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The steam that slowly crawls from the perforated flow of the sacred chamber fills your nostrils as you inhale your last breath as an apprentice under the Honorable Master Yakananowa. For twenty-two years you suffered under his brutal tutelage. Your bones snapped. Your joints corroded. Your hands were worked into bloody pulp to teach you the ways of the warrior instilled in every member of your noble household. From your great grandfather the Immortal General. To your slovenly older brother Ginyitsu. Now the mantle had finally passed to you. Today is the day you become a true Samurai and make your choice of weapon. armor. and take up the path of Bushido. To prove the worth of your soul to the forefathers of your clan.

What is your name?

>Oni Culture typically has eastern sounding first names with Roman-esque family titles. So something along the lines of...

Julious Kaneda House: Julious Name: Kaneda

First three votes decide!

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Also. Mood Music.


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Gavius Katsuo

>> No.26926899



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Brocchus Azumi

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Two for Katsuo of the house Gavius.

One for Azumi of the house Brocchus!

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I'll wait just a few more minutes before we just go with the current majority. Not expecting a high volume of players and we all want to get to the 'venturin.


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I shall also vote four Gavius Katsuo

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I vote this! I want to be a girl Oni!

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Just go with Gavius Katsuo, the name is not as important as the personality and background of character.

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Gavius has reached three votes first.

>"Katsuo of the honorable house Gavius...Great Grandson of the Immortal Conqueror Gavius Hirosho."

Before you stands the ponderous, leather-skinned Grandmaster swordsman Heironimous Yakananowa: Cleaver of a million foes.

>"Today you stand before your father, Shogun of the house Gavius!"

Your eyes are currently planted to the floor. As your code of conduct commands in the presence of your elders. You can feel the searing yellow gaze of your fathers blackened orbs upon you.

>Rolling for father's approval of your miserable existence.

>Vote upon what warrior's path you chose.

All Oni are blessed with incredible toughness.
What other talents are you gifted with?

>Strength of body.
>Dexterity of form and quickness of the hand.
>Or the keen mind of your warlord ancestors.

Each one will affect father's approval in some way! Make your choice.

>First to three votes.

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Next mood music.


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Rolled 4


Roll again. I'll roll for you. Your father dissaproves of your miserable existence,

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>Strength of body.

We are one beefy motherfucker.

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We are gifted with form and technique. As that will triumph over strength at any stage of life along with quickness of the hand for properly snapping necks.

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Rolled 5


>Strength of body

>> No.26927267

Rolled 2


>> No.26927290


it's better you all roll. It's a d10.

Oh! I've got it. We take the average of whomever recieves the three votes first. That shall decide our blessing and father's approval.


Roll for other Strength of body post.

Roll for the quickness of hand and excellence of form.

Choose a trait and roll once more if you have not.

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Be the stonkest

>> No.26927307

Rolled 6

Rolling. I'm >>26927229

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Rolled 5

Excellence of form!

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>keen mind of your warlord ancestors

Father is shogun. He knows the worth of tactics and strategy. Perhaps he may even see value in our learning the art of logistics, disgraceful though it may be to interact with merchants and heimin.

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I like Gavius

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The Strength of body has won!

As long as it's final poster can roll his final bonus roll to father's blessing.
So far they have.

If the other two traits can get their rolls before then THEY are the victors! Such is the warrior's way!

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Excellence of form has
>No third vote

The Warlord's mind has
>No second vote
>No third vote

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Rolled 3


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Rolled 4

Keen mind! Keen mind!

>> No.26927412

Rolled 7

>keen mind

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Rolled 9

Rolling for huge pecs.

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Dems some big pecs

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Rolled 7

We swole now?

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Didn't mean to roll, ignore that please. I was the one that rolled a 3.

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By the code of honor!
Strength of Body has become victorious!

Father's blessing upon our life is...



Through some cruel twist of fate. Your ancestors saw fit to bear both you and your brother not from one of Father's excellent wives...but from his concubine slaves. You are his only heirs and yet he despises your very existence. Your life has been spent honing your body to the pinnical of strength in an attempt to prove your worth to him.

So far...he has not been impressed.


His voice roils across the smooth obsidian glass floor as the magma does to the sea.

>"You now sit before me...A man in the eyes of our people."

His hand drifts from his side, motioning for one of his servants to bring him the sacred parcel that awaits your unworthy hands. You only know this from the sound of their stone slippers clacking against the chamber floor, for to look upon your father without permission would mean certain death.

