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Salty ERPers edition.

>Recruitin' players
>Talkin' about game
>Complanin' about not getting any

F-List chat: /tg/ chat
IRC: #1001Lewd_Nights on Rizon

Rp responsibly!

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Mornin'. Heyooo.

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Is F-Chat down?

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Question. What the hell goes on in this thing?

is it just phonesex all but name?

I just don't get this thing.

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Uh, what do you mean? In this thread, or...?

It's up for me, at least.

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Not being a ass, but can someone explain to me what gets you into ERP?

-Curious regular RPer

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A basic rundown on ERP:

Two people get together and create porn together, faps are had for all.

This thread is mostly for finding threads and discussing kinks with each other.


Other anons have needs too, you know, and sometimes we can't find porn for our specific group of fetishes.

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Fair enough, I shall leave you guys to your erotic game finder.


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so it's a co'op fapfic writing?

I just don't understand the need/desire behind such an exercise.

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I prefer literary stimuli over visual stimuli.
I also like to roleplay.

So why not combine the two. If it's good ERP, I get good text porn that caters to my fantasies and fetishes, and that I have a personal connection to since I as involved in it's creation.

And while I could get the same out of just writing text porn for myself, adding another partner (or sometimes, a couple partners) adds new, interesting elements.

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All the best, dear.
Come and see us again the next time you're feeling adventurous.

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Nothing I do is with canon characters, so it's not so much fanfiction as it is "original" works.

And let's be honest with ourselves for a moment. Rolplaying is co-op pretend for adults (and often with more rules.) This is the same thing, except... lewder.

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That's his lame attempt at making typefucking sound like anything more than typefucking.

It's people who get aroused by the sadistic desire to force other people to read their horrible wankery, and the masochistic desire of enduring said wankery.

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Imagine making your own smut about whatever you want. Now imagine it doing with people you like as well.

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Ballet and Pole-dancing are both artforms, amirite?

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Just leaving this here.

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why would you even do it with other people though? It just sounds like an entire game of That Guy Fetish inserts. Correct me if wrong, but considering the number of "That Guy" threads there are, this just seems pretty rage worthy for most of /tg/

I mean, it's porn right? Why would anyone care what I'm getting off of, and why would I need someone else's help to get off on something?

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The universal hatred for That Guy is based on That Guy's breaking of the unspoken covenant between gamers and the violation of established norms of behavior.

When you're going into a scenario with the full expectation of Magical Realms, the constant pushing thereof stops being That Guy-tastic, you know? It's all contextual.

Sometimes a man just wants to fuck a futa monstergirl or something, man.

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I never claimed ERP was art. Just that what I do isn't fanfiction.

However, ballet IS art. There is actual artistry and skill to doing ballet, and a good ballet dance is pretty beautiful. Not going to talk it up and say it's poetry in motion or other such nonsense, but it's really something.

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ERP is to fapfic-writing as sex is to masturbation.

That's not a great comparison, but having someone else to react to and bounce ideas around with in an RP can lead to unexpected, sexy results you don't get by yourself.

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The general ideas is that you're not being "that guy" because you're working out something mutually enjoyable with someone else instead of randomly inserting it into somewhere it doesn't belong, which is a big nono.

Also, some people like to more actively participate in their fapfics, some people prefer literature to video for what they want, and then some people just can't find good porn of what gets them going, or they've already seen it all and want something new.

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soo much fap... it is blinding.

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Cause not only do they want to get off too but they want to help YOU do it.

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>why would you even do it with other people though?
It's fun.

>It just sounds like an entire game of That Guy Fetish inserts
Honestly, not really. Sure, it's sexual and often fetish driven roleplay, but that's what we're all looking for.
Being that guy often involves bringing up sexual or fetish things in a place where they do not belong, like your standard game of tabletop.

>Correct me if wrong, but considering the number of "That Guy" threads there are, this just seems pretty rage worthy for most of /tg/
Yes. I often participate in them, bitching about various tabletop players who don't get the concepts of boundaries, socially acceptable behaviors and appropriate context (or otherwise being spoiled manchildren.) The big difference is that, with ERP, you are dealing with people who ARE looking for sexual roleplaying, who ARE looking to have their weird fetishes be part of the game. Being "That guys" tends to be about ruining the experience for everyone else.

>I mean, it's porn right?
Yes. It's porn. I've never tried to pretend it's not porn.

> Why would anyone care what I'm getting off of
Ultimately, no one should. But some people like to share such information.

>and why would I need someone else's help to get off on something?
Adding another party makes it more interesting, in my experience.

Does this answer your questions?

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Fapping makes me quit halfway through a session with someone. I abstain at all times.

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It's basically less phone sex and more dual-author written pornography.

>> No.26849103

>instead of randomly inserting it into somewhere it doesn't belong, which is a big nono.
Well, that depends on circumstances.

>> No.26849117

Wherever it goes, Anon, that's where it belongs.

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ERP is to RP as films that show the hero having sex are to films that skip to morning/cigarette time.

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I've seen these threads way too many times and got curious.

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Looking to play a Four armed, female Naga Warlord/shaman.
I've got this character all written up, just need to use her, really.
We could likely work a lot of kinks into an ERP, Slavery, humilitation, beatings, mind control, forcing others to take/become addicted to drugs, and verbal abuse are things this character is good at and enjoys, though of course the kinks don't need to stop there, if you're into anything, Run it by me, I give most things a fair shake.

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I'm a macrophile.

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There are plenty of RP communities that exist for this, no need to create another. Just search and you should find.

>> No.26849455

That's neat.

>> No.26849487

We're aware of such communities (and are advertising two that are made up of /tg/ users in the OP.)

We're not actually doing anything against the rules by making these threads and discussing ERP so long as we're not actually posting NSFW things in the thread.

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Just wanted to swing by and thank OP for this pic. Fits perfectly with the character I'm working on.

Enjoy your lewdness, perverts!

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>Bored, deciding to make an emo/punk-esque character on F-list. Sub-switch.

Should I make her female or shemale, /tg/?

>> No.26849618

Are you gonna be bottom regardless, or would you top as a shemale?

>> No.26849644

Please don't. ;~;

>> No.26849684


I would probably switch around. I enjoy both roles.

Why? :c (Also shemale in F-list terms usually means "girl with dick" instead of "Guy acting as girl.")

>> No.26849688

Female bro, shemales rarely get any love. Hell I am going to switch my knight right now to female.
Also, did anyone have a commission done on their character?

>> No.26849774

Because >>26849644
is a bitch. Do what you want and don't let some faggot on the internet dissuade you.

