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Anon's Plight Edition

>Recruitin' players
>Talkin' about game

F-List chat: /tg/ chat
IRC: #1001Lewd_Nights on Rizon

Hype yourself up, anon!

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An anon's been running changeling on f-list. It's pretty decent.
Tonight I got stoned and sexed up the Queen of Spring. And now we run a bar. Good times.

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Anyone here that would be up for /ss/ and / or femdom?

>> No.26907815


Depends which end you want your partner to be on.

>> No.26907887

Giving. Not many people, I know.

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/ss/? femdom? teach me the ways of the pervert, master....

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So, you're looking for to corrupt a boy then? Or did I read that wrong.

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So, what is the etiquette for lurking in the F-List chat or the IRC channel?

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You asked me what end I want my partner to be on. I said I wanted my partner to be on the giving end. Not the receiving end.

So, yes, you read that wrong.

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Don't be a douche. If someone is talking IC use ( ) . That is all.

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You enter the channel, and then you do nothing.

Of course, not lurking is a lot more fun. In which case you slimpy say hello and talk to people about things. There's no kind of code to be uphold, just enjoy yourself.

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Alright. How do you get on /tg/ chat channel from the F-List Chat?

>> No.26908220

Why is channel always dead/lame as fuck?

No serious propositions, just inside jokes, navelgazing and distinct lack of lewd.

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Go to channels > Private channels > Ctrl+F /tg/ chat.

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>Tonight I got stoned and sexed up the Queen of Spring. And now we run a bar. Good times.
You're going to need to provide more details than just that.

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Because it's a fucking lobby channel. What the fuck do you expect people to do on there, ERP?

It's shit, that's all. I've had more uses for this thread than for the chat.

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You've got to be proactive in the chat. Approach people in PM if you must, strike up friendly convo. You'll get more out of it depending on what you put in.

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So what good is it? Why the fuck does ERP need a lobby?

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Because some people like to chat and fuck around.

>> No.26908459

It isn't any good. Fuck it, man.

Unless you like futa and / or have a vagina. Then they will be all over you.

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It's no different than this thread.

The difference is /tg/ chat is for people too fucking stupid to actually operate 4chan, or they're from like /b/ and are just "LOL I SO RANDUM" cunts.

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So people can talk to each other? In a CHAT room?

That's implying the chat isn't gay.
Protip: It's completely gay.

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There was that sex train going on the other night, but that petered out quickly.

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Yeah, given that the chat is...mediocre hunting grounds at best I'd like to put up my e-mail. Anyone who wants a really solid, invested writer for some good 1x1 ERP please feel free to mail me at [email protected]

I'm a long time D&D/Pathfinder player, but I'm more partial to freeform or rules-light play online. Hit me up if you're looking for a really comfortable writer who isn't a total autist.

Please tell me your gender. Obvious I prefer females, but I'm pretty sure they don't exist here so...

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Entirely unrelated I know, but can I grab sauce on that pic? It looks pretty interesting, actually.

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What sort of thing are you looking for?

>> No.26908549

I think that's Grappler Baki.

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Back in my day the ERP threads linked to an ERP room, where ERP happened. And people went there because they were interested in ERP and got ERP. Idle chat went in the ooc channel, which should just be the room name + _ooc for simplicity. Makes more sense than three empty rooms where nobody's getting lewd.

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No one is going to seriously RP in public, autismes. /tg/ chat is for people to hang out and meet others/just have fun while they have downtime in their own games.

That's Hajime no Ippo with a dose of photoshop.

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>The difference is /tg/ chat is for people too fucking stupid to actually operate 4chan, or they're from like /b/ and are just "LOL I SO RANDUM" cunts.
Yes, because as we all know, you can't possibly proficient in using both a chat client AND imageboard use.


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>Ippo Makunouchi
>says it's Hanma Baki
i'm raging

>> No.26908642

hajime no ippo

>> No.26908649


I'm open to anything. I'm fine with vanilla lover/adventuring partners. I'm fine with futa dominatrix sorceresses. I have a few things that don't really turn me on (BBW, Watersports...the deep end of /d/) but otherwise I simply like to know my partner is feeling as aroused as I am. That's the fun of it for me. And boobs. Boobs are also the fun.

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My bad, my bad.

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>No one is going to seriously RP in public
>tgchat on flist
You sure do know what all people are like.

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Is the guy who was wanting to run the Shadowrun Mind Control ERP game around? I put my email down last time it was mentioned, but it autosaged shortly after.

>> No.26908740

I would if I could.

>> No.26908762

That's not 'serious' rp either you baby. There's ass-grabbing here and there but most people keep it short simply because there's too much talk happening for big posts.

>> No.26908782

Thank you, kind sir.

And you as well, even if ya got it wrong, for trying.

>> No.26908795

So they should go at it hot and heavy in the room and leave everyone else to watch for 30-90 minutes? Great plan.

>> No.26908808

no, the chat on f-list is what the other person was calling a "public" place where rp would not be tolerated by anyone but an autist.

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This is why there shouldn't be daily threads on this subject. We've gone from actually talking about ERP and making games to bitching about chats and what not. Might as well label this Questgenerals at this rate.

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>thinks lurking isn't 95% of what goes on
>thinks people can't join in or object
yeah, rping in the room is pretty much rape. /sarcam

>> No.26908851


Some people are just too stupid to not shitpost and/or respond to shitters. It'd happen either way.

>> No.26908920

No you idiot. They move on to private messages and that's why there's no serious rp in the chat itself.

How can you possibly be confused by this?

>> No.26908960

...That's my point, you dolt. I'm agreeing with you that serious RP in the room is stupid/impossible anyway

>> No.26908973

So, what are your guys preferred ERPs?

Any ERP success stories?

I think my ideal would be playing or playing with a futa character. Though a good sissy is always nice. Can't beat a bit of forbidden boylove. I personally have such a thing for playing diabolical spellcasters. It seems to fit that such men would like to keep skinny, girly boys to serve them. Nothing is more useful than a bitch who is easy to push around and abuse.

>> No.26909017

I've had several ERP success stories, although honestly my first was the best. Great gal, way into kink, absolutely awesome RPer, up for a scene almost every day. It, and she, are both fucking awesome, pun intended.

>> No.26909022

Has anyone run a game for friends or a significant other?

I'm thinking about doing it, and I'm having a blast with world building right now.

Just wondering if anyone has ever done this successfully in person.

>> No.26909040

>In person
Unless it's your SO, abort now and do not ever attempt to Catan. It just doesn't work in person unless you already want to fuck anyway.

>> No.26909043


That's heartening. I've had some experience on other sites, but the majority were strange and awkward at best. A shame, because I'm really very laid back about all this.

>> No.26909066

For your S.O., go for it, it works wonders for kinks and communication and usually leads to bedroom hijinks and fun.

For friends? Unless it's the with benefits kind or a habitual three+ way, I wouldn't recommend risking the 'magical realm' threshold.

>> No.26909128

Egh, I've had way more failures. I somehow just attract the most technical people.
The most recent involved playing in the Raildex verse, which I only read up on a bit for the session; things started out alright, but it eventually became an argument on Catholicism.

>> No.26909186


That sounds...horrible.

I just assume most people on /tg/ were into western medieval adventures. In hindsight that was a foolish overestimation on my part.

