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You're a Starfleet captain on an away mission with your crew to explore a newly discovered Class M planet when you notice your Vulcan science officer seems a bit more buxom than usual, owing perhaps to her mammaries being partially exposed in a fashion that Old Earth euphemists might refer to as "spilled milk."

You pull her aside for a moment to point out this irregularity, being careful to be as discrete as possible in order to avoid causing her any unnecessary embarrassment, only to be met with a rather stern and characteristically Vulcan response.

>Captain, if I may for the interim be permitted to speak with an extended degree of latitude, I must assert that I find your quaint human notions of indecency and modesty to be outmoded, unenlightened, and worst of all, illogical. Indeed, your obvious attempt to impose your cultural normative values against my own constitutes a clear and apparent case of racial discrimination in violation of Starfleet regulation.


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If she feels she won't pop her top, who am I to judge?

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Its the only right answer.

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I tell her at the top of my lungs how offended I am, then I drop my pants and begin to meatspin until she complies with my demands.

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Why should I care in the first place?

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Seems, or is?
I ask if she needs leave on Vulcan after this mission is over.

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We're alone, right?

Wait until her back is turned, then set phaser to kill.

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"Given your previous adherence to these supposed quaint notions of modesty, and your hyperbolic response to my notice, there is something else afoot. Do you need to take leave after this mission or is this something that can be resolved in a...counseling session."

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Yes, but your display could affect crew morale, eliciting jealousy from some or distracting others away from their duties. I do not wish to infringe upon your rights, naturally, but as the great Mr. Spock once said, "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few."

Or the one.

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"And if I may respond to your statement with a question, I feel the need to ask why you are only doing this now? It's a change from your normal mode of dress, and caught me off guard. Commander, could it be that you are attempting to draw the eye of a member of the ship's crew?"

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"Starfleet regulation also contains a dress code for all personnel that you are currently in violation of. I was trying to be polite and discreet about it. But if you'd rather I just order you to zip up and write you a citation for improper dress of a Starfleet officer, I'll do that instead."


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Stern. Showing emotion. Spilling milk.

I get the fuck out of there and have engineering seal the deck from all but air until we can hoof it back to Vulcan, I didn't join starfleet to bang space babes, especially not Vulcans in Pon Farr.

You do realized this thread was doomed to fail for what you inteded for it, right OP?

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>I didn't join starfleet to bang space babes

There has never been a more blatant lie uttered.

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I require all crewmembers watch this informative documentary


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>Implying I'm not telling the truth.
>Implying I wouldn't be fine with it being a male Vulcan.

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I explain that A: Starfleet is a exploration and military organization that is the face of the Federation to both our allies and newly contacted species, B: we do have a uniform code, and C: the commanding officer has the final say in how closely his/her subordinates must follow the uniform code.

I also warn her that accusing me of being intolerant for requiring a subordinate officer to follow the uniform code amounts to insubordination, and any that any future such incidents will be met with formal reprimands and other official disciplinary action.


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Could be he joined it to bang space dudes.
I mean there's no way the Federation has DADT what with how egalitarian they are.
Fuckin' called it.

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Wait... doesn't Pon Farr only affect males?

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Shhhhhh, lets just go with this, it's an AU.

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Not according to Enterprise. Take that as you will.

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I believe it was an ancient earth philosopher who knew the best solution for this.

We give her. The D.

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Well, you do make a compelling argument.

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We must eventually give her the D that is for certain, but for now, we must put her in her place. We're the goddamn captain here, and we've got a ship to run.

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Argh what the hell Vulcans?! Once every seven years is far too often for a ritualised fight to the death.

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"I will not have this kind of insubordination from Xeno scum aboard my ship. You want egalitarianism? I'll give you equal parts backhands and cunt punts. Get back to work or I will throw you out the airlock."

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"Your logic is flawed. You're working under the mistaken impression that I'm somehow offended by a casual display of the female form.
But in case you haven't noticed, we're about 75 degrees North latitude and everyone else is wearing a parka because they don't want to freeze.
You on the other hand are displaying very irregular behavior by removing rather than adding layers and now you're getting defensive about it.
Now unless you have a very good excuse, I strongly suggest you return to the ship immediately and report to medbay for a full scan."

