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War is a glorious thing. Unfortunately, initial estimates of the course of this war were... Somewhat exaggerated. You are a Lord General, put in charge of the founding and first engagement of the Vitalitas First Siege Regiment. Their first engagement? Conquest of the former mining world of Le Keers, a planet that was once the second most prosperous planet in the Deus Sector. Said planet, located in the Meridian Subsector, is in the same subsector of space as the planet Vitalitas.

Vitalitas itself is rather decrepit world, having been ravaged by atomic weapons during the Horus Heresy, though it has begun to crawl back to life. With this in mind, it has been subject to a tithing of bodies by the Imperium of Man, and its first regiment has been dispatched with due haste.

Le Keers itself was less-than-receptive to their landfall. Casualties have been minimized in the first month of landing, but the loss of two Devourers attempting to take Omnissiah's Gateway was problematic. In addition to the casualties the two companies there suffered (though they did, in fact, make it out relatively intact with all of their equipment), the capture of Pitfall Starport was given issues by virtue of the fact that the enemy was already prepared. Likely, they had long expected Imperial invasion, as evidenced by the fact that the starports had mostly retained their flak cannons, Tarantula turret systems, and fortifications in a reasonable state of repair. Or, at least, as reasonable a state as those bereft the services of Imperial tech-priests could manage.

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Hydra turrets, large, sprawling arrays of quad-linked autocannons, cogitators linked to large arrays of rockets, and more arcane technologies were present within each starport. Most of them were non-operational from long periods of neglect, but over the coming month, the tech-priests of the Vitalitas expedition made great strides in not only repairing the mechanisms, but also in understanding their schemata for replication. Though the underlying mysteries remain unknown, the enginseers feel at least mildly confident ("Moderate-high percentile of probability") in being able to replicate the technology itself.

Not all is well, however. Though the Vitalitas First Siege Regiment has claimed the starports upon both the southern and western continent, the vox-thieves deployed with them have picked up a myriad of strange transmissions. Vox signals sent in a battle cant unrecognizable to the regiment's tactical officers, transmissions using encryption well beyond the level of standard ganger encryption (which was rather laughable).

With this in mind, things could only further complicate. Considering that the macrocannons of Forge Primus and Forge Secundus had managed to keep the Imperial forces far away enough to negate a flurry of low-orbit orbital bombardment strikes, the enemy's forces had been migrating from the mountains. Company after company of Parker irregulars, gangers one and all, could be seen migrating across the vast deserts, heading towards the rivers and farmlands abutting them. Forge Primus in particular has been troublesome, the massive, towering cityscape-- fitting for a Forge World rather than a mining one-- bristling with the enemy.

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The serfs and enginseers of the city, having remained neutral thus far, have proven extremely willing to assist with the theater leadership of Magos Batt being evident. Their assistance has only gone so far, however, considering that the enemy is using the cityscape to their own advantage. Mortar fire harasses Imperial forces on all sides, and it's clear that the enemy wishes to prevent the Forge from being surrounded, Vanquisher tanks and companies of gangers and scum rolling across the desert to stopper the Imperial advance.

The Imperial Guard is making steady gains, but it has taken losses as well. The infantry company at the Omnissiah's Gateway was forced to disband due to heavy losses, though they were invaluable in taking their objective. The loss of a heavy weapon company in the southern continent has been problematic as well. Coupled with the fact that enemy forces appear to be streaming forth from the Mining Pits, this has made for a volatile situation. Colonel Lucien Sarvus's advance has been stoppered, the airborne assault suffering casualties from infantry-scale anti-air assets. Remaining foot soldiers seem to have scattered across the urban landscape surrounding the Pits themselves.

Their numbers recently took a heavy pounding from a devious tactic by the enemy. The Forge macrocannons, once having been aimed to fend off orbital attacks, have launched a single shelling upon the Imperial Guard pushing into the Pits. The lone company took almost 50% casualties from the bombardment, before the first waves of enemy gangers struck. Colonel Sarvus' men hold strong, however, in spite of this, having turned hab buildings, Arbites precincts, and ancient manufactories into veritable fortresses. Parker's men seem reluctant to repeat the tactic, but the reasons why are unknown, though the Forge macrocannons remain online from The bridge of the Serf's all reports from the front lines.

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Glory, your transport and space-based command ship, is as lively as ever. Long-range vox traffic is coordinated with cogitators and auspex data, the hololith in the center of the bridge coordinating hundreds upon thousands of actions. The war for Le Keers is on.

>Orders, Lord General?

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How do our Reserves look?

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Vitalitas First Siege Regiment:
26 Companies
8 Siege Infantry Companies - Standard "Line Infantry" of a the Siege Regiment, trained hard and trained well, each Company has a wide assortment of munitions, and is extremely effective in demolition operations.
-8 Deployed
-1 Casualties, Western Continent

6 Armoured Companies - Four Leman Russ Companies, two Chimera transport companies.
-4 Deployed

5 Heavy Weapons Companies - Three Fire Support Companies armed with autocannons, one Anti-Tank Support Company equipped primarily with missile launchers and a smattering of lascannons, and one Mortar Support Company.
-2 Deployed
-1 Casualties, Southern Continent

4 Field Artillery Companies - Consisting of Basilisk artillery platforms, as well as heavy quad-launchers and heavy mortars.
-3 Deployed

1 Special Weapons Company - Armed with flamers, plasma guns, grenade launchers, and other "special" munitions, a catch-all company for soldiers specialized in specific duties such as sniping and engineering.
-1 Deployed

Special Equipment:
Vox Thieves - Dedicated cogitators attached to vox units. Large and somewhat difficult to properly operate, they can capture vox signals, especially encrypted enemy ones. The attached cogitators, filled with curious and clever machine spirits, pluck away at enemy ciphers.

Special Traits:

>Map Key:
>Crude legend can be added, but:
>Red triangles: Known enemy concentrations.
>Purple triangles: Sources of strange vox chatter.
>White triangle: Suspected location of Parker's finest units and, indeed, John Parker himself.
>Green triangles: Imperial Guard units.
>Red squares: Enemy-held manufactories or industrial centers.
>Green squares: Imperial-held manufactories or industrial centers.
>Grey masses: Infrastructure, urban areas.
>Light green: Farmlands and other flora-rich areas.
>Brown blobs: Mountains.
>Red-ringed black circles: Enemy-held mining pits.
>Black blobs: Known, inhabited civilian population centers.

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>Ministorium Chaplain Roland Sclar
>Sister Superior Ath Laurent
>2 Infantry Companies
>2 Armored Companies (One Leman Russ, one Chimera)
>1 Field Artillery Company
>Three Heavy Weapons Companies. Including one Fire Support Company armed with autocannons, one Anti-Tank Support Company equipped primarily with missile launchers and a smattering of lascannons, and one Mortar Support Company.

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>Small adjustment: 9 Siege Infantry Companies. Clerical error due to vox miscommunications.

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Okay. We're a Siege Regiment, lets act like it. We need to take the Pits and Forge Primus ASAP and then fortify. Let's deploy one Infantry Company and the Mortar Company to the NW Continent. Have the Mortars go into counterbattery fire; hopefully, with the assitance of a fresh influx of troops, one push can take the Forge and we can begin fortifying it. After it's taken, rout in the other Artillery Company and either the Fire Support or AT company to defend, and start fortifying.

Similarly, let's take the Pits and fortify our asses off. Send the other Infantry company and launch a major push. Send the other HW company to fortify once it's taken..

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Note: If we need to, deploy one of our Armored companies to the NW island to hold our left flank around the Forge Primus.

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I suggest we deploy another armored company to the southern continent. Given the terrain is wide open fields they will hopefully be able to out maneuver and run over the enemy formations.

The rest of our troops should hold their positions and repel the enemy counter attack.

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my vote is to combine these. but send in the last company of artillery to support the south, and an additional Siege regiment to assist Servus from the Reserve. the Battle Sister is to command the Armored Company in the south, and will perform hit-and-run attacks on the enemy there.

Well, why not send both of the Armored Companies, a Anti-Tank Company to assist in the Western Continent in Forge Primaris, and another Fire Support with Autocannons to help out the Colonel. his position could get desperate right quickly.

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Armored troops like tanks and chimeras do not do well in urban areas like Forges. They can help in limited instances but they will be far more effective in open terrain.

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So, to sum up::
Siege and Mortar Company from reserves to Forge Primus, using a final push to take the Forge while counterbattery fire silences the enemy mortars and artillery
Leman Russ Company and AT Company to deploy to Southern Continent. The Sister leads the LRs to hit and run and the ATs fortify while the currently present Infantry all push into the Pits with the Fire Support Company support. See if we can use orbital support to take out enemy reinforcements as they leave the mountains and cross the deserts.

Take Forge Primus and the Pits, then fortify and consolidate. Then we have 4 of the 7 key positions, assuming we can hold our spaceports.

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Got any Hellhounds or Devil Dogs? They do well in urban areas.

>> No.26917372

Oh, and the other Siege company goes South as well, to hold the line with the AT company.

>> No.26917380

You do not, unfortunately. While you brought an abundance of personal-scale flamers, vehicles are few and far enough between upon Vitalitas that this was not an option during the Founding. More can be procured, however.

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yes... i apologise for not being clear. i was proposing we send the Battle Sister with both the Chimera and the Leman Russ to the south to harrass the enemy there, and stop them from fortifying and taking over the River.

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errr... been having trouble with keeping names. but yeah, urban centers+tanks +enemy infantry with antitank = not funtimes.

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That is an excellent idea.

>> No.26917447

Also, is the Firestorm better able to do closer range Fire Support missions without being shot down? can we get some of the Macrobatteries at the Space ports to act as artillery against units not in cities/Forges? finally, have we taken out those torpedos?

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We also need to remember the unknown satellite constellation. Our ships should be shooting them down whenever convenient.

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Have the Nameless saint bombard the enemy moving through the desert thry will be easy targets with minimal chance of damage to anything of importance

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The Nameless Saint, your Firestorm-class Imperial Navy frigate, is currently near the Serf's Glory towards the edges of the system. You can order it to move closer and attempt better fire support missions if you wish, but that will put it at risk of the macrocannons, as well as the torpedoes being launched from Damaris.

As for the macrocannons, the ones near the starport appear to be relatively useful, but there is no evidence as to how the enemy has managed such a devilish feat as using them like artillery. Whatever the enemy has done at Forges Primus and Secundus, it is not evident here. They can, however, function as standard macrocannon batteries. If you wish, you could have the crews present fire them upon the satellites in space. Only 40% of the satellites remain, but they appear to be adjusting their course to provide a perfect circle around the planet.

You contemplate your options for reinforcement. You turn to the Sister Superior, who stands beside you, observing the unfolding war with a keen eye.

"We should deploy our reserves." She states, a sentiment you echo with a nod.

"Have the remaining siege infantry companies deploy. One of them, with the mortar company, to assist in the final push into Forge Primus. Whatever artillery the enemy is using ought to be silenced."

>> No.26917686

Seconded. Actually, i thought we gave the Kill Order last session....

>> No.26917691

The Sister seems pensive at this. "Except that whatever artillery the enemy is employing is extremely slippery. Even our keenest scouts have been unable to observe the mortars that the enemy is employing. They seem to fire salvo after salvo from a position, only to be gone before our spotters can even get a glance at them. A vexing situation." She remarks. "But they should be able to assist against whatever infantry the enemy has entrenched. The scum, at least, do not appear as slippery nor as clever in their tactics."

"With that said, we should deploy another Leman Russ company, as well as an anti-tank company, to the southern continent." You order, drawing up the necessary icons. "Sister, I wish for you to lead the Leman Russes on hit-and-run attacks against the enemy's forces nearing the river. The anti-tank company will be free to fortify, while all infantry currently present push into the Pits, with an additional fire support company to assist."

You indicate the blip of Colonel Sarvus, surrounded in a sea of red bodies. Orbital support isn't immediately viable, but you'll see what you can do with that.

"The other company of siege infantry shall advance with the anti-tank company. They will be able to dig in alongside them, and hopefully take the riverfront first."

>Auto-resolve conflict?
>Take command of Forge Primus conflict.
>Take command of Mining Pits conflict.
>Take command of Southern River conflict.

>> No.26917720

Macrocannons are to fire on the Satellites. Order the Saint to engage in closer Firesupport as they can, withdrawing to fire on the enemy satellites when they need to.

