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Suppose you given free reign by She-who-thirsts to create the "perfect" daemonette. What does she look like? What sort of personality does she have? Most importantly, how does she go about corrupting the mortal realm?

Assume that anything is possible. Remember that Slaanesh is about other things than sex, so slapping giant tits on the stock body isn't going to make a daemonette "perfect."

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The one on the right.

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Goes about subliminally influencing peoples dreams and being extremely charismatic. Eventually people just do what she says on an instinctive level.

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She goes about inventing new hentai

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Pic related.

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She would probably have the same thing as Slaanesh in that she would be able to take the form that matched each viewers idea of perfection.

I forget if daemonettes are hermaphroditic, or purely female since I think a perk with them is that they are slowly becoming more asthetically pleasing to the common IG and thus more femminine. So maybe it would be limited to each persons idea of the perfect female?

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This is a paradoxical question. In order to be "perfect," said daemonette would have to be the spitting image of Slaanesh. Doing so would invariably piss the real thing off, so you have to settle for whatever's second best.

Personally, I kinda want one with a lamia's body resembling >>26840103 's khornette

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I´d picture somethin like Charles Manson or Jim Jones. A cult leader that will get you addicted to drugs and violence and who convinces you that murdering other people or committing suicide is a really good idea.

After all, excess doesnßt have to be sex.

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Your question is somewhat inane since daemonettes already are perfect, or as perfect as anything can be. Their entire point is that they seem as "perfection" to the person who is observing them. Your question might be more reasonable if you asked what our personal daemonette would be.

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OP here, that's kinda what I was going for. I just suck at words today.

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no. get this heresy off my beloved /tg/.

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Honey Boo Boo

Old enough to pee, old enough for me

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At the beginning there I thought she was trying to induce vomiting.

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...B-but I can't post the rest of CuttleDaemonette on a Blue board...

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I am Anonymous.

I am Anonymous.

We are all Anonymous.

We are Anonymous, and we are all one.

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I wouldn't be able to resist a daemonette who looked like this.

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Slaanesh is the worst god.

Khornette = Nurglette > Tzeentchette >>> Daemonettes.

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Relentless Pursuit of Perfection, Check. Did crazy drugs, Check. Died Horribly after succumbing to base instincts, Check.

Captch decay stagsadd

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>daemonette waifu, wat do

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I can go on: transgender, check. transrace, check. modified image to be per fect, check. loves strange mysterious jewelry, check. peadophile, check. strangely hideous, check.about the only thing the man isn't is a psyker.

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She would be a shape shifter who prefers to take the form of holy female figures of the Imperium like nuns, saints, or Sisters. And then she'd totally be a pedophile so she'd molest all the choir boys and let them cum in her tight ass in both holes. And plenty of blowjobs too. Maybe she'd also make them fuck Eldar prisoners captured in battle:
just like dis convienent fanfic I love: http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Macha_writes_a_fapfic
Mmm all those adorable unfs

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Career built on dance moves involving strange, unnatural body movements.

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This is serious guys.
That's pretty vanilla, except the pedo part.

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Welp now i have to read it. I'll be in my bunk.

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Whose to say he didn't have psyker power in order to control his crowds? He's been building his willpower and strength to induce frenzy in larger and larger crowds since he was a child.

He still has a cult following that attend post death worship ceremonies... err concerts

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Don't forget about the other one. It's still a WIP, but it already features the ultimate heresy experience.

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>Oh god, waiting for the other part too.

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>mfw we will never find out which one of Macha's hole the Star Child was finally stuffing when getting caught, though hoping its her mouth for me.
>Macha shouldn't reply as she's busy swallowing tasty geneseed and then try to explain
>Dat Shocked Taldeer when Star Child reveals Emperorness, and hints at making Macha Empress or another Eldar God/whatever.
>LIIVI runs upstairs and is both shocked by the appearance of his god still balls deep in his sister in laws face. Eventually faints because man of the house lol.
>Star Child/Emperor and recovered LIIVI start making inside jokes about relationships with Emperor being sort of a pervy bro and gradually they compare the Sister's lewd talents with Macha having the most velvety anus and sheer debauchery while Taldeer has no gag reflex and is expert at "polishing LIIVI's exitus rifle"
Oh well I guess we'd have to wait for the writefag to get in the mood again like a couple months later.