I'd like http://www.f-list.net/c/lyra%20uriel/ done if you will?

>> No.26849785

...Shemale knight?

...Please do tell.

>> No.26849801

There are thousands of those, I'm kinda sick of em.
Also not my fetish but that's just me

>> No.26849816

Go shemale. It's easymode for finding RP on F-List, and you can always change your listed gender.

>captcha - out cisciff

>> No.26849837

Now female, god damn it is hard to get a game going with her. Not a lot of people like shemales. http://www.f-list.net/c/Beatrix%20Cromwell is my character, and the first two pictures are mine, first one my friend made and I ordered the colored one.

>> No.26849853

The only people it's easymode with are the dime a dozen subby guys who don't actually want to make a scene with me, they just want me to fuck them in the ass.

>> No.26849864

>char is male shapeshifter
>ad for an hour with no luck
>make another char exactly the same but female
>three replies in under a minute


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Do people really get aroused by their own work? I find it hard to.

>> No.26849884


Our kinks don't line up very well or I'd be all over her. Sadface.

>> No.26849899

I know how you feel, I hate it when the fish don't bite.

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Male shapeshifter screams "I don't want to do any work myself, you tell me what to play."

Female shapeshifter screams "I don't want to do any work myself, you tell me what to play, BUT HEY I HAVE TITS COME SQUEEZE 'EM."

No 'ffense.~

>> No.26849912

A switchy shemale can pretty easily get non-straight women as well as most other dickgirls. I'm a no-males-allowed herm and do plenty well finding partners. Not to brag or anything, I mean.

>> No.26849920

I even put in the ad that I write a good amount etc

Double rage.

>> No.26849940

It's not always just fapfics. There's also people who just do regular RPing shit and they throw sex into it when it would make sense. Although that falls a little bit away from ERP and closer to just "mature" RP.

I hate that fucking word.

>> No.26849944

It feels exponentially harder to find partners as a submissive shemale, especially.

>> No.26849960

Oh please, I play fast and loose with the kinks. Basically I can do anything other then vore, never understood the thought behind that one. What's you handle?

>> No.26849987

I'm not saying you don't, I'm just saying what they come across as. Presentation is everything on a website like F-list if you're looking for good partners.

I won't deny that females get play much more readily than guys. It's a combination of most of the users being straight(ish) males and many of the guys on the website just being, well, boring or douchey.

>> No.26849995

Just speaking for myself, not same anon, but when I see someone with a laundry list of fetishes that dip down into stuff I won't touch with a ten foot pole it...puts me off, even if they have something more vanilla in that list that I like.

It feels like it's reading "Oh I love this this and this sooo much...oh, and I guess this is okay, if we have to."

>> No.26850012

How is different from the average Omegle ERP?

>> No.26850022

Female anythings always get a lot more attention so don't worry about it.

>> No.26850030

Yes, basically.

Once did a small experiment. I changed the name and gender on my profile, changing nothing else.

I got a lot significantly more random approaches.

>> No.26850052

I'd like to commission a character if anyone cares.

>> No.26850073

Well if you get a good partner there's some actual collaboration as opposed to just going into it pretty blindly.

>> No.26850091

I should make a little blurb about that then. I get pleasure from knowing that my partner is liking the Rp and really most of the extreme kinks I don't get to play that often. There are some kinks I have that I will only play with a partner that I trust and know however like necro.

>> No.26850096


This is why I get no RP. People don't seem to get being able to really like a certain kink that most others wouldn't doesn't mean you have to include it in every single play you do ever.

>> No.26850116

Generally, I don't mind long lists. Shows flexibility.

What I don't like, however, is when people have a metric fuckload of faves. There is no way you're that into that many things that they're all your favorites.

>> No.26850126

>90% of time spent looking for partner
>5% wasting time on bad partners
>5% roleplaying to a good level

It doesn't come often enough to play like that.

>> No.26850136

Oh I am not an artist, I just asked if anyone else got commissioned done.

>> No.26850141

Made this for the nwod game last thread.


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>> No.26850159

How would you feel about letting a third party watch you?

>> No.26850162

forgive me if its jibberish. I'm tired.

>> No.26850165

>Receiving random compliments from people who aren't actually looking to roleplay with me.
I'm not sure how I'm supposed to feel about this.

Am I doing something right or wrong?

>> No.26850177

That would be nice to see, of course.

I think it's a 'radioactive' complex. Someone sees something, like, vore or bloodplay, and gets this sense of 'holy crap, they like THAT kind of stuff' going on.

Maybe just a paranoid thought, I dunno.

It isn't that I minded long lists. It is that a couple that are pretty dark can turn me off to a person, even if they have some more vanilla kinks listed.

>> No.26850186


Right. Generally it means that even though your interests don't line up, you did something well enough to deserve praise.

>> No.26850193

I want to hear a why first.

Both why they're watching, and why they're not joining. If the reason isn't good enough, I'm not going to allow it.

>> No.26850213

They are lying.

>> No.26850216

I mean, I get why it is, it's just a little frustrating. I mean, yeah, I like vore/bloodplay/micro-macro, but I also like to have a nice consensual sex scene with a pretty girl, or a romance scene, or etc etc. :L

>> No.26850232

I've never actually done this sort of thing and I'd like to observe first instead of getting a partner and completely disappointing them.

>> No.26850240

I guess it's alright, but I've never been happy to receive a compliment like that. Just a waste of time, and usually it's only some horny dude (I only play with women) who just saw something hot in my image gallery.

Actually, it's a point of annoyance to only hear "wow, amazing pictures!" or whatever. It's just some hentai character art I stumbled upon and threw online months ago, I don't care if some random thinks the character is a hottie.

>> No.26850280

In your ideas/ads drop, your African link is leading to a 403. Might want to check the URL

>> No.26850285

Certainly. Maybe put something in your profile addressing such a worry, if you want more sweet scenes?

It's mostly a 'I'm not touching on what they REALLY want' sorta thing.

>> No.26850314


I do! I put a little drop down that says "Hey, listen, I know some of my kinks are kinda extreme, but that's not the extent of my interests. I like lighter/more vanilla stuff a lot too, so please don't feel pressured to only go after 'hard' interests."

I dunno, if something about that wrong?

(Also holy shit the people in this thread are so much nicer than elsewhere. I wonder what that says about all of this...)

>> No.26850347

Then you should be just fine~
Sorry, different anon, didn't see if you did.

>> No.26850369

I normally play in open channels so I don't mind it.

