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Hay /tg/ Im just starting Warhammer40k and just drew up my first army list, 1500 points. Thoughts?

> All upgrades 145
> Eldar Jetbike, Scorpion Chainsword, Laser Lance, Banshee Mask 103
Dire Avenger x3
> Exarch, twin linked catapult, Battle Fortune 95

Fire Dragons
> Exarch, Firepike, Fast Shot, + 1 Model, + 1 Wave Serpent* 312
Stricking Scorpions
> Exarch, Scorpions Claw, Crushing Blow, +3 Model 186

Fast Attack
Shining Spears x2
> Exarch, Star Lance, Hit & Run, + 3 Models 260
Warp Spiders
> Exarch, Twin Link, Fast Shot 120

Heavy Support
War Walker Squadron
> + Scatter laser/Brightlance 70

*Wave Serpent
> Brightlance/Starcannon, Shuriken Cannon 145

Minus 1 Striking Scorpion model and Autarch
Striking Scorpion
> Exarch, Chainsabres, Crushing blow 115

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Will bump for a bit

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And provide you with glories 40k images as thanks

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i hope someone can help you, i only do Word bearers Marines with Chaos daemon allies. i know one guy that does eldar, and its jetbikes.
but I shall continue to lurk.

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Helfen mir bitte

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I tried to use as many jetbikes as I felt i could afford. i even gave my bikes my HQ's. Thanks though

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More Wave serpents.

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For what exactly? And what would i take out?

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>all upgrades
Why would you even do that?

Also, if you're new, you probably shouldn't try a 1500 point list. Start with a single squad and see how painting goes, then build up to 500 points.

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Anon's just recommending the single most 'competitive' Eldar unit. You don't necessarily need that- depends on who you're playing against.

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You could use some more Wave Serpents and/or War Walkers.

Striking Scorpions, Warp Spiders, and Fire Dragons are all good.

Your list could use some formatting. Looks like you're missing a lot of troops. You need two squads minimum but from your list it looks like you've got...one squad of 3 DA? Or is that 3 squads of DA's? How many per squad? I recommend 10 Guardians in 1 Wave Serpent or some Guardian Jetbikes for your troops. DA's are sorta ehh.

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...having said that, without Serpents your Avengers are stuck running around on foot while the rest of the army is much speedier. Seems like an easy recipe for dead Avengers.

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I heard it was a good Idea. if i take out the 2 runes it frees up 25 points. Ill see what I can with that. And I plan are starting at 500 points and then moving on one squad at a time. I just want a general Idea of what im doing

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>I heard it was a good Idea
Not sure where from, maybe some advice from before the new codex. Farseer runes are pretty terrible.

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All units troop count is as comes unless stated other wise, so i have 3 DA Anything you think i should take out for the Serpents? Last time i was here an anon told me DA were actually pretty solid and could fill many roles

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Pretty much this.

Protect your dudes in their APCs.

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That being said what do i take out for these wave serpents?

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They are. It's just that people trying to cut costs usually run 5 DA because it's cheaper than 10 Guardians, but if you're going to run 5 DA, that's kinda shitty compared to 10 Guardians or 10 DA.

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Should I scrap the Avengers for Guardian Jet Bikes?

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I don't think it's a matter of taking things out, it's about deciding what kind of list you want and redoing it entirely. Do you want a Serpent-heavy army? A footslogging army? A bike army?

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Do you prefer Jetbikes? You can do, but that would mean making a jetbike army- you have to decide whether you want that or not.

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Mobile Hit and run that can adapt to most situations

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Drop Autarch. Best HQs are bike Farseer, Spiritseer, bike Warlock.

Drop Shining Spears.

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Consider a fully meched or full jetbike army with Warp Spiders.

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3 Squads of 5 Avengers with Exarch didnt seem too shitty though. Recommendations?

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Shining Spears seem pretty good though. Laser Lance looks pretty useful

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Your Avenger squads are weird as hell. Looks like three squads of five short-ranged dudes with an Exarch for added points cost and no transport to protect them. If your opponent is competent they'll die incredibly fast, and then you'll have no troops, which is terrible news.

If you want them to run around on foot you want bigger squads, and probably Guardians instead of Avengers. If you want small squads you really have to put them in Serpents and lose the Exarch, he's just extra points.

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Seems reasonable to me. Im thinking of dropping the scorpions, thoughts?

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They are expensive and are only really devastating when charging. I usually would just use Guardian jetbikes instead for jetbike unit, and for hard hitting unit use something else.

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All bikes with spiders and dragons in serpents actually sounds pretty nice. i feel like I should run some Avengers though, throw some in a serpent too

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For your Farseer or Autarch (not sure you need both...), consider putting him on a jetbike with Mantle of the Laughing God. It's trolltastic because very few things will be able to hurt him and he can run all over the board attacking whatever he likes. Downside is he can't join a squad though.

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They seemed good to me. I planned to run them up close to ranged units and up behind tanks, firing some shots/charging, and bugging out if need be after. And good mobile armor rape then?

