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Why do orks wear pants?

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Cuz they gots pockets for holdin' yer dakka!

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because the ladies capris weren't on sale

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because they like them

makes em 'arder

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Ta keep dere gubbinz safe.

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Because orkz hitting themselves in the face with their dicks during a charge were a huge problem in the old days.

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brb goin to the /d/rawthread.

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Orks have a thing for copying humans. Take their pistols for example, they're crude bolt pistol lookalikes, they theme themselves around Imperial fashion like a curious young child would.

You get some Orks who like to dress up as Guardsman and work like crude Imperial forces.

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They don't have dicks.

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that never stopped a /d/eviant

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i know T_T

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Got a lot of expertise in that field, Professor Ork Genitals?

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Good point OP, I suppose orks wearing kilts would be pretty interesting.

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Pockets I assume.

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Whether they do or don't, serjery makes everything possible.

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just the codex

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Does the codex actually say that? I mean, you can infer that genitals would be pointless given how they reproduce, but does it actually make it explicit that dicks aren't there?

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Because you'd look like a git walking around with boots and a shirt but no pants. Plus you needs pockets to keep your teef and bullets and anything else ya need while out on the march.

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Be warned, it's furry, in case that sort of thing offends you. (Though there's a hint in the cropped version as well)


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What if they're not pants? What if that's just how their lower bodies look.

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Because they're boyz

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Not the same anon, but, apparently in one novel, an Ork pissed on a Space Marine, so I don't know if they have dicks. They might have weird fungus growths that they just stick out when they need to get rid of all that fungus beer they chugged down an hour ago

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A lot of Ork models have messily sewn seams on the back of their pants, so they are pants.

Also Grots make clothes for themselves and Orks, so, they are pants and not just pant growths

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I'm sorry, but him trying to pull up his suspenders and being unable to do just so because of the expediency of the news he's being given.

Jesus christ, it's making me laugh a lot more than I care to admit.

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They are still down in the next page.

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>toilet roll

Made of squigs? Or maybe... it IS a squig.

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Seeing Dark Millennium screen shots makes me sad it was scrapped, even if it probably wasn't gonna be very good, it looked nice.

Hopefully Eternal Crusade will look at least that nice, they plan on a more realistic artstyle compared to Dark Millennium

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I now need to reread this.

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Probably either regular paper made by Grots or some kind of fungus tree paper.

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He has toilet paper sticking out of his pants in the first page.

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Stop trying to /d/eviantize my Orks you wierd bastards.

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>Not just an interest in Ork anatomy

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>dat emergency choppa
>dakka's still smokin'

Dat musta been a moighty intense drop roight dere...

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have you been reading the thread?

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>Firing Squad Boyz

There's no need for the "Boyz", is there?

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Well there are Squigs down there, but actually he was just shooting some noisy gits.

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Why don't Orks just make all their equipment out of guns?

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You don't get Orks do you?

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Because that would chafe something fierce after a long footslogging session

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>Some guys are interested in drawing orks tripping over their own dicks
>Some guys are interested in SCIENCE!!

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They still got a pisstube, though. One pisses on a Space Wolf in some BL book. Also, they still shit, so the pants could be to protect them from rear armor penetration, so to speak.

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Or they just don't wanna look like a git without pants. Orks have an eye for fashion and style, and trouncing about without anything to cover your Orky bits you'd look like a downright grot. Plus, with pants, you got pockets to store things you collect, and you can also attach gubbinz to make your pants real snazzy

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>One pisses on a Space Wolf in some BL book

This pleases me immensely but I also realize it's pretty douchey to be pleased by something like that.

Sorta wish SW weren't so ridiculous AND BL wouldn't stoop to something like an Ork pissing on a SW.

UInless it's a SW corpse. Then it's just par for course.

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Only Orks can make pants sound like some uber cool RPG item.

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The Space Wolves were sneaking, and one just happened to be hiding where an Ork decided to take a wizz, so he had to sit there and take it or they would be discovered.

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Oh I know, I just wanted to bring up The Drops. They're one of my favorite parts of ork society.

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I think the better question is, why do Chaos wear pants?

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Only gretchin run around naked, and no self-respectin' ork boy wants to look like a gretchin, no does he?

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Haha, that's so perfect.

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The Drops are a very clever and interesting aspect of Ork culture. Plus, what other race has their communal shit hole as a fortification?

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Fortification, mushroom garden, gretchin playground, AND birthing pit, all at the same time.

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You obviously haven't seen Kin Dza Dza.

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Don't forget Squig farm.

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>literal shit-hole
>is to the ork as a hearth is to the human

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This is mine

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Don't forget Squig farm

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.... THANKS. Now I have the mental image of a naked ork with a mushroom for a penis.... Or worse female orks with something for their genitals

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The Drops are the center of Ork communities and the first thing set up when Orks settle down

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That's it.
Next Deathwatch campaign is gonna have a mission involving an ork carnival.

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For humans the center of community is usually a market or source of water (or ale).
Humans also will usually build something to keep the rain out like a lean-to or the like.

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Orks have something called a funfair, which is exactly what it sounds like, an Ork fair.

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The first and last time the Space Wolves attempted stealth

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It sort of makes sense that the Drops are the center for Ork communities, they are the birthing pit for Ork society, where other Orks rise from, the Gretchin and Snotlings are born from, their food and drink, medicine and all other kinds of things spawn from. Everything starts and grows from the Drops.

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Welcum back muh friendz to da show dat nevah endz

Wez so glad uz cud addend
Com inside! Com Inside!
Der behind Da Glaz is a real perfect toof
Be Carful az ya pass
Move it long! move it long!