>> No.26850407

Does anyone here play ShangrilaMUSH?

>> No.26850410

Thanks for the heads up! How do you like the other pictures?

>> No.26850499

Damn that is old school, I tried it but still prefer F-list for its ease of use.

>> No.26850511

There was some MUCK that some guy posted about like a month and a half ago, but I lost the thread before I got a chance to remember to save the info. Anybody remember which it was? The guy was talking about how he was one of the few people on there, but it sounded really interesting. He also dropped some info on the basic commands for building your character and stuff.

Alternatively, does anyone know an easy way to find ERP threads on an archive?

>> No.26850525

Does anyone know of any halfway decent sizeplay/growth oriented rooms that aren't filled with stupid people and/or really bitchy asshats at all times?

>> No.26850545

Shangrila is pretty big, that's probably not what you're talking about. No clue what he meant, either. Shang is the only MUSH i've played. I'm usually there on Meryl Silverburgh or Jessica Cannon early in the morning GMT +0.

>> No.26850549

>shemale in F-list terms usually means "girl with dick" instead of "Guy acting as girl."
Where does it mean the latter?

>> No.26850552

Does anyone know of any semi decent sizeplay/growth-related places to find RP that aren't filled with retards or assholes?

>> No.26850590

I made an account in f-list. made a character, dunno fuck to do now.

>> No.26850594

Seems you two were meant for each other.

>> No.26850632


accidental double post because I am scrub.

>> No.26850635

I find it hard to, but I can if I get it just right. Copying the scenes and situations I like best from others' works as inspiration really helps too.

>> No.26850645

Not a fan of shemales, honestly. Was looking mostly out of curiosity.

Sorry to disappoint.

>> No.26850651

what is it I'll give it a look and message you if we're compatible.

>> No.26850716

> fuck to do

That's the spirit

>> No.26850751

This character concept amuses me. I may have a plot idea to fire your way if I can remember my F-list info.

>> No.26850753

I've visited it a couple of times, only had one encounter though

>> No.26850780

Get on F-chat. Join Sex-Driven LFRP public channel. Whore out.

>> No.26850811

In places where people don't know what a shemale is.

>> No.26850865

So, generally, as soon as you mention somebody being transgender- particularly a trans girl- tg throws a shitfit and descends into pol levels of retarded. I'm assuming the folks in these threads are more reasonable?
I need to know this... um... for my friend, you see.
there is no friend, only me

>> No.26850932

So, if anyone wants to do a scene with a dominant/service dom male mind controller, please drop me a line at http://www.f-list.net/c/leonardo%20massey/
I'm also the crazy fucker who volunteered to run Black Crusade and Changeling ERPs, so there's that, too.

>> No.26850946

Just play whatever you want to play bro and or sis. Real life genders don't usually get brought up because it honestly doesn't matter when you're just writing shit out with another person.

If however you're wanting to explore the possibility of a trans*whatever character then you should make it clear that that's what you're interested in trying out in order to get the right kind of RP partner.

>> No.26850955


Some of us are. What's up?~

>> No.26850991


I know, i'm just putting it out there.

It's a centaur commission.

>> No.26851025

different person here, but how would people feel if it was just a straight-up voyuer? I've come to realize that I very much enjoy to watch

>> No.26851043


I would be fine with it, if we could find another person.

>> No.26851061


I enjoy being caught, in public, doing something taboo, adultery etc.

>> No.26851160

Set up my F-List.

>> No.26851248

Just wondered. New to the erp generals, and it seems waay less ghastly than the rest of /tg/

>> No.26851323

We are a respectful bunch after all, not divided by edition or gametype. All are equal when it comes to the pursuit of pleasure.

>> No.26851329

The most you'll hear us bitch about transgender people in these threads is to complain about 'bitchbreaker' futas and futas who are all 'women and other futas only, no gross boys pls'. Both of which we all privately suspect to be insecure heterosexual men/boys anyway. So no, not really any transgender hate at all.

>> No.26851388

in my experience, most hostility against trans folk stems from ignorance. In a den of sexuality such as this, knowledge of other alternative lifestyles/identities is more commonly understood

>> No.26851425


This presents me with a question that I've been wondering how to tackle. I'm a female who enjoys the company of other females but I also like dickgirls. I'm not really fond of guys, I just don't like the male form that much.

How would I go about getting this across politely and without seeming like a some supermacho douche guy.

>> No.26851432

Wonder if Mami will peek her head into this general.

>> No.26851435

>Make a cute (read: Rapable) young male character
>Put straight in info
>Put males in no
>Nothing but gay dudes messaging me.

>> No.26851475

It's funny, lesbians get the same thing but with straight dudes.

>> No.26851478

My best advice is to be polite, careful in your wording, and well-written. If you don't come across like an insecure teenage boy, people will be less likely to think you are one. Although some people will always look at a female profile and see "Bisexual-Females preferred" and mutter 'liar' to themselves. I've done it myself. I know, I'm terrible. I also blame terrible ERPers for setting the stereotype

>> No.26851506

Anyone interested in doing some mind control on a female character?
I've been interested to see how it works.

>> No.26851517

>Implying there are lots of eager women ready to rape young men.
That's a rare, but delicious type my friend.

>> No.26851520

At least permavirgins can't transfer STDs.

>> No.26851522


>>26850932 here
I'd be happy to give you a brief scene if you'd like. Got an F-List or an AIM or something?

>> No.26851538

That also makes me curious what to label myself as.

I mean when talking about my orientation I just say I'm a lesbian but since there's fantasy elements I'm not really sure what to say. D:

>> No.26851542

>make cute young male rapist
>put gay in info
>look at profiles
>ooh look how rapable my butt is lol im so pretty

What the hell man, seriously.

>> No.26851554

Yep. Straight and with males in my 'No' list, still attract a bunch of dudes all the time and sometimes they even get offended when I tell them I'm not interested.

>> No.26851564

Strap on my good sir!

>> No.26851569

If you could pass your AIM along that would be helpful.
I still haven't set up my F-List properly.

>> No.26851638

[email protected]
Simple, right?

>> No.26851664

Then I can just say, I feel your pain (albeit, to a lesser degree) I also have this problem in RL. I work at a coffee bar in a gayberhood.

To be honest, I'm not expecting a ton of attention for this character. But seriously, basic reading comprehension.

>> No.26851703

Egh, I feel 'ya. I can only take getting hit on by gay dudes for so long...

