfw no Tau

>> No.26959127

3-man squads would just look weird, though.

>> No.26959191

What would be their classes?

It won't work.

>> No.26959204

>melee in MMO
top lel

>> No.26959242

Probable expansions.

>> No.26959270

Same as on the tabletop.

>> No.26959311

>what is overlord, lord, immoral, warriors, etc

>> No.26959394

lychguard, cryptek, lord, Immortal
tank/melee, caster/dickery, melee/buffs, ranged

>> No.26959404


>> No.26959430

Crons have a very clear hierarchy

>> No.26959449


>> No.26959505


>> No.26959595

The sentient Necrons are leaders and not your common rank and file trooper.

It won't work. Period.

Having hundreds of Lords and Crypteks running around is beyond dumb.

>> No.26959607

Living Saint

>> No.26959621

immortals, praetorians and lychguard are all sentient, though the immortals are slightly less so.

>> No.26959657

Planning to be an Evil Sunz Mekboy, gonna fix ya gubbinz, ladz

What kind of weather are you hoping for, if there will be a variety? Heavy rain? Heavy snow? Heavy winds?

>> No.26959686

Necrons are planned to be added after launch, most likely the first addition since a lot of people want them. Devs are excited about adding them since they would add unique mechanics and a new level of skill

>> No.26959770

Are you retarded? Have you played Space marine multiplayer?

Think that on a much larger scale, melee combat is perfectly viable when the kill time is much slower than games like planetside 2.

>> No.26959989

I think he might just be mentally retarded...

>> No.26960008

>Players will all get their own space ship which acts as player housing, that you can decorate as you like. Guilds can combine their ships together for larger housing and more options (like guild banking)

>Day/Night cycle

>Weather, which effect combat

>Friendly fire (if they can find a fair way to implement it)

>Dreads, if they figure out how to implement it

>Perils of the warp

>Red ones go fasta

>Executions (ala Space Marine maybe)

>Reviving (talking about examples where a fellow player revives his battle brother)

>No P2W, devs are vehemently against buying power, probably the only things you'll buy in the cash shop will be accessories and visual pieces, and possibly other executions (no change in damage or effect, just a different looking execution)

>Miguel has a weird thing about Ork butts, as in two interviews he's described Ork butts and executions in the same sentence.

>> No.26960094

I'm talking about resolving all the collisions in realtime. There's a reason games that are mmorpg are either shooters or turnbased

>> No.26960204

Fixed it up a bit.

>> No.26960216

That was the other one, it was scrapped when THQ went under.

>> No.26960283

>Guilds can combine their ships together for larger housing and more options (like guild banking)
Aside from Ork Roks, is there any canon precedent for ships being combined?

>> No.26960312

Space hulks.

But they won't actually combine, the way he worded it, it sounded like he means they just fly close together and link up

>> No.26960328

>>No P2W, devs are vehemently against buying power, probably the only things you'll buy in the cash shop will be accessories and visual pieces, and possibly other executions (no change in damage or effect, just a different looking execution)
Hopefully also playable Squigpipes.

>> No.26960360

>We'll finally be able to play Speed Freeks

>> No.26960386

When we find out a good way to set up a racetrack in hostile territory without the ref getting krumped.

>> No.26960418

>Race track
Oh you silly, the race track will be the corpses of any gits who try to get in the way. Also if the ref gets krumped, then he was a shitty ref. Maybe make a Mekboy ref and put him in a trukk with a KFF

>> No.26960424

We could maybe have the finish and start in friendly territory. That's the only part we need a ref for anyway, right?

>> No.26960474

I'm going to make a Blood Angel named Eduardo and run from any orks shrieking "SQUAD BROKEN! SQUAD BROKEN!"
And you can't stop me.

>> No.26960535

I'm not going to stop you- I'm going to fucking encourgae you!

>> No.26960560

Will you guys be migrating over to /vg/ for a proper general once the game is in beta or whatever?

Would be nice to get a guild organised or something.

>> No.26960571

The game has plasma guns, right? It's imperative that I have one.

>> No.26960592

Everything that goes to /vg/ becomes horrible shit.

>> No.26960636

Pretty sure that will happen, but the open beta won't be out for 18 months planned. Closed beta will be a little before that, I forget the planned time frame.

>> No.26960642


/vg/'s guild vs /tg/'s guild

>> No.26960652

Yes, of course.