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I'm mostly confused as to why your breasts seem noticeably bigger all of the sudden. I'm not saying that you can't dress how you want (yet) but spontaneous breast growth can be TERRIFYING.

No really, I've seen ships lost to all manner of terrible happenings that start with things like this. There's weird shit in space.

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"Your own logic appears to be lacking Ensign. Before I write you a citation for insubordination, I shall inform you of a few things:

Humans long ago perfected the art of argumentative hyperbole. Your insistence on highlighting both my species and race hints clearly at your own misgivings of my culture and history.

Secondly, this is not a Ferengi pub. You are a Starfleet officer whose willing partnership with this organization presumably overrides your preferences in clothing.

Thirdly, I've seen better mammaries on tribbles. Zip up."

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Do female Vulcans have female logic?

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>Thirdly, I've seen better mammaries on tribbles. Zip up."


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The fighting is not the normal part, it's just ritual in case of a dispute over who gets to bone whom.

Normally they just fuck like crazy and get it out of their system. Repressing their emotions probably makes it a ton worse, since we never hear of the Romulans having this problem.

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>I am inclined to agree that there is an element of racial discrimination but there is a dress code with which you, as a duty officer of my crew aboard my ship, are obligated to adhere to and that you've agreed to adhere to as per your membership in Starfleet; not to mention the views of your commanding officer should be respected. Therefore I expect you to address your lack of proper adherence to the dress code and review your Starfleet handbook, or else I'll have to see you dismissed for indecency. Do I make myself clear?

Then I rape her.

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Copy pasta!


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"Your manner of dress is inefficient and against Starfleet uniform regulations. Not only are there strict policies against fraternizing with members of your crew, your uniform must be secured in such a way as not to expose flesh in a way they might entice or tease members of the crew. If your clothes don't fit, requisition a new uniform, they're quickly and easily replicated. Under no circumstances should you ever violate the Starfleet dress code."

However, considering this is a blatant fetish scenario, and not a practical question on what I would do in such a situation as captain, I rub her ears and stare at her tits.

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Same OP post, same line of replies (though not always word for word). Every time.

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"An interesting attempt to spin the situation. And here I thought Vulcans were above playing the race card. Very well; you'll be reported for not complying with uniform regulations as per Article 817, Section 9, Subsection C."

"Oh, and Lieutenant? Nice jugs."

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What's a Vulcan and why is it such a 'sperglord?

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>Not allowing your buxom female Vulcan officer to flaunt her flesh for your pleasure in a clumsy attempt to seduce you even though you are so illogical as well as you are delicious.
>shiggidy diggidy

What is wrong with you people?

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Oh, and who's Kirk again? I never watched Battlestar Galactica.

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Give. The D.

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What you do on your off hours is your own business, but while on Starfleet missions you will abide by Starfleet regulations regarding the dress code.

I was thinking more of a 'debriefing.'

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I mean. Really. It's obvious that she wants it.

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>Having sex with a Vulcan

Kirk avoided sex with Vulcans.


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Space elf whose race was redonkulously more emotionally susceptible than humans so nearly annihilated themselves a few times until a smart motherfucker came up with a doctrine of successfully managing and suppressing their emotions through devotion to logical thought.

Without that they're pretty much puberty level emotion swinging crazy, and being notably stronger than even strong humans on average they can do some serious damage even unarmed.

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I think they're just the only ones who feel the need to murder one another over getting laid.

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I think their lack of passion would just kill his boner and he knows it.

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This guy knows.

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So? Im still gonna tap that ass. And pray I dont get snapped in half if she loses control.

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Not fucking fall for it /tg/. Not again.

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I meant don't.

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>lack of passion

You don't know anything about Trek, do you?

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By the way, tits produce heat and sweat and need to be aired out somewhat. Since she insist on wearing fucking leather, cleavage is the only way to go.

