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Peter Parker Quest, Issue #10
>Growing Pains Arc

Rules: http://pastebin.com/w5G3aG3Y
Character sheet: http://pastebin.com/q1AqTT5h
My twitter: https://twitter.com/QuestOp
Archives: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Peter%20Parker%20Quest

You make sure you have everything before you head out. You wear a hoodie and loose jeans to cover up your costume underneath, your webshooters underneath your sleeves, and your mask, goggles and gloves hidden in an inner pocket of your hoodie. You also have your backpack, which has a separate change of clothes.

Well, tonight’s the night. You have a little while before the caper will happen, so it’s probably for the best you head out now. You leave a note for Aunt May that you’re heading to the library and leave the house.


>[ ]Change into your costume a little ways from your house
>[ ]Go about halfway to your destination and change into costume
>[ ]Change when you’re nearly at your destination
>[ ]Write in

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>[ ]Change when you’re nearly at your destination

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Change about halfway to destination, proceed on rooftops. We can totally jump that far. Plus, web-shooters if we fall.

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>Change Halfway.

Yeah, lets do this smart, also seconding roof hopping. We have climbing and stuff.

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>[ ]Go about halfway to your destination and change into costume



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>[ ]Go about halfway to your destination and change into costume
Just to prevent anyone at either location to connect us to our alter ego.

>> No.26907447

>[ ]Go near Flash's house and change
petty vengeance time

>> No.26907497

>[x]Go about halfway to your destination and change into costume
Close to our house might get us spotted by someone we know.
The area close to our destination is probably crawling with people looking for the Black Cat, and we'd look suspicious sneaking into an alleyway hoping nobody will see us.

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>>[ ]Go about halfway to your destination and change into costume
It's finally spidey time.

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The only question is who will die first.

So many people who are so very doomed.

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>[ ]Change when you’re nearly at your destination
Act casual. Business casual.

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>[ ]Go about halfway to your destination and change into costume

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I realized that if neither of the two die in a way that it's our fault, we'll never have a drive to really get a mopral compass.. I mean.. If they're murdered, we'll enact righteous vengeance.. But if it's not based on something that was because of us, we'll never need to go the path of righteous spidey.. We can be Moderately Selfish Parker.

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Its Peter. He always thinks its his fault even when it isn't.

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we're going to kill Felix's dad

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I'd rather we not do things that might get people like the Fantastic Four, Iron Man or Magneto (potentially) interested in "talking" to us. 'Cause we won't be able to have that talk on our terms.

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Rolled 18

Who is Felix?

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Felica is a dude possibly reverse trap in this universe.

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Soon, we will Quip and Thwip.

power of Trauma for Parker.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand there go my sides.

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Read the archives.

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>Uncle Ben is working tonight

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Please don't remind people about Spider-man: Reign. Because even leaving that particular plot point aside, that comic was shit. Venom as mayor of New York? Sandman's daughter being a street kid who can turn into concrete? Zombie Doctor Octopus? It's insane.

Damn it, now I want to read it again. Even if it's terrible, it's like watching a train wreck. You can't look away. It's Spectacular.

...I'll just see myself out.

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Its a case of "So bad its good"

>> No.26907793

Technically Gwen's appointed herself as our moral compass.

And since she's a pretty swell girl by all accounts, we'd rather not disappoint her.

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Lest we forget an aging Hypno Hustler?

Fun fact, Cement was briefly canon.

Sandman split into muliple pieces of his psyche...shit was weird.

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Yep; comic books are dumb. But sometimes they're so dumb they're amazingly entertaining. Like Frankencastle.

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I had forgot the aging Hypno Hustler, yes. Why would you remind me of that? And Cement was really canon? I need to look that up.

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So is that like a castle stitched together from the corpses of a dozen castles, animated by a bolt of lightning, and then it goes and terrorizes the country side looking for serfs to oppress or what?

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Here here!

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Not quite.
Punisher loses a fight with evil gay wolverine and gets cut into pieces, then morbious finds him and buts him back together in a Vanhelsing type spooky science/ frankenstein monster and introduces him to the underworld of the Marvel U. Then Frank does battle with evil Japanese monster hunters and it's fucking unapoligetically crazy and awesome. And it's canon.

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i fucking love frankencastle.
i also like frankencastles rematch between him and wolverine, while wolverine is dealing with daken and he just says fuck it and runs them both over with a bulldozer.

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Oh, right. Dude's last name is Castle.

>> No.26908081

What I love about Frankencastle is that when he was introduced people bitched about it being untrue the serious nature of the character's history. Presumably these people forgot that one of Frank's most notable enemies is a gender-confused Russian cyborg who has recovered from everything short of nuclear weaponry thrown at him. It's a comic book. We're allowed to be silly.

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>[ ]Go about halfway to your destination and change into costume

It isn’t good to change too close to your home, it might lead people to you. It’s also a bad idea to change too close. People will be on the lookout for the Black Cat and slipping into an Alley might be seen. So, you change at about a halfway point. You climb up an alley about halfway between your home and destination and leave your clothes in your bag, which you web to the upper part of a wall where it’s hard to see. That should keep it secure and hidden for a couple hours. You put on your gloves, mask and goggles and start jumping, from building to building when people aren’t looking.

>would you kindly roll me an agility test. 1d20+5, DC 15.

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Favorite comic aside from the Hellcat mini and STRANGE: The Doctor is in? I don't know; whichever one has him training an apprentice that Marvel forgot about.

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Rolled 5 + 5


>> No.26908121

Rolled 14 + 5


>> No.26908124

Gender confused cyborg still more believable than Baracuda...who is a wonderful mob enforcer/villain. But terrifying and terrible.

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Rolled 5 + 5

Living on the edge,
Fighting crime,
Spinning webs
Swinging from the highest ledge,
He can leap above our heads.


>> No.26908130

Rolled 2 + 5


>> No.26908131

Rolled 1 + 5


>> No.26908139

Rolled 7 + 5

move like the wind

>> No.26908149

And that's why apparently everyone was afraid of rolling for a solid minute.

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>> No.26908156

That was close.

>> No.26908160

Also Tony Moore drew it.


>> No.26908171

Rolled 6 + 5

Goodnight guys, bed beckons and work in the morn for this eastbro.

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Same here. Why do people from other timezones than me run quests I like, huh? Guess I'll just have to read it in the archives.

>> No.26908202

I don't even have a concept of time any more since I was "released" from my position during a slow period at work and put on an hourly "Consultant" position instead. Treasure that my friend.

God his art is gorgeous.

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So how many threads do you give it before something completely absurd happens.

Like a giant purple man in the sky proclaiming that he's going to eat our planet.

>> No.26908243

about five threads after we get kung-fu lessons from a retired surgeon

>> No.26908250

Oh, this is kind of icky but I just saw the thread and was about to pass out so if it's already been floated, sorry for bringing it up again. It's a thought on the Gwen stalker situation that kind of got reinforced by the morning news.

What if the person harassing Gwen isn't a classmate? What if it's a faculty member or administrator?

Like I said, icky and low probability, but given how badly Peter and Gwen tend to get screwed over I thought I needed to bring it up.

>> No.26908255

>Dr. Strange is also the Iron Fist

>> No.26908312

It's good to bring up the possibility anyway, and it would explain both how he got Gwen's number and her locker combination (not like that last one is hard though). Though it could be a hacker type character who looked through the school database.

>> No.26908356

He wouldn't need her locker combo to slide notes in it. The doors have those slits in them for some weird reason.

>> No.26908384

>DC15, result 19, Success!

You easily make your way unseen, closer and closer to the Daily Bugle without being seen. It takes time and use of your ability, but you haven’t seen anyone point you out or act oddly, your spider sense advising you as you go.

It’s slowly been progressing through evening and before you know it, you’re near the daily bugle. It’s almost night and you still have half an hour.

But there’s a lot of people around who are on the lookout now, you’ll have to advance more carefully.

Roll me a Hard(-4) agility test to avoid being seen as you go in to position yourself. 1d20+1, DC15

>> No.26908389

Huh, I thought it was someone sticking notes to the inside of her locker, like taping them to the walls and doors. I'll double check.

>> No.26908397

Rolled 14 + 1


>> No.26908398

Rolled 8 + 1

PL is strong?

>> No.26908401

Rolled 18 + 1


>> No.26908409

Rolled 11 + 1

Solid Spider

>> No.26908415

Rolled 15 + 1


>> No.26908429

Looks like I was wrong. They were being stuck through the vents.

>> No.26908460

I'm thinking more about why she was adamant about not reporting it. Yeah there's trying to avoid making trouble for yourself (dad the cop over reacts much?) or trying not to get someone else in trouble but I think the sheer volume and vitriol of those notes would have crossed the take-action-now! threshold if the culprits didn't have some kind of leverage on Gwen... I don't know what that is, there are too many possibilities, but I just want to make sure we're looking everywhere, not just the most expected place.

>> No.26908495

Bugger. Fixed.

>> No.26908501 [DELETED] 

Tonights the night
[spoiler[probably not MILFcat though

>> No.26908522

Tonights the night
probably not MILFcat though

>> No.26908543

Well, unless being a reverse trap runs in the family or something.

>> No.26908569

Personally, I'm betting it will be the dad, Walter.

>> No.26908611

>DC15, result 19, Success!

You quietly move into position, constantly pausing and adjusting as your spider sense alerts you. You make it to a good hiding spot on a ledge that overlooks Jameson’s office. You see a man in a police uniform and a man that you can identify as J Jonah Jameson, owner of the Daily Bugle.

You lay yourself low so you can keep an eye out without being spotted.


>[ ]Keep an eye on the office
>[ ]Look around the building’s exterior
>[ ]Keep an eye on the other floors
>[ ]keep an eye on the ground
>[ ]write in

>note, to keep watch and keep hidden, you can only so ONE of the above. Trying to do more(**) will require more effort in keeping hidden and perceptive, as you divide your attention.

>> No.26908621

Parker Queesties have had so many theories about how Black Cat could function it's unreal.

Femmy Black Cat Boi
Fraternal Twins that switch rolls
Reverse trapcat
Raternal Twins that operate with their MILFmom as the old Black Cat
Grey gentlemen Black Cat wearing 616 Blackcats outfit, but with monocle and bowler

>> No.26908623

>>[ ]Look around the building’s exterior

>> No.26908652


>[X ]Keep an eye on the other floors

Do not do more

>> No.26908669

>[ ]Keep an eye on the office
We have no idea what vector Black Cat will use, our only consolation is keeping our eye on the goal.

>> No.26908673

Keep an eye on the office.
He's a master of disguise. The cops will be expecting someone coming in from the outside, we need to keep an eye on the inside.

>> No.26908680


Keep an eye on the office

>> No.26908683

Sorry for being off topic, but I loved the Spectacular Spider-Man series, when I heard one of the characters voiced by Jolee Bindo, I knew I had to watch the rest.

>> No.26908684

>[ ]Keep an eye on the office

>> No.26908774

>Keep an eye on the office

I mean assuming the Black Cat hasn't fallen for the decoy, he'll have to come in here eventually.

And we'll be waiting for him.

>> No.26908823

Guys, what if Uncle Ben is Black Cat? He's got motive (money trouble), means (he's a security guard), and no alibi for tonight other than "I was at work", which places him where the theft is going to happen. I'm scared.
Everyone loved it. And we shall not speak of the abomination which replaced.

>> No.26908830

>>[ ]Keep an eye on the office

>> No.26908846

What? It's catchy...

>> No.26908919

>Guys, what if Uncle Ben is Black Cat?
impossible though. We wouldn't be having money problems this big if he was. Rather he'll probably just do something stupid to try and catch the cat. Or we do something stupid and get him killed.

>> No.26908922


>> No.26908928

Goddamn I loved that song.

>> No.26908936

>[ ]Keep an eye on the office
... and an ear for the (soon to be likely) indignant screams of one J Jonah Jameson.

>> No.26908946

>We wouldn't be having money problems this big if he was.
We would if he's still busy finding a fence and/or laundering the money.

>> No.26908972

You shoulda posted the whole scene. More detail on the process.

