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Noobs welcome.

Both for the game and for the hobby.

Post tips, questions, tutorials, videos you find useful, etc.

Be excellent to each other and teach what you've learned!

Enjoy the thread.

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My dry paint seems to be too dry. Like, it doesn't leave cool effects like it used to, it's just so fucking dry as to only paint in thick little blobs.

Can I add water to it to make it better or is that pot outdated?

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Is it even worth taking Assassins that isn't Vindicare as a GK Player?

Culexus Assassins have an amazing fluff and they 'seem' really nice but according to many people anything that isn't Vindicare is absolute shit-tier.

Also how viable is a GK army list that has 3 Dreadknights and Strike Squads only? Termi/Paladins the only way?

Last question, any good Stormraven Gunship conversions worth looking at? The dreadknight has ALOT of conversions mainly because how shit they look.

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In /tg/'s opinion, what would be the best faction to start with?

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Space Marines are easier to paint and usually are the starting point. That said, if you hate them, and love Orks, might as well start with Orks. May be more difficult to paint and such, but it's better than to paint something you dislike.

So I don't know.

Necrons are easier to paint, but a bitch to glue together, specifically the arms and weapon.

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I'd love to have images that simply things in the game, rulewise.

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Getting into 40k and I've decided to go with Tau. General tips, both for a player new to 40k (and modelling) and to playing with Tau?

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This advice is butts

Choose a race that appeals to you visually and fluff wise

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I can't decide between whether to make Necrons or Tyranids my first army.


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Guys, do you think anyone can paint models? I have a friend who really wants to begin, but they're generally awkward. They did fine on erasing mold lines with a hobby knife, so I guess there's hope.

>physical tips on painting accurately

How the FUCK do you paint eyes? Painting Necron eyes and attempting to paint Space Marine eyes is the hardest thing I've ever attempted.

It's like Monkey Balls, in terms of TENSION.

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That was the bulk of my advice, though...

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Whats important to you?

Easier to paint
Hard to convert
High tier on table
Cheaper to paint
Cheaper army
Available in recast

Harder to paint
Easier to convert
More expensive to paint/build an army
Bottom tier on table
Less available in recast
Galaxy consuming insects
Swarm tactics

Chaos space marines:
Easy to convert
amazing to paint
low model count, cheaper army
Serve the all powerful and inevitable victors of 40k, the Chaos gods
Heaps of units to choose from
High tier tabletop
Best race by far

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Necrons, consider this: >>26897908

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If I could put necrons together when I was 14, this dude probably can

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I started some CSM recently; what do you mean by "amazing to paint"? That it's awesome to paint them or that they look great?

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Pretty much >>26897955. You're gonna spend a whole lot more time painting the army then actually playing it and you had best damn well like how they look. Still, if you want a faction rundown and their pros from the view point of a beginner, I will be more than happy to oblige.
How competitive is your local meta? Is it filled with tervigon spam, hellturkey spam, nurgle bikers? Depending on how cutthroat your local meta is, you could get away with either the callidus or culexus. But it'll take a lot of work to make an eversor work.

I'm ambivalent about strike squads. On one hand they're cheap. On the other hand they are neither paladins nor purifiers. But 3 dreadknights will put the fear of god in a lot of armies, tau especially. Remember to get the teleporters or you will cry. Can't help you with stormraven conversions - I have no real interest in getting one so I haven't looked around.

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It's kind of a joke, I play Chaos, but generally I find Chaos models the most interesting to paint because they can be almost anything, you have free creative license to do whatever you want, because "the warp did it"

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there is kind of a run down on 1d4chan but it's somewhat bullshit

considering cost, difficulty painting, and play style, I'd say the following is a tier list from most newb friendly to worst

space marines - easy to paint, easy to play, can buy a small elite army
chaos space marines - medium to hard to paint, easy to play, can buy small elite army
chaos daemons - relatively easy to play, somewhat hard to paint, medium cost
tau - tricky to play (but currently cheesy as fuck), easy to paint, can buy small elite army
necrons - easy as fuck to paint, medium to play, medium cost
orks - horde army with high cost, a lot of people say orks are hard to paint but I don't see it, prepare to lose
tyranids - horde army with high cost, can be difficult to paint, prepare to lose
imperial guard - horde army with high cost, easy to paint, somewhat easy to play and annoying as fuck
eldar - medium cost, medium painting, difficult to play
dark eldar - medium cost, medium painting, nightmare mode to play
dark eldar

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I like the Necron aesthetics and the fact that they have a bunch of fun rules wherein they dick over the enemy.

But I also like Tyranids, with their monstrous creatures everywhere, psykers, etc.

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I think I'll end up going for Tau, they rather appeal to me.

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>I play Chaos

Holy shit, really? I never would've guessed.

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Chaos anon, I've primed my Marines with Chaos Black, should I still paint them with abaddon black before I do the rest?

Doing Black legion.

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Real fine brush, one swipe per color, small swipes. For a dot, a quick pin prick, either with said fine brush or a needle. An alternative would be to drybrush the area around the eyes - necrons only - and then paint over the rest of the bits.

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how viable is constantly rebuying dark vengeance to make a dark angel army.

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retarded as fuck idea considering the only good DA in the box is the bikers and termis

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One thing to remember about playing Tau. Right now they are quite possibly the most expensive race to get - minus IG - so do whatever you can to cut down on costs. This can mean Ebay for used minis - will need to strip of the paint, but shouldn't be an issue - or if you lurk around enough, you will hear tales of based chinaman. Still, best of luck man.

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they're sorta competitive (kinda hard to say because they will bring legit lists but fuck around during couple turns once in a while). Most of them are SM, CSM, Tyranid and Tau players.

I looked up some lists utilizing SS and DK spam and honestly I feel like this will fit my playstyle the most. However one worrying thing is that how well will i do if they do Flyer Spam?

also my local hobby store has a hardon for flyers. Yeah...

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>>26898142 wait tacticals are bad? since when?

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Look both races up on "Coolminiornot" or even just google image search them and have a look through what people have done with the models. I spent a few days doing that before I decided

Beats me in regards to colours, I use vallejo paints. However, the secret to painting black is to not use black paint. Work with very dark greys and leave chaos black for the recesses. I would google a guide on painting black and follow that for the best effect, Ive never attempted it personally

Dont buy Dark Vengeance, snapfit is horrible and the box is a poor place to start army wise, get the models separate off ebay along with the rule book, start with a basic box of troops to see if you like the 40k experience

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Cheers, would it be best to buy the starter pack and expand from that? And, moreover, where could I go for help with army listings?

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Go be a dick in another thread.

>be excellent to each other

I meant that.

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Pretty much what >>26898142 said. You also won't have access to free floating bits without excessive cutting of the other minis. Granted, it's a great way to start - the bikers and termis look great as do the chosen but once you've gotten the box, look to filling out the gaps in your army via other means.

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I have never played 40k, although I have watched others play in hobby shops. It looks fun, but I worry it is prohibitively expense. How much does it cost to get started in 40k, and can someone link me to a basic rulebook?