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>ork carnival

Dakka... Dakka EVERYWHERRE

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Orks have got to be the most interesting and at the same time most amusing fucking Race in Warhammer.

I cannot even begin understand why they aren't just the main characters already.

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I wish I knew where the page describing Ork funfairs was, the only mention I have is this page, but there is a page mentioning Ork karnivals and fairs. But I'm sure you can imagine what an Ork karnival would look like.

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This sounds like some Magical Realm shit.

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They are terrible main character materiel.
Doesn't stop them from being fun as hell though.

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A real perfect toof dat neva turns to dust...if I kud get me 'ands on dat, I'd be da richest ork in da klan!

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Lots of guns, and fast things, and fungus derived carnival food, and teef....

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Because Space Marines were the start of 40k and thus have the top billing,

But just remember, Orks, despite being so funny and amusing, are a nightmare in the right portrayal. This is something I could not convince anyone on /v/ about.

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Orks were my favorite characters in DoW2. Those guys were good main character material.

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>ork carnival
>plus spacemarines

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Tons of deep fried treats made by Orks and Gretchin alike, Meks show casing brand new inventions, that havn't blown up yet, huge metal monstrosities of rides for Orks to enjoy until it eventually collapses and kills the riders, much to the amusement of the crowds. Runtherders showing off their Juicy Squig they carefully bred and raised for years to prove they are the better Runtherer, all kinds of fun and games.

I suggest the Fungus Popcorn, thats some tasty stuff.

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Orks are many times larger, stronger, tougher, faster, fiercer, and more dangerous than the average human. They grow overnight out of the very air you breathe. When you kill an ork, ten more will take his place the next day. You can chop an ork's legs off or bisect him and he will still crawl to the fight and want nothing more than to destroy you and all you hold dear. The harder you fight against them and the more you kill, the more excited and frenzied they become. And for no discernible reason, they start gaining reinforcements as more and more orks pour into the system, attracted to the combat. Your only course of action is to redouble your attacks or risk being overrun, which only attracts more orks.

If you aren't being decimated by the towering boys and nobs, you're being dragged to your death by the grots. They send packs of beasts at you consisting entirely of sharp, jagged teeth mounted on a pair of legs, because nature said “Fuck you” and decided the only thing this creature needed was a way to kill you and a means to get there. Because they're orks, they decided to strap high-yield explosives to them anyways.

Once you see a single ork, you can guarantee more will be there in the future. And try as you might, you will never truly extinguish them entirely, so you'll have an ork problem in that sector for the rest of your mortal life. The only things that can cleanse an ork infestation are Tyranids and Exterminatus.

You don't fucking tell me orks aren't scary.

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Sounds more toilet humor than fetish to me.

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So's the image.

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I figured that went under birthing pit, but I suppose the mere fact that squig farm and ork farm are one in the same is worth mention in and of itself.
Not too different from Ancient Rome, actually.

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Question since I'm new to Warhammer.
Does the Ork's beliefs effect other races?
Things like Purple being sneaky, blue Being lucky, Red being faster and green being orkiest effect enemies they face?

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>fungus pop-corn
>not Squig-ona-stik

>> No.26850334

at least the image is fun to read

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There's a description in one of the Cain books about how the Orks turned a temple of the Emperor into a cess pit.

There's mention of them doing it purely as an insult, but given how important the drops are, what if they were doing it out of respect?

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>Purple being sneaky

That's a fan joke. Though like many such jokes, repeat it enough and people will end up believing it's true.

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No. Orks only.

>> No.26850365

>tfw every ork born to that warband were born under the watchful eyes of the emperor

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See I said these things, but the fucks on /v/ just didn't get it, they said Orks can't be scary, that they are too funny, and if they are scary they are as scary as a "thunder storm", anything I said they just ignored and said I should just drop it because I was trying too hard.

It was a discussion about how Tyranids are scary, so I forget how Orks got into the discussion, but only idiots don't think Orks aren't scary.

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>repeat it enough and people will end up believing it's true
Just like the orks

>> No.26850413

Only much hairier and smellier.

>> No.26850418

Orks don't really care much about respecting, they just saw it as a nice place for the Drops. One story, I forget where, but it was a mention of how an Ork Waaagh! took over an Imperium planet and a Runtherd turned a really important building into a pen for his incontinent Squiggoths

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Actually no, purple is sneaky, all colors have a meaning
Black: Toughness
Red: Fast
Blue: Luck
Yellow: Wealth
Green: Orky
Purple: Stealthy

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Well Ork players should be more Orky than their Orks otherwise they wouldn't be the big warboss of their Waaghs, now would they?

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Nah, they respect the Emperor. They just think he's backwards, like all 'umies.

>> No.26850470

What kind of git wants to eat those nasty, burnt pieces of grot shite!?

Fungus pop-corn is fluffy, crunchy, salty and savory all at the same time.

>> No.26850485

Oh okay, thank you, it was just something I was wondering since it seemed like if their thoughts extended to others, some marines would be a bitch to fight against.

Sorry, it was on the Wiki for orks, so I assumed I could trust it.

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Well it's less they respect the Emperor, and more that they think of him as the humies Warlord. Everywhere they go, every fight they have with the humans, they always shout "FOR THE EMPEROR" or mention him. So for him to be everywhere they fight, and on the lips of every soldier, yet never actually on the battle field, he must be some tough git.

>> No.26850548

How do Ork players stand to paint, transport, deploy, and move so many models?

