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The Perils of Monstergirls Edition

>Recruitin' players
>Talkin' about game
>Gettin' dissolved

F-List chat: /tg/ chat
IRC: #1001Lewd_Nights on Rizon

Don't touch it, Anon!

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is it bad that I made a character for a WoD ERP and now want to try playing her in normal games as well?

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how can she cry if she's made of goo?

>> No.26861588

As long as you don't bring up any eroticism in your normal games I don't see why not.

Unless you're that guy.

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I wouldn't be dumb enough to try sexy shit in serious games, I'm just rather pleased with how the character turned out.

>> No.26861641

Mimicry plus her insides are made of less viscous goo than the outer layer.

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That shit's trouble.

>> No.26861689

Her body just dissolved into goop like a minute ago,

>> No.26861698


I understand completely. I have a ERP character on F-list I wouldn't mind fluffing up a bit more and playing in Pathfinder or something.

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I'm confused. Is she crying because she went all "The Blob" on some guy and omfnomfed him or is she just a weird googirl with a skeleton.

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>Get into ERP
>Character in a normal game ends up married to a loving, caring wife who the GM just leaves as is despite there being tons of good plot for her (For example; not being able to have children, the fact they're from seriously different cultures and married for the convenience of another PC who was going to be executed by her father for devaluing her older sister, the fact he's saved her life via reincarnation spell and her having to deal with her new form.)
>All that wasted interaction and possible drama as well as a bunch of kinks the GM who introduced it doesn't realize I have
>Quietly wondering if I could find someone to do a scene involving my character from a serious game nailing his hot wife
>Realize how terrible that would be for the normal game


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She probably misunderstood what he meant by, "I want to be inside you," and doesn't understand what's going on aside from, "he's dead now and it's my fault, I feel sad."

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>The Penis of Monstergirls Edition

What I read.

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Is it that are for slime girls to have their own skeletons? I guess...

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There's two options. Either it's someone else's skeleton, in which case she's sad because she just ate someone (or she wanted a skeleton and can't have one), or it's her own skeleton, in which case she was eaten by a slime and now is a slime.

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>dissolving googirl
>not metamorphic googirl that can assimilate into your own flesh

>> No.26861884

You don't want one that assimilates in. You want a googirl bodysuit that constantly stimulates and teases you.

And, if you're into that thing, warps and morphs your flesh to your/its liking, for better use. For what end? Living off your sexual juices, perhaps? Impregnating you? Who knows? All you know is that it won't come off you for a good, long while...

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My favorite tabletop character started out as an ERP character who was a bad end magnet.

The campaign was that much more satisfying because it was good end

>> No.26861967

>bad end magnet

How do you even make such a character? I kinda like the idea... ERP or not.

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Not that guy, but either lots of noncanon, or some sort of respawn ability.

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1 parasitic body shifting goo girl with Dommy mischievous tendencys please.

hehe sempai today you have to wear these pretty tits to work. Oh and you have three and if you complain ill make them leak!

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1) Don't have a canon. Each person and (unless specified) each new instance exists in it's own universe.
2) Just set them up for sexual based failure, a lot.

I'd also recommend playing eroge. Both good ones and terrible one to realize that this unbelievable crap is what will be happening to your character.

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Or she was just cursed and became a slime, you know, in general.

Considering the skeletons alignment though it's obvious it JUST happened and the first thing she did was remove her own skull from her head in disbelief before we see her "crying" in the image.

Her body is likely still mimicking human form on reflex.

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I'd really like to RP my F-list character in a ERP-light game that would be more like a normal D&D adventure, but maybe with sexual based failure like you mentioned.

Here's her link in case anyone is planning something like that:


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>Do this in a symbiotic way, rather than parasitic
>some of the sweetest ERP I've ever done.

He got to live through a cold winter thanks to the increased body heat of having her wrapped around most of him, she got a reliable source of food, both got lots and lots of gratification.

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had a first session today. It was weird.

played a goo.

>> No.26862262

I like googirls and all but I kind of wish that when I say I like monstergirls they weren't everyone's first reaction.

Goos/Nagas get boring after a little while.

>> No.26862266


Weird how? Tell us about it.

>> No.26862299

is this where i go if i want to find someone to cyber with?

>> No.26862302

Would you rather vampires or succubi be people's first reactions?

>> No.26862336

it was just the first time thing. Mostly played the session trying to figure out next move.

>> No.26862351

Those are two popular types.
A little more variety would be nice, though.

>> No.26862378

I would love to run a game like this... but I start to get bashful and blushy and shy.

"o-okay, now the t-ten-ten-tentacle m-m-monster roll to gr-gra-grapple the Paladin" is basically how it would flow.

>> No.26862398

Hey, I *like* vampires. Bloodplay's hot as fuck.

>> No.26862446

Depends on if the vampire is the boring "I'm basically just a sexy lady with pale skin" or the "I'm going to fucking bite the shit out of you and there's some serious danger here."

>> No.26862452

I'd love to join a sci-fi game with lots of alien gals to play with.


>> No.26862495


We might be able to make it work with a few elegan/tg/entlemen and ca/tg/irls!

>> No.26862510 [DELETED] 


meant to say a few open-minded elegan/tg/entlemen and ca/tg/irls

>> No.26862512

I can't. It's just t-too l-l-lewd!

>> No.26862531


Huh, just yesterday I did a game where a female dwarf gave birth to a slimegirl. Spooooky

>> No.26862558

I'd post my e-mail if I wasnt already DMing 3 games...

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All you really need to know that the dwarf was impregnated by a slime monster and gave birth a few months later in a dark forest.

The dwarf was also previously male.

>> No.26862645

I am Skeleton Jelly I am Skeleton Jelly I am Skeleton Jelly I am Skeleton Jelly

>> No.26862710

That sounds entertaining.

You forgot the part about how a slime transformed the dwarf into a female to begin with.

>> No.26862718

I think she got transformed into a slime, and she's holding her own, now vestigial, skull.

>> No.26862980


I mentioned it in >>26862607, my good friend.

>> No.26863135

Ha! So you did~

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Hm. A centauress druid-type character in tune with nature and ready to run free, if only going to town didn't have to mean putting on clothes and covering up her horse half in a huge skirt, since she is pretty much putting her horse pussy on display and that may squick out other sentient beings.

