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40K general thread

So will the SM preorders go on sale once it hits midnight, or sometime during the day on the 31st? And would that be when it hits the 31st in England, or what?

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Probably at midnight in UK (in 2 hours and 30 mins) or maybe even not until the next day.

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So after watching miniwargaming on youtube all morning, my desire to play has dropped a lot. It looks waaaay complicated.
>Necrons look retarded op, every time one died it just got right back up.
>Grey Knights had some hero guy take like 50 shots from Tau every turn and never died.
I'm getting the feeling that balance isn't a priority when they design this shit.

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Miniwargaming also sucks and cheat a lot and/or forget about rules in their videos.

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You just saw things' strengths without the context of their weaknesses.

Even 40k is pretty balanced despite what the beardiest of grognards say.

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>$35 for a new codex
Why arent you supporting these guys?

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ah good a 40k general thread
SO! I was trying to make a cool chaos biker squad using chaos knights from fantasy, putting them on the 40k bike bases, and then giving them chain swords and guns and stuff using my extra bits. Thing is I want them to be all slaanesh and give the chaos lord in the squad a steed of slaanesh. So I wanted to take this guy and use him (picture) but I know he uses a 50mm monster base so he wont fit on the biker base and being so tall might be an easy target, I could just get that group of 5 Hellstriders but they don't seam to have the proper bits to make a good chaos lord.
....help please

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Question: Which Army Painter primer is closest to Tau Sept Orange?

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No scam.
That guy is just a bro.

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Miniwargaming isn't very good at the game, or the rules. It's mostly a for-fun thing.

CSM field demons and have mutations, Tau has good as fuck guns and can field battlesuits, Orks can Waaagh! and get a bunch of special rules like Mob Rule and so on. All armies has their defining, unique quirk.

Necrons can come back after they die, and GKs are all about fielding few but stupidly expensive models.

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How much does he charge for the limited editions?

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Prop him up on a base size appropriate pedestal then slap that on the base. Height could be problematic.

Grab your hacksaw and some green stuff and shape a new tail to fit the base. Maybe manage to get it posed lower.

Do a little dance, get down tonight.

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Arent those usually from GW only?

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First, do you REALLY want the Lord to be sitting on a steed? A serious WYSIWYG-asshole might take you up on that and count the Lord as riding a steed instead of a bike. ---- >Steed doesn't get Jink, Lord can be sniped.
I did the same Hellstrider-as-Bikers thing, but put my Slaanesh-Lord on a normal bike for just that reason.

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Yeah. There was hardly any Grey Knights but tons of Tau. Draigo guy got shot at a million times but never died, didn't make any sense.

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I dunno, are they?

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What do you expect? Its fucking Keldar Draigo, the Grandmaster of the Grey Knights!

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Well, Draigo alone is more expensive than a fully kitted Fire Warrior Team. It's GKs quirk. They have very few, very strong, very expensive models.

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A true bro
fight for your freedoms


Why do you hate freedom?

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That's very true but I am planing on having two separate chaos lords of slaanesh, one on normal bike (or in this case chaos horse), and one on the steed and swap them IF i know what army Im fighting

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YES YES! Fuck'en Xenos YES! now would any of you brothers happen to have any warp dust?!

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ya that was my intention to put him on the right base. and I was debating if I should just chop up the steed and use green stuff to lower it.


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A Cheap Airbrush and Tausept Ochre?

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How the hell do you guys paint tac squad after tac squad? I'm like, 4 marines in and my eyes are fried. I'm not doing anything crazy, either, just priming white, giving a wash of Biel Tan Green, layer Warpstone Glow, picking out details in black and gold, then a highlight of Moot Green. Shit's taking a long time and I've still got 36 more troops to go, not including HQs, Sternguard, and a TFC.

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Do that shit slowly and one at a time. Do too much at once and of course you will get burned out

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You learn to do it faster and better.

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git gud nub

also space marines are fucking easy to paint

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So considering running Night Lords with the BA codex for my first army. Bad idea?

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So on average, what would you say is the normal time to complete a 10 man tac squad?

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>Orks can WAAAAGH

Fleet for one turn is so fuckin underwhelming, don't you dare list it as one of the Ork 'strengths'

The Ork strength is that if you win with it, it's like a double victory because this codex is so old and shit. Enjoy it while it lasts because when we get our new dex gonna be reamin some imperial assholes

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>when we get our new dex gonna be reamin some imperial assholes

No, no you're not.

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This probably took me maybe 2 hours because of the shoulder pads and helmet were painted white and every line I fucked up I had to go back and clean them up with thin layers if white again

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Ward 'dex

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>one at a time

Tacs and other low tier units should be horde painted if you don't enjoy dedicating hours to every model.

Do it like this.
Think about the best order of what to paint when painting a tac, all the way from basecoat, to first layers, to finishing touches. Organize everything in single colors, like "Step 2. Apply base layer of Regal Blue to blue areas." Write it down for now so you remember it.

Now take all your marines and place them in a row in front of you.

Grab marine 1, apply step 1 of your painting order, put him in the back of the line.

Grab marine 2, apply step 1 of your painting order, put him in the back of the line.

And so on.

When you've finished applying step 1 to the last marine, marine 1 will be dry, and ready for step 2.

They won't get as much of a personal touch, but they will be painted much, much, much faster.

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>priming white instead of whatever color your marine is

Found your problem.

Get an airbrush if you're going to prime white.

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>traditional Purifier scheme with silver armor, white helmet, blue eyes
>black stormbolter instead of red

Gay marry me.

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Prime black, highlight grey, done.

Takes 5 minutes per marine, feels like cheating.

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I hope you stripped those before you repainted them as RG.

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Of course I did.

How did you know they're repainted, saw them in the painting thread?

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It sure does

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Haven't found a colored primer good for Salamanders, and while I have an airbrush, I still need to go over the wash with a layer. I've used it for spraying the model Vallejo's Mutation Green with decent results after going over it with Warpstone Glow. I'm trying the wash right over the white since I'm trying to a lighter green.