>> No.26850593

>Actually no, purple is sneaky, all colors have a meaning

It's a joke based on the fact that you (almost) never see Orks wearing purple, possibly due to its association with regality and such.

>> No.26850599

Because we like fun.

>> No.26850600

Cause it's fun, I'm guessing. Orks and their stuff can be all mess of looks and styles, so you won't ever get bored of looking at your armies. If you wanna ask someone that question, ask Imperial Guard players.

>> No.26850603

Same way Guard, Tyranid or just about any Fantasy player does it.

It is a mystery to science though theologians believe it is magic

>> No.26850623


I thought they thought of the Emperor as the humie version of Mork and Gork.

>> No.26850672

Once I finally get a job and start getting into 40k I plan on doing Orks. I'm kind of excited for the possibilities

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Scary as a thunder storm? Get a load of these fucking landlubbers, thinking a thunder storm isn't scary. They say that cause they don't have crops to tend, herds to watch, or boats to sail. Thunderstorms are one of the classic forms of Nature's Wrath. Zeus was a thunder storm. Thor was a thunder storm. So shit yeah the orks are scary like a storm. The retards on /v/ have just forgot how fucking scary that is.

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Or because they think it makes them invisible.
And then it does.

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Watz wif dis tiny wagon boss, you cant hardly fit a grot in there!

>> No.26850762

Just play the SPACE MARINE game, you see all of the horrible shit they do on a massive scale.

Orks; funny kulture/antics but if you're on the receiving end they're terrifying.

>> No.26850763

Have there ever been examples of Orks who Believed in the Emperor and stopped believing in Mork and Gork?
I think that would be pretty dope.

>> No.26850769

After talking about how scary Orks can be, like Kommandos, for fucks sake, one idiot had the gall to say
>You don't know what fear is
I would take a Tyranid invasion over and Ork invasion any day, with the Nids you know where you stand, in their bellies. Orks, you aint got a clue, you're just as likely to get shot to death, stomped to death, chopped to death, punched to death as you are to be eaten alive, enslaved to spend your days building bullets, weapons and vehicles, or just get kicked around by bored Orks.
They said death isn't scary, and sure, death isn't scary, but dying is, and the different between Nids and Orks is that you don't know if you're have a quick death, or a slow death.

>> No.26850821

It's the same thing with every race, they have two faces, the face you see when you're behind them and the face you see when you're in front of them.

Behind, Orks are funny, hooligans who get drunks, smoke cigars and get in bar fights, using machinery that could blow up just as much as it can work.

Infront, Orks are a nightmare to behold.

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>> No.26850844

Source for purple?

Also Red also means blood. White is also wealthy, and Yellow is Hot, not wealthy.

>> No.26850859

>fungus derived carnival food
so.... just like normal carnival food, only more dakka.

>> No.26850877

>bunch of scared guardsman sitting around at night
>streak of light through the sky, groundshaking impact
>move out to investigate
>at the center of the crater is a single drop rok
>it's only like 2m round
>pointman steps closer
>slips on a banana peel
>garishly dressed ork steps out of the rok, opens his mouth to waaaaagh
>helium balloon comes out
>second ork walks out of the tiny rok
>then a third
>and a fourth
>they keep coming
>guardsman turn and run
>slip on banana peels
>they're surrounded by peels
>theres 20 orks out of the rok by now
>last vox contact with command is screams
>vox cuts out
>vox cuts back in

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No no, white is death because it's the color of bones, yellow is wealthy because it's the color of gold, and it's the color Bad Moonz use most.

>> No.26850911

Orks don't have the Shadow in the Warp or power pysker abilities.

The Tyranids abilities infiltrates the mind to plant a sense of dread, horror, and despair. Also the Nids have different methods of killing you and its not alwways quick.

Anyone who thinks Orks are scarier than Tyranids or more dangerous than them, is a big fool or an Orkish fanboy

>> No.26850930

It won't mean anything if we don't agree on something!

>> No.26850933

I doubt any Ork would do that, since the Emperor would never speak to them, or give them anything. They could respect the Emperor, and maybe even put his imagery on their gear, but until the Emperor gives them something in return, they won't bother worshipping him

>> No.26850968

Not according to the Orks.

There are two different glyphs for white (Gul and Naz), and then there's a separate one for Yellow (Uz).

The colour favoured by the Bad Moons may be Yellow, but it's not the colour of wealth.

>> No.26850969

I have just found my new inspiration for a character.

a klownboy.

>> No.26850978

They worshipped a Great Unclean One.

All it gave them was sours, boils, and sickness.

>> No.26851002

What about weirdboyz?

>> No.26851014


Yellow is wealth cause its the color of teeth you git.

>> No.26851021

Or taken over by genestealers, who gradually take over worlds to convince them that Tyranids invading isn't such a bad thing.

>> No.26851027

Or a whole circus of orks.
Clownboys, mimeboys, acroboys, lionqsquig tamers.
The boss is the Ringmaster.

>> No.26851034

To be fair, they got confused and thought it was Gork/Mork. He is huge and green after all

>> No.26851049

Wot da zoggin' ell is gold eneeway.

>> No.26851050

Nah, coz teef are bones, like skulls. So dey are white.

>> No.26851078

It's da stuff bloodaxes make all dere medals out of.

>> No.26851093

>implying orks brush their teef to keep them white

>> No.26851095

That.... sounds pretty damn awesome. soon as I get a job, I'm seriously going to start making an ork army consisting of a cirkus.

>> No.26851113

Don't compare to the Hivemind and its manifested powers which for example imposes the Shadow of the Warp on entire planets or systems. This installs a sense of horror and wrongness.