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Nah it's fair, I post my shit way too often, but its too good getting ideas off /tg/ sometimes

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Needle failed me, problem with the paint: it didn't leave a mark.

Later, I used this method: paint the eyes first, then paint the stuff around.

>blue eyes
>paint eyes first
>then paint red armour later

Makes it way easier. But I can't do anything detailed with the eyes.

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maybe I am just too newb but I thought dark angels were all about using bikes and termies in concert to support your troops.

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It's free to download in PDF form off the internet, just search on google.

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might be a bit off topic.but how do I order the pound of dice from Chessex. I live in europe and want to pay by paypal.

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Four ways for GK to deal with flyers, listed in order of legitness.
1. Ally Tau - preferably farsight enclave, but you only need the riptide with velocity tracker and early warning override.
2. Aegis line with Quad gun. You might wonder why is this lower on the list when its cheaper. Because a riptide is a pain to deal with unless your opponent builds for it.
3. Ignore them. If your army comprises of nothing but paladins/terminators/dreadknights, ignore the fuck out of the flyers and shoot/cut up everything else.
4. You will probably not do this, but... you know those 3 dreadknights? Put at least 2 gatling psilencers, 3 if you can on them. Shoot back armor and you'll be hitting on 6s, glancing on 6s! Alternatively pack more psycannons and shoot the shit out of their back armor. This is best achieved with a ten man paladin team and 4 psycannons with a librarian and prescience

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I prefer to acquire the codex and any supplemental materials and absorb as much of the game as I can before figuring out what to buy. I also don't get starter packs cos while it is good value for money - you save some 20 pounds compared to buying ala carte usually - I might not be using all of the models.

As for help with army listings, you can easily google up tau lists or some such from previous tournaments. The European Tournament Championships just finished and will have some sample lists to look at, I would imagine. Tau did pretty good there.

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I'm in Europe too and I bought dice on amazon.

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I'm mostly stuck on what army to play, and have been for a while. I'm mostly into Tyranids and Imperial Guard, I like the more horde style armies. Problem is, I hear the Tyranids are pure shit right now, crazy expensive, and a bitch to paint, and it seems the Tau beat the IG in their own tactics. Are Tyranids even worth playing, and are IG Armoured armies viable? Thanks for help if anyone has anything to share.

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That is one way to play. It's neither wrong nor right either. The dark angel army my buddy and I are building focuses on bikes as delivery systems for deathwing assaults, forcing huge amount of threats down the opponent's throat as early as turn 1. I don't imagine it's the best nor is it the only way to play Dark Angels.

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I painted an Ork Boss and now I'm scared to paint my boyz. It's daunting.

I never know what colours to choose.

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Around how many different colours of paint + washes will it take for an acceptable job on a couple of Pink Horror squads and a Changeling?

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Marine eyes are easier cos they are bigger so get a decently fine brush and dip in a color that is at least 2-3 shades brighter than what you used for the eyes. If you used a deep blue, use turquoise for instance and dip said fine brush and swipe real small on where you want the highlight to show. This will take practice to do right. It's also okay to not thin the turquoise too much so that the concentration is more intense. If you're using citadel colors, you can just use the colors out of the pot and it should be good.

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This being Gw, I'm guessing 8.

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So I've got my battleforce and I noticed 5 of the space marines are 'combat squad' but I see nothing of that name in the codex. Are they there just for customization into a different unit? I'm playing against necrons so I'm thinking about converting them into a non-jump pack assault squad that I can drop into a rhino.

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Define acceptable. For most table tops about 2-3 coats of varying shades of pink/purple and a light wash of your choice is acceptable. If you're looking to win awards... I can't help you there cos I'm still learning myself.

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A combat squad is simply a term for a 5 man marine squad. All marines get a rule called "Combat Squad" where upon deployment you can split a ten man squad into two 5 man squads. This allows for greater tactical flexibility than most armies get.

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Been into the 40k fluff for years now, and I will soon be getting a sizable amount of cash.

I know two other people who would be interested in playing, however they're poor as balls, and there isn't much of a local scene where I live. My FLGS sells books and models though.

So, my question is, how much would a 1000 pt. army of Orks, Imperial Guard, and Tau cost all together, including paints, etc? I know Orks and IG are model-heavy, so no need to enlighten me on them being expensive.

I'll likely buy the CRB, and download the codices.

>> No.26898414

If you are willing to wait, tyranids should be getting an update in November. This doesn't mean they are cheaper per model, but there might be builds that don't include building 200 termagaunts.

As for IG armored regiments, I would say they are still viable. As for tau beating IG at their own game, I'd say that's a matter of player skill and dice rolling rather than a hard fact. And there's one other thing. Tau actually have very limited - and expensive - answers to AV 13/14. Guess what's the front and side armor of a russ?

>> No.26898434

A lot. Those three are currently among the most expensive armies right now, but you could play tau on the cheap if you skimp on the suits. IG could also be done decently cheap if you skimp on the armor. Orks are actually cheaper per box but you'll need a lot of boxes so it evens out in dollars. Sorry man.

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A single 1000 point army, even when bought at below-GW prices (barring chinaman prices) will clock in at roughly $250 - $500, depending on your unit choices. For paints, brushes, supplies etc, figure another $30 - $50 minimum per person.

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don't bother with the rule book, just download that shit lol, save your money for another squad or tank

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Is your LGS cool with alternative (not-GW) minis? Obviously, you should buy as much as you can from them, but there's some very attractively priced alternatives out there. Mantic Games make "Orx" and "Corporation" (not-Orks and not-IG, respectively), though I must say some of their sculpts are rather lacking. For IG Warzone troopers and Eisenkern look much cooler and are much more reasonably priced than GW Cadians.

>> No.26898552

Are the dreamforge models correctly sized to GW minis and good for mixing parts? Could I make a Eisenkern/Cadian army mix, so that people recognise the cadian parts and just think 'oh cool, converted cadian army'...? I would hate to spend the money and have them not match up size.

>> No.26898622

only reason is say that is because its $20, and you'll want it when you play your first games in the store

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Extremely nooby question here but, why must one paint ones own figures themself?

>> No.26898642


You don't have to, but would it really be the same?

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Is there any place I can get this as a recast?

>> No.26898688


Yes and no.

No models are sold painted by GW, so all models are hand-painted, but you CAN buy them painted by others, eBay and such.

That said, if a single model is 5 bucks, a painted one will be 50 to 100, even more.

>> No.26898692


What's a recast?

>> No.26898696


sorry mate, i live down under where we pay fucking $83.00 for just The Rules, or $124.00 for the full Rulebook. Oh and then we need to pay another $83.00 for a codex.

>Games Workshop Australia
>Hurr durr derpa durr hurr

>> No.26898707

>why must one paint ones own figures themself
They don't?

Plenty of painters make a fair bit of cash from painting commissioned armies.

That said, a huge part of the hobby for some people is painting their own stuff, moreso than playing the game.

Do what you enjoy most.

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Some nice people buy the model (or rent it), then put it in a mould, make a copy, then sell it for half the price (or less).