>> No.26908979

...Just had a thought, guys: Assuming we do catch the Black Cat, and assuming Jameson unclenches enough for us to pry $1,000 out of his wallet... How are we going to explain to Aunt May and Uncle Ben where we got the money?

>> No.26909011

We don't. Duffel bag full of money on the porch with a note saying it's from whatever alias the papers give us and that he wishes them the best of luck.

>> No.26909015

Tutoring Felix.


>> No.26909028

So I was the only one who freaked out when I head Tombstone was voiced by Jolee Bindo? Shame, he's got to be one of my favourite Jedi characters ever.

>> No.26909034


>> No.26909041

That could work. You friendly neighborhood spider-hood you know like robin hood.

>> No.26909091

>[ ]Keep an eye on the office

You keep an eye on the office. It’s boring and you sometimes have to duck out of the way to avoid anyone spotting you, but you keep hidden.

But, nothing’s happened, it seems. Jameson seems to be yelling at the police officer, who seems to be trying to placate Jameson. Is that Gwen’s dad? The hair color looks the same, so maybe.

The phone office rings and Jameson hands it over to the cop, who picks it up and answers it. He seems surprised at first, then worried. When he hangs up he sits in a chair, hands in his face as Jameson seems to be asking him something.

The man shakes his head and there seems to be nothing more for a while. Eventually the door opens and an officer escorts in an upset Gwen, who talks with the officer before wrapping her arms around his torso.

>[ ]Move closer to investigate
>[ ]Maintain distance
>[ ]This is it!
>[ ]Write in

>> No.26909107

>>[ ]Move closer to investigate

>> No.26909125

>[x]Maintain distance
We can talk to Gwen about it later. Right now we need to focus on the mission.

>> No.26909140

>>[ ]Maintain distance

>> No.26909142

>[ ]Move closer to investigate

>> No.26909143

>[ ]Maintain distance

>> No.26909145

>[x]Maintain distance
Cover is important.

>> No.26909155

>[ ]Move closer to investigate
probably us

>> No.26909156

>Maintain distance
eavesdropping is bad

>> No.26909161

Could be the Black Cat, could be a genuine moment.

Prepare ourselves for something to start happening.

>> No.26909162

>[x]Move closer to investigate

>> No.26909165

>>[ ]Move closer to investigate
Something's up, we need to know what.

>> No.26909172

If it is Gwen, and not the Black Cat disguised as Gwen, like the other robberies.

>> No.26909183

>[ ]Maintain distance

>> No.26909189

>[ ]Move closer to investigate
but stay alert

>> No.26909192

>Gwen is Black Cat

>> No.26909194

Ah, right. Forgot

>> No.26909210

yea cause we cant tell what Gwen looks like..

(Max Sarcasm)

if its any one its the officer that brought her up

>> No.26909227

>Use cellphone to call Gwen
>We don't have a cellphone

>> No.26909250

Assuming we get the reward and don't have to immediately piss it away for some reason, will we have enough left to buy some cheapo prepaid spidey-phone? Please, oh please god, tell me we'll have enough for a prepaid emergency cell phone.

>> No.26909255

try and reach out with spider link?

>> No.26909290

>[ ]Move closer to investigate
if Gwen, need to know what's up
if Black Cat is pretending to be Gwen, need to be close for beating

>> No.26909292

Wait in the interest of clarity, Cosgrove what exactly do you mean by "move closer to investigate"?

Like where are we currently, and what would moving closer entail?

>> No.26909294

Wait guys no... she's inserted herself into the area to stop Black Cat... without the hoodie for some reason? But why wouldn't she tell us?
It can't be too bad of something that happened since Gwen only has her father... it's a ruse. It's not Gwen.

>> No.26909300

I'd rather get a motorcycle. Ladies love a motorcycle.

This is actually a decent idea. Don't think we tried any kind of telepathy or empathy connection. Might as well try, regardless of if we stay put or move up.

>> No.26909302

>[ ]Move closer to investigate
Shadowruns intensify

>> No.26909319

Move closer, make sure.she can see us but not her dad.

if she's fake she'll alert him.

>> No.26909332

do this

>> No.26909347

>a motorcycle
We should try and score a BMW RS54.

>> No.26909349

You're on a ledge across the street and out of sight, but high enough up that you can keep a good eye on what's going on in the office. This means you move closer to get closer and so that you maybe can overhear what's going on.

>> No.26909351

This is clever. Do it.

>> No.26909355

>[ x]Move closer to investigate
in we go

>> No.26909366


If possible, we could try this.

Like if she tries to shoo us away, it's the real Gwen.

If she freaks out that there's a creep in a mask peeping through a window, it's the Black Cat.

>> No.26909379

Well then let's get in closer.

I think it's almost showtime.

>> No.26909393

Okay. This is a good idea.

>> No.26909418

Why would Gwen be the Black Cat? We're looking for a grown man.

>> No.26909420

Unless Gwen is (or is working with) the Black Cat, in which case she freaks out, we accuse her of being an imposter, and she easily disproves us and frames us for being her crazy stalker while she or an accomplice makes off with the loot while everyone is focused on the masked creep apparently stalking Gwen.


>> No.26909435

>not a Norton F1
It looks dead sexy, it's fast as all hell AND it has a Wankel rotary engine that screams like a banshee at high RPMs.

>> No.26909450

Are we?

I didn't think we were ever given a description.'

But yeah, we have no reason not to assume that.

>> No.26909452

>Go to swing through window
>Crash into it and slide off cartoon style instead

>Swing through window and air tackle Gwen
>And youll find that this is't a little girl, but...
>pulls hair
>Not a girl but
>... you'll find that this is the police commissioners daughter and I am sorely mistaken

>> No.26909468

All reports say it's a man. And it'd be crazy to think a teenager would be robbing people with this much efficiency. It's someone with a lifetime of practice.

>> No.26909488

The Black Cat is really the phantom thief Dark.

>> No.26909489

Eh, true.

Still think we should move in closer so we're clinging to the wall below the windowsill.

Assuming there aren't like... spotlights or whatever pointed at the general area, in which case we should stay put.

>> No.26909502

>So, the overall opinion is to move in closer. But do people want to move in so only Gwen can see yuo to see if its really Gwen?


>Five minutes and then I write

>> No.26909514


>> No.26909518

close enough

>> No.26909524

Is such a thing even possible?

Like is Gwen the only one facing the window?

>> No.26909527


>> No.26909530


>> No.26909531

No. Move in closer just to find out what's what.

>> No.26909536

Guys... if it IS cat and she DOES raise the alarm about us being there...
How's that gunna go for us?

>> No.26909542


>> No.26909545

Eh... I'd say move in closer to be clinging to the wall either above or below the window.

>> No.26909553

standard Spidey rep

>> No.26909561

Maybe just a bit closer at first, see if Gwen and her dad are staying in the room or not.

>> No.26909568

Smash through window, accuse, tell Gwens dad to call her cell.

>> No.26909581

Why yes, that's sure to result in a calm conversation and not blow up in our faces.

>> No.26909582

And get shot by all the cops looking at us
Or hide and fake Gwen steals the artifact

>> No.26909584

>Time's up, overall the response is Yes. Writing

>> No.26909588


We can probably ascertain whether its her or not based on the conversation.

After all, if it IS an imposter, she's only worried about fooling the people in the room. Gwen knows Peter Parker is staking the place out tonight, her theoretical imposter presumably doesn't.

>> No.26909591

Nah that won't work.

>> No.26909607

time for pain
embrace it boobies

>> No.26909613

Who are they gonna believe? The person who impersonated Gwen well enough to fool her father, or the crazy masked yahoo who just came busting in though the window?

>> No.26909640

They already know about the Cats infiltration method, remember. Gwens dad will at least check.

>> No.26909644


>> No.26909645

>[ ]Move closer to investigate
>let only Gwen see us to check if it’s really her.

You move closer to investigate. If it’s really Gwen, she’ll know who you are and not react. If she isn’t she’ll be alarmed. You move closer, slowly and make yourself visible to her.

When Gwen looks up, her eyes widen in surprise, as something akin to panic crosses her face before it quickly fades as your Spider sense blares.

>[ ]move in now, before she has the chance to alert anyone
>[ ]get out of sight, but maintain watch(*)
>[ ]Flee
>[ ]Write in

>> No.26909658

>>[ ]move in now, before she has the chance to alert anyone

>> No.26909662

Step one: Punch through window.

Step two: Sling web at "Gwen"

>> No.26909665

>[ ]get out of sight, but maintain watch(*)
Something is up, watch for now

>> No.26909668

>>[X]get out of sight, but maintain watch(*)

I have no bloody idea if that's really Gwen or not. Let's try our luck.

>> No.26909672

Check Spider Sense.
Maybe someone's creeping in behind us.

oh god it's Black Cat and s/he knows we're Peter

>> No.26909678

>[ ]move in now, before she has the chance to alert anyone
we maintain watch, alarm will be raised

>> No.26909686

>Try out luck
Funny considering how many Parker Luck points are banked.

>> No.26909704

>get out of sight, but maintain watch(*)
...There are other reasons for her to be surprised, theoretically?

I mean why would she stop freaking out?

>> No.26909716

Only 1. It ain't THAT bad.

>> No.26909719

>[ ]get out of sight, but maintain watch(*)

Fuck it. Lets take the high risk option.

>> No.26909725

>>[ ]get out of sight, but maintain watch(*)
If we move in now we we risk looking like the bad guys

>> No.26909729


Keep calm and continue the ruse.
Now that it know's we're here and watching; it'll be much more careful. Might not even strike.

>> No.26909730

I want to not do this so badly... But Peter's a 15 year old with poor impulse control, so...
>[ ]move in now, before she has the chance to alert anyone

>> No.26909732

But what if it IS Gwen, and she's panicked because she found something out that we don't know about, but she had no way of telling us due to our crippling lack of wireless communication? Maybe she's here to try to put the brakes on this entire debacle before our lack of information gets ourselves or Uncle Ben killed?


>> No.26909735

>something akin to panic crosses her face before it quickly fades
...Why would it fade?

Why would it not be a continuous panic if there's a strange man on the wall, looking through a window?

>> No.26909745

Our spider sense blares. That's bad enough for now I believe.

>> No.26909749

Do the Fonze, then drop down

>> No.26909761

True, though that could be that the there was never just one Black Cat thief.

>> No.26909767

>[ ]Write in
Look behind us.
Don't ignore the Spider Sense.
And since when are we under the impression that there's only ONE Black Cat on the scene right now?

'Gwen' might be the distraction Cat, while the thief Cat is already on the roof with us or something.

>> No.26909774

>>[ X]get out of sight, but maintain watch(*)

>> No.26909775

And now we're overthinking ourselves to death. It's like I'm really playing Bleach Quest!

>> No.26909788

Dynamic entry!

>> No.26909794

New plan. We make JJJ as uncomfortable as possible, by FLIRTING WITH HIM as Spidey. Hell, expand the plan, Spidey flirts with everything. May as well put dat ass to work.

>> No.26909796

I still want to do this but >>26909749
do the fonze right before we move out of sight

>> No.26909811

oh yes

>> No.26909823

I really wanna see One More Day get this treatment once he finishes up with AvX.

>> No.26909833

>So majority want to hide and keep watch

>Very well

>roll me a very hard (-6) dexterity roll to hide, 1d20-1, DC16.

>> No.26909837

I'd be interested to see if he could make Age of Ultron not boring.

>> No.26909838

Rolled 16 + 1

come on 20

>> No.26909843

Rolled 19 + 1


>> No.26909845

Rolled 7 + 1

Oh man, heavy odds.

>> No.26909847

Rolled 14 + 1

stealth spider

>> No.26909850

Good enough.

>> No.26909851

Rolled 4 + 1


>> No.26909852

Rolled 2 + 1


>> No.26909857

does -1 not work or did i type it wrong

>> No.26909860

Knew we should have gone for dynamic entry...

>> No.26909864

Also look behind us while doing so.

>> No.26909865


>> No.26909869

suck my dick
choke on it

>> No.26909871

Rolled 13 - 1


>> No.26909877

Rolled 8 - 1

I think this is how it works...

>> No.26909880

Weird, it's displaying a plus instead of minus, even though minus is clearly what was rolled.

No matter, I guess we still passed.