>> No.26863927

>Squick out

Wrong word, bucko.

>> No.26863945

No, that was used correctly.

Some peasants might be grossed out by horse pussy on full display.

>> No.26863966

Wrong word, chimneyboy.

>> No.26863971


I just want to sleep on your back.

>> No.26863986

'Druid-type' makes me think she'd be all dirty and that's worse than horse skirts that are too short.

>> No.26863997

>Make a character
>Meet someone
>Fuck ONCE
>They want to have a relationship and possibly meet irl

>> No.26864015

Got a Four Armed female Naga Warlord ready to destroy everything in her path.
I think it would be neat if a slave she took from a local farming village showed their kind how to farm and care for animals, so the naga tribe could stop their nomadic, barbaric ways.
Just a thought.

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I'd hit it

>> No.26864033

That's what you get for trying with lonely internet nerds

>> No.26864153

I don't understand how people don't see this coming. You are having flippant e-sex with random people. A good portion of those people are probably only doing so because they lack the means in real life to do the same, or otherwise even pursue healthy long-term relationships.

I ERP out of an extreme lack of personal closeness in real life, and a psychological need for it. I can get attached to people over damn near nothing. I'm sorry about those of us who can't keep a lid on it, or at least deny it when it happens.

>> No.26864197


You are not alone.

>> No.26864216


I ERP because I'm afraid of the real world.

>> No.26864225

I ERP because I'm horny and my hormones get the better of me. I CAN'T STOP.

>> No.26864247


I ERP because I quite literally can't act out this kinks in real life.

>> No.26864266

You must be really good :v

>> No.26864267


That too.

>> No.26864271

I can't wait for full VR

>> No.26864298

So, wait... is that, like, a chick that used to be a human and turned into a slime and she's holding her own skull in her lap?

Because that would be kind of fucked up.

>> No.26864319

No. It's a chick who had sex with someone and accidentally dissolved him. She is distraught because ostensibly she really liked the person and now they're dead because they had sex with her.

>> No.26864323


Don't you mean hot?

>> No.26864341

>this thread now

>> No.26864344


Plus if you want to fap to porn of characters from a series and can't find the type of porn you want them in, you can just make the shit up yourself easily.

>> No.26864345

>Death by snoo snoo
best way to go

>> No.26864350

That's also really sad

>> No.26864364


That's not nearly as interesting.


>> No.26864380


This. There is, like, zero porn of Yuugi from Touhou pregnant. I had to make some myself.

>> No.26864408

>you can just make the shit up yourself easily.
>make it yourself
it's just not the same.

>> No.26864438


It's better with another person.

>> No.26864441

>it's just not the same.

Depending on the skill, it can be.

>> No.26864481

Yes, The picture is supposed to be sad.

>> No.26864576

Well, there's that thing that Sparrow did.

>> No.26864602


What thing that Sparrow did? Details, man.

>> No.26864669


If you can panda.


If you can't.

>> No.26864687


Aaaagh. That's hideous.

>> No.26864726


It's Sparrow, what did you expect?

>> No.26864728

Thats what she said.

>> No.26864779

So, stupid question. How do you get started with f-list? Are multiple characters a thing?

>> No.26864790 [DELETED] 

Seriously, why do you keep stinking up /tg/ with your idiotic fapthreads?

>> No.26864803

I promised nothing other than preg Yuugi. And I certainly delivered, didn't I?

Be more careful making requests. You never know who might answer.

>> No.26864836

Protip: a vast majority of tg gets value from these threads. Friendly advice is to filter ERP in subject if you don't like.

>> No.26864837


Yeah, good masterminding there, I guess...?

>> No.26864871


They can be. You can make as many as you want. I have two right now.

>> No.26864946

Kyyyyyyuuuuuuubbiiii! Damn you!

>> No.26864953

wel then got anything with Lamia's capturing men and NTRing their wives? Or just monster girls NTRing women in general

>> No.26864987

>Seriously, why do you keep stinking up /tg/ with your idiotic 40k General threads?
>Seriously, why do you keep stinking up /tg/ with your idiotic CYOA threads?
>Seriously, why do you keep stinking up /tg/ with your idiotic quest threads?
>Seriously, why do you keep stinking up /tg/ with your idiotic quest threads?
>Seriously, why do you keep stinking up /tg/ with your idiotic That Guy threads?
>Seriously, why do you keep stinking up /tg/ with your idiotic Battletech threads?

>> No.26865013

Yep you can make as many as you want and have 3 online in the chat at the same time (just opening the chat in different tabs or whatever)

>> No.26865017

>"I'm already this big and you can still see my abs!"

>> No.26865031

>Someone gets it.

>> No.26865115

Remember the trollplay threads? They maxed out in no time, and there always was one. They had about the value of this thread. That is, three and a half completely retarded assholes used them to spam /tg/ with their retarded bullshit. ERP threads are the same. No /tg/ regular tolerates them.

>> No.26865178

>No true Scotsman tolerates them.

Haha, look at that.

>> No.26865191

>No /tg/ regular tolerates them
Careful with those fallacies, buddy. I'm a /tg/ regular and I tolerate them; your assertion is proven wrong.

>> No.26865198

Dear god, I actually laughed out loud.

>> No.26865214

See this? This is you. Stop being That Guy and just hide the thread.

>> No.26865215

Been on /tg/ since a little after the boards conception (since warham was shit) and I like these threads.

>> No.26865225

Niggah, I visit this site every day, most of the time not for this stuff, and ERPing is great. Shut your mouth with all that 'we as a board' shit. You're one, maybe 3 trollfags at most.

>> No.26865231

I'm a /tg/ regular and I think these threads are funny as hell.

>> No.26865243

you could just take your fallacious ass to /v/ or something

>> No.26865244

>IRC: #1001Lewd_Nights on Rizon

What happened to #MyMagicalRealm?

>> No.26865249

These threads are fun, informative and fit within the board rules.

I don't see why you're so angry about elf stuffing.