>> No.26909196

My ideal RP would be getting to do a mother/daughter incest RP with the mother as a futa/shemale (and me as the daughter) with themes like footplay, physical abuse (mixed with emotional love, weird I know.) and lots and lots of sex.

Also, I love emphasis on my character being smaller/weaker than other characters even when she's still just a loud-mouthed smart ass to them either way.

So far, I've either run into crazy super-doms who don't know how to communicate without calling me an expletive every other word, or other submissives.

>> No.26909223


It would be for my SO only definately, I just added that to hear about things going horribly horribly wrong.
The only thing is I don't know how to run it and I'm having problems thinking of plot stuff.

So far it seems to be turning out to be Monstergirl Harem: Gotta catch 'em all.

>> No.26909245


The more niche your fantasy, the less likely you are to find someone who can handle it appropriately. I have lots of emotional aspects and relationship dynamics I'd love to see in an ideal ERP, but I don't advertise them because I seriously doubt anyone can fit into them. If someone happens to by chance it'll just make that game all the sweeter. If not I don't keep my hopes up.

Here's hoping you find what you're looking for.

>> No.26909268

>crazy super-doms who don't know how to communicate without calling me an expletive every other word
Seriously? Because using terms like "darling," "sweetie," or "dear," is much sillier in such a fantasy, right?

>> No.26909309

>"Shut the fuck up you drooling cunt, a cocksleeve like you doesn't get to talk because you're a bimbo who doesn't fucking get an opinion because you're just a walking cock-sheath for me to use"
I don't know about you, but I'd like a little foreplay before we even think about getting near that level.

>> No.26909314

I'm not sure if you mean that sarcasm towards me or sarcasm towards people who do that.

I dunno, I just can't get into it when my dominant is like "OH YEAH YOU FUCKING BITCH SUCK MY FUCKING COCK YOU USELESS GUTTERSLUT." It takes away any possible emotional detachment, and just makes me generally disinterested.

It also makes me get really riled up and snappy but that's neither here nor there.

>> No.26909336

Sorry, towards people who do that.
It's just that the lack of consideration for the partner and their fantasy is disheartening.

>> No.26909339


It's almost like not everyone enjoys humiliation!

>> No.26909354


>It also makes me get really riled up and snappy but that's neither here nor there

I don't mean to sound condescending or creepy but I find that really adorable and wish more of my partners would do that. Not even so I could break them down or anything like that.

>> No.26909390

Just to repeat, I'm still looking for a ERP partner. I promise I'm pleasant and a decent writer. E-mail me!

[email protected]

>> No.26909398

I fucking love degradation and humiliation. But if you're going to fuck me in the ass, have the common decency to use lube and give me a reacharound, maybe give me some flowers first if you're a fucking gentleman. Don't just go in dry and expect me to love it.

>> No.26909440

You sound neither. It just makes me bristle when people act like that and I get really, really snappy.

The last time it happened in a scene I ended up pulling a complete role reversal and actually OOCly made my dominant start second guessing herself from my IC responses, which kind of made me feel bad, because she was one of the few people that did that that WEREN'T complete cocks in OOC.

Obviously IC it's all good fun even though I will politely point out that I don't like it, but most of the people that do that are infuriatingly condescending/demeaning even OOCly because they seem to think that submissives only exist to serve them.

It's a mutual agreement and the submissive is the one with the actual power in a true D/S relationship.

>> No.26909451

I don't mean to pick on you in particular, but what does /tg/ think of this preference?

>I simply like to know my partner is feeling as aroused as I am. That's the fun of it for me.

Personally I suspect games are most fulfilling when both partners have specific things they want and there's considerable overlap between those things.

I don't know how explicitly wanting to please your partner rather than having your own things you want (that you incidentally know your partner will also like) will change the game and the fulfilment for each participant.

>> No.26909490

Humiliation is fun for me in small doses. When I'm doing footplay, for example, and my partner teases me lightly about being a glorified footrest, or being tugged around town on a leash.

It's when it gets actually kind of malevolent and people keep railing about "useless guttersluts" and "Fucktoys don't talk" that I start swingin' hands.

>> No.26909492

Service dom here. What really gets me off is playing to my partner's fetishes, hitting as many as possible and playing them like a flute and doing my level best to hit every fave in a way that makes sense. That's how I try to do my first scene with someone, because I get off on that feeling of skill and power almost as much as I do on my actual kinks. Later scenes can be more about me, but I try to be all about my partner the first time around.

>> No.26909564

Interesting. Can you describe the feeling of skill and power (and how it's arousing) more? In what way do later scenes become more about you?

>> No.26909605

I like that feel of knowing that I'm the one who's controlling the scene, for the pleasure of my partner, responding to what clues they give me, keeping a close eye on their kink list, and weaving it all together. It makes me feel on top, in charge, like a good writer, and like an alpha male in general. Later sessions, once they've become a steady partner, can be more about me fulfilling my own kinks because I'm horny or because our kinks overlap.

>> No.26909648

I'm not really interested in the whole service part, but you sound like a lovely Dom, would you be interested in adding another sub to your list?

>> No.26909670

I'm about to go on vacation, but I'll share my F-list and you can leave me a note for when I get back, sound good?

>> No.26909791

Hiya nerds. This'll probably be my last plug for this since I've got the minimum number of players for my rpg, but I could certainly use more!

This is an original RPG setting for playing KPop girls in a cold and savage science fiction future. I am looking for 3-6 "Tickers" to play in this setting.


>> No.26909831


No problem.

I think someone above said it, but I'll answer directly for myself. I get incredibly aroused by the idea of being a catalyst for someone else's pleasure. The idea that it's my writing (or performance IRL) that makes someone squirm is exciting. It gives a measurable sense of control. Once I understand someone's sensual weaknesses, abusing them is a privilege.

Granted, I won't play a game that turns me off. So there's no worry about me being unfulfilled. But my partner has a lot of say in what the fetish of the game is.

>> No.26909886

That's just bad ERP, nothing more. You've gotta be subtle.

>> No.26909925

Even if it's subtle, people who take that general attitude towards their subs aren't people I get along with.

Even if you don't explicitly say it, the people who general look down on their subs and treat them condescendingly or like their opinion doesn't matter aren't people I like.

I mean, I'm not going to fault them for it if it's just IC fantasy thing, everyone likes what they like and that's fine, but people who don't actually respect their submissives (and I know a LOT of them) and just kind of dismiss or ignore what they say because they think that "they know better" in an OOC manner irk me.

>> No.26910007

this is the oddest idea i've seen.

>> No.26910030

Heh, it's funny you should say it that way. I often wonder why some doms need to be so mean or harsh with their subs. I mean, if they've already submitted to you, why yell at them about how useless it makes them?

I've always preferred positive reinforcement. Not only does it usually keep the sub happy, it makes them more eager to serve at times too.
I like pets better then slaves, though, so maybe that's just me...

>> No.26910034

I didn't say it was good. You've got to subtly prove your dominance. Assertivity is much better than outright shouting at someone, and much sexier to boot.

This is why I don't like the master/slave shtick. It's too simple, and there aren't many ways in which you can do it right. You can lovingly display your dominance, and you can bring more emotions into the act by caring for your plaything.

It's a shame not many people can pull that off.

