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So, I the Orks.

I like having fun, and they're a pretty fun army. They have wacky shit, they have a shit ton of dice rolling, and their entire playstyle of "fuck how many guys we lose CHAAAAARGE" is fun.

Also, as one who enjoys cannabis, gotta love those guys in green 420 blazitfaget etc etc

However, I hate their aesthetic. It's way too ramshackle for my tastes.

What do I do, /tg/?

Also, Ork thread, ya gitz.

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>doesn't love the ramshackle look

Get out, stoner. You don't deserve orks.

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Just loot another race's behicle. Simple.

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>doesn't like ramshackle
>likes "having fun"
>major part of self description is "someone who enjoys cannabis"

Get out.

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Run a Chaos Guard/ Marine army using the same rules?

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It's not necessarily that I don't like the look. I just don't like how the current Ork vehicles look, the Trukk to be specific. I think the Ork flyer looks alright.

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Count-as was something I was considering, how does one do that?

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You count something as something else.

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Indeed, but is it legal?

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In home matches it is, as long as your opponent doesn't mind. In tournaments idk, maybe if your fluff is alright.

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A lot of ork players only use counts-as vehicles, or kitbash everything. If you don't like the look of an ork model, just use another one that's about the same size.

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I smoke but I've never once made the connection of
>orks are green, I smoke green hurr durr

mainly because I'm not 13 years old

I don't play orks but I love their aesthetics and their whole mythos... are we talking about the same orks?

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It was a joke, man.

Don't get me wrong, I love their mythos, and their individual models are great.

Trukk is shit, is my biggest problem.

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Regardless, Ive never once made that connection and it somewhat made you come across as a complete tool.

Don't like trukks? That's fine, half the fun of orks is stealing other race's vehicles and making them orky

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Green things are nice if you like weed.

Not much of a stretch and not too many connections need to be made to get to that.

Hell, now I want to name the next bong I get the "green tide". Makes a lot of sense

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See, it's people like you that make people groan and roll their eyes at stoners.

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They slap shit together and it magically works, what's not to like?

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>Regardless, Ive never once made that connection and it somewhat made you come across as a complete tool.
Your rages are not facts of the universe. They are your own personal issues with people.

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If people react with automated expressions of dull-minded loathing, the problem lies with them, not their targets. It doesn't matter who or what they're targeting, because autobashing isn't a reasonable response to flaws in things.

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>Trukk is shit, is my biggest problem.
I feel obliged to be the pretentious hipster who comes along talking about "in my days we didn't have a decent kit and had to build our trukks from the ground up using plasticard".

But seriously - most of the fun of ork vehicles comes from converting them, there used to be whole WD articles discussing converted trukks.

If you hated a Rhino I coulda kinda understand, but people complaining about ork vehicle kits make me want to 'eadbutt them - make your bloody own.

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Alright, /tg/. You've convinced me.

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Wow, you really ARE an annoying tool.

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It's not automated expressions, you retard, it's body language.

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Sorry that you associate everyone who doesn't think it's weird or super edgy to talk openly about smoking pot with that one backwards hat wearing douche from college that power banged your waifu even though you never even talked to her.

People who are into fantasy and scifi and role playing often smoke pot? Who would've thunk it.

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So you don't like the ramshackle look of a vehicle that has the ramshackle rule...

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Roight ya git. Ya need to start thinkin' proppa.

And by proppa, I mean like a zoggin blood axe.

While da uvva boyz are goin' 'round wiff crappy trukks, we get rhinoz and stuff from da imperials.

Sometimes they even give them willingly, hur hur.

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As stated sir, I smoke too, my point is the same as this mans >>26939362 you are enforcing the stereotype. Also, green tide is a terrible name for a bong.

Im not raging, I believe I was calmly stating my reasons for being annoyed.


>Your rages are not facts of the universe. They are your own personal issues with people.

You forgot to add "Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan" to the end of that sentence.

I was giving advice, I was trying to explain why some people reacted negatively to his post.

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Or, you know, not be a complete tool and not mention that you smoke pot just because.

Someone who smokes cigarettes or drink alcohol won't say
"Hey I like blahblah and as someone who smokes cigarettes I gotta love blahblah"

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That's not what I said, pothead. I meant the "HURR DURR ITS GREEN! LIKE POT! I AM A COMEDIC GENIUS!" bullshit.

