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The "I just finished reading the Ravenor Omnibus and am now more terrified of the Warp than I ever thought possible" edition.

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But really, where my 40k bros at? I have been absent from this board for way too long, I fear I may have missed a lot on the TT and lore front.

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I like warhammer because I like the setting, which I use for a model in my 'darkest grim future of darkness' space-era setting. I actually know very little about the mechanics of how the game is actually played. Just always liked the lore.

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No problem there, man. I actually have never played a game. I discovered 40K about a decade ago now, and though I have watched a handful of games my friends played, and kept up with the rulebooks and whatnot, I'm more in it for knowledge and the lore, too.

I almost started an army like 3 times in my life, but you know, expensive as fuck, and I already have other expensive hobbies. Oh well.

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thats the only reason I'm here

just recently started reading the books, and I've been spending silly amounts of time on the wiki and 1d4chan

which sucks because I do actually have a life, which I feel that I am dangerously close to losing to 40k for a while

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Dude, my life is a balancing act of work/responsibilities, friends/social life, and vidya games/halo/40k/books/hobby/etc. I am far gone, haha.

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So how would the warhammer mechanics stat Mother brain (metroid)?

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That kind of, albeit fun-to-imagine fantasy-stating, is past me. I also don't know Metroid that well.

Also, I imagine someone, somewhere has done it and posted it online already. Haha. You know how that is.

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I already did it myself, though not with warhammer stats. The mark of a truly flexible, capable system is the ability to take something completely or mostly outside its purview and statify it. At least, thats one of the things that makes a system good.

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I agree. But hey, why don't we try to stat it right now? Share what you've got and let's see how it would fit on the tabletop.

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haha between discovering warhammer and plantfoodpalace, I'm pretty sure I'm about to spend a month consumed by space fantasy and hallucinogens

it's cool though, I'm going to china for a year in a couple of months so I won't be able to bring my books/any drugs with me, so may as well indulge now

I dunno, I treat 40k more like the Star Wars extended universe, but cohesive and dark as fuck

It's just an amazing setting to explore, and the books, especially all of the ones I've read by Dan Abnett, are fantastic

It was the Gaunts Ghosts series that got me

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I write my own systems for fun, I'd have to dig through hundreds of pages to find it, unfortunately. I could however do one from scratch on ol ma brain?

I'm working slowly and surely on a reverse-themed wh40k where you play as a chaos entity trying to make it to the top of the pyramid of power.

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I just started the Gaunt's Ghost series, actually. I'm late to the novel party.

I'm also nearly through with the Ciaphas Cain novels. Absolutely fantastic.

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>I'm working slowly and surely on a reverse-themed wh40k where you play as a chaos entity trying to make it to the top of the pyramid of power.

That has RP potential written all over it.

But yes, let's try?

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You'll love them, I'm finishing the Traitor General atm.

I have a bunch of books to get through, I went into the local nerd shop and just asked the man what I would need to get a grounding in everything. Bought a bunch of the horus heresy books, all of the Gaunts Ghosts and all the Word Bearers series

Cain is kind of an equvalent to Ibram Gaunt isnt he? Might get those next, who wrote them?

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Alright the standard biocom model follows.

Low or nonexistent mobility
Limited weaponry
Life support requirements

Some psychic abilities
Ability to Hack on-field vehicles and control them
Dead man's bomb: Biocom emplacements explode violently when the biocom's life signal terminates

I realize this isn't actual stats, but I'm working from a rather non-specific source thats the only page that mentions it I can quickly find.

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Man, I'm just borrowing these books. The only ones I own are both the Blood Angels Omnibus's, just because they have always been my favorite chapter since I first discovered 40K.

Cain is a Commissar, if that's what you mean. But the novels are very humor orientated and tongue-in-cheek, though they are not found wanting for action or drama. Sandy Mitchell wrote them. I think he is a great author based on these books alone.

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cool as, sounds like my kind of thing

Read much by Dan Abnett? Ime he seems to be the best author on the subject

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Man, I wish I could find my rule book. That would really help right now.

Let's start from the beginning though: Monstrous Creature or no?

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Chinamans password anyone?

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Its effectively a computer terminal with complex brain matter instead of the CPU components. Its not necessarily a -creature- per se, more like a specialist support unit. When you say 'creature' I think of the various units that are giant monsters.

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Just finished Ravenor, like I said in the OP. That was a hell of a ride, if a little winded. But in the end it was worth it, it evoked emotion from me for the characters. And if a book can do that, I like it, hands down.

I still want to read his entries in the Horus Heresy. Hell, I'd like to read them all.

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I'm exhausted and its nearing dawn here, I went to sleep. I'll appear in another thread some time though, so keep making them.