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Said writefag here. I'm working on a daemonette thing now, then working with Varia to redo his Gentle DEldar story. I might revisit this one after all that, or in-between when I need breaks.

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Yeah it seems like its finished but set for a sequel.
>Is this like the fappable Dranon's Delight except with a holy shota instead of heretical loli?

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Pretty much. I leave my stories with open endings so sequels are possible whenever/if ever I decide to return to them.

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They looks like the OOP Deamonettes from a few years back, because those were 100% superior to the new ugly as fuck ones.

Also the mounts looked like a penis shaft from underneath.


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Be sure to add more to it. It would be a shame to let it remain unfinished.

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>the mounts looked like a penis shaft from underneath

You almost make it sound like it was unintentional.

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Wait, I think I might have gotten you mixed up with the other Macha writefag there; it's not easy to tell when you both post anonymously. Nevertheless, more is always better.

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>That feel when the new plastic deamonettes are the ugliest goddamned thing to hit the shelves since the 1980's deamonette models.

Why didn't they just reprint these models in fincecast instead? They're so much goddamned better looking than the new plastics they made.

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Because they show nipples and they can't have kiddies looking at boobs.

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>maybe a psychic conversation can happen with Macha and Taldeer while Macha's mouth is full heh.
Taldeer: "By Khaine's name would you stop whoring your dignity and talk with your mouth"
Macha: "But I'm finally seeing what Mon-Keigh taste like, after all this time...I can see why you like LIIVI so much <3.
Taldeer subconsciously thinks back to LIIVI blooming in her mouth, which Macha picks up on and smug faces mentally. While still throat-pleasuring Star Child.
Taldeer: Oh, ugh I feel disgusting now just stop it so we can talk face to face.
Macha finally finishes cleaning up his rod and then looks at Taldeer still cum covered: I'd rather finish my man and then get chewed out, so now that's over....

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Have you looked at Dark Elf army book or models?

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The new ones are beased more closely on the old original concepts, also boobs, that's why.

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The younger crowd goes for 40k, so they get a pass.

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All of the plastic Daemonic infantry was redesigned to be much closer to their old RT/2nd edition aesthetics. That's not an inherently bad thing, they just bungled the Daemonette kit in a huge way. Most of the claws are too weedy, the faces look too human, and there's none of the fluidity, grace, or sense of movement I would expect from a Slaaneshi model.

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At least they remembered the tits this time.

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My Ideal Daemonette would have you all breaking out in a cold sweat at night waking up with how fucked up it is. So I will spoiler it.

She would be ageless. She would look like pic related (because it's the sort of insane proportions that you would expect for a daemonette whilst also being a trap) or Jessica Rabbit. Possibly Christina Hendricks. She would look slightly more wholesome though, same measurements, conservative dress. What is important, however is said daemonette's profession. She would be a kid show host. Her main objective would be to tell kids that they need to strive, and shoot for the best. To try to achieve perfection, but remember that they are special to her. If they have to do drugs(She would only encourage pharmaceuticals and nootropics) that's okay- they can always get off them. If they have to change their outside, that's okay- it's what inside that counts. She would encourage children to try new things and to learn new things. That she truly loves all her viewers. >>26840160 would have some play too in this. She would be like a sexy mr. rogers. At the end of each show she would hug and kiss a few kids from the audience. She would have porn of her leaked, and she would say that she would dismiss it, but say that she just wants those her are lonely to be happy and she just wants people to be the best that they can be. Later she would shoot a sex ed video, and tell teenagers that sex is a wonderful thing, because it's celebrating love, (She would encourage protection though- because disease is papa nurgles territory.) And love is a good thing, so it's okay if someone want's to experiment with new things. Just so long as they want to be the best that they can be. She would encourage polyamory and striving for perfection, but she wouldn't teach real love. I wouldn't be surprised if cults to her started up.

And now you know why I am not allowed to run horror campaigns as a GM anymore.

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Is that Snooki?

>> No.26846643

Nigga, you just made me go full Slaaneshi.

>> No.26846656

Nope. Person's body proportions are too tall to be snookie. I would put her around 5'11. I think her name is Kayla Koe or something she was a he I think. Though, the rest sort of scares me. If it was Christina hendricks... Yeah, I think I could get in on that Daemonette.

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Meh, Hendricks is too old for me. Mine would be a little more honest- as I am a lazy ass, she would be more of a live-in maid whose duties happen to include frequent sex.