>> No.26865258

I know people call it a fetish but I don't like Transformation because the character could go full bimbo. I like to watch the character struggle and observe the character's confusion depression due to the alien(relative to their old one) body which they've been put in. If I don't get horny off it but find it intriguing is it still considered a fetish?

>> No.26865262

I just assume it's the old "We didn't like the old channel because the OP or person X was annoying/bad/an idiot so we made our own channel, with blackjack. And hookers!"

>> No.26865272

Oh wow, he think's he's the majority!

>> No.26865295

An intellectual one, maybe. I gotta say I'm in the same boat as you, there.

>> No.26865304

Yes. Fetish may have sexual denotations, but it's not purely sexual.

>> No.26865314

Both of them suck and are filled with emote spamming fags who all type like they're in 4th grade

>> No.26865327

Sounds no different from most IRC channels I have to say.

>> No.26865338

>no punctuation.
You too, type like you are in fourth grade.

>> No.26865405

*You, too, type...

>> No.26865427

>Using an unnecessary commas just to prove a point

You roleplaying as kirk or something?

>> No.26865457

>tfw want to start up a D&Dish game with fun rompy sex included when it'd make sense but already have five rp's running.

Fuck, why can't I have more hands and heads. Then I could use two computers and do twice the RPing.

>> No.26865476

I, might be, roleplaying, such a character. Overacting, included.

>> No.26865536

Two computers? Fuck that, just clone yourself at that point, and link all your consciousness together into one super being, and use your new free time to find a way to increase the hours in a day and expand the human life span and time travel slow down buttons.

These are truly, all the things humanity needs.

>> No.26865575

My own clone? I will no longer remain a virgin!

Even if that case that might just be one weird case of masturbation if anything.

>> No.26865588

>been here since well before -4 str.
>probably been here longer than you.
>have no problems with ERP threads since they keep things localized to a single thread that I can hide if I don't like looking at it.

That NTS angle doesn't work very well brother.

>> No.26865619

> tfw you will never have a lamia wrap you up and ravage you for hours

>> No.26865694

...wouldn't one get into endless arguments about who's top/bottom after 69ing becomes boring? I mean, I love gentle (or not so gentle) self-caressing as much as everyone else, but unless your clone has a killswitch you can threaten him/her with there will be tons of arguements. And threatening him/her will probably ruin the mood. For most people, anyways.

Although, thinking of it, genderbending the clone might be something worth trying...

>> No.26865725


>that pic

New fetish obtained.

>> No.26865735

at least we will always have Paris.

And just wait until someone finally unrevels the marvels of the human brain. Virtual reality porn. You know it will be a thing.

>> No.26865767

getting fucked to death by a slime girl waifu that loves you eternally, so she gets cast into a downwards spiral of self-hatred and despair?
I had that one long before I saw OPs pic.

>> No.26865819

Then again it wouldn't be that hard to come up with some odd schedule or agreement that you keep switching places every other week or so.

>> No.26865830

but who would get the first week?

>> No.26865835

What if you hate yourself and you don't care either way what sex your clone is?

>> No.26865866

Oooh, good point there. Decide via rock paper scissors maybe? Or maybe you as the base model gets to go first?

>> No.26865885

there is always bdsm.

>> No.26865894

Whoever makes the other cum first in a mutual blowjob contest.

>> No.26865912

Or just who gets the other to orgasm first if you decided to get a clone sister.

>> No.26865945

Are.... you guys talking about...... twincest?

>> No.26865950

rock paper scissors against yourself when both sides want to win is... yeah. no.
As for the abse model going fist... if I were my clone, I would NOT approve of this kind segregation. We're both in this, buddy. Either we do it as partners, or we see who can rip out the others hroat faster.

Of course, other people might not have such extreme views, but still.

>> No.26865968

twincest is best cest.

>> No.26865972


>> No.26865981

It's easy to get them to pick differently, once the clone is created it's memories diverge from the primary even if only slightly.

>> No.26865993

but... it's your clone! He's just as god as you are! There will be draws. So many draws!

>> No.26866008

I guess. Or clonecest maybe.

Eh, you make a good point I guess.

>> No.26866013

In case anyone wants to do a D&D style erotic fantasy adventure.


Also requesting some D&D reading material since i'm new. And maybe some centaur stuff.

>> No.26866029

Sure, from that point on. But say you know you always prefered stone. You know your clone knows that. But your clone knows, that you know, that the clown knows. Which you know. Which the clone nows.

>> No.26866103

If you have a preference in rock paper scissors then that's a serious problem. I create a psychological and aesthetic profile of my opponent and deduce the most likely choice that they will make.

>> No.26866125

So your clone would also do that. Still the same dilemma.

>> No.26866140

Good morning. Is it too late to join? I'd like to discuss harpies.

>> No.26866158

It's never too late.
And harpies are always welcome.

>> No.26866203

You know what would make her feel better?
Someone sticking their penis in her

>> No.26866253

Depends...are you the egglaying type, or the hot monstergirl type?

>> No.26866268



>> No.26866295

Personally, I'm not a fan of egglaying. In a sexual way, anyway.

>> No.26866305


Okay, I'll take a spare seat. Thank you.

So in everyone's opinion, is the stereotype of the scatter-brain but musically gifted and energetic harpy the norm? I was considering playing an eloquent tea-drinking scientist harpy in an upcoming game (think both mundane AND mad science in equal measure), but was wondering if this would rankle the other players a little. Should I play the stereotype?

For reference, I don't know what the other players are playing, only that I am the only harpy (if I choose to be her)

>> No.26866315

that's how the first skeleton got there!

>> No.26866327

This thread should work just fine...
Anyone care for a little review of an F-list?
Just started using it again recently, and I can't help but want to see if I can improve it somewhat.
Shut up I know it's light in the kinks, what can I say.

>> No.26866334


Fair enough. Just an extension of my own birth fetish, really.

>> No.26866347


Couldn't hurt, would certainly be an interesting twist on the stereotype.

>> No.26866349

You never HAVE to play the stereotype, dear Harpygirl.

It's just what people are most comfortable with. Play whatever you wish, and just discuss it before hand a little bit.