>> No.26917747

Send the Chimeras with the Battle Sister. other than that, seems good.

>Take Command of Southern River Conflict

>> No.26917761

You had, but the enemy's macrocannons and torpedo fire forced you to order a tactical withdrawal, so as to ensure the safety of your ships. You could make another effort at them, however, even if it runs the risk of drawing the enemy's fire at this time.

>> No.26917778

We don't have macrocannons yet...

I'd say, since we've got to move in to deploy reserves anyway, take what shots we can while we approach and exit orbit. When we return to our outsystem position, we can shoot the satellites easily even at range; they can't dodge, so it's just a matter of doing the math to predict where they'll be.

Let's take command of the Forge Primus conflict. I want to get a look at that unusual contact, and maybe we can ensue success in that most important of endeavors. If we hold the Forge, we hold Macrocannons, a fortress, and a means of production.

>> No.26917786

Southern river. As a seige regiment, we are not necessarily optimized for field conflict. This will require micromanagement.

>> No.26917795

Alright, I can be convinced. Tank Clash Ahoy!

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On the subject of the strange transimissions.
I think we have overlooked the fact that Parker and his ilk are know xenos collaborators and heretics.
We can't rule out the possibility of xenos agents assisting or even directly overseeing the enemies' actions.
Order our officers to report anything suspicious.
As for the enemy units that are able to dissapear almost immediatly, I think we should consider the possibility that the enemy is using some sort of tunnel network.
Is there any way we can perform an auspex scan of the enemy held facilities and surrounding terrain?
Also, we should get some space birds out to destroy the remaining satellites.

>> No.26918060

was just about to suggest this, so good choice, sir!

This seems logical as we have yet to majorly see any aliens and they could be diggers.

>> No.26918072

Just a note for the mining pits conflict (I don't vote for it). It is not necessarily imperative for us to take them so quickly. If the colonel can simply hold them there, then we can attend to more imminent fronts.

>> No.26918080

I'm hoping they are. We could use some Close-Quarters experience.

Our fighter support is mostly deployed groundside right now, attempting to keep us covered and provide support where possible.

Yeah, we definitely need to warn our Comissars and officers to beware Xenos; did we mention that in our speech?

>> No.26918159

No, I don't think we did, but I'm not sure.
Furthermore, reports from the battlefield suggest that the enemy soldiers seem imprevious to fear and totally ignore self-preservation insticts on many occasions, advancing right on our ranks.
This may suggest an even more...sinister influence, if I dare say so. What if said xenos are merely forces of the Arch Enemy in disguise?

>> No.26918170

I still think (and sorta hope) it's Dark Eldar.

>> No.26918195

it could also be they had a few months to train and prepare their men. Bear in mind, we also took in the span of 3 months a bunch of green sods and turned them into a solid Siege Regiment.

but it's worth thinking about.

>> No.26918222

Perhaps. I was getting a bit of a cult vibe earlier, but I'm sure if we've got troops inside habblocks and strongholds (remember, we hold multiple cities) that we would have had reports if there was any real Enemy presence here.

Also, >>26918080 was me, forgot my name...

>> No.26918256

Training in tactics would seem normal and expected. But conditioning men into blindly charging the enemy in mere months? While it makes our jobs certainly easier, it is unnerving to think about.

>> No.26918272

It is disturbing... perhaps we should send the Priest onto the surface with one of the Siege Companies...

>> No.26918286

Yeah. I'm thinking this COULD just be plain human cult psychology with no warp influences, if any. If Parker's calling his elite his family, and trying to create that vibe, he could brainwash the populace with propaganda and food control without a smidgen of Chaotic presence.

>> No.26918311


That shit is for the Sisterhood to investigate. It's their area of expertise, after all. Notify them of this find and have them provide updates on any capabilities of the enemy that they uncover. After all, daemonic reinforcements can be a significant game-changer.

>> No.26918313

Perhaps you are overthinking this. Ganger warfare rarely gets more complicated than blind charges into each other. I doubt Parker's stormtroopers will be so generous with their lives.

I want to fight corsairs. Unstoppable force vs. immovable object.

>> No.26918323

Take command of the forge Primus conflict

>> No.26918408

Yeah, you're probably right. Our most pressing concern right now is the fighting at hand. But we should cover our backs and do what >>26918311 suggested

>> No.26918477

I second this. The mining country offers little tactical advantage besides being a tough beachhead against invasion from the other continents.

>> No.26918495

It's also the only reason this planet is valuable. Further, if we ignore them, I can see Parker escaping into the tunnels and us having to spend years rooting him out.

>> No.26918549

That is a valid concern, but so far we have no evidence to suggest that Parker has left his capital.

>> No.26918619

Surface-to-orbit torpedoes were fired from his palace grounds. Would Parker risk getting fried alive in his chair from an orbital bombardment? He either has left the capital long ago, or is really really desperate OR perhaps very sure of himself for some reason.

>> No.26918620

Nope, and now we know he won't. I just don't want to get bogged down. We've got better places than this to take! We're a Lord General! Every day we save here is a day towards launching a glorious crusade elsewhere! Besides, if we hold the forges, the starports, and the Pits, we've got practically everything of value on the planet. We'd control a large part of the population and most of the means of production.

>> No.26918625

Furthermore, there is a very good chance that we will take the mines before putting considerable pressure on the capital, anyway.

>> No.26918629

>Focus: Riverside Battlefield.

You look to your commanders arrayed around you, as well as the numerous serfs and scriveners established, then back to the battlefield map projected ahead of you.

"Deploy the Chimeras, a reserve Siege Infantry company, the anti-tank heavy weapons company, and a reserve Leman Russ tank company south." You order. "All forces are to begin expansion along all available fronts."

>Riverside battle forces:
>1 Siege Infantry Company
>1 Anti-Tank Heavy Weapons Company
>1 Chimera Company
>1 Leman Russ Tank Company

>Additional forces to be dispatched?
>Air forces will be on standby and running combat air patrols in both the northern and southern battlefields. If desired, air forces may be allocated to each battlefield, but this will reduce flexibility in terms of responses in favor of solid, on-scene quick support.

>> No.26918660

Confirm. Let's get to it, gents!

>> No.26918670

No additional forces, but as our ships enter orbit, try to bombard the enemy forces approaching from the mountains
Air Support should be devoted to the south battlefields and to the war around Forge Primus. The Northern battlefields should soon enter the Mining Pits, where air support will be useless.

>> No.26918741

Confirm,we should only need these forces.

>> No.26918754

While the enemy is not entirely impervious to fear, they do seem to have a tendency for rushing headlong into your forces, until the full scale of their error is realized. Either this shows a startling lack of training on the part of Parker's men, or the enemy is exceptionally certain of their victory.

Interceptor aircraft can be reassigned to target the enemy's remaining satellite coverage, though there are currently pending orders for the macrocannons to begin firing upon them.

You do not have a Sisters of Battle detachment, but you could have Sister Ath Laurent "investigate" potential reasons for their implacable eagerness to charge forth. As it is, enemy wounded have been nearly non-existent, and the enemy tends to consistently prod and fall back after overwhelming firepower thins their numbers a bit.

If you wish, Colonel Sarvus could be ordered to hold the line, as he is currently doing. However, his men are cut off from supplies and reinforcements, at least until your own forces can move forward. For now, however, they seem secure in their current fortifications.

It should be noted that Parker's "stormtroopers", his most heavily armed and armored soldiers, are still at the capital hive city. Furthermore, the torpedoes were fired from the Lord Governor's palace, which is very notable in that it is well-fortified against orbital bombardment. Even lance strikes would have some difficulty at properly disabling them for any meaningful period of time.

>> No.26918761

The Battle Sister will command the Riverside forces, yes? or do we want to hold her in reserve?

>> No.26918790

Okay, don't think we need to intervene in any of that yet. Let's get to the Riverside Battle.

>> No.26918835

Didn't we have some Aeronautica support? I suggest we deploy them to the southern continent to harass the enemy supply lines and columns.

>> No.26918890

Let the Sister have her fun. Send her in.

>> No.26918927

Second this.

>> No.26918939

What I mean is, send her in.

>> No.26918990


No, really what happen to the full complement of Aeronautica?

>It also possesses four wings of Thunderbolt fighter-bombers, numbering thirty craft each, as well as two wings of Lightning air superiority fighters, numbering forty aircraft each. The main issue with these aircraft is that the desert climate, including sandstorms, can cause a merry hell for aircraft operations in unfavorable weather. Usage is recommended for once a starport is secured, or a proper airbase established.

We can use the southern space port as a the main airbase.

>> No.26919099

Sector Command, can we get a comprehensive list of the benefits of sending Sister Ath down to command the field army? I am inclined to think that it's worth risking her safety, but I also want to be sure.

>> No.26919132

Your Aeronautica contingents are primarily working to secure what territories you hold. Divided evenly between the continents, each squadron is assisting forward elements in attacking large enemy concentrations, removing hardpoints, and disabling key enemy tanks.

"Focus our Aeronautica in the southern continent upon the tank engagement." You order, observing the battle map. You home in closer as the Sister Superior turns to depart, seemingly aware of you orders before you even issue them.

The quiet chatter of cogitators and vox units is your only answer, the men of the Serf's Glory focused upon coordinating the invasion plan.

In a few short days, the Great Tank War of Le Keers would commence. You clasp your hands behind your back, admiring the glory of it all. Truly, this would be a most glorious day!

>Perspective shift and time dilation beginning.

>> No.26919148

I think the sister will serve a better purpose interrogating what ever prisoner she or we can procure. Just give her a couple of squads order her to capture some prisoner for intelligence gardening.

>> No.26919178

Death to the heretics!

>> No.26919219

Sister Superior Ath, while not ideal for siege warfare, is a very dogged combatant. Her presence upon the field of battle, especially in a combat role, is a boon. Her intellect and strength make her a superb offensive specialist. While she does not command the morale boons of the Lord Commissar, she is a capable tactician.

>Minor morale bonus for forces under he command (stacks with Lord Commissar's morale bonus.)
>Excellent at direct assaults, charges, and close combat scenarios, and laying siege.
>Weak at ambushes, defensive combat, and defending against a siege.
>Her fiery temper, a signature of Sisters of Battle, may cause her difficulties in a scenario requiring withdrawal.
>Her great intellect and training gives her a superb bonus when commanding units with a high level of zealotry such as penitents.

>> No.26919246

That's a bad sign. We want her able to withdraw; the Armoured Companies are planning at least partially to hit and run to draw the enemy into a killing field prepared by the AT company. If she's too into getting stuck in, we could have a problem.

>> No.26919249


Then we shall be sure to direct these tank actions with a strong offensive bent.

>> No.26919361 [DELETED] 

Well it's too late now. What do you suggest we do.

>> No.26919374

Well it's too late now. What do you suggest we do?

>> No.26919387

We never actually sent her with them, just said we might and asked about it. We're okay. She left to deliver orders, I think, not to go into combat. I don't see where we actually ordered her out...

>> No.26919427

We could order a valk to deliver the Lord Commissar to the tanks, and take her to the front around the Starport...

>> No.26919432

Surely, she is well versed in tactics in both theory and practice. While her zeal and faith can only be applauded and serve as an example to us all, surely she wouldn't compromise the integrity of our operation with untimely displays of courage.
Remind her of that.

>> No.26919484

Good idea! Also throw in something about her "practicing her skirmishing skills."

>> No.26919798

frankly, if we need to say things like that we should have her join the defense of the starports or stay on the ship. Tank engagements are no place for foolhardy heroics nor a refusal to remain mobile.

>> No.26919959

Hey, where'd OP go?

>> No.26920041

Yeah, where the hell is he?
I was really looking forward to this thread, but it's the most slow moving of the three.

>> No.26920591


>> No.26920710

In the last thread or two, sector command took a nap mid-thread before coming back later.

>> No.26920920

Um... does anyone know what happened to the Nameless Saint? Was she destroyed, go home or still destroying the xenos satellites?

>> No.26920941

Destroying satellites.

>> No.26921429

It appears that OP has taken to his nap. He may be back later gents, but he may not return until after tonight.

Keep an eye peeled, for The Emperor Protects.

>> No.26921483

>> No.26921558

So, does anyone know anything about tank warfare? Just so we can prepare.

>> No.26921754

Have more tanks than they have shells.

>> No.26921783

kinda like having more infantry than they have bullets...