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Yeah, if you have a serpent for dragons you should really have Avenger serpents too. Serpents are great, but work best when you have a lot of them because otherwise the opponent can just concentrate all anti-tank fire on one and bring it down.

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I put the autarch in because i felt like he would really boost the bikes. I had thought about the laughing god gag but for my first army i rather play some thing a bit more orthodox

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They are good. I would be willing to build an army around them. But I wouldn't just throw a couple in any list. Guardian jetbikes are way better as that kind of "oh hey I'll throw in a couple of these" type of unit.

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they're only really good against terminator equivalent troops. They don't put out enough attacks to endanger multi-wound opponents, but they'll eat alive any squad of small expensive troops and they're wasted against anything with more than ten models in the squad.

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i know Dragons are anti aromor rape gods, anything more mobile that may fit the bill?

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i had two squads in the list with six models and an exarch and i planned on putting my 2 HQs in them. I dont really think thats just putting some in there for the fun of it?
Are they good at fucking up rear armor and metal boxes with concentrated fire too?

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Your list is really hard to read. I would suggest typing it out like this:

6 Shining Spears
6 Shining Spears

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Its copy pasta from word. the list i used to organize my army. Made sense to me but i guess thats because it was my idea. ill fix it the next time I put up a list here.

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They are, though I'd rather run either as many shuriken cannon as I can in vanilla jetbike squads, or more fire dragons. Shuriken cannon is just fine at harassing rear armour and AV10.
Shining spears are good at what they do, don't get me wrong. It's just I believe that there are cheaper(pointswise)/better options available.
My Eldar list is quite different. I run two wraithlords and a Prism, backed up by as many starcannons as I can run. Most of the people I play against are marines, though, so my list works in my local meta.

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Ill be playing marines, Tau, and Chaos/Nids
I may cut one for more Dragons. Those guys are really nice. Rules question: After disembarking from my Serpent my Fire Dragons can Shoot normally right?

>> No.26871644


Tau is the only one you really need to watch out for.

Disembarking models can shoot, but count as having moved in the movement phase.

>> No.26871648

Indeed they can.
Good to vomit out of wave serpents and melt a landraider or a monolith or something.

>> No.26871687

Good Good. Is it best to max out a unit numbers wise or to get multiple of the same unit?

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It does depend. If you've got the force organization slots free, and the points free, then sometimes it's best to split your squads for the same points cost. Also depends on what your opponents field. If I've got, say, two wave serpents, enough for two squads of fire dragons and the opponent is fielding two leman russ' then I'll go for two squads. If it's orks, I'm probably going to go for scatter lasers or as many shots as I can fit on the table rather than Dragons.

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One squad can hit one target at a time, so multiple squads can hit multiple targets. I get it. I have a revised list i will post. I have a few spare points i need to give to some thing

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Updated list (thanks Fa/tg/uys)

- Sining Spear, Jet Bike 120
Windrider Jet Bike
- + 3 Bike, + 2Cannon 122
Windrider Jet Bike
- + 3 Bikes, + 2Cannon 122
Windrider Jet Bike
- +3 Bikes, +2 Cannon 122
Fire Dragons
- Exarch, Firepike, Fast Shot, + 1 Model, + 1 Wave Serpent* 312

Fast Attack
Shining Spears
- Exarch, Star Lance, Hit & Run, + 3 Models 260
Warp Spiders
- Exarch, Twin Link, Fast Shot 120

Heavy Support
Fire Prism
- Shuriken Cannon 135
Fire Prism
- Shuriken Cannon 135

*Wave Serpent
- Brightlance/Starcannon, Shuriken Cannon 145

>> No.26871884

Oh forgot to mention serpents have holofields

>> No.26871948

For armour up to AV12, decent amounts of S7 fire will probably do- Warp Spiders and the Wave Serpents' shields can provide this. Above AV12, you're looking at
>Fragons and Wraithguard- short-ranged, need to be delivered by Serpent really
>Bright Lances (from Guardians, War Walkers, Wraithlords, and Wave Serpents if you can bear to part with the Scatter Laser)
>Singing Spears (but only in bulk, in a Jetbike-riding Seer Council)
>Fire Prisms firing on Lance mode

Oh, and Swooping Hawks if you can get them close enough, but that's tricky.

>> No.26872054

Fucked around and fixed my list

- Singing Spear, Jet Bike 120
Windrider Jet Bike
- + 3 Bike, + 2Cannon 122
Windrider Jet Bike
- + 3 Bikes, + 2Cannon 122
Windrider Jet Bike
- +3 Bikes, +2 Cannon 122
Fire Dragons
- Exarch, Firepike, Fast Shot, + 1 Model, + 1 Wave Serpent* 312

Fast Attack
Shining Spears
- Exarch, Star Lance, Hit & Run, + 6 Models 260
Warp Spiders
- Exarch, Twin Link, Fast Shot, +1 Model 139

Heavy Support
Fire Prism
- Shuriken Cannon, Holofield 150
Fire Prism
- Shuriken Cannon, Holofield 150
How are fire prism vs TEQ?