Overheat your plasma gun. Overheat it hard!

Nah. /vg/ can have threads on it if it wants but /tg/ is its rightful home.

>> No.26960663

Well we can hold off on a /vg/ transition till at least closed beta, we don't want to be one of those generals that is out while the game doesn't even have a beta, then it stagnates and grows to shit faster

>> No.26960682

Just for that I'm making an ork named Gurk.
Wonder if I can get him to wear a loincloth.

>> No.26960691

>/vg/s guild transforms into Eldar over time
>/tg/s guild is full to the brim with Ork Boyz
I wonder if we'll be able to get a /tg/er into the council when the game comes out...

>> No.26960710


Jesus Christ those pauldrons.

>> No.26960730

>I wonder if we'll be able to get a /tg/er into the council when the game comes out...
New plan: get fa/tg/uys into every race's council. Engage in tomfoolery.

>> No.26960736

>selecting one /tg/ from the group to be in charge
Because that ALWAYS works.

>> No.26960751

Aren't Ork Boyz going to be the only free playable race?

We're going to see those everywhere.

>> No.26960764

It would give us at least some say in faction matters to have one of our own in charge. Hell, if theres enough of us, we may be able to fill the council of one faction with mostly fa/tg/uys

>> No.26960767

The council is composed of multiple players.

>> No.26960786

Do you really think we can fill the whole council with or boys?

>> No.26960799

I know right. Nowhere near big enough.

>> No.26960803

Honestly? There's not that many bigger 40k communities than us. I don't know if there's any. At the least, we can get a few in there.

>> No.26960826


>Implying both guilds won't be SPEHZZ MEHRENS

>> No.26960838

Yeah, Ork Boyz are the F2P option

>> No.26960866

One council member would be good, depending on how many players will be in a council. If it's a small council, which I'm expecting, then even one voice in the council will have weight.

We just gotta make sure he's not a faggot

>> No.26960877

ref? friendly territory?

The races will be through enemy territory. Engine's roaring, dakka blazing, straight through the enemy's base. The winner is the one who makes it back.

That's how we're going to race. We're going to attack.

>> No.26960892

>We just gotta make sure he's not a faggot
That right there is the flaw with this plan.

Remember that 4chan minecraft thing?

>> No.26960920

I never owned Minecraft so I don't know, I take it there were faggots.

Well as long as whoever we pick isn't a shitty faggot.

I, myself, don't wanna be in the council, that seems like a lot of work, but it would probably be neat. I'd settle for being a Big Mek.

>> No.26960948

I mentioned this last night...

Their publisher will be Activision.

Provide the pros and cons of this choice. Do you think they'll be all "Doritios and Mountain Dew" about it? Will they cater to stupid people and their stupid desires.

On the mention of stupid people, I plan to make a group called The Emperors Will that'll be tasked with investigating the ranks of the Space Marines to find out who the bronies and furries and and killing them with Flamers, because friendly fire will be on.

>> No.26960984

>I, myself, don't wanna be in the council, that seems like a lot of work, but it would probably be neat. I'd settle for being a Big Mek.
This is the opinion held by everyone who would make a good council member and is the reason the council member will be a faggot.

>> No.26960992

>Their publisher will be Activision.
Can you cite this claim?

> Do you think they'll be all "Doritios and Mountain Dew" about it?
I doubt Games Workshop will let them.

>> No.26961004

>On the mention of stupid people, I plan to make a group called The Emperors Will that'll be tasked with investigating the ranks of the Space Marines to find out who the bronies and furries and and killing them with Flamers, because friendly fire will be on.
Wow, you really are a stupid person.

>> No.26961015

I don't think they have a publisher. There was mention in one video or interview, I forget, that since they have no publisher they have free reign.

Also their website has no Activision logo, which is wrong because if Activision was with them, they would slap that shit all over the screen

>> No.26961018

>race through enemy territory
>in armed vehicles
>hopefully with friendly fire

>> No.26961036

>This is the opinion held by everyone who would make a good council member
T-Thanks anon

>> No.26961088

It will become a weekly event. People should bet teef on the outcome.

>> No.26961117


I believe it was shown in another thread, and the wiki claims that it's their publisher (I do realize this can be falsified). If it IS Activision, what effect could it have on the game?

Are you defending the furry/brony community? And you call ME stupid?

>> No.26961142

Wikipedia says it's activision. It also says [citation needed].