Otherwise, cornstarch and baby powder. Especially if they are bouncing for too long.

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>second class slave race





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Thats not leather.

It's space fabric.
You can tell from the patterning and the retarded style of it being one of the crap uniforms designed for star trek online.

Seriously their uniform design is fucking awful.

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so in sto the federation dropped the dress code right?

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>posting some stupid fighter jockey
>not posting the very best space elf.

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My dick produces heat and sweat and you don't see me unzip in public.

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You mean the jumpsuits so terrible that Patrick Stewart had to have back surgery?

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to a degree but its so you can wear the uniform you want

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Just because you think we don't see you does not mean we can't.

And change your damn pants more often.

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Only if she lets me titty fuck her.

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All these delicious knee high boots, leather shirts and cleavage jackets to dress your waifu Vulcan bridge officers in.

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The best star trek uniforms hands down. Nothing else comes close.

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firstly officer the zipper goes all the way up and your uniform is not within starfleet regulations, secondly officer, i am the captain so zip that suit up or get off my ship.

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>not andorian

Centuries into the future and you are still pleb

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best uniform and you can change the colour

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They dropped those like 23 years ago. Also he didn't need surgery just he was warned by his chiropractor that he would if they continued with them. The main problem was to look futuristic&tight fitting they had to wear 2 sizes too small (it was that or be steamed continually like in the first film) and there in lay the problem.

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>vanilla Andorian
>not Aenar


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get on my level

This is now a space opera thread

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>spilled milk

Needs to be licked up.

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Don't you idiots see! She's a Romulan in disguise, trying to sap and impurify our precious bodily fluids!

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does /tg/ like the new STO expansion?

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Bipolar Manic Depressive with cycles measured in hours/minutes at random.

Or Sperglord. Take your pic.

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>That feel when a girl looks at your crotch and you don't really know what to do about it.

Should I be offended or flattered?

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The more i look at that pic the more I would like to bury my manhood between those mammaries.
I always liked unapproachable women and I think that female Vulcans may just be the best fantasy fetish i developed.

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Your dick is not comparable in volume or mass.

You ever walked around for a decent time with your thighs rubbing against each other? Like that.

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In that case the only thing to do is kill everyone on board and send a report to command about Klingon Shapeshifters.

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Why were you having any issue with this beyond "nice" in the first place?

The entire scenario broke down when the captain took offense at seeing titties.

Starfleet Captains are NOT offended by the titties.

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Now remove the rest of your bodice so that I might partake of the pleasures afforded a Captain of the Glorious Terran Empire!

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So thats why you can fatty nips.

Its still stupid.

Although it explains a trend. In Enterprise, most of the crew looked atleast fit. They could go to a beach without shame.

Fast forward a couple hundred years...

Picard and Kirk now commanded a crew of lardshits. Lol.

Though I gues it makes sense seeing as Enterprise the original was directly from a military type organization.

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That depends. Is she looking hungry and/or dreamy about it, or is she snickering or looking rather unimpressed?

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It's a escort that can do that and launch fighters

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Two of the most interesting and fun episodes on ST:Enterprise.

>dat intro

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>I didn't realize Vulcan cultural normative values involved displaying your tits like that.

>Even if that's the case, officer, I'm the captain. I expect and demand professionalism worthy of the federation fleet, and that professionalism includes the tidy coverage of all reproductive and secondary sex characteristics, regardless of race. You're free to wear whatever the hell you want when you're on leave, but when you're on my ship, you button your shirt and keep it tucked in. Is that understood?

I'm the goddamn captain on this boat and she WILL do as I asked or she'll find other work. I don't need my men distracted by a floating pair of cleavage. If she doesn't understand that -logic- she can take a hike.

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Alien bitches?


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Not today!

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be in my quarters in ten minutes

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You can't stop him. He seduces bitches twenty meters tall.

He would have made Attack on Titan a very different anime.

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Vulcans don't sweat at those temperatures. Unless they are in heat...