>> No.26909888

It has to be +-1

Yep if our danger sense is acting up, looking around is important.

>> No.26909893

Rolled 2 - 1

rolying for this is hard but hey I learned something new about /tg/ dice. they hate spidey

>> No.26909897

Oh that's how you do it?

Does that mean these are the real rolls, or are the first three still good, because that was what was asked for us to put down?

Might be good for future reference, though.

>> No.26909911

And we had it going so nicely...

>> No.26909932

Eh, we were told to roll dice+1d20-1

The fact that what we were supposed to roll should have been dice+1d20+-1 if we wanted it to display right, shouldn't really matter.

>> No.26909946

Let's see what Cosgrove will say.

>> No.26909949

I actually thought this was fixed such that you can put the ( - ) sign as is. I guess I was mistaken.
Technically, the first three rolls complied in spirit, if one checks the e-mail field.

Dunno how we're gonna call this though...

>> No.26909953

>[ ]get out of sight, but maintain watch(*) DC16
>Result 18, success!

You quickly dodge out of sight and get into a new hiding position as you watch the Gwen imposter scream at where you were as Jameson and the officer quickly turn to where you were moments ago. The two of them are looking around frantically as ‘Gwen’ opens the door and shouts, pointing back at the wall. Spotlights light up the side of the building you’re on but you somehow /BARELY/ manage to keep out of sight thanks to your wall crawling powers.

There’s police looking around every window, along with everyone on ground level. Behind The officer and Jameson, you see ‘Gwen’ smirk before quickly knocking the two out, the Officer before Jameson, who isn’t able to make a noise before a cloth is put over his mouth, too.

She then slips over to the large safe in the corner of the room and starts opening it after locking the office door.

>[ ]Screw being seen, the Black Cat’s going to get away with it!
>[ ]Wait, act when The Black Cat tries to get away
>[ ]Write in

>> No.26909956


>> No.26909961

>>[ ]Wait, act when The Black Cat tries to get away

>> No.26909970

Well shit, we overthought things. Damnit Cosgrove, throwing us off with her all of a sudden calming down.

Now we do >>26909662

>> No.26909973

>[ ]Screw being seen, the Black Cat’s going to get away with it!
Dynamic fucking entry!

>> No.26909979

We were told to prevent the robbery to get the money.

So we need to stop her before she steals the thing.

>> No.26909984

>>[ ]Screw being seen, the Black Cat’s going to get away with it!
Shit. Move move move.

>> No.26909988

>[ ]Screw being seen, the Black Cat’s going to get away with it!
Reward's only good if we stop her before that safe is cracked

>> No.26909992

>[x]Screw being seen, the Black Cat’s going to get away with it!

>> No.26910000

>>[ ]Screw being seen, the Black Cat’s going to get away with it!

>> No.26910001

I mean it seems like it'd definitely take her by surprise, because just because we're on the wall, doesn't mean she'd expect we can shoot web.

After that we can just yank her forward out the window.

>> No.26910002

And if there's one thing I've learned from Payday, it's that safes take FOREVER to crack.

>> No.26910006

>>[ ]Wait, act when The Black Cat tries to get away

>> No.26910026

>Try to flying kick into window
>Slam into side and fall down like a bird since super strength does not work that way

>> No.26910027

>before it quickly fades
Damnit lousy deceptive line.

>> No.26910042

I don't think you get what I'm saying.

I'm saying we punch through the window, sling a web at the Black Cat, and then yank the web towards us, thusly defenestrating her into our super strong arms.

It's the perfect plan.

>> No.26910064

Truly the greatest idea ever thought.

>> No.26910071

>implying we wouldn't fly THROUGH the wall and knock a hole in it, thus starting the spiderman menace.

>> No.26910072

So easy it'll be a snap.

>> No.26910091

someone please have that pic

>> No.26910102

you forgot your picture

>> No.26910174

If we wanna see some action, we gotta be the center of attraction.

>> No.26910210


It feels REALLY strange to be saying that, considering how much poor Ichigo has been getting beaten up lately

>> No.26910233

>[x]Screw being seen, the Black Cat’s going to get away with it!

There’s nothing left to do but act. You let yourself become the Black Cat’s distraction, so you’re going to have to catch him…her… it.

Especially if you want that reward money. You extend your webshooter and create a line so you can swing on through the window. Luckily, both the cop and Jameson are away from it.

Swinging in, the glass breaks as you tumble in, quickly righting yourself, webshooters at the ready.

‘Gwen’ turns to you, a smirk on ‘her’ face, the safe swinging open, revealing an emerald cat statue. “Oh, and who are you supposed to be?”

It’s unnerving to hear Gwen’s voice in such a tone. Man, this person is really bothering you! Your spider sense is tingling as you ready yourself for any actions she might take. Who are you?

>[ ]Oh, just your friendly neighborhood Spider-man!
>[ ]Don’t respond, webshoot
>[ ]So, are you actually a guy?
>[ ]Write in

>> No.26910235

More importantly, Pete is a cape comic hero, not a shonen protagonist. Cape comic heroes don't get stronger by being defeated and just barely surviving, they can only get stronger by becoming more popular.

>> No.26910237

The tables have turned.

>> No.26910242

were doing pretty well considering were doing multiple arcs at once

>> No.26910250

>>[ ]Don’t respond, webshoot

>> No.26910253

>[ ]Oh, just your friendly neighborhood Spider-man!
This with this
>[ ]webshoot


>> No.26910258

>[ ]Don’t respond, webshoot

If this works, make a joke about white goo.

>> No.26910262

>[ ]Don’t respond, webshoot
no words only webs now

>> No.26910266

>>[x]Oh, just your friendly neighborhood Spider-man!
>>[x]So, are you actually a guy?
>[x] webshoot while talking. Don't waste anytime.

>> No.26910269

>>[ ]Oh, just your friendly neighborhood Spider-man!
Can't we do this at the same time as:
>>[ ]Respond, webshoot

>> No.26910275

"Oh, just another spider on the wall..."

and PLEASE let this be a cue for the real Gwen/Scarlet Spider to bust in.


>> No.26910278

>[ ]Don’t respond, webshoot.
We can banter and talk trash after we've apprehended the culprit.

>> No.26910291

>[ ]Don’t respond, webshoot

>> No.26910292


Not at the Black Cat, but at the emerald cat statue.

Keep it stuck in the safe to the point where the Black Cat will have to carry the whole thing if she wants to take it with her.

>> No.26910304

Like first we want to make sure the Black Cat doesn't get his or her hands on the treasure, then we can deal with the thief.

The webbing dissolves in an hour or so, right?

>> No.26910305


>[ ]Oh, just your friendly neighborhood Spider-man!

>[ ]Don’t respond, webshoot stick the statue in the safe

>> No.26910311

This guy has the right idea.

>> No.26910314

>>[ ]Oh, just your friendly neighborhood Spider-man!

>> No.26910322

nevermind what I said, this will do.

>> No.26910328

>webshoot stick the statue in the safe
Add this to what I said.

>> No.26910332


>> No.26910338

"Don't worry if it gets in your hair, it'll wash out with ice water."

>> No.26910340

you got the right idea

>> No.26910343


If the statue is firmly stuck to the inside of the safe, then mission accomplished unless she decides to take the whole damn safe with her.

>> No.26910347

>Our webshooters are now weaponized spaghetti.
"Who might you b- OH GOD WHAT IS THIS."

>> No.26910348

>While doing this
"I'm the guy who just made a thousand dollars. And now I'm gonna double that."

>> No.26910356

Web her TO the statue

>> No.26910363


>> No.26910365

Oh my...

>> No.26910367

We're not trying to steal the statue just keep her/him away from it.
Why are you so set on making us a crook?

>> No.26910368


>> No.26910381

And so it begins.

>> No.26910383

if we web it into the safe it can't be moved

>> No.26910384

>[x]Don’t respond, webshoot

>> No.26910390


I'm saying that Jameson offered a thousand dollars to whoever can stop the Black Cat from stealing the statue.

And another thousand if they catch the Black Cat as well.

And if the statue can't be removed from the safe, then the Black Cat can't steal it.

Which means we just made a thousand dollars.

>> No.26910394

Rolled 19 + 7

>Roll me a difficult dexterity check to web the statue before she can grab it, 1d20+3, DC is the result of this post's roll.

>> No.26910395

So she can't get away
So she's caught in the act permanently
So we can't be accused of being an accomplice

>> No.26910398

Thats fine but I don't get the double the reward thing.

>> No.26910400

Exactly, we can talk and fight at the same time. It's what we do.

>> No.26910405

Rolled 18 + 3


>> No.26910406

Rolled 2 + 3

fuck me...

>> No.26910411

Rolled 10 + 3

All these dex rolls man.

>> No.26910413

Rolled 10 + 3

what the fuck

>> No.26910416

Now that's just not fair.

>> No.26910418

Rolled 12 + 3

Oh bugger

>> No.26910419

Fucking cosgrove

>> No.26910424

Oh i forgot the double reward thing. I thought you was going to use the statue to blackmail jameson

>> No.26910428

Funkin' Cosgrove. We done goof'd.

At least we know that Black Cat has +6 on dexterity and +1 from Parker's luck. Probably.

>> No.26910429

>vs 21


>> No.26910435

Oh that's just not right...

>> No.26910450


Don't mind me, just cranking the luck machine for tomorrow.

>> No.26910458

I suppose it makes sense, since the Black Cat was literally less than a foot away from the statue.

But still.

>> No.26910459

Welcome to Cosgrove Brand Rolls. Made with real Quester Tears!

>> No.26910472

No, it's right next to Black Cat, So it's easy (+2) to grab, and Black CAt has a bonus to stealing, which is another +2, plus dex bonus and +1 from Parker Luck.

>> No.26910473

There was literally no way to beat that unless we pulled a nat 20. Even the...

>> No.26910489

Fuckin' opposed checks...

>> No.26910490

Alright so lesson learned, we shouldn't have gotten spooked by Cosgrove's throwaway line and assumed that he was rusing us, and instead just followed through and apprehended the Black Cat when we had the chance.

I misinterpreted the line as "Gwen" at first being surprised/panicked, and then going back to acting normal, as if nothing was wrong.

I don't think I was the only one who did that.

>> No.26910493

we don't get a bonus for web shooters being a huge suprize and firing both of the?

>> No.26910494

could she at least get stuck?
There a difference between dexterity and super human speed

>> No.26910495

So his/her dex bonus is +2! Haha!

>> No.26910504

I think the Black Cat knows about the web shooters through our dynamic entrance.

>> No.26910506

I assume she saw us use them and then break the very heavy duty window.

>> No.26910510

first time firing menas we aren't specialized, plus Master Thief probably giving immunity to surprise

>> No.26910539

>Black Cat flips out of the way and runs
>We're left in the middle of the room with unconscious cops and JJJ, no statue, and everything's covered in webbing

>> No.26910544

>[ ]Oh, just your friendly neighborhood Spider-man!
>[ ]Don’t respond, webshoot
>[ ]aim for the statue to stick it to the safe, opposed roll
>Black Cat-26. Your result- 21, Failure

You smile beneath your mask. “Oh, just your friendly neighborhood Spider-man!”

As you shoot a web towards the statue, intending to web it into the safe, ‘Gwen’ quickly grabs it and jumps back, waving a finger, grinning cheekily. “Ah, ah, ah! That’s a bad Spider!”

As she slams a ball at her feet as smoke erupts from it, engulfing the room. You hear the sound of a door unlocking.

>[ ]Fire webshooter at the doorway, hope to catch her.
>[ ]Give chase
>[ ]Call out an alarm
>[ ]Write in

>> No.26910557

>>[ ]Fire webshooter at the doorway, hope to catch her.

>> No.26910560

Eh we rolled pretty well as well.

Either she grabbed the statue first and then got webbed to the safe.

Or she yanked it out and we just got webbing in the safe itself.

>> No.26910563

>[X]Give chase


>> No.26910564

>>[x]Fire webshooter at the doorway, hope to catch her.
All the spaghetti

>> No.26910565

>[ ]Fire webshooter at the doorway, hope to catch her.
>[ ]Give chase
>[ ]Call out an alarm
these seem to be easily grouped together

>> No.26910568

Welp no matter what we do were not getting her now

>> No.26910570

>>[ ]Fire webshooter at the doorway, hope to catch her.
>>[ ]Give chase
>>[ ]Call out an alarm
Don't see why we can't do all 3

>> No.26910571

>door's unlocking

Must be Jameson!