>> No.26851134

KOLGATE. It's wot makes yer teef 'hiny and lookin' all dakka. Dem's ah good toof dat's 'hiny.

>> No.26851136

... You brush ya bones?

Wot are ya, one of dose flamin' beakee boyz?

It'z simple. Whitez da colour of bonez. Teef are bonez, tusks are bonez. Teef are bonez, even if dey look like bog.

>> No.26851151

I don't see how Warp shadows or psyker abilities matter. Orks have Weirdboys, which are just as powerful as other psykers from other races. Orks also don't need to plant dread, horror or despair into their victims. All they need is to be there and their enemies start freaking out, their war chants resounding to such levels that they can be heard miles away, giving a dreadful warning to the people standing in defense against them that the Orks are on the march. In battle, Orks are even worse, as every moment the battle rages on, the Orks become more brutal in their attacks, hitting more wildly and piling in harder and harder to get into the fight, rising to bloodthirsty frenzies that make even the most hardened Space Marine feel fear to face. While Tyranids may have other ways to kill you, their goal is one and the same, to kill and eat you, Orks are likely to just kill or eat you, but they are likely to do many other things just as much, because they aren't a hive mind like the Nids.

Orks are a machine of war, not some locust swarm, and they are honestly scarier than Tyranids, I don't care if you call me a fool or a fanboy.

>> No.26851164

Ork teef fall out too fast to get seriously discoloured.

>> No.26851176

Genestealer infiltration doesn't work on Orks though. They can tell they aren't Orky and promptly get krumped.

I personally would prefer an Ork invasion. Ork invasions can be stopped and the Imperium has gotten pretty good at fighting them. They also aren't on the scale of the Nids. A nid invasion is basically death rain. They are everywhere and they will eat you.

Orks take a bit more time to get going. It is also harder to permanently remove an Ork infestation

>> No.26851179

Iz dat stuff dem Bad Moon gits have covering dere teef, you'z can make a lotta teef of a sellin' da stuff back to dem

>> No.26851188

What those idiots dont get is that the things that makes orks so funny are precisely the same things that make them so fucking scary.

Death and murder is a larf to them, meaning that they see no reason to not kill you.

>> No.26851233

Why'd ya cover up yer teef? Dat'd make ya look ded poor.

Dey must be cunnin' gitz, pretendin' ta be poor when dey's got all da teef.

>> No.26851234


can't breathe

>> No.26851245

That is true that a Nid invasion is scary, but an Ork Waaagh! is something just as scary, especially when it gets momentum, surging across planet after planet like a wave of green carnage, drawing in more and more from everywhere they go, and growing more and more powerful with each victory.

>> No.26851258

They actually have squigs that do that for them as they chew on them.

>> No.26851261

I 'eard dey use da gold ta look flashier, since it'z all shiny an such, when dey shoot dere snazzguns, da gold gits all flashy.

>> No.26851269

when the nids get their tendrils deep into a planet you might as well leave even if you win.

>> No.26851282

They don't chew on them, but they do drop them into their mouth to clean food stuck in their teeth, they also have ones the drop into their clothes to clean parasites off their bodies, and when they are full, the Ork picks them up and eats them as a snack

>> No.26851289

Fear of Orks is like a peasant fearing a marauding barbarian who is currently breaking his way into your house and fear of Nids is like a cornered prey cowering before an approaching predator.

>> No.26851298

Shit I forgot about squigs.

>> No.26851311

Well, they also do have chewing squigs, but yeah, gob squigs just generally sit in the mouth and clean the teef.

Damn, it's freaky that the orks actually have better hygene than on your average hive world.

>> No.26851312

Wots al di muckin bout yellow? YELLO IS SPLODY YA DUMB GITS! Dats why wez use it on all da rokkits and like. Whichevah youz erd dat yellow is bout 'welf' wotevah dat nonsense is been spendin too much time round dose soft bad moons. Welf sound like some dumb umie word.

>> No.26851314

I wouldn't say peasant, I mean Guardsmen and Space Marines fear Orks just as well.

Regardless, both Nids and Orks are terrifying in their own respects

>> No.26851317

>I don't see how Warp shadows or psyker abilities matter.

It does, when spreading terror in the enemies is concerned. Orks don't have abilities to spread wide scale horror and despair. Orks might be alien but they are not as alien and horrible as the Nids. The Orks can be reasoned with (to some extent), You can even break them and make them flee, and humans are used to fight them. The Tyranids can not be reasoned with, will never show fear, and are a new threat with many new faces all of which are alien are terrible to this galaxy.

To view Ork lore and Tyranid lore back to back and its painfully obvious that the Nids inspire more horror and dread in the many races of the galaxy than Orks.

>> No.26851352

Space Marines know no fear.

>> No.26851365

>will never show fear,
nids scatter and behave like normal animal if they lose closeness to synapse creatures, regardless of whether the norn ships are in orbit or not
i agree on your other comments

>> No.26851410

They have a breed of Squig that is created specifically for their fluffy hair, they are used to clean messes up or as a hanky.

They have Squigs made for sewing up wounds, Squigs for hair (and beards) Squigs for paint, Squigs for oil, Squigs for music, Squigs for syringes, Squigs for bags, Squigs for eating(your face), Squigs for eating(there face), Squigs for guarding, Squigs for herding Runts, Vampire Squigs, Bug Squigs, Squig Sharks, Squig Hawks and even Squig Pigeons. The Orks need something that they can't build, usually theres a Squig for the job.