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>wasting FW armor on BT


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Always loved the Raven Guard fluff, only reason I didn't paint them was because I was afraid to paint black.
Who'd have thought it was that easy?

Great looking Templars btw, I love the mixed armour marks.

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>>26920642 here
Honestly, what I also think my problem is, is that I have a higher standard than necessary for rank and file troops. I'm not getting super detailed, but I'm not doing base, wash, layer. I'm picking out highlights for things like the chest aquilas, skulls, bolts, and doing 4 color fades for the eye lenses.

That's my goddamn problem

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Would love to see pictures to give better pointers.

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>codex hopping from the glorious c:csm

it's as if you hate fun

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Can't see shit cap'n

>> No.26920802


Needs an ink wash and some highlighting. Looks pretty dull right now. Also, this is just a matter of preference, but I find the red on the stormbolter casing makes it pop more, and you're gonna want to at least do a coat of silver on the magazine. Could do with thinning your paints a little more, and generally taking your time. I see a number of small errors that look like they came about as a result of rushing the job.

Overall: serviceable if bland. 5/10.

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So I can prime with that straight on to the bare plastic? Hm....

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Thats what youre supposed to do.

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>not spray painting your minis in cheap enamel spray paint then drybrushing the highlights

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Rules question:
Do you get that +1 Attack for assaulting only when you do the assault move or do you get that every turn for being the active player?

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Try on a spare model or piece of plastic though.
Army Painter's sprays are fickle as fuck.

Watch this on how to use them:

>> No.26920864


Enjoy your shitty paint jobs.

>> No.26920866


Only when you've just assaulted.

>> No.26920870

Only on the turn in which you charge.

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Most people fuck up with army painter (or any primer) bcause they use them in an incorrect humidity

>> No.26920891

You can't see all this shit at a foot away. paint to play!

>> No.26920894

So in that pic posted, which one is which? Can't read any of the names.

>> No.26920899


Or the wrong temperature, using a too deep box, spraying too close or too far away.

Unnecessarily hard to use.

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So I'm planning on taking some Lychgard, greenstuffing them, turning them into UBERLYCHGARD, putting them on Terminator bases, and calling them Grey Knights.

Doing this so I can have a Necron army with GK allies.


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Looks unpainted.

>> No.26920924


You are in the wrong hobby. Might I suggest Heroclix?

>> No.26920934


Compare that to these two:

Highlights over drybrushing, any day.

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Matt Ward just shed a tear.

>> No.26920950

Jesus fucking Christ man. That was below the belt. I think we just answered the "worse insult for a neckbeard" thread.

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What's that game type called that is just like 500 point armies going against each other? Striketeam? Strikeforce? Killteam? I can't remember.

>> No.26920986

I'm not doing it to power game. I'm doing it because I like the Necron aesthetics/playstyle as well as the GK's mechanics. Plan to run a shit load of "subpar" units. Monoliths everywhere. Teleporting shenanigans. Etc.

>> No.26921001


Apologize right this instant. There are some things that are just too horrible to say.

Have same tact.

>> No.26921003

Killteam, yeah.

>> No.26921007

they're my homebrew bro. Loyalist black legion

>> No.26921015

Oh no no no anon. I didn't mean powergaming, both of those armies are perfectly respectable. It's just that Ward loves them both.
Also Uberlychknights sounds kickass.

>> No.26921027


Still looks unpainted.

>> No.26921070

Ah okay. Thanks.

What is Killteam like compared to like a normal 1500 point game?

>> No.26921072

40k is balanced so long as both players are playing for fun, or they're both powergaming faggots.

It's when the two mix you encounter problems.

Necrons aren't that bad as long as the guy isn't running the Flying Circus and the Grey Knights usually can't field too many models.

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No idea, haven't played it. It sounds fun though. I guess it would be not greatly unlike regular 40K but with less models and more units.

>> No.26921215

It looks to be cheaper. Less huge models and more little squads.

If I ever did start to play, I would probably just build killteams and make a big, ultra-cluttered table and have tons of fun that way.

>> No.26921277


500pt games are great, especially on tables really cluttered with buildings, trenches, razorwire and such.

Since it's so cheap and quick to play it means you can easily run campaigns or friendly tournaments with them to give an incentive to paint.

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new guy here, I have a question

would a squad of 10 khorne berzerkers get 40 attacks on a charge? my calculations are

>1 base attack
>+1 from CCW
>+2 from furious charge
>x10 = 40

and with those calculations that also means they get 20 attacks every turn after that, unless I'm missing something


>> No.26921354

It is correct.

>> No.26921379

>+2 from furious charge

Rage is the rule that gives +2A on the charge, but yes, that is otherwise correct.

>> No.26921422

That is definitely what I would do then.

About how big is a 500pt army? Like 10 or so guys? I'm sure it really depends on the army, but is there like an average?

>> No.26921475


Depends, an upgraded tactical Squad is about 180 points.
I'd say 20 models and a HQ character.

HQ are optional in Kill Team though so maybe 25-30 models.

>> No.26921485

alright thanks, I'm currently playing a game against myself to figure out the rules. I have played one game last saturday against a DE player but I had a hard time figuring out what the fuck was going on, and we were trying to hurry because there were people waiting on tables at the FLGS and I didn't get to ask all the questions I wanted

another question though. I have dirge casters on all my tanks (land raider and 2 rhinos). I know that dirge casters "prevent enemies within 6" from overwatch firing" but how exactly does that work? if one model from the unit is within 6" of tank, can his whole unit not overwatch or just the models within 6"?

>> No.26921503


Army Painter has been less suscetible to humidity for me. I fear any humidity above 65% and usually aim for 45-55%. When it was 75% erryday I said fuck it and used AP and it worked fine.