>> No.26898780

Im Australian, look on ebay for the small softcover rulebook

>> No.26898784


What I enjoy most is this:

>take 15 hours per model
>I make Marines

And then I put them in my asshole. I go to work with them inside. All day, every day.

They turn into plague marines after a month of this treatment (and it feels good).

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>oh the chaos

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recast is how I afforded my army

Password: 45632

>Do not share outside of /tg/

1.Write Order list in this format:
FW-XX x 1
WB-0XXX x 3
2.Write your paypal account : [email protected]
3.Write your shipping information(include tel number)
4. Email this to: [email protected]

You'll get an invoice, you pay, he sends back a tracking number.

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Ghosted is Australian

>> No.26898804

What's a good place to get pre-painted models for cheap?
Would paint my own, but I have the dexterity of Michael J. Fox.

>> No.26898808


Woah, is that even legal?

I have selfesteem, I can't buy recasts.

>> No.26898812


>Chaos Space Marines
>made in the Eye of Terror

>> No.26898826

This sounds like Tor level shit.

>> No.26898830


>left hand on table
>right hand rests on left one
>be sure to have eaten some time before
>no coffee
>no tiredness

It's practice.

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File: 1.49 MB, 240x180, nope.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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He lives off reputation, hardly as complex

>> No.26898853

Legal for them? Fuck no.

Legal for you? Fuck yes!

>> No.26898891

Has anyone read Lullaby by Chuck Palahniuk?

There's a chapter about the hobby, not 40k, but simply houses and churches and hospitals.

The character does this to forget a tragedy.

It's a great chapter.

Once he's done with the model, he stomps it, barefoot. He keeps getting infections from that: bits of the world in him.

>focus on details, you'll forget everything

I love hobbying for that too: it's like meditation, but at the end, you have a cool ass model to play with.

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File: 1.07 MB, 1707x931, ee3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In time you'll learn that GW is evil, Chinaman lets you actually build the army you want without having to sell your house

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That's unbelievable. How can I confirm this works?
(and more importantly, how can I be safe?)

>> No.26898910


Sharks... can be dealt with as sharks, I guess.

What of the quality of the Chinaman? How do prices compare?

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>its paypal
>ive bought 3 packages off him
>/tg/ all use him

>> No.26898921


Fucking cool art, more!

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File: 168 KB, 894x894, carnifex.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It is becoming obvious that this is my first visit here.
I trust you, Ghosted.
Can't find any Hierophants on him, though. He does have amazing stuff.

last one.

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Cast quality is higher thant FW

Resin is more brittle, but highly manageable

My army is mostly his stuff:

>> No.26898963


I want an FPS game based about the life of an Imperial Guard, from when he's a kid on his homeworld, chasing buddies and sheep, to when he gets kidnapped for the Guard, to training, to when he's sent off some other world to fight various xeno scum.

Then he ages and ranks up.

I thought this would make a great movie for 40k, one where you get expositioned to all the stuff that only fans otherwise know.

Apart from Fire Warrior, will there be other FPS games based on 40k?

I want a sequel to Space Marine, shit was so cash I may replay it.

>> No.26898996

I saved this in a file called THE CHINAMAN.

How's the quality of his stuff? Serious question.

>> No.26899008


I never understood what Forge World really was.

>> No.26899029

>Cast quality is higher than FW

Wait, how can that possibly work? It's like photocopying a blurry photo, you're never going to get a sharper one.

>> No.26899035


Based chinaman is the best. I've made two orders with him and both were great. You get exactly what you ordered, the quality is good and the prices are cheap. The guy is great to deal with.

>> No.26899047


Sweet fucking army.

>wish I had friends like you around
>can only play with life partner

>> No.26899051


It's not like it adds more detail, but there are far fewer voids and bubbles. Also, he doesn't slather on the mold-release like FW does.

>> No.26899054


How cheap?

>> No.26899061

>Also, he doesn't slather on the mold-release like FW does.


What's FW?

>> No.26899068


I think it varies by model, but the discount is somewhere between 40%-60%

>> No.26899075
File: 132 KB, 772x768, IMG_0285.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]




It means he got a good FW model/repaired it and then cast it with actual quality control, so you get the models without all the shitty bends and imperfections that FW ships

>> No.26899088



Mold-release is the shit you spray or coat on the inside of the mold before casting. It helps the parts release after molding. Forgeworld is notorious for using gallons of mold release, thus making future painting harder without washing.

The Chinaman is more judicious in his chemical usage.

>> No.26899093

FW is a separate division of GW that produces resin miniatures with experimental rules. They also do other specialist miniatures and conversion kits


>> No.26899099


Looks good.

>> No.26899101

how the hell am I supposed to type in the captcha if it's in another language?

>> No.26899107

>I think it varies by model, but the discount is somewhere between 40%-60%

That's still expensive for plastic bits... I mean, GW has a whole lot of shit to pay for: they didn't relocate to China, they have stores and people in them, artists, writers, etc.

This guy doesn't have to pay for any of that, how can it only be 60% off?

I guess the RISKS he's taking.

>> No.26899115

...the captcha is english letters and numbers

>> No.26899131


You type "nigger" for anything that doesn't look generic.

>one word is what you must type
>the other is something you'll be used for

>companies use you to transcribe entire books that were scanned

>this is a trap

>write "nigger" for all

>been doing that for years

>also faster

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Same way this guy makes money.

>> No.26899137

He's not talking about 4chan

>> No.26899145

Alright, last time i played was in the previous edition of the ruleset, mixed tactics IG with minimal cheese.

I know this is probably annoying and super played out but can someone sum up the changes in the newest edition?

I already know what snapfire is and that vehicles suck dicks because structural points, but are there any other major changes?

>> No.26899146

Rolled 81


Play at a local GW, once painted are the recasts completely indistinguishable from legit GW?

>> No.26899157

I am an idiot, thank you

>> No.26899158


Neither am I, cunt.

>> No.26899164
File: 25 KB, 350x354, fry 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I bet, but make sure not to laugh in their faces.

>> No.26899165

>not aiding with the transcription of literature

Get a load of this mongol savage

>> No.26899168

>implying he could go to prison or be murdered for violating GW copyright
He's fucking Chinese. He's IP invulnerability.

>> No.26899171


I believe some assault things changed.

>> No.26899177


>aiding with making books free
>killing literature

Kafka demands his money back.

>> No.26899182

What I meant was that he has the illegal casting monopoly.

>> No.26899184


Oh, he's ACTUALLY Chinese! I thought you called him that because he produced stuff, like Chinese children.

>> No.26899198

Chinamans captcha is just jumbled letters and numbers you idiot, there is no recaptcha

>> No.26899217


>> No.26899256
File: 131 KB, 988x649, 45dfg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>entering captchas at all

>> No.26899269


I'm subbed too, actually.

I got so used to typing captcha, I didn't even notice the day I stopped having to do this shit...

>> No.26899280

I'm not sure if that's cheap, I bought their own-brand mix bag a few years bag, they're an alright shop and I usually get my blanks from there still

>> No.26899281

>buy pass
>quality of life tripples

I need help

>> No.26899292
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If I were a rich man...

