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I know that the process of being turned into a Space Marine renders them sterile but I was wondering if that meant that Marines are completely incapable of having sex or that they can have sex but its impossible to impregnate the woman.

Sorry if this is a noobish question, its just that I remember in one of the Space Wolf novels Ragnar Blackmane having romantic feelings for a female inquisitor. As well as in the first Iron Snakes novel there being some sort of romantic undertone between the main character and a female planetary governor. And though it probably no longer counts I remember hearing about fluff in the really old editions of 40k where a Space Marine had sex with an Eldar woman.

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I'm not sure there's anything that says they go sterile, but whether or not the Marine will even think about even having sex is the real question.

It's fairly likely that they can have sex, seeing as all the equipment is there. But, given that they're turned into warrior monks who are, for all intents and purposes, post-human, their thought processes may not necessarily encompass normal human behavior. That being said, different chapters will probably have different beliefs and behaviors, and conditioning can be broken.

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Not only is it a noobish question, it is THE noobish question. The question that everyone dreads being brought it.

In short, there are conflicting sources. The correct is "Do you want your marines to have sex? " If yes, then they do. If no, then they don't through various means, whether it be psycho-indoctrination or chemical castration. That is the only correct answer.

Also, before anyone brings it up, Salamanders don't have families in the sense of children, it means they keep ties to the descendents of their siblings, great-grand nephews and such.

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Yes, they can.

No, they don't want to.

No, they can't have children.

In Rynn's World, they mention that the Crimson Fists once tried to breed recruits by mating Space Marines with carefully selected women. The process was hated by everyone in the chapter, including the Marines selected to do the mating, and the children were born deformed monstrosities that usually killed the mother in child birth and died within minutes anyway.

So a Marine CAN have sex. But it would be like "doing one's duty" in 1984. So a Marine wouldn't WANT to have sex unless ordered to by their chapter.

The psycho-indoctrination that every Space Marine goes through purges their sexual desires and romantic interests.

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How often did we have this thread already?

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Are you aware about existence of phenomenon called "blowjob" OP?

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According to some of the old space wolf fluff they did feel the need every now and then but that is probably more being part of the whole space Vikings things they used to roll with instead of the wolfing wolves of the wolf wolf bit they have now

They still can feel the desire but mostly they are psycho indoctrinated, chem gelded or simply live too long to really care about it any more I would guess

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Yes. Not sure what you're driving at.

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According to one of the SW books, EVERYTHING is up to scale on their bodies, as noted by a person who saw one naked. And in another one an SW is distracted by the sight of a lady. In their codex there's a passage of them "getting overly friendly" with some people on a planet.

Then again, in Eye of Terror, a DA Marine is indifferent to carnal desire, shrugging at the sight of a daemonette who had just driven some dudes insane.

So it's possible for them to desire, though just as well not to. They do have their junk intact, and increased testosterone would give them junk an increase in size (shooting shit into you makes them shrink as the body tries to cut down on the production, but gene-seeds enhance the body's natural production) but also leads to impotency issues. But that's real life, not 40k as far as I know.

I don't think there's any reason for them to NOT get women pregnant. Gene-seeds don't rewrite their genetic code, their sperm would produce the same offspring whether or not they were a Marine (having a pig's heart doesn't enable you to impregnate a sow).

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It was not the Space marines that were used in the eugenics program. It was the best of the failed aspirants that had not been rendered sterile. Sort of the best of whats left. They did not abandon it because it was detrimental to the health of the mothers or for anything about deformities. They abandoned it because it didn't work. The children that resulted weren't any more suited to become astartes than regular humans so it was all wasted effort. They mentioned that that particular Chapter master was seen by the rest of the chapter as somewhat controversial.

Any mention of the Space Wolves must be with the understanding that they are in no way typical of the rest of the Adeptus Astartes.


Prolong use of some steroids will make a man sterile, or so I have been led to understand and Space Marines are given a lot of fucked up chemicals in their transformation. Also radiation is used to activate some organs.

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Well DA's are gay so I'm pretty sure daemonettes would be disgusting to them.

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Or not.

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What? No.

One of the past chapter masters institiuted a program to use the chapter serfs to breed new recruits. And it worked about as well as you'd think i.e. not vey well at all. There wasn't any greater rate of suitable candidates born from that program. It wasn't liked by the rest of the chapter because they saw it for the pointless waste of time it was. The chapter master to succede him cancelled the prpgram as one of his first orders of business.

Did you even read Rynn's World?

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inb4 futa isn't gay arguments

I think a gay person would be more attracted to manly cunt boy than a womanly futa.

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I'd think it varies from fag to fag, but I think a lot would probably just nail the cuntboy in the ass, while being pretty depressed about lack of dick.

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Yeah it probably does. I'm not a homosexual, so I can't say, but it seems like focusing on the dick only would be weird. Like focusing on the vagina only of a cuntboy. I'd much rather fuck a futa despite the dick than deal with making love to a man with a vagina.

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Everyone knows that all the bitches come to Chaos.

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Nurgle bitches>your bitches

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I've seen Slanesshi Daemonettes as well as Nuglettes and Khornettes but never Tzeench ones. Do they exist?

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>the process of being turned into a Space Marine renders them sterile
Where does this shit even come from?

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>Dead Sister on the side
Not sure how I feel about this one

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I like it cause it shows tits.

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I don't think they're sterile per se, but their schedule doesn't leave a lot of time to get down and freaky BE HOLY WITH THE SISTERS.