Army Painter is fickle in that it's a shotgun blast of a spray can combined with the fact you have to hold them REAL close. The MINIMUM distance you would hold a spray can for other brands to your model is the MAXIMUM distance you want to hold AP. So I just hold the can right up in the miniature's face and give it a light light mist, multiple times.

>> No.26921526


My friend plays Heroclix.

>> No.26921542

Looking into a second army, sort of. I'm already Necrons, but I'm looking at CSM with Daemon allies, specifically Word Bearers.

What sort of color scheme and choices fit the Word Bearers best? I was thinking a Chaos Undivided Lord leading the army as a Warlord, a Dark Apostle teamed with my Cultists, and other cool stuff, but no cult marines. Probably with Slaaneshi allies, but maybe Slaanesh/Nurgle or Slaanesh/Tzeentch. Though as an allied detachment, multi-god is probably too schizophrenic.

>> No.26921549

>Depends, an upgraded tactical Squad is about 180 points.

It's going down in the update. Gonna be like 150-160 if no veteran sgt.

>> No.26921559

>if one model from the unit is within 6" of tank, can his whole unit not overwatch

Exactly. The exact wording of the Dirge Caster is "Enemy Units".

Whenever something refers to a "unit" or "units", it means the ENTIRE unit. If something only affects models on an individual basis, the wording would be "models".

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Shiiiiit nigga they gonna be cool. Imagine Lychgard, with their shields, and their warstaffs, with extra armoring, and a shoulder-mounted gauss turret.

Shit'll be off the chain, yo.

>> No.26921619

sweet, thanks man

>> No.26921661


Word bearers theam would be Dark apostal, Lord/DP, cultists and khornate shit. Run around killing everything while getting shot to pieces by everything.

If C:CSM only.

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>> No.26921723


Khorne? Really? I thought Word Bearers were Chaos Undivided. Why Khorne?

>> No.26921764

>no pre-release yet

>> No.26921852

>Grey Knights vs. Dark Eldar
DE has TONS of shit and is still losing. This is silly.

>> No.26922096

>pre-orders are up
>but are impossible to access because over 9000 other people want to do the same
>my face

>> No.26922411

i only want to look at the 360 pictures, it takes about 5 minutes for each page to load.

>> No.26922453


As if that marine would have any sympathy for a dead cultist. I mean, really.

>> No.26922481


>> No.26922492

Ya'll niggas ready for sum Sternguard?

>> No.26922508

damn. I had no idea how XBOX huge they were

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>> No.26922535


>> No.26922539


>> No.26922550


>> No.26922588

Chaplin time.

>> No.26922599


>> No.26922632

The armies cost the same amount of points.

It's sort of like hulk hogan beating up a bunch of preschoolers

>> No.26922634


>> No.26922635

Chaplin's sprue.

>> No.26922651

ah man. i hate when they cast stuff in chunks.

>> No.26922660

praises to you blessed anon

>> No.26922662


>> No.26922663

Vnaguard Vets incoming.

>> No.26922676


>> No.26922679

converting these into assault squads for my blood angels.

>> No.26922685


Just a joke, anon.

>> No.26922705


>> No.26922746

Centurions are less interesting so I'll just post some detail and sprues.

>> No.26922757


>> No.26922763


>> No.26922772


>> No.26922778


>> No.26922790


>> No.26922801


Oh snap more molded plastic bases. Yes!

>> No.26922803


>> No.26922804

I actually kinda like them. They're like less retarded dreadknights.

>> No.26922805

coloured spray paint.
in "macragge blue" "mephiston red" "calaban green" and "the fang"

gods be praised.

>> No.26922812

>mfw the site works again now
Maybe I lowered their traffic, heh.

>> No.26922816





We have waited years for this day.

>> No.26922826

Oh I like them too, they just didn't post any pics that hadn't already been leaked really.

>> No.26922832

What wise ass made all sternguard legs robed?

>> No.26922847



>> No.26922859

>mfw I posted that yesterday
>0 resplies


>> No.26922864

they're like dreadnoughts for those not mortally wounded.

>> No.26922883

I think they're the first new mdoel in ages that really fits into 40k.

>> No.26922886


What weapons are those? Grav cannon and what? I see two underslung grav variants.

>> No.26922893

Shit I hadn't even noticed that the sternguard combi-weapons are intact, there's just two of each.

>> No.26922902

>MFW I just buy army painter instead

>> No.26922912

It's an upgrade, a Grav-stabiliser or something. Grants a re-roll to wound if you're using a Grav-weapon.

>> No.26922913

Apparently grav centurions don't get two grav cannons, they get the one and a grav-amp. No idea what that does.

>> No.26922923

LOOK IT! all dem flashy bitz und gubenz ta loot! cant wait to make mega nobz out of dem!

>> No.26922929

i don't like army painter. i find it very... thick? textured too.

>> No.26922934

>not matching up with offical gw paints
full pleb

>> No.26922935

>A spaaaaaaacccce meeeeehhhhrrreeeeeen eeeennnnnsssiiidddde aaaaa spaaaaccccce meeeehreeeeeeen

I hope we get a Tervigon inside a Tervigon on the next Tyranid release. Rumours are of another giant spawning blob so it might be just that.

>> No.26922966

I'm not dead!

>> No.26922985

Looking at the Centurion sprues it might be fairly easy to put the boob guns on their shoulders instead to make them less fucked.

>> No.26923000

Yes you are.

>> No.26923010

giant khorn belly button blaster
spess marine mammory gland missiles
whats next, ork anus autocannons?

>> No.26923034


The can has much higher PSI than other spraypaints. You need to use a very light touch with Army Painter.

>> No.26923036

>Only three Power Weapons

Damn, after seeing the Sternguard I was all excited that we might actually get decent Vanguard options beyond MORE FUCKING THUNDER HAMMERS.

>> No.26923059


GW's spraypaints cost nearly $18 a bottle. I think that's exactly how much they cost. So almost $20. And Army Painter sells matching paint for their primers.