Well, it would corrupt me, anyway although that would suggest that there's anything worth corrupting in my withered excuse for a soul.

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That's only really scary because of the 40K implications that you can't have nice things because then the gods eat everyone. Like a Tzeentch demon solving world poverty or something. It's not inherently bad, just the metaphysics of the world make "self-actualisation" and "being too smart" cause horrible monsters to kill everyone.

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Scream to be heard. I have been into warhammer for twenty years. If I had to make a Slaaneshi Daemonette to convert a whole generation of people or more that's what I thought of. Granted I milled over what a slaaneshi would look like IRL, and Kayla Koi was what I figured. Maybe some porn star, but one that was more voluptuous. The goal would be physical perfection appearance for her and seem like the perfect woman to youngsters. Basically she would be imprinting kids, because kid show hosts have a larger effect on kids then their parents do at times. She would basically raise kids up slaaneshi, and those kids would be ambitious, sensual, beautiful, pursuing perfection and intelligent but geared towards lust instead of love. Imagine a whole generation like that.

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>> No.26846945

I went with why Jesus was popular. He was teaching that the god loved his children. That was a radical concept at the time and one of the reasons he obtained so many followers so quickly. In the Grim Darkness of 40k? Where kids know not love, but only blind fear and devotion to the emperor in some worlds? Yeah. I think it would be quite frightening.

>> No.26846989

I know it's a he, but looks enough like a she that I said her. Granted she still has a dick, but yeah, the idea is a her but whatevs. I figured Kayla Koi would be a realistic interpretation of a slaaneshi demon.

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>she still has a dick
Why am I not surprised by this?

>> No.26847070

Because your in a thread about Slaaneshi Daemonettes.

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Good point.

You know, I think the perfect tempter would be a virgin Daemonette. After all, if you're going to fall into depravity, you may as well bring someone else down with you.

>> No.26847463

Kind of hard to pull off right you know? I guess if your fantasy is poppin cherries I could see the appeal. Now, if you could have the Daemonette take you back in time using some warp fuckery or the illusion of it and have it take your virginity, that would be something. Granted the Daemonette would probably be the ideal sexual encounter at the time, but after that, it would set anyone who did that on a path of depravity. Congrats your first time was with your sexual fantasy: now what? The person would go full slaaneish so fast tzeentch would wonder what the fuck just happened.

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A Daemonette that takes the appearance of a little boy/girl, depending on preference. Said daemonette would draw people in with their innocence and cuteness, sticking to them like a lost puppy, with the mentality to not be an annoying, snotty brat. When drawn in by their innocence, the Daemonette would slowly and subtly corrupt them through some way, not just sex or perversion. Once they are trusted as just some cute kid they can start to influence the person's works or interests.

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Can i have a Nurgle daemonette waifu?

>> No.26847893 [SPOILER] 

Sure. And she'll always love you, because when you look like pic related nobody else will.

>> No.26847899

But what if I want two vaginas instead. Dat dick is occupying too much groin room and robbing me of valuble fleshholes.
>So I have more holes to fill hehehe
>inb4 someone says just use mouth as a cockhole too.

>> No.26847920

Ehh. Japan has made it so that cuteness/innocence angers me. Especially with all the cute shit you see everyday. If a cute kid was a brat to me I wouldn't even waste time with it. Guess that means I am already down the Slaanesh path then.

You would have all the STDs.

>> No.26847921

Not from op since he is a Slaaneshi obsessed whorefaggot.

But don't worry, Papa Nurgs looks after his one.

>> No.26847937

How unoriginal. In fact, MGE has a succubus literally exactly like that.

>> No.26847952

What, is one vagina not good enough for you?

>> No.26848042

What ever happened to GreenMarine?

>> No.26848089

Hey, efficiency doesn't have to be original

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He does porn on tgchan now

>> No.26848127

Moved on to /vg/ to draw Skullgirls fanart.

>> No.26848132

Damn shame.

>> No.26848213

>go to tgchan
>Nothing but RP, Quest, and, picture threads

>> No.26848258

Don't forget about the furfags.

>> No.26848273

...you think these fine blokes would draw some Macha un-virgining or declare war on /tg/ proper.
>not sure if should make request.

>> No.26848291

I don't think they even remember who Macha is now.

>> No.26848307

I didn't forget just chose not to mention them.

>> No.26848342

I didn't.

>> No.26848349

;_; damn really.

