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So are the Tau really living in an Orwellian dystopia, and mind-controlled by the Ethereals, or is that just Imperial propaganda?

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The Tau are actually secretly controlled by the Kroot.

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Pretty sure they are controlled by those Brain Worm xenos.

What were their names? Nagi?

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Even if it's not the first, it's definitely not the second. Most of the Imperium has never even heard of the Tau, much less know what their society is like

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Actually they live in an Orwellian utopia. Their lives are regimented and controlled they are taught how to act and think and for the majority of Tau this is perfectly fine.

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The Tau are actually secretly controlled by heterosexual white males

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I would say it's more like this, where everyone is cloned, and have no control of their lives.

it's extremely similar, now I think about it.

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Well, the Ethereals are rumored to control them all via pheromones. It would certainly explain why Farsight went rogue when the Ethereal on the expedition died and Xenology has references to a small organ at the forehead of the Ethereals which produced these pheromones. The effect on other species was to make them more positively predisposed to the Tau but the effect on the Tau themselves was left to speculation.

Other than that, The Empire does seem to have a great deal of control over the average Tau. Their roles in society are strictly divided and controlled and the Ethereals are obeyed without question.

Their dealings with other species are also suspect to say the least

Their dystopia is an implied one. On the face of it, you have a prosperous, seemingly reasonable society but going deeper you might find out all sorts of horrors

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zhit, no pic

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you forgot cis

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>Their dystopia is an implied one.

It's not implied very subtly, either. The new Tau codex outright states that Fire Warriors who don't pass their training simply vanish and aren't spoken of again. Similarly, if a planet is annexed by the Tau and its rulers don't fall into line with the Ethereal's desires, they're disappeared as well.

I think the Farsight Enclaves supplement mentions that there's plenty of historical revisionism going on as well. The Ethereals are trying to quietly re-write history to remove any mention of Farsight.

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You know, sometimes it's good when /pol/ is around because I can't tell if some of this shit is parody or if srs reddit really is around.

Then again, it being around led to fatal quest. So, meh.

As for you OP, probably ethereals and their non tau allies are controlled by the Brain Worm Xenos.

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If anything I'd say they live in a Huxley Dystopia. It lacks Orwell's climate of fear, and replaces it with a climate of mandatory state-endorsed happiness.

If you've read "Brave New World" you're on the right track. It's effectively that with less sex.

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With all the Xeno stuff on here, I would be surprised it was undersexed.

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glad someone remembers the better dystopia book

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Look around you now, Huxley was closer than Orwell.

As for OP, its a Huxleyesq dystopia, the ethereals are being mind controlled by zurg though, so we don't know how long that will last, Forever because GW never advances the plot.

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Its more of a mix of the two. Most everyone is happy and want for nothing, but those that complain do get unpersoned by the Ministry of Love. And while the caste system is reminiscent of the Alpha, Betas, etc, of Brave New world, it most certainly lacks the whimsical, orgy porgy lifestyle of Brave New World. The tau are not nearly frivolous enough to be Huxelw wholesale, but they are also not nearly restrictive enough to be Orwell wholesale.

You could also argue that guevesa, kroot, and the like are similar to proles in that they contribute to The Party without actually being part of it.

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>the ethereals are being mind controlled by zurg though
You got it backwards.

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>Imperial propaganda
How dare you? The nerve!

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how much propoganda does the imperium use?

is it full on wartime nazis,
or more lax, as you don't really need to demonise the chaos hue

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None. The Imperium would never lie.

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Now would you rather live under the Imperium or the Tau Empire?

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The only difference between canon or imperial propaganda is whether you like it or not.

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The Imperium. Aesthetic's nicer.

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maybe bro it up with some guard and beat hookers on off-world days

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Teaching delicious blueberries this human thing called 'love'.
I'll die a happy man covered in blue bitches.

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depends what kind of world I would live on in the Imperium

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