>> No.26910573

Give chase

After her.

>> No.26910581

Fire a couple lines *through* the doorway instead of a big web blocking the doorway so we can give chase if she gets through before we hit it.

>> No.26910584


>> No.26910594

>[ ]Fire webshooter at the doorway, hope to catch her.
If it's Black Cat, we get her/him.
if it's police backup, we delay possible misunderstandings from happening.

>> No.26910595

Trying to snag her, obviously.

>> No.26910621

>Cosgrove intensifies

>> No.26910622

fair enough

>> No.26910643

>Hear a door
you think someone like her is that dumb to head through a door?
She's probably crawling through the vents. Those are cops you dolts.

>> No.26910658

Actually yeah good point.

>> No.26910659

just get out the window she is probable in the vents/ceiling

its the cops coming through the door its time to gtfo

>> No.26910660

Guy what if once we start superhering we dress like this

>> No.26910676

Can we roll perception or whatever to see if we noticed the location of any vent shafts in the room?

>> No.26910684

... ya probably. No way there wasn't at least one guard outside... and we DID just break a bigass window.

>> No.26910698

>[ ]Fire webshooter at the doorway, hope to catch her.
>[ ]Give chase

>Alright, I'll need a difficult dexterity test, then, 1d20+3. DC is this roll's result.

>> No.26910708

Rolled 19 + 1

Wow, embarrassing. This time, though.

>> No.26910713

Rolled 20 + 3


>> No.26910717

Rolled 7 + 3


>> No.26910723

I feel like we were tricked a bit.

We were all set to catch the Black Cat ahead of time, but then Cosgrove seemed to insinuate that it really was Gwen with bad news, and that the real threat was something else, and then gave an extra hard challenge as one of the options.

Given that /tg/ is both paranoid and gullible, he guaranteed that we wouldn't derail the heist completely.

Like right now we should just go home to our dead uncle who somehow got shot in the confusion.

>> No.26910727

THANK you! We did something right, possibly!

>> No.26910728


>> No.26910732


>> No.26910734

Rolled 20 + 3

well isn't that just spectacular

>> No.26910745


looking pretty spectacular yourself.

>> No.26910746

what the fuck

>> No.26910749

So your complaining that a master criminal is tricky?

>> No.26910751

Way to go hoss. We webbed that door so hard it will never open again.

>> No.26910758


>> No.26910769


>> No.26910770

Wow! That's Spectacular!

...That's even more spectacular!

Well, writing!

>> No.26910775


>> No.26910777

Does this count as a 2nd point since its within the 1st 3 rolls?

>> No.26910780

Amazing, too.

>> No.26910789

Oh God, not the smiling cat again... That's never good...

>> No.26910792


>> No.26910807

no, its ok
this Quest has a nice happy Cosgrove wishing us the best

>> No.26910814

>cosgrove is happy he finally found a quest that isn;t a complete fuckup.jpg

>> No.26910817

Of course its good you fool its a double 20

>> No.26910819

>that fucking cat

>> No.26910820

Why Cosgrove threads are so CUH-RAAAZY?

>> No.26910822

The criminal wasn't the one who was tricky.

Taking advantage of our appearance to take out Jonah and Stacy is fine.

It's more the language that felt tricky.

But really that's more our fault then Cosgrove's.

We really gotta learn to shut up and swing the bat.

>> No.26910833

i think the people who are scared shitless are the bleachquest folk who are scared shitless of vindictive as fuck cosgrove.

>> No.26910863

>swing the bat
I see what you did there.
FLCL Quest when?

>> No.26910867

I kind of want him to change bq' rules if it'll make him happier and more willing to run it.

that said, I like PPQ better personally, and this thread has filled me with joy. FINALLY we get to spidey around!

>> No.26910887

I am decidedly unperturbed thank you very much.

>> No.26910889

Also, why was Cosgrove rolling?

>> No.26910890

Well he did spend 30+ threads setting himself up with a persona akin to old testament god

>> No.26910898

fuck that
Linchon quest when

>> No.26910900

The reflexes of either Black Cat or the unfortunate police officer caught in the web

>> No.26910937

>[ ]Fire webshooter at the doorway, hope to catch her.
>[ ]Give chase
>opposed rolls. Black Cat- 20, you 20, SUCCESS!
>2 Spectacular points!

You give chase, firing a line of webbing at where the door is. You feel it connect and pull as you feel something struggling against the line. Exiting the smoke cloud, you see ‘Gwen’ on the ground staring dirtily at the webbing on her leg.

She looks back at you, pleading. “I’ll give up the statue, Spider, just let me go, please?”

She uses Gwen’s face to try to convince you as police officers come into the room, pointing their guns at both of you. She glances at them then you before she raises her hands in surrender.

“Alright, I give up.”

She stands up after kicking the statue away.

Your spider sense is going off, but that might be from the cops pointing guns at you.

>[ ]This is the Black Cat in disguise, so when do I get my reward?
>[ ]Hey! What’s with all the guns pointed at me!
>[ ]Jameson and Stacy are in there, she knocked them out, better have someone wake them
>[ ]Write in

>> No.26910949

>>[x]Jameson and Stacy are in there, she knocked them out, better have someone wake them
inb4 we get demasked and play it off like stark.

>> No.26910954

>[ ]Jameson and Stacy are in there, she knocked them out, better have someone wake them

>> No.26910961

this is black cat

>> No.26910967

>[X]Jameson and Stacy are in there, she knocked them out, better have someone wake them

It's time to get "friendly" with JJJ so he can bitch as us in truly SPECTACULAR way.

>> No.26910974

give the statue to the cops

>> No.26910978

"Officers, it is my pleasure to introduce you to the one and only Black Cat.

Also, Mr. Jameson and Captain Stacy are currently unconscious. Think she used chloroform or something. You might want to do something about that."

>> No.26910994

>[x]Jameson and Stacy are in there, she knocked them out, better have someone wake them
Remember the simple tips, guys.

>> No.26910999

We should probably raise our hands to make sure they're not too threatened.

>> No.26911004

>>[ ]Jameson and Stacy are in there, she knocked them out, better have someone wake them
this then
>[ ]This is the Black Cat in disguise, so when do I get my reward?
so how will the black cat get out of this mess?

>> No.26911005

>She stands up after kicking the statue away.
Fake statue switcheroo? Or another smoke bomb?

In any case, have them secure that too.

>[ ]Jameson and Stacy are in there, she knocked them out, better have someone wake them

>> No.26911012

They won't believe us if we say "she's" Black Cat since she's disguised as Gwen at the moment, they'll assume we're Black Cat and threatening her.

...wait, they might also assume that we knocked out Jameson and Stacy. We're in a suspicious looking costume while Black Cat is disguised as a policeman's daughter.

>> No.26911022

The amusing thing is that BQ Cosgrove isn't actually all that scary. He just does the equivalent of holding a flashlight under his face and making spooky ghost noises, which apparently is enough to scare everyone completely out of their fucking minds.

I was fooled for a while too, but I listened to Based Taiga when she told us not to flip our shit every two seconds, and in hindsight she was totally right.

>> No.26911028

>>[ ]Jameson and Stacy are in there, she knocked them out, better have someone wake them


>[ ]This is the Black Cat in disguise, so when do I get my reward?

>> No.26911038

To the cops, it looks like we've just assaulted Captain Stacy's daughter for the statue. Best to make sure the cat's secured, then be as obviously nonaggressive as possible.

>> No.26911051

>> No.26911060

>I listened to Based Taiga
As you should. Taiga is love.
>she was totally right
Well of course she was. She's Taiga. She's perfect.

>> No.26911098

"Officers, I'd like you to notice how the woman who appears to be Captain Stacy's daughter surrendered and said she gave up after you stepped in, instead of saying something like 'Get him! He's the thief!'

Speaking of Captain Stacy, he's currently unconscious. in the next room."

>> No.26911101

"I know I probably look suspicious as I'm wearing a mask here, but be aware; I am NOT the Black Cat. She is, though the way she fooled the comissioner for long enough to knock him out his impressive."

I'll be perfectly honest, my main worry throughout the quest has been all the ways that this mission could go worng for us.
>Real Gwen came in person to warn us about something horrible.
>Not real Gwen. But that means...
>Fake Gwen going to point us out and get everyone to believe we're the Black Cat.
>We manage to dodge the spotlight. Becomes a conceivable case of 'There's nobody there! Maybe she was just saying 'look!' to draw our attention away!"
>Nobody catches on. Not!Gwen takes down everyone, though JJJ does at least see what's up. That'll help a lot, maybe.
>We go in to apprehend, fail to prevent. Leave webs everywhere, so our presence is apparent.
>We successfully web up door, potentially blocking off any attempts by help to arrive.
>We going to end up looking like accomplices?

>> No.26911107

All cosgrove did in bleachquest, while we were talking about how everything was going to turn to wood, was suggest that Sinbad get another TV show.

>> No.26911109

she's black cat
web everything not a cop
she knocked out those guys, one of you should check

>> No.26911115


>[ ]Jameson and Stacy are in there, she knocked them out, better have someone wake them
+ By the way this is the black cat in disguise
>[ ]Write in

Make sure Black Cat isn't pulling the old fake-statue switcheroo on us(preferably ask one of the cops to make sure it's real). She had plenty of time to switch it while covered by the smoke since the webbing only hit her leg.


>> No.26911116

which should totally happen

>> No.26911118

I mean... I know they're Marvel Police, but they aren't deaf and blind are they?

The situation seems pretty easy to read if you use common sense and basic reasoning.

>> No.26911120

BQ and MGNQ seem to overlap a lot so [shadowruns intentisfy] is a time-honoured tradition.

>> No.26911134

Can't we web her even more? Just in case she pulls a fast one?

>> No.26911137

True, we should bring possibility up.

>> No.26911144

>going to any quest where you play as a magical loli
Absolutely disgusting

>> No.26911153

I enjoy it.

>> No.26911155

There's no way we're getting out of this without being arrested, unmasked, shot, without the money, or some combination of the four...

>> No.26911156

She gave up WAY too easy
likely these cops are accomplices or she has another trick

>> No.26911163

Not a good idea to aim anything that looks like a weapon right now.

>> No.26911174

Being a magical loli sucks complete ass. Pic fucking related.

All according to JJJ's master plan to not give anyone anything ever.

>> No.26911176

Eh, we're probably not getting unmasked or arrested.

We could very well be shot AT but Spider Sense.

Also yeah we'll probably not get the money.

>> No.26911183

You think those are Shadowruns? Wait until you see the Bleach themed quest I'm working on... Once BQ is finished...

>> No.26911186

>they aren't deaf and blind are they?
They're still pretty dumb though.
I mean, who the hell lets someone within the police cordon on the day of the caper? Even if it's the police captain's daughter? That ain't the tight protocol at all, man.

>> No.26911188

I'm hoping she can wait to spring the trick until after we got the money.

>> No.26911201

It better have something to do with the Eugenics program going horribly wrong

>> No.26911209

A lofty goal, good sir or madam. I wish you all the best.

>> No.26911210

Should we burn a spectacular point right now to get rid of that Parker Luck, or is now not a good time?

>> No.26911211

>[ ]This is the Black Cat in disguise, so when do I get my reward?
>[ ]Jameson and Stacy are in there, she knocked them out, better have someone wake them

"Officers, it is my pleasure to introduce you to the one and only Black Cat.

Also, Mr. Jameson and Captain Stacy are currently unconscious. Think she used chloroform or something. You might want to do something about that."

You gesture back with your head as you raise you hands and slowly step to the side to allow access to the room. Two officers rush in there to wake Jameson and Stacy.

Black Cat nods, a different voice coming out of Gwen’s mouth, the voice is silkier, deeper. “Yes, that’s entirely correct. I am, indeed, the Black Cat.”

She lets out a sigh. “This is a surprise, though. I never actually expected to get caught.”

She looks over you and leers. “But then again, I never faced such a daring opponent before, either.”