>"Your brother before you took the spear of my Grandfather for his own...and you chose..."

What is our weapon?
With strength we may wield...

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Great-Axe because we are manliest samurai.

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But, this is Japan, so it's really stylish, and threatening.

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The Great Kanabo!

>Two more choices incoming

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Kanabo/Tetsubo, because wrecking face with a massive club is awesome.

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Aww we didnt get to use my big pecs roll. Bloody slow internet.

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The Dai-Katana. Swords for only the mightiest of warriors. Elegant and powerful by all definition.

For you, anon. Double Great-katana.

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>Morrowind daikatana
I like you. I'll wait to see the third before voting though.

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Or Finally. We try to claim our Father's Legendary Axe.

The one that won him his title. Plunderer of skulls.

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Let's go for this, we will pay homage to our Father's legacy whether he likes us or not.

>> No.26927716


Voting begins now.
First to three.
Give suggestions for the name of the weapon with your vote.


>> No.26927733

Goin with the Kanabo, that axe looks tempting though.

>> No.26927743

We have to take the twin swords.

It's more fair that way.

for them.

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We take the axe. If he did not think us worthy of it, he shouldn't have brought it before us.

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All Weapons forged in the volcanic strongholds of the Oni are imbued with a soul of fire. This elemental gives the weapon it's life, it's purpose and loyalty.

Suggest a name for the weapon with your vote.

Two Kanabo

One Twin swords

One Axe.

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Axe. We're going to honor the fuck out of that douchebag.

Or kill him with it, after learning to unlock THE TRUE POWER WITHIN that he never could.

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Sorry, posted before you said to give the name. The axe's name is Yama-uba, the mountain crone. It's a reference to the legend of Kintaro, the most infamous axe-wielder in Japanese mythology.

>> No.26927822

Big ass Kanabo

>> No.26927823

Putting my vote for axe from >>26927715 in.

And now a name, that's the tougher part.

>> No.26927828


>> No.26927862

I like that name, consider >>26927823 to agree with that naming choice.

>> No.26927865

As for the name of the axe, let's go with Temperance.

We'll treat every situation with temperance.

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The Axe has recieved it's votes slower than the brutal Kanabo...

Yama-uba...The Mountain Crone.


The Nameless Kanabo!


First three rolls for each weapon shall be averaged!




>> No.26927893

Rolled 5

Rolling for axe!

>> No.26927894


That's a d10 roll in case you were wondrin'...aroo.

>> No.26927914

Rolled 9


>> No.26927918

Rolled 8

Rolling for Yama-uba.

>> No.26927932

Rolled 8

Guess it's rollan tiem for the nameless Kanabo. Kinda dig it not having a name, would be cool to earn the name. Please oh gods of the dice don't abandon me like usual.

>> No.26927960

Rolled 5

Kanabo roll

>> No.26927964

Nameless and humble, the great Kanabo will be the perfect lever with which to overturn the world itself!

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Yama-Uba casts her hand!


...7! AATAA!!

First roll for the nameless Kanabo! Will no one stand for them!?

>> No.26927984

Rolled 8

Big. Ass. Kanabo.

>> No.26927988

Rolled 4

Ah, whoops. Rollan for Kanabo

>> No.26927999





>> No.26928017

This is so close, my god. At least both options are good.

>> No.26928032

Rolled 5

You Fools! You should have left it up to me and my dice with huge pecs!

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It seems...Yama-Uba is victorious.



>The difference is in fractions of a point! In Tabletop we round down!


Choose your Champions!

>First two to roll.

>> No.26928062

Rolled 7


>> No.26928077

Rolled 9


>> No.26928085

Rolled 11


>> No.26928106

Kanabo has dishonored his family.

>> No.26928108

Hey.. Not cool.

>> No.26928112

Rolled 8

Shit I mean kanabo

>> No.26928122

Rolled 5


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>Ama-Yuba The Mountain Crone...

>The Nameless Kanabo...

Fate is seared...


The clearly honorable roll came first. Do not worry.


New post incoming. Prepare yourselves...

>> No.26928151

Rolled 4

That was a mistake this was my real roll >>26928112. I was wondering how the fuck I rolled an eleven.

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>"You have chosen to wield...this."