>> No.26851731

>messaged by a man who didn't read my 'no males' profile
>Tell them off
>messaged five minutes later by a shemale with exactly the same prompt

>> No.26851737

What I really hate is being attracted to femininity. Which means girly girls and fembois. It's always a bit awkward when I have to shoot down tomboys and jocky guys unless they can tone it down or are cool with transformation.

>> No.26851757

I don't find it so bad. It's just, when I tell you I'm not into men, it means I'm not into men. No, I've never tried. No, I'm not looking to. I'm not curious, and I'm not willing to try it "just once."

It's one thing to ask without knowing. It's another to know and still continue to bark up the wrong tree.

>> No.26851763

So I'm on this F-list thing and working on making a profile.

Any knowledgable anons feel like showing me around/giving me advice on how to make it look better after I get it done?

>> No.26851788

Sure, swing by /tg/ chat and we'll happily meddle in your profile. Or post it here, whichever.

>> No.26851813

Well, either you're offline or that's wrong, or I somehow managed to fuck up copy and paste.

>> No.26851824

What's your email/AIM?

>> No.26851843

You make it sound like they DIDN'T immediately ignore you when you told them you weren't looking for penis.

...they didn't? That's crazy.

>> No.26851844

Yeah, that can be a pain.
Aww, but dude, Tomboys and RTs are so great, though. The androgynous aesthete bashfully hiding the true femininity beneath.

>> No.26851862

There you are, sorry for the trouble.

>> No.26851863

I don't even bother with this kind of shit.

You didn't read even the little side blurb where it say straight, or anything else that said or implied "No dudes." I just tell you that you're not my type and block you.

Only time I got sassy was when I told someone "Oh, I forgot. Illiteracy? Big turn off. Guess you're out."

>> No.26851870

Query; is it better to try and come up with a kind of flimsy backstory for my character or just be like "Okay, here's who she is, here's what I like, let's enjoy ourselves!"

>> No.26851871

It's kind of like those guys that think they can be the one to "turn" a gay gal. A bit more rare in this case, but just as obnoxious.

>> No.26851882

I'm talking more about the guys in meatspace.

I don't give the ones on f-list a chance. Into the trash they go.

>> No.26851907

Either and both work, but personally I like to see personality and scene hooks over backstory. You should also have a few custom kinks and a profile picture. A shitty profile picture is still better than none at all.

>> No.26851937

You're showing as offline and I can't send you messages. At this point we really might as well try F-list.

>> No.26851952

Also seriously I'm sorry for asking so many questions but;

>Also like the thought of dickgirls/playing a dickgirls in fantasy

Do I set myself as gay or bi-female preference?

>> No.26851968

I'd put lesbian. If you don't like boys at all, it's easier to put down lesbian and mention you like dickgirls as well as women than to fend off unwanted boys.

>> No.26851986

F-Lists gender/sexuality settings are basically shit. There's no perfect answer to your dilemma, but I'd put myself as Lesbian and make it clear you're open to dickgirls as well, unless you want to be messaged by a million dudes.

>> No.26852020

Personally, what I want to see is

-A High concept of the character your on
-A relatively controlled kink list.
-An avatar, just to let me know you bothered to find an image.
-Maybe a scene or two

>> No.26852057

"Relatively controlled" as in how?

I really wanna do this right.

Also what do you mean by high concept?

>> No.26852059

I'm such a casual, and somehow I always end up getting way too close to my partner. And then it just dies and I never end up talking to them, sometimes its me who quits, sometimes its them. Maybe I'm just toxic? Anyone else have any ideas?

>> No.26852075

>High concept
Two-to-three sentence summation of your character.
>Relatively controlled
No more than a page and a half worth of kinks and at least four or five custom kinks

>> No.26852092

Meaning the scroll slider for the whole profile should be like half the size of the bar on 1080 monitors. You dont need to list EVERY fetish.

>> No.26852102

>No more than a page and a half worth of kinks and at least four or five custom kinks
And how do you feel about groups? I.e. grouping all guro kinks into one nope to keep the length down.

>> No.26852129

Uh... Duh?

Hell, you can group them with inflation / vore / ageplay / scat / hyper at the same time

>> No.26852144

High concept is basically your outline. This is what the character is, this is what you want out of the character, this is what you're looking for in a partner. Physical descriptions are nice, but don't spoil all the good bits in the profile.

Just take efforts to shorten it. Omit the stuff that's not important, only put nos for those things that are NOPE level stuff, those kind of things.

And again, don't blow your load in the profile. A wall of text is not a turn on.

>> No.26852160

They allow filling out every kink (which you was said to be disliked) while allowing the list to be shorter (which I think is the reason for dislike)

>> No.26852168

Yup! Actually, this is one of the suggestions made on the wiki, to NOT give a reply for everything.

If you're indifferent, just let it be. People will often bring stuff up if it's not there.

>> No.26852174

>Start discussing RP with someone who can't easily tell me what they want. First warning sign but I figure its late.
>They want smut which I don't normally do asap but fuck it its late and might as well get to the poon.
>Discuss idea which she says 'sure' to.
>Send opening post
>'Oh I thought we'd get to the thick of it'
>Tell her she should have said that, she at least does an intro but its 2 lines.
>Takes her 10 minutes to respond
>She logs off 4 minutes after her post.

Fucking god damnit. I just wanted RP.

>> No.26852195

The point to "not fill out every kink" is that profiles need to be short and readable.

Think of your page like a resume. You've got X seconds to get people attention and Y minutes to get them invested. You don't want a wall of text in the way.

>> No.26852228

Wait, how do you group kinks?

>> No.26852249

If I remember right grouped kinks had issues with not showing up in searches so people might want to double check on that one.

>> No.26852277

Create a custom kink with a name like, say, "Vore, Scat, Vomiting, Gross Stuff: Fuck your shit", slap it into No. Bam, easy.

>> No.26852290


>> No.26852298

>Could not find any data for your account's default character.
Any ideas about this error?

>> No.26852317

Dunno mate. It worked fine for me.

>> No.26852344

Personally I don't like grouped kinks, even for Nos. I just put things like Nonsexual Torture or Soft Vore in 'No' and leave out all the other violence/vore related kinks - that's all it takes to imply everything you have to about your limits.

>> No.26852427

I always feel the need to put bloodplay in there.
I HATE blood. I can deal with a passing mention, but the second you try to sexualize blood is the second I tell you to fuck off and block you.

>> No.26852465

To be fair it does take me a bit of time to get into it with my first opening posts, naw mean? Esp. if I'm expected to set the scene with more than a few lines.

They wish to fuck a tavern whore? Gotta describe the smell from the meet they're cooking, lights flickering frm a fire place, people chatting casually, all that stuff.