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>Vulcans in Heat

I smell a Quark holodeck program

>> No.26857968

It's called Vulcan Love Slave.

It's canon too.

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No really, I've seen ships lost to all manner of terrible happenings that start with things like this. There's weird shit in space.

I just snorted milk out of my nose. I hope you're happy.

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>thirdly, Ive seen better mammaries on tribbles

I always wanted to have a Tribble as a pet when I was a kid.

>> No.26858717

>watching The Trouble with Tribbles
>mfw the guy who has the job of throwing the tribbles at Kirks head while he was in the pile of them had the best job ever

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>Have an STO account
>Get the Terran Empire Uniforms
>Make all of your bridge officer's aliens
>Make your captain human
>Roleplay an AU Terran Empire Captain from a Universe where Emperor Spock used a combination of reforms and military policies to make an Expansionist but Alien Friendly Empire that serves as one of the better Alternatives to the Cardassian and Klingon Empires

>> No.26860300

So you were roleplaying Federation?

>> No.26860379

Less Egalitarian than federation.

Aliens were vassals who got their cultures absorbed into the Empire, there was still an Imperial Dynasty, descended from spock though these days they were all like 1/15th Vulcan. (Making Vulcans the second best thing to humans) and Genetically Modified humans were the creme de la creme of humanity.

Aliens were still second class citizens but being a second class citizen in the Terran Empire beat the fuck out of being a second class citizen in the Klingon or Cardassian empires.

>> No.26860402

>Aliens were vassals who got their cultures absorbed into the Empire, there was still an Imperial Dynasty

So.... Federation?

Let's not forget that conversation from Deep Space Nine about the Federation and Root Beer.

>It's cloy and disgustingly sweet, but the worst part about it is... The more you drink it, the more you start to like it.

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>> No.26860470

"Shut yer gob an' do as I sez. I'z the boss an' that means you do what I sez, an' if I sez to zip up yer gubbins then you bedder zip up yer gubbins! Now git on wiv it, wez got humies ta krump"
After which I proceed to literally kick the ship into warp.

>> No.26860491

Huh. Point, for all the Federation's talk of respecting alien cultures they sure do a lot of Imperialism when it comes to their products and ideas.

I guess I was just roleplaying a more honest and semi fuedalistic version of the Federation with a name change.

>> No.26860524

Ah bloody hell, deres sumthin' wrong wiv me talky device. Bedda get one ov' tha mek boyz to look at it. Can't have my insults go to tha wrong git now can I?

>> No.26860555


The only thing worse than a 40k player trying to shove their dick into another medium, is a 40k player speaking in Ork while trying to shove their dick into another medium.

>> No.26860606

Orks can be added to any medium. Everything is better with Orks.

Also this is a silly thread why are you upset.

>> No.26860619

>Lt. T'Its, Sterfleet regulations exist for a reason, and you are currently in breach of one. Unless your current state of undress is caused by factors beyond your control, I suggest you re-examine your uniform before I'm forced to place an official reprimand on your file. Dismissed.

Then I make a mental note to keep an eye on her. She seems confrontational, and maybe even insubordinate. If the behaviour persists, I shall have to consider it in her assignments, as well as make an appointment with the ship's counsellor for her.

>> No.26860714

The Federation seems more starry-eyed innocent than anything else. They're not forcing root beer onto aliens in order to achieve a cultural victory, or meet trade quota's. They do so because they honestly believe root beer is the best thing ever, and everyone who hasn't tried it is missing out.

That's what the quote refers to. The one thing everyone hates about the Federation is their ridiculous, honest optimism. But it also draws you in after a while, when the rest of the universe is insane warrior species, weird space monsters, and what have you. Because the only other way you can go is into the drunk madness of the klingons, or the religious fervour of the Bajorans, or the smallminded pettyness of the Cardassians. And compared to those alternatives, the root beer is just the superior choice.

>> No.26860729


Bizzare nonsense like copper blood aside we know that Vulcans go into a mating frenzy, have mood swings and are stronger than humans as well as live longer.