>> No.26866353

Time to post an actual game:

Synopsis: The city of Redburg. An idyllic metropolis nestled in the heart of the Great Lakes region of North America. Recently, however, a series of grisly murders have been stumping police...and as the bodies pile sky high, the circumstances of death grow more and more bizarre. That's not all, though...a select few have begun to share a recurring a dream. A woman, beckoning to them, singing a siren song. As curiosity grows, reality crumbles, and soon the world they knew will become a twisted labyrinth of lust and fear.

When violence is law and submission is power, only those who abandon their humanity will survive.

About the game: The game is set in modern times, with some supernatural elements at play. It's mostly based in horror and mystery, with heavy streaks of femdom and sexuality painting the background. Fairly dark, though it won't be an ALL GRIMDARK ALL THE TIME sorta deal. We're looking for two or so more players.

About the characters: The characters are all students at a college, aged between 18 and 24. They may be male or female, and the only real requirement is that they're very curious, in the way that only fictional characters are.

System: Savage Worlds

When: TBD

Where: Rizon IRC

Contact Info: If you're interested in the game, you can reach me at the email provided. Tell me a bit about yourself, and if I like you I'll give you the name of the channel.

>> No.26866378

>Where: Rizon IRC
God damn it...

>> No.26866384

>Completely normal and average list of desires.
Ughh, Booooriiiiing

>> No.26866398


Alright, although I do want to remain rather 'harpy-ish' too. Like, I don't want her to be that character 'who also happens to be a harpy'. Any tips on how to insert more harpy into a character?

>> No.26866414

Sorry bout that. I'm just not super into the weird stuff. What can I say?

>> No.26866417

It's really not that hard to set up, anon.

>> No.26866420

Holy SHIT, look at those Nos. They're longer than the other three combined. Finish your kinks! That's very off-putting, to open a profile and see a No list that long in comparison to your Yes and Favorite lists.

>> No.26866423


>> No.26866434



>> No.26866439


Speaking of which, does anyone have any good Centaur girl pics? I needs em.

>> No.26866447

Well when you say 'insert more harpy' you're actually saying 'insert more stereotype'.

That's what any 'race' is by that standard, and that's why I don't mind that some monstergirls really are just girls with weird bodies.

But if you wanted examples, just think of a harpy's natural abilities and talents. How would a real person be with such things like that? Do her wings get in the way of being scientist at all? Does flying help her think or something? Any number of things.

>> No.26866452


You could shit on everyone's food while screeching in that awful half-Human half-bird voice of yours while flapping furiously, sending greasy bird feathers all over the place.

Seriously Harpies are explicitly meant to be disgusting creatures.

>> No.26866463

I was a bit worried about that, actually...would it be better just to have none of the nos listed at all? Less intimidating I feel.
when I first made it, I didn't actually know I didn't HAVE to fill out everything

>> No.26866474

I like the way you think

>> No.26866477


That's a bird girl dude.

Harpies already have established behavior, as explained here >>26866452

They're literally ugly hags with wings that shit on everything tasty, good and beautiful in your world while screaming incoherently.

>> No.26866480


Actually, her wings would make things difficult for her... dropping test tubes and stuff.

Damn, I need to think this shit through.

>> No.26866502

So, black women with wings?
(Sorry, it was kind of obligatory)

>> No.26866506

It actually depends more on the lore, anon.
By DnD lore, yes they are horribly disgusting creatures...but I assume that anon above didn't mean to play a psychotic bird bitch who wanted to rape and eat everything that got in her path.

...I assumed.

>> No.26866526


Pretty much, a Harpy played straight would never be something attractive unless you're into scat and mutilation.

>> No.26866554

>By DnD lore, yes they are horribly disgusting creatures...

It's actually deeper than that. The "psychotic bitch bird" portrayal of Harpies *is* the original portrayal, as seen in Greek mythology.

>> No.26866582

Gah, crap you have me there anon. Shall I say, I assumed anon above wanted to play a 'monstergirl' harpy and not a 'classic' harpy

>> No.26866599


By turning a harpy into "just another hot chick with some quirks," you're doing the equivalent of what Twilight did to Vampires.

>> No.26866614

I would go with emphasizing her race's natural talents.

The first thing to come to mind would be having her lab built with a harpy in mind, lots of space to fly and places unreachable without wings.
the fetishey idea would be having her do a twist on classic mad-science self experimentation revolving around laying eggs of various purposes.

Given that this is ERP, I would assume that this person is playing the harpy variant usually seen as a "monstergirl".
That is, more "birdgirl" than harpy.

>> No.26866621

>Twilight did for vampires
Anne Rice beat Twilight to the punch by like 20 or 30 years, bro.

>> No.26866632


A great many of the things you have under No are things that there isn't really any demand for on F-list at all, and others are things that people only bother suggesting if you've specifically got as a Yes. You don't need to list zoophilia, for instance. When my female characters are in that mood, there are characters specifically dedicated to that out there. You also don't need to list Hermaphrodites, for instance, as a no because you're already listed as straight. That kind of thing.

>> No.26866656

>I like my harpies shitting on my face and pissing on my balls
You weird, bro.

>> No.26866657


Well if you're fine with shitting over the mythology (pun, since it's Harpies) than sure, it's ok making the Harpies just another monstergirl.

That being said, I don't know why he wants a Harpy character instead of a bird girl character; if we were going by monstergirl standards that were in any way faithful to their source material, a monstergirl Harpy would be for players into Scat and the more "hardline" fetishes while bird people would fit the whole "Squawk I have wings and a hot, tight body."

>> No.26866675

Hm. good advice. Thanks anon, I'll cut the list down to size with groupings.

>> No.26866703


Yeah, because the canon ideas of harpies simply MUST be preserved at all costs. How will you sleep at night otherwise?

>> No.26866706


I'm just saying it's a good idea to at least look like you care about the source of your monstergirl.

You can certainly have a harpy, but unless she's got urges to shit on people's faces or talk shit at the drop of a hat, you're better off just calling her a bird girl.

>> No.26866709

>too many bones in her

>> No.26866789


> I'm just saying it's a good idea to at least look like you care about the source of your monstergirl.

... why? Seriously, explain why that is important.

>> No.26866815

Go suck a cloaca.

>> No.26866856


What's the point of calling her a harpy if she isn't a harpy.