The servant lifts the black and emerald silken swaddling from the edges of your mighty weapon. You can feel it's soul gurgle and seeth at the peasants hands around it. Even with the ceremonial cloth shielding it from such defilement.

You made your choice clear when you took up the path of the warrior.

You chose strength. You chose unquestionable force and brutality. As such the Kanabo sung to you from it's place in the Smith's stronghold. Like you it is a creature of fury, passion and ferocity. It's soul was so savage it could not even speak a name unto it's creator...and yet still you kept such a savage thing at your side.

>"This...nameless filth!"

Father hurls the weapon across the floor to your knees. You grip it instinctually in your hardened hands and hold it in the traditional method.

>"Go...Bushido Katsuo..."

...and just like that. You were clanless...and without honor.

>> No.26928378

Rolled 7

Bow respectfully, back away without turning your back towards your father. Then, once you are near the door, turn around and face your father. Look him directly in the eyes. "The day we next meet, you will be bowed before me. My might will bring you, weeping like a childless widow in front of my feet. Mark my words, you will regret this day."

Draw your Kanabo and shatter the closest pillar to you. It will serve as a reminder of your words.

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>"Only by the bindings of our blood do I relinquish my final gift unto you, Bushido..."

Father waves his curled claws to the servants who scuttle like insects at his command. They draw back the ruby-red paper walls behind him that had become illuminated with the lantern's light.

Silhouetted there was something that boggled your mind. You were meant to be outcast, mayhaps executed...instead.

>Before you rests the armor your father wore...in the first days of the Ashen Wars.

>> No.26928395

>The servant lifts the black and emerald silken swaddling from the edges of your mighty weapon. You can feel it's soul gurgle and seeth at the peasants hands around it. Even with the ceremonial cloth shielding it from such defilement.


>> No.26928403

>It's soul was so savage it could not even speak a name unto it's creator.

That's fuckin metal.

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Ok. NOW start arguing and voting on what to do. Roll d10s to add validity. Excellent wording like this shall earn you favor from...the uhh...gods. Yes.

That's the idea, Anon.

>> No.26928465


More mood setting.


>> No.26928539

Rolled 4

We strike out to travel the lands, if we are to ever wage conquest of the lands we must have knowledge of them and allies to fight by our side.

>> No.26928543

Rolled 2

Have we some options? If not I say we stand at a bridge and start challenging fools who try to cross.

>> No.26928545

Rolled 7

Here, will my roll be counted towards this vote?

>> No.26928559

>double sevens

>> No.26928571

Rolled 2

I like it.

Mostly because it involves smashing shit.

>> No.26928598

Rolled 7

First we must travel the land in order to understand it. Once we understand it we can aim to conquer. after all knowledge is power once we know the land we will be able to take it.

>> No.26928627

Rolled 3

Sounds good, but >>26928378
Needs to happen first, gotta be hardasses. (assuming he doesn't flat out kill our asses because DISHONORABURU)

>> No.26928646

Rolled 6

I will support this. Smashing shit just aint honorable yo.

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Yes there are many options awaiting in the land of the Eternal sun. Some in travel. Many in war. Those who are strong can turn others to their loyalty. With enough men could claim a land become shogun in their own right.

>Fate is seared...

You make your proud declaration.
>Oddly fitting music plays with your speech.


Then you strike out, shattering the marble of the pillar. Your Father does not move, merely roaring at you.


Once you make your way from the towering might of your father's volcanic castle you stand at a crossroads.

You know much of this land.
It is inhabited by four kingdoms and their respective Shoguns.

>Your Father. The Plunderer of Skulls. A warrior clan by every definition.
>The Blue Skinned Clan of Hipolya. Craftsmen and Weaponsmiths.
>The White-eyed House of Ursurus. Blind but geniuses of tactical combat...
>Finally the Black Clan of Caesar. Wealthiest Merchants in all of the land of the Eternal sun.

You find yourself now upon a bridge that leads to the great crossroads.

Begin Diriberation.

>> No.26928735

Rolled 10

We should head towards Hipolya lands and show them the strength of a nameless weapon.

>> No.26928761

Rolled 3

I'd say we start with conquering the white skin tacticians. Their insight would prove to be a great boon in our conquests.

>> No.26928772

Rolled 7

hm sounds like it would be a good idea to leave these lands. To travel to a land beyond the Eternal Sun. There we shall explores/wonder these lands to understand them. When we are done we aim to conquer as >>26928598 mentioned.