How many benefits do you think a Hlaf-Human Half-Vulcan would get?

Also what do you think a Terran Empire that is ruled over by an Elite caste of Genetically modified humans with wide spread augmentation would look like?

I'm getting this image of Not! Kirk beating the crap out of a Klingon Captain with his bare hands thanks to his superior genetics.

>> No.26860772

What always bugged me about the Federation is how it portrayed Genetic Engineering as a sort of "That's cute but its WRONG!" choice. Same with cybernetics when it came to the borg.

Granted cybernetic replacement limbs are a little silly when you can just use a replicator to make yourself a new arm but I'd feel a little better about their "No Transhumanism Allowed" laws if it was explicitly stated they got rid of crap like Congenital Heart disease and similar medical conditions via genetic engineering and just banned unnecessary augmentation.

Also they need to tone the smug level down sometimes. It gets tiring.

>> No.26860849

You can blame khan for the hate of genetic engineering. But it still goes on in the shadows

>> No.26860869

Ask Spock.

>> No.26860987

Oh yeah... I forgot about that.

So basically a half Vulcan is as strong as a full vulcan and doesn't look that different.

I'm not getting into the copper blood as that shit is just crazy from a biological stand point.


Funny how Khan is a homicidal maniac but Julian is just mildly socially awkward.

>> No.26861004

>How many benefits do you think a Hlaf-Human Half-Vulcan would get?
Going by Spock, they're basically fully Vulcan.

Medical technology in Star Trek seems to be incredibly advanced. In multiple episodes, they screw around with the genetics of the crew, but always to reverse some condition. But they are also so capable in other medical areas, that fixing heart disease would be a routine procedure. As long as you have access to base medical resources, genetic engineering isn't required, though I could see them do it. Medical applications are never mentioned as being off-limits, and quite present in the source material.

The Federation, however, seems to be entirely built around having a station in life for everyone. Individual choice is the most important tenet in that, and perhaps it's that and a few other sentiments why genetic engineering is outlawed. After all, if all you've got is doctors, who's going to scrub the plasma manifolds? And engineering someone to be superior in some way, is effectively pigeonholing them for a lifepath that is not their own choice.

Also, genetic engineering seems to be primarily a Human science, and humanity has quite a few hangups left over from the Eugenic Wars. A large part of humanity's, and the Federation's, non-interference policy seems to stem from that cultural scar.

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>I'm not getting into the copper blood as that shit is just crazy from a biological stand point.


>> No.26861145

>The Eugenic Wars.
Oh crap I totally forgot about that.

>> No.26861205

> Rebuttal?


>> No.26861210

Nah see, Horse Shoe Crabs have BLUE blood.

Vulcans have GREEN blood.

Never mind Vulcans being able to breed with humans when both species have different elements that make up their blood much less produce viable offspring that can breed and have no noticeable biological disadadvantages from their mixed breeding.

Meh, I take a "if it ain't brok don't fix it" viewpoint but it seems to me it'd be more sensible to reengineer people so they're resistant to cancer and all manner of other ailments than to go to the doctors for a routine procedure.

I mean sure they've cured cancer and heart disease but they're treating symptoms and not the cause.

Oh and I find it ironic that the federation says it values choice when they pigeonhole people into life roles anyway. I think humans should value freedom but that total freedom is a pipe dream. We're always gonna have people on top and we're always gonna have people who labor to benefit the people on top and until we transcend humanity and become something else that's always going to be a problem. Short of dedicated overseers stopping humanity from going to our old standbys there's always going to be a crowd that's more equal than other folks.

Then again that view point is pretty Anathema to Gene Roddenberry's vision so I'm complaining that apples aren't oranges.

Cest La vie.

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We should hang out and fight crime together!

>> No.26861490


>Never mind Vulcans being able to breed with humans when both species have different elements that make up their blood much less produce viable offspring that can breed and have no noticeable biological disadadvantages from their mixed breeding.