>> No.26921814

the true imperial guard tactic

>> No.26921966

Strike hard and fast at their weakest points, blitz their line and tear out their supplies, communications and logistics chain then follow up with line and mech infantry to counter their disorganized counterattack. Surrounded the remaining hard fortified pockets and neutralize them with encirclement.

>> No.26922039

Let's hope they have a line to brink and don't just field staggered armor wings.

>> No.26922274

I'm pretty sure it was mentioned that the best they had was a few siegfrieds (light tanks) where ours have leman russes and are numerically superior (so we are both qualitatively and quantitatively superior). At worse, if we walked into a baited salient, which could be difficult as we have Air sup, then I reckon we could still fight our way free and win. The problem therein is that casualties to our limited armour would be significant and unlike our opponents we have to worry about the fight after this one.

What concerns me more about armoured warfare is the terrain; they are gonna have a big advantage with the varities of mountains and elevation that they have and we don't have alot of gunships.

>> No.26922503

Baited salient?

>> No.26922655

Yeah, you fake a weakpoint in your line then have predeployed troops in hiding in a/two perpendicular line/s either side of it to encapsulate a spearhead assault

>> No.26922779

Well, as you said, our planes could easily catch something like that, and I doubt it works so well with tanks.

>> No.26922992

yeah, as I said its more the mountains that will get us; armour will have difficulty and it will take a long time to shell them out.

>> No.26923290

Our faith in the God-Emperor of Mankind shall see us through any trial.

>> No.26923496

Well alrighty then.

>> No.26924079

Blessed is the mind too small for doubt.

>> No.26924234

Know your destination before you set out

>> No.26924927


>> No.26925389

>Some place their trust in warships, some in weapons of mass destruction.
>We venerate the Divine Emperor.
>They are brought down and fallen.
>We are risen and victorious.

>> No.26926461

OP ever coming back?

>> No.26926540

probably in a few hours when he wakes up

>> No.26926597

Dude woke up once when Blackjack threatened spoilers in the chat. That was funny.

>> No.26927526

>Sorry about that. Irregular sleep schedule/mild insomnia means I have an unfortunate tendency of passing out, but I'm wide awake now. Will resume once I have some caffeine in me: ETA 20-30!

>> No.26927559


>> No.26928337

>Son, grab your gun
>Lock your las, dig a trench
>For the 1st Vitalitas Seige Regiment!

>> No.26928360

>Hard dying boys
>Lord General’s men
>You’ll ne’er see our backs
>For we find to the end!

>> No.26928460

>Our home, upon the Founding Field
>Our arms, they are the Emp’ror’s shield
>We will fight, fight, fight, fight
>Fight to the end

>So son, grab your gun
>Lock your las, dig a trench
>For the 1st Vitalitas Seige Regiment!

Shit, I think I just broke into song.

>> No.26929040

bump with music

>> No.26930243

op where have you gone

>> No.26931413

He will return after he has had a good rest. Someone please archive the thread or keep it bumped.

>> No.26932139

This thread...endures!

>> No.26933310

OP must have passed out again.
Sleeping problems are a bitch.

>> No.26933317

I wish my players had this kind of devotion to keep things stringing along.

Fuck's sakes.

>> No.26933376

I wish I had some people to play with.
Nobody interested in wargames or PnP RPGs around here.

>> No.26933545

>atomic weapons
>Horus Heresy

Wasn't that 10,000 years ago? It doesn't take that long

>> No.26933556

No, I'm talking as a QM.

It's...Its just frustrating.

>> No.26933687

fantasy space nukes, they work however OP wants them to

>> No.26934595

Just read through the previous two threads and I must say they are pretty entertaining.
Top job OP.

>> No.26934685

it's techno-sorcery, i ain't gotta explain shit!

>> No.26935501

Our recon said they only had light tanks, but they've shown us Vanquishers on both continents, in significant numbers. Apparently they've been scratchbuilding them somewhere.

Hopefully, we'll only really need our armor for this fight and for the final spearheads into the fortified cities; if we can counter their armor now, even if we lose our own, it's worth it.

Besides, as Demo specialists, even our average Guardsmen have a chance against tanks, as seen in the previous zoomed-in fight.

>> No.26935736

They're probably been built at Forge Primaris or Secundus.

I believe we ordered an anti-tank company in with the Chimeras, correct me if i'm wrong. even if we didn't, i think we still have enough for the SoB to kick some serious ass in the Southern Plains.

>> No.26935770

We did. Hopefully we can use the Chimeras and Russes to sting the foe and draw them onto our (by then) prepared Anti-Tank Company.

>> No.26935773

I'm more worried about the elusive mortars. There's nothing in imperial inventory I can think of off hand that can do that. Which probably means Xenos.

>> No.26935785

Agreed. Or they're just setting up the mortar, firing a shot, then getting out of there, and our guys aren't experienced/equipped for counterbattery fire yet.

>> No.26935811

Hmmm, that gives me an idea.
Corresponding to the map, where was their armour last seen?

>> No.26935830

the SOB said "Salvo after salvo" so presumably its something special. Maybe they mounted a mortar on a grav drive or something to make it really fast.

>> No.26935871

I think the last actual mention of them was coming out of the Western Mountains on the West Continent to prevent us from surrounding the forge, but there are also some coming from the South Mountains toward the river on the South Continent.

>> No.26936134

How about this then, it seems applicable on either theatre, we use our armour company to push hard into the flank of their lines with the AT company shielding our flank. i.e we could push up north on the west island to combat the troops coming from neutron with our at on the far side of our armour from primas. Alternatively, we could push up towards the river with out AT whilst our Armour rolls down the men in front of Pitfall.

In both these examples we protect the obvious flank but leave our rear open if they are willing to skirt round past ground we have already passed over. When they move to flank us from the rear they move onto prepared mined and remote charge laden ground that we will have had our engineers plant before/during our maneuvers.

Once they are lured out from their hill tops and lured onto our deivices we should be able to remove a significant portion of their vanquishers.

Is this feasible or have I mis-understood our positioning (which is possible, it would be useful if our own troops were marked by type)

>> No.26936166

The second of those is the current plan. We're deploying armour to the south island to do just that while in the West we're mostly just trying to take Forge Primus before we don anything else.

>> No.26936330

That is good news, taking the forge seems like it will be bloody though, we are not really in a stable position with those enemies formations around us other to assault the forge itself and attempt to subsume its fortifications to form our own beachhead.

Unless....Do we have any pontoons?

>> No.26936424

Perhaps as a idea, we could load a AT unit onto some pontoons and use them as a coastal ambush by getting the valks to tow them to shore when we are attacked from the mountains?

>> No.26936520

Well, what's the range of our AT, and how much weight can be held by the pontoons we may or may not own?

>> No.26936552

It's missile launchers and lascannons. Don't think pontoons are a good idea; we lose basically every advantage that having infantry AT gives us.

>> No.26936571

Yes, but we're a siege regiment; taking and holding fortifications is what we do, and this open-ground combat is where we're weakest.

>> No.26936614

>tfw no Elder Scrolls TW

>> No.26936637


sorry completely wrong thread

>> No.26936641

thread has been archived on sup/tg/

>> No.26936666

True, enough and it's large expanses of open ground that worry me but I suppose it will come down to how quickly we can take Forge Primas, not that I doubt that we will suceed.

>> No.26936700

Hopefully the extra siege and mortar companies we deployed will give us the impetus for a push.

>> No.26936826

Sounds good.

>> No.26936840

Nice quads. And that's why we have to do this now. The southern continent has a lot more open space then the others, so if we get the Rommelian tank battle out of the way now, while riding the coattails of our early successes, then it would be a lot better for us. That's why I suggested we bring Sister Ath, so that there can only be ONE Rommelian tank battle, rather than a drawn-out Rommelian tank campaign, where we will be weak.

>> No.26937300

Makes sense, in that case the best i can suggest given their sudden surprising influx of vanquisher's is that's best to use combined arms, given the preferences of the vanq's cannon, and engage with armour whilst flanking with hi-speed chimeras delivering men to fight them on foot. Possibly mix and match and load some of our missile launcher troops from other companies in.

>> No.26937328


>> No.26937353

Your post had four numbers in a row young new friend.

>> No.26937661

The only way I can think of to neutralize the vanquishers' long range (I don't even think we will be seeing that many of them) is to drive our tanks in a column until we're in close(r) quarters and thus give them less to shoot at. My idea for the infantry is more static than yours, but I will discuss that when Sector Command gets back online.

Also, nice dubs.

>> No.26939944

Bump it up! Also, I would appreciate it if OP would just tell us when he's going to be gone, rather than just leave mid-thread.

>> No.26940610

Just as an aside it would be worth mentioning all the strange signals are coming from the mining tunnels, which are likely xenos in orgin. Could be Hrud we are facing here?

>> No.26940847

my money is on: http://chapterquest.wikia.com/wiki/Canids and http://chapterquest.wikia.com/wiki/Kruk since they were made by the same person who made the world we are currently invading.

>> No.26940943

>Maaaany apologies there. Things have been increasingly hectic, but I'm finally free, like Parker's predecessor, the Original Ganger.
>Initiating Riverside Siege Engagement.

You are Sister Ath Laurent, Sister Superior of the Order of Bloody Tears. You have been dispatched by your current commanding officer (or close enough) to assist in the battles of the southern continent. Your skills have seen you fight in many engagements, and your foes in this one are quite laughable. Common hive criminals, it seems, with a mentality towards fearsome battles?


Even as the riverbank in question comes into view, you simply put your hands on the pintle-mounted heavy bolter situated atop the Leman Russ. Your thumbs rest atop the butterfly trigger, your powered armor whirring gently as you hear the reports from the local vox net.

The Vitalitas Siege Regiment is performing rather well, all things considered. Only a smattering had to be executed thus far for cowardice or ineptitude, and their officers appear to be largely competent enough. It is a shame that the world was not tithed of bodies sooner.

In any case, the situation seems clear. Your own tank company, twelve Leman Russ tanks with half that in Chimeras as another armored company, will be making contact with the enemy shortly.

>> No.26940951

The gangers, outnumbering your own men 3:1, will be arriving shortly after your own forces reach the riverbank. Thankfully, you have full command of the continent's air assets, including two wings of Thunderbolt fighter-bombers, totaling sixty aircraft. They've been dispatched from the Pitfall starport, and are keeping pace high in the skies above.

The riverbank itself spans for countless kilometers in each direction, effectively bisecting the continent. Your forces will have six hours between reaching the riverbank and the enemy's expected arrival. The company of Chimeras behind you is carrying the siege infantry, each one armed with multilasers or heavy stubbers.

The anti-tank company is currently airborne in their Devourer dropship, hanging in the screening formation of the Thunderbolts. It can land anytime and anywhere to disembark its forces, but it will need to be free of enemy anti-air assets. On the upside, the Devourer is armed with lascannons as well as rockets, enabling it to saturate enemy positions as well.

Unfortunately, light vegetation will assist the enemy in providing them a modicum of cover to begin with. Furthermore, the vox thieves indicate that the enemy companies consist of at least four Vanquisher tanks, being screened by an assortment of Ragnaroks and Tauros light vehicles. Vehicles that, unless handled, could outflank and harass your infantry as the enemy presses on.

>> No.26940956

A concerning scenario, but there is a solution for all scenarios.
Ground assets:
>Have all of your forces disembark at the riverbank, and dig in every asset you can to blunt the enemy's advance.
>Have the infantry dig in as your tanks and other armored forces advance to disable the enemy's own armor.
>Have the infantry advance while the armor digs in, so as to provide the infantry a fallback position.
>Perform a feint with your armor so as to allow the infantry to dig in further back, attempting to lure the enemy from the riverfront.

Air assets:
>Have the Thunderbolts move ahead and begin saturation bombing of all enemy forces. Expending their payloads, but leaving their guns capable of assisting with strafing runs.
>Order the Thunderbolts to maintain a close combat air patrol over the river, bombing anything that tries to cross.
>Order the Devourer to try and flank around the enemy's forces, hopefully catching the Gangers in an encirclement between the anti-tank heavy weapons company and the rest of your forces.
>Have the Devourer land near the riverbank and provide long-range air support as the anti-tank division sinks in.

>> No.26940969

>As always, ">Other" is always an option, but those are the most obvious strategic options at this point.

>> No.26941034

I like the Salient plan proposed above. Have our Infantry dig in in a fixed position while our LRBTs attempt to hit and run. Leave the second Chimera company to help them in an emergency if the enemy gets around our heavies.