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Very sexy

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Tzeench daemons have plug-n-play swapout genitals so they change them as their schemes demand.

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I think I'd like a Tzeench Daemonette waifu. I love talking about intellectual stuff like history and philosophy and with a Tzeench Daemonette I'd always have a source of interesting conversation.

Plus she'd probably be a nerd and into all the RPing and other nerdy stuff I'm into, so I'd have a gamer girlfriend.

Best of all she'd have spent centuries meticulously researching the best/most effective sex techniques and so would be the best at sex out of all the Daemonette types.

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>4 hours to sleep
>15 minutes of free time
>implying that isn't 4.25 hours of Space Marines reading romantic poetry by the fire to their betrothed Battle Sisters before engaging in tender, consensual missionary under the covers on the bed in a dark room beneath a Chapter relic for the purposes of consummating their love in the eyes of the Emprah.

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>"For thou, this flowers beauty pales in comparison to thine radiance."
>"omg *blush*"
>"Ask not what thou shalt give me in exchange, for thou shalt give me thine blood."

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>not ome

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Yeah, I though about that just after posting, didnt want to bother.

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confirmed for heresy.

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You'd better enjoy her, because you'd be spending the rest of Emperor-damned eternity having your soul imprisoned and slowly leeched by Tzeentch.

Is it worth it, heretic?

(Actually, the way you put it, it sounds pretty cool)

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Apart from the bit about being a chaos sworn demonette sent to drag my soul into the dark, screaming depths of the warp to be tortured for all eternity until I beg for death and oblivion, it sounds just like my wife.
all of it sounds pretty accurate actually...

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With their enhanced strength and epic proportions, they'd gut a woman like a trout. Think Jacob's Ladder.

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they also have more in the sense of attachment, considering Ragnar fell in sort-of-love with an inquisitor psyker. who then went and died for their sins.

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Gw has never commented on it
Gw will never comment on it
Its up to you op

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We all know that GW are homos that hate Adepta Sororitas.

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She would be more like the bitch who is constantly playing headgames with you and making you hate your life.

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>use of some steroids

Sure, use. But in the case of Marines it's their bodies that produce all the hormones. Are men with extra hormone production in their bodies sterile?

>Think Jacob's Ladder.

I usually do.

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>mating Space Marines with carefully selected women. The process was hated by everyone in the chapter, including the Marines selected to do the mating

man thats pretty hot tbh

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Think what the children would look like?

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Assuming they are capable of sex, and considering that they live in an all-male enviroment and experience a lot of stress -

I think it´s safe to assume that most SM have tried battle-brother on battle-brother gay sex. Just like in prison or the monasteries of old. And probably only astartes ass is able to take astartes cock...

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They're meant to be beautiful and repulsive to everyone, as well as being androgynous

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Inquisitio war has a space marine specifically mention that they suppress their desires, and that the only females in their fortress monastery are female servators that would be below a marine anyway.

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this shit was never taken lightly in monastic environments there were severe repercussions for buttsex

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ill just leave this here

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Like what? Spanking? More butt sex?

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But the DA are in denial.

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Its probably worth noting that in Death Watch a player has to pick the Chem Geld trait. Marines aren't sterile and immune to seduction by default.

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Oh Emprah. This again.

Marines are not sterile. Marines can have sex.

Marines are, for the most part, indoctrinated warrior-monks. Sex is not really high on their priorities.

It is possible. It has happened. It is not probable. It does not happen often.

Now go home and an hero.

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i would assume that castration (physical and chemical via gene-seed process) is an inevitable part of an astartes' creation. why would they need dicks? if anything they're one more thing to be potentially blown off and bled from.

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>why would they need dicks?
To piss

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And turning your friends against you. And ruining your jobs. And warping your family's perspective of you. And leaving you a broken shell of a man, who can't even weep anymore.

Yeah man, that's totally worth having a girlfriend who plays games.

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It is not. They are covered in armor.

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Can Sisters have sex?

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Depends on their Order.

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We know that the Wolves enjoy sex, which may not mean they're the only chapter capable of sex but does guarentee they're the only chapter who enjoy it.

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I've always thought the Daemonette's whole shape-shifting schtick was eminently tzeentchian. If Horrors could stay stable for long enough they'd kick Slaanesh's ass in this territory.

Oh wait, the Changeling. Duh.

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Well considering that Slanneshi Chaos probably have really kinky orgies it would be safe to reason that Space Marines can bang. They're just weak minded fools who suppress their true nature

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As usual GW and Black Library is no help.

But most chapter would frown upon a marine having sex. In some chapters it would be impossible for a marine to have sex due to modifications.

The Space Wolves as usual disagree and enjoy the time honored pursuits of boozing and whoring.

In newer lore i dont think they have ever mentioned a space marine having children.

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>‘The sweat, dear Euphrati, the sweat! I have been observing the Astartes. Very big, aren’t they? I mean to say, very big in every measurement by which one might quantify a man.’
Get rekt.

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Testicles are major hormone producers in the male body. Why would you remove them?

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Except in the RPGs marines have the choice to become castrated after character creation.

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IIRC there was a SoB doing the "walk of shame" in one of the Cain novels after spending a night with some administration clerk.

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Yes they can.

But they don't want to. They have zero sex drive.

How will boning a slut serve the emperor?

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I've never heard of Space Wolves having sex. Where did you read this?

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Cain novels should never be cited for their lore accuracy. Its a bit like citing Vladimir Putin as a wellspring of kindness and empathy towards your fellow man.

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Why not? black library is canon.

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