Because otherwise what's the use of saying she's derived from Mythology X if her only connection to said Mythology is some ambiguous physical features?

>> No.26866878

>MASSIVE no list
Shit, dude. Simplify that shit.
You've got shit on there that is redundant (as you've also no'd it's parent kink)
And there are also things on there that are that, if you leave them off, people won't assume you're into them.

I mean, here is a good example.
Early on, you say you're not into ageplay.
Then you, later on, mention babyfurs, cubs/young characters and twinks (probably a few more things), and all I'm thinking is "Yeah, I know. You already said you're not into ageplay already."

Likewise, a lot of you've got a lot of cocks and male in there. Since you already said straight, we can once again go "Yeah, I heard you the first time."

Seriously, SIM.PLI.FY

>> No.26866897


Not him but F List has a LOT of shit that is a big "Hell No" to me.

>> No.26866913

But really, most of the time you can just leave it off and people won't bring it up.

>> No.26866925

I thought twinks were just feminine gays who weren't quite traps?

>> No.26866926


Just imagined her on break in a small tea room away from the labs when other characters enter.


'You are interrupting my tea and crump break, so be quick. I have to burn some energy before I get back to my feather dye serums. What do you need?'

>> No.26866933

Consider the following:
If people are looking for some of the HELL NO fetishes, they're searching for people who actually list those fetishes as Yes or Faves.

>> No.26866952

Yes yes, an anon pointed this out. In the middle of fixing it now. Thought about fixing it earlier, but wasn't sure if it was a problem. I now know that you actually don't have to fill out the whole damn sheet.
That's a few hours I'll never get back

>> No.26866953


Because the idea has since evolved, and without being some sperglord WE know what we are talking about.

>> No.26866964

>Twink is a gay slang term describing a young or young-looking man with a slender, ectomorph build, little or no body hair, and no facial hair

An attractive, boyish-looking, young gay man. The stereotypical twink is 18-22, slender with little or no body hair, often blonde, dresses in club wear even at 10:00 AM, and is not particularly intelligent. A twink is the gay answer to the blonde bimbo cheerleader.
Urban Dictionary

Twink is young gay dudes, often minors.

>> No.26866971



>> No.26867051

>and without being some sperglord WE know what we are talking about.

How do you explain the people who apparently had no idea how Harpies actually behave, or didn't even know their origins beyond DnD?

>> No.26867070


> Monster Crump

The game that combines monstergirls and hip-hop. Sex, rhymes, feathers and scales. It will do for the ERP monstergirl community what Samurai Champloo did for samurai anime


>> No.26867081

Why would you do this

>> No.26867089

Who. Fucking. Cares?

>> No.26867097



Or do you think you need a working knowledge of T-model Fords to drive a car?

Jesus H. Christ, dude.

>> No.26867108

No one gives a fuck, sperglord.

>> No.26867118

How can you be this retarded?

>> No.26867120


Every fifteen minutes, players finish the scene and have a CRUMP STOP for three minutes where they try experimental dance styles based on their character's species.

>> No.26867149


Can we run this one here, guys?

>> No.26867191

No ERPing in the thread, remember?

>> No.26867209


Not HERE, I meant can we run that idea.

>> No.26867236


Just sayin', it's like playing a Muslim character without knowing anything about Islam.

>> No.26867252

God you are an idiot.

>> No.26867269


No it isn't. Religion is a core belief of the character. The origins of a race (which aren't being used in a setting) are fully irrelevant.

Or are you saying it's wrong to play a scientist character without an in-depth knowledge of scientific fields?

>> No.26867271

I bet you're the same guy that got a bug up his but when I dropped some info about my drow in a modern fantasy setting that wasn't as spiders and BDSM.

>> No.26867274


Mind explaining why?

>> No.26867296

The fact you have to ask tells everyone else here all they need to know.

>> No.26867311

>No it isn't. Religion is a core belief of the character.

Well going by the logic being shot around in this thread, since Religion can change it's meaning over the course of it's existence it's perfectly fine to play it regardless of how it actually functions!

Think of it as putting a new spin on things.

>> No.26867355

Female tentacle demon here. Tell me what ya think. I'm sorta experimenting.


Also a drawfag needs to help me with this. I have an image in my head and it's pretty hot, I think anyway.

>> No.26867373

That's called 'playing a sundays and holiday religious character'. Most people just cherry pick their own interpretation of their religion. Nothing unique or even noteworthy there.

>> No.26867384

>Female tentacle demon

>> No.26867388

Anyone knows if pic related ever got it's translation? From what I gathered it looks really promising.

...no. just... no. Why... how are you even... no!

>> No.26867408


I don't just mean interpretation of existing religious texts, I mean adding in how you "think" the religion works because you never bothered to look it up.

>> No.26867409


>> No.26867421


There's a vagina between all of those tentacles and mouths on the tentacles.


>> No.26867434

>I mean adding in how you "think" the religion works because you never bothered to look it up.
That's what I said. Sundays and Holidays religion.

>> No.26867437

Think octopus but instead of a mouth it's a vagina.

>> No.26867446


And that's terrible.

>> No.26867453

I've just suddenly realized that /tg/ had given me enough new kinks that I've got ones I could feasibly pull off in real life without getting arrested or killed.

Time to find discreet shipping options.

>> No.26867465

I'm...not really sure how my boner feels about that.
I mean, he's not turned off...but...

>> No.26867487

well, it is just the cover. but sure, if it makes oyu feel better.

So yeah. Zettai Reido. Kinda like, FATAL, but japanese and with more monster girls. Also somewhat functional ruleset. As far as dice based RPGs go.
Anyone knows if it ever got translated?

>> No.26867519

Harpy is just being used as shorthand for bird-chick, because Greek mythology happened to have bird-chicks and called them harpies.

The monstergirl harpies are not supposed to be the same things as the mythological harpies.

>> No.26867552


It's also a lot of people. Will you just either admit you're wrong and be quiet, or just be quiet?

>> No.26867569


Thank you. Ten points to Hufflepuff.

>> No.26867623


Imagine having your cock sucked by a pusling tentacle mouth while having your throat fucked by her prehensile tongue.

>> No.26867636

Not my cuppa.