>> No.26851427

See >>26850219

>> No.26851436

Looking back at >>26844139, it turns out that chewin squigs are a variant of gob squigs that are only for chewin. I thought they cleaned while you chew.

>> No.26851492

>The infamous Ork Hunters of the Armageddon Imperial Guard are afraid of one Ork and one Ork alone. In the dark nights of the equatorial jungles between Prime and Secundus, these grizzled veterans whisper tales of Boss Snikrot, the Stalker. They tell of a killer who slips through the jungle like a ghost, who can pass through throttlevine groves without disturbing a single leaf. They tell of a savage hunter who lives for vengeance, whose eyes blaze with the devilish light of hatred. Finally, they tell of his victims, left to bleed to death with their eyes put out and their scalps ripped free from their skulls.

>Boss Snikrot was a Kommando in high regard at the time of Ghazghkull’s first invasion, and his was amongst the first of the Ork tribes to navigate the green hell that separates Armageddon Prime from Armageddon Secundus. The sea of jungle was vast, and Snikrot’s Kommandos soon separated from the main tribe. Straying towards Cerberus base, the majority of his tribe fell foul of the Imperial Guard jungle-fighting specialists stationed in the heart of the verdant realm. Snikrot ordered his boyz to withdraw, vowing to conquer the environment before they turned their attention to the human bases.

>Snikrot had learnt his lesson well. He vowed to fight a guerrilla war from the heart of the jungle, stripping his kit down to the bare minimum so that the colour of his skin blended in with the jungle itself. He and his Kommandos became one with the tangled vegetation, their tough hides and strong metabolism giving them a natural resistance to the lethal defences of the tangled and nightmarish environment. Snikrot and his lads refined their already prodigious abilities in stealth and sabotage until they were able to slip into an Imperial Guard barracks and kill the residents in their sleep. Thus began a campaign of terror and psychological warfare that has plagued the Imperial war effort upon Armageddon ever since.

>> No.26851500

>Snikrot’s Red Skull Kommandos, so called because of their habit of scalping their victims and spreading the hot blood onto their heads, were still at large when Ghazghkull returned fifty years later. By this time the legend of Snikrot had spread to the furthest hives on the industrial worlds. Some spoke of a ghost who drank the blood of his victims in the dark of the night. Some told of a murderous beast that wore the dogtags of his numerous victims upon his chain-wrapped forearms so he could whisper their names to the jungle moon. Some told of his deadly knives, and how they had tasted the throats of colonels, nobles and courtesans alike.

>All across Armageddon, in the flickering twilight of the hives, mothers scare their children into obedience with stories about the stalker Snikrot. Each of the gruesome stories has its basis in truth. To this day, Snikrot is one of the most feared of all Ork kind, and even the Ork Hunters pray to the Emperor that it is not their neck that Snikrot buries his deadly knives in next.

>> No.26851505

Alright, I really don't want to get into this argument again, after dealing with /v/, so I will just agree with you here. Though my personal opinion is Orks are far more dreadful than Nids, I admit that in the general setting of the galaxy they are a more terrifying threat, though Orks have been around much longer, and are still just as frightening, the Nids are above them in spreading terror. But despite that, Orks still are a scary thing to face, which was always my original point.

>> No.26851539

Sorry, I'm talking about citizens.

>> No.26851646

Dats sum flash!

>> No.26851707

This certainly was an interesting thread. Proves that even the simplest of Ork related questions can turn into a massive discussion

It makes me want more new Ork stuff, comics, novels, units, A CODEX what have you.

>> No.26851740

well, that begs an interesting question: What would a ork kodex NOT approve of?

>> No.26851777


Muckin about.

>> No.26851814

simply because "they're da boys"

>> No.26851851 [SPOILER] 


>> No.26851874

>small boobs
>pig nose

0/10 would not bang

>> No.26851889

>wanting an ork to be bangable

>> No.26851918

>not wanting to bang orks

Do you even 'umie?

>> No.26851939

Thats just a umie painted green with big ears.
I says you iz muckin about.

>> No.26851960

They have terrible circulation in their legs.

>> No.26851988

Muckin aboot? datz not support'ad by da dakka Kodex.

I Seyz deyz iz a 'umie and wez gotta blew em up gud.

>> No.26852036

>muckin' about


>> No.26852058

Holy shit that one orc looks pissed

>> No.26852077


>> No.26852081

>obvious definition in the arms
>none in the thighs
curlbro detected

>> No.26852082

Orks confirmed for secret Wraeththu

>> No.26852086


wasn't there a bit about some orks during the great crusade who called the Emperor the 'golden boy' or some such?

>> No.26852088


Juicy thighs > fit thighs

>> No.26852110

That's the story he told his battle-brothers anyway

>> No.26852126

What are you trying to imply Anon

>> No.26852148

had to cap that
you're welcome.

>> No.26852150


>> No.26852152

Why do orks anything really. Orks don't anything, they are the result of too much weed.
Some crazy high person thought it would be funny to have a large green thing in some story ages ago, and named it "ork".
Later on some other crazy high muppet spun on with the "ork" and gave it new attributes.

None of the attributes given to orks are true by any means, and I assume you are refering to the Orks of the fail company Games Workshop, well their orcs have many things, at the same time as they don't have many things. They also need many things, at the same time they do not need many things. This is the result of a company who don't really care about anything but money. The first fluff creator probably had a good idea, then some other idiot spun on with the story, and since it wasn't the first idiot to take on the story, it had no memory of every single detail, and some got replaced with new information, which contradicts the previous. This went on for many 'a years.