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What do you think is the best spell? The best Discipline?

Best spell is Ironarm, hands down. Precognition is a close second.

Best discipline is a tie between Biomancy and Divination I think. What do you think?

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>tfw Space Wolves, the primitive warrior chapter of the space marines has the best shooting

New codex really couldn't come any faster. Cant remember the last time I fought space marines. Just regular space marines.

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Im making a renegade space wolves army using teh CSM book and I would really like to base my army on Erik Morkais great company but the CSM dex doesnt really allow for a "sneaky" list. I suppose using Huron to infiltrate chosen is as close as I gonna get.

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Has OP also read Eisenhorne? I think the first person perspective makes for a more interesting novel, but noth Eisenhorne and Ravenor are brilliant. I lend them to as many people as I can. It's like CSI in space.

Does anyone know if Pariah is a 3 book series as well or a 1 off? I haven't read it yet. I'm waiting for the paperback or and omnibus if there's gonna be more.

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It's going to be a trilogy. In the foreword of The Ravenor Omnibus Abnett says he wants to make a trilogy of trilogies.

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without spoiling too much can you tell me if ravenor is radical or conservative like eisenhorn?

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Ravenor is the one who says, famously, that every inquisitor starts as the most conservative and eventually turns radical, and the only question is how much good they get done before they start to hurt the cause they once championed. That should answer your question.

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I like the way you think

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>conservative like eisenhorn


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How Radical has Eisenhorne really become? I mean beyond the daemonhost thing. He still seems pretty sane by the end of the trilogy. He definatly hasn't gone to Quixos levels of "slaughter millions to obtain powerful psyker" batshit yet.

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Also please note that I haven't read Pariah so no spoilers plz.

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the on thing that really bugs me about 40k art is WHERE THE FUCK do they keep their extra ammo

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Read codex grey knights to cure your fear

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Welp, he consorts with daemons, mutants, and heretics, has fought and killed loyal servants of the the Ordo Malleus and Ordo Hereticus, uses Daemonhosts as his primary assistants and weapons. He does all these things to "Protect the Imperium" as best he can, and nobody, not even the highest ranks of the Inquisition, sees it clearer than he does. If he had a couple of Xenos bros he'd tick literally every box.

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Those little square things on the bottom of Space Marine backpacks are spare ammo magazines.

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Since this is a 40k general, I'll go ahead and ask:

How to get an IG Colossus battery? Not on FW, not on GW and our CCON based god seems to be having maintenance.

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The only reason he doesn't seem insane is because he's the viewpoint character. Have you read "Talon wishes Thorn?" It's good, short, and shows some of how Eisenhorn now looks from the outside.

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To be fair, weren't those inquisitors he killed trying to gain that information to use it themselves? Same reason they were so butthurt that he destroyed the Necroteuch rather than let it get into their hands way back in the first novel.

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I have actually. Maybe it's because I like the character so much I end up making allowances for him. Plus everything he told Ravenor in that story came true. Ravenor was the dumb one for not viewing his own interrogator with suspicion after he found out several times he was hiding something.

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Not all of them. For example, the Conservative Witch Hunter he kills (basically just because he's annoying) and all the Ecclesiarchs he kills in that one cathedral who he just kind of decides not use his Rosette with. Some of them were Radicals, but whether or not they were, killing a bunch of other Inquisitors and Inquisitorial assets (including a whole ship) that are actually supported by the Lord Inquisitor is not a sign of a Conservative.

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Oh yeah, I'm not denying that, but he's listening to and taking advantage of Warp Sorcery and Chaos. That's pretty much the definition of a Radical.

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Yeah, but I disagree with the people that compare him to quixos. I don't think he'll ever take it that far. I dunno though. I'm interested to see what happens in Pariah.

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Don't forget that Eisenhorn is about a moderate inquisitor who's fairly hardline about his heresy and xenos turning into a radical who consorts with a Daemonhost

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The story of an Inquisitor that lives long enough

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Yeah, I suppose it's basically him not realising how radical he actually is, but we see his progression through the series. And I assume Pariah is even more bonkers, though I'm avoiding reading it until the trilogy is over.

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>New codex really couldn't come any faster
Do we know a date for that yet?

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Pre-orderd the day after tomorrow, and as usual, actually in stores a week later, the 7th.

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Just ordered from the China Man /tg/ what kind of shipping time should I expect from this man?

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2-4 weeks.

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Has there ever been a case of an Inquisitor who starts Radical and then in his old age, decides that maaaybe making kissy faces to Rathagor The Indiscriminate Fucker In All Senses Of The Word 'Fucker' isn't the best way to get in the God Emperor's graces and turns Puritan?