>> No.26852487

the problem is I wanted description and setting things up. She just assumed I knew she wanted fucking right off tthe bat.

>> No.26852507

I like to focus only a bit on the background, a few minor details to spice things up but leave things open just in case my partner wants to add something. However opening posts are usually the worse to do.

>> No.26852517

Oh yeah no I get that, I just meant in response to the ten minutes thing.

>> No.26852524

Her post was 2 lines though, I should have said.

>> No.26852629

Opening posts are complicated, yeah.

>> No.26852673

Okay I finally finished.

>> No.26852753

>That feel when you have that one fifth wheel player that does nothing of any note whatsoever
>The player barely even interracts with the others
>Cleverness, originality or drama are all lost on the player

The only reason I haven't kicked this player out is because we sort of have run four days, eight hours each, back to back with hot, sweaty alien-cock-to-mouth and vicious fights for sensual dominance, and the player did voice concern about burn-out. It's just that the player participated in none of it.

I don't have the conscience, /tg/. What do. Or could he be a voyour, even though the more likely prognosis is just useless?

>> No.26852757

...Oh come on don't tell me all of you fuckers went to bed already. :<

>> No.26852771

Kick him out. I have one of those in a sunday and tuesday group and fuck I hate her.

>> No.26852830

But I'd feel bad! And he can actually capitalize, talk like a person if he feels like it!

It's just

He never feels like it.

But maybe! Just maybe I can draw the diamond out of the dirt and forge him into something ~great~..!

>> No.26852853


>real life images

That's a taboo.

>> No.26852858

Does he want to suck Xeno dick?

Nigga if you ain't gonna play with her in the first place don't bitch.

>> No.26852879

>Does he want to suck Xeno dick?

No. Which isn't helping his case. He's not even banging the wildly abundant xeno vag just hanging out in the form of mindless, female drones.

>> No.26852885


What why? I saw a bunch of people with real life images, it's not like it's of me.

>> No.26852888

If he's like me, fucking mindless drones isn't that hot.

What do they look like?

>> No.26852897

>Xeno vag
do tell...

>> No.26852906

The line they draw is "must be professionally released." Those look like amateur cosplay type things.

People don't actually follow this rule, of course, and it's rarely enforced.

>> No.26852911

It's fine, just that some people don't like them at all so that's why they are warning you.

>> No.26852913

To be fair, I wouldn't want mindless drones either.

>> No.26852916

I didn't know that. Humbug, guess I'm off to find some shitty animu pictures.

Oh well, thanks.

>> No.26852928

It was an exaggeration, champ.

It's a buildup for future mindfuckery and ~plot~. They've uncovered an alien lifeform that seems to mutate human women, abduct them and then start a colony with them. The primary alien is the king, the human female his queen that birth exclusively female drones that tends to the hive. I'd rather not put down more, as my players do read these threads (It's where I got them).

>> No.26852934

Well post some pics of them. They better be banging.

>> No.26852942

Can i just say that f-list/tg chat is literally the best thing to happen to me in a while?

Can i say that without sounding weird?

Oh well

>> No.26852952

Real pic aside (small tabboo) it's great. Well organized, lots of info without being too long to merit reading, a few intriguing custom kinks.

Well, done. Shame you're not into men.

>> No.26852953

I stayed for like five minutes and the weird psuedo-RP about fake wombs and the stupid people talking about how much more awesome they were than everyone else made me leave.

>> No.26852978

/tg/ chat is weird and gets off on weird tangents a lot. Just like regular /tg/.

>> No.26852999

Imagine xenomorphs, but instead of the bony bodies they have excessively feminine curves, hips and legs. No tail, but their hands and feet are bony talons for gripping to ceilings and walls. They also have the intelligence of dogs.

And this is just the first race the players have met. Oh, I hope they like the next one~

>> No.26853015

Thanks! Like I said, I'll try and hunt down some animoo pictures. Shame, because the ones I found are pretty much perfect.

>> No.26853017

Can't say i'd want that on my dick.

>> No.26853030

Phooey. :(

For me, they're not alien -enough-.

>> No.26853038

By all means if aliens get your dick hard, I understand. Just not my thing.

>> No.26853044


It's full of deviantart-tier mary sue's and special snowflakes, but hey, it's F-list, right? There are some decent folks on there, but you've got to search for them.

>> No.26853048

>alien drones with dog level intelligence

>> No.26853059

Where do you play this? Is there a system?

>> No.26853073

IRC. Fate core.

According to >>26853038 and >>26853048 though, I may be a bit heavily on the xenophilia part of things for it to really appeal a broader audience, I guess.


>> No.26853074


I promise I can capitalize and talk like a normal person and show enthusiasm and all that great stuff

>> No.26853077


Sent you a note.

>> No.26853098

When do you play?

>> No.26853111

Usually when we're all in the game channel and we all want to play.

Send me a mail, babe. Or go on Rizon's IRC server and PM me!

>> No.26853125

I'd play with you.

If I could play FATE.

>> No.26853133

Man what's with all these normal people going to bed at normal times and shit.

I just want to sex up a cute girl. :<

>> No.26853160

Trust me, I barely know how to play it myself. An old, long-term friend in the game is literally doing the crunch and mechanics for me. I'm just the storyteller. The other, competent player is also having his first interraction with the system, so it's no minus at all being new to it.

>> No.26853167

Pass on your details lover boy~

>> No.26853179


lover girl

>> No.26853184

I could try, but I can only play on weekends. Is that ok?

>> No.26853194

Pass them even faster then~

>> No.26853226

Sadly, we usually want to play when we're all in the room, and the campaign really doesn't allow for flexibility on people being absent. Either we all play, or nobody is.

If you think you're the hottest shit on planet Earth though, I may be interested in giving you a try at least.

>> No.26853254

I'm just saying, it's possible that he wants to fuck something with a mind, or at least something that appear to have one.

>> No.26853280

>every time I make a new character on F-list the same 4-5 people message me with the same uninspired message
>do these people just sit around waiting for new arrivals at all times of the day?

>> No.26853288

I'm going to pass on this one then.

>> No.26853325

>Man it's like Facebook all over again'n

>> No.26854467

>You will never do a scenario involving a matronly cowgirl showering you with affection.

(Well I had to come up with something to bring some life into this thing.)

>> No.26854638


Honestly that sounds like something I would have fun doing.

>> No.26854639


Sounds nice to me,

>> No.26854698

Well, monitoring the thread, so I suppose I could say somethin...course, I have me a nice little ERP going atm too.
anal is sooo nice...