>> No.26923073

datz just not right propa da iz

>> No.26923076

>wagon full of mooning orks with giant barrels sticking out of their pants

I'd play it.

>> No.26923077

>ork anus autocannons
Don't give the meks any ideas.

>> No.26923090


You just stay on that side of the Warp, Fryman.


>> No.26923106

>ork anus autocannons

They will shit fury, and you will drown in it.

>> No.26923120

what have i done

GW please don't see this thread.

>> No.26923175

See that fucker on the right? Yeah.

>> No.26923177

hmmm... Portable cesspit launchers.... I LIKE IT!

>> No.26923208






>> No.26923220


Congalala was so easy.

So every time I bring up Monster Hunter as an example of a fairly challenging game and to refute DS rhetoric, people scoff. Did Nintendo fuck up MH's difficulty or something?

>> No.26923230

These vets are going to be such a goldmine for leftovers. Conversions ho!

>> No.26923239


these are Black Templars, rite?

>> No.26923254

I'm Nurgle and I approve.

>> No.26923260

Iron Hands.

>> No.26923272

>not gluing every single leftover bit on your models


>> No.26923283

Iron hands. The powerfist big all silver is a dead give away

>> No.26923297


Never knew IH used white for their weapon casings. Very classy. Standard black/armor colors would've blended in too much, more metal would've been gaudy, and I hate red bolters.

>> No.26923300

If I like defensive as shit play styles and artillerey to get people the fuck off my lawn, what army would I want to play on the TT?

>> No.26923312

GW has gone down.

>> No.26923315

Thank you for not ignoring basic anatomy for making cheap penis jokes! THANK YOU!

>> No.26923318


*checks the time*

ah so that is why I'm giggling like a school of schoolgirls!

>> No.26923320

Imperial Guard apparently.

>> No.26923328

sit and shoot gunlines.

>> No.26923375

You know I kinda like this armor design even though I'm probably a heretic for it.

>> No.26923385

guard relies on tanks, tanks are easy to kill.

>> No.26923386

Ally the fuck out of them.

>> No.26923391


yeah, that and the GINORMOUS Power-fist is made me all confused..

Can't even think of why Black Templars would use a GINORMOUS power-fist when there's that many power swords and chain swords around!

>> No.26923393

Imperial Guard or Tau.

>> No.26923408

Imperial Guard has the best artillery and awesome tanks to shield them, whereas tau makes gunlines and has generally better ranged weaponry (though no artillery) with the ability to boost their accuracy.
Tau also get an ability that lets more of them shoot at people trying to get into melee which is their "defense" part.

>> No.26923417

Was this a whole comic?

>> No.26923421


Definitely a heretic.

>> No.26923429

That's not from the new codex is it

>> No.26923443


>> No.26923464

Holy shit, reasonable Armor!

Pic related to

>> No.26923481

Lemon Rusts are durable enough to survive since the common AT wisdom in 6th is S7-spam, while their arty can just chill behind LoS blocking terrain. Its not like it needs to be accurate when you can pack 3 arty pieces in each Heavy slot.

And if they're worried about melta, they can bubblewrap with their 50-man stubborn re-rollable Ld9 blobs.

IG tonk/arty lists may not be the best, but they're far from bad.

>> No.26923499

The issue is, that armor design gives more of a human impression underneath. The slightly silly armor with it's not-realistic shapes helps remind us that marines aren't really human.

That said, I like it. I think this and the reasonable-sisters of battle designs should be used.

>> No.26923573

why bother with all the fuss when you can just take riptides, broadsides and crisis suits?

>> No.26923606


>> No.26923621

Porque no los dos, gue'la?

>> No.26923632

You make me sad.
You are everything wrong with 40k today.

>> No.26923643

>IG 6th edition Codex release
>Manticore Rocket Launcher squadron
>1-3 Vehicles

I came.

>> No.26923660

Does the new rulebook contain the faq'd stuff and errata?!

>> No.26923667

>implying IG aint getting nerfed to 3rd edition shit

>> No.26923677

The guys who made it did 15 comics or so, they did other stuff as well but that site died years ago...

Their comic on captain crunch was amazing.

>> No.26923688

It's the "i just started playing 40k this year" and the "I like _______ because it's like old over the top 40k" together that gets really annoying.

>> No.26923693

I whole heartedly approve of this, as putting cardboard rhinos full of crunchy soft Sisters in front of a line of three exorcists is such amazing satisfaction.

Honestly still works out alright/fun in casual play, just not tourney play nowadays.

Though, you get so many more lemons for your heavy slots than you get exorcists, and it's nice to drop in a squad of rending heavy bolters or that one plane that outshoots the whole codex.

You know, just a little nice.

>> No.26923717

Don't break my dreams!

>Vendetta nerfed to Sun Shark levels
>Veteran blobs are now allowed
>You can equip select models in your army with Vortex grenades which they may trigger in CC, sucking them and their enemies into oblivion

>> No.26923736

No. Well actually, I think the army codexs on the ipad get updated and have all the corrections but don't quote me on that.

>> No.26923757

New player here, considering picking up the new Space Marine dex when it is released. I want to play a Raven Guard or RG successor army, heavy on the Assault Marines/Vanguards with Tacticals and possibly Sniper Scouts for troops.

Do vanilla Assault Marines and Vanguard vets look to be in better shape with the new dex/RG rules or would I better off going with the BA codex?

>> No.26923795

Wait a week until the Codex drops and it is examined in depth, as of now we don't know if anything was missed (and the 40k podcast shit radio was shitty with their RG rumours)

>> No.26923796

You have a good point, I just disagree. Over the top/traditional designs in 40k have their place, and if you really don't like them, you picked the wrong game.

But new designs shouldn't be cast off instantly. Space Marines are so iconic it'd be just idiotic to change their look that drastically. Sisters, on the other hand, are also iconic, but not as many people would really give two shits if you changed them, except hardcore fans of the least popular faction.