>> No.26899346

How much does he charge shipping?

>> No.26899348

I wonder if this guy's inventory will get larger because I don't see any dark eldar things.

>> No.26899381

He generally adds newer units and products that are more popular and selling well

Unfortunately, that means not much chance of Dark Eldar units.

>> No.26899388

Shipping is free over $30 (I think? I always order around $80+)

>> No.26899426
File: 246 KB, 1920x1080, DarkCrusade 2013-08-29 12-00-35-05.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not really about the tabletop but please dont bash me.
Anybody has some ork tips?
Playing as green niggas is extremely fun but I the WAAAGH counter thing ends up to bottleneck me when I try reinforce (especially higher tech squads like flash gitz, nobs and mega armored nobs).
Anybody knows how exactly it works?
I mean I spam banners constantly everytime I have requisition I do not need for other stuff and fairly fast I fill up the WAAAGH counter in red, but even then I dont get enough income of that to keep reinforcing if I suffer losses in combat.
Do the banners have a limit cap on the WAAAGH income they create? Should I keep building more and more of them even when the WAAAGH counter reaches full red?

>> No.26899427

>doesn't have heldrakes
how, why, they would sell great, no?

also, looking at your blog, what peices did yo use to make your heldrake?

>> No.26899442

That's even cooler. I might have to try him out sometime.

>> No.26899447

I have some fluff related questions.

Is this dude, listed in the HQ section of the GK, a human in power armour or a space marine?
And can a inquistor command the service of a commissar or does he'll have to request it nicely?

Also, does anyone know something about a inquistor board game that is supposedly being by GW?

>> No.26899456

He has a Helldrake, general 40k stuff, either the first or second page. Right next to the forge/maulerfiend.

Shipping take 1 to 2 weeks?

>> No.26899461

He has Heldrakes, dont resize the window, the site doesnt handle it well and will hide products. Expands the window

Every album has 40k items in them, check them all. Pictures without prices are "sub" images of pictures with prices, these show the literal parts you'll receive (this is important when it comes to things like upgrade parts or dreadnoughts), always check the alternate images to make sure its what you want

>> No.26899462
File: 108 KB, 873x627, m2450262a_99800107017_InquisitorPowerSwordBoltPistolCFC_873x627.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Forgot pic

>> No.26899471

I believe when you reach the pop cap it stop giving you more Waagh points.

>> No.26899472

Takes 14 days to get to Australia

>> No.26899478


you spam banners and then you spam boyz thats all there is to it

>> No.26899483

Sounds to me like you might be hitting the population cap.

>> No.26899486

The Inquisitor is a human in power armor. He can command a commisar easily. Even the highest of Lords Commisariat are probably about even with the lowliest Inquisitors.

There are several PnP games related to 40k; Dark Heresy, IIRC, is the one where the players are apprentices to an Inquisitor.

>> No.26899496

A human in power armor.
Inquisitors can technically demand the assistance of any person they want, be it marine or imperial guard officer, but experience teaches that you should politely request the marines' service.

>> No.26899502

Should have seen it when Ghosted got asked to post a picture of himself, everyone wanted to fuck him

>> No.26899509

Fuking noobs, see if you can figure this out.
There once was a robber how had 40 gang members take his name ... + express, enter search engine. Once on site search for warhammer forgeworld then buy!

>> No.26899524

All races have a popcap based on squads besides orks which have one based on physical units (besides builders)

Squads are worth up to 3 points out of 20, orks are the same but its with units out of 100 (with max banners)

>> No.26899532

1) There's no getting around the population cap, when you hit 100 boyz you're done. The only way to get around this is abilities that are specifically labeled "goes around pop cap", like the Necron's ressurection abilities. Orks don't have any.
2) Always reinforce a squad over building two squads, they get a buff for having more boyz in a pack
3) Think of Orkz as being more disposable than anything, the way around the 100 pop cap is just lobbing wave after wave of greenskins at them.

>> No.26899560

Operation renigger, god damn that takes me back

>> No.26899565

Pretty sure everyone thought I was gay

>> No.26899572

same thing

>> No.26899607


>> No.26899621

I dunno cunt, do your eyes work? Go fucking have a look for yourself

>> No.26899637
File: 522 KB, 867x1249, Inquisitor.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Thanks guys.

>> No.26899640

Wtf stop talking about the china man!
What dont you understand there is 10+ comp in china doing this!

>> No.26899641

I looked a few times and I swear on my life I didn't see anything IG also fuck you asshole don't type at me like that

>> No.26899661

i-is this heresy?

>> No.26899685
File: 315 KB, 588x1669, Cleg's little paint guide.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.26899698

I don't know. I'll have to see more to be sure.

>> No.26899708

not if she cums first

>> No.26899721

Thanks for the replies, I will keep a look at the pop cap.
But what about the banners and the waagh gain itself?
As long as im not at pop cap more banners will make me gain waaagh faster?
Theres no limit to this increase as long as I keep spamming banners?
Any other tip to maximize ork efficiency in the early game? Like buildorders, techs that I should get that are particularly good and so on.

>> No.26899753
File: 200 KB, 876x501, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.26899780 [SPOILER] 
File: 161 KB, 640x1136, 1897498749.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lol I still have the picture saved

>> No.26899790


dark crusade was the single best wh40k game ever

I'm proud I bought it

>> No.26899807

Waagh banners grant you +regeneration on points, but most of the time you won't notice eight versus ten banners. The most effective thing you should be doing in early game is fencing in your opponent with sluggas. Two full packs of sluggas fencing in your opponent means you can go eat up the rest of the map's points and afford to green tide them until they either give up or die. Every moment that they have a chance to tech up is a moment that they're going to eat you with later. Orks start falling off in late game compared to other factions, so you gotta press the early advantage.

>> No.26899848

Each banner gives you more population cap up to 100 brah, its the same as the Space marines increasing their cap with a HQ upgrade

Orks are tier 1+2 specialists

build an extra builder a barracks and two banners straight off along with two squads of ork boys.

Rush a mek and the force field upgrade. From then on, keep the two squads of boys capping and put pressure on your opponents immediately, they cant stop you early game, teleport to their squishy ranged units, and start spamming shootas, build a pile of guns and focus on upgrading shootas first, then armour, then slugga damage, ignore flamers etc until later. Tech up to your vehicle producing building and spam wartracks to disrupt their infantry and pop early game tanks, if you havent won by this point, be worried. Build listening posts ASAP and generators as you have spare req

>> No.26899857

>the secret to painting black is to not use black pain
As a BA player I'm really interested in your experience in painting black. I've got several DC models and I will paint them soon.

>> No.26899954

Is there a way to play that doesn't require shoveling money into a ship's furnace? I'm interested, but my funds are extremely limited.

>> No.26899975

I have painted dc gray and then washed them with black wash. For win.

>> No.26899993

Vassal or paper proxys is all I know of.

>> No.26900014

Is that what it sounds like--write the name of the unit on a piece of paper and put it on the board?