>> No.26910043

Really? Since I've seen things you wouldn't believe. I've seen ageplay rooms on fire thanks to pedophilia accusations. I watched special snowflakes glitter on the front page. All those moments, anon. All that weirdness.

>> No.26910069

OK, idea for a system RPG i've seen. I have seen weirder in general, but this is just weird still.

All these fetishes, lost in the rain. Time to fap.

>> No.26910505

Why do people on F-list get so hilariously butthurt about people greeting them with "Hi, how are you?"

Apparently being polite is like some MASSIVELY HUGE SIN OF THE HIGHEST CALIBER now?

>> No.26910518

Never had that happen to me, but I don't exactly PM that many people who I haven't met in open chat first anyway.

>> No.26911095

I don't fucking know but apparently it displays that you're uncreative or some bullshit. It pisses me off because I say more than one word with my greetings and then I get to business. And it's how I was fucking raised to approach people. Usually those sorts of people are "euphoric" or just think they're top shit.

Do not bother to roleplay with someone who gets pissy when you say "Ey yo B, how you doin' Wanna discuss a roleplay, dawg?". Or can't take a joke when you base one of your characters on DMX for shits and giggles.

Those people are not fun.

>> No.26911132

I'm >>26910518
And I actually get kinda pissed when someone writes like 8 paragraphs of shit as their opening. Especially when they think they can dominate me, I'm not into that, and I will ignore them in a fucking hurry if they try.

>> No.26911184


I mean, yeah, it can be nice if someone has an idea when they come to you, but I was raised to be polite. I say hello, I ask how their day's gone, if it's not so great I try and make a move to cheer them up, even if it's small, and then we get down to business.

And yeah, it's usually the people who think they're super amazing writers because the sentence I always see attached to "Don't say Hi" is "Don't waste my time."

Well fuck you you rude piece of shit.

>> No.26911314

I was holding a housewarming party yesterday and someone opened up with a goddamn wall that left 3 whole lines left. My first reaction was "Holy shit!" my second was "I'm not fucking reading that!"

>> No.26911345

Feeling ya. Most people on F-list are autismal assholes though.

>> No.26911486

better check yourself, because it has been a reality in many times and in many places on the internet. too bad your confederates are literally that prudish (although I have gotten serious erp in the tg channel on more than one occasion, this is the exception rather than the norm and I wouldn't consider it worth the effort these days to initiate)

>> No.26911852

With regards to ERP in the main chatrooms:

Think of this thread, where discussion is happening. Then, imagine what happens when an imagedumper comes along and floods this thread with sexy if SFW images.
Sure, it's related, but it does make it hard to hold a conversation, because, y'know someone's posting up 3-4 pictures between each few lines.

There WAS an active RP room just for lewding at one point, I know that. I'm not too sure what happened to it, though.

>> No.26912449 [DELETED] 

I've been thinking about this for some time, and you know what? It's really difficult to figure out a preferred scenario, let alone a perfect one!

I think this a a major part of why I enjoy ERP - the variety, the surprises, trying out new roles and sensations.

I guess I do have a few super special ERP scenarios that I'd like to do one day, but they don't really share any commonalities, they're just exciting ideas.

>> No.26912491

You're a rather adventurous it seems. It makes me very curious what your profile must look like.

>> No.26912530 [SPOILER] 


>> No.26912553

Huh, wouldn't take you for a service dom from your profile - it looks like "mind control all day erry day".

>> No.26912584 [DELETED] 

Oh I haven't had a profile in over a year, honey. I'm going to rustle one up in a couple of weeks once I have time for ERPing again.

>> No.26912585

That's for one particular character.

>> No.26912604

I hope you'll post it for some of us to check out when you do, then dear.
Call me nosy, but I'd like to see if we match up kink wise. I can't help but wonder what your RP style must be like.

>> No.26912641

Lady beta here, I like to play sexy bitches. Anyways, I've met three females (combined weight 700 lbs) in my erp travels, and they all have elaborate profiles and require a bunch of shenanigans if you want to RP with them. Real girls are into "sup wanna rp or what?" if anyone cares.

>> No.26912645

*aren't into

>> No.26912648

This is my ultimate fetish.

>> No.26912671

I closed my f-list account due to lack of takers.

faves-death and torture
No- furries or shemales

I just want to shred a body and then jack off on the corpse.

"Well hey, that sounds kinda-"

Yes, it is very unpleasent.

>> No.26912680

I'd like to hear your super special ERP scenarios. I'm quite tantalised now.

>> No.26912686


I didn't even know that was a fetish. I find out something new each day!

What about that appeals to you?

>> No.26912709

>friends constantly make jokes about our WoD characters having sex on their offtime
>then in one game, one of their Kindred fucks a Demon that hangs out with the coterie
>they fade to black, but tell me they ERP'd it out afterwards
>i've been wanting to do some sort of ERP thing with the group for a while

>> No.26912712

Unfortunately, there aren't many people who imagine being shredded and then be jerked off onto while dead being pleasant.

>> No.26912720

>You're dead, and I've jacked off on your corpse.
>Roll a new character.
>You're dead, and I've jacked off on your corpse.
>Roll a new character.
>You're dead, and I've jacked off on your corpse.
>Roll a new character.

>> No.26912735

I like to hear what my partner wants, but I don't think I've ever forced anyone to jump through hoops to RP with me.

Maybe I'm an anomaly or something. It's not like I'm any better than anyone else on that site by virtue of having tits.

>> No.26912770

I usually play wolverine, so lady deathstrike has some staying power.

I also play Freddy Kruegar, Elizabeth Bathory, act out some stuff from the Marquid de Sade, so that other players can be multiple victims.

>> No.26912772

>This'll probably be my last plug for this

>> No.26912786

Ever have one of those days where you really want to erp, have nothing better to do, but can't decide on what direction to take it.

I'm stuck at work, bored out of my mind, and trying to think up a character to erp with. I can't think up anything.... Being on a phone doesn't help any, but....

I'm thinking a harpy, delicious monster girls after all, but I've never RP'd as a harpy before and can't really into character.

>> No.26912804

I'm not entirely sure myself. I think it's a combination of things.

1. The fact that you can pretend to be whatever the skinsuit is. Nobody would trace it back to you if a lascivious girl decided to take a walk through a crowded shopping mall wearing, say, a sweater and no pants at all. You might give a few people something to wonder about the rest of their lives.

2. The fact that-if something goes wrong-there mightn't be any going back. Say you get home, try to take off the skinsuit, and the seam's stuck. You try to cut it off, but the material's too tough, and you realize that you're stuck like this-as someone else.

3. Other extenuating stuff that might be related to other fetishes. Like living skinsuits-symbiotes, maybe, or big biological mech things that only use you as a food source. And you can feel anything that they do, whether you actually want to do them or not. Having something coating you and manipulating your muscles...

>> No.26912850


Interesting, so it's related to the deception aspect and a sort of TF/TG spin-off fetish?

>> No.26912863

Ahaha, no pressure, Mami, just gotta whip up a profile that does justice to your desires and image!

For serious though, I find making profiles extremely hard. I never feel like they truly represent the depth of what I'm interested in, or how open I am to new ideas. Even from just chatting in these threads I've discovered that the same ERP terminology can mean wildly different things to people - such as 'cock worship'. I'm going to have to completely rethink how to word that one, for example.