>> No.26848369

But I don't want a shit ton of diseases! Also think of the fucking smell!

>> No.26848383

Well, if you worship nurgle you won't have to worry.

>> No.26848418

does Nurgle have Daemonettes? and does /tg/ have draw faggory of them?

>> No.26848440

No and yes.

>> No.26848450

I wonder what tgchan's take on that would be. Probably a quest thread. Emprah preserve us. or Malal save us [/sppoiler]

>> No.26848457

Technically only Slaanesh has daemonettes, but /tg/ canon is better. There's a few on Nurgle 1d4chan page, but they're NSFW. Tzeentch is lacking in the daemonette art department

>> No.26848482

I wrote a bit of writefaggotry a while ago on choosing chaos gods. I have my reasons not to.

>> No.26848486

Although nurglette was reconnected out of the Nurgle page.

>> No.26848509

Please enlighten us.

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>> No.26848558

"Remember that Slaanesh is about other things than sex" ? he's certainly not about friendship!

The perfect daemonette would be sexy with touches of OH MY GOD NO DONT RAPE ME.

Unfortunately not only trix is for kids, wh40k also is. So no tits and no rape and daemonettes don't make sense. I loved the tits model. And Keeper of secrets should be more muscular so you could imagine Slaanesh orgies going on. whatever people say, slaanesh primarily the god of sex, the concepts of greed, power-hungriness and glutony are alluded to in the fluff but it's obviously on the backseat, he's mainly about Depravity, since he was "created" by the sex,drugs and violence of the eldar(which became the dark eldar.)

>> No.26848574


>> No.26848579

You asked for a Nurglette, you got one.

But if you really think about it, a Nurglette would probably be based off his own waifu Isha and be a pure maiden that eternally heals from any disease you give so that all of his children can experience the joy of giving someone diseased gifts for all eternity. Sure, she may look green and a be a little soft on the outside, but she is all clean and soft on the inside, just waiting for you to give her you diseased, nurglite "gift".

>> No.26848599

Tzeentchette does exist, though, she just doesn't have much art. Likely because she and Loli-D looked so similar.

>> No.26848611

>> No.26848628

no I asked for a Nurglette, that guy is someone different and being a bitch about diseases and smell

>> No.26848651

Khorne is a responsible family man who also likes to tinker on the side and rules a kingdom via example.
Captcha: Impressed anymentra

>> No.26848654

Ah. Well, enjoy your Nurglette and let the other guy bitch and moan in his unloved little corner. I bet he is just upset that Slaanesh doesn't love him.

>> No.26848657

Of course.

Picture a 1950s tv show. We are calling it "All About Abbadon!"

A chaos marine clad in black power armor and a female cultist are having breakfast. Both of them look fairly well off. One is having eggs and toast as the female cultist putting down a bowl of cereal. "Little Abby get down here, breakfast is ready!" She yells with the strength of a noise marine's mother.
Shortly after a boy dressed in pink comes downstairs "Oh goody! Today is my 13th birthday and today I get to choose my path down the road of chaos!" Little Abby says. "Boy do you son!" The father says. "It is an important day, so I got one of my friends from the crusades to come talk to you about choices!" The older Marine clad in black armor says. "Gee Wilkers dad! Who is it?"

Suddenly a foot kicks down the door. "Surprise Little Abby! It's me, the man your father named you for! Abbadon!" Abbadon says in a jolly roar as he walks in casually. "Crane! You are looking well, your spawn have any ideas what path he wants to walk down? It is a big decision!" Abbadon says in a jolly voice tousling the hair of the young abby.
> Continued.

>> No.26848811


Tzeentch makes a small appearance here.

>> No.26848872

> Continued
"Well, my friend Kal is going Slaanesh! He said that he would be able to have all the ice cream he wanted, have any cute girl in school and be popular!" Abby says causing Abbadon to chuckle loudly.

"Well, did your friend tell you what the down sides where Abby?" Abbadon asks causing young abby to shake his head "Why no mister Abbadon, he never did!" This causes Abbadon to laugh again. "Well young Abby, while you might get to have all the ice cream, and any girl you want- You will likely burn out in school and end up having STDs and deaf! Now if you choose Nurgle you won't have to worry about STDS or Deafness, and you can still eat ice cream!" Abbadon says causing little abby's eyes to sparkle.