>Are you defending the furry/brony community? And you call ME stupid?
Furries haven't been a problem for half a fucking decade and /mlp/ are decent folks who keep to themselves.

>> No.26961162

2007 called, they want their irrational hate back.
As long as they don't spam that shit, why care?
Also their football fans are bro-tier.

>> No.26961168

>what effect could it have on the game

It would turn the game into a rushed pile of shit - basically WAR 40k.

>> No.26961200

Furfag pls.

>> No.26961214

>/mlp/ are decent folks who keep to themselves

>> No.26961219

It was rational hate once upon a time, when they attentionwhored.

>> No.26961228

>implying that's not just trolls who go for easy targets such as yourself

>> No.26961268

>e-everyone who doesn't fit into my narrow definition is a troll!


>> No.26961299

And you last saw this happen when?

>> No.26961309

Jessica Elwood.

>> No.26961375

Sergalfag too. Who was pretty recent, actually.

>> No.26961420

Sergalfag was a shitposter who intentionally derailed shit threads, not an attentionwhore.

>> No.26961437

Admittedly I hadn't heard of her, had to google it, apparently she was fucking about in 2010. Right then.

>> No.26961459

>shit threads
Uh huh.
He was just a great guy who happened to avatarfag on the side and never derailed completely legitimate threads.

>> No.26961487


My hatred is justified for the psychologically diseased. They have low self esteem and personality disorders. If they cannot realize what they have become should be subject to death. They waste resources and are a blight to the economy.

To not hate them for what they stand for is to be ignorant of the perverse filth they try to defend. I can not stand it when bronies defend a cartoon show meant for little girls. Makes as much sense as defending the cabbage patch kids.

>> No.26961506

I wanna be a loota, firing wildly into the air all day every day.

>> No.26961525

You seem to have a funny idea of what threads are completely legitimate.

>> No.26961536

>My hatred is justified for the psychologically diseased. They have low self esteem and personality disorders. If they cannot realize what they have become should be subject to death. They waste resources and are a blight to the economy.

>To not hate them for what they stand for is to be ignorant of the perverse filth they try to defend.

I agree, everyone on 4chan should be execut-

Oh, we're talking about Bronies? Yeah, them too.

>> No.26961548

Easy there, Satan.

>> No.26961569

>/tg/ forgetting the old enemies
Must we recite the litanies of hate once more?

>> No.26961590

Whoa now, no need to call me the name of something that doesn't exist...it's almost not worth it.

>> No.26961614

Oh yeah, the other shitstorm that broke that Minecraft thing: Whether /mlp/ should be exterminated on dogma or treated logically according to principles of realpolitik.

>> No.26961690

You seem to be Sergalfag.

>> No.26961710

+++Thought for the Pious: The rewards of tolerance are treachery and betrayal.+++

>> No.26961790

jokes on you I go there regularly and can actually tell you that most of them there aren't going around shitting up other boards

>> No.26961808

+++Thought for the Day: The God-Emperor is a Totally Awesome Guy and I Didn't Forget to Think of Anything to Write Before this was Due.+++

>> No.26961810

This is as my Master told it to me and now I tell it thee.

There are a billion names of damnation! A billion kinds of things that slither and slime and defile the land and sea and wind. Each thing is a kind of sin spawned by man's evil. And that man is very sinful there are many of these damned things and their power is great.

As the purpose of all things in nature is to increase so it is with the damned. They would we joined them and so they seek to overcome us. In obese forms they assault us. In threads they come to spread doubt and fear among us. They would corrupt our hearts and see us damned too. Trust them not nor suffer them to live.

For each horsefucker destroyed is a soul freed from eternal bondage. Each mortal horsefucker life extinguished is a human soul raised to glory. Thus our eternal destiny is written in the blood of the horsefucker.

With sword and spear destroy the horsefucker. With cannon shot and gun blast smash the horsefucker. With laser beam and searing plasma scatter the horsefucker to the stars. With tooth and fist and hammer blows, with axe and shell and poison-bombs, with virus-charge and thermal mines!
Kill them! Kill them! Kill them all!

As my Master told it me I now tell it thee that thou shalt tell others in thy turn.

>Thought for the Day: The Emperor bestows upon us the gift of intolerance.

>> No.26961840

sure is samfag in here, remember the 4chan Minecraft server? /tg/ was /mlp/'s partner and helped them plant a wither in /v/'s territory

>> No.26961842

I'm just mildly disappointed they'll be throwing Imperial Guard in later in the game.