Have the air support go for the Vanquishers as they cross; if those get taken out, our LRBTs are fairly invulnerable. I'd like to get fancy and try to feint with the Devourer and make the enemy believe it's still full, but I'm not sure where we'd place it that they'd have to worry about the AT company. Perhaps try to make it look like we're deploying behind them, so they're that much more desperate to drive themselves into our prepared guns? One dropship's firepower isn't enough to tip the scales on it's own, and they're a valuable resource we can't afford to waste.

>> No.26941102

Which salient plan?

>> No.26941141

We have our Siege Regiment dug in, with a fake weak point in our line where the AT Lascannons and Missile Launchers dug in for an ambush. Use the LRBTs to hit and run and draw the enemy into an attack we can bait into our hardpoint.

>> No.26941209

I suggest this: Dig in with the river at your back. Make the trenches wide enough so that tanks would simply fall in if they tried to cross them. Then create two "tank corridors" for your own armor to sally forth from. These corridors will be lined with explosive charges should an enemy be unwise enough to charge them. Also, dig the trench like a three sided box (with the river as the fourth side) that houses the infantry and anti-tank elements.

For the armor engagement, advance upon them in columns, so that any long range shooting they might have will be mitigated. If we can turn this into a close quarters battle, our superior metal will win out.

As for the air assets, order the thunderbolts to do close combat air patrol. Noone must breach that box!

>> No.26941232

Yeah that sounds good.

>> No.26941245

We're outnumbered, and can't afford to be flanked; we need to stop them here, and convince them to stay and fight. If they get past us here, they hit the rear of our infantry to the north.

>> No.26941281

Would it be possible to move our command to the frigate, and send the Serf's Glory back with the lord commisar to form and collect the 2nd vitallis siege regiement, and set up a training line for the 3rd, 4th etc? It just looks like we are going to need a lot more bodies here.

>> No.26941309

So you're saying there's a chance they might not engage at all?

>> No.26941347

If we create a small, heavy emplacement like that, then yes. If I were in command of the other force in that case, I'd leave a small detachment to keep us pinned and move on with the majority. We need to bring them to battle here.

>> No.26941368

Fine. I thought we were under more pressure here. In this case, I defer to your plan.

>> No.26941382

Use this plan and dig the AT company with the rest with higher concentrations at the weak point. As for the thunderbolts i suggest having them there for quick support in case they make an unpredicted move or an area starts to get overwhelmed so that they can bomb the enemey and the infantry have time to recover

>> No.26941419

in case the an enemy makes unpredictable move*
aircraft cna bomb infrantry*
too many theys, i suck at writing

>> No.26941484

So nobody else thinks reinforcements are a good idea?

>> No.26941523

I think you are overestimating the capabilities of an offensive force assaulting a well dug in position without air support. I'm more worried about what is going to imminently jump out of the pits. 3:1 isn't that bad odds, we faced worse in the omnissiah's gateway

>> No.26941543

They don't have the bodies to provide another regiment for at least a couple of years, and we probably don't have the authority to request a regiment from anywhere else. We can still win this in a couple of months. Vitalis doesn't have the ability to reinforce us yet. Besides, the war's going well; we've taken two starports and several major cities, and we're hopefully about to take the Forge Primus, the main mines, and blunt the enemy offensive capabilities.

>> No.26941547

Well, after the thunderhawks are done with the vanquishers, maybe they could help the devourer in its gun run.

>> No.26941591

Perhaps. We still want to take out the rest of the tanks with air support if possible; everything they kill is something that can't hurt our limited armour, especially Ragnaroks and any Venators, but that might work. Would add weight to the feint.

>> No.26941645

If they have a pdf they have bodies to contribute, and just because we don't need them to win, doesn't mean they wouldn't be useful.especially if the mysterious benefactor of the rebels shows up. of course without the transport we can't retreat if they show up first, but still.

>> No.26941676

I don't think we need the reinforcements, we have already made significant progress with minimal casualties (damage to like 2 or 3 companies)

>> No.26941681

>>Perform a feint with your armor so as to allow the infantry to dig in further back, attempting to lure the enemy from the riverfront.

>Order the Devourer to try and flank around the enemy's forces, hopefully catching the Gangers in an encirclement between the anti-tank heavy weapons company and the rest of your forces.

These two, but wait until the the enemy take the bait before the devourer attack.

>> No.26941803

Actually, you could request as much aid as you like. However, keep in mind that those you request aid from may attempt to negotiate favors in return for that assistance. The PDF and Ecclesiarchy upon Vitalitas would likely be more than happy to lend aid considering your willingness to help their own causes, though the Mercantile Guild may prove... Reticent, considering your past relations.

>> No.26941839

Meh, we're still fine. Anyone we took probably wouldn't be worth the time and transport capacity.

>> No.26941901

I think at some point we, the lord general, should call for casualty reports as accurately as possible. We probably won't learn anything we don't already know, but if there are DEldar or Lictors or other stealthy xenos we might be able to find out now, before things get shadow-in-the-warp bad.

And if nothing like that happens, it'll mildly irritate our company commanders, demonstrate a mild concern for our troops, and if losses are low enough maybe provide some mild morale booster.

>> No.26941926

That's... A good plan. Although we need to do it a bit later on; we want people focussing on taking those points now, not administration.

>> No.26941957

Perhaps contacting each company commander when they are in a position of relative peace? We can't be calling them in the middle of a battle, but obviously the sooner we do it the better.

>> No.26942026

We should do that, but we'll either need to wait till we clear a island or a period of relative calm like when the lines are static.

>> No.26942034

This guy, I had the idea of doing it through the Commissars. They should have access to casualty numbers from the company commanders and sergeants, so they should have accurate information, and they'll know the signs (hopefully) of suspicious activity.

>> No.26942071

Yep. We do want to publicize it if possible, though; make it clear we're winning and by a lot. These are green troops, they'll be freaked by the casualties in their squads at this point.

>> No.26942202

Sector Command, how long till all those satellites have gone down?

>> No.26942544

"Infantry!" You order, "Devourer Sigma-Three, unload your forces! Heavy weapons company-- prepare to dig in. Chimeras, disembark your contingent!"

Orders fly from your lips as you stare at the distant horizon. Already, you can see the clouds of sand and grit rising from the enemy's own forces. "I want the Thunderbolts to stick close to our fortifications! As soon as the enemy prepares to cross, bombard them back to the Emperor's good graces!"

Your vehicle hits something, the craft bumping slightly as the tank's commander relays your orders. You can hear him even now, yelling for all tank elements to engage their vox transponders for proper target identification.

"I want every piece of armor here to prepare for a hit-and-run engagement. We're going to be putting these tanks through their paces, so stay sharp!" You encourage, "The Emperor is at our back! Fire wisely, and He shall ensure that this day is won!"

Your gaze drifts back to the sight of the massive Devourer beginning to touch down. Its compartments swing open as its ramps lower, hundreds of bodies spilling out as the Chimeras screech to a halt. Countless tons of rockcrete are thrown down, the aircraft circling overhead, and shovels touch the sand within moments of making landfall. Precious vegetation is thrown up into the heavens as the men prepare to dig in.

>> No.26942558


"Vitalitas second armored!" You bellow, staring ahead as the tank reaches the river itself. The clear waters become muddied as the treads dive into them, the engines roaring away as the promethium fuel is put to good use. "Prepare to engage the enemy!"

The beginnings of the engagement go well. The men, in their first few hours, report a great deal of success in initial fortification. They've already dug out a number of firing pits for the anti-tank company, and have laid mines along the edge of the riverbank should the enemy try to charge over. In addition, they've also set up the ambush points for the anti-tank soldiers.

All is going well.

Too well.

As your tanks begin to draw within line of sight of the enemy's main push, the very push you were dispatched to rout, you can see the enemy's forces. Almost two thousand souls, all ready to decimate your far smaller force. You also hear additional reports from fighting along the eastern and western flank, especially the western flank.

"Enemy forces are beginning to fall back-- Vox thieves indicate enemy forces routing along the east and west. Southern contingents are trying to rally, but we've got them on the run!"

Good news. Too good.

It was at that point that you watch one of the Leman Russ tanks to your left erupt into flames. There's a momentary pause as you suddenly hear the hear-splitting roar of a Vanquisher cannon, a sound you recognize instantly from many years of conflict. Your magnoculars come up as you hurriedly scan for the source of the fire.

>> No.26942569

There! A pair of Vanquisher tanks, sitting still as their turrets smoke with the discharge of fresh firing. The lone Leman Russ tanks amongst a sea of Ragnaroks. Two Vanquishers, perhaps twenty Ragnarok tanks. It seems that in addition to an abundance of gangers, they also have an abundance of armor. The traitorous wretches! The Ragnaroks themselves would be little issue, but those Vanquishers will steadily snipe your Leman Russes, even if they stay mobile.

>Order the Leman Russes to withdraw. The situation is unwinnable. (Willpower test at -0, vs 45. Best of three.)
>Big guns? Pfah! The Emperor is at your side! Have the Leman Russes dive forward to knock out the Vanquishers first.
>Request air support, risking enemy anti-air fire, but taking the enemy on there.
>Order the Devourer to move up and try to out-range the Vanquishers with the dropship's weaponry, risking it.

>Have them break position for the moment to assist in routing the fleeing enemy elements.
>Have them stay put.

You could certainly do so. The Nameless Saint, the Imperial Navy frigate lent to you, has plenty of command facilities, especially for military operations. The Lord Commissar could certainly perform a second Founding if you wish, especially as the population of Vitalitas is many millions in size. Parts of the populace there may object, but it is certainly feasible to arrange, and few would dare to object, let alone object openly.

40% remain, but the macrocannons are picking away at them as they attain another rotation. It will likely just take a day for the remainder of the grid to go down, one standard orbit around the planet.

>> No.26942630

Everyone fires one shot at the Vanquishers, then withdraw. Call up our air support as we do so. We might be able to win with just the Tanks, but there's no need to risk our limited armor.


>> No.26942653

Rolled 44

Woops, that was stupid

>> No.26942728


call in air support. Tanks continue as planned, with enemy vanquishers as priority targets

>> No.26942732

Rolled 85

Oh, and as for the siege? That's what we have those Chimeras for. Send them out while the AT and foot-infantry hold the line.

>> No.26942735

Rolled 57

I second this.

>> No.26942736

Rolled 15

better roll that again

>> No.26942739

so we could bring reinforcements. I'd like to have them ready just in case. If the heretics have an ace up their sleave, i think we should prepare one of ours.
also, whilst i'm undecided on the tanks, the siege forces should stay put, the enemy is likely trying to lay a trap for us.

>> No.26942747


Make a feint retreat, try to draw them in and them turn back and call air support as we turn around to face them. Courage and glory!

>> No.26942757

Rolled 90


>> No.26942779

Didn't mean to roll that time...

It might be worth sending back the Lord Comissar to get some PDF reinforcements; if we bring them in at the death, we have cannon fodder for the siege of Parker's compound and can have the PDF leaders on our side; we're giving them great glory without the long campaign. We can get the rest of this wrapped up on 3-4 weeks while they get here, right?

>> No.26942817

Would we have to get permission from the administratum or munitorum to raise more guardsmen, or can we just flop our lord general penis around and do whatever we like?

>> No.26942856

Rolled 7

The latter.

>> No.26942864


From >>26942569 it looks like the Commisariat can just do it. I thought it took more, but I might have been underestimating us.

>> No.26942868

Pull the leman russ's to pull back in a fake rout, circle them round our lines as though to avoid the entrenched infantry (i.e not roll over their heads) and roll past the hidden AT squads. When the enemy armour give chase behind our trenches, surprise them with the AT, circle round with the Russes to attack their flank.

>> No.26942889


This is a good idea, but I would suggest raising a real regiment (probably not siege this time) because it is implied that we will be fighting aliens after we finish off Parker.

>> No.26942890

so apart from no retreat for the 1st, does anyone have objections to reinforcements?

>> No.26942935

Sorry, yes. I was assuming that was the "fall back" option; If it wasn't that's what I was implying with >>26942630.

I think we can win here without it, and I worry that they'd be undersupplied with the problems with the merchants. Further, we only have transport for one regiment, and we don't want to owe the Navy more after this.

On the other hand, some armor or other personnel would definitely be of value. I'm 50-50, I just think some people aren't understanding how well we're doing so far.