Thus we are left with many questions, but the real answer to your question is actualy - Why do orks anything? Well, because weed.

>> No.26852158


He dared to enter Da Magikul Relm

>> No.26852162

Captcha ate my pics.

>> No.26852182

>Krumpandros waz roight

>> No.26852208

I knew those Space Wolves weren't right.

>> No.26852215

>> No.26852225

>more green humies
Wut da zog.

>> No.26852248

Deyz Orkophiliks me thinks... We'ze bes' leg it.

>> No.26852287

>Human females with a fetish for Orks, dressed up as them, painting their skin green and even fixing their teeth up to look like them.
The heresy is palpable...but intriguing

>> No.26852314

Basically, Diggas. Though I'm not sure if female Diggas were ever actually mentioned, but logically they had to exist.

>> No.26852327


>> No.26852340


>> No.26852382

Well Diggas don't have a fetish for Orks, they admire them. I mean in some hive city, a rather unhinged noblewoman has a strange obsession with Orks, their bulging, thick muscles, their wild aggressive actions, the raw power of them all, going so far as to dress up in an Orky manner, her husband aint gonna say anything about it, because then his whole reputation would go down for being married to a xeno fetishist, so he simply ignores her perverse fantasies and games.

I think I should go to bed.

>> No.26852473

Maybe that is how female Diggas would be. After all, they're still human and still possess all the biological urges that entails. A Diggaboy's fascination with the Orks is admiration, but for a Diggagirl perhaps it could go beyond that.

Or maybe they're all just kept underground as breeding slaves. But hey, there are people into that too.

>> No.26852657


What are these from? Is there some Ork-based 40k RPG I've somehow managed to never hear about until now?

Is there a PDF I can please get a download link to?

>> No.26852707

I like that picture too anon.

>> No.26852710

>MFW I was thinking of writefagging a 40K fic about a Human girl who thinks she's an Ork stuck in an Ork WAAAGH!

>> No.26852716


Holy shit. Action Park finally makes sense. Orks built it.


>The sleds themselves were a large factor in the injuries. A stick that was supposed to control speed led, in practice, to just two options on the infrequently maintained vehicles: extremely slow, and a speed described by one former employee as "death awaits."

>Super Speedboats: These were set up in a small pond, known by staff to be heavily infested with snakes

>Bumper boats: This ride was supposedly safer, but the engines often leaked gasoline, at least once requiring medical attention for one rider who got too much on his skin. As with the Super Speedboats mentioned above, the bumper boat pond was infested with snakes, and the boats themselves were notoriously difficult to maneuver, so much so that the employees who worked there in 1990 were reduced to shouting "Skee-Da-Va", "Squeeze The Wheeze", and other nonsense. It made no difference, because riders could neither understand instructions above the din of the noisy engines nor control the skittering boats in any event.[13]

>> No.26852731

They're from the Digganob supplement to Gorkamorka, an old skirmish game in the vein of Necrumunda (but with Orks obviously). The GW website has pdfs of Da Roolz and Da Uvver Book, though some stuff has been cut out.



Googling for "Gorkamorka Resources V2" should find a torrent containing... pretty much everything released for the game I think, including Digganob and unabridged versions of the two core books.

>> No.26852734


>On the Craftworld Hope of Other Days, an Eldar philosopher stopped listening to the atonal music of his waterchimes and began composing his death-haiku

And /tg/ insists that Tau are weeaboo.

>> No.26852744


*NecrOmunda. Silly me. Have a Digga Trukk.

>> No.26852818


Include a bunch of looted Eldar transports. Thus was born Da Flyin' Cirkus

>> No.26852827

Thats an Ork waterpark if I ever saw one

>> No.26852846


>The Tyranids abilities infiltrates the mind to plant a sense of dread, horror, and despair.

Yeah, Orks just have to inspire terror the old fashioned way, by drowning the entire planet in blood and battle. Go ask the inhabitants of Armageddon if they feel "dread, horror and despair".

>> No.26852920

Thank you.

Thank you so much.

>> No.26853144

waaagh <3

>> No.26853157

why is she pregnant?

>> No.26853170

Why aren't you?

>> No.26853198

Orks are fungi.

>> No.26853219

To which they´d probably answer that they don´t feel anything.

>> No.26853241


>> No.26853244 [DELETED] 


>> No.26853265

spores can develop on both dead and living matter, including orkoid flesh.

What we're seeing here is a cocoon effect, where spores have taken root inside an ork's body, swelling their abdomen from both the fungi, and the noxious gasses.

When the fungi ripen enough, the ork will burst apart messily, forming the basis for a new fungus colony.

>> No.26853283

I don't know about that. At least with orks there's a slight chance that you might be able to parley with them, and worse comes to worse, paint yourself green and call yourself a digga. You don't get that with tyranids.

>> No.26853298

You know, something I always wondered. How come there have never been genetically mutated Orks? Not like Oddboys, I mean and Ork who has mushrooms growing from parts of his body, a bunch of caps sprouting from his scalp, layers of shrooms springing from his arm, that sort of stuff, Shroomboyz. I would think something like that must have happened before.

>> No.26853300

Yeah, it's been mentioned that ork slaves have better chances for advancement then they'd ever have in the Imperium.

>> No.26853317

Well, there are mushlings.

But generally it's because orks don't like things that get too weird. So a boy covered in shrooms would probably get killed.

>> No.26853354

They still have toilets. And maybe dicks.