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>That's just like, your opinion man.

There, now it's better

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Why do stoners feel the need to tell EVERYONE that they smoke pot?

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ork thread, huh?

I made a ruleslight orky RPG if anyone wants to check it out.

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So, I like Chaos

I like having fun, and they're a pretty fun army. They have wacky shit, they have a shit ton of intricate models, and their entire playstyle of "RIP AND TEAR"is fun

Also, as one who enjoys cocaine, gotta love those guys in pink Slaanesh snortitupfaget ect ect

However, I hate their aesthetic. It's way too fleshy for my tastes.

What do I do, /tg/?

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Stop your square privilege please. You are oppressing us free-thinkers.

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>drinks alcohol
>doesn't mention in relating to fantasy

>dwarves all day long

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Make a model of Rick James to lead your army.

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Then it is time for the Blood Axe

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They don't. Kids do. Just like people who are not crotchety old men or autistic don't feel the need to freak out and bitch about "the stoners"

Back to orks please

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Idea for a count as army: Ork Imperial Guard

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>snortitupfaget ect ect

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Been done, I think with Gretchin

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I like having fun, and they're a pretty fun army. They have wacky shit, they have a shit ton of intricate models, and their entire playstyle of "FOR THE EMPRAH" is fun


However, I hate their aesthetic. It's way too BOLD for my tastes.

What do I do, /tg/?

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I think this idea alone has sold me on Orks today.

Mostly because Orks are so awesome that I can convert any army to be a wacky sort of Ork clan that plays like the Eldar, Tyranids, Dark Eldar, Space Marines, whatever.

Conversion armies are fun.

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please keep going. I find these amusing.

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Ork thread?

Got a 2k ork build running around in my head that I'd like feedback on if you guys don't mind...

Big Mek w/ KFF
Big Mek w/ KFF

11x Lootas
11x Lootas

30x Shoota Boyz
30x Shoota Boyz
30x Shoota Boyz
30x Shoota Boyz

Fast attack
Dakkajet w/ 3 Supa shootas, Red Paint & Fighta Ace
Dakkajet w/ 3 Supa shootas, Red Paint & Fighta Ace
Dakkajet w/ 3 Supa shootas, Red Paint & Fighta Ace

Heavy support
Battlewagon w/ 'Ard Case, Armor Plates, Killcannon, Reinforced Ram, 2xBig Shoota
Battlewagon w/ 'Ard Case, Armor Plates, Killcannon, Reinforced Ram, 1xBig Shoota

2000 points right on the nose.

Plan is to have the lootas with the big meks in the battlewagons, move the wagons up 6" a turn bombarding with the Killcannon and keeping the boyz in range of the KFF while the Dakkajets are ded killy inna sky

Thoughts? Comments? I don't know if it'll work or not but I think it'll be fun to play and besides.

"Orkses is never defeated in battle. If we win we win, if we die we die fighting so it don't count. If we runs for it we don't die neither, cos we can come back for annuver go, see!"

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datz alot of boyz


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I like Nurgle and shit, and they're a pretty fucking Nurgly army. They have Nurgly shit, they have a shit ton of Nurgly models, and their entire playstyle of "FOR PAPA NURGLE" is fun


However, I hate their aesthetic. It's way too NURGLY for my tastes.

What do I do, /tg/?

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>didn't spoiler the third line

0/10 would not praise papa nurgle with

>> No.26940113

'Ere now, is youz sayin dere's a ting as too many boyz?

>> No.26940147

what the fuck do you mean? Are you looking for alternate modeling suggestions?

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>doesn't like ork style
>is a pothead

what a faggot

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Okay, if you're wanting something other than a trukk, but want it to counts-as...

How about a Chimera? Make the front a little less armoured, make it open topped so the lads can have a bit of fun. Hell, removing the roof would help explain why it's fast.

>> No.26940209

Deffrolla > Ram every time
Either drop the rams all together or take away some of the flyers' RPJs for the spare points to buy rollas.

>> No.26940218

kill yourself or delete the thread before i start spaming quentin comics

>> No.26940241

Or you could post orky pics.

>> No.26940251

don't want to associate glorious orkz with a smelly pothead

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Wow, stoners are like vegans.
They always tell you they are shit tier people before 30 seconds have passed.

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So, I like Imperial Guard.