I happen to want to see less boob-plate and more baroque happening with the SoB, but am perfectly fine with the 80's high heels bondage motif. I just would like to be able to point at my team on a table top without feeling a need to explain myself.

>> No.26923815

personally i would be tempted to take the BA codex. unless the new SM codex has a major improvement

>> No.26923853

Spidermanposter here
I actually really, really like the space marine centurions.
Take of that what you will.

>> No.26923855

Well I would go with whatever you like best. You're new, so if you go with an army you're less in to, but is more competitive you're probably just gonna drop out of the hobby. Try to play other newish people too, so you get less net listing faggots.

That being said, new ravenguard rules are BADASS

>> No.26923871

Vanguard are in pretty good shape, because they no longer cost a Million Billion points per model. They lost their assault-off-deep-strike gimmick, but attempting that was basically playing Russian Roulette with a huge point-chunk of your list, so no big loss there. They also got moved to Elites, so they no longer compete for the Fast Attack slot.

Assaults are basically just cheaper Vanguard with -1 attack and fewer upgrade options. They might be decent, but I'm not a fan. I'd recommend Bikers in the FA slot to give you some tough mobile firepower to back up your Vanguard.

>> No.26923906

While I have to disagree with you and say there are a lot of other, worse things wrong with Warhammer 40k, including the fanbase, I will agree that making the designs look more subdued/realistic would go against what Warhammer 40k is, which is 1980's heavy metal sci-fi retardation distilled into a singularity of "taking itself way too seriously". Which seems to be what most of the fans myself included want out of it.

>> No.26923907

I understand where you're going with that, and don't mind. Sisters of battle aren't mega augmented like SM, nor super iconic outside of hardcore hobbiests.

>> No.26923947

>"without feeling a need to explain myself."
That's something that you shouldn't have to do. Seriously, where do you live? That sentence makes it sounds like you live with prudes or are unsure about your sexuality; adults in europe at least not only enjoy sexuality, but they can see the fun in it and don't apply it to anything vaguely sexy looking (i'd say the sob are still far form being fetishizied; it's jsut taht boob armor is needed to show them as actual female due to the low details on 28 mm, because every guardsman figure could potentially be a female guard but you don't see anyone talking or even thinking about that when people ask about female ig models)

>> No.26923967

Only moderatly related, but can someone post those pics of SM under the armor that is actually reasonable? I think shaq was involved. I didn't save them because I am a massive faggot.

>> No.26923969

Thanks, I'll probably just hold off until the codex has been released and make my decision then.

>> No.26923994

Are RG about to be the new FOTM?

>> No.26924001

SoB is pretty fetish-y. And I have been fucked in the butt with a strap-on, so that's saying something.

>> No.26924023

Biker Captain unlocks 5+ Bikes as Troops, so you have FA slots available for Storm Talons or whatever fits your play style

>> No.26924081

Sry, can't find it atm; but it was faulty anyway

>> No.26924116

No prob, they'll pop up eventually. Or I can make my own, put that fine art degree to good use.

>> No.26924122


What would make you think that?

Their rules aren't all that great. Stealth for the first game turn is nice, but if its Night Fighting then it becomes largely redundant unless your opponent is playing Tau, and having your Jump dudes be slightly better isn't exactly game-breaking since Jump troops aren't all that amazing for SM.

Shrike is the same way, he's good situationally but overall he isn't a particularly strong character.

>> No.26924125

The Repentias and Neural Whips are fetishy, but corsetarmor itself, nowadays? 12 year old girls would laugh at that being sexually suggestive.

>> No.26924128

Me too. I think everyone's just whining too much.
It's not directly about sex or sexualization. Essentially, I'm only a part time nerd. And a big fan of Sisters. The team, in it's current look, is some full time nerd shit, which I love, but I do get ragged on for. I'm an adult, I don't care much, it's not like I'm really bent out of shape about it. But, in being a were-nerd, I'm totally all about sharing what I do with my non-nerd friends/family. Which can get... interesting.

Also, I'm a right proper American north east prude, so, take that how you will.

>> No.26924159

Ah, doesnt seem that big of a buff now. Iron Hands though, I can see them being huge

>> No.26924166

I'm betting on Imperial Fists or Iron Hands

>> No.26924170

As mentioned, the old one was faulty; i kinda forgot about things like armor thickness and stuff
so have fun with your own version

>> No.26924177

That\s because 12 year olds don't understand what sexually suggestive means.

High heeled corset wearing bright red lipstick amazonian warrior women? Yeah, that's pretty fetishtastic to people who aren't ja/d/ed.

>> No.26924189


Uhhh Raven Guard C:SM with 6E is THE BEST army for jump packs and scouts. Seriously you will want to use C:SM if your focus is on jump packs and scouts.

>> No.26924196

no wonder /tg/ loves sisters. everything good in life

>> No.26924198

Tell me moar

>> No.26924206


Shrike gives permanent Stealth if you take him.

Scout and jump pack not being one use a turn is very good.

>> No.26924211

Have you ever been around goths, just to name one group?

>> No.26924242

god damn it girls wearing black in graveyards gets me all hot and bothered dont do this to me

>> No.26924243

>implying adult women would think different
You hang around the wrong kind of people, man

Just asking, is that pic here fetish-y to you?

>> No.26924270

Well, anything's a fetish, so it's useless to just call one thing sexally charged; if it exists, some group will get off on that

>> No.26924295

By interesting I mean not interesting at all? Father, who was a big war gamer back in the days of Chainmail, gives me "I am disappoint" kind of looks.

Girlfriend laughs. And laughs. Which, really, is fine. We get in discussions about feminism and nerd culture, and if I happen to be painting at the time she'll just cut things off by laughing and telling me to stop painting my blow up doll dominatrixes first.

Other friends give me the classic "why aren't you playing one of the cool armies? what are you a pervert?" kind of responses.

Responses I all think are fine, I mean, I know what I'm playing. But I wouldn't mind a bit of relaxation on that front.