>> No.26853360

And some Ork warbands are actually not bad as slavers. They take a planet, leave some gits to guard the place, then take off to continue fighting, coming back just to collect their payment, usually of guns, ammunition, vehicles or raw materials. Then they leave again. They don't work the people to the bone, and generally don't bother with them, meaning the populace can continue to live in general peace as long as they meet the boss's payment, which isn't much different from the tithes under the Imperium, and in return, they have Orks who will fight to the death, not for them, but for the planet, cause it belongs to the boss.

>> No.26853365

Other advantage of the Shadow in the Warp : it disturbs astropathic communications and warp travels.
Once a Hive Fleet is in the system, nobody is getting in or out of there without taking huge risks.
Though one might argue that said risks are worth it when trying to get out...

>> No.26853380

They do stealth all the time though

>> No.26853386

Until the garrison get bored of fighting each other and decide to go down town for a nice evening of fighting and looting.

>> No.26853426

True, but thems the breaks, it's better then being constantly chained up and sent to work the mines, or the forges or the factories with little to no breaks. Plus, Warbosses that would set up this kind of control style usually have human advisers who may warn the Boss about possible damage to his property and supplies, or something to try and help the people.

>> No.26853431

Even their Terminators used to be stealthy.

>> No.26853450

Well, yeah, but that was always a risk when it was just the Imperials. Plus now they don't need to worry about heresy!

>> No.26853468

>the different between Nids and Orks is that you don't know if you're have a quick death, or a slow death
If you love the Emperor (as you should), you will fight 'till you are told to stop.
You will rather die than consorting with vile xenos, even under threats.
You WILL die if you are found guilty of consorting with xenos anyway.
So the best thing for you to do is to die fighting to your last nail and tooth, earning your salvation in the eyes of the Emperor.

>> No.26853520


>Still, you live and learn, and so to avoid this happening in future, from now on our errata will only fix typographical errors or unclear rules

Oh, I'm sorry, I guess failing to include Baleflamer as a turret weapon was a typographical error, not an errata that completely broke the unit in question. My mistake Geedubs.

>> No.26853554

>Implying the Imperium won't be back
I see you have strayed from the path of Our Lord and Savior during the absence of His glorious armies, citizen.
Do not cry. For the Emperor is merciful and forgiving.
I, on the other hand, am not...

>> No.26853571

Well, that was some years ago. Policies change, promises are broken, hopes and dreams are shattered, and so on.

>> No.26853585 [DELETED] 


That article was written long before the Baledrake singlehandedly made C:SM viable.

>> No.26853594

Oh god, now i have visions of an Ork with a chainsaw for a dick

>> No.26853655

Pretend it's a pod or something if it bothers you so much.

>> No.26853730

DIE GREEN SKIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.26853753

I hope that their orks dont have belly buttons

>> No.26853755

For WAAAAGHMTH! (Was I clever? Will you stop beating me?)

>> No.26853785


Now post some Sister Purity you naughty boy

>> No.26853881

I remember reading a short story about a planet being evacuated from an ork invasion and some guardsmen were a bit behind and got caught by the orks and promptly krumped

that story was good in that it showed how fucking terrifying orks are, with their rickety shit and tons of gunz

>> No.26854291


>> No.26854308

bcoz if they didnt wear pants, you would ask "why are they dont wear they pants?"

>> No.26854348

Genestealorks are what led the nids to Octarius.

>> No.26854398


>> No.26854434

Da painboss is gonna want ta know 'bout dis, woteva it is.

>> No.26854447


>> No.26854455


>> No.26854466


>> No.26854580

>"They seemed to build rides, not knowing how they would work, and [then let] people on them."

>> No.26854602

/d/ pls

>> No.26854666

For da dangly bits.

>> No.26854697

My dad used to go there when he was a kid, he broke a tooth on that looping water slide once

>> No.26854700

>"death awaits"

>> No.26855006

>source for purple?

When was the last time you saw an ork wearing purple?

>> No.26855144

>klown Orcs
A friend of mine actually styles his ork army after a carnival fair, complete with wierdboy baloon-klown, icecream buggys and other such stuff

>> No.26855678

>Hairy squigs
>End of the section

>One of the great mysteries of human civilisation, according to the orks, is why humans only manage to breed such poor, limp specimens of hairy squigs.
>Orks feel sorry for the humans, who seem limited in choice to a few miserable yellow, brown, or black squigs.
>All attempts to barter squigs with humans have failed, since humans seem to be too stupid to appreciate the better quality of the orkish breeds of squigs.

They tried to trade with humans.
They think humans are the stupid ones.

I love 40K

>> No.26855762




>> No.26855784


Actually, that explains how you can fit so many boys into a single trukk, even if there's clearly never enough space.

>> No.26855804

I pretty sho dis be heresy, ya git. Da Codecks Waaaaaaaghstart's ain't supporting dat kinda acshun

>> No.26855852

Please remain civil. There is no need for shouting.

As I said before I am willing to trade these live pigs for some form of delicacy. Here you are trying to sell me those....things.

>> No.26855859

Pink squigz are probably what orks think babies are. The idea that humans actually reproduce by sticking parts into each other, and then sqeezing out tiny, useless mini humans that won't be able to fight for more than a decade must seem absolutely insane and absurd to an ork.

>> No.26855887

well even at a 20 year old prime who has been trained in combat wouldn't match the average ork.

You know with the whole limb tearing thing.

>> No.26855897

Fuck I should clarify.

20 year old in their prime.

>> No.26855899

They no doubt piss through their anus, then. Kind of like how birds do it.

>> No.26855903

Good old cloaca.