>> No.26867644


Yo dude, FUCK hufflepuff.
Avada Kedavra

>> No.26867681

This is oddly arousing...I am picturing something like shagbase but less vore...hopefully.

>> No.26867688

Dude, Hufflepuff is a good house.

>> No.26867715

>ERP thread
>No one actually looking for RP

>> No.26867733

Talking about it is fine too.

>> No.26867734


She only eats competition. She doesn't eat her fuck toys.

>> No.26867743

Except no one is talking about it, they're just sperging out over the definition of a harpy.

>> No.26867749

She doesn't have a humanoid form to her does she?

>> No.26867775


Sorry, her upper half is kinda humanoid. But she has a wide mouth and shark teeth and kinda long fingers with long nails.

Check it out if you care. http://www.f-list.net/c/skulatta

>> No.26867845

>IRC RP room is dead as fuck

God damn it all I wanna do is RP with a bunch of random people who constantly come and go

>> No.26867871

F-list is centering on a skeleton sexing up a dragon right now. You can try your hand there, I guess.

>> No.26867889



>> No.26867930

I'm too lazy/dumb to set up an F-list

I'm also not a fan of furries.

>> No.26867961

I've yet to be propositioned by a furry on there, if that's any help.

>> No.26867987


That's pretty much fchat.

Also it's fetish-list.
Furries aren't the norm on /tg/chat.

>> No.26868179

happened to me within five minutes

>> No.26868213

Do you have "furries okay" on your profile?

I've never been bothered by any.

>> No.26868215

Except one is a real life thing and the other isn't.

But yeah, sure, that's a totally legit comparison.

>> No.26868229

Whatever I'll give it a try, fuck it I got nothing better to do.

Are they going to jump down my throat if my character doesn't have 800+ different kinks listed without the half a novel background as well?

Also is the f-list chat 100% IC?

>> No.26868247

Me again. I've pretty much cut the list in half...and it looks more reasonable now, I think. Was easy to sum up a few of them, just time consuming.

Hope it looks better

>> No.26868248

Man, I've been trying to find a translation for that since forever ago. I... now that I think about it, it was looking for a translation of that that I ended up on /tg/.
Everything has come full circle, now...

Anyways, most complete translation I've ever found is here:
It's... probably not enough to play with, but an interesting read.

>> No.26868259

>Are they going to jump down my throat if my character doesn't have 800+ different kinks listed without the half a novel background as well?
Fuck no, we want maybe a page of kinks at most and maybe a page of background before you start spoilering shit.
>Also is the f-list chat 100% IC?
Maybe 30% at most.

>> No.26868290

No, We like short kink lists. Custom kinks are really what matters.

It's like 25% IC. But someone will always go IC with you, and several are IC all the time.

>> No.26868296

Some yes, some no. I don't *think* this was a furry profile

>> No.26868322


You can just say you don't want furries right in your character profile.

>> No.26869083


What... is keeping that bodice up?

>> No.26869158



>> No.26869215


The darkest magic. My soul swims in it.

>> No.26869440

I'm suddenly in the mood for some werewolves. Gotta do some werewolf TF sometime soon.

>> No.26869448

The unified will of every man on 4chan!

>> No.26870045

I don't know why anyone would bother with IRC when Flist has dozens if not hundreds of channels organized by themes.

>> No.26870113

Join flist/irc you sack of shit.

>s-s-s-poonfeed me anon

>> No.26870135

Anyone into cuckolding?

>> No.26870321

Anyone want to do a Magical Burst game on f-list?

>> No.26870671

Explain further.

>> No.26870887

Oh man that sounds like it cold be fun.

>> No.26870956

That feeling when none of your partners are on but you're bored as fuck and want to RP.

Fucking assholes, don't they know they exist purely to entertain me?

>> No.26871261

Some people are just so inconsiderate

>> No.26871338

>Work setting up the details of a scene for like two hours, start writing the first post and immediately get super into it....... Fchat explodes

>> No.26871705

Does Fchat regularly blow up? The person I'm setting a game up with says they've never had any issues.

>> No.26871761

I don't know why peops in here getting their panties in a bunch of harpy behavior. It's like comparing dnd ork reproduction to wh40k ork reproduction.

>> No.26871764

F-chat blowing up is a thing that gets commented on at least once per thread lately.

>> No.26871784

Barring some issues they had like a year ago it's been pretty solid until recently.

>> No.26871885

Learn to improvise.

>> No.26872282

>mfw someone approaches me about having a sexy, intelligent futa cheerleader being a secret nerd and banging my goth chick behind the scenes in various rough and kinky ways
>mfw it actually happens for once

Today has been a good day.

>> No.26872321

Sounds like fun, glad you had a good RP anon.

>> No.26872334

Sounds pretty neat.

>> No.26872354


>> No.26872365


I dunno why I felt the need to post this. I just felt pleased.

I love you all you're beautiful people.

>> No.26872500

Welp, my terribly boring character is, apparently, terribly boring, thus surprising the oh god what out of me. So now I'm sorta lazing around, and idly poking at some of my characters, wondering if I kinda can be bothered at some point to actually put them on the F-List. I've got some neat ones, it's just hard to decide which I want to play.

I'm unsure if I want to play any of them. But I kind of feel that I should, since, you know. Lewd things are fun. And I've always liked doing roleplays and things, so as to why I don't want to do things now, is quite the question. It's not like I don't have the time to do these things or anything.

Anyway, if you guys would, care to offer some tips on creating an attractive looking profile? Just, in general, not specifically. What are some no-no's?

Thought for the day: Laziness benefits nobody.

>> No.26872542

Make sure you don't have redundant kinks.

>> No.26872894

If you're a dom, try to be polite. Too many doms are like "OKAY YOU SHITFUCKS I'M GOING TO RAPE YOU IN THE FACE AND YOU'RE GONNA LIKE IT." It's not actually that extreme (sometimes) but they're generally just not nice people.

If you're a sub try to make sure it's clear you have personality and aren't just a mindless sack looking to serve people/be lazy.

Basically, come across as a real human being instead of a parody. Keep your character's information informative, but succinct. Add small scene hooks, and make sure to include some customs and a profile picture.