I really want to make my Dark Heresy Imperial Guard player in this game. Arms like twigs, eyes like the offspring of a hawk and a very confused eldar.

>> No.26961850


>> No.26961856

+++Thought for the Day: Work earns salvation; shirking work leads to a visit from the fucking Arbites if it happens again, mentioning no names in particular.+++

>> No.26961874

>removing eldar for necrons

Your shoe horned faction will always be second stringers no matter how much they retcon.

>> No.26961877

Minecraft is for autists.


>> No.26961897

gtfo Alexander

>> No.26961904

then apparently a good portion of /tg/ is autists, get used to it they were her long before a show you don't like came around

>> No.26961911


>> No.26961923

Makes me wonder something, in the grimdarkness of the far future, are there interns?

>> No.26961950




>> No.26961951

Nah, they just use servitors.

>> No.26961983


elegan/tg/entlemen, from all races , marines, tau, ork or chaos, come together for a grand race through neutral tyranid territories

winner is the one who gets back first(aka alive)
accdents DO happen on the road

this will be our /tg/ thing that will unite us in a game

>> No.26961994

yeah called an adept

>> No.26962037


>> No.26962043



>Be scorpion
>no exarch promotion
>no CLAW

No CLAW no sale.

>> No.26962058

It shall be called Da Red Race!

>> No.26962059

Purge the Horsefuckers.

>> No.26962069

+++Thought for the Day: We've been doing this for thousands of years, all the good, bad, and other ideas are already done!+++

>> No.26962083

I can see it now...

>Every Eldar cosmetic option
>Slider for the amount of "Rhinestones"

>> No.26962110

>Bet three teef on the race
>Lose race
>Mail three of your teeth to the winners

>> No.26962126

Good on ya, Lootas are gonna be a class!

>> No.26962132

you are probably the only sword rattler in the thread, get over it, /tg/ did about half a year ago.

>> No.26962134

ye am retarded
because dem pantsy eldar are not allowed

>> No.26962191

REMOVE WRAITHBONE remove wraithbone
you are worst servant race. you are the servant race idiot you are the servant race smell. return to crone world. to our crone world cousins you may come our empir. you may live in the zoo….ahahahaha ,eldar we will never forgeve you. elfin rascal FUck but fuck asshole servant stink eldar sqhipere shqipare..old one genocide best day of my life. take a bath of dead old one..ahahahahahELDAR WE WILL GET YOU!! do not forget war in heaven .slann we kill the old ones , slann return to your precious home worlds….hahahahaha idiot old one and eldar smell so bad..wow i can smell it. REMOVE WRAITHBONE FROM THE PREMISES. you will get caught. necrons+c'tan+slaves+canoptek=kill eldar…you will war in heaven/ imotekh alive in dynasty, imotekh making war of dynasty . fast war imotekh dynasty. we are rich and have gold now hahahaha ha because of imotekh… you are ppoor stink servant… you live in a webway hahahaha, you live in a ship

imotekh alive numbr one #1 in dynasty ….fuck the crone world ,..FUCKk ashol servants no good i spit in the mouth eye of ur race and craftwold. imotek aliv and real strong warrior kill all the servant farm aminal with war science now we the necronn rule .jokaero of the zoo warbos the baest fukc the great daemon and lay egg this egg hatch and eldar wa;s born. stupid baby form the eggn give bak our clay we will crush u lik a skull of tyranid. necron empire greattst empire

>> No.26962194

There will be caves underground full of tyranids and cultists. If they are easy to enter (ie no instances or gates) that can be the race, especially good if it's very elaborate and maze like
Imagine rushing through caverns, the roar of bikes and gunfire filling the air as it echoes in the infested chambers, dodging through tunnels and around spires

>> No.26962207

That was well spoken. I do hope you join the ranks of The Emperors Will within the Eternal Crusade.

>> No.26962208

I don't have to accept autists, sorry.


>> No.26962231


>> No.26962237

So /tg/, as great as this is, let us discuss possible horrors.

Like Youtuber celebrities getting access to the game, and trying to make it in the council

Which Youtubers would go to which race?

>> No.26962252

+++Thought for the Day: A logical argument must be dismissed with absolute conviction, so get the fuck back to work before I send some of the motivators to motivate you with shock mauls.+++

>> No.26962272


I hate it when people who like MLP claim to have autism and say "I know I'm weird" and think that's an acceptable excuse to be a brony.