"But hold on! If you choose Nurgle, you will become ugly, and your friend's would get sick and you would become unpopular!" Abbadon says causing Little abbby to look downtrodden. "However, if you want to be popular, and still get women, you can choose the path of Khorne! You would be strong and powerful and chicks like that!" Abbadon says causing Little abby to smile "Would I get to play sports?" Little abby says.

"OF course, but you wouldn't be too bright, in fact you would become dumb!" Abbadon says causing little abby to look down. "IF you choose Tzeentch though, you would be one of the smartest kids in school! " This causes abby to raise an eyebrow "But then I would be a nerd!" Little abby says causing Abbadon to chuckle.

"Exactly kid! Choosing any one path is bad news! Do what your dad and mom did, or your good buddy Abbadon did and choose Chaos Undivided! Because choosing just one chaos god is a bad idea! Choosing all of them, now that is a good idea!" Abbadon says. "I got to be going now little abby, I hope you learned a valuble lesson!" Abbadon says to abby who nods "I sure did mister abbadon sir! One path is for losers and undivided is for cool kids!" Abby says causing abbadon to smile. "There ya go sport!"

>> No.26848909 [SPOILER] 

/tg/ are there any daemonette that come in bear mode I would love a nice daddy that would get me off my ass & make me /fit/ pic sort related

>> No.26848946

>Abbadon kicks down door
>cause he doesn't have any arms.
> Kid's friend 'Kal' short for Kaldor possibly goes to slaanesh.
>lawdy lawd.

>> No.26848956

>the "perfect" daemonette

Why, the Emperor, of course. Also not being a demon is a plus. Then I won't have to purge it.

>> No.26849039

Space Marine. Or cadian. Or that one fit commisar. Drawfriends don't do fit stuff for daemons.

>> No.26849396

Nah, thats Reasonable Daemonette. Tzeentchette has little bat wings for ears and is a loli. Theres a picture of her offering the viewer a box of chocolates and looking all embarrassed

>> No.26849419

No that's loli daemonette. Tzeentchete has feathers and shit.

>> No.26849532

Yeah, I thought I was getting the two confused. I finally found a picture of Tzeentchette, though.

>> No.26849560

>nude femperor striking a suggestive pose as depicted by GreenMarine.jpg

>> No.26849582


I think that and the two earlier in this thread are the only ones that exist. I'd be happy to be proven wrong though

>> No.26849650

Eh we just need a kind drawfriend to create more art is all. Tzeentchette is my favorite.

>> No.26849835

You've spoiled our plans to corrupt the children of the Imperium with our new Vid series; Miss Hectate's Hive Hangout!

...Also needs more Tentacle...

And people think my Daughters' of Peace Slaaneshi cult is STUPID...
You guys get how being GENUINELY NICE can be a dangerous tool of Chaos in it's own right.

I'd just go for Vagina Anemone...

>> No.26849915

That sounds incredibly boring and dumb.
So do you.

>> No.26849939

I prefer Khornette and Nurglette myself, but I still think all three of them deserve more art.

>> No.26849949

Pic related?

>> No.26849994

Yes, because your vague dismissiveness is SO enchanting and witty...
Would you rather I bring out the OfficeDaemonettes?

>> No.26850354

Not him at all, but some Office Daemonettes would be awesome,

>> No.26850456

Well they are, until they ask you to file those TPS Reports.

If you could get them done by Monday, that'd be grrrreeeaat, Mmkay?

>> No.26850656

An office setting seems more fitting for a nurgle daemonette, what with the eternal stagnation and despair.

>> No.26850777

Kabal of the Pale Collar is gonna sue you guys for copyright infringement.

>> No.26852080

Boring is extremely effective. As for the unintelligent portion of my plan, please explain. Then explain a more effective plan for mass corruption. Additionally as a bonus quantifier please do not use not grimdark enough as an excuse because brainwashing children to be sex seeking long term servants of slaanesh is pretty fucking dark.
You know, that's a good name for it. Though instead of a vid series how about a long running series, like doctor who.

>> No.26852777

This thread is as deserving as any I've seen as of late to break out the new and improved version of everyone's favorite Inquisitorial exclamation! It's been sometime since I did the original, and I know how much you guys just love change.

Also, this entire thread is HERESY.

>> No.26852810

>But heresy makes her ass squeeze my dick tighter.
How could it be a BAD thing?