>> No.26943002

I think we should play with what we have for a bit more before raising more men. At least until we have a solid foothold on the planet.
Further more, we should look to expanding our staff. I feel like the good lord commisar is too valuable to send away from the fighting.

>> No.26943011

I was assuming that it wasn't as what I was suggesting wasn't a straight fallback but a feint playing on our hidden troops to decimate and defuse their armour.

>> No.26943043

Nope, that's what I meant. Sorry. I didn't get that across clearly in my post, but we definitely want to fall back - onto our prepared positions.

>> No.26943087


>> No.26943504

Seems golden to me

>> No.26943610

Agreed. Perhaps having air support on standby, for after the trap is sprung might be in order.

>> No.26943613

Your willpower wins out in the end. Even you are not foolish enough to think that your Leman Russes can be shielded against direct Vanquisher fire, regardless of if the Emperor is on your side. Indeed, the Emperor protects those that protect themselves.

"Chimera detachments! Assist in decimation of fleeing enemy units at our flanks!" You order, "All infantry units, stand by and prepare to repel enemy forces! All armor elements-- prepare to fall back after initial salvo!"

"Thunderbolt squadrons! Do your duty to the Emperor-- knock those Vanquisher tanks out!" You bellow.

Your tanks roll forward, and of the eleven remaining, two more get knocked out by another salvo from the Vanquishers. The Ragnaroks don't have nearly enough range, but your Leman Russ tanks certainly do by that point.

The voice of your tank's commander is audible over the vox. "All units-- FIRE!"

Your ears ring as nine Leman Russ tanks fire, their armor-piercing shells streaking across the battlefield. The Ragnarok tanks, lightly armored, are torn to shreds. You watch a pair of Tauros light vehicles perform several backflips, a particularly talented (or lucky) gunner having managed to hit two of them at once. The enemy's infantry hit the deck, dozens of men flying into the air as the enemy's tanks explode.

>> No.26943620

"Full reverse!" The tank commander's voice is heard, the vehicle rumbling as the Leman Russ tanks roll backwards, keeping their frontal armor presented. A few Tauros light vehicles, armed with rocket launchers and heavy stubbers, rev forward to engage the tanks. The only problem for them is that the Leman Russes have much more weapons than their own tanks.

The battle tanks strafe the enemy's vehicles with stubber, bolter, and autocannon fire in the retreat. The Vanquishers fire once more, and a Leman Russ to your left explodes into shrapnel, shards of which gently slice your left cheek, causing you to scowl but little more. A petty scratch.

Seven tanks remaining, you pull back just as the Thunderbolts arrive. A few of the enemy's heavy stubbers and rockets arc into the sixty-odd craft overhead, but only a smattering of aircraft are taken down, perhaps a half-dozen in total come arcing down from the enemy's anti-air assets.

The sight of bombs dropping is a glorious, and violent, one. Massive cones of flame erupt in the middle of the enemy's formation, still pushing forward as you draw back to your own lines. Bodies, burnt and burning, dead and dying, litter the path of the enemy from where they had trod. The two Vanquishers turn into columns of fire as several bombs land directly atop them, 500kg explosives flattening them and everything near them like a macrocannon artillery strike.

"Bombs deployed!"
"We're down to our guns now!"

>> No.26943629

The Thunderbolt wing leaders vox in. You're nearly at your own lines, however, and it seems you've managed to annihilate an entire enemy company. Only two companies remain-- one of gangers, and perhaps half of the enemy's tank company.

Tanks: 75%
>Reverse directly over your defensive lines, and draw the enemy head-first into your siegeworks.
>Attempt to skirt around your defenses to avoid any potential traps they may have laid, exposing your tanks a bit longer.
>Engage the enemy head-on from your current position, letting your troops fire around your own vehicles, and blunting the enemy's infantry against your tanks.

Air: 90%
>Have the Thunderbolts begin strafing runs.
>Have the Thunderbolts return to base to resupply and rearm.
>Have the Thunderbolts hang back and only attack infantry elements that threaten to slip around.

While it's generally expected that you'd get permission from the sector (or subsector) Administratum before going about founding any regiments, there's a very delicate political game oriented around your position.

That game is called, "I have a Lord Commissar as a friend and you don't."

It is a game that you generally win. While the Council of Workers could technically file a formal complaint with the Administratum, that's assuming that the PDF and Ministorium would put their voting blocs towards such an action. That also further assumes that such a complaint wouldn't get lost in the deluge of invoices from various worlds pleading for assistance, resources, or the numerous requests for supplies that Vitalitas has doubtlessly sent in anyways.

>> No.26943635

That also further assumes that, upon beginning such a motion or deliberating for it, you wouldn't just declare the Council of Workers a bunch of traitors and have the Lord Commissar give his trigger finger a good workout, installing yourself or some suitable lackey as the new Lord Governor of the planet, as is the "proper" position for an Imperial world.

Of course, sucking Vitalitas's manpower and resources dry to supply yourself with an abundance of regiments is sure to ruffle plenty of feathers, and it may just be that the planet's governing bodies pull trickery of their own if you abuse your power too much. A delicate game, to be certain.

>> No.26943714

any more vanquishers in the tank company?

>> No.26943726

Tanks: Go around. We're already at half-strength, the company's probably a loss except for detail work. Trying to save the rest is worthwhile, but don't risk the infantry to do it.

Air: Send half back to rearm, keep the other half on-duty in case of leakers.

As far as reinforcements: I'm not sure. I'm warming to the idea, and Vitalis wasn't going to be a very profitable planet anyway; I'd say we should call for another regiment, trying for a manpower-light one like a Recon or other light regiment that'll save on conflicts with the Workers and also give us some ability on open ground. Let's not go so far as to proclaim ourself governor, though. That'll draw inquiries quick.

>> No.26943745

just an idea but could we open a recruitment office on vitalitas that gathers volunteers to replace losses

>> No.26943767

Negative. The Thunderbolts ensured that the only two Vanquishers the enemy had were destroyed with more prejudice than the Imperial Guard sergeant who found out one of his Guardsmen has been sleeping with his daughter.

Entirely feasible. An Imperial Guard outpost would work well for recruitment purposes, though it would be beneficial to have a dedicated transport vessel to handle transit of said forces.

>> No.26943769

We don't have the airlift capacity to replace troops from another system piecemeal. After we suffer heavy losses or take the world, we'll take a batch, but having a trickle won't be cost-effective.

>> No.26943819

we could just recruit them and then have them stay at Vitalitas and train till we finish here so we don't take as long to retrain our losses

>> No.26943826

I vote skirt around and have half the thunderbolts return to base, and half fly air patrol in case shit starts getting out of hand.
>9 Leman Russes
> Loss except for detail work
>Son do you even warfare?

>> No.26943833

How long did it take to train this regiment? Three months? How long to get here? A month? And that's with volunteers and resources already supplied. The campaign might be over by then. I'm not saying we shouldn't send for reinforcements, but those are the facts.

>> No.26943868

We're down to 7, not 9. And we'll probably take more casualties before the battle's over.

>> No.26943880

I could get behind this. The resource drain would be more gradual, and thus force less compromise upon us.

>> No.26943890

Point, and it's worth starting.

I agree, and that's my main reason for questioning it, but we do have to see beyond this campaign, and we sure can't recruit from here for a while; they've been living under traitor rule, we need a bit before we can trust them.

>> No.26943936

so I think next time we're the lord general we should call the PDF on Vitalis and ask that they begin training some volunteer companies to replace losses after the planets taken

>> No.26943954

And noone save maybe the higher officers is to know about it unless the enemy is able to get us on the back foot. Then we can use it as a morale booster.

>> No.26943976

just another thought but what about penal companies we use the criminals of Vitalis to form a penal company with a chance for them to earn a pardon if they fight for us

>> No.26944027

Given our Colonel's history, that sounds like half what happened already...
I doubt they've got enough hardened criminals to make that kind of commitment, and we don't have the experienced leaders/guards to keep them in line.

>> No.26944047

we are at 3/4 not half

>> No.26944072

It was just an idea maybe later

>> No.26944076

>>Have the Thunderbolts begin strafing runs.
>Attempt to skirt around your defenses to avoid any potential traps they may have laid, exposing your tanks a bit longer.

>> No.26944087

He says 75%, but we're at 7 left out of 12. I went with the hard number.

>Seven tanks remaining, you pull back...

>> No.26944125

Seconding. But send about ten of them back for more bombs.

Yah, I think there might have been a mistake in the numbers somewhere.

>> No.26944349

"Skirt around the defensive line!" You order, putting the remaining tanks at more risk, but suspecting a myriad of potential issues that directly retreating over your own lines could cause.

It proves to be a wise decision as the enemy's tanks prove too slow and too short-ranged to effectively target you. A few rocket strikes harry your remaining vehicles, but they cross the crest of the riverbank on the enemy's side. A quartet of Tauros vehicles draw in close on one of the tanks lagging behind, a lucky rocket strike from one of them disabling the vehicle's treads as it begins fording the river. The remaining six Leman Russ tanks manage to cross safely.

For the enemy, however, they were too narrow-minded. Charging right after the tanks, they would not recognize the presence of the Vitalitas Siege Infantry until it was far too late. Likewise, the fleeing enemy elements would be equally underprepared for the Chimeras coming after them.

Reports filtered in as the stranded Leman Russ tank's crew buckled down, bolting down every hatch they had as the first gangers crested the riverbank. Stub automatics pelted the vehicle with bullets as some nine hundred souls prepared to storm what seemed like an abandoned piece of armor.

And three hundred lasguns opened in unison. Commissars and Ministorium priests screamed litany after litany to the Emperor to guide their name, just as the enemy was shredded. Fires and explosions erupted along the riverbank, the artificial soil being churned and slagged, the sand underneath turned into glass as the first wave of infantry fell.

>> No.26944359

When the Ragnaroks attempted to push forward, their crews ready to storm the emplacements, the heavy weapon company's presence would be greatly appreciated. Rockets streaked forward almost in perfect synchronicity, lascannons scything into tank hulls and immolating the crews within. Promethium tanks touched off as the enemy's charge was stopped flat. Bodies rolled down the bank, the river running red with blood as more and more bodies were added to the count.

Whatever had made the enemy fight like possessed devils during the first month quickly broke inside of them, however. Pleas for mercy and animalistic screams filled the air as weapons and tanks were abandoned, vehicles turning about as the enemy began a complete and total rout. The Thunderbolt pilots, eager to take revenge for those lost, began strafing runs on the enemy's flank, laying down walls of bullets to scythe into the enemy's flank. It would take ages for the bodies to be cleared away. Longer than that, probably, even.

Perhaps most impressive of all was that there were zero casualties amongst the infantry divisions deployed, the Vitalitas First Siege handling itself well in its first engagement here.

Unfortunately, the larger voxnet was not in such a positive state... As you would soon find out.

>Pursue the enemy and finish them off.
>Hold position.
75% is a rough measurement of combat effectiveness. While you're down to seven tanks, the Leman Russ is a rugged vehicle, and the company has compensated well for the loss of its individual units.

>> No.26944399

hold position but have the fighters strafe the enemy forces retreating

>> No.26944417

Pursue. If they're routed that badly, and we've got air support, we can make a clean run of it. If they get too far, break it off, though; we don't want to get overextended.

>> No.26944443

Pursue, but leave some men to try and get that tank out of the water.

>> No.26944452

Pursue to the River, then attack anyone who crosses it. If any surrender, have the ranking officer decide what to do.

>> No.26944476

We ARE the ranking officer, and we're a Sister of Battle. I don't see surrender happening.

I'm worried about the rest, though; this was important, but not of strategic value like the Forge and Pits. I hope we're not TOO screwed...

>> No.26944481

I teared up a little.

Pursue minorly then tell the tanks and mobiles to roll (westward?) to be take the enemy units nearby in their flank before they can react. Reconnoiter the tactics with the units adjacent to us

>> No.26944508

i mean of individual squads or platoons who take prisoners.

it's just a formality, i don't disagree that they won't run like the Cowardly Heretics they are from the EMPEROR'S FURY.

>> No.26944769

Your forces work in cohesion and to great effect. A few platoons remain behind to hold the impromptu trenches as the sun begins to set, and the enemy-- having marched all day and now running into the night-- is easily run down. You even get a few kills yourself by taking control of the tank's driver's seat, running down an entire squad of gangers and letting them get turned into a fine paste under the treads of your tank.