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Maybe... but given how the concept of "forgiveness" usually involves pain and death, im not sure how a radical to puritan Inquisitor would work, unless they were a huge hypocrite

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Isn't this just Black Crusade?

>> No.26897502

This strikes me as what Commodus Voke would have been like.

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That is exactly Black Crusade.

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Pretty much, but in this case by the use of entity, I presume him to mean minor daemon, as opposed to a mortal heretic.

Anyway, is it considered poor sportsmanship to unleash 7 helldrakes because you really hate someone's stupid face?

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Oh shit I have the Ravenor omnibus. Borrowed it from a friend

I'm scared to read it now

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I think it would be hard to roleplay a daemon that's not already insanely powerful. It's like roleplaying a termagant or something. It's just complelled into action by something much more powerful than itself. It doesn't make decisions any more complex than what to do in a fight. When you start getting up to the levels of more powerful greater daemons, named daemons or daemon princes then it becomes a high powered mess. Even in Black Crusade the player is assumed to lose control over his character when he achieves apotheosis.

An interesting take on the same idea would be a game where all of the characters are machine spirits.

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Yes, it's poor sportsmanship. That doesn't mean you care.

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Have you read Eisenhorne? Read Eisey-kun first.

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Read it.

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>how radical has Eisenhorne really become
>I mean beyond the the daemonhost thing
>beyond the daemonhost
How much more radical do you want? Demon Prince ascension?

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I thought the last body Eisenhorn was using for the daemon prince was fyschyg(sp?)

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Rate my Ork Mekanized fungame army

HQ (170p)

Big Mek (80p)
Bosspole (5p), Choppa, Mek's tools
Mega-armour (40p)
Power klaw, Twin-linked shoota

Big Mek (90p)
Choppa, 3x Grot oiler (15p), Mek's Tools
Power klaw, Twin-linked shoota

Elites (225p)

Meganobz (225p)
Meganob (45p) x 5, Big Mek 1 attached to squad
Mega-armour (5p)
Power klaw, Shoota/rokkit kombi (5p)

Troops (200p)
Deff Dread (100p) x 2, 2 squads
Armour plates (10p), Big Shoota (5p), 2x Dreadnought close combat weapon, Grot riggers (5p), Skorcha (5p)

Heavy Support (405p)
Killa Kans (135p) x 3
Killa Kan (45p), 3 in each squad
Big shoota (5p), Dreadnought close combat weapon, Grot riggers (5p)

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1k points total, forgot to mention

>> No.26898600

How does one do melee in Dark Heresy without going assassin?

>> No.26899188

Yeah, but the longer Cherubael spends in the body, the more he can change it. He grows horns at some point. Also it's conceivable that Eisenhorn may have transferred him into a properly prepared body to keep him more secure. Fischig was a rush job.

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>40k general
>only 73 replies
>page 10
>a bunch of other active 40k threads

Needs a bump.

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It is on FW as "Imperial Bombard"

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So, how about a Blood Angels List? 2K points

Mephiston (Stormraven)
3x Sanguinary Priests w/ Jump Packs, Power Maul, Bolt Pistol
2x Assault Squad: 10 Marines, 2x Meltaguns, Power Sword
Assault Squad: 10 Marines, 2x Flamers, Power Sword and Meltabombs
Death Company: 4x Death Company Marines (Stormraven)
Stormraven w/ Assault Cannons, Heavy BOlters, Hurricane Bolters
Stormraven w/ Plasma Cannons, Typhoon Launcher
Stormraven w/ Lascannon, Multimelta

2K on the nose. Feel a bit light on the meat, but I'm hoping the Death Company (small as it is), Mephiston, and the Stormravens will keep them occupied while the Assault Squads and Priests make it up the board.

>> No.26903833


You gave your SP mauls for MC hunting right? If you are going to keep them near your assault squads, the power sword sgt's can intercept challenges so your SP are free to use AP2/AP1.

>> No.26903877

I gave them mauls for MC hunting and because they look great. Good point, though; I'll see if I can find the points and give two of them Fists instead.

>> No.26903915

>because they look great

Are you using the dinky power maces?

I personally like the giant two handed daemon hammers that GK have, or power armor thunder hammers

>> No.26903972

I want to reading this thread but I am not yet done with Eisenhorn :L

>> No.26904015

Shaved thunder hammers was the plan, or maybe a conversion with a Power Axe if I can manage it.

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Does anybody know what the name of the Bolter Ferrus Manus made for Vulkan was called? It's "said to have a barrel designed to look like the gaping mouth of a dragon."