>> No.26852837

Because Heresy begets death, of course.
Not "Oh, I'll die and be with my loli-daemonette waifu" but "Dead with my ashes condemned to the heart of a star because I consorted willingly and openly with the abominable forces of the Ruinous Powers" dead.

>> No.26852908

>implying dying is a big deal
>implying I'm not already the Star Child
Sorry I was busy trying to get reincarnated but having my Star Child self being defiled by shapeshifting Daemonettes, my bad. Good thing I got that all sorted out.
... say I don't recall telling the Inquisition about any heresy....you wouldn't be worshipping me would you? Am I gonna have to burn a non-Imperial Truth fanatic again? Prepare your anus "inquisitor"

>> No.26852933

>the "perfect" daemonette
What standards of perfection are we talking about?

>> No.26852976

I make her appear as the incarnation of the still-living will of the Emperor.

Basically she shows up says "yeah, the Emperor has spent the past milenium creating a new perfect avatar of himself to lead his people to glory. That's me. We need to talk about this whole 'imperial creed' thing. It's flattering and all, but we really got to tone it down. Don't worry, put your faith in me, your emperor, and I'll make sure you're all safe from corruption..."

>> No.26853001

I thought that's what they called Television in 40k... or am I confusing it with something else?

...Doesn't look like much of an improvement to be honest...

>> No.26853007

First off they have the ability to shift physical form from tempter to battle

Second, they secrete addicting warp-y chemicals into the air and in their body fluids

Third, their tempter form is basically hyper-hot whatever species. They can alter this further for specific targets: be the little girl, the milf, etc.

Fourth, they have a limited mind-reading. They generally know how to corrupt something by looking at it. Drugs, art, sex, perfection, they know what you want. Why general? They like the challenge.

Last, they are masters of ranged weapons and their claws. They fight in fast, dexterous styles that focus on flurries of hard to block attacks, as well as heavily piercing blows to finish enemies. They also know how to teach this combat.

>> No.26853012

Then I suggest you draw a better one yourself, good sir.

>> No.26853045

Hey Nice completely unrelated...but did you ever start on that super heretical to Chaos hetero Slaanesh/Khorne fic?

>> No.26853060

Well the original captured the RAEG so well...
This is just detailing and gribbling that detracts from that...

>> No.26853110

...Sorry, I still haven't...
Sort of crashed yesterday and need to get into the proper headspace for smut.

>> No.26853249

>mfw I contemplate the possibility of major rewrites if it went much past oral before Taldeer killed the mood
Being a heretic is suffering.

>> No.26853319

I know this feel too....except in anticipation.

>> No.26853387


Here's a little tease on that front until this weekend:


>> No.26853399

A fair bit of plot happens, then unrelenting smut with a generous helping of shenanigans. Then some conclusion to put the whole thing into personal and galactic perspective. It's going to be long: probably 5-6k words, maybe about a third to half of it being smut of widely varied descriptions.

An interesting question. For general purposes, it's been pointed out that adaptable features would be a requirement for "perfection". For me, personally, the first requirement is no penis. I may be a pervert, but that's not one of my fetishes. In terms of personality: stern, dignified, and direct.

The idea of a daemonette trying to be those things while simultaneously trying to be sexy amuses me for some reason.

>> No.26853402

>Catching your sister having loud pedo-sex right next to Lofn room.
Oh shit rage intensifies....if she isn't shocked beyond belief by all the other shit going on.
>Fainting is probably the most likely option but not very funny,

>> No.26853429

Just want to keep pushing the boundaries huh.
>I better stop watching all this /ss/ from this fetish I got from your fic. It's probably not healthy and I'm not sure if its completely legal.

>> No.26853433

I came up with something distinctly embarrassing and confusing. Talking about it even turns into a bit of a "moment".

>> No.26853455

[Excitement Intensifies]

>> No.26853456

I'm not /ss/ guy.

Also, I pushed into a sort of scene I wanted to do, but wasn't particularly comfortable with. No spoilers, but it's a little messed-up.

>> No.26853479


I'm the /ss/ writer. Direct all complaints at me. I believe >>26853456 is the other Macha writer, though I could be wrong.

>> No.26853534

My 4chan hardened soul tingles at the phrase "messed up" and now I want to watch even more.
"Complaints" Yeah I think that's on my end, getting addicted to 7chans /special students/ board. I'll probably go to sleep...eventually.

>> No.26853992

She would be kawaii uguuuu to the point where you just can't say no.

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