A smattering of prisoners are captured as well, but most of the enemy are executed or otherwise obliterated. The aircraft eventually run low on fuel and are forced to return for resupply but, oh the whole, your Aeronautica allies have assisted you well this day.

Still, some squad leaders (whose names you have noted) have shown a measure of mercy to the enemy, and prisoners have been taken. Only a score, perhaps, out of the original two thousand that once stood ready to fight you and to ruin your forces.

In any instance, as the damaged tank is attended to by enginseers and the rest of the army fans out, it is clear that the Southern Continent shall soon be all but yours.

Which is perhaps why the next message over the regimental-level vox net is alarming.

"Xenos presence confirmed. All units, prepare for additional information."

>Perspective switch: Lord General.

>> No.26944801

Corsairs, corsairs, let it be corsairs!

>> No.26944878

come oooooon, please be Jokaero

>> No.26944890

or someone it's ok for us to recruit.

not that we would recruit xenos anyways....

>> No.26944919

Depends if we had friends in the Ordo Xenos or not...

>> No.26945126


You look upon the hololith of the Serf's Glory, the massive projections giving you detailed views of every battle going on, constantly updated as the vox servitors, serfs, and cogitators input new information. The Southern Continent is all but yours, and even now, your forces press upwards. The enemy to the south has been obliterated, and reports are filtering in that the locals have greeted Imperial Guardsmen with open arms and happy spirits.

Elsewhere, however, the situation is grim. Colonel Lucien Sarvus is on the vox, his voice-- distorted by distance and by the sounds of frequent las and projectile fire-- sounding much more grim than when you two had last spoken. Tired, as well.

Your hands clasp behind your back as you observe the situation, listening to his report.

"I'm down to a hundred and... Twenty men at this point, all combat-ready, sir." Sarvus reports. "We're scattered across the southern urban areas of the Pits. Up until now we've been facing... I'd wager it's about, what..." He trails off for a moment, and there's a distant explosion.

"Jenkins! Would you say it's four companies or five?"

>> No.26945138


The answer is unheard, but there's a brief laugh. "I'd say three, four companies of gangers, waging in at about nine hundred men each. I sort of lost count to be honest, Lord General. They've been pushing their numbers in down the main streets. Which is well enough, sir, because between you and I? If we had to fight them on open ground, we'd all be dead. As it is, they've got only so many bodies they can put up front, and the fact that we're situated in buildings lets us put a lot more guns down-range than what they can."

Another explosion.

"Oh! And that macrocannon artillery strike. They haven't done more of those, thankfully, but we're pretty well-fortified where we are as it is. We laid down rockcrete, and we knocked out a couple of those Tauros vehicles. Made a nice obstruction for a bit." He says, giving you a blow-by-blow. You elect not to interrupt him for now, however, suspecting he has a point to this.

"In any case, I first heard word when the men reported potential saboteurs. We've had to keep the Valkyries grounded because the enemy's got anti-air missile troops set up in a number of buildings. Sniper's nests, really, but for aircraft. Some of the Valkyries were still getting blown up, though, with the sentry squads on duty dead around them. Bullet wounds, so we suspected ganger infiltrators."

A pause.

"Not so, sir. The Xenos got ballsy. Real vitsing ballsy. They must have figured out where I am, because they had a whole squad of them try to ambush us from below. Used a demo charge to blow a hole between the sewer wall and the basement of the Arbites precinct we're holed up in. Little did they realize that we've got flamers in here."

>> No.26945191

There was a morbid little laugh. "They got ballsy, an' we went and castrated 'em. Medicae is taking a look at the remains, and I've got field reports from the men that fought them first-hand. They seem to be about one-point-five to one-point-eight meters tall." He reads off.

"Uploading pict now."

You're treated to a sight from a pict drone, likely a servo-skull that remained in the Arbites' lockup. The alien is... Extremely inhuman. It looks almost canine in nature, and you see a medicae's gloved hands handling it, making various measurements. The teeth are extremely sharp, and appear to be given adamantine tips. Its eyes are organic, and it appears to have been wearing some form of flak vest, but nothing to cover its muscular arms or legs. Two arms, two legs. Humanoid. Not a mutant, however, as physical features are identical from one corpse to the next. Microbeads as well-- Imperial-design microbeads, stuffed into the pointed ears.

"Disgusting." Sarvus remarks, "I have half a mind to send one of my squads into the sewers with a couple flamers to toast whatever else might be down there, but as it is, the enemy may have just given me an out. We're holding position, but I'd recommend sending any more infantry reinforcements through the sewers. Not exactly sanitary, but the enemy probably doesn't have gangers settling in with their Xenos arse-pals." He remarks gruffly.

>> No.26945202

A very concerning development indeed. There is, indeed, a minor Xenos coalition in this subsector, but you did not think its reach extended even to worlds such as this. Information regarding it is classified, however, by Inquisitional decree. Whether or not you wish to involve the Inquisition's Ordo Xenos is...

A very troublesome matter indeed. Especially as reports from Forge Primus indicate similar subversive tactics, though no alien remains have been found. Though the Forge is steadily being taken over by the forces of the Magos (and aid of the tech-priests there), the siege is being hampered by sabotage from enemy forces.

>Attempt to get access to the sealed records.
>Attempt to get in touch with the Ordo Xenos.
>Continue the invasion regardless (Please add additional orders.)

>> No.26945268

lets talk to the Ordo Xenos

>> No.26945287

I think it's time we started raising that regiment! Also, I do not want to involve the =][= unless absolutely necessary. If Sarvus has to withdraw or lose the rest of his men, then I say we let him do the former, at least at his discretion.

>> No.26945295

>Attempt to get in touch with Ordo Xenos
>Continue the invasion

we need info, and we should inform them and we need to be by-the-book on our first assignment. Get some info if we can, if not follow their advice and continue the Ground War in what is increasingly looking like Asia.

How goes the War in the West though? any Xenos? is that forge taken?

>> No.26945304

Shit, well we're about to lose absolute command.
Get in touch with the Inquisition, tell them what's going on. Tell them we don't need much support, just some information.

In any case, continue to invade. Now that we've got the South cleared, we can send all the forces in the area to back up the Colonel; by my count, that's at least 7-8 more companies. Send a couple in by the sewers, clean them out as we enter. Tell the Colonel that he should try to minimize use of the Valks; that way, when we really need them they're there.

Pretty much the same in the North, but get that Forge under our control ASAP.

In all cases, try to up the guard on ammo dumps and airfields. See if we can use a couple of our Vox-theives to broadcast static on their Microbead freaks; IIRC, we don't use them, and so we'll lose less.

>> No.26945332

oh, and send Sarvus some reenforcements. assign some basilisks and AA for his group. perhaps even some more Heavy Weapons people if we have them in the Southern Continent.

Battle Sister and Lord Commissar are to mop up forces in the Southern Continent and assist Sarvus as he needs it.

>> No.26945335

Sounds like we're winning, but slowly in the West. Xenos there too. I agree, we can't afford to get the Ordos pissed at us this early in the game.

>> No.26945344

I'd say there is no need to directly contact the ordo xenos. Any inquisition involvement is bad.
Just make sure to include everything in our report to the munitorum or administratum or whoever and they will find out.

Also any chance of another map? I'm a bit confused as to how everything stands at the moment.

>> No.26945348

I agree with this other then getting in touch with the Inquisition seeing how things always go wrong when you bring them in

>> No.26945361

we might loose "absolute command", but it'll look nice to Ordo Xenos if we do. Might make some friends or at least impress us at our "Shocking Competence".

besides, it'll take a while for them to get and act on the message. Time we might use to execute/complete the war.

>> No.26945364

They always go wrong when they're brought in, but if we fail to bring them in WE, personally, are likely to get blammed.

>> No.26945365

It's only bad if you have something to hide and the ordo xenos are the most ameanable of the lots.

Abstaining from this vote.

>> No.26945372

attempt contact with the ordo Xenos
also get in contact with the PDF of Vitalis about raising a volunteer recruitment and training station

>> No.26945398

err... impress THEM

and replace "AA" with "Air Assets". getting tired i guess.

>> No.26945420

it's a minor appearance of xenos. Hardly worth directly phoning an inquisitor for. This would be far from uncommon

>> No.26945431

>Attempt to get in touch with Ordo Xenos

>Continue the Invasion

We show some initiative by contacting the =][= while continuing the task assigned to us.

Enough to let our peers and superiors see us as useful.

Not enough to make them think that we will threaten their plans and ambitions.

It always pays to look good, so long as it's not at the expense of sincerity.

>> No.26945447

>Not meticulously combing Imperial Records for all available information

I seriously hope you heretics don't do this.


>> No.26945452

To everyone who wants to throw their lot in with the Ordo, just remember this: The great =][= is ALWAYS searching for prey. After they are done bothering your enemy, they will begin to bother your allies, after them, they will move on to you. And it is VERY hard to throw them off the trail without arousing suspicion. We can still win this war without the info, especially if we can get more boots on the ground and wings in the air from Vitalitas.

>> No.26945472

>Attempt to get in touch with the Ordo Xenos.
But only for information, we don't need their assistance.

Also, alter the propaganda that we've been saturating the planet with to include reports of these Xenos creatures. Remind all all of the humans on the world that to consort with Xenos races is to doom their immortal soul - and that the Imperium welcomes lost sheep back to the flock with open arms if they embrace the God-Emperor with their heart, body and soul.

>"Kill the alien before it can speak its lies."

>> No.26945474

Sounds like that's 6 for and 3 against contacting the Inquisition, though it's hard to poll with Anons. Everyone wants to continue, though.

Let's remember our side jobs; send out for the volunteer replacements and/or a second founding, and continue wiping out satelites.

>> No.26945488

I propose a compromise:

we send a signal to the Inquisition via astropath reporting what we've found. Make it clear by the language that this is proffessional courtesy, and if they wish to get involved they may but that we think we have this under control. Any information they might have will be useful.

I'm sure it'll be part of a dozen reports we send out for the week to the munitorium, Ministratum, or our superiors. so we wouldn't be directly contacting them, but sending an e-mail.

>> No.26945501


Whatever happens, FULLY APPROVE this propaganda addition.

>> No.26945509

Can we get a current strength of our troops Sector Command?

>> No.26945528

i have 4 against 3.

>> No.26945537


Also, >>26945447, I know about that, but I don't know that we do, given that the body was apparently unknown to us. If it's sealed, I'm fairly sure the General doesn't know. Besides, all it really tells us is they have allies, and may have military strength of their own in the area.

>> No.26945562

seconded. send it to the LC, and then the LG will approve it so the SoB and the M can make with the TV's

>> No.26945599




Now 7v5, but we have a compromise I like. Just getting info and a brief notice, no real request for aid or Inquisitorial presence. Hopefully we won't get any more than an Interrogator, if that.

>> No.26945616

err... two of those are mine.

I really should keep using my name, but it's a pain in the ass to keep re-typing that.

>> No.26945635

If the south island is practically won then we should start moving troops over to the west to try and take Forge Primas so that we can ensure we have a safe foothold.

>> No.26945651

The south section of the island is won, the mines to the North are not. We need to reinforce the colonel there and take those before moving on.

>> No.26945656

South Island is won except the Pits, where we're having major problems. Let's take them first. We've got 120 Guardsmen there holding off 4500 rebels and some Xenos, we need to get them support.

>> No.26945663

Sorry, 2700-4500.

>> No.26945686

or even better, they could just give us access to relevant documents.

>> No.26945690

If you wish, you could order your scribes and seneschals to focus on researching in their own archives. Though the Inquisition has sealed easy record access, it should be possible to search ancient tomes for additional information on aliens in Subsector Meridian.

... Which is exactly when your eyes drift over to Captain Unwerth, who has emerged from his obscura haze with a look like someone just put burning lead in his syringes, his forehead soaked with sweat and his cherubim working themselves to death to pepper him with sufficient cooling air and exotic perfumes.

It seems something in those pictures has caused him a fair amount of alarm. A shame that the Lord Commissar is currently planetside, because you can't help but smile at just what he might have done in this instance. Much brandishing of his bolt pistol, most likely.

Regardless, you elect to invoke the Inquisition's involvement, if somewhat laterally. "File a formal request, to be sent by astrotelepath, to the Tricorn Palace. The Inquisition should be made aware that we have encountered these aliens, but have the situation well in hand. Furthermore, have another message sent to the Lord Commissar. He is to craft a message that all those found consorting with Xenos are to be executed. Those who return to the Imperium shall be welcomed with open arms as the lost sheep they are."