Oh I have a lot, even just off the top of my head, far too many to list/detail them all right now, as I have to go be a busy girl today. If you like I could write some up on request later/in the next thread.

They'll probably all sound so vanilla anyway!

>> No.26912898

>Any ERP success stories?
I've RP'd for a year now, and so far I've had very few bad partners. Two partners I've done ERP's with for the entire duration so far (one of them introduced me to the concept in fact, but now I've out-kinked her so to speak), and I've had several semi-long term (several months) partners.

I prefer when my partner plays a petite girl in her young to mid teens (can be human, catgirl or monster girl (of the monster ears and tail variety)). So far their characters has been through everything from tender loving, to suckling the milk-filled tits of a mother-figure while getting fingered by her twin sister, to prostitution, slavery, painful impossible insertions, watersports, impregnated by humans and monsters and aliens (by oviposition or normal means), tentacle rape, impalement, body modification, heat, and on partners request even gone so far as snuff though I generally don't get anything from it. I've taken a liking to beastiality too, specifically horse-on-petite-girl.

I've played fantasy, modern and scifi. My partner and my WH40K interpretation would make the autist froth with rage.

>> No.26912906

Of course. That is why they have this wonderful little thing called Custom Kinks. Sounds like you'd be using it quite a lot...which is good, since it clarifies a lot of things.

Personally, I find the hardcore stuff a bit intimidating. Like: Once you've tasted something so depraved, anything less seems childish to you. Though, a number of anons have informed me that that isn't the case at all.

That said, I've seen you speak up for dom and sub related things, but nothing too...out there. Is why I'm curious, is all.

>> No.26912912

Do you mind if the victims are still alive while you're jacking off on them?

>> No.26912913

As someone who doesn't even know who Mami is, I approve of the approach you've taken to these threads.

>All sound so vanilla
A. Ha, not even close to mine I'm sure
B. That is probably the most beautiful thing I've heard all evening.

>> No.26912921

TF/TG, corruption (ala Venom), body/mindfuckery. A living skinsuit is probably the A+ level of my fetish.

I would gladly roleplay either part of this, but nobody seems to be into it.

>> No.26912931


Were you in that writefaggotry thread about living/cursed armors?

>> No.26912958

I think the whole living suit ala Venom thing is super-hot, but I'm not into corruption at all. In fact, I like to completely ignore the whole Symbiotes making the wearer crazy and/or harming them in other ways thing.

In fact, I subscribe to a lot of, let's say odd sexual interests, but never anything that's harmful or negative in any way. Which makes me too pervy for the mainstream and too nice for the perverts. Lustful/Good is an awkward alignment to have.

>> No.26912960



As in used to be a person/creature or just a symbiote which gives you the appearance of something else when worn?

>> No.26912962

Yes. Which probably invalidates my previous statement, which should be clarified as nobody seems to be into ROLEPLAYING this fetish, even if it's between separate people with separate skinsuits. Just in case it was one I missed, do you mind pointing me at the archived thread/giving me a keyword?

>> No.26912964

The only successfull ERP story is the one where you end surrounded by an harem of pregnant girls and sissy boys.

>> No.26912980

What, like this: http://archive.foolz.us/tg/thread/23448991/#23461540 ?

There's a fair number of folks who do that sort of stuff.

>> No.26912985


>> No.26912996

Oh yeah, last time I had a profile I totally maxed out the custom kinks, but even then I didn't feel it was enough. I'm sure I'll be using them again!

Sub/dom stuff is more about tone and character relationship for me, rather than a hard role enforcement one way or the other. I do generally prefer to be the submissive/receptive character, but it's more about attitude.

>B. That is probably the most beautiful thing I've heard all evening.

Aw, thank you!

Also it looks like my regular Mami pictures are getting my above posts deleted for avatarfagging, so I'll be bowing out without one for now.

>> No.26913007

>I'm not into corruption at all.
That's fine too. I mix and match my fetishes, it's not like they're all on all the time. One of the scenarios I've considered was a mildly yandere skinsuit/armor that only wants the best for its host.

Latter more than the former. It would probably depend on the reaction of the former and the context around which they became a skinsuit. Like the sixty billion sequences where the entire plot is 'lol zap with magic raygun wearing your skin now' doesn't really...do it for me. There's something deeper in there that's missing, not that I know what it is. It might be the interactions between the two.

Much obliged.

>> No.26913019

I have to agree with that outlook on sub and dom. It always struck me as the more natural way to do it, other then just yelling orders just because. Probably am too gentle to be a dom, but I end up being one a lot all the same...

>> No.26913020


Did you read that writefaggotry about the adventuring party becoming a girl and her animal companions with skinsuits?

>> No.26913029

It's no trouble at all. I do wish I could see more vanilla out there. I feel adrift in a sea of the hardcore at times.

>> No.26913063

And a pair of goddamn saddlebags, apparently. Call me a hypocrite, but there's only so far it can get before it gets silly. Well-written story, though.

I guess another part of it would be the reactions of other people. Say you're in the army and you get this big fuckoff toothy suit of raptor-esque bio-armour that lets you run at 200 km/h and react under one hundredth of a second as a prototype. You actually use it, and then the squad of people that are your buddies and team are suddenly terrified of you. They don't see you as YOU anymore, and they still might not, even if you got out of it.

Or, hell, take it another step-your commander decides to discontinue the project, and you can swear you can hear something crying in the back of your mind, don't let them take me, please, I want to be alive.

>> No.26913095


Ah, so it's more of a symbiote/bonding thing than a skinsuit thing for you.

>> No.26913115

I got off track there, didn't I? Yeah, the latter is much more alluring to me than just a plain old skinsuit, but skinsuits are still hotter (to me) than a majority of other things.

>> No.26913148


Understandable. I'm more into the living suit used for disguise, trickery or sex aspect of it but I of course respect your interests.

>> No.26913164

I like the sound of that spoilered part. It's all the good part of the living clothes without the bad.

I also like how with a suit like Venom, the wearer is arguably effectively naked all the time and oh man, the flashing potential. Bioarmor plus exhibitionism, oh yes.

>> No.26913189

That was something I was thinking about, too. As long as you wear it, the suit is your skin. Wearing clothes over a symbiote or something would actually make it hotter for me, I think, purely because it's outlining that fact a little more blunt-like. We should talk. Do you have an email I can contact?

>trick someone into having sex with you while wearing a living suit
>whip it off at the end and go HA HA, FOOLED YOU
>they whip theirs off and look sheepish

>swap suits for the rest of the evening

>> No.26913227

>>swap suits for the rest of the evening

Heh, yeah, though the idea of someone being talked into one then ending up fused with it permanently is more appealing

>> No.26913265

>meet someone
>work out their fetishes
>craft together over an hour a fantastic sexual adventure that hits all their hotspots
>erp for two hours, I do most of the writing
>get 5-10 word responses
>partner has no game
>partner says its late gonna go to sleep
>my ruined 3 hours of masturbation will not end in orgasm tonight
I walked right in to that one, didn't I?

>> No.26913295

Yeah, pretty much.

What're you into?

>> No.26913300 [SPOILER] 

Please stop. My boner can only take so much.