>> No.26854720

Lyra Uriel wants this.

>> No.26854738

I wish I could say I had a source but sadly I don't if that's what you're wondering.

>> No.26854746

You giving or taking?

>> No.26854754

I was actually hoping you'd RP it for me....

>> No.26854755

Giving, dear. Giving hard.

>> No.26854772

Ehm... No. Sorry.
My dark secret is that I only post in these threads for the conversations and the occasional writing tips.
Sorry to break your heart but I'm sure you can find someone more willing.

>> No.26854785

Would anyone like to help me decide my new profile? I have about three others that I'm growing bored of. I don't want to be generic and just make another demon, human, etc. Need some creative race ideas.

I play always dom, heavy emphasis on sadism and non-con.

>> No.26854791

It's not really breaking my heart, it's just that I, generally speaking, don't get spoiled.

>> No.26854798

Put more love into your existing profiles.

>> No.26854814


My existing profiles are already much much better than 90% of the people on F-list. No point really if people won't put the same effort into it.

>> No.26854823

Not effort. Love. Two completely alien concepts to each other. Remind yourself what you loved about them.

>> No.26854850

I've played some of the matronly affectionate type in the past, and while it's fun it can be a little exhausting. It would be nice to try it again with an enthusiastic partner sometime.

>> No.26854904

What about you, do you like having your ass toyed with, if I may ask?

>> No.26854941

Depends on the character I'm playing!

But provisionally yes, unless my current character has some reason not to - and then it's usually more fun getting convinced/seduced into taking it up the butt. It's not like one of my top favourite things but it is fun.

>> No.26854978

You know, I've seen those bright golden locks bouncing around these threads for a bit now, yet never seen a link from you...

Are you just a big tease? Not that I mind...

>> No.26854996

I'm currently too busy with life right now to give ERP sessions the attention they fully deserve, so I'm hanging out and discussing concepts here and also noting down contact details for a few people who catch my attention. I'm probably going to have time to actually indulge my fantasies in a few weeks or so.

The teasing is unintentional!

>> No.26855047

assuming that was aimed my way, ah I see. Scouting it is then.
I have a feeling you'll be swamped with all manner of partners. A shame, so many to try to compete with...

>> No.26855067

I might have RPed with some of you in the past. Took a very long break from F-list and this character but I'm ready to get things started again.


The less limits you have the better. <3

>> No.26855071

Pierced Orc musclegirl futa tribal champion?

>> No.26855208

It was aimed your way! I'm not quite sure how I managed that misclick.

I don't know if I would say 'swamped'. Previous experience has taught me to be very selective indeed.

>> No.26855240

Oh dear, don't you have tastes? Ha
I wonder if I'd live up to such standards, myself...

>> No.26855612

Comes off as the insecure manipulative type.

>> No.26855728


How so?

>> No.26855759


Yeah, uh, no.

>> No.26855832


Personally I can't wait for us to have fun.

>> No.26855937


Everything about your description/the FAQ. It comes off as one of those "My pleasure is the only thing that matters, fuck you" profiles, being a shemale doesn't help you either.

I'm sorry, when I see those it just makes me think the player is an insecure macho douche. It's pretty clear you're not actually there for anyone but yourself.

>> No.26855946

You're just as bad as any annoying namefag out there. Fuck you.

>> No.26856022


I play a shemale because I enjoy them. I don't see the crime in that.

My profile may come across a bit rude, don't really see "insecure" though. I just don't see the point in RPing with someone who doesn't see eye to eye. Is that understandable?

>> No.26856068

You could actually put that into another context, even.

There's a phenomenon going around called 'bitch-breaking,' which is essentially the That Guyism of ERP. Apparently some people are turned on by forcing other dominants to submit and bend out of their comfort zone on their whim. In other words, a fetish for disrespecting the fetishes of others.

This shit's getting too Inception.

>> No.26856076

Shame that it's so exhausting to play matronly characters. I've always wanted to roleplay with a matronly character, but I can never find one and I guess that would be why.

Damn shame, because one of the fantasies I'd like to explore (at least, in my head), seems like it will require just that.

>> No.26856085

what happened to #mymagicalrealm

>> No.26856110

Is it still active?

>> No.26856138


>> No.26856187

I'm familiar with bitch-breaking, it's a form of powerplay. When it's actually something that both parties are looking for, it can be damn hot. One of my most fondly remembered RL times involved myself, another dominant, some very eager grappling and some handcuffs. All consensual, all for fun, all incredibly hot.

However, trying to force it (or really, any sort of forcing a fetish on someone) is That Guyism. Depending on the severity, you're either going to get told OOCly to cut that shit out or I'm just going to walk and leave you hanging.

>> No.26856201

Huh. Looking at the last thread, someone was interested in the succubus transformations from a while back.

>Yeah... What's his face who was so intent on running the threads was a bit of a retard about all of it. "What kind of sex demon would I be?" "Well, you'd have a stop sign for a face, your tongue would be a poem, your nipples would be combat boots, and you'd lure people in by talking about the color orange."

Honestly, as one of the writers in that towards the ends I was just throwing together all kinds of random stuff to see how many people still found it arousing considering most of the other parts that I wrote got cries of "OH GODS MORE" no matter what alien, obscene, bizzare or frankly nonsexy stuff I put in.

>> No.26856205


You should get a picture.

>> No.26856221

I do for my other characters (see the left side). J is a hub character. Do you have a suggestion for a hub character?

>> No.26856261


It is, but any profile that basically reads as "Look at me and look how dominant I am, you're all just little shits, we're not in this for your pleasure." makes it seem like you have to try and enforce it.

I don't know. I never understood dominants who act like cunts. It's some shitty little powerplay even though it's usually submissives who hold the actual power in D/S fun. To each their own though I guess.

>> No.26856302

how do I type in the command in chat to join the chatroom in f-chat?

/join /tg/ chat

>> No.26856316

>I don't know. I never understood dominants who act like cunts. It's some shitty little powerplay even though it's usually submissives who hold the actual power in D/S fun.
No-one's forcing you to have fun with them, anon. Not everyone's into being degraded and scarred and beaten until they're crying in the corner, then having their teeth ripped out and then throatfucked until they choke in cum as they struggle piteously in handcuffs.

Some people ARE into having that done to them, or like to imagine it happening to a character of theirs.

Whatever fulfills a need. No-one can enforce RP upon you in any real sense of the word. Don't want a cold blooded wound fucker? Don't play with them.