I like having fun, and they're a pretty fun army. They have tacticool shit, they have a shit ton of dice rolling, and their entire playstyle of "fuck how many guys we lose FIIIIIIIRE" is fun.

Also, as one who has suicidal tendencies, gotta love those body counts life is pointless etc etc

However, I hate their aesthetic. It's way too realistic for my tastes.

What do I do, /tg/?

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I know the feeling, I spend tonnes of time removing bolted on teeth and horns from weapons, armor and vehicle, and trading my way to 100% helmeted boys.
Generally the best clans for the serious Orks are Blood Axes and Goffs

I went with the foamer as their mercenary tendencies lets them loot Marine and IG Vehicles.
Also the Battlewaggon can look *very* rugged and well built while still being orky.

Vehicles still have bolted on plates and weapons, but there don't block exits, treads and seem almost cut to fit.

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I like Orks conceptually but reading anything written in Ork-speak makes me want to rip my eyes out.

>> No.26940322

I've been wanting to build a counts-as Tyranid army using Orks for ages. Chaos/mutant/feral orks, that is. Orks would be genestealers. Nobs would be warriors. Tervigons would be squiggoths carrying a shitton of crazed grots; including a looney little shaman on top.

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While I agree and usually run my wagons with rollas I don't think I'll have the chance to use them to full effect using the killkannons. the ram is going to be there to soak up weapon destroyed rolls, I guess I could take them off for more big shootas.

>> No.26940371

has some one done a Tau army with converted orkz before?

>> No.26940391

Never underestimate 12 str 5 shots + what a bellyfull of lootas brings.

>> No.26940402

How would that do anything? Rams don't count as weapons.

>> No.26940435

What if we skipped the orky gothic, and went straight for orkish?

>> No.26940478

Thanks, I have learned something new.

>> No.26940537

Yeah, nothing absorbs damage results like big shootas. Plus, all the extra dakka is nice to have.

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Orks are fun but you can barely even deploy 1500pts across your table-edge in this day and age, theres no planning in deployment, you just stick them on anywhere they will fit, which is partly the reason I got tired of 40k.
40k got way too big for its scale

>> No.26940763

Surely there's hope for our codex update making us fun again?

Also, $50 bucks says we get Ork Centurions that are very obviously making fun of the Spess Mahreen centurions.

>> No.26940784

50$ will barely even buy me a box fo Boys.

>> No.26941006

I just want vehicle options like in IA8, so I can have loads of scratchbuilt tanks that aren't a bag of shit
>pic related, has no rules unless you run it as a supa-kannon bigtrakk from IA8

>> No.26941043

Nice epic tank.

>> No.26941050

It gets me a Battlewagon from my not so local FLGS

>> No.26941110

Yeah, GW needs to fix the Price/Point ration stat though.

30$ for 50 points of Goys/Guardsmen/Gaunts.

I'd be perfectly happy with a box of click on weapon filler troops.

>> No.26941117

All the Ork Codex needs is a complete overhaul of the Looted Wagon. Pretty much have 3-4 different base chassis, each with their own AV and hull point combo, all the vehicle upgrades, and every Ork gun known to Orks available.

>> No.26941140

Also maybe make it available as a dedicated transport when taken without a big gun.

>> No.26941144

Its 40k scale, its one of Krooza's builds

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So, I like the Tau.

I like having fun, and they're a pretty fun army. They have weeaboo shit, they have a shit ton of firepower, and their entire playstyle of pew pew chicken feet gundam fish fetishm is fun.

Also, as one who enjoys opium, gotta love those squinty eyed fucksyoorantmirriondorrah etc etc

However, I hate their fluff. It's way too grimdark for my tastes.

What do I do, /tg/?

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>However, I hate their fluff. It's way too grimdark for my tastes.
>Way too grimdark

I think 40k might not be the game for you.

>> No.26941177

And power weapons for nobs.
Seriously, the models already have the bloody power "wire" on every axe there is.

And give it a token bonus if it "Don't press Dat" shocks a vehicle/unit.

>> No.26941180

It was a reference to the tiny image size

>> No.26941193

Try to keep up.
It's the 4h edit of OP's post.

>> No.26941195

>dedicated transports with a chance to run off course at full speed
Why would you want to?

>> No.26941211

I thought it might have been just after I posted.
I dont even know why I have such a disgusting tiny image saved.