>> No.26913343

One of few bad experiences I had was figuring out how to accomodate my partners transformation fetish. I spent a couple of days thinking how to approach it in a fantasy setting, as TF was completely new to me. I finally presented my idea, she played a thief, I had her start out at the bottom rung of the thiefs guild and had three missions planned for her. The very first line she wrote turned me way off. I couldn't believe how turned off I was over the entire idea. What she wrote? Something with the gist of: "She sits in the guild masters chair and looking extremely bored, as she has done many high-stakes heists, and she is the best bowman in the land. She is reluctantly working for the guild."

I was so perplexed. I had discussed with her the day/s before where she would start out, effectively an apprentice in the guild. Then she writes that.

>> No.26913366


>> No.26913383

Right now? I'm in to being attended to excitingly, earnestly, skillfully by an engaged partner.

God damn! There oughta be a law...

>> No.26913386

Wearing regular clothes makes it hotter? But then you lose the whole "I'm naked and they don't know it" deal, that's the icing on the many layered cake of sexy concepts. Or at least one of the layers. But whatever, opinions. In any case, check the email field.

>> No.26913398

Oh I've had this happen a time or two. Shit sucks bro.

Along a sort of similar line of conversation, have any of you ever blown up on another RPer for being utter shit?

>> No.26913404

Link to your profile and one of us might find something they like. At least if it's a shitter from /tg/ you can tell them to stop being shit.

>> No.26913411

No. If they are having fun and I don't I say that it isn't for me and leave.

>> No.26913412

>Be sub
>Be such a sub that I end up focusing on simply making my partners happy
>Do a whole bunch of thugs I don't really care for
>Enjoy their enjoyment
>Never a sub anymore, people keep asking for me to Dom them
>Bad at saying no

I'm such a sub I've become a dom to make my partners happy.

I shouldn't enjoy this as much as I do.

>> No.26913428

Thank you, but no, I'm literally not capable of being aroused atm. Besides, I don't really have fetishes I don't think (although I enjoy them generally).

>> No.26913437


Well, looks like you found a good partner at least. back to the cold I go

>> No.26913445

Well, what would you want to play?

>> No.26913448

You say that like you shouldn't be sending me your email as well I actually meant to ask both of you but hurr durr how does I formats. There might be some crazy three way shit we could pull off.

>> No.26913457

>Want to message someone
>Have no idea what the hell we'd even roleplay
>just fap to their profile instead

>> No.26913461


I'm already playing what I want to play, albeit a little backwards.

Some delicious ovioposition.

>> No.26913467


I'm the one who wrote that elf princess thing in the armor curse thread

>> No.26913479

Anything else?

>> No.26913481

It's actually quite a common occurrence. People push you towards more things, you find you enjoy them because they enjoy them. I'd prefer to sub more, but I've ended up with about a pet/master ratio of 3-1.

>> No.26913523

The story of my life. I get off on reading fetishes they like or their character's overall appearance. Mainly because I find myself thinking they won't be interested in me and my roleplaying. Or they'll go missing for a long time or suddenly vanish after the first day of roleplay like the current partner I have.

I miss my bossy pixie-haircut chocolate skinned sex-crazed spacecraft captain. ;_;
We were so close to the sexy scenes.

Maybe I made her think too much about the world we were in..

>> No.26913530

Man, this reminds me

>Start out as a sub
>Had a few doms that were into role-reversal and powerplay
>Kept encouraging me to dom them, either starting out that way or through taking control
>Find out that I REALLY like to dom.

>> No.26913533

>bossy pixie-haircut chocolate skinned
All my hnnng anon.

>> No.26913540

Holy shit this is so me. Not even joking.

>> No.26913545

am I the only one who does ERP with a lot of E and just enough rp to make the E worthwhile? Some douche the other day agreed to a one-shot, then laterwanted to do a whole session without sexytime, and actually wanted me to buy equipment and roll dice. I mean what the fuck??!

>> No.26913593

I'm sorry, do you know where you are right now?

>> No.26913617


My fetish at this point in time is getting my partner off.

I do very little erp for myself, mostly others and get off on the enjoyment they tell me they had.

I guess it all stems from the fact that I've been in a D/s relationship and use my experience from being dom'd there into chat.

>> No.26913674

Nah, not the only one. Myself used to do a lot of those, although eventually shifted to more RP prevalence. Nothing bad or wrong with liking more E or more RP.

>> No.26913704

I know right?! She's like "Do you want me to have long hair or short hair?". I replied that I preferred short hair but was fine with either. And then she replied "Good, because I wanted to have short hair in this roleplay". And then in the roleplay she says her character is chocolate skin. Oh, and this is the second time I've ever had a partner roleplay a black character.

I've gotten much joy out of these roleplays too.
Especially when one of my partners really loves being dominant in general. Unfortunately, she's never asked ever again for a roleplay from me but got really into discussing what our characters are up to together. Eventually to the point our characters got married in Vegas.

I mostly do most of the E in ERP. I try my best seducing my partners with my male characters. But I really need to break the habit of using long blonde hair characters.

I've been told I'm a good roleplayer and put a lot of passion into it. Currently I'm trying to get my partners to tell me what fetishes they want to try or have fulfilled.

>> No.26913814

Could you share some contact info / an f-list profile with me?

>> No.26913841

I did it, /tg/. I actually managed to get in and start talking to someone, and now we've got a game coming up.

>> No.26913888

Good for you.

>> No.26913917

There's a lot of people who just say hi and then don't really say anything else or don't have any ideas in mind already.

It's not about being polite, it's about people being huge retards and not saying "Hi! I was wondering if you'd be interested in so and so."

You might think you are being polite but this quaker bullshit gets tiring to people who get approached dozens of times a day.

>> No.26913925

I'm still sort of entirely new to RPing in general, and ERP even more so. Would you happen to have any sort of tips for writing? I'd like to be able to make things as good as I can for my partner.

>> No.26913953


>> No.26913954

Be sublte. Use synonyms. Don't get too blunt with the words, unless you know your partner likes it. Always be sure of everything. Don't be lazy. Don't think about failure or dissapointment while playing. Use correct grammar. If you're playing a sub, don't be lazy.

That is pretty much everything you need.

>> No.26913986

Too blunt with words?

>> No.26913988

.... I think I've had people do that to me before.... even people with scenarios in their goddamn profiles....

>> No.26913992

Ditto. Since ERP is about sexual gratification anyway I might just as well cut out the discussion part and get straight to fapping, I figure. Saves lot of time.

>> No.26914006

Mostly swears. It may ruin the mood for some people.

>> No.26914047

Pick up your own style. You may be better at shorter posts (but never just do a few words unless you're sure they're the right ones), or may be better at longer ones (but too long - as in, page length long - may put some folks off and it'd take you a while to post all that so they'll have their mind wandering).
Try out a few things. Try and get a feel of each partner separately to see what they like/their speed, and match that.

Too blunt: "I stick my cock in your pussy and start thrusting".
Some description is usually good, and if you can work around the subject about extraneous things it adds often nice touches (though that's my personal style).

Fapping with someone else and home-generated content can produce faps of greater pleasure than just fapping normally. While it may save time it can be most enjoyable.

Much like going down to McDonalds on your own compared with eating out with a partner.

Not that there's anything wrong with either option, of course.

