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Dear /tg/,

We know Humans comes in all sorts of colours. And we know Elves come in at least white, black and chocolate varieties.

But what about other races? What colours and tones do Dwarves, Orcs, Giants, Ogres, Goblins, Gnomes, and other such beings come in?

Anthropology bonus: Explain why they come in these colours

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there is an under-dark version of all of those fantasy races.

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Grey Orcs are a thing, aren't they? And Dwarves can always go darker.

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For the sake of simplicity and avoiding stupid arguments I always just say that human skin tone range applies to all demi-humans as well.

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Bumping with a little of how I personally understand things.


I think Orcs might come in the MOST colours: Green, Red, Black, Brown, and any of those respective shades there of.

My favorite colour of Orc would have to be Red or Black since I find green Orcs to be a bit overplayed. (And only appropriate for Orks)

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Black Orc bump.

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Dwarves are various shades of luminescent white because lolmelanin, they burn like there's no tomorrow in sunlight because no UV protection.
Orcs "base" skin tone has wider variety and is darker than humans (we have few tones, but many shades) . They live in the hotter southern lands closer to the equator though, so you're far more likely to see pic related than a 'light' member of the orcish population. As they age, their base skin colour gets a little more saturated too, so orcish elders have this wild white hair with deeper tones and darker shades - a clear contrast that makes elders unmistakeable. (There's my special godtouched orc 'zeitgeist-made-real' NPC with four arms and a good 200lbs on the rest of the bruisers who is a deep shade of scarlet, but that's a one-off thing).
Ogres are like the WHF equivalent, but individuals with the ability to use magic get progressively more blue as their magical abilities develop.

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for reference this is what i mean when we have few tones but many shades. Y axis is particular RGB/CMYK mix (tone), X axis is shade (amount of black/white)

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Orcs of my setting come in standard greens and browns but may also have tiger stripes of those of more vibrant colors. It's only natural for predators to have camo.

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do you include an inherent racist/reverential bias towards these orcs with camo-skin within orc society? (just curious, not trying to troll)
i'd probably make them the object of worship if that were the case in my setting.

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People are people, no matter what skin they have. So yes.

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Man, look at the human, gnome and half-elf in that picture. They're all wanting that hot green dick.

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That elf is certainly feeling feels

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Human skin tones are due to sun exposure, because humans were made by the Sun. Elves come in black, white, and grey, depending on exposure to magic, because they were made by the Sky who is goddess of magic. Dwarves come in colors of soil and stone depending on what sort of ground they're born in. Gnomes are just the dwarves which are born above ground.
Gnolls can be striped or spotted or plain depending on moon phase and brown, grey, or even silver depending on elevation. Goblin colors have no apparent rhyme or reason.

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Gnomish hair and skin colors can and will cover entire visible spectrum. In fact one such gnome name Lugknob Twistswitch tried to invent a nw color called flarp recently, with typically explosive results. Gnomes are exposed on average to 70% more magic than any of the other races, and as such ishas destabilized at least the melanin production and may well account for their relatively short stature but high endurance.

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I have Orcs come in Grey, green, brown, and a kind of rusty red.

Grey for Mountains
Green for woodsy and grassy areas
Red for drier areas and areas that often have a lot of dead plants.

I usually do something similar with Gobs except leaning towards the cooler collors (yellows, blues, etc). Although every time I have a blue goblin, everyone thinks I'm going to bring psionics into the mix, despite everyone knowing I don't like them.

Most of the core races usually come in everything that humans do save gnomes get the weirder ones whenever I feel like it because gnome.

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>It's only natural for predators to have camo.


You know, I find that kind of funny.
I roll out Orcs and Ogres more as an opportunistic omnivores and have them distant Descendants of PIGS. (more like how a Human is distantly related to monkeys, not as close to apes, etc)

Which also lets them grow in humongous numbers, have cute floppy ears, and also really crazy gnarly tusky intimidating mouths.

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Opportunistic omnivores are technically predators too, but that doesn't mean camo.

Also, I like your porcine theory. It puts a neat spin on things.

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Also it means a lot of Japanese fantasy rape hentai is canon for your universe.

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My goblins are the ones with natural camo for the exact opposite reason. Everything tries to eat them.

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A pig is very different from a humanoid. Am I to assume your orcs are quadrupedal and cloven hoofed, or it there some freaky pig-ape intermediary in your world?

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In direct contrast, I tend to describe Orcs as a bit more ape-like, with hints at a past history in the more northern climes of their ranges having been home to great empires that have fallen in recent years. Similarly, some heretical interpretations of Pelor have taken root in these former glories of Orcish lands.
Skintone-wise, I tend to have'em ranging from a deep black that seems greenish, to almost a dark tan.

For the Elves, I tend to cast them as taller, and frankly an NPC race due to how many differences there are from humans. Skintones generally trend towards the paler shades, and they are rarely seen outside of buildings or the night.
Dwarves and the ilk, however, I tend to cast as pale to tan, since they're often either far northern, mountainous or subterranean. The mountain-dwellers are the ones who tend towards deeper tans, similar to Tibetans, while the subterranean Dwarves are pasty-white, more so than their Northlander kin. I also issue half-range increments to their use of thrown weapons, to reflect the difference in body mechanics.