You can say the same for many other fetishes - as long as they're not shoving it in your face then there's really no problem. And if they do shove it in your face, then that's not the fetish issue, that's not respecting personal boundaries.

>> No.26856385

>succubus transformations

This is actually a fetish of mine which rarely comes up. I want to play a very withdrawn, sexually frustrated, frumpy girl who gets turned into a succubus, either by accident or by messing with magic somehow, and then embarks on super sexually aggressive man-conquering and semen-harvesting.

Picture very related.

>> No.26856435

Nah. They're just using the situation as an excuse. Just because someone gets off on you being an asshole does not give you a free pass to be a terrible human being with no manners.

>> No.26856452

Pretty much this. Assholes are assholes, no excuses.

>> No.26856511

I've played super-brutal dominants. I have characters whose entire core concept is tearing people limb from limb and fucking the holes left behind.

But I always strive to actually make my profiles come across as friendly and polite. Profiles are OOC - I'm not actually the dominant here, it's a mutual relationship between two people to make a scene they enjoy.

Being one of those brutal, cruel dominants is one thing, acting like a cock OOC just makes you look like a twat.

>> No.26856521


I still don't get where you're getting that from. The FAQ even says they're willing to exclude kinks if the partner isn't down.

>> No.26856525

>mfw when I'm a hub/generic profile because I don't WANT every roleplay to be the same and have to shoehorn in a character into a variety of kinks

People hate that I don't have profile pictures. Sad.

>> No.26856536

Unless they act like this all the time, I don't think that it's exactly a big deal, especially consensual assholing to people who want to be asshole'd to.

And if they DO act like that all the time you'd see them on the news as "wound-fucker gets 25 to life".

Koakuma is only ever so very tangentially related.

>> No.26856557


Just make a profile pic of tits. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

>> No.26856564

I only have a hub profile with my kinks listed and a short text. I link it to people open for ERP that I find interesting enough. It haven't been an issue so far.

>> No.26856571

Oh man, I feel you. I just don't want to play the same character all the time. It just feels bad. A character doesn't fit ANY situation. And yet people prefer to fuck a character that has been fucked in thousands of ways and can transform into anything better than a fresh character that actually fits into the scneario you're planning.

Dissapointing. Stupid, even.

>> No.26856579

Yes, but it's tends not to work for /tg/ chat (think it's that we open with a /).

Click channels up at the top, go to private rooms and scroll down or ctrl+F /tg/

>> No.26856648

I don't really get the hate either.

I've got character in mind. A slew of them. I don't have the energy to and neither of us have the patience (me making, you reading) a bunch of profiles just so I can go "Hey, look at all these fuckers I made. Pick one that suits you!"

If I REALLY like a character, it gets a profile.

>> No.26856682

If you want to have multiple characters, you can post multiple profiles up with one account.

People aren't liking your hub account because it's very generic? Shocking. Don't worry about it.

I've always seen profiles as more IC than OOC. It sets the tone. Most of the time if the player wants to make an OOC note they'd have an (OOC: bracketed info).

>> No.26856836

that sounds like fun


>> No.26856846

You're a douche.

>> No.26856878

Speaking of ERP, what happened to blatant fetish quest

>> No.26856897

I can only hope that I've managed to clean as well as a douche.

>> No.26857043

Maybe it got too blatant? :P

Or the poster just ran out of steam I guess.

>> No.26857048

Only works if you want to play the same character repeatedly for ERP.
I don't.
A character lives within their story, and while I can reuse an idea, it feel cheap to me.

Your specific character is a template just as much as my profile, only different is that you only want to play this one specific thing.

>> No.26857074

Taking a glance in the archives
>My brother's in the hospital and I'm watching his kids, so the quest will be on hiatus until he's out. Assuming everything goes fine, that should only be a few days; a week at most. I might run a few one-shots or short threads in that time, but no promises.
-!FemCOCKqFw , 6/12/13

>> No.26857112

Oh no! Guess I missed that one. Well shit.

>> No.26857115

No, it's both porn from more prudish times.
End of thread.

>> No.26857189

>Join F-list
>every guy is ERP as a girl.
>Now I am scared to ERP because it's prolly some perma virgin neck beard on the other end
Welp there goes my ERP days

>> No.26857232

If you're just using the profile as a character hub, then don't get mad or upset when people say it sucks as a character.

Or expect people to RP with you by saying

>that sounds like fun

(link to fetish hub)


Just to comment. Not even perturbed or anything.

>> No.26857237

Some of us are actually girls, promise.

>> No.26857244

Does it really matter what's on the other side if the performance is believable?

You can't see or hear me, and I don't go telling people my gender.

>> No.26857299

So I was told but every "girl" tells me they are a guy after
It matters to me OK? It's just how I am if I know it's a guy it feels gay. I tried gay I don't like it. Besides I fun to imagine your RP partner getting wet not getting a stiffy

>> No.26857300


>> No.26857332

Oh okay so you're just a paranoid homophobe.


>> No.26857339

Dude I've rped with so many chicks, and only the ones who become good friends ever tell me they are dudes.

I try not to make friends with online anonymous fuckbuddies, though

>> No.26857346


Roleplaying is exactly that. You're not actually a what you're pretending to be either. Nobody holds that against you. Come back and try again when you've matured maybe.

>> No.26857373

But making friends make the best fuckbuddies.

>> No.26857378

It does suck as a character because it's not a character. It's information about the player, what I'm excited, comfortable and not going to roleplay. The character is tailor made for the story - not awkwardly resized and repackaged to fit anywhere. Hell, if I'm using f-chat, there is a shell who's entire purpose is to be renamed to not make /me immersion breaking.

I haven't had much trouble finding RP either.

>> No.26857387

I'm not a homophobe? I am not afraid or hold anything against people for being gay. Do what your guna do. I just don't personally enjoy it
>matured Yeah totally I'm such a child for expressing my thoughts in a collected manner.

>> No.26857431

"I can't get into a scene with a character I like because the person on the other end MIGHT be a guy and that would totally make me gay."

>> No.26857433

Let's talk sorta hypothetically here for a moment.

Unless I tell you, or I describe my real parts to you, you've got no idea what I am. Only way that comes up is if you're being weird about asking for feedback.

Since you don't know who or what I am on the other side, imagine me at whatever makes you satisfied.

>> No.26857439

>tfw making a new campaign arc
>On its own it's amazing, filled with intrigue, action and exotic locales
>Not completely sure if my players will love it for what it is as it sort of fuzzes up the current genre a little
>There's going to be brutality, slavery, depression, hot fucks, steaming men and a bad case of rape

Do you think I should keep going with the current space adventure or go for Space Mogadishu if it, I feel, adds to the game?

