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Which 40k army has the most potential for downright fucking with your opponent?

I want to feast on other neckbeards, and children's, tears.

Am I correct in assuming it's the Necrons?

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Necrons are pretty trollish, yeah.

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Suck the joy out of the game with superior ranged fire

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Necrons are currently pretty fucking easy to troll people with. Otherwise, try playing CSM with four Heldrakes and bask in the spitefulness of all those who now view you as That Guy.

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>Trollzyn the Infinite dies only to resurrect onto an objective he now claims.
>Tesla Immortals cut down entire units by tripling their hits when snap-firing.
>Units teleport all over around the battlefield.
>Wraiths with a destroyer lord that dance around, soaking up hits
>The monolith appears, sucks in a few of his units in a wormhole and places a large particle blast in the middle of his battle-line.

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See I've thought about that, too.

But surely having the enemy CC unit actually get to me, just to have their big bad start hitting himself, is more trolltastic?

Also, Monolith portal shenanigans.

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>>Tesla Immortals cut down entire units by tripling their hits when snap-firing.

when did this happen? What rule creates this shit?

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rolls of 6 to hit gives two extra hits.
Overwatch shots only hit on sixes.

Therefore every shot they land causes 3 hits.

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Fucking Necrons, man.

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I'd like to say Orks, but from what I've seen of Necrons, they are complete dicks on the battlefield

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Now that the monolith can use the portal after deep-striking it's awesome.

Mindshackle scarabs are the shiznit too, nothing like having an enemy character challenge you only to suddenly commit sudoku in front of his men.




And then there's the fact that they just won't die.

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>Now that the monolith can use the portal after deep-striking it's awesome.

I'm assuming this is a 6th ed change? Last time I was looking at Necrons, it was when they first came out. Just got a job, so ready to spend my hard earned dishwashing money on plastic warriors.

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Changed with the last FAQ.

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One game I watched a single Scarab wiped out a whole unit of Marines and one Wraith crushed a unit of Terminators, forcing them to run.

Not to mention if the dice gods favor you, you may not lose any of your troops

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I've got res-orbs and Ghost Arks.
I don't even have to roll all that well.

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I'm hoping to get a job soon, I have an acquaintance on the inside who can push my application to get viewed, but the application aint too meaty so I'm not very confident. However a Walmart is opening right across the street from where I live, so if I can't get my first job, I can try out for Walmart.

Once I have a job I'm gonna start getting into Orks

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>but the application aint too meaty so I'm not very confident

Depends on where you work....I had the exact same problem, then the family-owned bar where a cousin's friend works started hiring. I got the job without even an interview, it was just

>ring ring
>Hey this is Pat? Hey, come in on Friday at 930 for work
>Um alright

And I had a job.

I STILL don't know what my hourly pay is, and I'm too beta to ask.

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Sisters of Battle

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And Minshackle Scarabs! It's hilarious to see people trying to make their faces not explode when MS are used.

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>why are you hitting yourself

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Don't bother asking. Just look at it on your paycheck. And be happy you have a job, the economy is shit.

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If you look at your paycheck and do a bit of math you may be able to work out how much you make on your own, or close to it. Don't bother asking though, least thing an employer wants is an employee asking what he's making, cause it can be taken the wrong way.

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Exactly why I didn't ask, yeah. Plan on doing exactly that when I get my first paycheck or when they pay me in cash because I never filled out any paperwork when I was hired and I think I may be getting paid under duh table

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I probably could have easily gotten a job with the city thanks to a guy me and my dad have known since forever...the only problem is we don't live in the same city.

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I dunno, they may have gotten your information from someone else, it aint too hard to get the stuff they need, and the personal questions aren't too important if theres someone on the inside who got you some help.

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>buddy deepstrikes 3 monoliths in one turn
>riptide nova charges and intercepts
>one blows up
>his face

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Necrons are overall the army with the most ways to troll.

What >>26836569 said also rings true. Bringing four Heldrakes to the table will make everybody hate you.

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Why would a Riptide play punchan gaems.

Tau are supposed to be playin shootan games.

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Oh, I hadn't heard about this. I might just have to dust the old girl off and give her some spotlight.

Haven't really used any HS other than my barges since the 5th edition book hit. It would be nice to have something that an shift 20+ models around the field on a whim and the battle cannon is a nice bonus too (as well as the things massive los blocking).

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It did shoot it

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Odds are still with him, AV14 is really hard for tau to crack in this day and age. I blame the move away from railguns.

Several people I know really love S7 spam and get really angry when they learn I have a base 13 on transports.

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Necrons if you want to be a unfun to play against dick.

Dark Eldar is a true army for fucking with your opponent.

They are the fucking annoying to fight. But in a fun way

>> No.26836795

I play against Necrons more than any other race. And I generally don't have too much trouble with your av13, and I also run S7 spam. I either glance them to death, my fusion suits deepstrike into them, or my Riptide's Nova Charge is enough to get the job done

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Drakes only really piss in space marine's corn flakes.