>> No.26962278

>He thinks all of the horsefuckery is purged.


To be Unclean
- That is the mark of the Horsefucker
To be Impure
- That is the mark of the Horsefucker
To be Abhorred
- That is the mark of the Horsefucker
To be Reviled
- That is the mark of the Horsefucker
To be Hunted
-That is the mark of the Horsefucker
To be Purged
- That is the fate of the Horsefucker
To be Cleansed
- For that is the fate of all Horsefuckers

Now go back to your pony tulpa threads

>> No.26962282

then how can you accept yourself?

>> No.26962299

all that while dodging enemy rabidfire, suppressive fire, granades and melee rushes

also fire from another participants

being first is suffering if there is a space marine with twin linked bolter behind you

>> No.26962302

Everyone who's a social disaster claims autism because it takes the blame off him.

>> No.26962323

obsessed much?

>> No.26962338

Picture is completely related.

>> No.26962349

as an actual Autistic I despise such people, it doesn't take the blame off at all, it's like a paralyzed man demanding people carry him instead of learning to use a wheelchair

>> No.26962356







>> No.26962371

not really, the thread got derailed because one guy started ranting at one small reference

>> No.26962388

You're not even talking to the same guy anymore, quit your bitching and get back to the thread

>> No.26962423


>> No.26962448

honetly, all /mlp/ does all day is bitch about the show,
how they hate what the fans have become,
how much pony has gone downhill,
and how depressed they are.

the tulpa threads left there anyway.

>> No.26962469

'Ere we go 'ere we go 'ere we go!

Weze da Orkz, aint we ladz? Do you lot know wot dat meanz? Course ya don't, you'z just a buncha snot-brained gits, dats why I'z gonna tell ya.

Bein' n Ork, meanz we is da best, da best at fightan, da best at winnin'. Weze been all cross dis 'ere galaxy, weze krumped da Space Marines, weze krumped da Eldar, weze krumped dem Chaos boyz, da Tyranids, dem Tau gits and even dem Necrons! Ya know why!? Cuz weze Orkz! Weze da biggest, weze da meanest, weze da tuffest, da strongest, da most cunnin' n' da most brutal! Weze smashed da stars, and stomped da planets all over dis place, and weze gonna keep on going, weze aint gonna stop cuz everywhere we go means derez a fight comin'!

So when you'z meet wiff dem ova gits, wif dere fancy Emprahs, deres flashy soul stones, and dem panzy Chaos Gods, you'z looks dem right in dere eyes, and you'z show dem what it means ta be da best out dere.


>> No.26962476

>people who want to talk about Eternal Crusade in an Eternal Crusade thread belong on /mlp/
Good job claiming the moral high ground.

>> No.26962484

Then stop fucking pretending you're accepted anywhere else.

>> No.26962509

Well can we not bitch about ponies in a thread about 40k?

>> No.26962529

probably into something like a fleet

>> No.26962535

stop bitching at the and they'll go away
aka stop bringing it up and resume /tg/ mode

>> No.26962553

I clicked >>>/mlp/ and I quickly scrolled down to see that 99% of the pictures posted where pony related, some of them sexualized. It looks like nothing intellectual is discussed there.

This sacrifice of my eyes....to look upon that section of the web.....so bad...

>> No.26962565

apparently not, we have a troll here, simple as that I don't care one way or the other except for the idiotic derail that is more the hater's fault, as usual

>> No.26962584

so absolutely no difference from anything else on 4chan?

>> No.26962615

+++Today's Thought: Compromise is akin to treachery+++

>> No.26962631

This place is infected by Horsefucker taint... And where such infection lies, I have all the authority I need.

In the name of the Immortal God-Emperor and by the grace of the Golden Throne, I hereby declare Exterminatus on this thread, thereby consigning a billion souls to Oblivion

The Emperor protects.

>> No.26962649

logic ain't that bad bro, it's kinda nice not having to worry about irrelevant shit

>> No.26962666

Isn't this all kind of irrelevant since we're mostly going to be orks anyway?

>> No.26962670

+++Today's Thought: Always reject a logical argument!+++

>> No.26962680

It's fine to kill gits for being unorky too.