>> No.26900027

More like a picture of the unit clued to cardboard stand-ups

>> No.26900289

> if you havent won by this point, be worried.
Yeah that is what worries me.
As long as the game starts even, like a skirmish, ok.
But those territories in single player where the enemy starts with 2 ai players and bases built or the assault on capitals even worse, well tho9se are what makes me wonder about playing orks at all.
I dont wanna get destroyed with no possiblity of comeback in the mid/lategame (i mean mid/late of the overall planetary conquest).

>> No.26900290

see >>26898794

>> No.26900346

Too bad it never got properly balanced.
Some factions are just pain blatantly better than others, in pretty much everything.

I have been wanting to play it through as space marines but they are just worthless in Dark Crusade.

>> No.26900374

So what is your hobby shop like /tg/? the one I go to is full of the nicest fucking people its creepy as hell but

>> No.26900770

Do the chinaman sell any heavy tanks? I can only seem to find the malcador

>> No.26900811

I quit about five years ago but I was just wondering if somebody could fill me in on the lore of the iron men? Was it something i just missed at the time?

>> No.26900901

The Men of Iron, or the Iron Warriors?

The Men of Iron were a DAoT group of AI Robots that were battlefield masters.
The Iron Warriors are one of the Chaos Space Marine Legions.

>> No.26900929
File: 90 KB, 600x600, got 3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

he means us.

>> No.26900964

Nah the Men of Iron. I know all about the Iron Warriors.

So AI battlefield masters? Is that all that's known? I know they had something to do with the end of the golden age before the age of strife too.

>> No.26900998

They were AI supersoldiers from the Golden/Dark Age that went rogue and started a revolution amongst Abominable Intelligences that was one of the things that decimated Humanity. They were STC constructs, though all the STCs that made them have been lost; one was found, but it had been corrupted.

>> No.26901003

Tyranid's are easy to paint, all you really need to know is drybrushing.

>> No.26901066

Ah okay cheers mate.

I'm ashamed to say I probably quit for social reasons but the lore always interested me.

That said I'm considering getting back into it, played guard back in the day. What are the main rule changes in the sixth edition rule book? Also if you know what's changed with the Imperial Guard over the past few years?

>> No.26901117

Well, Guard are in the top 4 armies. There are a lot of flyers now; shooting is much better with the addition of Snap Shots (allowing you to shoot heavy weapons on the move at BS1) and Overwatch (you can shoot people charging you at BS1) and some other changes. Vehicles now have Wounds, basically. Ummm. Assaults roll distance randomly and you can challenge characters with other characters. You can throw grenades. Power Weapons are now different depending on the base (axe, sword, etc). Lots of stuff, but the same core.

>> No.26901181

Ah sounds interesting, might pick up the new rule book. That's for the information.

>> No.26901193

Five years ago... Which Guard codex did you have? Did it include Orders?

>> No.26901294

Thanks for the information.*
Oh both of them actually. I've just forgotten a lot since then. Might have been less than five years ago to be honest. So yeah it must have included orders. By that point I wasn't playing many games mind you.

>> No.26901350
File: 495 KB, 1300x1300, 1377682021416.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where do you even start with the Warhammer game?
It seems fun, but I have no clue where to begin.
I know a place that sells minatures, but it just seems so daunting, especially seeing people play it.

>> No.26901405

Having looked up the publication dates, there's actually been a whole new Guard codex since you quit. It's really a pretty good codex; you can play most variations of Guard tactics pretty well, the only thing lacking is all the Elites options suck. People might complain because some things the Guard have access to can be considered cheese (taking 8 Leman Russ tanks at less than 1500 points, some of their flyers are pretty OP and can be taken in mass) but they're generally a good army.

>> No.26901461

So I went to my LGS last night and they are all Warmachine players and don't really sell anything Warhammer there. I still want to at least get into it for the painting and building aspect, but is there anywhere that offers competition with GW online after their extremely monopolistic online trade policies?

>> No.26901477
File: 273 KB, 904x868, Cultist-chan (7).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I live in a building where I can't work with paints. Is there a reliable (+ cheap?) place to get prepainted Chaos marines?

>> No.26901564

Go download the Main Rulebook online, and read through the fluff sections, then try to work your way through the rules. Then pick an army you like, and download their codex. Do the same. Come ask us for help to see if you understand. Then start planning your armylist and buying models and painting.

>> No.26901574

Read up in the thread. Based Chinaman is Based.

>> No.26901632

Oh really? So they made aircraft a proper non forge world thing? Are thunderbolts included or is it just the usual stuff like valkyries?

>> No.26901674

For IG, so far just Valkyries and Vendettas, but other armies that have gotten updated since got their jet-fighter equivalents and we have every reason to expect Lightnings and Thunderbolts in the next IG codex.

>> No.26901760

Ah okay then. Just decided to check the main website. Is it just me or have things gotten more expensive? It's just that I never remembered a heavy weapons crew costing more than a standard squad of guard. That and even though I never owned one I could have sworn chimeras where cheaper.

>> No.26901785

Yep. Everything's getting more expensive in money and cheaper in points. GW are sharks. If I were you, I'd pray you still have your old models.

>> No.26901811

GW basically banned all of their third party guys from selling online and internationally, so they hold a huge monopoly online and jacked up their prices

>> No.26902098

Oh that sucks, I suppose it'll just keep rising too. May as well go to forge world, at least I can get some Krieg then.

Yeah I still have most of them. Then again my Guard army was never massive. I just had small amounts of varied infantry (Cadian, Armageddon, Pretorian, etc) Then just a lot of tanks. Executioners, exterminators and vanquishers. Ah those were the days I always good told off in stores though because the staff always got arsey about official rules as the tanks weren't in the codex until the last one I had.

>> No.26902155

Well, all those are now codex.

>> No.26902206

Well then it sounds like I'm all good. Thanks for the advice. Although I need to be off now. Cheers.

>> No.26902227

Sure! Download the rulebooks and dexes and come on back. And ignore the hate.

>> No.26902262


The force weapon entry says you may active instant death warp charge on an UNSAVED wound. Does this mean a would before saving throws are made or a wound that has not been saved by armor or invulnerable.

>> No.26902581


>> No.26903045

i'm personally waiting on a tervigon to arrive. Anyday now, can't wait.

>> No.26903093

Unsaved wounds are wounds that got through the save.

>> No.26903221

He has said he's considered doing Sisters, and if there was one army DE is more popular then, it's Sisters.

I still have hope based Chinaman will stock some DE. Maybe after they get their 6th ed Codex. So ya know, sometime in the next decade.

>> No.26903388
File: 10 KB, 186x270, 123431412.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have a DA army from the dark vengeance set, playing on a semi budget. I was thinking of picking up Azrael for my HQ what should be next units I start picking up for a shooty marine army?
A Rhino?
Some Veterans Squads or other DA troopers?
More Terminators?

>> No.26903425


>> No.26903496


You can add water. Your paint WILL dry out eventually. Some pots are bad batches or are just problematic colors because it's fucking GW and they dry out too fast.

>> No.26903522

>Cast quality is higher thant FW

No it's not you already have several customers of CCON saying that's wrong so stop perpetuating it. You were the only one perpetuating it to begin with in the first place because you're a fanboy and everyone just parroted you.