Apparently they came up with an explanation for this way back, during or just after the original series, and Spock actually required a ton of genetic manipulation and moving back and forth from an artificial womb to his mother (accounting for time disparity in the Vulcan & Human pregnancy cycles) to actually produce, so in essence was the result of a heug science project.

http://youtu.be/IzYxKidfyBI Source is an in-character interview between Roddenberry and Sarek about it. Canon? Non-Canon? Ah who cares it's an explanation at least that took the time to try and explain shit in a relatively easy to suspend disbelief way.

Either way going by that, no need to worry about unintended children.

>> No.26861521


Well kudos to them for trying to cover their asses at least.

I always just said "turn your brain off its 60s sci fi and has some cool ideas worth stealing."

Go figure.

>> No.26861559

But it's a utopian future, they probably cured homosexuality.

>> No.26861570

Lets leave her butt out of this, we have enough to worry about with her tits.

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>Funny how Khan is a homicidal maniac but Julian is just mildly socially awkward.
To be fair it covers a pretty wide ground. Look at the other genetic freaks Julian occasionally hangs around with.

Khan is most likely the anomoly. His genetic augments probably would have been fairly crude but highly effective, being the results of 22nd century science.

>> No.26861719


>platypi with horseshoe crab mounts

...well my week just got less awesome, because nothing is going to be as amazing as that.

>> No.26861735

The episodes with those 3 always pissed me off.

It felt like the writers were desperate to portray why genetic engineering is a bad thing and all I could think is "why don't those 3 have a dedicated psychiatrist and a regimen of pills to help them cope when you can fucking repair spinal injuries with a laser scalpel and space drugs?"

I always figured Khan was just an ambitious jerk who slowly became a homicidal maniac. It's not like that isn't a common event IRL. Aside from strength and immune system augs I don't think he was that different from normal humans honestly.

>> No.26861757

The ritualized fight to the death only happens if something goes wrong.

Normally it involves Vulcans having hot freaky monkey sex, and then they resume their chaste and dignified relationship for another seven years.

>> No.26861829

Except Spock's reforms led directly to the downfall of the Terran Empire.

>> No.26861845

>How many benefits do you think a Hlaf-Human Half-Vulcan would get?
You mean Spock?

>> No.26861859

>Funny how Khan is a homicidal maniac but Julian is just mildly socially awkward.
I think the lesson at the end of that episode was that they genuinely cannot predict whether an augment will end up like Khan or like Julian, and ending up with more Julians is not worth the risk of more Khans.

>> No.26861879

>Meh, I take a "if it ain't brok don't fix it" viewpoint but it seems to me it'd be more sensible to reengineer people so they're resistant to cancer and all manner of other ailments than to go to the doctors for a routine procedure.
So you want Mass Effect's interpretation of Star Trek, as opposed to Star Trek's.

Fair enough.

>> No.26861914

It's a chicken and egg issue I think.

Gene thinks that having tech that lets you fix cancer is cool so you don't have to rengineer people so they're resistant to it in the first place.

Drew thinks that cancer cures are cool and all but why not cut the middleman out and just make people immune to cancer in the first place?

Both are valid viewpoints.

>> No.26863963

Only thing Khan had going for him was Mild Superhuman Strength, probably not that much greater than an Olympian athlete, an improved immune system, Superhuman Endurance, and a high intelligence level.

You could just as easily wind up with a villian who is Khan Tier without his augments who may even be a greater threat by using tech assets along with planning.

That's a bullshit arguement because Khan was a psychological abberant created by poor upbringing and clumsy genetic engineering. We might as well stop bothering to use advanced medical procedures to aid in birth or to cure diseases if we take this logic to its fullest extreme.

But hey its star trek, logic doesn't apply here.

>> No.26863968


It isn't even just that, it's how often they just seem to forget about breakthrough medical treatments by the time the next episode comes along.

Voyager probably did this the most often but the most egrigeous example has to be from season 2 TNG, the episode with the psychic g-engineered teenagers. They get mega aged from their proactive immune systems right and then they cure the aging by using the transporter.

Parse that. They cure the aging. They regress a person by about 40 years in an instant by using her on file DNA to recreate a whole younger body. She walks out just fine.