I ask because one of the relics of the upcoming codex will be a pimped out Bolter called "Primarch's Wrath", and I'd like to give it to my Salamanders chapter master.

>> No.26904136


Don't think it was named, but Vulkan returned it to Ferrus later saying he couldn't use a weapon that wasn't made by tools or his own hands.

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>> No.26905242

I just finished Eisenhorn Omnibus and, spoiler, WHAT THE FLYING FUCK!? The ending felt so fucking rushed in the final book, it was like Abnett realized he had a page limit and took a hatchet to the final act.

At least Path of the Incubus was cool, though I was disappointed we didnt get to see anything of the world singer and the renegade (the names flee me at the moment).

>> No.26905462

what's a good 500 point IG army that has a decent amount of units to it but isn't super cheesy.

I'd be playing against Tau Necrons Tyranids, Eldar and maybe space marines, and I'll probably be getting Death Korps of Krieg stuff so I want it to be kind of fluffy.

The list I've made for myself is as follows

HQ (130pts)

Company Command Squad (130pts)
Flamer (5pts), Heavy Flamer (20pts)
Chimera (55pts)
Heavy Bolter, Multi-laser
Company Commander
Close Combat Weapon, Laspistol
Troops (370pts)

Veteran Squad (185pts)
Demolitions (30pts), 7x Lasgun, 2x Plasma Gun (30pts)
Chimera (55pts)
Heavy Bolter, Multi-laser
Veteran Sergeant
Laspistol, Shotgun
Veteran Squad (185pts)
Demolitions (30pts), 7x Lasgun, 2x Plasma Gun (30pts)
Chimera (55pts)
Heavy Bolter, Multi-laser
Veteran Sergeant
Laspistol, Shotgun

>> No.26905511

What is a nice starting list for Tau.
It only has to be Strike Team sized.

>> No.26905545

Anyone hear about the Chapterhouse Kickstarter to make race variants of the Aegis Defence Line? All the stretch goals were funded last month, and the prototypes were supposedly sent out, but I want to know when the sets go public.

>> No.26905585

>Aegis Defense lines
too late hot plates

>> No.26905648


ADL were good from January to April 2013 though...

>> No.26905669

When did Dark Angels, DEldar, Sisters, and Space Wolves get good anti-air?

>> No.26905684

When have those armies been on the table top since the age of the turkey?

>> No.26905711

>no one plays armies that aren't tourney-winning
Some of play games for fun.

>> No.26905722


Avenger and IG Battle Brothers.

>> No.26905731

Nothing fun about showing up and picking your models up after second turn.

>> No.26905736


It's obvious this guy >>26905585 is making a tournament-related joke.

Now shoo, Mr. "Every thread must be about casual play".

>> No.26905798

Funny, considering how most /tg/ advice comes down to building tourney-tier WAAC lists.

>> No.26905858


And every rebuttal comes down to "But some of us like to play for fun".

>> No.26905922

Advice isn't a debate, faggot. That kind of mentality shows you for the cancer you are.

>> No.26906019


Wow, you've actually gone full circle and are now implying that only casual advice is right and all competitive advice is wrong.

>> No.26906028


Casual play does not require any advice other than do what you like and have fun.

>> No.26906076

Just saying play casually is like telling a man dying of lung cancer to enjoy life.

It means absolutely nothing.

>> No.26906088

>getting this mad at how other people play

are you sure you play for fun?

>> No.26906102

Are you autistic? That was the first post I've made in this thread and I was implying that people trying to fight to prove that their advice is superior to all others, i.e. needing people to disprove the advice, is a cancerous mentality which is literally "No fun allowed, stop liking what I don't like."

Indeed it does not require anything else, but you can still use the insights of others without them yelling at you for not doing it their way.

>> No.26906107

That's grossly over-simplifying things. You can give advice on whether or not someone's idea for a list will work how they want it to, or a warning that someone is using a unit totally wrong.
There's a difference between playing casually and being set up for failure.

>> No.26906137

ITT: /tg/ makes wild and varied assumptions without any basis

>> No.26906220

>ITT: scrubs shit up another thread by starting an argument over how their shit advice is just as valid as actual advice

>> No.26906279


I regret my joke

>> No.26906294

Chapter House sucks. Only thing of interest is them winning part of the lawsuit making it legally okay to make 40k compatible parts by name

>> No.26906319

I regret not recognizing that joke. I just like the idea of fortifications for non-Imperial armies.

>> No.26906321

Seriously? Someone started shitposting about how you're not allowed to play certain armies anymore but the scrubs are the ones stirring up stupid bullshit? Just go back to warseer or something where you can circlejerk with the rest of the leet gamers

>> No.26906418

Now you know how the Emprah felt

>> No.26906462


Where did he say you're not allowed to play them?