Behind you, you hear the sound of Jameson yelling. Apparently he’s regained consciousness as he marches into the room and looks at both of you and then back at his office and then down at the statue on the ground.

“Stacy! Your daughter’s the Black Cat, what exactly is the meaning of this!”

He turns towards you, looking furious and pointing his finger. “And you! WHO ARE YOU IN THAT MASK AND OUTFIT!”

>[ ]Just your friendly neighborhood Spider-man!
>[ ]So, I stopped the burglary and caught the Black Cat, so where’s the reward?
>[ ]Um, that actually isn’t Captain Stacy’s daughter
>[ ]Write in

>> No.26911218

Well we caught cat... but she still stole the statue.
Maybe if he's nice he'll give us the $12 left over from the bounty after its been used for a new window and cleaning services.

>> No.26911223

[X]Write in
Not really important, is it? We're all friends of justice here.

>> No.26911224

A person who needs the money and doesnt want people to see his face

>> No.26911225

forgot image

>> No.26911227

the first two

>> No.26911235

"I'm the guy that caught the Black Cat and prevented her from making off with your wife's statue.

Further identification was not said to be required."

>> No.26911236

>>[ ]Just your friendly neighborhood Spider-man!

>> No.26911244

maybe maybe not

Thanks; it should be fun... or everyone will hate it. Whichever. Details on the core concept can be found in an older Parker quest. 8 I think.

Anyway, back to the situation at hand!

>> No.26911253

Proffessionalism is a go. I like it.

>> No.26911256

>>[ ]Just your friendly neighborhood Spider-man!
>>[ ]So, I stopped the burglary and caught the Black Cat, so where’s the reward?


>> No.26911260

>Not really important, is it? We're all friends of justice here.

>> No.26911263

>>[ ]Um, that actually isn’t Captain Stacy’s daughter
he likes being called sir

>[ ]Just your friendly neighborhood Spider-man!

>> No.26911264

>>[ ]Just your friendly neighborhood Spider-man!
"And the guy who caught the black cat! You feeling ok? Seems she got you good."

>> No.26911265

"Calm down sourpuss, I just saved your statue and earned that reward. $1000 cash, right?"

>> No.26911269

"I'm just your friendly neighborhood Spiderman, mister Jameson, and that is not Gwen Stacy. I would have thought you'd have researched the fact that the Black Cat's MO is impersonation and infiltration. On the topic of the Black Cat, once you've searched her and made sure she hasn't swapped your statue for a fake, I would like that two thousand dollar reward in cash please."

>> No.26911275

Left out the stuff that came from the latest post.
>Catch Black Cat, have guns pointed at us.
>We look like villains, Not!Gwen looks like Gwen.
>We have to try and point out she's an impostor before they get around to making us take off the mask.

-If they ask us to take off the mask, say "Sure, in a sec, feel free to fire if I pull a fast one, but make sure to /check to see who that is!/"

>> No.26911279

we may also want to notify them that she's probably got something up her sleeve.

>> No.26911281

Prompting the obvious question: How do you know that's not Captain Stacy's daughter? Do you know Gwen Stacy?

>> No.26911287

>[x]Just your friendly neighborhood Spider-man!

>> No.26911303

>[ ]Just your friendly neighborhood Spider-man!
>[ ]Um, that actually isn’t Captain Stacy’s daughter
>[ ]So, I stopped the burglary and caught the Black Cat, so where’s the reward?
In this order.

>> No.26911312

And how could I forget?

>Everything goes right, we win it all, Black Cat confesses, Jameson is still probably going to stiff us on a technicality.

>> No.26911313

the voice change and knocking out her dad in public... its sorta oblivious...

>> No.26911324

>[ ]Um, that actually isn’t Captain Stacy’s daughter

"Have the captain call home to verify. She also tricked him the same way you we're tricked, Mr. Jameson."

>[ ]So, I stopped the burglary and caught the Black Cat, so where’s the reward?

>> No.26911327

play it off
"Wait, THAT'S the chief's daughter? Oh man... Ahem... anyway... I'm... I'm your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! Ya! And I caught Black Cat!" *change voice to stern heroic, yet poorly done because lol puberty* "Are you ok sir? Seems like you took wuite a bump"

>> No.26911330


>> No.26911343

Can we claim that Black Cat is a master of disguise and that Gwen Stacy is simply the latest one?

It would explain all the previous heists.

>> No.26911358

I feel like he might respond poorly if we just mention the reward flat out.

Insinuating it might work better.

>> No.26911362

They already knew that.

...Which means Captain Stacy earned a chiding.

>> No.26911369


This. I like it.

>> No.26911386

maximum style
let's do it

>> No.26911396


>> No.26911404


He won't give up the cash if it's just insinuated.
We need to get the money ASAP and get the hell out.

I personally think that we should take the 1k and leave with Black Cat. We can't avoid Jameson's wrath after all.. and I'd like to know who this person is without putting... whoever it is behind bars.

>> No.26911416

Are you honestly implying the Black Cat isn't going to escape custody within the hour?

We only tripped her.

>> No.26911451


If he doesn't give the extra grand for her capture, then we steal her away as it wasn't part of the deal.

This'll earn Black cat's intrigue, and may win us an ally. An ally in a low place that could infiltrate Oscorp, our primary objective.

>> No.26911455

And even if this did go to trial.
One charge of aggravated robbery isnt the worst thing ever.

>> No.26911488

Amusing concept. Then JJJ will label us an accomplice, with the reward being accepted as the obviously intended goal of the heist, after the Black Cat saw his amazing security and came up with a different tactic after they were caught and surrounded.

>> No.26911523

So what, you mean that Black Cat will go "great show Spidey, now let's get out with the figure AND the money" and then she escapes?


>> No.26911525

>[ ]Just your friendly neighborhood Spider-man!
>[ ]So, I stopped the burglary and caught the Black Cat, so where’s the reward?
>[ ]Um, that actually isn’t Captain Stacy’s daughter


You point a finger at yourself. “Well, I’m just your friendly neighborhood Spider-man!”

You gesture over at the amused looking disguised Black Cat. “And that’s not really Captain Stacy’s daughter. Remember, the Black Cat is a master of disguise, Sir.”

Jameson looks unamused, pointing a finger in your face. “DON’T YOU LECTURE ME! I’ve been writing papers and deducing facts for years! Of course she’s not Stacy’s Daughter! But that means that YOU’VE been slacking, Stacy!”

He points his finger at Captain Stacy who walks into the room, looking irritated. He looks over at you and then the Black Cat. “Enough, Jameson.”

You clear your throat. “So, wasn’t there a reward for stopping and catching the Black Cat?”

Jameson turns on you, angry again. “REWARD! You want a REWARD! LOOK WHAT YOU DID TO MY OFFICE! Sure, I’ll give you your reward, once you show me your face, so I can SUE you for destruction of private property!”

He pulls on your mask, but like your wall crawling abilities, you adhere it to your face, causing it and the goggles to be stuck there. “Hey, sourpuss, you didn’t state that the identity of the capturer had to be revealed! You’re breaking your own contract!”

Jameson snarls at you, spittle flying in your face. “OH YEAH?! THEN SUE ME YOY MASKED MENACE!”

To the side, the Black Cat sighs. “This is getting annoying. Since there’s no reward for you, how about the both of us blow this joint, Spider?”

>[ ]No, you’re not going anywhere
>[ ]Yeah, it isn’t my job if there isn’t a reward.
>[ ]You can do what you like, I’m outta here
>[ ]write in

>> No.26911527

[ ]So, I stopped the burglary and caught the Black Cat, so where’s the reward?

Let's face it, JJ would distrust us if we tried to stop her out of the goodness of our hearts. But the fact we're doing it for *money* that, he can understand.

Also it stands to reason that Nat 1's and Nat 20's should occurer in roughly equal amounts.

Also, ONLY use the SP's to reroll if the consequences are dire, if we don't. Rerolling gives us Parker Luck, so even if we reroll a Nat 1, we still end up with the same amount of PL, only with 1 SP's less.

Spending it on stuff like saving yourself a day on the webshooter is horrbile, because that's 2 potential PL points we could've negated.

SP's should be hoarded at all costs, to prevent PL.

>> No.26911545

fucking A

>> No.26911552

>>[ ]Yeah, it isn’t my job if there isn’t a reward.
I vote for this. There is NO WAY this level of apathy will come back to haunt us in any shape or form.

>> No.26911555

>>"You heard her Sourpuss? Pay up or I'll leave her alone. You doubt that thievery master won't just scoot when you're not looking? Think again Triple J!"

>> No.26911556

>>[ ]write in
Yeah, no. I didn't do this entirely out of charity, but I'm not lacking in morals.

>> No.26911557

"Unlike you I NEED the money, Gotta put bred on the table man thts the whole reason that statye is still in your posetion right now"

>> No.26911572

On the otherhand, I severly underestimated JJ's douche potential, who'd've thunk it?

On one hand, I want to pick
>[ ]Yeah, it isn’t my job if there isn’t a reward.
>[ ]You can do what you like, I’m outta here
But I honestly wouldn't be suprised if this resulted in some bullshit death to cause Peter to become Spider-Man.

Seriously, if Spider-Man was a character in a ttrpg, it'd be run by THAT DM.

>> No.26911573

...Mug Jameson, give everyone a salute, and then leap out the window.

>> No.26911575

Holy fuck i botched writing that

>> No.26911578

>[ ]Yeah, it isn’t my job if there isn’t a reward.
"well buddy, since you refuse to pay me for services rendered..."
snag the statue with a webshot, bounce with the Cat

>> No.26911582

>[ ]No, you’re not going anywhere

>> No.26911592

"What, and rob you of your own daring escape? Why I never.

...Seriously officers, she's pretty much a ninja, I wouldn't turn my back on her for a second.

Honestly surprised she's still here."

>> No.26911593

>>[ ]Yeah, it isn’t my job if there isn’t a reward.


Exactly! We need to make a huge and obvious mistake early on, so we learn a spider-lesson.


JJJ can always be more of a douchebag. It's basically his life's work.

>> No.26911602

>[ ]Yeah, it isn’t my job if there isn’t a reward.

He's clearly entered full asshole mode. He isn't paying us enough to put up with this. In fact, he isn't paying us at all!

>> No.26911608

If Jameson doesn't give us the reward, he's going to regret it... Because we're going to offer an exclusive interview to the competition.

>> No.26911614

>You can do what you like, I’m outta here
"I'll probably be seeing you later though."

>> No.26911622

huh, Ben's going to die because of us letting a crook go, isn't he?

>> No.26911623

Payment for services rendered. No payment, no service, ciao.

This, fucker tries to duck out of his own bounty, I wonder how well that will do for his reputation.

>> No.26911628


>[X] Yeah, it isn’t my job if there isn’t a reward

>[X] But you can keep the statue.

>> No.26911629

>You can do what you like, I’m outta here
Eh, we have no reason to aid a thief who thought it was a good idea to impersonate the girl we like.

Even if we're done here, we have no reason to team up with her just yet.

>> No.26911630

>[ ]No, you’re not going anywhere
I want to chose this but I feel peter would say
>[ ]You can do what you like, I’m outta here
I don't know if the guilt gwen would give him with the look would be enough to make peter stick around.
I'm going to refrain from voting unless someone makes a really good write in

>> No.26911640

"Oh come on! The sales you'll make from the first print run of tomorrows paper will cover 10,000 windows! If I know it's not you're problem, but if I don't get that money, they'll foreclose on my home!"

>> No.26911647

>[ ]No, you’re not going anywhere
>[ ]write in
"... except with these fine gentlemen in blue. Well, technically, I am wearing blue... but still. All yours, Captain Stacy."
"And you heard it here folks! Jameson is backing out of the deal he himself put forth."

Also supporting. Good (hopefully paying) publicity with the police and the rest of New York, while smearing JJJ. I can dig that.

>> No.26911651

>"Not my problem"
>Uncle Ben dies

>> No.26911654

"Fine, if you won't pay me, then you'll have to accept the consequences.

Namely, even though your competition is a masked weirdo and a thief, everyone now thinks you're the biggest jerk in the room."

And then we just leave.

