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So, I'm making a Drill Abbot character in DH, and I'm after character art. Could you guys give me some good art of middle aged/old guardsmen and priestly looking dudes? Bonus points for beards, sideburns or big hammers.

I'll dump my own character art folders in the meantime.

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Dude's an ex-Vostroyan by the way, so Russian looking dudes would be great.

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I don't actually have a scan of it, but there's a character in the example adventure in the back of the DH book who's essentially an ex guardsman, now temple guardian. He looks weathered and is a good quarter bionics, shaggy beard, fairly jolly disposition, still wears full flak armour. If you've got the book, check that adventure section.

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There really isn't enough Arbitrator art. I keep getting all this shit from Halo.

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That's pretty much perfect, thanks dude.

By all means, people can keep dumping, there's always room for me to find more, but this works pretty well. I'll keep dumping for a little while before bed.

Time for me to see what I have. Probably not much, but I'll dump it all.

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Aaaand apparently I have jack shit in the way of Arbitrators. Welp.

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That's Shira Calpurnia. She's awesome.

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Change the stance of your google fu, fellow anon; "Adeptus Arbites" in images should get you a decent variety of Judges. I would save and dump, but alas I must go and get food.

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Alright, heading to bed. I'll dump more in the morning if the thread is alive.

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I have, what I'm really looking for is one carrying a shield, but most of the ones I've seen have bolt pistols, as if those are really all that common.

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i got these two arbites only

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