>> No.26906497

>randomly insults a third party as ad hominem

Way to go. What did Warseer ever do to you?

Stay bad at YGO, M:tG, AND 40K, /tg/. Hopefully at least you guys are good at PnP. Probably not though.

>> No.26906549

>mfw /tg/ insults whineseer more than dakka dakka
>mfw dakka dakka is probably the largest and most popular 40k site and the one I use

Feels good.

>> No.26906566


>> No.26906579


He's saying they're not prevalent and it's not fun to lose with them.

Where did he say not to play them?

>> No.26906598

I play M:tG both competitively and casually because competitive M:tG is actually supported and a hell of a lot more balanced than 40k. But hey, if it makes you feel better about yourself then keep up the shitposting!

>> No.26906635

>implying I don't play all those system competitively

Keep your head in the sand. I would not ask /tg/ for advice on how to improve my Legacy sideboard.

>> No.26906696

Is it more cost efficient to run Land Speeders with one weapon or two? I got a broken one from a friend (crew was fucked up, no weapons, most of the accessory bits were broken off) and I was thinking of running it in a fun 500-750 point game.

>> No.26906729

I wouldn't either. I also didn't imply that you autistic chucklefuck.

>> No.26906750

It *is* more cost efficient since you're not paying the carrier cost again. Cost isn't the only thing you have to keep in mind though.

>> No.26906762

my understanding of the rules might be off a bit because its been a while since ive played but for fast, light vehicles to survive they have to go fast 24/7, usually limiting shooting to 1 weapon + defensive weapons iirc
so one weapon imo

>> No.26906782

>implying you represent all of /tg/

>> No.26906817

Land Speeders can shoot both of their guns even when going fast (aka, moving 6-12 inches). They're a Fast vehicle, thats kinda the point.

>> No.26907073

Just got the The Emperor's Gift (Grey Knights) Book. I hear the author has good books set in the 40K universe

>> No.26907121

So in a bit of a predicament. I really love all things Nurgle and plague related stuff in games. Problem Is I hear that mono nurgle armies are like half of all CSM and I kinda have a hipster side. Im not saying I want to play DE to sate that, I just dont want to follow the FOTM CSM list.

>> No.26907147

you dirty fucking hipster, play what you want

>> No.26907163

Just go Nurgle Daemons then.

They aren't the most popular Daemons list, yet they can still do well for themselves against everyone who isn't Gunline Tau or Necron Flying Bakery.

>> No.26907181

Just avoid spamming Heldrakes with Baleflamers and you'll be fine, if you want to shy away from predictable netlists.

>> No.26907185

Could do that. I am super interested in Typhus and how he summons zombies and all that

>> No.26907194

Isnt how the dex wins though?

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Just do it. Death Guard are awesome, and won't be half as shitbaggy as the incoming horde of Iron Hands players.

>> No.26907216


And thus you discover the 6e Chaos Marine's Dilemma.

>> No.26907232

If you're stuck playing in a very competitive environment, maybe.

>> No.26907268

okay so fuck what i said completely. two guns all the way forever

>> No.26907272

>he's playing NUrgle
>without Heldrakes

If anything his list is even more predictable.

>> No.26907276


Those books had one of my favorite lines of all time.



"Kill it."

Got goosebumps.

>> No.26907281



>> No.26907299

>tfw you used to roll with a space marine, cleavage babe, and curly haired female twin
>now you're stuck with some naked daemonhost

>> No.26907302

Almost all players excited for the new Space Marine codex are running Iron Hands day one.

>> No.26907329

Wait, people are going to play Iron Hands?
Thats what I keep hearing about it. Makes me want to go Crons instead

>> No.26907344


That really doesn't sound like the case. At least not on /tg/ or Dakka Dakka. Most people don't want to run mech which IH sort of demands.

>> No.26907353

>Makes me want to go Crons instead

With Eldar and Tau around Necrons is actually a respectable choice. Almost.

>> No.26907403

Why wouldnt they be?

>> No.26907438

Fluff-wise maybe, but I think most want to run it for the free FNP and It Will Not Die on characters and vehicles.

>> No.26907439


Why wouldn't Tau and Eldar be respectable choices? Same reason. Depends on what kind of player you are.

>> No.26907445


Too bad IH get no special characters.

>> No.26907454

No, why wouldnt crons?

>> No.26907520


They don't need any. They're getting army-wide buffs without having to have one.

>> No.26907880


Every chapter is getting army wide buffs without special characters.

>> No.26907930
File: 79 KB, 383x498, 1280045267351.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


And that makes it better. . .how?