Not just aging, this is literally a fix to ANYTHING wrong with your body. It didn't even effect her memories (Put that in your logic pipe, vulcan doctors!) as she remembered being older. No side effects.

There were numerous other examples, mostly using borg nanites (another "Oh Shit!" technology that the Federation poopoos)

Hell, the whole Prime Directive is fairly deathist. On numerous occasions they have had the balls to say that it is "moral" to leave a society of sentient beings - who they have the power to save with relatively little resource expenditure - to die because of a quirk of fate. Obviously it is in their 'natural evolutionary process' to die out from a Gamma Burst in the Bronze Age. They should have thought of that, the losers.

Star Trek morality and technological prejudice is really a thing which only seems to function when you don't look too deeply into it, and mostly because the opposition is worse.

>> No.26864024

The issue is that Star Trek captains viewed the Prime Directive less as a guideline and more as holy inflexible gospel as time went on.

Kirk knew how to make judgment calls.

Picard and co. would have actual debates on what was the moral thing to do in the situation, and it wasn't always "blindly follow the prime directive".

>> No.26864074
File: 1020 KB, 250x144, 1349161494692.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I give her a stern and characteristically human response.

TIA bitch

>> No.26864199


They address this in later series. Tuvok was actually around back then, and he cringes at half the shit that Kirk, Spock, Checkov, Sulu, McCoy, and Scott got away with. Comms was crude, ships were a long, long way away from any sort of blackup, and there was also an ongoing state of war with the Klingons and Romulans. Hell, the whole Section 31 arc in DS9 showed that when it comes to fighting wars, Federation ethics take a back seat to Starfleet Getting Shit Done.

Also, the whole framework existed for Gene to tell stories. Period. Berman later tried to get it to be a little more internally consistent, then threw it all out the fucking window a few years after Gene died (Voyager).

>> No.26864209

You are currently dressed in an inappropriate manner, in violation of starfleet regulations. On my ship commander I expect a level of professionalism, that includes appropriate uniforms.

Once this mission is over I want you down in sickbay for a full check up. In fact, report back to sickbay immediately. I'll pass on my report at the next starbase and we'll continue this later.

*hits combadge*

Transporter room. Beam the commander up, and send down Miss Sexington from the science lab, she'll be leading the science team from now on.

>> No.26864320

>Star Trek morality and technological prejudice is really a thing which only seems to function when you don't look too deeply into it, and mostly because the opposition is worse.

There's a really good solid reason for this:

Script writers. Star Trek at it's core was supposed to be tales of a 'better' morality system to give people hope that we can be better, because ol' Gene was someone who believed in humanity being an intelligent species full of potential. Sure he went a bit nuts later on but frankly I blame the rabid fans praising him as the new messiah.

Script writers along the way often tried to do the whole we-can-be-better thing but just frequently screw it up due to re-writes or just plain being mediocre/shit, plus producers mandating that shows should pretty much be all separate except for special occasions (hence constant arguments between the DS9 team and Rick Berman and the continual very obvious reset button on Voyager) so that when syndicated, networks need not worry about episode order and such. times that attitude by about the best part of a thousand episodes, 10 movies and even discounting the tons of tie-in works, well, it's inevitably going to be a complete fucking mess regarding attitudes, technologies and so on.

So when it comes to running rpgs or whatever in star trek, well, try to stick with the core principles: people are better, problems can be occasionally resolved without too much violence (even if the occasional redshirt has to die to make a point about the danger), and that technology should service characters of the story more than resolve it (fuck technobabble solutions unless doing it for a joke), even when a technology is the driving force for the plot.

But you don't have to worry about the reset button plots, it's your games and your stories after all, you can let major shit happen and fuck continuity, because the 'canon' itself is a fucking mess and you should in no way feel obligated to take it as a whole.

>> No.26864685

I actually played a few Savage Worlds games set in the Star Trek universe.