>> No.26911659

> write in.
Maybe you need a lecture? Or is the great James Jonah Jameson, master journalist, such an ungrateful cheapskate
That he can't even honor his own word as printed in his own paper?
Because if that's the case then I'm sure i have better things to do.

>> No.26911662

You know, I've been thinking, why DOES Spider-Man have to live with a dead end job, in order to save people for free?

Cops get paid, don't they? Peter should use his powers to work as something like a Bounty Hunter or a freelance agent. Just because you want to save people, doesn't mean you have to do it for *free*.

>> No.26911663


>> No.26911664



Who could resist the team-up potential of The Spectacular Spiderman and the Trap Cat?

>> No.26911666

oh crap, just like the movie.

>> No.26911669

we CAN'T let her go.
Do you know how much that'd piss off Gwen?

>> No.26911670

>You can do what you like, I’m outta here
"I'm sure the police can take it from here."

>> No.26911675


"Every time you say it's not your problem, an Uncle Ben dies"

>> No.26911683

We can't leave her, but right now she's in police custody.

>> No.26911686

"Sorry Kitty, I wouldn't want to rob you off your chance to make a daring escape. I've already taken one thing away from you, it'd be rude to take another. As for you JJ? If you're not gonna give me a reward then I can officially say I am not getting paid enough to put up with your personality. I'll leave you to it. I'm sure I can manage to recoup my losses by selling this story to your competition after all."

>> No.26911687

>Spidey the bounty hunter
How long till we get a tv show?

>> No.26911689

So become deadpools' sidekick?

>> No.26911693

"...Why is she not wearing handcuffs? Someone should probably remedy that."

>> No.26911694

>Writing. Majority seems to go with

>[ ]Yeah, it isn’t my job if there isn’t a reward.

>> No.26911702

Oh god no

>> No.26911703

Well, say goodbye to Uncle Ben.

>> No.26911705


Something like that does happen in the latest comics. He's pretty damned successful actually.

Of course... that is SpOck... but no matter.

>> No.26911710

That DM's such a goddam railroading asshole.

DM: Okay, we're going to do a superhero RPG, here's your powers and everything.

Player: Yeah, screw that, I'm going to use my superpowers to get money.

DM: Not being a Superhero caused your uncle to get killed, you decide to become a superhero out of the guilt of not stopping his killer.

>> No.26911716

I don't think so.

I'm pretty sure option three is tied?

>> No.26911719

So Black Cat escapes, we don't get any money, JJJ goes ballistic over "SPIDER MENACE" and sooner or later, somebody dies.

>> No.26911724


I agree with this. Let's go a different route with Parker.. We can always choose how he reacts to [Insert Loved Ones]'s death... We could have him become jaded, embittered.. And there's no reason he has to be canon poor photographer.

>> No.26911726


or Aunt May.

but Black Cat was never big on murder..

>> No.26911731

butterfly effect, man.

>> No.26911737

I think Gwen wouldn't like it if we just let the Cat go...

>> No.26911740

accidents happen

>> No.26911748


Is join her

Is pretty much "do what you want"

>> No.26911749

Sounds like bullshit. Black Cat never was gung-ho. She's cat burglar after all, not a murderer.

>> No.26911750

AKA railroading .

>> No.26911753

don't forget that Gwen hates us too

>> No.26911755

On one hand I really think its the choice pete would make. On the other Gwen is going to give us the look for eternity.

>> No.26911758

no no no
she's getting her miranda rights and nothing else
web her again

>> No.26911760

I contest the fuck out of that.

>> No.26911762

3J becomes The Journalist. A paperkinetic supervillian who kills uncle ben. With papercuts

>> No.26911763


DM: "The Goblin asks you to choose who you will save"

"I choose to save both"

DM: "Okay, you fire a webline at both your Love Interest and the Bus Of Many Victims... lets see..."

"What? Did it work?"

DM: "Partial success - her neck snaps from the fall, and the back door of the bus rips off, dooming all the Many Victims. The Goblin laughs."

"...that doesn't sound like a partial success at all"

>> No.26911766

Pretty sure that's not the case.

Can we do that thing where it's just numbers?

>> No.26911769

"Well you DID technically catch both of them."

>> No.26911777

>Black Cat escapes, continues the crime spree.
>Robs a place where Uncle Ben is working, he gets fired.
>Uncle Ben ends up having to take a risky job in a skeevy part of the city.
>Gets killed by some lowlife.
>Peter blames the Cat, the mugger, and himself.

>> No.26911784

Alright, I can work with that.

>> No.26911786

You. Fucking. Idiots.
Gwen is not going to be happy with us.

>> No.26911787


"Also, your guilt causes you to lose your shitty job and you're inches away from failing your course at the University."

"And Aunt May has cancer."

>> No.26911789

Can you count the votes, because that seems really muddled to me.

>> No.26911800

This is one of those times where everyone deliberately picks the worst option because they think it'll be fun.

>> No.26911802

"And you've got a craving to get a bowlcut."

>> No.26911804


Eh, a compromise between the two is fine.

Either way, the Bugle headline will read:


>> No.26911805

You know, I just realised we could fuck JJ over by telling the TRUTH to the competition.

We're a poor kid trying to help our family's finances out, but have trouble getting a job, as a result, we had to resort to collecting bounties to make ends meet.

We actually do the job, and one of the richest men in the city stiffs us, and now we have to think of another way to make money.

Human interest story about the big corporate fatcats are oppressing the common man, the media will eat that shit up!

>> No.26911817

>Occupy The Daily Bugle

>> No.26911824

... and we give it to Eddie.

>> No.26911827

Goodbye uncle ben.

now in order to pay for hospital/funeral bills we shall become a supervillian! muahahaha

>> No.26911830

He works for the Daily Bugle.

>> No.26911831

If we stiff him, this is what we should voice.

>> No.26911838

No ones perfect. And we'll make it up to Gwen eventually.

>> No.26911842

Doesn't mean he can't switch jobs or go under a pseudonym.

>> No.26911867

DM: You've been doing pretty well for yourself, you're married to a gorgeous babe, things don't seem to suck, but all of a sudden you find your grandmother just got shot!

Player: What? Dude, that's not cool, man.

DM: The Devil offers you a to save her, but it'll effectivly erase your marriage, and you'll go back to being single and with a shitty life again.

Player: Isn't she like 80 or something? Chances are she's going to die soon anyways from some illness.

DM: Unfortunately the Devil's offer is very convincing, make a will save to to not take the deal.


>> No.26911869

Yeah /tg/ went full retard.

I mean we heard from Gwen how much the Black Cat thing was bothering her dad and stuff.

>> No.26911880

>[ ]Yeah, it isn’t my job if there isn’t a reward.
>[ ]You can do what you like, I’m outta here

You shrug. “What and let you ruin your own daring escape? I couldn’t do that!”

She smiles, hand over her heart. “Oh, dear, what a romantic!”


You look over at Jameson. “Well, She can do what she likes. She’s as good as in police custody. On the other hand, if there’s no reward, I have no reason to help keep her here. But you’ve sure made yourself out to be such a fantastic person, JJ! I’ll be sure to sell my story to your biggest competitor so they can tell everyone exactly what kind of person you are. Imagine all the papers they’ll sell.”

Jameson scowls, His face red, veins popping. He leaves the room and comes back in with a stack ov money and throws it at you. “There! NOW ARE YOU HAPPY?!”

You count the bills and nod, turning towards the Black Cat. “Sorry, business is business.”

She nods, hands cuffed behind her back as you make sure she doesn’t escape. She gives you a big grin. “Oh, I understand. Bye Spider!”

She’s led off by several cops leaving Jameson and Stacy there. Jameson looks at you. “WELL? GET OUT OF MY OFFICE! I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOUR FACE AGAIN!”

You look over at Captain Stacy and nod. “Well, it was nice giving you all a hand Captain.”

He nods. “Just don’t get on the wrong side of the law, Spider-man.”

You nod and head towards the window as you hear someone call for you.

>[ ]Turn back
>[ ]Jump out and websling away
>[ ]write in

>> No.26911885 [DELETED] 

Where did he come from?

>> No.26911887

I doubt that the Daily Bugle are the sole media outlet for the entire city.

Hell, my city has less than 100k people, and even it has 2 local papers.

>> No.26911894

>[ ]Jump out and websling away
give a little salute to the Captain before we go

>> No.26911896

>>[ ]Jump out and websling away
just beat a hasty retreat and let us never speak of this again.

>> No.26911897 [DELETED] 

What does he want?

>> No.26911898

>[x]Turn back

But also DUCK. Trust me guys.

>> No.26911899


I also voted to join her. I know Gwen will be pissed, but we don't have to be obvious about it.

Swing outside, follow the cop car, wait for whenever Black cat springs him/herself and procede to do a quick capture/pullup when he/she heads to an alley. No ome knows it's us, and we get some ome on one with a thief, a real good thief.


Fuckin Oscorp.

>> No.26911900

>>[ ]Turn back
Call the cops, we don't give a fuck.

>> No.26911904

>[X] turn back.
we turn around for 5 seconds and she's already free?!

>> No.26911908

>jump out and webswing away
Give a wave of our hand as we jump out

>> No.26911909

Turn back

>> No.26911911

>[x]Turn back
I was saying that if we were to put that story all over the place, JJJ would have to deal with people trying to go all "occupy" on his ass.

>> No.26911912 [DELETED] 


He Wants Seeeehhxx

>> No.26911917

> Turn back

Picture time!

>> No.26911919

Make sure we're already mostly out the window, and then turn around.

>> No.26911921


"And whenever you ever feel happy, you smile like this."

>> No.26911924

>>[ ]Turn back
Well, someone called us. It's polite, right?

>> No.26911928 [DELETED] 


He'll Never Stop

>> No.26911932

>>[ ]Turn back
I've got a feeling in my spider senses

>> No.26911938 [DELETED] 


Even In Jail...

>> No.26911946

"...Did she seriously escape in thirty minutes?"

>> No.26911947 [DELETED] 


...He'll Hump The Bars!

>> No.26911949

Or yknow black cat snuck in three days ago and exchanged the statue with a fake.

>> No.26911950

>[ ]Turn back
Spider senses aren't tingling, what could it be then?

Soo~ is there a Marvel David Letterman or Jon Stewart in this New York we can turn to?

>> No.26911956

>Turn Back

but back away unless we have a pressing reason not to.

>> No.26911958

Goddammit, I quoted the wrong post, I meant to quote. >>26911830

I highly doubt a metropolis has one paper. I live in a town of less than 100k people, and we STILL get 2 local papers, and a provincial.

>> No.26911962

>Black Cat arrested
>Get money
>Black Cat an't even mad
>She escapes anyway
>JJJ says it was all a setup
>Like I'll need to do that stuff again

>> No.26911971

I bet black cat has escaped and if we don't stop her we'll be seen as a co-conspirator.

>> No.26911976


[X] Turn back

[X] Follow the van with the Black Cat inside.

Honestly, I think we should be a little suspicious about if she has similar powers.

Being able to imitate a detectives daughter, to his face, knock out two men and dodge our first attack? That's pretty damned good.

>> No.26911979

You know what isn't fake?

The money Jameson just gave us.

And really if the Black Cat still escapes, which she probably will, that's totally not on us.

>> No.26911988

"Well technically you never saw my face in the first place, but point taken. So-long JJ, enjoy the highlife. Captain Stacy..."
>Web outta there... because we totally know this will work and there's no way we'll drop the money

>> No.26911989

thirty seconds, not minutes.

>> No.26911996


"You have never seen it in the first place Sourpuss! Ciao!"

>> No.26912006

I'm pretty sure it is literally impossible for us to drop the money, with our spider grip.

>> No.26912007

if she escapes Jameson will claim Setup, then we will have to go throw the tedious, trying to be a hero but everyone thinks you're a villian arc/

>> No.26912010



>> No.26912014

"Admit it! You just hate me cause I'm black!"

>> No.26912017



>> No.26912024


All that shouting has got to be bad for your blood pressure, I hear adopting a cat can help wonders with that.


>> No.26912026

>[ ]Turn back

You turn back as you see someone run up, out of breath. It’s Eddie Brock, who brings up a camera. As he does so, you Salute from next to the window and Websling away.