>fuck Cruddace
>fuck Space Marines
>fuck GW

>> No.26907969

Recap to the former people I was talking to: If I want to avoid being FOTM and spamming Heldrakes to win, should I skip on making a nurgle csm list and just go for necrons instead?

>> No.26907999


Only 2 of those fucks are acceptable.

>> No.26908008

if you skip nurgle and helldrakes do whatever you want. Maybe look into daemon allies or something

>> No.26908016

>I want to be a hipster
>Nurgle CSM


>> No.26908043

So, for those of you too out of the loop to have seen this yet, I present the Spess Marine Chapter Relics, lovingly copy-pasted from the B&C rumors thread, thus saving you the misfortune of having to visit that wretched hive of scum and villainy.

>All relics are generic, usable by any Chapter.

>55pts Burning Blade: Melee weapon, STR +3 AP2 Blind, Incandescent (At end of assault in which to hit roll is made with it, roll D6 2+ nothing happens, 1 bearer takes S4 AP2 hit)

>60pts Armor Indomitus: 2+/6+, Relentless. Once per game, temporarily gain 2+ invuln in a phase

>50pts Shield Eternal: Storm Shield. Eternal Warrior, Adamantium Will

>20pts Primarch's Wrath: S4 AP4 Salvo 3/5 Shred Master-crafted

>35pts Teeth of Terra: S+2 Ap3 Melee, Rampage, Specialist Weapon, Strikedown
>Is a goddamn Chainsword

>65pts Standard of the Emprah Ascended: Same CT only, 12" Reroll failed morale & pinning, C:SM with 6" of bearer get hatred, +1 assault totals, bearer & unit immune to fear

>> No.26908048

CSM is kind of dying off as FOTM, being replaced by Tau and Eldar. Just don't run 3 Heldrakes and daemon allies and go have fun.

>> No.26908080


Whoa those are some fresh rumors since I recall reading relic speculation as early as last night. People wanting the eternal warrior stormshield and other relics are dumb because I knew beforehand each relic would be way too expensive to take.

>> No.26908101

>bearer & unit immune to fear
>ATSKNF already makes them immune to fear

I REALLY hope that is shorthand/misreporting and it actually makes them auto-pass morale checks, because otherwise what the fuck. Wouldn't put it past Crud to make a goof like that though.

Either way that looks like the least important of that Relic's powers, so eh.

>> No.26908102
File: 31 KB, 500x400, fw_hh_mkiv_power_weapons_heavy_chainsword_large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>35pts Teeth of Terra: S+2 Ap3 Melee, Rampage, Specialist Weapon, Strikedown
>>Is a goddamn Chainsword

FINALLY I can use pic related in my army without having to do some stupid Blood Angel crap with Gabriel Seth and his retarded model!

>> No.26908259
File: 6 KB, 200x200, Hello, I am the Dread Pirate Roberts. You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>No transports
Pic related.

That said, you can't capture any objectives. Some minimum size grot mobs could fix this and keep theme.

>> No.26908273

Stop post
I sometimes forget there is a codex outside of those two though.
So do or dont do Daemons allies?

>> No.26908299

Do it if you like fluffy lists. It's up to you if you want to ally or not.

>> No.26908311


He's got big meks and walkers

That's pretty mek

>> No.26908486

Might. If I dont spam heldrakes, how fucked am I? Are Chaos Undivided legions ever going to get a supplement outside of BL?

>> No.26908506

Mekanized is an orkification of Mechanised, meaning transports.

We call what he has a Dread Bash, even if he's using the vanilla codex to make it.

>> No.26908514

How competitive is your metagame? Against anything that would even see the light of day in a tourney, you're kinda fucked without Drakes.

As for supplements, who the fuck knows? Rumors suggest they're going to do the 4 Cult legions for sure, thats all we think we know.

>> No.26908525


No more fucked than any of the other sods using 5th edition books or shitty 6th books like DA.

>> No.26908667

I'm gonna just glue two swords together, then make my chapter master wield it with his powerfist.

It's gonna be awesome.

>> No.26908746
File: 60 KB, 800x680, 35.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It's gonna be jawesome

>> No.26908758

y u so bad thyphus?

>> No.26909035


One does not simply play 40K competitively.

>> No.26909073

He wasn't even run. Gave the army rage if they won combat lol

Not to mention he sucked. Basically a bad Logan Grimor (split attacks between claws and chainfist) but had no iron halo for a fucking captain, stuck in terminator armor, and I don't even think he was WS5!

>> No.26909082 [DELETED] 


>> No.26909195


He is the same price as a 5E vanilla chapter master with LC and PF.