His QC is better. That's it. Lower quality ceiling higher quality floor compared to FW.


Seeing as how you never even buy from FW anymore, you're hardly a good unbiased source of opinion. I've bought huge orders from FW recently and they're just fine.

>> No.26903612

...but I barely have 2 squads of troopers. I heard you can't just rely on termies.

>> No.26903663

Starting up again with spiky marines, because it is what I used to play so I still have a lot of models, but I have heard that the new chaos have a lot of shitty or overpriced units in the new codex, and fails to bring certain things to the table. I was going to take an ally, to fix the problems. My question is this. What is it exactly that 6th ed chaos is shit at, or particularly lacking in? Also what would be a good army/unit to fill those holes?

>> No.26903731


Being good without Heldrakes.

Use cultists or plague bearers or zombies, heldrakes, one squad of bikers if you don't want triple drake, oblits

>> No.26903780

Cool, plague bearers are chaos daemons right?
Also what are the specific rules for allies? Is there a seperate force org for the ally, or can you take whatever you want, or do they count towards the force org of your main army?

>> No.26903820

now you will

>> No.26903865


plague marines sorry.

Some armies you cannot ally, some will have to roll 1d6 and have 1/6 chance of not moving due to distrust, some are neutral, and some will share all your buffs.

allies are

1 HQ
1-2 troops
0-1 FA
0-1 elite
0-1 HS

for each allied detachment FOC. AT 2k points you can double ally FOC.

>> No.26903951

Alright, would you say it is worth allying with another army, or would it be better to just spend more on the units you mentioned? IIRC ally units aren't scoring.

>> No.26904047


Only the worst allies can't score (Desperate, the ones that roll d6 to see if they do anything). Everyone else can score and deny.

It's up to you whether or not you use allies or not. The common consensus, and tournament results back this up, is that CSM get stronger by taking proper allies.

>> No.26905460

link? people always talk about "chinaman" but i can never find the site

>> No.26905477


Every day...

>> No.26905583
File: 50 KB, 638x670, 1263957874183.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What is a nice starting list for Tau?
It only has to be Strike Team sized.

>> No.26905728

Never played the tabletop EVER. Friggin' Space Marine got me into the lore.

that being said, What army should I use?

I like being able to get up close and personal without it backfiring too hard.

>> No.26905808


What armies do you think look cool? Chaos Daemons are the best close combat army right now.

I'm assuming you want a space marine army. If that's so, the new Black Templar are probably the best bet but they aren't amazing at assault. Blood Angels are the premiere assault Space Marine army, with maybe Space Wolves being second, but both those armies suffer right now due to other books having gotten new updates that make them very strong at shooting and the game currently rewards shooting over assault.

>> No.26905874


>> No.26905877

I always thought Chaos guys were cool, but I have a soft spot for Guardsmen (I blame Space Marine)

in terms of lore I'm a sucker for White Scars though. From that I'm assuming they're fans of hit-and-run tactics, yes? because i like that shit too.

>> No.26905932


Markerlight, jump, shoot, jump.

>> No.26905959


If you like aggressive guardsmen, play Death Korps of Krieg Assault Brigade (don't get the Siege Vanguard list by mistake, that's the defensive long range one) or Elysian Drop Troopers.

White Scars will be amazing when September 7 comes out and they are slated for the first marine chapter to get a supplement later on in 2013 so yeah, I highly recommend them if you don't mind playing bike armies.

>> No.26906021

How can one go about cheaply, safely transporting their army.

>> No.26906046

I googled them a while back after reading Hunt for Voldorius and saw the bikes. Instantly became a fan.

also, anyone called Death Korps of Krieg is worth looking into.

I'm probably going with White Scars, can I get a decent army on the cheap?

>> No.26906049


Build a custom case out of something sturdy like a gun case (watch out for thieves/policemen) with foam inside, or a metal toolbox and magnetize your bases.

All the cases made for miniatures are either cheap and not sturdy/safe, or expensive.

>> No.26906077


Yeah WS don't really have any special quirks unless you want to use Mongolian faces instead of helmets, so you can just buy any used space marine bike models or even non-bike models since WS does not mean "all bikes, all the time" on eBay or from other players. You also need far less models if going bikes since the models cost more points so you won't have as many bikes as you would have marines on foot.

Pic related are my favorite bikes, but they are pricey variant models from Forge World, same as DKoK.

>> No.26906150

cool, cool.

I just want to play something other than MtG for once, I figure this might be it.

What's the best way to paint minis? I have a steady hand but even that's not so great.

>> No.26906163
File: 151 KB, 1024x658, DSC04088.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Image literally disappeared from the post.

>> No.26906187


Rest your wrists on the table. Hands-free magnifying tools and good lighting is useful but not necessary.

Easiest paint job is to play a simple army like space marines, prime then with a color primer (White Scars is white, so you don't even need to do that) then paint whatever details, like the gold chest eagles, then apply washes or dip them in quickshade. Seal in matte varnish and you're done.

>> No.26906190

Well, as White Scars you bread and butter is going to be Bike Squads, and those fuckers aren't cheap.

A decent starter army would be 10 bikers (2 squads of 5) with some gubbins, Khan on his bike (GW doesn't make an official model for him on a bike, you'll have to make your own), and then whatever else you want to fill out the remaining hundred or so points for a 500pt list.

>> No.26906194
File: 36 KB, 328x500, Incubi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looking at the Dark Eldar, trying to find some guidance towards making a decent army (not one that will win tourneys, but I like to win every couple of games, y'know?)

Problem is the whole range looks so appealing, I can't even try and start with what I think looks coolest, cause there's lots.

My favorite two units would have to be the Incubi and the Scourges, though warriors, wyches, mandrakes, hellions, reavers and just about everything else looks cool too.

I guess I'm looking to start a 1,000 point list, maybe 1,500.

As I said I can't even decide if I want a fluffy wych army, or a stoic incubi army, or just a mish mash of a Kabal roused to war.

I guess I'm just looking for some general DE tips, and build archetypes. I imagine go fast, shoot lots, go fast but who knows.

>> No.26906216

So sleek. So sex.

I intend to use those as a Bike command squad at some point.

>> No.26906251


Just make sure you have enough bikes or transports.

Mandrakes and maybe Hellions are the only units I'd actively avoid from your list. Also Scourges but they look so cool and wyches because I don't like playing assault with DE and wyches and incubi are actually not bad.

>> No.26906269

good god-emperor almighty, those are pretty.

oh sweet, thanks. screencapping for later use.

also capping this. I just want a basic army.
speaking of buying shit, would I have to buy props like broken buildings, trees, etc.? or can I make those myself?

>> No.26906367
File: 211 KB, 873x627, m1670097a_Image6-popup.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>GW doesn't make an official model for him on a bike

Just beat up Sammael and steal his bike.

>> No.26906405
File: 181 KB, 800x1324, 524721_md-Hut, Scratch Build, Sprue, Terrain, Wood.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


There are a lot of companies, including GW themselves, that sell amazing terrain, but it tends to be pretty expensive.