>> No.26855918

It's true

>> No.26855927

Wow. I didn't think it was that popular. Or had a name. Where have I been...

>> No.26855950

Not in any monster girl threads, that much I can tell you.

>> No.26855961

>Strange omni-use excretion organ
>Generally dick shaped
>also generally used as the mating phalus
>Didn't know it was popular on 4chan

go to /v/
Talk about XStoryPlayer
Await dolphin porn and cloaca discussions.

>> No.26855962

i actually cant stop laughing

>> No.26855963

Every fa/tg/uy knows about cloacas, since every fa/tg/uy has read monstergirl porn.

>> No.26855973

You should look up this Dutch festival called Zwarte Cross. There's motorracing, loud music, mud-fights, beer, food and its all hosted by a fat old lady.
Its about as Orky as real life gets.

>> No.26855978


>> No.26855981


not looking at Banjo kazooie R34?

>> No.26855999



I shouldn't be surprised.

>> No.26856002

They should make a book about the orks for real. The only books about orks talk about how ass crazy they are and how terrible they are. They need some ork main characters or at least have some human slave talk highly of his ork masters.

>> No.26856027


...But they are ass-crazy and terrible.

>> No.26856056

Read Deff Skwadron, it's the closest thing to an ork novel we'll ever get. And it's pretty awesome.

>> No.26856093

Why the fuck would an ork want a slave? Their species already has slaves built in with the gretchin and grots.

>> No.26856098

know a good place to download it?

>> No.26856107

The question is... Do orks drop it hard?

>> No.26856108

I read it online and got the book. I love it

>> No.26856114

never mind, found one on 1d4chan

>> No.26856115

It's on /rs/.

>> No.26856116


>> No.26856121

>you will never play a hack and slash rpg playing as an ork rising up the ranks and getting bigga an betta until you become da boss and wage a WAAAGH against the Imperium at the end of the game

>> No.26856128

more slaves= good?

>> No.26856134

It's canon that orks keep human slaves, though. Probably because humans can perform more complicated tasks than a gretchin.

>> No.26856143

I don't know, being torn apart while still alive just for the sake of "See 'ow 'em 'pinkies look on da inside" or being omnomnomd, I prefer nomming

>> No.26856146

Or more fun to watch them fight for your amusement.

>> No.26856149


>> No.26856152

You can never have enough slaves.

>> No.26856159

It's all fun and games until the bioacid and fleshborers hit.

>> No.26856167

Only if there's Kingdom Under Fire-esque command over your troops which gets greater in scope and more strategically complex as you progress through the game.

>> No.26856190

someone needs to do a mod of the classic barbarian and women at his feet pic
with an ork and a couple of hummies
someone get a drawfag on this

>> No.26856202

Should buy guardsmen and use them as grots!

>> No.26856304

Cause Hulk.
Orks are his little copies.

>> No.26856306

You know what I think a good little game would be?

Playing as a gretchin who goes and does shit for the bigger orks. Get weapons, ammo, clean shit, unclog random things, catch different kinds of squigs, and just trying to survive the entire time.

Fail a mission, get the shit kicked out of you.
Pass a mission, get kicked for muckin about.
Pass with flying colours, get another mission without being kicked.

Facing the hazards that the boyz don't even see. Just proud that you are the one keeping the cogs oiled.

Imagine a gretchin trying to catch a giant Gnasher worthy for the Boss to eat.

That kind of shit.

My words don't give the vision justice.

>> No.26856665

just finished reading it
killboy is the greatest character in all literature

>> No.26856692

I got the idea from the Squig image posted earlier so all of the ideas are based on them.

Early in the game you go out and get a growler for a rich mekboy.
Latter he mods said growler to produce a highpitch drone and one of the boys hires you to "Stik it sneaky"

Catching Buzzers and, in a latter mission, releasing them in battle behind enemy lines.

Raiding the drop for Juicy Squigs for some feast, bashing the creatures that dwell in there for defence.

It would show the harsher side of orks, ie slaves, face eating feasts, beatings, random fights constantly, in a light hearted manor, ie comedic fighting styles for gretchin, shit breaking if touched.

Simpsons Hit&Run lightheartedness
Mario 64 platforming
GTA mission finding
With Some slash and smash combat system. Smack a Face eater with a oversized club to stun it as you run the other way. I don't know how to explain the combat. More comedy than gore.

Any thoughts?

>> No.26856833

I think I sawa 40k roguelike where you play as an ork

>> No.26856861

i could actually imagine playing it on the 3ds
would be great fun

>> No.26857348

>little girl who thinks she's an Ork stuck in an Ork WAAAGH!
So Blue, except pink.

>> No.26857367

Guys. Guys. Saint's Row, but with Orks.

>> No.26858293

FFG need to make an ork game. With tons of fluff, more rules for pimping vehicles, and rules for ork economy and stuff. Now that would actually be fun to roleplay, unlike "HURR DURR EVERYONES SPESS MEREENS".

>> No.26858502

It's already been decided that the best possible 40k game is Grand Theft Auto, but with a bunch of Orks driving around a massive Ork settlement shooting shit up.

>Rip his head off
>Commence 30 minute fire-fight as you and your boyz leap over the counter and take cover as every boy in a 1 mile radius comes to get in on the fight

>Get 1 star after it
>A grot in an oversized hat comes running round the corner
>"I've been ordered to take youz lot to da boss!"
>Step on him


>> No.26860034

Instead of Stars, have WAAAAGH!

As it fills up, stormboyz don't just come to fight you, everyone starts fighting everyone.

Less like a police meter, more like a riot meter.

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