>> No.26857448

Well, if you're not
then that's fine, I guess.

>> No.26857462

Guys. Let's remember there's a difference between someone hating and/or fearing "the gays" and someone just being uncomfortable with themselves possibly being gay.

Let him feel about himself however he wishes.

>> No.26857486

Folks, stop trying to get this guy to enjoy ERPing. He's made it clear he doesn't enjoy it, it's not necessary to work through his hangups.

>> No.26857536

He can feel how he wants. I'm merely trying to inform him why he's overthinking things.

I get that some people aren't into gay stuff. I'm not. Closest I've gotten in a RP is a bromance with possible implications. But I very well might have RP'd with dudes because I don't ask and I don't want to know.

>> No.26857571

And he was informed in the first reply to him, but then he showed he doesn't subscribe to that thinking.
So chill.

>> No.26857689

Question for f-list guys.

Do you write extensive bios for your characters? Also, is anyone interested in erotic themed roleplaying with adventures thrown in?

I've never been able to play D&D or anything and would love getting in on an adventure with some people, along with some crazy sex.

>> No.26857706

I like crazy sex-ventures, though usually do it freeform

>> No.26857736


I can do freeform. I just want to have a fantasy adventure and get laid a lot.

>> No.26857740

got a profile?

>> No.26857747

>Do you write extensive bios for your characters?

I think that any character that can't be summed up in about three sentences is deviantart-tier sparkledog shit.

So, three sentences of pre-emptive tl;dr, a paragraph of bio, a paragraph of description, and a paragraph of expectations.

>> No.26857752


Define "Crazy" sex.

I might be intredasted

>> No.26857759

Thats because real women can drop the flist bullshit and go get laid when they want more than a bad romance novel to get off to.

>> No.26857780

Poor poor mental patients, who can't appreciate any kind of being/object for sex. "hetero" really should be in the DSM these days.

>> No.26857793


Sorta, i'm working on it. It's a centaur kinda thing. You have one I can check out?


The usual, romantic, public gang bangs, futa, rape, monsters etc. Nothing out of the ordinary here.

>> No.26857805

I normally disapprove of this phrase below, as it's very lacking in content. But having said that-

>this is b8

>> No.26857832


>> No.26857874

GMs of ye olde /erp/ thread; What is your focus?

Porn or plot? How do you handle sex content?

Personally, I think I'm a bit on the plot heavy side. I'm just terrified of forcing something on the players they don't want to do, and keep emphasizing again and again that they need to make things sexual and then I will go with that.

But it's been quite a few sessions now and nobody's porking anybody yet. Is it my fault? Oh God.

>> No.26857918


It might be your fault in that you're content has them hooked on the story. Which is kinda cool.

Maybe spring something on them if they don't mind, like a sex bomb potion that increases their arousal to the extreme.

>> No.26857936

here you go

>> No.26857993


I sent you a friend request. I dunno if I can do much right now but maybe later. I have to go to bed in a bit. I'm just working on my characters profile.

>> No.26858341

I don't seem to have much issue. My players seem to naturally gravitate to 'errybody fuck errybody' in the absence of firm plot, and follow the plot whenever I bring it up. I've even had them apologize for excluding me.

>> No.26858377


It doesn't matter, there are plenty of shitty profiles that will RP with your shitty profile.

>> No.26858400


Just leaving this here. Per usual.

>> No.26858438

Tell me your secrets, fish.

>> No.26858466

1: get horny players in your ERP
2: There is no two, there's only threesomes and orgies after that. Plot? What plot? Ohhh, that plot. We'll move in that direction while I fuck player Y's character in the ass, unf unf unf

>> No.26858508


I'm ... Fairly certain they know it's supposed to be ERP.

I think.

>> No.26858691

Wait are you the guy who had the players that had tons of fuckable alien vag around, but they just ignored it?

>> No.26858810

Yes. Don't tell them I'm helpless.

>> No.26858863


That... sounds incredible. Can I get in on this somehow? I would love to try some fine alien pussy.

>> No.26858888

So...what I'm getting is
A. They want the plot to be done bad
B. The alien vag and cock isn't alluring enough
C. Maybe they forgot that it's okay to whip their dicks and asses out?

>> No.26859020

Ok, I will admit that sometimes this happens to me. I get to roleplaying with sexy thoughts in my mind and somewhere down the road I get all caught up with the plot. I remember one time I had my knight takedown an orc camp with a mixture of oil pots and her sword. After killing the last orc it hit me that the dm put them there for a gangbang scene. Although he did like the change of place of doing a clean roleplay.

>> No.26859089

Dumb suggestion: Tell them it's like Mass Effect, you get to kill aliens and sleep with the really hot ones. :p

>> No.26859524

>It matters to me OK? It's just how I am if I know it's a guy it feels gay.
I'm with you and understand. But /tg/ collectively tells us what we think is the wrong way to think and not acceptable. So frustratingly intolerant.

>> No.26859537

>Having a great time
>Without warning, partner injects something I'm horribly uncomfortable with
Why would you do this?

>> No.26859563

>Do you write extensive bios for your characters?
Nope, I has a hubs. But if it wasn't for that I would still don't write an extensive bio because I have done more ERPs then I can count and I can count on one hand how many times I've been the player.

>> No.26859692

It happens. Just talk to him/her about it.

>> No.26859841

Well, the whole thing, they know I'm uncomfortable with it and still did it.

When I talked, they were sorry (And I have reason to believe they were genuine about it) and said they were just trying to "push my boundaries."

>> No.26859985

I'm really interested in trying to get in a game, what's the best way to go about it? Just ask in the IRC?

>> No.26859989

They don't know better or they are one of those shitty types that think they know better and insert stuff you don't like to 'corrupt' you.

Tell them you are not really cool with it, dump them on the spot if they are all smug about it.

>> No.26860052

Sounds like egotistical bullshit to me.

>> No.26860124

And it backfired. As long as s/he learns from the mistake it is no foul in my book.

>> No.26860141

At best, they've got a misunderstanding of what you want and just need a talking to.

At worst, they're a jerkbag who needs to be smacked around for trying for some weird metafetish shit.

>> No.26860144

At the moment there aren't any good ERP games starting up as far as I can see.

>> No.26861251

Nah see, what happens is, when girls didn't like your RP but dont want to be rude about it they lie and tell you they're men and hope to scare you off.

Actual men don't want to break their illusion.

>> No.26861555

New thread!


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