>Interrogate Captain Unwerth directly.
>Diplomatically approach what he might know.
>Offer to bribe the Captain for his knowledge.
>Invoke the threat of the Inquisition if he doesn't spill.

>> No.26945691

Seconding. we need more men. But we should still contact the Inquisition

>> No.26945701

Thats a bugger, could be a while to dig out the aliens.

What are we like for:
Geo data for the mines
Suitable tunnel fight troops (high armour with shotguns)

>> No.26945751

Just mention the =][=, and they will comply.

>> No.26945769

I don't know about mining data, and we don't have any hellhounds, but our Die-Hard Demo Experts should be good Tunnel men, and Siege Expertise works pretty well in the tight, hard assaults of a tunnel conflict.

>> No.26945796

We've had the LC play Bad Cop before, let's play Good Cop again. Be diplomatic, but subtly remind him that we just saw his reaction and we DID just send a message to the Inquistion, and with a LC on hand we don't need any authority but our own to do anything we want to him.

>> No.26945797

>Interrogate Captain Unwerth directly.

Are we not a Lord General? There is no need to appear like a trickster or con man by bribing a servant of the imperium.

Only if the Captain proves reticent, should we resort to
>Intimidation with the =][=

>> No.26945822

Good, then its just a case of reallocating troops possibly a special weapons squad or two.

>> No.26945857

Gonna need a new thread soon, too.

>> No.26946024

this sounds pretty good and if it all fails we hand him to the lord commisar

>> No.26946189

If we do this we should send a quick message to the frigate before hand.
After all, we are on his ship surrounded by his men.

>> No.26946216

Agreed. We're a good swordsman, but I don't know if we're that good. And we don't really want the Captain dead; we need his ship.

>> No.26946239

Sorry, that was me.

>> No.26946257

Yeah, I second this.

We didn't become a Lord General by being trusting after all.

>> No.26946282

Fair enough.

Just ask to speak to him privately - like in his quarters, or asking him to dismiss everyone in the room for a few minutes.

This way even if we threaten spilling the beans to the Inquisition, we don't publicly embarrass him.

We also leave him enough room to choose wisely, without backing him into a corner.

>> No.26946706

Ask to speak with him in private

>> No.26947437


>> No.26947846

You have maps that were up-to-date to the date of the revolution of the mining tunnels. You don't have any hellhounds, but your siege infantry should be very capable in the confines of the tunnels. Perhaps not as much as a recon regiment, but they'll gut anything in those tunnels, right as rain.

You turn to Captain Unwerth, your eyes leveling on the man.

"Captain." You say quietly. He jumps slightly, eyes turning to you.
"Y-Yes, Lord General?"
"May we speak in private?"

His eyes widen slightly, and you can almost swear that you see his lip quiver.

"Private, sire?"

>> No.26947880

"Yes." You reiterate softly, turning away from the screen. Sister Laurent is mopping up enemy forces on the southern continent, and your forces are pushing on around the Forges. The enemy's effort at bottling your troops is faltering, especially now that your men have fully adopted siege warfare tactics, storming areas block-by-block. With mortar support, it's only a matter of time until the enemy's forces on the western continent rout as well.

There's a brief humming noise as Captain Unwerth taps something on his throne. The serfs across the bridge arise from their seats, heading for the doorway. The Vitalitas Guardsmen remain, seemingly ignoring the unseen order or otherwise unaware of it. Captain Unwerth looks at them as if to order them to leave as well, but they remain all the same.

Captain Unwerth gives you a rather imploring look, but decides not to push his luck more than he's about to.

"As I mentioned long ago, Lord General, I was once... An item conveyance expert." He said, his obscura haze parting as he gently bites his lower lip. "I transported cargo in a vessel much like this, long, long ago. I transported it across all parts of Sector Deus."

"What cargo did you transport?"

>> No.26947897

He gives you a rather stricken look. "I transported... Curiosities." He elects, as if begging you not to press further. "In the course of my trade, I did come across these Xenos. Or at least, their living counterparts. They call themselves the 'Canid'." He remarks casually, "They're part of the, ah, Xenos coalition in this subsector. They serve under an even greater species." He pauses, "As far as 'greater' can be applied to Xenos, of course."

He pauses, looking rather fretful in spite of his 'smooth' save. "I, ah, the Kruk... The Kruk are a very dangerous species, Lord General." He remarks. "They trade for Imperial weapons, technology-- anything they can get their hands on, but they are -vicious-, sire. Especially in close combat. I had a partner at the time. He--"

There was a pause.

"He earned the ire of the Kruk. One of their warlords ripped his arm off and beat him to death with it. With its bare hands. To make matters worse, the Kruk incorporate other Xenos technologies as well. As far as I have seen, they employ Tau technology as well, though I am uncertain as to how they obtained it."

An interesting development.

"And what of these Canids?" You ask.

"They are... Scouts. War dogs, in a rather literal sense. The Kruk use them as advance elements and the bulk of their armies. I-- I am afraid I do not know much more. Except for one very, very critical thing." He remarks, his terror becoming evident.

"Whatever you do, Lord, please be careful. There is an Inquisitor-- a woman Inquisitor, by the name of Delilah." He lets out a squeak of terror at the memory, seemingly alone in the heart of his own vessel.

>> No.26947917


"She is... She is a woman of great power. She pursues the Canid, Kruk, and all of their allies with a ferocity that would make the likes of even the most fanatical Ecclesiarchy warriors look like weak-willed souls. If she is aware that the Kruk are active upon this world, she will be here in no small order, and she will gladly use us all to see their empire shattered. No matter the cost." He whispers the last part, shivering visibly before you.

An interesting development.

>Ask further on the Inquisitor.
>Inquire as to what Captain Unwerth's "Curiosities" were.
>Inquire as to what the Kruk wanted from him.
>Inquire [Specify]
>Dismiss him.

>> No.26947968

ask about the inquisitor and what the Kruk wanted from him

>> No.26948031

The man's past sins are between him and the Emperor, let us not delve into them now.

>Ask further on the Inquisitor.
Does she have any prominent rivals within the Inquisition that he knows of. We cannot afford to sacrifice our small army to her fanaticism.

>Inquire [Specify]
Kruk technology level, both in space and on the ground.

>> No.26948039

Describe the stuff we've seen (Vox-Cant, mortars, etc) and ask if it's indicative of Kruk, or just Canid, and how many of them there might be.
We don't need a ton of info; we've done right by the Inquisition, and if they get involved we can toss Unwerth to her without much guilt (proper relations with them is more likely to get us support than the value of one ex-Rogue captain). Further, it's not like we're treating with these Xenos, so I don't see what we want with their interests or his smuggling activities (unless he thinks they might be important militarily; ask if they were major things, like biowar tech). I'd say we can talk for a minute more, then move on.

>> No.26948167

Looks like we're in a pinch.

If we send word of the Canid (and by extension, the Kurk), Delilah will be here in an instant, and she will complicate our priorities.

But if we limit the extent of our communications, Delilah may one day discover our contact with the Kurk, and see us as...suspect...for not notifying her.

This is also complicated by the fact that, if we succeed in our goal of liberating this world, we *will* earn the enmity of the Canid and the Kurk.

Which means future encounters with the two Xeno species...which means greater chances of crossing paths with Delilah.

>> No.26948180

We can't have this bitch wasting our time. There are glorious conquests ahead and we shall share the prestige with no one.

>> No.26948315

>suspect...for not notifying her.

Given the number of xenos throughout the galaxy, I doubt it is standard procedure to run to the inquisition every time they are encountered on the battlefield.
Furthermore xenos connections were known before the invasion begun.

>> No.26948324


I think we need another source, too. One cowardly and nigh-heretical ships captain isn't reliable to trust enough tho know the workings of the Most Holy Inquisition. When we're sending messages back to Vitalis, ask some of the people we charmed who might know something and might be trustworthy.

True, but I don't know much we can do about it. We've gotta take the planet to secure our position in the sector. I think our compromise will serve us well. We can hide behind "We tried to tell you" if she shows up, and maybe blame Unwerth if need be, but we didn't send anything high-priority so we can probably take the planet before they realize it and show up.

However, I'm glad the other battles are going well, despite the minor hitches.

>> No.26948360

we already sent the report with the Canid theirs a good chance she will show up if we're lucky she will bring extra forces and if we're extremely lucky and play our cards right we may end up with a friend in the Inquisition

>> No.26948408

more like are men are going to be used as fodder

>> No.26948424

You decide to inquire further with Captain Unwerth. In particular, you tell him of the encounters your men have had with the strange vox transmissions, as well as the strange mortars.

"And just what, exactly, did you deliver to these Xenos?"

He looks like you just punched him in the face.

"Lord General, please, this was of a different chapter in my life, I assure you, and, ah, I--"

"What. Did. You. Give. Them?"

He shivers at your pointed stare.

"I-- I delivered the remnants of Eldar hover tanks. Vehicles procured... From other contacts." He explained, not clarifying much more on the deal. "Though they had a great interest in mimicking Imperial technology. Indeed, the Kruk themselves wore flak vests, much as our own Guardsmen do. The Kruk likely have established some sort of-- Some sort of mortar platform using that technology, if such is the case you're facing."

Troublesome, to say the least.

"Speak further." You tell him, fixating him with an even stare. "What of this Inquisitor do you know? Does Delilah have any prominent enemies within the Inquisition? What is her power?"

He shivers again, "She-- I-- I do not know. She is an Inquisitor, and she seems to wield great power indeed. I have never seen her without the escort of an Astartes, dressed in black. Even when she-- When she--" He whimpers at the memory, "Never. She is also a psyker, Lord General. One of great and terrible power. Her wrath is the only thing that seems greater than her psychic powers."

Likely an embellishment, but valuable intelligence regardless. Not that you are without protections from Psykers-- indeed, part of your training was in resisting the whimsy of sorcerers and other wielders of the Immaterium.

"She-- I-- I do not know what else you wish to know, Lord General. I wish I had never met her!"

>> No.26948442

We will definitely not be that lucky.

What will happen, is that she'll arrive here with only her personal bodyguard and have us throw our men and ships away on a pointless and ultimately futile crusade against this insignificant threat - and because of her rank, we'll have to do it with a smile.

No thanks, we need an ally in the Ordo and it isn't going to be her.

>> No.26948473

I'm an optimist I can dream can't I?

>> No.26948488

"What of her rivals man! Surely a man who once skirted the bounds of Imperial Law such as yourself must have taken measures to ensure that she did not pry too heavily into your affairs!"

Sector Command, do we personally know anyone within any Ordo of the Inquisition?

>> No.26948497

we need an ally yes, but it doesn't have to be an inquisitor.
Any high ranking administratum, ministorum or even munitorum official would be just as good.
Inquisitor politics extend far beyond the confines of the inquisition.

>> No.26948547

For the sake of everyone on this planet and this vessel, lets not get an inquisitor involved.

>> No.26948549

>page 7
going to need a new thread soon

>> No.26948585

dreams son that sounds like chaos talk your not a chaos follower are you

>> No.26948613

You are now imagining being "allied" to one of the Lords of Terra.

Emperor have mercy on us.

>> No.26948642

well oddly enough I used to play as chaos in the table top game

>> No.26948677

Honestly, I think we need to focus for now on this planet. Eldar Hovertech or not, we can take these guys, and with a successful liberation behind us we'll be much more able to negotiate with whatever Inquisitiorial Interest we garner. Try to find out what we can, but we don't want to overpressure Unwerth when he obviously doesn't know much. Ask our other contacts, and do our best to win here. Dead Xenos will show her we're someone she can work with, rather than use up. We can't pressure her, but if we are doing well we can get her investigating and off on another war while we "continue purging the remnants" here.

>> No.26948749

I concur.

Let us return to crushing heretics and xenos alike under the heel of Imperial superiority.

Given how the warp works, with luck the Honorable Inquisitor Delilah will arrive after all the action (and potential disputes) have concluded.

>> No.26948773

>Press the issue with Captain Unwerth.
>Leave him be for now.
>Inquire (Please specify)

"What of her rivals?" You ask, pressing the issue. "Surely as a man who once skirted the bounds of Imperial Law, you took measures to ensure she did not pry too heavily into your affairs?"