>> No.26962681


>> No.26962690

Yeah but if there's humies and elfs around then they should get krumped first since nothing is more unorky than a unork.

>> No.26962705

+++Thought for the Day: Just how did Orks manage to GET IN OUR THOUGHT FOR THE DAY SYSTEM!?

>> No.26962730

Well no matter how irrelevant it is, some people can't get over stuff they don't like in their games and will rant and bitch about it.

On a better topic, what should the /tg/ Ork guild be called?

>> No.26962748

Fa/t G/ork Boyz is only suggestion I've seen. I'd scrap the // though and just go Fat Gork Boyz.

>> No.26962764

+++Thought for the day: If the Mon'keh can abuse the thought of the day system to treat opinions as facts, so can everyone else.

>> No.26962765


Well Scraplootas would be traditional at least. I'm more in favour of some kind of pun, like our Chaos guild being Chaos Undecided.

>> No.26962766

+++Today's Thought: Wow, those Eldar really raked those orks over the coals! What was that, "two toofed weedy grots what couldn't krump a snot wiff a powa klaw an a map"? Ooh, harsh.+++

>> No.26962767

xxxFaught for da Day: You 'umie gitz aint so great, me Boyz 'ere broke into dis fing in no time!xxx

>> No.26962784


>> No.26962788

>Scraplootas would be

>> No.26962797

Oi, oo wants da be wif Gork, Mork is whet weze shuld be, dat it is.

>> No.26962812

Well if we go by fa/tg/uys but not just call our guild Da Fat Boyz

>> No.26962818

I actually found that to be funny, then again I am kinda drunk

>> No.26962827


Alright alright, I just don't know of any other Ork stuff we've done.

>> No.26962839

Gott ab more orky.
Da Phat Boyz

>> No.26962848

Literally anything would be better.

>> No.26962865

>Gurk and the Grunting Lustful Orks

>> No.26962873

We could, yeah. That would make sense.

>> No.26962888

>he doesn't like the Grotocracy

>> No.26962898

>No Necrons

That's a paddlin'

>> No.26962918

+++Thought for the Day: What, do Tyrannids and Kroot have access to this too?+++

>> No.26962924


>> No.26962950

+++Skreee hiss click Skree: SKREEEEEE+++

>> No.26962968

You and every four hundred people who come in these threads complaining about Necrons.

They will get added in after launch

>> No.26962969


>> No.26963048

Thought for the Day: give peace a chance Gue'la

>> No.26963078

+++Thought for the day: Primatives have no right to think.+++

>> No.26963085

+++Thought for the Whatever: Your flag is up, now what?+++

>> No.26963116

So Titans will apparently have a presence, but not a major one, in the game. I wonder exactly how they will be shown. I doubt they will be useable, and it would kind of ruin the feeling of a war if they are some AI controlled super weapon, cause then everyone is focusing on destroying the giant weapon and not fighting back. Also it would end up 'death of a thousand papercuts' as mobs of players crowd around the feet, waking it.

I'm thinking they will just be a set piece for Titan Manufactorums, you can't actually use them or control them, but they are there.

>> No.26963147

They'll definitely be some kind of setpiece.

>> No.26963152

It is not enough, the Dynasties will not suffer such disgrace meekly.

>> No.26963179

Oh you havn't even begun to suffer disgrace

Because of you, I'm gonna rub my Ork butt on every Necron I kill when they get added.

>> No.26963205

+++Thought for the Day: Clearly, this breach of our systems is the fault of the cog boys.+++

>> No.26963237

>They will get added in after launch

That's what i'm concerned about...they're adding a lot after launch, plus they still have like Sisters of Battle and shit. How exactly are we gonna see a balance with two Imperium forces that will most likely already be overpopulated? Plus the Imperial Guard...if they ever add them. Are we gonna see a Dawn of War 2.0 of everyone fighting everyone regardless of if they're on the same side?

Shit's strange.

>> No.26963269

>Implying they'd ever actually add sisters and aren't just saying that they would to appease their super autistic fanbase

>> No.26963270

+++Cognition for the solar cycle: The disciples of the Omnisiah have made no errors in this system+++

>> No.26963294

The real problems with the scraplootaz:
1. Klans are already in as preset choices.
2. No playable grots.

>> No.26963317

+++Thought for the Day: I bet the Inqusition did th+++

>> No.26963335


I can't see them putting in new factions that are allied with existing ones. It just seems to be against what they're thinking. I mean, look at Dark Millennium. They had Orks and chaos teaming up against Eldar and SM. By contrast, with the exact same races, they're all separate in Eternal Crusade.