>> No.26924321

I'd hate to be around those people.

>> No.26924339

>Shrike gives permanent Stealth if you take him.

Yeah, for his unit. Wooooooo.
He's also got the absolute worst possible fixed Warlord trait, meaning you're basically obligated to take a second HQ whether you want to or not, and his weaponry isn't anything to write home about either.

>jump pack not being one use a turn is very good.
Sure, but there are no Jump Pack units that are particularly good to begin with. The best you can get out of Vanilla SM Jumpers normally is "not shit", so you're taking a mediocre unit and giving them slight buffs. Again, nothing to write home about.

RG are just specialized at things that don't really matter. Their rules aren't terrible, but they are without a doubt one of the weaker rulesets in the codex.

>> No.26924347

You must not actually know any goths. Considering the styles are derived from, and usually meant to be hinting at, fetishes.

Have you ever talked to people who AREN'T in that crowd? You might realize some things.

>> No.26924349

>bull-pup bolter
>p-90 clone

>> No.26924352

Ah you did those? Not bad though.
They can be a little lest burly and still believable because they're so frigging tall it's still a shit ton of muscle. I'm in grad school, but I'll work on a new one and post it eventually.

>> No.26924385


>> No.26924406


>> No.26924418

Actually, i'm not even into that crowd. I usually talk to nerds and the working class (the kind who tries to get laid every weekend).

Europe here, if that matters.

>> No.26924433

My girlfriend is waiting for a plastic sisters rerelease because she wants to play them. I don;t care what they do with the design too much as long as they get reasonable plastic kits. Though I do like the design as it is now, aside from the faces.

>> No.26924435


>Not using glorious chainswords to rip thine enemies to pieces in BT army

>> No.26924451

You mad my Khornate army uses the Space Wolves book and I refuse to hop onto CSM after Kelly butchered it?

You mad I get to use Juggernaut Knights and crazed gladiators and badass champions? I can sense the rage.

>> No.26924462

I fail to a problem with this >>26920924 probably because I know nothing about Heroclix. What is so bad about it and why doesn't 1d4chan have an article on it?

>> No.26924463

Most fa/tg/uys probably can't believe this, but tehre are actually more than enough women who like the sob designs.
There are also a fuckton of female dead or alive players/fans as well for that matter (actually, most i know are female)

>> No.26924464

Wonder which limited cover I could sell for the most on ebay, really surprised they're limited to 500 each worldwide. Leaning towards salamanders or fists but the power gamers might want white scars or iron hands to hide the fact they don't care about the army apart from if it wins.

>> No.26924488

Well Space Wolves is worse than CSM right now, so no, not really mad. Just disappointed.

>> No.26924489

>not using glorious chainbayonet to shoot while you rip

>> No.26924495

Does someone have the Daemonifuge Graphic Novel as a pdf?

>> No.26924508


Ultramarines or whichever chapter has the biggest fanbase. The smaller fanbase is likely to have been able to procure their own copy.

>> No.26924521

Ah, yeah, Europe. Everything is probably pretty different subculture wise.

I guess mainly my point is a disproportionate amount of people into bdsm are in that crowd, and so it can be easy to confuse the two as the same thing.

I'd be fine with just plastic recasts really. But if I was hoping for anything, it would be just mild pose-ability. They could be tits out with strapons and I'd just sigh and laugh it off.

>> No.26924534

Except Khorne lists are actually sort of strong in the new codex. Plus, loyalists cower before the fiery rage of your Heldrakes.

>> No.26924542

I just wasn't sure ultras had a rabid fanbase whereas salamanders certainly do.

>> No.26924594

SW to me are only worse if you play CSM and use nurgle & fagdrakes. I don't so I don't give a fuck.

But basic psychology, I mean you spent 50 bucks on a shit codex so you need to defend your choice.

>> No.26924598

If they recast the sculpts they have now, it'd be finecast.
I really want multi-part plastics though, so I can convert some for noise marines.

>> No.26924620

Ugh, that's grossly heretical, you're a disgusting person. I like it.

>> No.26924686

See >>26924594

I don't use fagdrakes. I'm not paying any amount of money for a shitty model.



ah yes, the ONLY god whose mark stops fucking working after a single turn of combat. You're delusional to the highest degree. The only good Khorne model is the cookie cutter lord with axe on juggernaut. That's it.

>> No.26924687

This pleases Slaanesh. do go on

>> No.26924730

I wanna start playing. More specifically, I wanna start playing Orks. I'm getting the books (codex+rulebook) for cheap, used, on eBay, but where do I start with models? I used to be a total gundamfag, so the modelpainting is what I'm really interested in.

>> No.26924756

He doesn't have any. He said on FB getting ahold of them isn't worth the hassle.

>> No.26924761

>complaining about models
>what is conversion?
You're not codex hopping for more fitting rules or army feel. You are codex hopping because you don't want to run an actually competent list.

>> No.26924791

The commisar has a more feminine face

>> No.26924821

>Implying I play CSM

Nice conclusion jumping bucko

>> No.26924840

So in reality how bad of an idea is it to play Deldar as my first army? I want something fun mainly. Either them or crons

>> No.26924859

DEldar is fun, but you will probably lose a few games learning how to hit and run with them effectively.

>> No.26924893

How steep of a learning curve are we talking? White girl in an interacial gangbang hard?

>> No.26924928

Necrons would be easier to play as a first army, since they're resilient and are pretty damn good right now. They may turn you off from the hobby though since many autistic players won't play you because the instant they see something silver (GK or Necrons) they think "CHEEZE!!," spaz out, and refuse to play you.

Deldar are cool, they're just fragile as fuck.

>> No.26924931

Not too steep, after you understand the tactics of "the floor is lava." You basically want to keep most of your forces embarked, but a real DEldar player could explain it better than me.