What it all boils down to, however, is that I've taken to viewing Orcs as Africans, Dwarves as Neanderthals, and Elves as something else entirely, just this side of divinity.

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A black pal of mine liked to run black PCs, so we had a Tolkein dwarf with black skin.

We fluffed it that he was 'forge-touched', blessed by a spark of Moradin's forges and graced with Fire Resistance 5. As a welder IRL, he loved it

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While the standard races in my setting follow the standard skin tones, once they start crossbreeding, things get strange. Half-anything no longer falls under the field of the race god and instead are more chaotic. Thus you may have a tiger striped half-elf or a bright purple half-orc. Maybe even a rainbow half-dwarf.

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Pig-like Orcs. So, I'll go with Pig-ape Intermediary for the sake of simplicity.

Ogres, Orcs, split from a common pig ancestor a LOOOONG time ago but they still have things like floppy ears, fat fingers, tusky mouths, and the generalist inner-workings of a pig.

They're still a "relativly" recent species to develop though so they're still in their Cro-magnon-eqsue phase while the others are busy being modern humanoids.

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Not gonna lie, that's immediately where my mind went.

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Well, alright, if we're getting into Taxonomy here I may as well share what I use.

Giants were one of the First Sapient species to come into existence. They came about through natural ape origins and pretty much dominated the earth battling Dragons, Dinosaurs, Monsters and Gods. After their Renaissance ended though they made the conscious decision to divide themselves into more efficient forms to better rule the small world. This caused them to speciate into Humans, Dwarves, and Modern day Giants who all three still remain sub-species of one another.

Elves came down from the Moon where they had evolved -almost entirely- without competition to become a completely immortal, magitechnilogically superior being. They also however brought with them the other species that they co-evolved with: Changelings and Trolls, two sapient beings that produced to very different sub-species.
Changelings who had evolved fluidity of form with their amazing shape-shifting powers and whose species had re-evolved to become one gender.
And then Trolls, who had evolved into a BRUTISH, giant, ever-growing, hairy, tusk bearing, ape-like species who instead developed amazing regenerative abilities. Their species however suffered from immense sexual dimorphism; females being the most humanoid while males being the largest and most ape-like.

So, basically: one evolved to shapeshift while the other evolved to regenerate. Similar mechanism evolved to do two very different things.

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On a side note.

Changelings base forms come in varying tones of White/Grey, while there hair can be basically any colour that CHALK comes in.

Simply because I think it's cute.
I once humored the idea of simply having their skin AND hair coming in numerous faded sort of pale chalky colours.. but.. little 'too' silly.

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So basically troll women are violently raped by their brutish male counterparts?

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I really like the idea of out there and patterned skin tones for all of the races, even humans. I've found that it helps combat the cliche fantasy thing of having fantasy analogs of real cultures or ones with a real culture but with a slight tweest.

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Well, not exactly what I had in mind, but sure.

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>out there and patterned skin tones for all of the races, even humans

What exactly do you mean by that?

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Mostly ripping patterns off of animals, like calico or a red/black poison dart scheme. I really liked how Exalted did their panda skinned people and just went from there.

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To be fair, Exalted also has elves as just another race of human.

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I had Orcs with a caste system based on their skin color once. There was a wide spectrum because their color came from lichen on their skin, symbiosis due to them living in harsh environments. Then again, that meant that an Orc's caste was the same as his mother's inb4 jewish orcs, lelelel /pol/, and that male Orcs from a high caste could rape with impunity, so I scrapped the idea.

Now I just have elves that are sort of in between the spirit world and the real one, which means they adopt characteristics specific to the "underlying" element (basically whichever elemental spirit is the boss there), splitting them into dryads, djinns and so on.

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Should probably point out that that's my explanation for pic related.

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And the one for orcs.

>dat naiad lady
>dat goblin girl

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How the fuck do you find those things attractive.
Go outside.

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Why half-orc? Why can't they just be somewhat civilized orcs?

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Noice. I like how it tied in with his occupation as well.

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Because Orcs are too good for pinkskins.

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I was recently thinking about this. A race that has bluish or green skin, what color would their palms be? What color would their tongue and gums be?

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Sorry for the offtopic, but I remember some wiki-type website that listed the most powerful d&d universe beings, such included several of the more known gods etc.

Could anyone link it for me? Thanks.

polite sega

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Paler blue or green.

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Tongues and gums as well? I'm not too good at biology, so...

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Yeah. Then again, I guess it'd depend on if their blood was blue or green too.

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In my setting:

Colonials: Humans, albeit with the ability to have unusual hair (solid black) and eye (purple, amber, gold) colors. Come in white, brown, black.

Hjronir: White humans, nothing unusual except their trademark red hair.

Uurwen: Dark Elves, come with typical Drow colors (dark purple skin, pure white eyes), or bluish-grey skin and visible irises with either blonde or black hair.

Parwen: Tiefling-Elves, usually have red skin, pure white eyes, and black hair. "Albino" Parwen have greyish skin, and red hair.