Besides, the guys behind this are honourary fa/tg/uys. They're going to have everyone fighting everyone, because that's what should be happening.

>> No.26963344

It's possible the addition of SoB and IG could introduce side-factions. Their own starting ground and classes, but are considered part of the Marines. Could be used when they add Daemons.
I dunno.

>> No.26963358

The implication that a plebeian creature such as yourself could best a Necron warrior is amusing.

>> No.26963376

Tau :

Battle Suit, Stealth Suit, Kroot, and Vespid.

Are those alright with you guys?

>> No.26963392

Scraplootas are a tribe, not a klan.

Regardless, I don't wanna be one.

>> No.26963435

I'z gonna mount yur shiny 'ead on me boss pole

>> No.26963488

+++Thought for the Day: Why?+++

>> No.26963500

Shitty troll is shitty

>> No.26963508

Oi, why does youze got a boss pole? I'z da biggest so I'm da boss.

>> No.26963539

+++Thought for the Day: I was mistaken. Stop asking so many question if you know what's good for you.+++

>> No.26963552

I'z da Mek Boss, ya git

>> No.26963701


I would pay 10 US dollars for that hat on my Ork...

>Top Mek

>> No.26963768

lord, immortal, destroyer, wraith, cryptek, lychguard

Fire warrior, pathfinder, crisis, ethereal, kroot, vespid

>> No.26963796

I wanna Death Company

>> No.26963820

>Not Praetorian

>No Deathmark

>> No.26963840

>Dark Souls
>Not Monster Hunter or Etrian Oddyssey
They can eat shit and die.

>> No.26963872


>Dies in combat
>Every tau in the area simply lays down and cries to death

>> No.26963918

Death Company would make a great 15 day trial

>> No.26963973

Well, they could do what WoW did with hunter pets. Perhaps one could also pass the commander's personal "spellbook" as simply a list of commands for the squad, unlocked through leveling and gear selections.

>Grenade command
>Random Guardsman throws a grenade

How about making the squad simply a single character model, designed to look like a whole squad? As health is lost, the "squad" loses Guardsmen until the leader character is the last man standing. At lower levels of health, certain abilities become unusable as specialists are killed off.

>> No.26964105

So, game economy. How does it work? I'd like to see players gain currency as they accomplish objectives and lose it as they sit idly for extended periods of time. It fits with Orks (teef) and the Chaos/Imperial Space Marines (glory/renown), to an extent. No idea how eldarbucks would work, though.

>> No.26964174

>lose it as they sit idly for extended periods of time

Hell no, not everyone can play all the time.

>> No.26964290

Point, although it might encourage players to keep coming back. It could be done so that basic wargear (plasma guns, flamers, missile launchers, etc.) stays fairly affordable, while cosmetic awards and more esoteric weaponry (volkite gear, combi-grav, etc.) get stuck with higher price tags.

>> No.26964325


The squad as a single character idea...I like it.

My friend told me that idea was implemented in City of Heroes, and that it actually worked.


>> No.26964342

>How about making the squad simply a single character model
>single model
That would be grotesque as fuck. Why would you even suggest that?

>> No.26964359

Because the idea of combining Guardsmen to create a super-Guardsman with the Commissar as the head is too humorous not to suggest.

>> No.26964432

>Killing Furries/Beastmenlovers
>in 40k setting
lol u retard goback2killzone

>> No.26964458

>defending furries

>> No.26964476


>> No.26964520

Stop it we already got past this shitty derail once.

>> No.26964625


>> No.26964636

Exactly, they want another until we go to /vg/

>> No.26964850

>Chaos Marines
Black Legion, Word Bearers, Iron Warriors, Alpha Legion

Ulthwe, Iyanden, Biel-tan, Alaitoc

Sautekh, Nekthyst, Sarnekh, Oroskh.

>> No.26964915

Got a source?

>> No.26964963

Nope, just speculating.

>> No.26965011

I would highly agree with that.

>> No.26965053

Wrong pic

Did we hit autosage?

>> No.26965250

every gw game had shitty support psotrelease
what makes you thing this is beetter

>> No.26965277

>not having faith
What has the warp done to you brother?