We created an alternate universe where the Terran Empire never fell because Evil! Kirk could into subtlety and figure out that Shit Is Wierd when he was transfered over to the Federation's Universe.

He later wound up as Emperor Tiberius and Spock was his prime minister. Aliens weren't used as slave labor because that's retarded but they were generally oppressed and confined to their worlds unless they joined the military and even then it was rare for them to make it past sergeant. Defnetly no alien captains in the Terran fleet.

Federation universe was pretty standard, no cured aging, transhumanism tech tended to be avoided by humans but occasionally used by alien species.

My character was a Genetically Modified Human from the Terran Empire on the fast track to being captain.

We had a Gorn Security Officer from the Feddie 'verse.

A Caitian Scientist from the Terran 'verse.

And a Klingon wanderer from the Feddie 'verse.

We all got involved stopping a outsider from a different universe from obtaining artifacts that would allow him to become a Q style physical god via the patronage of Q himself.

I could keep going if you like.

>> No.26867589

I'll pon far with whichever man I want to, and you'll be happy with it, you CONSERVATIVE!

>> No.26867846

>It's canon
Only insofar as it is a thing that exists in-universe. The events of the holodeck program, however, are fictional.

>> No.26867935
File: 473 KB, 297x212, Laughing Clarkson.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well played sirs.

>> No.26868216
File: 34 KB, 448x272, CUMMING BUCKETS.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The cum stains, however, are not.

>imagine having to clean out the holodeck after someone else has finished using 'Vulcan Love Slave'
>pic related

>> No.26868261

You know how much money the average jizz mopper makes per hour?

>> No.26868402

No, because he never tells us in that scene.

>> No.26869039

Now I must ask.

Would /tg/ a Romulan?

>> No.26869468

>Would /tg/ a Romulan?

You say that like there's something /tg/ wouldn't.

>> No.26869544

Romulan chicks are all naturally tsundere, so you got to make sure you don't get burned out with that.

Also, proud, noble, but secretly grateful for my assistance Romulan Republic chicks are best choice.

>> No.26869752

Republic you say?

>> No.26869877

From STO. After Romulus blew up, the Empire basically splits between the military plus Tal'Shiar (the secret police) and everybody else. Everybody else becomes the Republic, dedicated to not being ruled by secret police, and maybe being slightly less douchey to everybody else.

In game, the Feds and the Klinks cozy up to the Republic to provide support in exchange for Romulan tech.

>> No.26869885

I-I'd have beaten the Borg by myself, Picard-chan, i-it's not like I needed your help or anything...

>> No.26870409
File: 40 KB, 286x388, spock_srsly.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.26870826

TOS-era basically-Vulcan-looking Romulans, or later-era forehead-ridges Romulans?

>> No.26871039

It's because there's a fine line between madness and genius. There's nothing actually "wrong" with them. If they felt they needed "fixed" they could be - Lauren herself is proof of this - they felt she wasn't right and they got her help. Bashir himself demonstrates that there's nothing inherently bad in the idea of genetic engineering - the only issues really are the Federation's incomplete understanding of it, and a leftover stigma against it from the Eugenics wars.

>> No.26872153

If you have a problem with your orders, you can take it up with the Earthropean Court of Justice.

In case you haven't noticed, your inferior culture is, fortunately for Vulcans better assimilated into the Federation than yourself, not part of your race and ergo not racial discrimination.

Now get out of my sight. I think you have a letter to the ECJ to write.

>> No.26872258

From what I've seen of every Star Trek episode, Vulcans aren't actually logical, they just deem their every whim and belief to be logical. Sometimes they are pragmatic, but they too will call that logical. Basically, logical to a Vulcan is whatever the writers think is fucking awesome.

>> No.26872410

Roddenbury was always an opportunistic bastard. He straight up stole the song from the opening theme, and never gave the guy who made it credit.

Original Star Trek and it's Federation were great because the producers would reign in Roddenbury's crazy shit all the time.

>> No.26873711

>Basically, logical to a Vulcan is whatever the writers think is fucking awesome.
Hah, I read this just after reading this >>26873551

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