>> No.26914099

I'm just kinda lazy, I guess. I read a person's profile and imagine a scenario I like, and go straight to fapping instead of contacting them. Besides, their input might ruin it from me if they're being a cunt.

>> No.26914149

F-list users, question, are you notified when someone bookmarks you?

>> No.26914177

Nope. You only get a request when they try to friend you.

>> No.26914189

Nope, and on that

>Have three bookmarks
>Have never been messaged or approached
Who are you people and why are you not saying hello?!

>> No.26914199


>> No.26914357

Do you enjoy reading other people's tabletop transcripts more than playing games yourself, anon?

I'm curious.

>> No.26914980

No, you only have a counter of how many booked you. I know some people being greatly annoyed by being booked without being contacted, to the point of spamming profile updates to try and get their attention.

>> No.26915915

Swears, harsh language, especially 'cunt', that's always one to be very careful with.

>> No.26916367

>my WH40K interpretation would make the autist froth with rage

>> No.26916475

Techpriestess prostitute, chaos won and the primarch daughters where captured and being used as harem girls, prostitutes, breeding cows and/or bedwarmers for the soldiers. Also Boone had an apperance as she tried to rescue one of the daughters, but she was caught trying to bust Freya out of the breeding pens. Now they are kept as pets inbetween impregnations.

>> No.26916573

Surprise! Just about anything is better than vanilla WH40K

>> No.26916622

The butt frustration from 40k fanboys has been without end when I've mentioned it in other threads.

>> No.26916663


They've lightened up a little ever since the ??? coming of Lewd. Still, mentioning Xenos or WHH is cause for rage in most cases.

> You will never have an eldar lover to cuddle and play with her ears

>> No.26916859

Would rather have a chocolate elf.

>> No.26916984

>Join normal /tg/ game
>No ERPing allowed
>Join ERP /tg/ game
>No gaming allowed

>> No.26917089

ERP is for erotic purposes.

You know what's not sexy?
Game mechanics. Game mechanics aren't sexy.

>> No.26917106

That's a lie.

>> No.26917179


It's an opinion. One I think that anon is a faggot for having maybe, but still an opinion.

>> No.26917183

Well yeah, nobody is rolling dice for when you cum.

But I find that a proper adventure (with system if you want) that has the sexy on top is much more fun than orgies all day erry day.

>> No.26917194

I do too. I wish there were more good ones around.

>> No.26917214

If your ERP includes more than just sex scenes, then the inclusion of a built-in task resolution system can help a lot.

I am never going back to doing fights in freeform.

>> No.26917295

My fetish is to be an orc and impregnate women, training them with cuddles and abuses being both nice and cruel.

>> No.26917319

>that image

I'll be in my bunk.

>> No.26917332

So standard dom impregnation fetish stuff then?

>> No.26917391

Yeah, more or less.

And petplay you can add.

>> No.26917424

I don't really 'get' the orc thing. I mean I understand it, its just my not my cup of tea. If you wanna fuck women and knock them up with your ugly orc babies though, I do hope you have some good partners you enjoy it with.

>> No.26917456

Thanks for your aproval

>> No.26917848

What an interesting thread.

>> No.26918647

What is the little ~ on the end of sentences supposed to be for?

>> No.26918656

It's a lilting sound, nya~

>> No.26918685

So basically a flirting type thing

>> No.26918706

Yeah. Somehow it makes certain things sound sexier.

>> No.26918753 [SPOILER] 


>> No.26918765

Provided it's not overused to a sickening extent.

I've met so many people who slap that shit on everything they say.

>> No.26918786

Its generally a female only thing, right?

>> No.26918810

I've seen more guys use it than girls actually.

>> No.26918811

Sometimes males can pull it off too, but only sometimes.

>> No.26918817

Well, I'm a male and use it now and then. It makes all my friends really gay for me for some reason.

>> No.26918823

No shit, it's quite feminine.

>> No.26918963

>First time doing anything remotely like this
>Haven't started yet
>Majorly turned on
>Hours to go still
>Trying to resist doing anything
How the hell do you put up with this

>> No.26919097

If it's not too bad, I just enjoy that feeling of lust. Maybe tease myself a bit.

If It is bad and interfering with my ability to get stuff done, fuck it, take myself. I'm positive I'll be feeling ready again soon enough.

Oh, and remember. Edge a lot while roleplaying. Do NOT finish unless the RP is over or you need to feel it in order to describe it

>> No.26919113


>> No.26919147

Masturbate but stop every now and then to avoid climaxing.

>> No.26919154

Glad to see the thread still going strong~

Yes, the tilde (~) is quite a feminine thing, I rather like using it personally.

>hours to go still

You mean to set a session up? First time dipping your toes in/looking for partners? Or are you just making a profile?

>> No.26919181

Edging is a form of teasing. It's bringing yourslf to the "edge" of climaxing then stopping and letting yourself work down.

If you're male, remember this: It's of utmost importance that you maintain arousal, and probably some form of (mild) stimulation. Coming to a complete stop will result in blue balls. Which, apparently, aren't fun.

>> No.26919198

I managed to work up the courage to talk to someone in the IRC, and we're possibly starting a game later tonight. Which is gonna be several hours away.

Yeah, this is my first time. Like, entirely. IC or OOC. I'm sort of sitting here trying to stop being giggly and smiling like an idiot.

>> No.26919242

I find myself flattered that someone bookmarked my profile. From what I hear, it's when someone is taking their time to contact you...but I'm still not 100% on that

>> No.26919266

They may certainly exist together, if you do it right. Maybe they'd be in separate rooms, but they can coexist quite beautifully

>> No.26919301

Man. I've really been in the mood to do some ERP that takes place in the Disgaea universe. But I'm worried that I wont find anyone who knows about it well enough to really make it work.

>> No.26919306

I've played a couple of the games, why don't you explain away?

>> No.26919310


Aren't you the person with the thing for newbies?

>> No.26919312

>~ is feminine
>I use that shit all the time to make it clearer that my tone isn't flat and boring
>Now feel weird when I use it
God damn it...

>> No.26919327

I absolutely love the Disgaea designs, but I only played about 1/2 of the first game and almost all of the third, I dunno if that's enough by your standards?

>> No.26919408

I know right? I remember when I started and things got going it was like not only lust but adrenaline of "oh shit this is happening!".

It's pretty nuts. It's still funny when you are a veteran and paired with a rookie for group stuff or whatever and they are basically shaking in their seat.

>> No.26919442

Man I remember that feeling, the flip-flopping stomach, the shaking nerves.

I felt like an overexcited puppy.

>> No.26919470

Yeeeeep, thats it.
I'm sitting here half scared-half terrified, and harder than diamonds. And it'll be like 4-5 hours at least until this even starts.

>> No.26919510

*half nervous-half terrified

I...I have no idea how the hell etiquette goes in this sort of thing at all. Like, is it considered bad form to say anything like this to your partner? I don't want to come across as clingy or something, but I'm sitting here literally almost shaking from arousal and excitement. And a bit of nervousness.

I'm terrified of messing something up or it not being good for them.

>> No.26919540

Not a lot of people really wanna know how hard you are/that you just came FYI. Don't say it to your partners.

>> No.26919548


Doubting us, are you? I will never allow that.

>> No.26919564

It REALLY depends.

Personally, I'd like to know someone is excited to RP with me, or satisfied with what I do.