>> No.26965311

Terrible things

>> No.26965357

My new pet. see right panel

>> No.26965394

Speaking of pets, I wonder if there will be pets available in the game, so that Orks can have Gretchin and Squigs.

No Warboss is without his attack Squig

>> No.26965426

>Wanting INquisitor concubine
>and daemonette
>and nurgling

>> No.26965510

But there aren't any inquisitors.

>> No.26965531

There aren't Inquisitors

More like Servo skulls following around Space Marines

Maybe smaller Daemons to follow around Chaos

>> No.26965539

>Pets=player races
u wot m8
-Ghandi Mandela

>> No.26965565


Sheeeeit. Something like a fucking pokemon battle between them.

Servo Skull vs Nurgling.

Servo Skull evolved into Combat Servitor.

>> No.26965574

Who the fuck could have an Inquisitor pet.
This isn't a High Lords MMO, as hilarious as that'd be.

>> No.26965596

That's heresy actually
i hope we got nurgling equivalents for other gods
like a tonguepenis running on legs with the balls being the tights for slaanesh

>> No.26965667

Well more like small support. You rush into battle with a Servo skull armed with small guns and they either attack what you attack or try and support by attacking surround enemies. Could provide certain buffs or assistance. Like a Gretchin can Orks reload or carry more ammo or speed up repairs and upgrading stuff

>> No.26965683

the fuck is that?

>> No.26965695

A very angry servo-skull?

Pet mini-Horror? Flamer? Disk?

>> No.26965710

A tiny bloodletter

>> No.26965738

>Aw, how adorable, the little red guy thinks he can OH EMPRAH MY ANKLES

>> No.26965741


>> No.26965752

/tg/ really has gone to shit!
check 1d4chan's tg stuff

>> No.26965764

Angry servo skulls->servoskulls with agnry eyebrows drawn on via crayon
and some spikes
and on fire

>> No.26965770

Well orkz already get boyz as pets.

>> No.26965801

Reverse google turns up nothing and it has no name. His query is valid.

>> No.26965824

>Reading 1d4chan

>> No.26965830

Maybe they're possessed by chihuahua daemons. Shrill, tiny, and ridiculously angry.

>> No.26965833

just gives me that image in other archived threads and the image is saved from another thread giving the filename

>> No.26965860

>Boys as pets
>Not Gretchin and Squigs
Also Space Wolves get space wolves

>> No.26965921

Do Ultras get tiny Matt Ward goombas?

Captcha: purge mlesysca

>> No.26965954

>Well orkz already get brasilians&russians as pets.
also, confirmed for imperialist coloniast privilegded white guy
shame on you

>> No.26965978

I hope you can shoot them to explode

>> No.26965994

>not reading 1d4chan
Pure filfth.
Fuck modern /tg/

>> No.26966031

Ork paying players should give an aura that heals or buffs free players so they are encouraged to stick around.

>> No.26966041

>Anything but a shit hole filled with le funny maymays

>> No.26966067

Nah, thats dumb. They don't have to hang around, just follow orders, and there are already rewards for following orders in the form of a lot of exp and such.

>> No.26966097

>hurr faggots make dumb jokes so the whole thing is shit
Why are you on 4chan then?

>> No.26966127

The awful shit doesn't stick around and congeal into awfully shitty articles.

>> No.26966519

>implying 1d4chan isn't in the process of being massively rewritten
>implying he can't change anything to improve it on a wiki
u r fagget

>> No.26966568

>Implying that matters when the rewritters will be just as shit
>Implying shitters can't change a wiki to "improve" it
>Implying that's not how 1d4chan became such trash in the first place

>> No.26966642


Back to /v/.

>> No.26966661

Have you even read the latest stuff? They really pulled back with memes and go for a cleaner style now.

>> No.26966781

Back to 1d4chan.

>Have you even read the latest stuff?

Yup, still awful.

>> No.26966845


>> No.26966913


I'm trying to help fix /tg/ by telling people to stay away from 1d4chan so that they don't contract cancer.

>> No.26966969

>staying away from a mess is better than cleaning the mess up

>> No.26967024

>Burying the rotten corpse is better than trying to reanimate it with CPR and a 12 watt dildo.


>> No.26967066

This thread certainly went lovely places.

>> No.26967107

We ran out of stuff to talk about halfway through the last one.

>> No.26967210

New one, lets try and talk about actual stuff, like classes, what we wanna see, what we plan to do, stuff like that

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