You get several buildings away before there’s an outcry. Sounds like Jameson is yelling. On the top of the buildings, it looks like a figure is following you from rooftop to rooftop.

>[ ]Ignore it, websling away
>[ ]Continue forward for a bit until you’re far enough away from the Daily Bugle, then stop if figure is still following
>[ ]Stop and investigate
>[ ]Write in

>> No.26912041

>>[ ]Continue forward for a bit until you’re far enough away from the Daily Bugle, then stop if figure is still following

Eh, what the hell. We're Chaotic Good after all. Plus, the fewer witnesses the better.

>> No.26912044

>[x]Continue forward for a bit until you’re far enough away from the Daily Bugle, then stop if figure is still following

>> No.26912047

Nooo, we missed out chance to troll JJ into the hospital.

>> No.26912048

>>[ ]Stop and investigate

>> No.26912049

>[X]Continue forward for a bit until you’re far enough away from the Daily Bugle, then stop if figure is still following

>> No.26912050

>[x]Continue forward for a bit until you’re far enough away from the Daily Bugle, then stop if figure is still following
Man she got out fast.

>> No.26912053

>This is one of those times where everyone deliberately picks the worst option because they think it'll be fun.
YEP, this pretty much sounds like a FOR THE LULZ path.

>> No.26912054

>[ ]Continue forward for a bit until you’re far enough away from the Daily Bugle, then stop if figure is still following

>> No.26912059

>>[ ]Continue forward for a bit until you’re far enough away from the Daily Bugle, then stop if figure is still following

Stop on top of a gargoyle, and without looking say," I figured you'd get away... You get your prize after all? I've already gotten what I came for."

>> No.26912063

>Webslings out
>Webslingers break
>Peter dies
Turn around, and leave but make sure to follow the police cars for the inevitable Black Cat escape. Also a newfag here, have been lurking your threads in the archives.

>> No.26912070

>>[ ]Continue forward for a bit until you’re far enough away from the Daily Bugle, then stop if figure is still following
This. I'm sure its black cat & we don't need jjj or the cops thinking were in league together

>> No.26912071

First, tuck the money into our suit or something.


>[X]Continue forward for a bit until you’re far enough away from the Daily Bugle, then stop if figure is still following

>> No.26912083

>YEP, this pretty much sounds like a FOR THE LULZ path.

It's more of a "THE PLOT THICKENS" path. Come on, nobody's perfect, especially not Peter Parker.

>> No.26912092

>[ ]Continue forward for a bit until you’re far enough away from the Daily Bugle, then stop if figure is still following.

Apparently our quota for smartass quips haven't filled up yet.

>> No.26912097


I'm guessing that this is actually Gwen, but hoping it's the Cat.

>> No.26912098

The second choice is obviously the choice of gentlemen

>> No.26912102

If you spin it like that...

You wanna outsnark the Teen Titans, brub?

>> No.26912107

Yeah, I'm not sure Gwen can go rooftop to rooftop. So probably Cat.

>> No.26912116

She has spider powers too. And who said she hasn't made her own web-shooters?

>> No.26912118

Yes she can she has the same powers as peter

>> No.26912123

Wait, she's going to be mad at us for actually *catching her* and not sticking around, risking our identity getting know, and having us end up in an 'accident'?

Honestly, I think this is the best we could've done. We *caught* her, they couldn't, we didn't let her go, we decided not to act as her fucking jailkeeper.

If the police are so inept, that they can't even do their own jobs right, maybe they should look to the private sector to do their job.

>> No.26912125

>[x] continue forward

Is the figure wearing a hoodie? Because wearing a hoodie would make me ecstatic.

>> No.26912133

Well, you could almost consider Spidey and Nightwing to be opposite company counterparts, in that they're both snarky, both beloved by all of the ladies, and both have REALLY nice asses. I'm straight and spidey's ass gets my ding-ding-dong going.

>> No.26912135

like >>26912116 said.
She helped us make them she probably knows how.

>> No.26912149



Always making the strategically perfect choice, unswayed by emotion, with perfect meta-insight and a strong, strong vein of utter cowardice... gets really boring.

>> No.26912158

I mean seriously, she *saw* that JJ went for our mask, and she knows that out identity getting out to the head of a huge media head means that our face would be all over the knews. How long do you think it'll be before Oscorp notices that a boy with spider powers stopped a criminal shortly after a spider experiment went awry?

>> No.26912161

I'm pretty sure the smart choice would have been just to let the Black Cat thing slide completely and not even show up.

>> No.26912165

Knowing canon?
He wont even care

>> No.26912171

Dude, we're already a huge target even if they just have the costume. Especially with the costume.

I mean they made a red and blue spider that gives people superpowers.

And now someone in a red and blue spider-themed costume is demonstrating superpowers.

I'd say "connect the dots" but it's a straight line.

>> No.26912175


>> No.26912176

Yeah, but, we've got a fuckton of money now.

>> No.26912183

We have a couple grand. That's really not much.

>> No.26912184

Is this the fate of our Harry Osborn?

His secret identity as a huge douche?

>> No.26912185

2000$ isn't a fuckton of money.

>> No.26912188

>[]Continue forward for a bit until you’re far enough away from the Daily Bugle, then stop if figure is still following

Tucking away the money in your glove, you continue for a bit, checking to see if the figure is still following. After what you feel is a decent distance, you land on a rooftop as the figure jumps, landing in a roll before stopping before you. She’s got long white hair and green eyes, the figure clearly feminine. She walks up to you and points, but your spider sense isn’t going off.

“Hey, you could be a bit more considerate for a girl you know.”

Her ‘clawed’ glove traces its way down your chest. “but still, you did good work there. I think we’d make a great team. How about it?”

She leans in giving you a sultry look. The woman seems to be wearing a black catsuit, with white, furlike bits on her arms, legs, and neck collar. She also has a domino mask around her eyes. You don’t know her age, but she looks young.

Is this really the Black Cat?

>[ ]Sorry, my mother always told me not to play with bad girls
>[ ]Shouldn’t you be in jail?
>[ ]Wow, that was fast!
>[ ]Sure (PL+)
>[ ]Write in

>> No.26912196

Yes, but we don't know that! Right now both peter and Gwen are very worried about them coming after us, after the 'accident' they were planning, combined with the suspicion that they killed our dad, that provides a ligitamte reason form wanting to not get their attention.

Yeah, but we *Still have our identity secret*. Having our face on the front page would kinda hinder that.

>> No.26912198

Wonder if it'll still be enough to make a dent in the bills?

I'd like to keep like a good 200 dollars or so for ourselves, but Aunt May and Uncle Ben probably need every cent.

>> No.26912203

>>[ ]Sorry, my mother always told me not to play with bad girls
but give her a wink while you say so.

>> No.26912204

>>[ ]Continue forward for a bit until you’re far enough away from the Daily Bugle, then stop if figure is still following
If the Black Cat escaped, we gotta stop her or Captain Stacy will get in trouble and that means we get in trouble with Gwen...

>> No.26912205

Also, did someone archive this yet?

>> No.26912207

>>[X]Shouldn’t you be in jail?


>> No.26912209

For someone out of high school yeah, but Parker is a Junior without a job.

>> No.26912217

>>[ ]Sorry, my mother always told me not to play with bad girls
Got to go with the flirts

>> No.26912218

>>[ ]Sure (PL+

We're getting a second costume with some of this money. We're getting a costume that Gwen won't know about.

We're going to be a two-faced spider. It's going to be fun. I like fun.

>> No.26912221

"...You've just completely destroyed my faith in the NYPD, I hope you're happy."

>> No.26912225

"Sorry lady; but not on the first date."
"... how the hell did you escape so quickly?"

>> No.26912226

Its on the inside of our glove
With our super grip and where its hidden she would have to be pretty "aggressive"

>> No.26912230

>[X] This.

>> No.26912231

>[x]Sorry, my mother always told me not to play with bad girls
Fuck off.

>> No.26912232

Adding on the momma always told me bit after.

>> No.26912240

>[X]Shouldn’t you be in jail?

I thought we webbed her to the floor good? This would be an appropriate reaction.

>> No.26912241

>>[ ]Tempting, but my mother always told me not to play with bad girls

>> No.26912243


It's time for Spectacular Spider-flirting.

>[ ]Sorry, my mother always told me not to play with bad girls, but give her a wink while you say so.

Meanwhile, across town:

Uncle Ben: "That's odd, my arm feels kind of num-"

>> No.26912244

I second this.

>> No.26912245

Add >[X]Wow, that was fast

>> No.26912249

"Wait... there's two of you?"
Oh god that WAS Gwen... maybe

>> No.26912250

This sounds nice.

>> No.26912254

add this to this >>26912217

>> No.26912255

>[ ]Shouldn’t you be in jail?
>[ ]Write in

"All that work that I did RUINED!"
In a faux indignant tone.

>> No.26912256

"Well I don't know, there's only one place I'm interested in robbing, and I'm pretty sure it's out of your league."

The only reason to team up with her is to infiltrate Oscorp.

>> No.26912259

>[ ]Wow, that was fast!

>> No.26912261

I'm not doing this for sport, I'm doing it to pay the bills, sadly. I have others that depend on me, and I can't help them, if I'm busy behind bars.

If they discover the identity of a freeland bounty hunter, I'll probably be able to talk my way out of it, if I'm your accomplise, then my family will be in trouble.


Legitimate reason, while revealing very little about ourselves. (We're poor and have a family, which is a huge amount of people.) Affibale rivalry could work to our advantage.

>> No.26912263

How? We're wearing a full-face mask.

>> No.26912268


Hold your horses man, we need Black cat's help to sneak into Oscorp. And learning some slight of hand is a definite spider-bonus.

>> No.26912272

...I hadn't thought of that.

>> No.26912274

"For a black cat you sure are lucky..."

>> No.26912281

this, completely and utterly this.

>> No.26912283


Damn, I completely forgot about that.

Good point. We should definitely use her experience if possible.

>> No.26912284

We can team up with her Batman-and-Catwoman style, but we're not doing the whole "play both sides of the street" thing, that's dumb.

>> No.26912285


>> No.26912290

"What... what are you doing?"
"I was winking... then remembered you can't seemyeyeCATCHYOULATER" *twip*

>> No.26912292

>[ ]Sorry, my mother always told me not to play with bad girls
Bound to ensue major spidey spaghetti.

>> No.26912305

"...You mean I'm not the first person to leap from roof to roof in a Halloween costume?

And here I was thinking I was a trendsetter."

>> No.26912307

>Bound to ensue major spidey spaghetti.
>spidey spaghetti.
Guys, I think I understand how our web launcher works...

>> No.26912309

as long as we don't drop our money, we can unload all of our pasta

>> No.26912317

Nah, the mask is instant confidence

>> No.26912324

and INSTANTLY Parker Quest scooted out in front of Bleach Quest and MGNQ as my favorite /tg/ things.

>> No.26912329

Peter Parker spaghettis... Spiderman doesn't.

Fine, sop long as you don't cockblock the bounty hunter idea.
We still need her for Oscorp, and data is infinitely more valuable than artifacts and whatever else she'd set herself out to steal
At the very least we should see if we can't profit from our infiltration of Oscorp in one way or another.

>> No.26912341

and then Harry finds out

>> No.26912350

Shouldnt you be in jail?
I mean seriously? Is anyone doing thier job tonight?

>> No.26912363


Fffffffuck Harrrrrrry.
I never cared about Harry. In any incarnation. Ever.

Fuck that kid. I'd like it more if Flash became our Bro. Fuck. Harry.

>> No.26912364


I'm wondering if telling her our reasons for hitting Oscorp would be a good idea.

IIRC, her motives for stealing might make her sympathetic to ours (find out if parents were murdered).

>> No.26912365

>Smash cut to Uncle Ben asleep on the job

>> No.26912374

>Smash cut to Uncle Ben asleep on the job
NO! This isn't ultimate spiderman. No cutaways.

>> No.26912377

If we team up, our relationship could be exposed, and then JJ will actually have some *Truth* to his 'Spider-Man is ebul, pay attention to me guise!'

Where as if we are amicable rivals, we can come out sqeaky clean in all of it. Remember guys, plausible deniablity.