However, I have a friend doesn't want this. If he's not comfortable with you, he doesn't want to know?

>> No.26919595

Yeah just keep it to yourself. You'll probably find some partners that love knowing that and more but for the time being remember to always be polite and reserved with people you just met.

>> No.26919597

Being excited is good, it gives you something to bring to the table when you start the game: Just be careful not to let yourself open to being let down. Some people on F-list are known to a. not be that good, b. randomly disconnect, and so on.

It's good that you're enthusiastic though, that's kinda hard to find some days.

>> No.26919610

IRC, not F-list.
I dunno, F-list just doesn't seem like my sort of thing.

>> No.26919642

I mean in theory they already know you feel like this already cause if they are in IRC chances are they read this and you have been very specific with times and stuff :v

>> No.26919689

Not exclusively! I kinda do like newbies for the enthusiasm, they can be fun. I really like the idea of taking somebody who's never done it before and showing them how fun it can be and that they don't need to freak out.

It varies a lot from person to person. The best thing to do is communicate a lot and make sure you know where your partner's personal boundaries are. A lot don't want to know, but some do. I personally love knowing those things, but a lot of ERPers don't like that information shared.

Be polite and practice open communication and you'll be fine.

>> No.26919719

Basically I wanted to play as an incubus who decided to betray his overlord [Like stealing something important from him or attempting to back stab him at a crucial moment and failing horribly] and run off to the human world to lay low for a while. From that point onward he could try starting an 'army' by seducing some random humans to work with him, or maybe find another demon hanging around to help so they can go back and conquer the netherworld together.

I'd say that's enough. I've played the first one on DS and I think I almost beat it. I know for sure I beat the second one on PSP and the Prinny platformer and I attempted to beat second prinny platformer but that got waaaay too fucking hard for me.

I just mostly want someone who knows how the world works and the general mood of everything. Not need for encyclopedic knowledge or anything. I hope I didn't come off like that too much.

When I heard that laugh in D2 I was the happiest fucker ever.

Then I realized it was a boss fight.

>> No.26919750

So, when are we getting it on then?

>> No.26919753

Why don't you just get a name jesus.

>> No.26919769

>Showing newbies the ropes
For some reason, that is oddly arousing when you're talking about ERP.
"W-Will you teach me how please you, Mami?"

>> No.26919770

I'll take that to heart.

Do you use the IRC at all, or F-list?

>> No.26919882

I'd only give them such details if they ask how it was for you.

>> No.26919906

Saying "I'm really excited" is one thing, especially if you haven't started. It actually can be a confidence booster to know someone's so eager to RP with you.

Saying "I'm so hard/wet" is another.

>> No.26919954

Yeah, never did the second one. I figured that'd be over the line.

>> No.26919957

You mean a tripcode? Should I? I don't want to be an annoying tripfag or anything, though I know avatarfagging is not taken kindly to around here either, I feel like I'm skirting a line here.

Not yet! I'm going to have time for ERP myself in a couple of weeks, and then I'll come onto the IRC channel and rustle up an F-List profile too.

Or are you looking to chat with a more experienced ERPer for a bit or something?

>> No.26919965

Gimmie an email.

>> No.26920009

Having someone who knows what they're doing would certainly be nice. I mean, I have the person I'm hopefully doing a game with and they're awesome, but having someone else to talk to would be cool. You've always came across as a nice person.

>> No.26920025

This'll be fun

>> No.26920270

Mami-fag, take pity on the new ones.

>> No.26920292

People only tend to give a shit about the tripfag/avatar thing if the tripfag in question is an asshole/tries to act like they're better for having a trip.

>> No.26920332

So, am I the only one who would just enjoy a casual thing about a sci-fi space crew just bopping around the universe, meeting new alien species and fucking them, and just generally getting into shenanigans? Kind of like a smutty, lighthearted Farscape slice-of-life-on-a-spaceship sort of thing.

>> No.26920333

I can guarantee at least someone will be butthurt about all the attention you get so I wouldn't recommend it.

>> No.26920344

So basically Original Series Star Trek with everyone playing Kirk?

>> No.26920432

Pretty much yeah, but with less Trek.
Never really been much of a Trek fan

>> No.26920491

How about something like Lexx?

>> No.26920554

Hey, I'm capable of saying something to her!
Clumsy as hell at it, but capable damnit!

>> No.26920567

I would, if they were necrons

>> No.26920581

Name/info? I'll come find you sometime then, when I can. Or just jump me when I eventually appear in the IRC.

Don't want to cause any drama! Just spread good ERP vibes and have fun~

>> No.26920599

>appear in the IRC
What's your handle?

>> No.26920615

Hey Mami. Just wondering, are you Mugi-chan?

>> No.26920643

Who wants to be bored to death while playing an ERP game?

>> No.26920664


>> No.26920704

Mamianon already gets tons of attention. I don't think a name/tripcode would change much.

>> No.26920715

Oh please, it wasn't that bad.

>> No.26920724

Sure sounds like it.

>> No.26920746

While true, I fear that a tripcode would do more harm than good. Something about them drives people mad.

We can recognize mamianon as mamianon by her pictures and that's enough.

>> No.26920776

Maybe it has a good story or whatnot, but it was horrifically boring and depressing to watch.

>> No.26920789

Does anyone here mind... Homestuck?

Things get kind of boring when you play the same strongman with the same people day in and day out... I'd be open to suggestions here or through however you'd like to be contacted.

I mean, I like Equius the most, but if you want to do something else, that's okay too...

>> No.26920813

Well, I got bored past the second season.
But the first was great.
And I meant more the part where you're exploring a "Lolsorandum" universe in a super-ship, preferably one that speaks.

>> No.26920818

>everyone's 13 years old

>> No.26920830

It probably wouldn't be that bad. The people in these threads are pretty chill overall.

>> No.26920860

I don't have one right now, but I'll go by Mami-something, of course!

Mugi isn't really my default style. Are you requesting this or something?

>> No.26920877

Is F-List good for ERPing?

>> No.26920889

Not the anon you were responding to, but the Mami pictures are pretty good.

The IRC seems to be pretty good, no clue about F-list.

>> No.26920912

Mami seems pretty friendly an humble. It'd probably be fine.

>> No.26920915

Yes and no. You get some really great RPers and some really, really shitty ones.

What kind of stuff are you looking for?

>> No.26920923

Define "good"? At the very least it has waaay more people, is neatly organized and it's really easy to see what people like.

Seeing how there's so many people chances are that you will have some bad experiences but I really don't know why anyone would stick to IRC when there's F-list.

>> No.26920930

No, I'm not requesting anything, you just reminded me of someone who went by that name is all.

>> No.26920939


Most just kind of write that off as an inconsequentiality.

Plus you've got that sweet, sweet tentabulge.

>> No.26921295

Yeah, generally.

>> No.26921396

can we fug?

>> No.26921589

>Come up with a few character concepts
>Don't know which one to start with

>> No.26921607


What are they?

>> No.26921768

Fchat lets you have 3 characters on at once (on different tabs) so you could just do a bunch at the same time, see what bites.

>> No.26921824


>come up with character concepts
>dont want to erp with them

>> No.26921861

Going to interest check two that I'm kinda feeling right now. Genders unspecified, implied use for fantasy settings.