>> No.26924932

>White girl in an interacial gangbang hard?
If you play anything other than venoms + ravagers +trueborn you will get assfucked by anyone with a competitive list.

>> No.26924936

White girl in an ex-convict interacial gangbang hard.

>> No.26924941

>You're not codex hopping for more fitting rules or army feel.

> You are codex hopping because you don't want to run an actually competent list.

That's cute but also funny if your definition of a "competent" list is just including "durrr heldrakes". I use SW because it works significantly better as a Khornate army in the background. You get good close combat and good ranged. Obviously it's not as good without fliers but I can ally Guard so I don't really care.

You defended and also lauded it so it's not an unfair conclusion. What armies do you play then?

>> No.26924944


It's not that hard since they are all fast moving. You just have to think about where you move and use terrain more because your vehicles are so flimsy.

If you play DE on foot, you're going to have a bad time.

>> No.26924950

Just remember that the transports are made of wet toilet paper. And theres no such thing as other kill.

>> No.26924954

It can be, depending on how long it takes for the army to click with you. At the end of the day, you're playing an army of T3, 5+ save models in AV10, open-topped transports. You might have one or two squads with T4 or 3+ saves, and a couple of AV11 vehicles, but that's it. Any mistake you make is going to cost you since the enemy just has to sneeze and you're taking whole units off the board, so you really have to know what you're doing.

>> No.26924967

i only see people complain about crons when they field flyers

>> No.26924968

Crons are very easy and fun to play just don't spam croissants, DEldar on the other hand have only one real way to play and as a result are less fun to play/use.

>> No.26924972


>> No.26925002

>i only see people complain about crons when they field flyers
This is true, and very silly, the hardest Cron lists are massed barges and arks, croissants have too many weak points and are too easily ignored to be super competitive.

Also Tau and Eldar pretty much hard counter Cron air.

>> No.26925008

I mean competent as in running something that actually feels like the army you're representing. Space Wolves are mostly shooty and only have one good melee unit, and that got nerfed in 6th. I can understand how all the characters would feel very Khornate, but shooting and psykers definitely do not please the Blood God.

>> No.26925056

What are the essential Ork models to get?

>> No.26925069

> DEldar on the other hand have only one real way to play and as a result are less fun to play/use.

That's not entirely true, and also quite subjective. The only thing that a Dark Eldar army literally cannot do without is transports. Trying to run a Dark Eldar army on foot is like trying to play Tyranids without Synapse creatures; it's just not going to work. Beyond that you can quite easily build for shooting or assault, theme exclusively around Cults, Covens, or Kabals, run pure transport-spam or bring in supporting units like Scourges or Hellions. Bringing in Craftworld Eldar allies also grants you even more things to play with. Some of these options are going to be better than others but provided you're not playing in an extremely competitive environment they're all at least somewhat workable.

>> No.26925072


>> No.26925075

>but shooting and psykers definitely do not please the Blood God.

Hahaha, I don't use psykers. Also Khorne is not the close combat god. He is a god of indescriminate slaughter. He doesn't care if you do it from range or up close. He doesn't care as long as the blood flows. Now if you just started playing the game recently I can understand where you're coming from.

>> No.26925081

i don't play them. But Lootas i think

>> No.26925088

But Kanz are so kool....

>> No.26925090

Shootas and Lootas.
But seriously, you want lots of Shoota Boyz and Lootas. Everything else is dependent on taste.

>> No.26925101


yeah unfortunately the new rules make them suck.

>> No.26925118

So sorta monolist? Fucking lame
Arent they rather shooty though?
Oh now thats nasty.
Didnt even want any that bad. Just wanted a fun army.

>> No.26925127

Fuck that.

>> No.26925139

here ya go, ya faggot.

>> No.26925141

If I want an army that has a lot of mix and matching fun, (no mono list) what one should I go for?

>> No.26925163

You see? Maybe if you stopped trying to insult critics, people here would take you seriously. Now, if you're so well-versed in Khorne, and you like him so much, what exactly do you run that pleases him so much?
In my opinion, 13th Company is the most Khorne you can get out of Spess yiffs.

>> No.26925176

maybe CSM with Daemons then. The randomness can keep it fresh

>> No.26925209

Depending on the list, yes. Though you still want to be as mobile as possible, because their infantry is very flimsy.

>> No.26925229

Almost all of them, to be honest. The cries of "suchandsuch army can only win if you take this list" that get bandied around the Internet should be taken with a pinch of salt. They have some merit if the local metagame is very competitive or if it's regarding how the army performs at a tournament, but can be safely ignored if you're just playing casually.

The new Craftworld Eldar codex might be a good place to start, though. It's very versatile, and has a lot of interesting units to play around and experiment with. Lots of options for allies as well.

>> No.26925245

I was thinking about Word Bearers and Daemons bros. Problem is I hate the plague marines and drakes meta that seems to fit the codex.

>> No.26925248

I guarantee that daemonette/slaanesh? has a big dick than him as well.

>> No.26925265

Kelly be praised.


>> No.26925292


>> No.26925309



Eldar have a tonne of viable options and you're pretty much spoilt for choice be it foot Swordwind, mechdar or wraithwing. Nicely balanced codex.

>> No.26925323

>I hate the plague marines and drakes meta that seems to fit the codex.

Then don't play it. The fact that some units are obviously the best doesn't mean everything else in the book is garbage; it just means they're not quite as good.

>> No.26925381

I play all infantry khorne... It works surprisingly better than /tg/ would have you believe.

not that it works super well, mind you.

>> No.26925408

It all comes down to whether or not we're talking competitive play here.
If it's casual you can play the fuck you want and have some fun with it; that's apparently also the only design direction gw's dev team has
Hell, i've seen orks take out heldrakespam, so as usual justgo with whatever armies aestethic pleases you the most since you'll be spending a lot of time painting them. First get the Rulebook and Codex, after that get an HQ and work from there.

>> No.26925460

>I play all infantry khorne... It works surprisingly better than /tg/ would have you believe.