>> No.26872896

>make a character
>site's being wonky, have trouble uploading pics and edits
>Me making a demon character with no furry plox
>gets a message before I can even finish posting pics
>furry guy wants rp
>look at his profile
>no demons.

wtf man.

>> No.26872924


Actually what happened is that there was a power struggle related around the fact that the Channel OP was never around and paranoia mode was not set so HOPs could kick/ban each other, and one of the HOPs was a fucking drama queen and can't help but constantly stir up shit, and created a bunch of fucking drama, and so everyone moved to a channel where that person can't ban you on a whim.

>> No.26872954


... Hrm. Alrighty, thank you. I'll keep this in mind.

This is interesting to me, as I was expecting something very different.

It's looking as if I'm just going to have to sculpt something from some stupid picture on Safebooru or whatever. I don't like doing that. I like, instead, to be given simply free, full control over what I do. Instead of hunting for a picture that looks good so that I may set it as my avatar so I don't look like Just Another F-List Character.

Sigh. it's as if I really like text.

>> No.26872964

That's basically what they said.
>the OP or person X was annoying/bad/an idiot so we made our own channel

>> No.26872968

This. I feel like I'm stuck as a forever-dom because every time I try being the sub, I get one of those "BEND OVER AND TAKE IT" types. Is it really that hard to find a caring domme?

I've had this happen far too often. It's like people don't read, and just spam new people in the hopes they can get their jollies off as fast as possible.

>> No.26872979

Have at least one nice image, get an avatar, try to fill your info tab with relevant stuff, get at least some custom kinks and don't keep any of your lists too long to improve readability.

>> No.26872990


I really like text, too.

The thing is, not having a profile pic will be an instant red flag for a lot of people.

Even if you're a fantastic writer, people will glance at that and frown, because it just doesn't look good. Makes you seem lazy.

Also I would note that you don't *have* to find a perfect match. I highly doubt you have a description you couldn't at least find a bust shot for.

Hell I probably have it lying around, my image folder is full as shit.

>> No.26873009


I make it explicitly clear on my sub characters that I don't really take shit. I've found several nice doms who respect that just because I don't want to be in control of the scene doesn't mean they can treat me like shit or be super-douchey.

There's this weird disconnect in D/S play in RL and D/S play in the interwebs. In RL, the dom realizes he/she can't do shit to their sub without the sub's..."meta-consent" we'll call it. This whole thing is totally lost on most online dominants.

>> No.26873028

Being caring is kind of hard because not only do most people have different definitions of what that is but also imagine pain/discipline differently.

That's why most people just go nuts being hardcore so that there's no doubt.

>> No.26873031

... Bust shot? Hrn. Okay, I didn't think of that. Mostly because I would have thought most would like to see a face, but whatever, thanks for that.

I'm so new to F-List I don't know this stuff, so thanks for teaching me the things Anon-kun.

>> No.26873058

A 'bust' shot is your head and shoulders, silly. Like a statue.

I do agree that you don't specifically need to make a character around an image though. You can just make your character, try to find something that's close and just edit the image/tell people that's close to what you are but different in so and so ways.

>> No.26873066


I think you two hit the nail on the head. Shame it's the case, but there's not much one can do but deal with it I suppose.

>> No.26873087


...Er. I meant bust shot as in "Head and shoulders," like a statue bust.

Though you CAN just put a pair of tits, I suppose.

If you want/need someone to show you around just PM me, I'll be up for a little bit longer trying to play my new video game.

http://www.f-list.net/c/elise%20carrigan this is me.

>> No.26873103

Well you can keep looking around or try sticking with someone you like/trust for others reasons. With any luck you can tell them how you feel about certain things and slowly grow more compatible with each other.

>> No.26873146


My best luck has been if you find people who can actually talk to you about things other than the sex they want to have with you.

Those people almost always make the best RP partners. They're relaxed, fun, and intelligent.

And usually kinky.

>> No.26873472

> There is, like, zero porn of Yuugi from Touhou pregnant. I had to make some myself.


It was near eight years ago to the day, where I had found my way into Gensokyo with my merry band of adventurers, where we had helped to solve many an incident, and each of us earning a merry reward of parties and casual lechery.
And yet, I had set my sights on something of far greater prize than my comrades, that of the marriage of the Oni, Yuugi Hoshiguma. Strong as a bear, as dazzling as the stars, Yuugi was all that I could dream about in a woman. Truly, I had seen her but a few times in my travails about Gensokyo, yet she had entranced me with her power, her grace, her luscious body.

So it was with a series of grand feats that I set about conquering her heart, risking life and limb in my quest – searching out rare fine wines, gaining the favour of none other than the great Yukari Yakumo, and even wrestling a dragon to the ground with no small feats of ingenuity, incorrigibility and quite likely nothing less than sheer insanity. –That was what it took for her to deign to play with me.

>> No.26873479

An oni, able to shatter rocks with a flick of their eyebrow. The strength to rip a tree in two, to punch holes in a mountain. These hands she held me with, the tenderness in our embrace. Strong yet soft yet dominating yet yielding.
Such pleasures.

I had stayed with my love for a sojourn spanning months after – something that was rare for me, yet worth it. We had found such pleasures together, it was bizzare to think of parting from her. Especially after the swell of her belly, the glow in her cheeks as the months went by.

Yet- She did not seem to fully comprehend what had come over her, as if the outcome of making love had not crossed her mind. To see her smile in befuddlement as she held herself, feeling the roundness of her stomach. Surely she knew..?

“Haha-! I must be eating too much… perhaps I should cut back on the alcohol, eh? I mean-”
An oni? Wanting to cut down on the alcohol?! Something was wrong. So very, very wrong. –And then I realised.
The rest of her words vanished from my mind as the cup dropped from my fingers, as I stared up at the shapely figure, as the illusion shattered, as I saw her for the first time what she truly was.

>> No.26873484

> find people who can actually talk to you about things other than the sex they want to have with you

This! This is actually pretty good when you can find it an usually indicates an intelligent partner who can actually communicate.

>> No.26873488

There she was! Standing five feet tall, looming before me with wriggling blue tentacles and jagged, blood-red wings, an elusive terror who’d clawed her way up from the prison of the long abandoned hell itself, to terrify men and youkai alike! The Chimerac Nue!