>> No.26909279

And those sucked. Overpriced for honor guard option (which was worse than command squads and that's saying a lot) and the one shot pieplate. The Red Tide got none of that

>> No.26909324


Tyberos gets to unlock a command squad.

For some reason.

>> No.26909367

he's believed to be a captain not a chapter master. So if he cost as much as a chapter master he's overpriced

>> No.26909438


Nigger, you shitting me? Tyberos the Red Wake is THE chapter master of the Space Sharks. But admittedly it's stupid that he don't get any other bonuses for his price and special snowflakeness

>> No.26909457

I thought it was foggy. All the wikis have him as 1st captain and the badab books said they weren't sure if Tyberos was the Captain of the company or the actual Chapter Master. Either way he's like the weakest of all the cool special characters in the Badabb books rules wise

>> No.26909915


He counts as a chapter master too though. You can't take another chapter master with him.

Also the fluff says it's unknown what the fuck he is both in FFG and FW.

>> No.26909921

>Either way he's like the weakest of all the cool special characters in the Badabb books rules wise

No he's not. There's a couple HQs that have zero assault capability and I think a dev sgt or two.

>> No.26910029

How do you apply those tiny tiny transfers to the guard's shoulder pads and get them to stick? They always seem to just fall off on me...

>> No.26910031


iirc Vulkan used it on Isstvan V. It says so in Fulgrim I think.

>> No.26910101

get decal solution. You also need to apply brush on gloss medium before a decal will stick

>> No.26910114

Look into 2 products called Micro Sol and Micro Set.

1) 'ardcoat on the area
2) Cut out the transfer, let it rest in a little bit of Micro Sol
3) Apply it with a brush, gently work out the creases, using more Micro Sol if it dries out before you're done with it.
4) Let it sit for a moment and brush lightly with Micro Set
5) Once dry, matte coat.

>> No.26910763

>axe of blind fury but better

They REALLY love fucking over CSM, I wish us heretics got something better than turkeys and plagues for once

>> No.26910993


It's just because you came first. Look at DA. C:SM isn't even that great. If you got a C:SM level book you might be satisfied with diversity but your overall list will still pale in comparison to Tau and Eldar or even a min/maxed IG.

>> No.26911066

I wouldn't say the Axe is strictly worse. Its 20 points cheaper (which IS fairly significant), and has the potential to generate a ton of extra attacks. Of course, it can also fuck you MUCH harder if you roll that 1.

Mostly the issue is that the Chaos Lord is a shitty chassis compared to a SM characters unless he takes a Bike/Jugger, because Chaos cannot into 2+/3++ saves and their Land Raiders suck.

>> No.26911081


How do relics work do you just give them to any marine HQ or is it captain/CM only o rwhat.

>> No.26911097

They're exactly the same as CSM and DA relics. They cost points, and you can't have multiples of the same relic in the same army. Most HQ units have access to them.

>> No.26912075

How playable is the IG Armored Battlegroup/will most people let me be fielding it in a non-tournament setting?

>> No.26912358


Vanquishers with beast-hunter shells. Use them. Love them.

>> No.26916245

Anyone keeping up with the Nova open?

>> No.26916430

It's really sad how Eisenhorn ended up. Once a really damn good Inquisitor, now someone on the run.

40K needs more tragic characters.

>> No.26916578

The Deff Dreads can, One is a Troop if you take a Big Mek.

>> No.26916600

They're troops, but Vehicles still can't actually score.

>> No.26916660
File: 136 KB, 564x450, 1376985441237.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shit, they can't, can't they? Sorry, I started 40k the day 6th dropped, and never use Deff Dreads.

>> No.26918731

>the day 6th dropped
The rules aren't a fucking album

>> No.26918852
File: 37 KB, 320x201, rv1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Actually, it's 1497

[200] HQ1 - Sammael (200 points)

[170] HQ1a - Command Squad (120 pts)
Ravenwing Banner (15 pts)
Ravenwing Grenade Launcher (free)
Apothecary (30 pts)
Champion (5 pts)
2 additional Black Knights (80)

[155] HQ2 - Librarian (65 pts)
Mastery Level 2 (35 pts)
Bike (20 pts)
PFG (30 pts)
Auspex (5 pts)

[306] T1 - Ravenwing Attack Squadron (80 pts)
3 additional Ravenwing Bikers (81 pts)
Attack Bike (45 pts)
Multi-Melta (10 pts)
Land Speeder (50 pts)
Multi-Melta (10 pts)
Assault Cannon (30 pts)

[306] T2 - Ravenwing Attack Squadron (80 pts)
3 additional Ravenwing Bikers (81 pts)
Attack Bike (45 pts)
Multi-Melta (10 pts)
Land Speeder (50 pts)
Multi-Melta (10 pts)
Assault Cannon (30 pts)