Thousands son sorcerer here, I believe you.

>> No.26925510

>Hell, i've seen orks take out heldrakespam

Orks have 3 times the amount of models as MEQ and have lootas. Heldrake isn't anti-Ork it's anti-MEQ. Ork taking out triple Drake is not impressive it's the norm.

>> No.26925533


>> No.26925536

You remind me of that illegal mexican i shot yesterday

>> No.26925550

>You see? Maybe if you stopped trying to insult critics, people here would take you seriously.
>implying anyone takes anyone seriously on 4chan

>Now, if you're so well-versed in Khorne, and you like him so much, what exactly do you run that pleases him so much?

Every unit has 8 or 16 models in it. Lord uses runic armor for a save against psychic shooting. Champions with terminator armor in units of grey hunters or blood claws. Jugger knights.
Most important to me are the jugger knights and the sagas which make lords very murderous.

Oh and lets not forget Lone Wolves! Those guys are my Khorne Gladiators.

Most important to me are the Jugger Knights and Sagas, there's nothing like them in the CSM dex, even with counts as.

>> No.26925588

Never been a fan of eldar. Im much too edgy for them.
Yet I keep hearing how bad the rest of it is

>> No.26925599

Overkill much?

>> No.26925621

"bad" for competitive play
Nevermind daemon allies

>> No.26925684

Wtf is wrong with you

>> No.26925779


Ork guy here I don't understand.

But yes, Orks can be overkill when they've got 30 lootas and 120+ boys.

>> No.26925788


I date girls like this as an average. The benefits of being goth means you get with absolutely beautiful girls just for listening to Skinny Puppy.

>> No.26925797


It's pretty bad for casual play too. The only books you'll be "better" than without Heldrakes are 5E books. DA and CSM are bottom of the barrel since they were the first 6th books and were written very cautiously.

>> No.26925909


>> No.26925994

.....that still doesn't make any sense.
but I like your style

>> No.26926221

He's on 4chan, these kinda things happen.

Okay so in the black legion you can get a nova power that does 2d6 s4 ap5 hits that ignore cover and blind, you can also increase the range to 18" or 12" with more warp charges. I kinda wanna run a sorc on disk with spawn. Is anyone else getting the feeling this isn't a very good power?

Though, this could auto hit some flying princes out of the air.

>> No.26926508

Is there someplace that uploads the monthly White Dwarf?

>> No.26926616

No, but every now and again someone will post pictures. I plan on buying the newest one.

>> No.26926626

Whats the best army for 500 point games? DE or Necrons?

>> No.26926629

ha ha no

>> No.26926641


>> No.26926648

That's kind of surprising.

>> No.26926670

not really de suck. they're good at killing but can't even take a mean look

>> No.26926718

Well, white dwarf changed and some didn't like the change. I'm mostly getting them for pictures of the new units. The paint job on the new lizardmen carnosaur kit was brilliant.

>> No.26926737

Whats a good 500 p list?

>> No.26926780

>Blood Claws
There is only one right way to field those: 14-15 with a Wolf Priest in an LRC. They are terrible otherwise. Lone Wolves are okay, and Thunderyiffs work if you can keep them cheap (no more wound shenanigans with shields, so 2 in a squad is enough.), but a SW list without Rune Priests or Long Fangs isn't really very good.

>> No.26926933

Overlord with a Res Orb
9 Warriors
5 Immortals with Tesla Cannons
Doomsday Ark

>> No.26927176

Thanks man! How well will that work?

>> No.26927477

>gun has mounting rails on the top

get the fuck out

>> No.26927541

Pretty well, though 9 Warriors and an Overlord is a little on the small side. You should be fine if you use them as a defensive gunning unit, and have your Immortals charge the deeper objectives. Meanwhile, have your Ark blow up anything your men can't.

>> No.26927679

Thanks again. Ill use this if I play crons, either them or DE at this point

>> No.26927722

FYI, all of this save the Overlord comes in the battleforce, as well as more Warriors and some Scarab bases.

>> No.26927789

Overlord comes with a Staff of Light and Res Orb in the Blister pack right?

>> No.26927797

Crons + GK allies Portal Shenanigans list

Nemezhor Zandraken
Vargard Obyron
Lords with res orbs (?)
Cryptek with the deep strike mantle
Lychgard units
Deathstrike assassins?
3 Monoliths

GK allies
teleportation squad
teleporting baby carrier

>> No.26927837

Should I grab that and add on a Overlord?

>> No.26927900

If you can afford the extra 10+ dollars, I'd buy a Lychguard kit instead of an Overlord blisters. You get 5 sets of feet and all the bits you need to make any Lord/Overlord/Kryptek you want. And trust me, you'll want more Lords and Krypteks down the line.
As for Res Orbs, a sphere is easy enough to model.

>> No.26927905

Not him, but how about a good 1000 point list?

How viable are Monoliths?

If I play them because I think they're cool fluff how gimped will I be

>> No.26927923



>> No.26928010

>There is only one right way to field those: 14-15 with a Wolf Priest in an LRC. They are terrible otherwise

I only use Blood Claws if I'm playing casually. I do use Long Fangs (2 units of 4), but don't use Rune Priests since no psykers. It's the same for CSM anyway so whatever, it's a wash.

Khorne was fated to be bad in an edition where psykers are good and close combat is bad.

>> No.26928076

2 squads of 10 Warriors
2 Overlords with Res Orbs
10 Immortals with Tesla Cannons
Doomsday Ark or Doom Scythe
4 Wraiths
You have 15 points left to spend how you want

>> No.26928340

But uh

what about muh monoliths

>> No.26928614

So fellas, is there anyone in Calgary? I just moved here and I have found the GW store finder is useless. I found the one store in the north west is not there anymore and I want to get back in the hobby. Anyone know any games shops in the north west?

>> No.26929248

/tg/ pls respond

>> No.26929459

Monoliths are okay. Not good, but okay.

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