>> No.26928773


>> No.26928779

Rolled 5


>> No.26928784

Hmm, I doubt we shall find our fortune with any of those, at least not as we are now. But there is always room for mercenaries in a land of war, what do we know of mercenaries in the area? Once we become the head of a mercenary group we can negotiate from a solid position with others.

>> No.26928823

Rolled 8

I do like me some weaponsmiths.

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You begin your journey Northwards into the lands of the Hipolya. There the rich black soil gives way to rolling green hills and sparse sunlight.


You hear a clamaty of creaking and groaning from behind you. You turn to see a cart CAREENING DOWN THE PATH! It is oxless and driver appears to be slain!

What shall you do?

>Dodge the cart.
>Attempt to stop it with your mighty strength.
>Smash the filthy cart for daring to attack you.

First highest roll.

>> No.26928881

Rolled 10

>stop the cart
we got the strength might as well use it, also op make sure to check out the quest thread general I noticed some anons gave you some tips.

>> No.26928885

Rolled 2

>Attempt to stop it with your mighty strength.

>> No.26928890

Rolled 1

Stop the cart, we stronk!

>> No.26928898

Rolled 4

>Stop it with your mighty strength

You spread your feet wide, and thrust out both of your arms. Your breathing steadies and your eyes gleam with concentration. The cart barrels towards you and you...
>stop the cart
>fuck up
depending on roll

>> No.26928903

Could you stop with the "it's"? Don't mean to be the grammar nazi, but man..

>> No.26928904

Thank god for that guys 10....

>> No.26928930

Rolled 8

>Attempt to stop it with your mighty strength.

Destruction would not benefit us, and it would be irresponsible to leave it to assault someone else on the road.

Brace against the back of the earth, take it's breath within you, and let the breath guide you.

>> No.26928955

Rolled 4

We Show this fucking cart that we do in fact lift.
>Attempt to stop it with our huge pecs

>> No.26928999
File: 58 KB, 389x500, 4880898.a0b58416.500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


(Thank you Anon! Also, nice 10s.)

As the cart comes barreling down the path you know your purpose. With Nameless safely strapped to your back you assume the horse stance. Palms outstretched. Your eyes gleaming with concentration and focus. The weight rams into you!



Your feet are ground into the earth as the momentum of the heavily laden cart hurls you back. Your frame is far more sturdy than any wagon, though. Your back arches, your toes curl and after an agonizing few moments splitting the rocky ground with your heels...the cart comes to a stop.

Several things happen at once. First, you see a strange set of eyes watching you from the cart. Next, an arrow flies from the other side of the hill and buries itself into the wooden wheels. Next a group of three Oni come charging down and toward the cart. They have weapons but not nearly the same caliber of armor as you.

Do you.

>Attempt to stop them to find out what's going on.
>Flee. Dishonorabry.
>Attack them head on.
>Make it clear you are guarding the cart. (Intimidation)

>> No.26929056

Rolled 7


>> No.26929066

Rolled 5


"I will guard this cart with my life. Are you willing to give yours?"

>> No.26929090


One more vote and roll for each of these!

>Tfw you need to go soon but want the questers to get their first battle.

>> No.26929122

Rolled 7

>Attempt to stop them to find out what's going on.
>Make it clear you are guarding the cart. (Intimidation)

"Attacking a helpless opponent? Are you starving dogs, with no shame and no honor?"

Draw Nameless. "Let us see if you have, at least, some courage."

>> No.26929160


Tie between intimidation and attack!

Dice Battlearoo!

>Roll off

>> No.26929196

Rolled 4

Rolling for ripping and tearing their guts.

>> No.26929202

Rolled 7


>> No.26929287
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You move from behind the cart and into the view of your would-be opponents. Your Kanabo boils it's murderous lust into your arm as you draw it and allow it's weight to hurl to the earth. The ground spits soot as you assume your stance. You question their honor and impose your mighty frame. The three falter for a moment before...

>Their leader lunges for you with his Shortsword!


How do you respond to the forward assault of your opponent?

>Attempt Parry and Counter
>Attempt Disarm

>> No.26929308

Rolled 4

Disarm. Then warn them again.

>> No.26929318

Rolled 1

Parry and counter, no need to simply disarm those that would strike at us first despite our warnings.

>> No.26929331

They have abandoned me.....