Let's just play the "I'm poor, and I need to pay the bills, I don't want no trabble" card.

I thought he became a security guard, if she was apprehended, wouldn't it be the cop's responsiblity?

>> No.26912380

We do NOT speak of that thing

>> No.26912393

at least it's story relevant and not a 5 minute music number

>> No.26912399

>"...You've just completely destroyed my faith in the NYPD, I hope you're happy."
>Sorry, my mother always told me not to play with bad girls
>That was fast

You shake your head. “Wow, that was fast. You know, you’ve just completely destroyed my faith in the NYPD, I hope you’re happy.”

She leans in, tracing circles on your chest. “Extremely so.”

You raise a finger and shake it, your voice full of jest. “Sorry, my mother always told me not to play with bad girls.”

Her eyes hood as she lightly bites down on your finger, not doing anything buy applying light pressure before letting go. She must not have any malicious plans because your Spider Sense isn’t reacting. “Oh, but we bad girls are all the fun, Spider.

“Besides, you can always punish me for being naughty.”

She’s leaning in as she whispers into your ear.

“Besides, you’re the only one to know what I look like, and I /am/ at your mercy.”

>[ ]Flee
>[ ]Continue bantering
>[ ]Well, there is this one thing, but I don’t know if you’re up to it…
>[ ]Write in

>> No.26912405

Not yet full-on spiderman. Totally possibly.

>> No.26912409

Aww we gave Jameson a hate boner
And Eddie his big break maybe
And our money
... and now we have to capture Black Cat again...

>> No.26912412


This is why we need to have a drastically different costume... Along with forgoing the web shooters.
I don't think they saw us crawling on the walls. Or using our insane Peter Parkour. Change of costume to a not-spidertheme should give us more plausible deniability as a different person.

Only Gwen would know, and I doubt she'd be too angry if it's pertaining to answers from Oscorp.
Whatever other data we get that's sell-able is just a bonus.

>> No.26912413

"Dinner and a movie first bub"

>> No.26912416

>>[ ]Continue bantering
Banter Banter until the break of dawn.

>> No.26912417

>>[ ]Well, there is this one thing, but I don’t know if you’re up to it…
we make it sound naughty, but the activity should be quite innocent.

>> No.26912421


also check for wad of cash

>> No.26912424

"Yeah because you're totally only wearing a domino mask as a disguise right now."

>Well, there is this one thing, but I don’t know if you’re up to it…

>> No.26912429


>[X]Well, there is this one thing, but I don’t know if you’re up to it…

Cue Peter exposing his spider-kinks and not talking about the Oscorp job like I expected.

>> No.26912432

>[x]Continue bantering
Set the hook before reeling her in.

>> No.26912434

[X] "I don't want no trabble!"

>> No.26912436

>[ ]Continue bantering
Also make sure we still have the money.

>> No.26912440

Oh god... OH GOD
This is why I'm not allowed to be Spider-Man...

>Wow now, not on the first date! What kind of spider do you think I am?

>> No.26912442

quick, check to see if we're in a alleyway with a lot of fire escape ladders

>> No.26912444

>biting finger
Oh my.


>> No.26912445

Seconding for both of these.

>> No.26912451

[X] Quickly check no-ones snapping shots of this.
[X]Continue bantering

>> No.26912462

Both will be naughty.
Uh huh.
We talk about the oscorp job like an afterthought

Also, check for our wad.
and mention that she looks like a sick friend of ours...

>> No.26912463


>> No.26912465

>Well, there is this one thing, but I don’t know if you’re up to it…

"Sure, you're good at taking the trinkets of rich men, but I'd bet a little corporate espionage would be enough to make you turn scaredy-cat."

>> No.26912477

Thirded. I imagine black cat being playfully angry if she sees spidey checking to see if the money is still there

>> No.26912484

>[ ] Try not to cream in tights.
"That was a neat little trick back there, turning into the Captain's daughter. How did you manage that?"

>> No.26912500

Inb4 black cat calls us pete and she turns out to be gwen

>> No.26912513

>Boner rips fabric of pants and fabric of spacetime, triggering a portal to the Dark Dimension; heralding in Dormammu

>> No.26912520

bitches love spiderman.
its the only possible answer you need.

>> No.26912541

Baby, you know that most common reaction to spiders by women is "OH MY GOD, HE'S SO HUGE"?

>> No.26912547

My dick would become diamond-encrusted adamantium.

>> No.26912548

Yup, this isn't even really the Black Cat. Cat's still in custody. This is Gwen checking to see if we really meant that whole 'I'm interested in you' thing.

>> No.26912552


>> No.26912554

Lady I don't think your at ANYONES mercy, ever.
But there is one thing.... if your up for it.

>> No.26912562

>Trying to hold back everything ever
>"C... can't... Must... control self... must. Talk. Like. Bad. Shatner. Im-PRESS-ion..."

>> No.26912574

Hey, my internet just crapped out. I'll be back after I get up. If this is dead, I'll create 10.1, but I'm going to finish this arc tomorrow. I promise. And I'm make sure to write up some good banter.

>> No.26912576

Interesting if true... Black Cat in her newer incarnations does sort of share a decent amount of Peters vanilla powers...

>> No.26912579


"My parentsmayhave, been MURdered, by, NormanOsborn. Are you a black enoughcat to infilTRAte Oscorp?"

>> No.26912590

every fucking time... no worries. Thanks as always for one hell of a fun quest. I'll be eagerly awaiting you picking it back up. Might even look into that Bleach Quest thing everyone won't shut up about in here.

well to paheal I go

>> No.26912595

Alright. Someone needs to archive this.

>> No.26912599

So now I'm free to slumber once more?

...Also things are going way too well for us.

That shoe is gonna drop soon enough.

>> No.26912601

I did it 35 minutes ago.

>> No.26912602

Damn, just when we were getting agitated. Oh well, see you later.

>> No.26912620

>Might even look into that Bleach Quest thing everyone won't shut up about in here.

Hope you're ready to REJOICE!

>> No.26912628

It never ends.

>> No.26912630

>Caught up
>Cosgrove clearly has AT&T, COX, or Comcast internet
>Black Cat putting her charm schooling to use
>I'm adamantium covered vibranium diamonds
>Not really any good Black Cat 34
>Balls so blue Nightcrawler would have an identity crisis

>> No.26912636

... the fuck?
suptg's archive of it is twelve kinds of jacked up... roman numerals... regular numbers... the fuck is all this horse shit?

>> No.26912657

So what are the odds that this is indeed Felix?

>> No.26912662

Oh come on, a few roman numerals aren't going to scare you off are they?

They're just fancy numbers.

>> No.26912676


Less about roman numerals, more about roman numerals being mixed in with modern numbers, then having all that shit shuffled together into an unintellable cluster fuck of archives.
Hell it's even missing 12, unless you just skipped that one.

>> No.26912679

At this point? I don't even have the slightest idea.

>> No.26912683

That one might have fallen victim to one of the Mad Archivists.

>> No.26912684


I'd say pretty decent.

What's the point of changing a major character's gender, introducing them and them NOT still being a major character?

>> No.26912687

Felix is everyone

>> No.26912697

The sup/tg/ archive does that occasionally. Its not TOO hard to sort through, its just kinda retarded.

And yeah, 12 might have been one of the ones that fell prey to the Mad Archivists. They're a group of supervillains that run around mis-archiving quest threads for unspecified sinister reasons. IIRC, there is a link to it at the beginning of 13.

>> No.26912707

Well the good news is that suptg has the "date added" cell, so I cal go based off that.

The bad news is that it's all shuffled into each other and no one who runs the site will bother fixing it.
Guess I'll give it a go. Stopped following the anime after the first 20 episodes or so so it still has a chance to be fresh if it's anything like Peter Parker Quest. Should be a good way to burn some time in between conference calls tomorrow.

Thanks for the fun guys and have a good night.

>> No.26912737

>Stopped following the anime after the first 20 episodes or so

Oh god you are going to be SO CONFUSED at times.

On the other hand, we made it all of 5 minutes into the first episode before breaking the canon storyline over our knee and throwing its broken corpse into a ditch (on accident no less), so I guess background knowledge isn't THAT necessary.

>> No.26912747

If we bring the conversation to Oscorp and start talking about how we got our powers, I vote we imply that the spider bite horrifically deformed us, like say things like "good thing these lenses are big enough for all my eyes." or "that makes my mandibles water".

You know, for kicks.

>> No.26912761

"...It was never about about the money or the adrenaline at all.

Your whole thieving career was just a ridiculously convoluted way of getting a date."

>> No.26912776

Nah, he'll have Ginbro to help him out with guides and such.

Hope you guys have a good rest, and Cosgrove has a good day at work.
Best Parket Quest yet!

>> No.26912794

>we made it all of 5 minutes into the first episode before breaking the canon storyline

Incorrect. We made it approximately 2 minutes 30 seconds into the anime, counting the opening credits, before everything went to hell.

>> No.26912808

It was a glorious cascading waterfall of 1's... little did we know how much that number would shape the things to come...

>> No.26912849

>Ichi go
>Ichi is jap for "one"
>We always roll 1s forever

Holy shit it all suddenly makes sense oh fuck. Our destiny was right there in our name the whole time.

>> No.26912882

I think a lot of people are forgetting that Gwen still has our blue hoodie... wonder what'll happen next...

>> No.26912938

>wonder what'll happen next...

We'll probably deal with...
>JJJ's immediate smear campaign against Spider-man
>Gwen asking us to take more permanent measures against Black Cat since her dad is sure to catch flak for letting her escape
>Or she goes off to apprehend Black Cat by herself
>Smythe & Oscorp taking a more pointed interest in Spider-man
>Eddie Brock confiding in us about getting yelled at by JJJ to get more pictures of Spider-man

Besides the usual routine of reassuring Aunt May & Uncle Ben, highschool, Harry, tutoring Felix, and job hunts.

>> No.26912956

>Storyline continues, building up romance with both Gwen and Black Cat.
>Cosgrove makes us choose between dating the light-side daughter of the police chief and the edgy thief.
>We finally come to terms with the Black Cat's more dubious nature, start dating.
>Find out Black Cat was actually a guy all along.
>"Oh God, it was all a lie! You were playing me all along, and the flirting was just your idea of a sick joke!"
>Felix: ....*sniff*

>> No.26912990


Knowing /tg/ it'll be more like:

Peter: "...I'm okay with this."

>> No.26913132

>As if that wasn't the exact reaction I was trying to achieve with that comment.

>> No.26913204


>As if >>26912684 wasn't intended to lead to >>26912956 and then >>26912990


>> No.26913387

Then go to Foolz, or someone can upload the assorted saved archived files from their computer (HTML & assorted folders) to the uploaded of your choice. Email me your preference of free uploaded.

>> No.26913471


Shadowruns, son, all the shadowruns.
"You were a trap! ...but my spider-sense didn't go off?...well, I've learned something new about myself. Still kinda pissed off, but I need time to be introspective; probably while sitting upside down beneath a gargoyle...laters"

Down the road.
While giving a statement while masked in court.
"It's taken a lot of soul searching...but I think the reason Jameson has always had it out for me is because I'm bi,"

While hanging with our eventual super friend Mr. Storm: "Seriously? I don't act flamboyantly gay and everyone still calls me flaming; yet no one dares throw that gag your way?"

>> No.26913503

> eddie gets fired due to cutbacks because JJ paid us.
> gwen becomes spider-girl
> investigates oscorp on her own.
> so are we...
> intense spider cat rivalry
> fun

>> No.26913548

Tell you what, if that's what will happen, then I'll be unhappy. Can't she be his sister or something?

>> No.26913754

>"...I /am/ at your mercy."

"Says the woman that just escaped police custody. But you certainly know how to tempt a guy, Black." (chuckle) "And while you do play rough you tend to pick items that are heavily insured and people that aren't particularly harmed by their absence.

"The think is, even if no one gets hurt in these capers, you're pulling a lot of officers off their beat. It's only a matter of time before violent crime and armed robberies start up ticking when you've got a heist declared. That was the other reason I came to stop you tonight - besides warding off forecloser I mean - because you might not see it, but right now you are putting people I know and care about at risk.

"Sorry to get heavy for a moment there. Where were we with the bantering?"

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