Her beady eyes stared at me as the horror, the despair in my heart overflowed. "DAMN YOU, thrice-cursed monster, WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!"

Finally, she replied with a foul, incisor-filled grin across her face and a wicked laugh in her voice. “Just need summadat sperm, ey?”

Wanting my sperm. The arrogance. The indignity of asking ME, the scourge of Fae, to simply disgorge my seed upon this crude beast! ME, who had forged a path to this protected realm, who had parlayed with beasts greater than the fires of day! The sheer outrage of it all brought the colour to my cheeks and I shouted back "DAMN YOU, monster! I shall not give a touch more of my seed! Get away from me!"

“Well, how about just a lick? Or a touch?”

“OH! So now it’s just a touch? What, you hadn’t got enough over the past few months where you’d toyed with my emotions, you harlot?! DO YOU TAKE ME FOR A FOOL?!”

>> No.26873493

In a huff I pushed past the creature and stomped down the tunnel back to the surface, but the creature kept following! Its incessant begging and wheedling filled me with rage but I simply kept walking till we reached the exit, jumped into the sky and flew away.

And as I did so I looked back. And there I saw the Chimerac Nue, gripping the mouth of the tunnel and crying after us, "WHAT ABOUT JUST A LITTLE NIBBLE?!"

And that was the first time I met the Chimerac Nue.

>> No.26873696

Unless they're me cause I can talk a storm but I can't rp for shit.
>tfw no Kyoko to dom you

>> No.26873748

... I-I knew that's what you meant, totally. Yeah. My bad.

Anyway, I do have a picture for now, but it doesn't matter much since I think I'm scrapping and starting anew anyway. Eventually.

>> No.26873753

I thought that red and white stripped thing was a snake wrapped around her under the bust.

>> No.26873786

I'm sorry, you were saying?

>> No.26873814

A lot of things, a lot of things about the scarceness of a particular character I enjoy being a dom who likes dicks not pussy.

>> No.26873845

Might be able to give you a hand there. Whadda' you think?

>> No.26873865

If you're willing to put up with how shit an RPer I am then certainly!

>> No.26873904

You can't be that bad.

Believe in the me who believes in you!

>> No.26873914

A-alright do you have a way for me to contact you?

>> No.26873946

s-sorry anon-senpai, am not the other girly

>> No.26873961


>> No.26873971

Yeah yeah, believe in me, etc etc. You want a dom you got one. Now drop some contact details so little miss drillboobs can put us together sometime, eventually.

>> No.26873982

Skype works for me how about you?

>> No.26874075

Hypothetical situation: Suppose there was an opening for a one on one set in the 40k universe, would anyone be interested?

>> No.26874108

Hypothetically yes.

>> No.26874109


Throwing my profile in~

>> No.26874133


Hypothetically, what sort of character would you be interested in playing? Assume anything from a lowly guardsman to Slaanesh is available.

>> No.26874147

Was wondering if you lewd anons wouldn't mind a little review work.
Fixed it up a bit from earlier in the thread kink wise, but wanted to know how the description and all that holds up over all. Would appreciate some friendly thought.
Shut up I know the kinks are vanilla as all hell

>> No.26874163

Hypothetically... I really have no idea. Hypothetically, I had assumed you had a hypothesis on what might be interesting to you.

Yeah, I'm going to be one of those people who are like "dunno watever u want" because, oh god there is an incredible amount of anything to pick.

>> No.26874181


Fair enough, it was rather open ended. Ideally, I'd like to do something involving a daemonette in a dark pact with a radical inquisitor or acolyte. It'd help with writing a certain fapfic, if nothing else.

>> No.26874189

That's Voltaire.

>> No.26874241

That's not so bad. Could use an image and a better avatar (current one too small, mini) and a bit more info, specially the length of your desired rp.

>> No.26874267

Then, still hypothetically yes.

I would not mind doing this at some point. I dunno what this pact would entail, and what things would happen, but that's okay, still yes.

>> No.26874273

Ah. Fair enough anon, hard to find some good pictures.

>> No.26874274

Email address or AIM is muuuuuch better.

>> No.26874282


Shoot me an email, we'll figure something out

>> No.26874285

alright then

>> No.26874310

I once RPed a daemonette on an email exchange. Not tooting my own horn, but I was alright at it. I'm also hypothetically interested.

>> No.26874315


Well, the offer's open to anyone interested, so feel free

>> No.26874394

find enclosed

>> No.26874436

C-can I give mine too?

>> No.26874706


I remember you from /vg/ erp. Small deviant world we live in.

>> No.26874726


My profile is probably pretty memorable!

>> No.26874773

I remember you were never actually on irc so your profile was just clutter.

>> No.26874782


I didn't get a lot of interest! I can drop by?

>> No.26874799

There's one kink/thing I've thinking about occasionally and not I've seen that often in stories and such.
Language barriers.

There's something kinda enticing with that since it requires in my eyes different way of interacting with your partner when doing it.

>> No.26874833

>give email
>no response yet

>> No.26874864

Happens sometimes. Know there is one particular poster who is collecting emails for later use.

>> No.26874895

I don't see why not. I can't promise I'm gonna pay attention to everyone, but if you're interesting and you drop some contact details, I'll hit you up in a couple of weeks time.

>> No.26874898

Could be worse
>Send emails
>Get no reply, not even a "no thank you"
I mean, COME ON, a little attention is nice.

>> No.26874902

You interest me greatly!

>> No.26874914

And this is why I should get coffee, THEN post on /tg/.
Not attention, courtesy. Not even remotely the same word.

I mean, really though.

>> No.26874997


Well, get in touch, cutie!

>> No.26875005

email included.

>> No.26875162

>mfw internet goes out right when the RP was getting good

>> No.26875830

Tonight, first couple roleplays I've done in a looooong time. And let me tell you, it wasn't bad.

I may stay on F-List, actually.

>> No.26875869



>> No.26875929


Can I get some clarification on this? I've met Iceland Anon and they seemed pretty toxic. Nice to see I'm not the only one.

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>> No.26876057

While IcelandAnon wasn't fantastic... they haven't been on IRC for months. The while #mmr debacle was over a bunch of other stuff.

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