I recommend making your own or even usingn stand-ins until you have time to do so. An open book makes a great corner of a building, for example.

Everything in this image except the round base and the dirt was made from bars of sprue. The frame that surrounds the models you get that you usually throw away once you've removed all the pieces. Just shave them into wood planks or carve and curl them into flowers and plants.

>> No.26906483

Newbie miniature fag here. Not really about 40k, either, but...

Any place I can order a 30mm custom miniature for cheap for tabletop games?

>> No.26906619

oh, thats neat.

I saw a busted up building in a GW shop made from thick layers of cardboard they painted and scorched, they looked pretty damn cool.

>> No.26906847
File: 90 KB, 484x326, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

WAAAAGH maxes at 100. WAAAAAGH banners increase max WAAAAAAGH by 10. WAAAAAAAGH's costs varies per Ork. WAAAAAAAAGH slugga boyz to maximize WAAAAAAAAAGH usage, although they suck most of the time. Have your war boss. WAAAAAAAAAAGH at the front of the WAAAAAAAAAAAGH for maximum WAAAAAAAAAAAAGH. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH your orky heart out.

>> No.26907023

How long does it take our glorious chinaman to send an invoice?

>> No.26907109

Say I run Black Legion? How would I represent their Undivided shtick? By giving different marks to different squads? And if I got Khorne Berserkers, would I have to paint them Black Legion, or could I paint them red? Finally, because of the Black Legion supplement, does that mean that getting the Chosen from Dark Vengeance wasn't a complete waste after all? Thanks!

>> No.26909097

I still order from Forgeworld, and in my experience, Ive gotten at least half of my orders in a distorted state from FW and perfect models from Chinaman, its my experience

I put in a request and he said maybe, it doesnt mean a lot, Sisters are harder to find and more expensive, and a lot of people would buy them recast if it was available

>> No.26909180

>How would I represent their Undivided shtick?

However you want really. Running all-unmarked or various different marks are both ways to run BL.

>And if I got Khorne Berserkers, would I have to paint them Black Legion

IIRC the canonical color scheme for BL Zerkers is the standard BL paintjob, but with one red khorne shoulderpad to signify their allegiance. Chaos is Chaos though, so you can do what you want.

>Finally, because of the Black Legion supplement, does that mean that getting the Chosen from Dark Vengeance wasn't a complete waste after all?


The Bolter-chosen are alright just because they're fancy looking generic bolter doodz, but the BL supplement doesn't make Chosen special melee weapons any less ball-bustingly expensive, which is the main problem with the DV Chosen.

If anything the supplement makes the problem worse, because BL-Supplement armies MUST take Veteran of the Long War on ALL UNITS, whether you want it or not. And yes, they still pay full cost for it, so that is a ton of points down the goddamn drain right off the bat.

>> No.26909359

So I have only played one real game of 40k. With a friend, he let me use his 1500pt Eldar against 1500pt of Dark Angels, I have to say I really did enjoy it so I started building a Necron Army, cause im a fan of undead.

Ive only got 761pt so far
but heres what im thinking to get it to 1497pt.

100pt Nightscythe
200pt 5 Praetorians
340pt 20 Immortals
165pt TriStalker /w T-L, H. Guass Cannon
312pt 24 Warriors
340pt 20 Immortals
60pt 4 Scarab Swarms
225pt Overlord /w SempWeave, Warscythe, Mindshackle, Resurrection Orb, Phase Shifter and Tesseract Labrynth. (pokeball)

What do you think?

>> No.26909477


err put immortals on their twice.

>> No.26909515

Chinaman finds you when you are ready.

>> No.26909529


fukken saved

>> No.26909705

Tau are much easier to play now in sixth edition, but are not an instant win as many people claim. They take more strategy and list building than most armies, because you HAVE to avoid assault. Go and read everything on www.tauonline.org and www.advancedtautactica.com. Learn how we played in fifth ed, and you will destroy in sixth. Overall, make sure to utilize "bubble wrap", hiding your units behind kroot and fire warriors, and to know your enemy for target prioritization.

>> No.26910159
File: 469 KB, 803x1200, Grey_Knight.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm thinking about making a Grey Knight army and was wondering if you guys have some tips about what a decent 750 point starter army could be? Also, how analpained is people if you don't paint GK's in the official colours?

>> No.26910336

I'm assuming you like actual Grey Knights and not just Inquisition, right?

Basic start list:
Grand Master w/ Halberd, Meltabombs
2x Strike Squad w/ 5x Force Swords, Psycannon
Strike Squad w/ 5x Force Halberds, Incinerator
Dreadnaught w/ 2x TL Autocannon, Psybolt Ammo
750 points, should be able to at least give you an idea what you're working with. As you get higher in points, add some Termies to replace the assault focussed Strike Squad, getchu some more Psycannons or anti-AV14, and that kind of thing, but it's a start.

>> No.26910366

If blood is what you need for the blood god.

What do you need for the skull throne?

>> No.26910393

So I'm running a deathwatch campaign and I want my players to see a GK in action killing Daemons, then for the GK to try to go full killmode on them for seeing said "special" daemons. Would a SM just lie down and accept it or would they kill the self righteous asshole?

>> No.26910408

Yeah, I'll focus on the GK's. I can always create a roleplay Inquisitor army later with my IG's

>> No.26910433

Varies marine to marine and chapter to chapter. Also, GKs just normally mindwipe Marines and kill Guard; marines are too valuable.

>> No.26910445

Yeah, you can add IG allies and/or an Inquisitor on later. Just making sure you didn't want a non-GK GK list.

>> No.26910471


More blood.

>> No.26910484

Hmm, the dreadnought, I can just use a regular SM model, right?

>> No.26910515

Add some more purity seals and maybe some filigree, but sure. They have their own but I doubt anyone will get pissed.

>> No.26910524
File: 753 KB, 715x513, Manmeat is having the goodface.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26910535

It's just that neither my local 40k shop, or GW sells a GK dreadnought

>> No.26910541

Blood-covered brass. For cushions.

>> No.26910558

Forgeworld sells them. Just use a standard body with some extra bitz.

>> No.26910587

How does that change the prices of Australian GW merch?
>It doesn't
Oh thatsright lol

>> No.26910604


The GK Dreadnought is just the normal Venerable Dreadnought.

>> No.26910616


That explains so much.

Still can't forgive him for being a faggot though. Now he's just a faggot who has my sympathy.

>> No.26910651

What does "legal" mean?

Are we talking laws, you could go to jail, legal or like you couldn't use this in a tournament/game legal ?

I never understood what people meant when they said "legal"

>> No.26910657
File: 41 KB, 763x305, asfsdf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ok, this will cost ~$177,5 plus another $66 for a FW dreadnought with Autocannons and a close combat arm.

>> No.26910677

D'oh, disregard the dreadnought in my list

>> No.26910682


Do not buy straight from Games Workshop...

You can make autocannon arms for your Dreadnought by buying Imperial Guard Heavy Weapons Team Autocannons or Aegis Defense Line Autocannons on eBay.