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>> No.26941364

Need more traditional orky vehicles.

>> No.26941418 [DELETED] 

>bowel burner

420 smoke it faggot

>> No.26941556

What Orks should get in 6th Edition:
>Looted Wagons with all the options
>Nobz with Power weapons
>Flash Gitz with guns that don't suck shit. I would love a unit that can abuse Ignores Cover shenanigans
>Stompas in normal games, or some other giant mech

What am I missing?

>> No.26941595

I know my preferences. Three way split on choppas. (Normal, big, 'uge)

Useful Looted Wagons.

Stormboyz who scatter and explode on a 1, rather than just vanishing.

Ork jets which can ram.

>> No.26941625

You mean Vector Strike, right? Ramming Jets sound like they would be broken for both player and opponent.

>> No.26941644

Stormboys that get to take melee swings at Fliers, at the risk of accidentally diving into a turbine intake.

Because nothing says Orkis Anti-Air like a Tankhammer to the cockpit.

>> No.26941668

Nah, I mean ramming. I mean, sure they might not be able to ram other zooming flyers, but the idea of an Ork jet smashing through a wraithknight just seems appropriate. Or tank shocking a squad of guardsmen.

Think of it as a more universal version of the Blitzabommer's favourite tactic.

>> No.26941697

Good sir, I'll have you know that when I take two looted wagons, they rain hot fire upon my enemy! Da Big Gun makes good dakka when I want it to!

>> No.26941699

Taking an idea from the 'nid rumors, how about a flyer grabbing Rule? Stormboyz can get into melee with a flyer on a 4+ or 5+, and maybe crash and burn on a 1.

>> No.26941894


>120 boyz

HA!! puny clanz!! me boyz would krump da stuffin' outta dat deenky clan!

>> No.26942344

I told dat git over at >>26940047 dat I didn't 'ave enuff boyz. Youz gotta give it to dem dakkajets tho', they is ded killy wit dem supa shootas

>> No.26942496

Any sumzboy will tella ya, that's Lotslotslotslotslotslotslotslotslotslotslotslotslotslotslotslotslotslotslotslotslots.

>> No.26942574


dakkajets wit supa shootas is alwayz ded killy!

but if deys only 3 dakkajets den how could dat be betta den 200 boyz?! 200 iz da bigga numba ya git!!

>> No.26942591


what are some of the nid rumors?

>> No.26942756



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why do ork players get to have all the fun :(

>> No.26942834

why do ork players get to have all the fun :(

>> No.26942949

What makes them fun? Maybe we can help.

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>> No.26943013

Because they get to make an army entirely out of mixed bits and cultural references.

>> No.26943031


>> No.26943064


>> No.26943168


An drunken Mexican bandit-themed army of Orks riding Squigs and wielding six-shootas would be amazing.

>> No.26943218

Or boars with carboard donkey ears staples to them

>> No.26943328


Mebbe 'e sed "Too Runtherds" an' 'es zogged. 'E needs to see da dok eidder way, squig brain'll be more smarter 'an da wun 'es got.

>> No.26943425

Wut sort o grothed iz you?
Neva makie into da 'axes like dat yu won't.
Dey knows wot wot, any git dat kant count out 'is wage in teef n' ammo iz as useful as dangly parts onna panzee

>> No.26943475

>However, I hate their aesthetic. It's way too ramshackle for my tastes.

You don't have to make them ramshackle, you could simply make your army Blood Axes (clan with un-Orky ideas like military discipline) or Bad Moons (wealthy clan with higher-quality gear).

>> No.26943499

>Implyin' yous knows what too runtherds worf of teef looks like

Boyz dat can't count is still boyz an' dey is still ded killy

>> No.26943502

>Bad Moons (wealthy clan with higher-quality gear).

More expensive gear.

Modern example'd be gold-plated macbooks.

>> No.26943545

Well, gold-plating everything would lead to a less ramshackle and more uniform look.

>> No.26943574

Blood Axes like a bit of flash as well, hence all the medals.

>> No.26943683

Oh knly metal bits are gold plates, everything else is covered with zebra, cheetah, giraffe and pink-polka-squig fur.

They are what happens when chavs, hooligans, and 70's pimps collide at relativistic speeds.

>> No.26944043

Seriously, if you're a nonsmoker who doesn't like alcohol as well you're getting that shit rubbed over your face all the freaking time

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