One is a naive adventurer who's supposed to serve as badend bait.
One of them is a cruel and perverse summoner of some form (who may or may not get what's coming to them.)

>> No.26921903


Elaborate on the second one.

>> No.26922023

This one is a bit more nebulous, so you'll forgive it's vagueness. Basic concept is a sadistic monster who has the ability to summon creatures. Really, two scenes come to mind.

Either what that character wants: summoning a creature of some kind to rape someone for their amusement.
What a person like this deserves: To through some error or arrogance on their end, to wind up the victim of their own machinations.

>> No.26922044


I might be interested in the first scenario. Maybe.

>> No.26922082

Good to know someone's interested, even if it's just a bit!

This is just a curiosity question, any kind of monster preference?

>> No.26922103


The rapeyer the better.

>> No.26922212

Cocktopus it is.

>> No.26922277

Well, there are the classics. Hordes of things, tentacle monsters, demons.

Anyways, going to work on the profile for now.

>> No.26922281


I can dig it.

>> No.26922752

Imp mastrerrace reporting in.

>> No.26922785


Too cliche.

>> No.26922815

You DAAMN right

>> No.26922904

>Making profile
>Having fun, looking forward to using character
>Have to come up with a name

>> No.26923157

Nigga there ain't that many imps out there anymore.
How about instead of looking for 'demons' you say 'incubi' or 'humans with demon horns' because that's all there is.

>> No.26923404

Avatarfags are worse than tripfags.

>> No.26923422

I would always be down for that.

>> No.26923432

Hey, Mami is nice and the pictures are good. If it isn't a problem, don't make a big deal out of it.

>> No.26923479

I just don't like how there's a fucking circlejerk going on over one person on an anonymous imageboard only because she has a specific manner of writing and uses pictures of a certain anime character.

>> No.26923613

Then hide her posts, leave the thread, or ignore it. Just because you have a problem with it doesn't mean you need to make a stink about it and put other people off. If it was some really bad shit like in the LoL generals on /vg/, then yeah fuck the avatarfags. But here its just some nice lady/person posting pictures of a cute blonde chick, and talking about a little ERP. It isn't excessive. It isn't derailing the thread. If anything, maybe it'll lead to her and some other people getting some stuff done.

>> No.26923682

But it IS bad. Sometimes a good chunk of the thread are just people desperately trying to get her info / dropping spaghetti with her.

>> No.26923715

wtf? that is the opposite of my experience with partners. what has become of the ERP community???

>> No.26923734

The majority disagrees with you, so please don't make a stink about it. If you don't like it, hide her posts.

>> No.26923767

I've not seen it, personally.

In other news, found a partner who shares all my little kinks and is terrified of my main one. We shall see.

>> No.26923802

da fuq? in my day people text fucking on the internet weren't nearly so uptight about it... goddamn.

>> No.26923846

But it really isn't that bad at all. Even when people do talk to her, theres discussion happening around it.

>> No.26923879

I dunno, I guess it has partly to do with the fact that not everyone wants to know the actual gender of who they're talking to.

>> No.26923882

I really think people on F-list need to be reminded what "transsexual" means.

Also I think we may or may not be auto-saging.

>> No.26923976

>I really think people on F-list need to be reminded what "transsexual" means.

>> No.26923986

We are but we still can go hours before it's time for a new thread.

>> No.26923990


It's transgender though.

>> No.26923993

Fchat doesn't know the meaning of pansexual, transexual, or bisexual.

>> No.26924035

well, the comment that started all this (in my mind) was
>Not a lot of people really wanna know how hard you are/that you just came

well, usually I express arousal in whatever gender I am playing (being hard/wet). and I may be mistaken about this, but both genders can come.

>> No.26924053

>but both genders can come.
nah, us girls just grit our teeth and think of England.

>> No.26924062

>Fchat doesn't know the meaning of pansexual, transexual, or bisexual
Seriously? I knew what that meant in second grade... what kind of people does fchat contain?

>> No.26924085

It's hyperbole, autismes.

>> No.26924120

Oh, I know we girls can come, I was just saying I'm pretty sure men can have orgasms, too. Yes I am aware you were joking, had a good laugh actually.

>> No.26924153

IC, people want to know that sort of thing. OOC though, not so much. A guy RPing with another guy whos RPing a girl probably doesn't want to hear "That made me so hard" from them mid-scene.

>> No.26924158

Rolled 6

Actually I, personally, fake my orgasms. I just pull out and hock a loogie on my partner's lower back.

>> No.26924184

And here I was just about to ask why the irc channel can't seem to have a nice, friendly, productive discussion like we are having in this thread. Never underestimate people on the internet. Their capacity to repeatedly astound you will, well, astound you repeatedly.

>> No.26924229

Rolled 47

You know what repeatedly astounds me? Your mom. Every night.

>> No.26924255

so just inhabit your character a little, sheesh. obvi don't talk about your hard steaming cock to anyone turned off by men, but the instigating comments advised against expressing OOC arousal/orgasm of any kind, male or female. That just seems prudish and weird to me. As well as all the posters agreeing "Oh definitely I would never do that, that is way over the line," etc.

>> No.26924298

Query: How does one roleplay a living suit of armor?

>> No.26924300

I can only imagine. She never was much good in the sack after cousin-dad died.

>> No.26924316

Generally the same as anything else. Thoughts, feelings, motivations, desires. Main difference is the emphasis on the relationship with your bearer, if any.

>> No.26924409

There are a couple different responses to this but generally they are very closely linked.

People on F-list still seem to think that transsexual/transgender thinks "I'm a boy who is a little girly" or "I have no gender" both of which are so incorrect it causes me physical pain in my kidneys.

>> No.26924562

That might just be kidney stones man.
Get that checked out.

>> No.26924826

Someone make the new thread already

>> No.26924888

So, anyone looking to play a male or female submissive wizard apprentice? Clerics can be done as well, if you're really into religious sexual domination.

I just want a cute little fledgling spellcaster to abuse.

>> No.26924906

Across from what? I may be interested. :o

>> No.26924933


Well, I'm definitely more used to playing a male dominant, but I understand that playing a female is a bit of public service, and I enjoy female spellcasters. I'm happy to let my partner choose the race. I like a challenge.

>> No.26925840

ugh, some nights when you want to RP but have no partners on are the fucking worst.

>> No.26925904

Almost as bad as those nights when you want someone in particular to come on and they never do.

>> No.26925925

Either way looking for RP in the ad channels tends to lead to disaster.

>> No.26925995


I sense a beautiful relationship blooming.

>> No.26926006


>> No.26926009

>tfw you feel really listless and just want to RP
>tfw you don't have any idea what you want to RP

I just want to write and do fun things why must I make decisions. q.q

>> No.26926051

What kind of things do you enjoy or write and what characters do you play?

Im just bitching about having no RP tonight.

>> No.26926135

I play females, and enjoy playing with females (futas). As for what I write, well, it's easy to ask what I don't enjoy writing. Scat, ageplay, M-preg and rape are no-no for me. Everything else is enjoyed.

...It makes it difficult to narrow in on things.

>> No.26926194

Can't help you, I think. I play guys primarily. Happy hunting though.

>> No.26926457

Maybe for you. I've met great people there.

>> No.26926591

Christmas came early!

>> 26926570

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