Lyrans: Haven't figured the range yet, but typical catfolk colors for fur (browns and greys)

Dragos: Dragonborn, have leathery skin (no scales), usually in shades of brown and red.

I wrote in different shades for the non-human races because I got sick and tired of humans being the only race with genetic diversity in most settings. Finding combinations that I liked was a little tough, but if this stuff ever gets drawn, it'll look a lot better.

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Me again
My orcs are civilized in the way that vikings and celts were civilized. Violent and brutal by nature but (usually) following codes of conduct. Warrior codes and such.

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Golden elves, best elves.

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The main focus of the setting is several archipelagos with tropical climates similar to the Mediterranean, so most humans are pretty tanned.

The ethnic group common in the north and west have skin resembling the darker end of south European skin colours in real life.

The dominant ethnic group in the eastern areas have earthy skins in red and brown tones, similar to Native Americans but darker.

The southernmost islands are home to humans with swarthy skin, descended from the inhabitants of the mostly unexplored mainland who are far darker skinned (basically similar in skintone to real-life Africans).

The settings dwarf stand-ins are a race of humans native to some swampy islands. They're usually paler than others due to spending a lot of time inside or in cool, heavily shaded swamps, slogging through dark mud and water.

A minority descended from migrants from 'elsewhere' are usually sallow or golden-skinned, similar in general colour to the northern island humans but not as dark (their skin colour is similar to real world Middle-Easterns and Arabians but a bit more vibrant).

There are other ethnic groups from very far off foreign lands.


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The settings goblin races (goblins, hob-goblins and trolls) are humanoid porcine and boar-like creatures from the unexplored mainland.

'Heartland' goblins usually have dark brown or black fur, often with patterns of spots, rings and stripes depending on clan.

Northern and coastal goblins usually have lighter brown fur with mossy green spots, rings and stripes that are much more prominent and random than those of the Heartland goblins, leading to a common misconception that all goblins are actually green.

Some goblins who've settled down in villages and taken on a life-style much more similar to humans are usually shunned by other goblins, as they've taken on an appearance much more similar to human farm pigs; thinner coverings of hair revealing healthy, sun-tanned skin in shades of pink, gold and brown. However, many still have the mossy-green streaks of their coastal and northern ancestors.

I'm playing with the ideas of including ogres as either the largest of the goblin races, or as a race more similar to humans with skintones including slate grey, dark gold and a pale brown colour.

I'm also considering minotaurs as a minority race with little genetic variation due to rarity and seclusion to a small area, with fur usually in dark browns and blacks.

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Even humans?

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While goblins are fairly consistently a sort of pea green color, hobgoblins range from brown to orange. I dunno why.

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I hate when elves are short. Elves should be taller than umies.

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I hate it when elves are tall. Elves should be shorter than umies.

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I hate it when elves have percievable proportions. Elves should exist in seven obscure mathematical dimensions that are off-limits to umies.

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Shadar-Kai, I think. I'm probably wrong, though.

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3.5 has the Derro. They're Underdark malkavian-humans

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So Orcs are green, black, red and all other colors because of fiendish blood in their veins?

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what if drow were bioluminescent?

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Yeah. Shadar-Kai were from the Raven Queen's realm or something, right?

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Cave dwelling things aren't typically bioluminescent.

They're normally pale white, textureless, and blind.

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Imagine Aquatic Drow society based not on spiders but on angler fish.

Now this is legit reason for young swordsman to escape the fuck out of it.

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Drow are pale as fuck in my setting. Because no sun.
Dorfs tend to be paler than humans, though some nearer to the surface are slightly tanned, but not much.
Gnomes, living in wooded hills, once had natural camouflage. The deep varieties are again pale.
A note about Gnomes: they value beauty very highly, and use illusions on themselves all the dang time. Over time their natural camo disappeared, leaving them sort of tan coloured. In the savage jungles of the north, some tribes retain their green pigment.
Orcs were once humans that underwent a ritual to change into something greater. They now have green or red or sand coloured skin, because lolmagic.
Elves are green, or brown, or tan. To help them hide.
Goblins are usually grey or dull brown. Whether this is from dirt or not is unknown.

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Underfolk from Races of Destiny.

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>No Snu Snu Ork Woman

Have a sage.

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>sagefag tripfag
you've gone beyond

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I think Shadar-Kai are from the Shadowfell, and they are their own race.

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top kek

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I am your Master.

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Humans come in all sorts of colours enough as it is.

It's actually kind of neat when you stand us all side by side in a colour wheel sort of scenario.

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The orcs my of setting (think skyrim orcs) closely follow the lineage of our own progression. The common ancestor of gorillas and trolls (skyrim trolls) was consistently preyed upon by giants, so fossils are hard to come by. The progression goes:
common ancestor of trolls and gorillas -> gorillas and trolls -> gorillas into present day homo sapiens & trolls into hogoblins into orcs.

There are as many skin tones of each as there are of humans, but i like to present them as less saturated than many depictions of them in other fantasy literature.

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They're literally humans except with a funny skin color and different eye colors.

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