[70] T3 - Scout Squad (60 pts)
Camo Cloaks (10 pts)
Sniper Rifles (free)
[70] T4 - Scout Squad (60 pts)
Camo Cloaks (10 pts)
Sniper Rifles (free)

[100] FA1 - Darkshroud (80 pts)
Assault Cannon (20 pts)

[100] FA2 - Darkshroud (80 pts)
Assault Cannon (20 pts)

The RAS Land Speeders peel off from the main force with one of the Darkshrouds in tow, effectively acting a squadron without requiring coherency and allowing independent targeting. First speeder blows open a transport, while the Darkshroud and the other speeder let rip with the assault cannons. If there are no transports, all three have at it with the cannons.

The scouts infiltrate on (an) objective(s) and stay put, relying on the attack bikes or speeders to crack armor and the regular bikers to break a serious infantry advance.

The regular bikers support the scouts as above or H&R on big shooting units while the command squad gets close enough to assault.

Command unit (sammy and libby inside) bust termies, transports, and possibly fliers with massed plasma fire, and assault anything that is too much for the regular bikers. Other darkshroud follows them.

The attack bikes lurk around the scouts and regular bikers to provide any anti-tank if the speeders aren't close.


>> No.26919066

Do you really think such small scoring units are all you need? I'd be worried about this list if it was any higher in points. Also, Infiltrate is okay, but by no means a perfect strategy. No plan survives contact with the enemy, and all that.

>> No.26919137

Well, If I combat squad the RAS I have eight scoring units. 4 groups of 3 bikes, 2 attack bikes, and 2 scout units. Alternatively I have some relatively sturdy units with 6 T5 3+, potential 4++ from pfg, potential 3+ jink from nightshroud, ATSKNF Stubborn scorers. The scouts can also get a relatively easy 2+ cover from cloaks and darkshroud. Dunno, seems about as survivable as a squad of tacs.

>> No.26919139
File: 12 KB, 243x200, 1372142550124.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh, excuse me, please tell me what word I should use.

>> No.26919290

If you're using your bikes for offense, they are going to be going too fast to score. Give it a few tests, but it seems like you are trusting those two Ravenwing squads to do too much.

>> No.26919842
File: 24 KB, 400x500, spacemarine.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Going to make myself a GK army, how does my colourscheme look?

>> No.26919864

Too much gold, otherwise yes.

>> No.26919883

Hmm any suggestions to what I could use instead?

>> No.26919908

The red could stand to be darker for the main color you chose. Also, multicolor helmets never look good imo.

>> No.26919918

Replace both the white and red with blue, keep the gold.

>> No.26920044
File: 30 KB, 360x534, swag.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I approve.

>> No.26920135

I agree with you on the disciplines.
Spells... hm... Enfeeble is definitely up there, Prescience is also useful and I absolutely adore Spontaneous Combustion.
When we take army-specific spells into account, though, then the best discipline is Slaanesh, with Symphony of Pain as the best spell.

>> No.26920487


Iron Arm requires a good carrier. Best overall discipline is Divination.

>> No.26920508

I need an army recommendation. Requirements:

>not human
>hard to kill
>fairly easy to paint

>> No.26920551

this sounds geared towards necron.

>> No.26920569

Necrons fit the bill. They're evil zombie space pimps, robot skeletons, have reanimation, and their basic units can nearly be dipped.

>> No.26920571


Bugger, I think necrons are popular in my local club. I may have to jump on the bandwagon.

>> No.26920607


Every other non human army is either not evil, easy to kill, and/or difficult to paint.

>> No.26920649


They do seem cool, but urgh if there's a lot of people playing them already.

>> No.26920694
File: 486 KB, 400x300, doc168073432_154935968.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26920709

>not evil

>> No.26920767
File: 219 KB, 720x540, Pretty unholy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26920817

who is not evil? If you say that eldar and tau are not evil, then newcrons sure are not as well

>> No.26921178
File: 2.65 MB, 1170x744, head.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone knows where the heads from those fexes came from?

>> No.26921375


Most Newcron dynasties are far more evil or have malicious intent than a typical CWE or Tau.

>> No.26921427

Newcrons are hardcore evil, batshit insane, or both.

You didn't read their fluff, did you?

>> No.26923445

GW's site went down from the Space Marine hype. Anyone want to know what info I got beforehand?

>> No.26925148


Info? You mean like photos? People posted all of them already.

>> No.26929740

Those used to be the acute senses biomorph, they are in the box

>> No.26929889

Anyone have the scan of the farsight enclaves supplement? I can't find it on /rs/

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