>> No.26872106

Their AP2 blast will hurt 'em pretty nicely. Mind you, so will anything with 'shuriken' in the name, plus the Warp Spiders' deathspinners, so I don't see TEQ being too much of an issue for you...

>> No.26872135

Scale of one to ten how this list do you thinkj then? I know all the bikes will fuck up my Tau Friend

>> No.26872173

Every Bison dollar will be worth five British pounds. That is the exchange rate that the bank of England will implement after I kidnap their queen.

>> No.26872236

Warp Spiders are incredibly fast now, and can hit armour with a high amount of S7 shots, and are great at hit and runs, plus they can mow down even high armoured infantry aswell.

>> No.26872278

Looks decent to me, but you might want more opinions. The bikes will definitely have a learning curve to them- if you put them in the wrong place they'll have a nasty habit of dying.

>> No.26872296

Would you reccomend I fuck off with the Fire Dragons and Load up on mire spiders?

>> No.26872307

recommend, more**

>> No.26872332


Fire Dragons are good. But mostly because you can put them in a Wave Serpent.

>> No.26872367

So keep as is?

>> No.26872371

hmm, well warp spiders cant deal with armour 14, but brightlances can, i feel like fire dragons are mostly overkill now, while WSers are very versatile, so yeah i would recommend taking something else. Funnily enough wave serpents are actually very good at AT , more so then some of the heavy choices.

>> No.26872420

OP's list has no BLs though. Although the Fire Prisms could handle AV14.

I'd keep them. The Exarch might be unnecessary, though.

>> No.26872432

Shining Spears I feel are more versatile than the dragons. They can kill big guys with their lances or dakka with their shurikens. Put another squad of them? or maybe war walkers with scatter Lasers and bright lances? take any leftovers and dump em into the spiders?

>> No.26872453

For 10 points he just makes sure. Plus I dont really know what i would spend the extra points on. Like I asked the other annon, War Walker squad of 3 with brightlance/scatter cannon instead of the dragons and wave serpent?

>> No.26872501

If u like Spears take them they are a good unit, but Eldar dont need to ever assault when they can shoot then run with weapons with bladestorm or mono filament.

>> No.26872539

I think ill keep the one for some zoom zoom kill kill and my Farseer to pal around with. Now Dragons or Walkers friend?

>> No.26872644

I really like Walkers because they can hug the corners of building and shoot then run around the corner, which is really anoying for your opponent cause they cant just shoot them back but have to go after them.

>> No.26872720

Holofields or Star Engines for the prisms and walkers?

>> No.26872781

holofields for prisms. Star engines make walkers more reliable as a hit and run unit, combined with fleet they should be able to get out of los with the right cover around.

>> No.26872836

Dos the prism have any other Cover save besides the field?

>> No.26872876

As a Skimmer they have a 5+ cover save if they move, with Holo thats a 4+ and if they moved flat out in the shooting phase its 3+.

>> No.26872996

Thats pretty sweet though I feel like i will be shooting as much as possible. I'm still working on memorizing the rules of keywords and the rules in general so sorry if i ask anything that seems dumb

>> No.26873014

if fine, i still need to look up rules from time to time, and their are alot of special rules in 6th ed.

>> No.26873102

How long have you been playing Eldar, and am i retarded for picking one of the more difficult races to play as as my first army?

>> No.26873129

actually i played Eldar as my first army back in 3rd ed. I would be playing them again but im already playin nids atm, but i love the new eldar codex, very powerful.

>> No.26873153

My friend who I'm starting this whent over the gist of the various factions. i liked Tau but they were already in use so I picked hit and run Eldar. not expecting to use so many bikes, but it seems like a solid list to start with. Might make another army in the future when I know what I'm doing with lots of Infantry and Serpents. Still the Eldar seem pretty fun if they work

>> No.26873200

if ur just starting out, start small, nothing beats actually game experience when deciding what your army needs.

>> No.26873210

Im going to start with 500 points, and move up from there like my friend is doing

>> No.26873257

thats the way to do it.

>> No.26873297 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 

Well anon, you have been invaluable in my quest to lead the armies of the craft worlds against or mortal and immortal enemies. You may see me around in the future asking questions and getting advice. Here is a gift of thanks before or drift off to sleep (its 4:25 am)

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You see the problem with /tg/ is that the things they jack on about the most are not things they actually do or are in any way good at.

We will scream cheese and call units beardy and decry lists as being WAAC without ever actually playing a game. We're like monkeys who imitate other gamers.
We do the same with painting. For all the cries of "TIN UR PANTS!" every "painting/modeling general" thread will 404 with only 1 or 2 fatguys ever posting.

Our painting advice is a trite meme, our army list help are regurgitated whineseer posts, our P&P stories are 3rd hand anecdotes. We occasionally have a good idea, or at least we have an idea that was funny at the moment of posting. We are /tg/ and we don't actually hobby unless you count bitching about things as a traditional game

>> No.26873620

OK, this is true for me, but I'm sure some people who give advice on /tg/ actually play the damn game


>> No.26874425


Yes, some do. But as usual, their advice will depends on how they play the damn game (casually<->competitively) and will depend on what their local meta looks like.

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