>> No.26910702

lol look at this bitter cunt

You're the only person I see bitching.

>> No.26910737


Hope you're there when new players come back crying about how their recast shattered into a million pieces.

>> No.26910748


Sort of like how Ghosted is the only person bitching about FW.

>> No.26910768

Eh I don't think I want to get into modeling as such, unless you mean that it can just be attached?

>> No.26910818

Oh, and I want to paint them in colours that look good together, but I don't really know what to search for to find a such a palette

>> No.26910846


Play around with it.

>> No.26911076

Whats to stop me from having my vehicles Tank Shock or Ram to get to the enemy line faster without relying just on movement phase?

>> No.26911124


One, you can't tank shock a target that's too far away or empty air.

Two, tank shocking and ramming isn't any faster than moving.

Three, you move farther by moving choosing not to ram or tank shock and "running" by moving flat out than by tank shocking.

>> No.26911250
File: 24 KB, 400x500, spacemarine.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How does this look so far?

>> No.26911285

I like it, but I'm colourblind, so... general shading works?

>> No.26911290

Is good.

>> No.26911317

I'm not that much into painting, so what do you mean by that?

>> No.26911334


It's bone white with red shoulders, red helmet top (but bone faceplate) and gold trim on shoulders and aquila.

>> No.26911336

The patterns of light and dark work. It's varying shades of grey to me, but the pattern of light and dark isn't bad.

>> No.26911337

What does a "++" save imply?

>> No.26911347

Shorthand for Invulnerable save.

>> No.26911352

Invulnerable save.

>> No.26911401

Ah sorry, somehow missed the colourblind part

>> No.26911446
File: 68 KB, 448x600, Salamander.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So myself and 3 maybe 4 friends of mine are getting into 40k, and I was wanting to make a Salamander army. What would be the best way to do this, I know I should probably pick up Vulkan as my HQ but thats about it.
Also my friend wants to make a Steel Confessor army but we can't really find anything about them. Should he just go by iron hands rule but paint them like SC's?

Again I'm really new so any other tips you want to give would be appreciated.

>> No.26911498


You can build your own Vulkan if you want. All he needs is a sword and a storm bolter, but ideally you'll make him with a cape, a spear, a storm bolter, and a flamer.

Drop Pods are great, flamers and meltas and multimeltas wherever you can get them are great, Land Speeders and Attack Bikes become great multimelta platforms in a vulkan army. Sternguard with combi-flamers/combi-melta/Heavy Flamers are great.

After the update you can make a purely fire based Salamanders army without Vulkan if you so choose. You need to take Vulkan for the melta benefits.

>> No.26911526


After the update Iron hands get their own tactics, which means if you want to make a "proper" Steel Confessors chapter you use the IH tactics but can't use any special characters because IH have none. You can always name your chapter master/captain however you want though, and give him the unique relics that all space marines can use. He just won't have any special rules apart from the relics.

>> No.26911676

when is the update supposed to happen? Also my friend is going tau and my other friend is thinking about going either dark eldar or CSM how fucked am I generally?

>> No.26911775


September 7. Pre orders Aug 31

>> No.26911795


Tau is going to rape you. CSM you will likely have a slight advantage unless he uses Heldrakes, in which case he will rape you unless you take some anti-air liek 3 Stormtalons, DE is a good strong army but won't rape you. They are faster and shoot better than you but they are really frail.

>> No.26912438

You honestly don't think the new marine codex will be more powerful that those three?

>> No.26912499

Nope. Doesn't get much more powerful at all, really. Some things get cheaper, but SM doesn't actually fix any of the things that are problems, like Heldrakes and Tau.

>> No.26912514

So I've started putting together my necron battleforce (painting them copper with gold highlights and the scarab swarms look like they're going to be my favorite unit), but I'm trying to decide if I should use the pieces to make a ghost or doomsday ark, advice?

>> No.26912593


Here's hoping they will be, but I doubt it. WS bikes might be good just by virtue of being the best bike army in the game but still roll over to Heldrakes.

>> No.26912600

Considering 50% of ALL gw sales is space marines, and they're getting a new super anti-air tank who had its rules written knowing that heldrakes / flyers are everywhere, leads me to believe that maybe gw will make this codex a bit more awesome, because power creep + strongest selling army ever + shiny new superpowered units to sell doesn't typically = meh codex.

It's not like it's a horde xenos army. Now THOSE will be terrible.

>> No.26912634

Except that both the Stalker and the Hunter suck pretty badly. No interceptor, the Stalker is only BS2 when splitting fire, etc. They're not "Super" at all.

>> No.26912661


It's written by Cruddace.

>> No.26912673

Really? I didn't realize /tg/ had gotten a peek at the new stuff already.

Well then, my marine buddy's in for a meh ride.

It's an obvious ploy to sell more of those terrain quadgun / ig allies

>> No.26912698

Yup, rumor compilation's at >>26909674

>> No.26912710
File: 57 KB, 589x380, 1342677827349.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Fuck, with crud busy on marines, there's now a 50% chance that ward wrote the ork / tyranid codex and it gets so much worse (aka fantasy orcs)

fuck fuck fuck shit nuts

One of my armies will become trash overnight.

>> No.26912994

>person gives experiences
What a whiny bitch

people fucking asked you mongoloid

>> No.26913156


Don't buy directly from GW. Buy from http://www.waylandgames.co.uk

Has ~20% discount on GW stuff combined with favorable currency conversion, with cheap shipping to most of europe.

>> No.26913453

The alternative is dragonslair.dk, but it's the same price as GW and the delivery is free for both. And as far as I can see with waylandgames, I have to pay £90 + delivery fee, so it doesn't really make any difference for me if I buy it here in Denmark or UK

>> No.26913567

SM Dreadnought from dragonslair/GW: 280dkk
SM Dreadnought from WLG: 23.25gbp=202dkk + shipping 2.95gbp=25dkk

You save 20% including shipping, even if you buy a single item (extra cost from shipping becomes less noticeable the more you buy).

Buying directly from GW is never the cheapest option.

>> No.26913647

Yeah ok, I'm in the old habit of thinking £1 = 10kr

It's definatly going to be WLG then. But tell me, have the colours been renamed? I just can't find bleached bone, gore red, burnished gold and mithril silver

>> No.26913686

Yeah, they got a whole new paint range a few years back, but most of the old paints have equivalents in the new line.
I use this to compare: http://www.dakkadakka.com/wiki/en/Paint_Range_Compatibility_Chart
I'd also recommend checking out Vallejo's Game Color range, they're very similar to GW but slightly cheaper and come in dropper bottles which saves paint and makes it easier to mix your own colors.

>> No.26913738

Ah cool, and thank you for pointing out this site, I can save around £50-60 by using them instead of local shops.

>> No.26913779

No problem. Welcome (back) to the hobby!

>> No.26914955

How the fuck do I deal with deepstriking wraithknights as tau

>> No.26915099

Sniper Drones, Sniper Kroot, Broadsides (Missile or Rail) or Iontides w/ EWOs, massed missile pod fire... MCs are NOT something Tau should have a problem with, especially not when they've got 3+ saves.

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