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I'm running an Engine Heart game in a few hours, does anyone have any robot gifs?

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or dis

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And this.

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Srsly, Japan has shitloads of these.

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amazing thank ye

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Color me curious... what is Engine Heart?

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In the postapocalyptic wasteland of Wall-E, the Brave Little Toaster and his friends endure.

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Its a pen and paper RPG about robots, wall-e the game.
I just got my softback copy of it after virals kickstarter campaign.

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wanna play Engine Heart but no local RPGers... i guess i'll go the Toy Soldier route!


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This game sounds interesting.

Anyone have any experience on how well it performs? Anecdotes? Stories? Something?

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Corn piles are dangerous yo.

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Storytimed the 300 hours spent in an "Autistic Toy Story vs Night of The Living Dead" campaign.

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Yes, yes they are.

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Some info repeated but more character details if you're interested.


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Robot .gifs. I have a couple of those.

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Aaaaand I'm out.

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Some of these gifs are actually jpgs.

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Some robutt related tunes

Robot Carnival required of course

Worthwhile for the abandoned companion

An amusing commercial for an AI's wants

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Related, though not gif.

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Another non-gif that explains the climax of my GMs last game of engine heart.

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How robotic were you looking for?

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Another still image to explain the epilogue of the game.

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>No arms


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Hey petman, I have a surprised for you.

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>Read gif as girl.

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One more surprise, this time, in gif.

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Walk-Smash-Walk and Titanomachina

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the fuck even?
captcha: (a picture of the side a fucking house), hstsand
no seriously now, what the fuck even?

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I remember this game. And when it was run. Such a fun romp into robotic wtf's.
Players man. Players.

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Well, I know what I'm gonna have nightmares about tonight.

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Don't think you can hide from Odex 1, not even in the bed of a pickup truck.

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The grainy 80's photography just makes it so much creepier, somehow.

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This made my day, holy crap.

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>Each leg is able to lift 400 lbs, the "legs" are versatile enough to be used as manipulators as well. Odex is capable of lifting over 2,100 lbs vertically, or carrying over 900 lbs. at normal walking speed.

>it can drag you off into the woods and there's nothing you can do to stop it

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>do take care, sir

>you are being hunted

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Really? The 80's grain totally normal for me, however, my belief as to what robots look like remains fixed in that era, due to immense readings of an Asimov non-fiction book entitled "Robots".

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The grain sets it firmy in the 80's, and when you put a real robot in there my brains says "this is impossible, advanced walking robots are supposed to be in the future, not in the 1980's. Thus, this is creepy as hell". It's a subconscious thing.

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Another side-effect was permanent state of puzzlement as to why every home doesn't have have a HERO 1.

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>That blocky design and light gray, plastic shell

80's as fuck. In an awesome way.

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It's something that would look at home next to the washer or refrigerator. Plus it's probably going to turn beige after a while.
Machines that are beige won't hurt you.

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This robot looks like computers and toys did in my childhood (late 80's, early 90's). I... I feel so nostalgic, all of a sudden.

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Or something like B.O.B.

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I liked electronics better when it was all blocky, before the iMac look came and eventually turned everything all round and shit.

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It was from a time where things could be opened and repaired.
One day, I'd like to own a HERO 1. Perhaps upgrade the internals, but it should still look as harmless as a refrigerator.

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I might put some nuclear hazard symbols on mine.

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This picture was brought to me by my group several months ago.

Its Somebody's Birthday Somewhere is a great overriding directive.

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We'll probably never again see electronics that come with wood panels (either fake or real) as standard. And that's tragic.

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A HERO jr is fine too.

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Oh my god those things are giving me sugar shock.

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Jake Parker is a great artist.

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Some day, I think about making a start-up that makes big, sturdy, wood-paneled electronics.

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I would purchase said wood-paneled electronics.

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>Some day, I think about making a start-up that makes big, sturdy, wood-paneled electronics.
This is what Kickstarter was made for.

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>A robot will never bring your kids snacks

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>big, sturdy, wood-paneled electronics.

I just became fully erect.

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I have my wallet in hand.

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Imagine that in black, with chrome corners and orange text. HNNNNGH, that nostalgia. Or wood panels.

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From the responses so far, there might be something to older electronics that just isn't for sale at the local computer stores, and that drawing up some plans would be a very good idea...

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There's a LOT of nostalgic nerds who grew up in the decades when electronics still had nobs, that very special greyish beige colour and screens that were deeper than they were wide. Not sure if said nerds would be willing to sacrifice modern convenience (such as computers not weighting a proverbial ton) for old ascetics, but maybe you could compromise.

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I was thinking doing high-quality updates and conversions of older electronics.

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Maybe starting with something simple, like an older alarm clock, upgraded for the nightstand of today, but as robust as the one you remember growing up with.

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Though it needs to have more features than a glorified docking station, it needs to have something new, useful, and ideally, kinda heavy.

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That's more like a small piece of furniture than just another gadget. That's the important thing that makes it feel "vintage". Electronics aren't designed to be furniture in the same way anymore.

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I wouldn't mind a 13-inch wood paneled TV screen that just displayed whatever I plugged into it.

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It would feel like furniture, but would be able to interact usefully with modern gadgets.

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So uh... guess we're good on personal robots?

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I still have my hero jr. works just as good as the day I assembled him.

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And with it's claw attachment, you'll have disappeared into the inky night faster than you can scream.

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Now it can sneak up behind you and stab you in the back.

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I would love to see any pictures of you have of a HERO in it's natural environment.

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I could live with it.
Although this comes from someone who still has never owned a cellphone.

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Anyone have more futuristic adorable robots? I'm giving my players an AI Handler named CALO and I'd like to at least be likeable.

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How would one stat a Haro in Engine Heart?

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ill post some soon, after work.

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I've never watched the show, but judging from the wiki, it would at least have a Biofrequency Scanner and a Flight Ceiling. How high can they float?

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Great /tg/.

You're making me want to build my own service robot/buy one.

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Usually, Haros only float in microgravity environments, such as space ships and colonies. I'd say they'd only float about a meter or so in Earth gravity, if that.

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>I'd say they'd only float about a meter or so in Earth gravity, if that.

Flight Ceiling rating 1.

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Why do I suddenly have the urge to make a terrarium and put one of those things in it when company comes over?

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>This robot comes equipped with a grappling penis. It has many 'uses' I'm sure you can figure out on your own, for his or her pleasure of course.

>This little family friendly model comes pre-programed with over 20 different summoning circle designs for all your secret satanic coven needs.

>Why do you keep asking where your husband is Mary? I am your husband. Don't you see? His..I mean my face is projected on the screen in perfect television resolution so therefore I must be your husband, now quite complaining and please cook some human food for yourself, child 1 and 2 and myself.

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>>Why do you keep asking where your husband is Mary?
Oh God why

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Is it after work yet?

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Is this a decent character, /tg/?

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Did you read the errata on the Agile feature?


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I wasn't aware of that. Thanks for letting me know.

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Always related

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