>> No.26929343

Rolled 9


>> No.26929363

Rolled 10


Toss Nameless into the air, dodge with a sidestep, turn on the heel and use the resultant momentum to catch Nameless and smash it into the bastards skull.

It's flashy, stupid, and unnecessary. And that's why it's so great.

>> No.26929368

Rolled 3

>Attempt the disarm

>> No.26929388

Rolled 9

I second this.

>> No.26929392


You attempt to disarm your opponent but the Kanabo is not a weapon of grace. The opponent trips and slices across your arm. Nameless begins to burn the skin of your palm with his rage. He screams to their skulls to be splattered across his many gleaming spikes.

Your opponent is still stumbling. His cohorts standing by somewhat confused.

What do you do?

>Rush and smash the fool from behind.
>Bash his bewildered comrades.
>Await him to return to his stance.

This. You could do this.

>IF you had the blessing of dexterous hands.

>> No.26929407

Rolled 1

>>IF you had the blessing of dexterous hands.


>> No.26929440

Rolled 10

Smash him from behind, m8.

>> No.26929443
File: 450 KB, 900x1136, oni_back_piece_by_xcjxedge.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Oh unrustle thyself child. Tis merely a ruse for my merriment.

>Check my name sucka.


>> No.26929448

The dice agree.

>> No.26929466

Rolled 7

But in a really flashy manner.

>> No.26929478

Rolled 1

Let him stand up then use nameless like it was made to be used. By smashing.

>> No.26929498

Rolled 9

Agreed, hopefully straight up SMASHING him in half.. However that would work...

>> No.26929500

Rolled 3

Smash him of course, that's what the club is for

>> No.26929516

Rolled 1


>> No.26929528

Rolled 4

The dice certainly don't think so.

>> No.26929578
File: 177 KB, 600x399, Project-Ogre.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Tied for the ultimate limit break!

And bashin' im in the fockin' gob fer 'avin' a giggle at yah.


Your temper rises. Steam billows from your maw of properly twisted teeth. You've enough...ENOUGH of suffering the indignities of this land. Your eyes burn white and flicker with crimson rage of your Kanabo. You toss the weapon into the air, making it spin like a pinwheel. Your opponent begins to turn, his focus returning only to see you reach up, snatch the handle and bring Nameless' horrific end down upon his nose and skull like the Thunder Hawk that steals the whales from the sea.

>His body utterly crumples.

His spine shatters like a twig! His ribs crush and crack outwards like useless reeds! His face meets his feet at the earth as his black blood waters the grass and completely drenches your face.

> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wwjNazXyrdo


>> No.26929658

Rolled 4

Do his buddies still need a good smashin?

>> No.26929660

Rolled 3

Turn towards the rest of his cohorts, lost in the bloodfrenzy that Nameless has imbued in you, and begin crushing their bones. Revel in the screams, bathe in the blood, and roar with all your might unto the Heavens.

>> No.26929661

Rolled 10

Turn towards his comrades... and smile.

>> No.26929680


>> No.26929704

My sides have entered the stratosphere

>> No.26929724

My sides have set up partitions in Kyoto.

>> No.26929734
File: 475 KB, 1600x1600, 235_max.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


At last. After so long...so much hardship. Victory...and a bloody one at that. Madness fills your very bones. You feel alight with murderous flames that pour out from your mouth and now streams out from your eyes as black blood-mist. Your gut-wrenching visage turns to the two cowards who dared not fight you...you smile a grin so wide it could seem to swallow the mountain of fire and belch back oblivion itself.

>The two idiots fall to their knees before you.



>> No.26929768

we got ourselves some drinking mates

>> No.26929787

Oni-chan please

>> No.26929816

Oh, next time we can see what's in the box(cart) also! I LOVE STUFF!

>> No.26929820

Rolled 5

Go up to them and say that you have little use for cowards. However, you will accept them as servants. But if they should fail in their duties or attempt any treachery...

Then smash one of their heads in.

>> No.26929854 [SPOILER] 
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Hope you all liked it. I'll be continuing sometime next week. Probably Monday starting much earlier. Please give me feedback on what to do and what you liked/hated. Maybe come up with things for next time. In the meantime I need to sign off!

See ya, Space Samoorai.

Next time.
>and macaroons...

>> No.26929855

So far we know there is a "strange set of eyes" watching us from the cart.

>> No.26929875


>> No.26929932


>> No.26929975

Yah. We only really need one servant. One loyal one, that is.

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