He winces. Evidently not. "I... I did not have precautions against one as powerful as her, sire! She... She did... -Things.-" He shudders, screwing his eyes shut as if it was happening before his eyes once more. He says little else, seemingly silently pleading for you to let the memories rest.

You are aware of the Masters of the Ordo Xenos, Ordo Malleus, and Ordo Hereticus. Ordo Sicarius is said to have a Master present within Sector Deus as well, but it's a common-running joke that all those aware of this person have suffered mysterious and painful accidental deaths.

You do have minor contacts in most sectors of Imperial administration, especially in the military. What, if any, do you wish to pursue for investigating?

>> No.26948852

that means we need to pull all the stops ie deploying all the reserves get our own boots on the ground to boost morale start being more free with orbital bombardments

>> No.26948853

Leave him be for now. If she actually used a bunch of Psyker stuff on him, we might kill him if we press him.

I was just saying ask around if we know anyone who's had dealings with the Ordos in the sector and we can trust. We don't want to get too involved, but if we've stumbled into them, ask if she has ANY weakspots.

We need to focus our strategic talents on the ongoing war, though, not the diplomatic battle to come. Maybe ask him again later, subtly, so we don't get him too freaked.

>> No.26948880

Send off a discreet request to our military contacts for reports from Imperial units that "collaborated" with the good Inquisitor.

Look for declassified reports about cooperation with the Inquisitor, particularly personal accounts and eyewitness reports. Use them to create a picture of the Inquisitor's character, power, and likely decision making path.

Don't push for classified or restricted documents unless there is absolutely nothing declassified. This, and keeping things discreet, will keep us under her radar and help us make better decisions about how to deal with her.

Of course, this is all secondary to the combat happening right now. Just make sure it is done or delegated to some trustworthy aide.

>> No.26948938

WHY? We're winning relatively handily, about to take the Forge and completely cleanse the South Continent (we were having trouble in the Pits, but just added 8x the previous forces to that battle). Once we clear the South, we can send the majority of those forces up to the now-clear Forge Primus and Starport and cleanse the West. Then we send the whole Regiment in a drop assault to take the Le Keer Starport, then move on and siege Damaris. At the worst, the Inquisitor should get here while we're launching the final assault on Parker's last stronghold; if we're lucky, we'll already be done and consolidating before we move on. We don't want to risk our ships or the vital Mechanicum resources by being free with bombardments, and until the Final Sieges we won't need to be present in person, there won't be anything climactic enough.

>> No.26948957

I agree completely.

>> No.26948986

Question, is it possible to make a request of assistance to Officio Assassinorum? As to remove Parker from the picture and deprive the rebels of leadership and maybe cause infighting and division withing them.

>> No.26948990

Does he know of any weaknesses these xenos have? Loud ultra highpitch noises? Smells? Anything?

>> No.26949006

that would take far too long

>> No.26949014


Is the inquisitor involved in any way with our own personal enemies and rivals in the Imperial forces?

If YES, is she one of their supports/allies, neutral to them, or is she hostile to their ambitions/plans?

>> No.26949018

that's if more xenos don't show up and we did just learn that these space dogs often operate ahead of the main force.

>> No.26949089

True, but if they do, it won't be until AFTER we've taken Forge Primus; we'll have fortified 2/3 of the major starports, and have most of the landmass under our control. We're also, as the recent battle demonstrated, at our best fighting from fixed positions.

Parker isn't that important. He's got one world, maybe 2500 really loyal followers. It'll take months for a Assassin to get here, even after our request gets to Terra and is approved, and We're just not that high up. And we don't want to owe more favors...

>> No.26949105

we want her to come here and see a regiment that rivals the best of the best.
and theirs the chance of more Xenos showing up I don't want to be fighting a war on two fronts longer hen necessary
also I don't mean using orbital bombarment in the forges and cities but if we see an enemy column heading some where we should take the shot make them fear the skies

>> No.26949141

no we don't. She will see will killed her favourite xenos and take us on a merry trip around the sector chasing them.
At all times possible we should be the highest echelon of command in order to gain all of the glory.

>> No.26949216

We don't want her to come here at all. If she does, we want to look good, but not so good that she seconds us, and honestly, we can afford to fight a two-front war with our edge in leadership, materiel, and training. The only enemy movement we're likely to see appears to be movement from the mountains in the West towards the forges; if so, we might as well, but we don't want to risk damage to our ships from the Torpedoes or Macrocannons.

Right. If she shows up, we show her we're good and try to throw her a bone and send her elsewhere. Maybe we can get her interrogating Parker (in a miracle situation) and let her have a year or two of fun at that.

>> No.26949265

Second this so much!!

Optimially, we don't want to ever meet her, let alone invite her to come here and take the chains of command away from us.

Lets use our other contacts as Anon said here >>26948880 to get a feel for her and her position within the Inquisition. Then we find an ally within an Ordos who isn't her, and stick with them to keep her off our back.

>> No.26949347

Very well I concede your point gentlemen I just think it would be a good idea to get in the good books of the Inquisition and I dislike the idea of two fronts

>> No.26949399

their is no such thing as the good books of the inquisition

>> No.26949411

Oh no. I agree, we want to be in the Ordos' good books, just not in hers. She's a crusader, and that makes us her resources, not her allies. We want an Inquisitor who appreciates what we bring to the table and is willing to let us do our job, someone not like her.

>> No.26949432

Woops, me again. We can't be given a guarantee, but if we've helped them we might not get blammed at the first sign of trouble; we might last to the second mistake.

>> No.26949494

You elect to have your lesser agents work to uncover what they can, quietly, of the Inquisitor. What they may come up with is unknown, but something is better than nothing.

You could make a request, certainly. Of course, the services of an Imperial Assassin do not come cheaply. Nor do they come readily, except under the most dire of circumstances.

You elect, at least for now, to not directly interfere with or draw the attention of the Inquisitor. Hopefully, her interference should be avoided, or at least a long time in coming.

After this invasion, hopefully, at least. Your own forces are still engaged, but it seems that the breakthrough in the south has prompted further breakthroughs in the west. The enemy's macrocannons there appears to be non-operational, and the first Forge looks ready to fall soon. The main issue may be the Mining Pits at this point, but there are still options there. Be it sending in infantry to root out the enemy tunnel-by-tunnel, or simply sealing the tops of the Pits and letting the enemy suffocate.

>> No.26949506

If she comes (Which is likely) she should see a world soon to be made once again compliance by a perfectly capable Lord General and the evidence of Canids Xenos presence (Because lying or try to covering up could be stupid). Now she really hates these aliens and will likely invest some of her time or resources hunting down any Xeno presence in the planet. This is good so as long as she has the impression that involving herself in the overall planetary reconquest could be simply divide her attention because the good Lord General is handling things good enough already.

We see some =][= boots in the ground, hunting down the xenos and we may earn ourselves a powerful ally.

>> No.26949508

If we're getting low and in autos age, someone please refresh the suptg archive of this thread by resubmitting it. It likely is only checking every 2 hours and I can't mess with archive from phone

>> No.26949522

Happy to, just tell me how.

>> No.26949605


>> No.26949616

true but I think their is a Not-To-Be-Burned-just-Yet
I say we send the Infantry down their maybe even go down their ourselves to give the men a boost
I also think we should bring up the training and recruitment unit back on Vitlitas

>> No.26949636

Goto suptg archive. Look on left side, "click here for request interface" button.
Put the thread number in first field, and as it is already archived, the other fields don't matter.

If you're actually adding a thread, be sure to name, describe and tag it

>> No.26949688

>I think that this is also a good point to finally conclude. Thanks for all who played-- we'll resume another time! Any thoughts, comments, opinions, suggestions, etc. are welcome! Thanks again, and hope you enjoyed!

>> No.26949732

Send in the Infantry; we want the mines up and running again as soon as we take the Forges and cities, and messing with these guys is something we want done now. We can cleanse it and be done. If we cap the mines, they might find a way to get out and we'll never be sure. With the masses now open in the South to devote to the thrust, we can clear the mines relatively quickly. We can remember it as an option if we find a particular hardpoint, but it shouldn't be our go-to choice.

Why do you want to get us involved? We're good, but we're just a man, and we're too smart and important to risk where a spare lasbolt is all that's needed to end our glory. If we really need the morale boost or a eyes-on view, we can drop, but that's not now.

Thanks for a great thread! I think the only thing that could improve is if you'd let us know occasionally when you've started writing, so that we don't freak out when you disappear.

Done, thanks.

>> No.26949784

whens the next one?
Morale is an amazing thing Besides I never said we needed to lead from the front just being there should boost morale

>> No.26949867

Morale is amazing, and ours is good and getting better. We're a green regiment who's so far won every major battle, our only iffy spot is getting a huge reinforcement, and we're scything through the enemy despite the foul Xenos presence. A ship in orbit is simply safer. They've demonstrated an ability to infiltrate our lines for sabotage; a high-value target could lead to assasination. They've shown foul abominations of technology proving that we can't expect to be out of artillery range. It's just not worth it for this. That's why we have the Sister and Lord Commisar on the ground. If we really need it, we can send down our Ministorum representative to inspire a religious fervor.

>> No.26950111

great thread, any idea when the next one will be?

>> No.26950120

Maybe this is a good time then to think about a future front-line command vehicle we could invest in/procure so that, when we do fight a pitched battle that requires our presence on the field, we will be equipped and ready for it?

As a Lord General, even a low ranked one, we have access to resources equivalent to an Apocalypse-level game on the tabletop. Surely something as simple as converting a Marauder Bomber or Baneblade to a suitable command vehicle is easier than acquiring an Imperial Assassin or asking for the deployment of Titan Legions?

>> No.26950145

true but I want our men to respect us as a soldier not just as the guy who gives speeches and orders

>> No.26950156

>Most likely tomorrow (later today).

It is entirely feasible for you to procure a Marauder Bomber or, indeed, a Baneblade. Especially once you secure Forges Primus and Secundus, considering that they possess a great deal more industrial infrastructure than almost the entirety of Vitalitas. The resources of Le Keers, through the funnel of those Forges, should enable you to produce a great deal of units.

>> No.26950207

we would also need something to transport it.
I'm all for spending most of our time in space or well behind the front lines though. I mean if we lose this army, we can just go and raise another one.
That becomes harder if we die

awesome, I look forward to it

>> No.26950221

That's ominous.

If Foges Primus and Secundus have so much industrial power, why haven't we seen vehicles or super heavies more dangerous than Vanquishers fighting as the opposition?

Are the capital assets so specialized that only the adeptus mechanicus can use it to make specialized units?

>> No.26950240

Once we get the Forge, a Beinblade would be great. Probably a standard one; most of the variants mean we have to be too close OR would make us even bigger targets. Though no Siege Regiment is complete without a Stormsword and/or Shadowsword. An aerial vehicle (even a Marauder) is too vulnerable and needs to RTB too often to be a good mobile command post. Replacing our LRBTs, getting a second (lighter) regiment founded, and adding to our Artillery contingent (IIRC, we just had Bassies and Gryphons) are our first constructions, though.

They've only had a brief time, don't have the true loyalty of the workers and a Mechanicus Magos, and they had to provide stubbers and light tanks for tens of thousands of gangers. And whatever they were doing with the satellites and macrocannons.

>> No.26950281

I agree, but there is benefit to having a single mobile superhardpoint we can trust, and the morale isn't to be denied. We're going to have to take the field eventually, and if so, we should do it in STYLE. Transport will be an issue, but we can afford to figure that out later. After we take this planet and start to provide our end of the arrangment to the Navy, we can maybe press them more for some more transport.

>> No.26950308

The most likely theory for this is that the Mechanicus tech-priests have refused to produce more complex designs or, failing that, the lack of access to the Imperium's greater knowledge over such a span of time has resulted in a degradation of production abilities.

Or, the most likely answer, is that Parker and his men have been more interested in giving the minimum amount of equipment to his vat numbers of gangs under his service, as well as the various tanks and pieces of light armor that have seen usage here. Effective for controlling a planet without aid. Repelling a trained Imperial Guard regiment intent on methodically killing every foe in sight?

Not so much.

>> No.26950318

So the Imperium's factions are not the only ones after the industrial technology on Le Keers?

Perhaps the Canids and Kurks have a vested interest in duplicating Imperial manufactories to further their aims?

>> No.26950388

Keep up the good work, Sector Command!

Ave Imperator!

>> No.26950422

Awesome. I figured.

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