Armies with cheap infantry (orks and IG) as well good transports (Eldar and Necrons) or lots of anti-air (Necrons, Tau and IG) don't have many problems with them.

However with rumors of the new C:SM book, the new "AA tank" they get doesnt have interceptor so marines will still be taking drakes up their asses for manu years to come.

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Dark Elder fuck you over time pretty well, depending on the list. But I'd say Tau tbh. With the new codex i've seen turn 1 tabling all to often from tau.

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you need 24 shots to glance a ark to death with S7 (pretty reasonable) and anyone can deepstrike melta.

The point is making the tau player over extend, if he wants to drop his suits to take out a transport thats fine by me.

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not really trolltastic, just shooting at someone across the table.

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Okay? I still don't really have a problem with your av13

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Space Marines never run because of ATSKNF.

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Alright so, OP here, about to go off to work.

Would buying an Apocalypse formation be a good idea? For example, the Infinite Phalanx includes 10 sets of Necron Warriors. Is it any cheaper than buying 10 boxes of necrons individually?

>> No.26836936

ATSKNF has been out in its current state for WELL over 5 years and you still don't know what it does?

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Yes they do, they just can't be swept in combat and automatically rally. They can still fail Morale checks and fall back.

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In my days it was the tyranids players with 2 winged tyrants in a 1000points game

but that was like 2003

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Since when do Ork mobs have enough mass to not be wiped out by helldrakes?

>> No.26837764

Chenkov and 2000 points of Conscripts
Generally they concede after the two hundredth roll to hit.

>> No.26837835

Necrons, demons, craftworld eldar.

>> No.26838351

Dark eldar are definitely the way way to go...

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Um I play orks, and to say helldrakes don't bug me Is total bullshit. Ever lose 3 full loota squads on turn 2 to helldrake spam then flee? Because its bullshit. Oh and look, those were the only units you had that could actually deal with the drakes, how weird huh? I guess my 4+ save bikes will....o wait that's cover. Well surely my warboss and mega nobz in the battlewagon can deal with the entire rest of the chaos army, since the hellturkeys fried my lootas, boyz, grots on big guns (vector strike ignores their toughness 7 rule) bikes, and any trukks with boyz that were vector striked before being incinerated.

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If you want to cause a Sperg Lord to cry?

Grey Knights. Paint them Black and white. Adorn them with chaotic imagery and icons.

Knights of Malal/Malice the Apostate and Outcast.

Claim that they are the Knights that fell. All that about not one of them falling in 10,000 years was just propaganda. Use Garran Crowe as their leader.

It's good because you probably don't even need to change the rules to make the fluff fit the crunch.

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Even better, make Word Bearers who saw the light of the Emperor and renounced their heretic ways.

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>MFW my dp kills a riptide AND a wraith knight with the black mace in a single game.

I had to throw my terminators out in the open to draw there fire but the look on his back was amazing when he only took 2 wounds but failed his toughness tests both time and was removed.

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those would realistically end up, executed, o a penitent crusade into certain death, or as death watches black sheilds

>> No.26840240

Word Bearers who were lost in the warp Luther's Fallen style.

Used to get told off and punished for telling people of the Emperor's divinity. Now they are loved for their tireless missionary work.

Carry on like it was the Crusade. Go to the heathen worlds and smash them down and then build them up better. Move on and repeat.

As they build a name for themselves they begin to requisition Guard Regiments. Have a mix of Pre-Heresy Word Bearers and 41st Millenium IG.

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Has there ever ever been a CSM who repented? Just curious I haven't thought of any

>> No.26840313

they would need a new name for themselves, given that they would probably hate Lorgar for turning his back on the faith he founded

>> No.26840324

yes, most don't get the chance to act as their legion will route them out before they can do much good but those that do usually end up like this >>26840204

>> No.26840439

Soldiers of Faith
Knights Repentant
Angels of Hope
Emperor's Apostles
Heralds of Light
Harbingers of Truth.
Bane of the Faithless

Have them get along really well with mundane humanity. They see themselves as saviors and protectors but not as rulers. Usually get along really well with the Adepta Sororitas

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I can see the inquisition having a love hate thing with them, they are among the few marines to actively worship the emperor, but they are the remains of dirty traitors

>> No.26840744

Possibly they get along better with the younger Inquisitors as they might not have heard the rumors and been to the archives to read up on them. They don't get along at all with the radicals. Moment on of them starts using warp-rituals they don't think are sanctioned or uses some exotic piece of xeno-tech they are sent back in a box with a strongly worded letter suggesting the Inquisition needs to stop playing with things they don't understand.

They don't mind psykers that much. Pity them if anything.

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I actually like this idea.

What would their color scheme be? Which rule book would they use?

>> No.26840968

I'd go with White and Gold, with some red here and there, very catholic cardinal

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>The Word Bearers will forever see us as traitors, but the truth is simple, our Primarch has betrayed us, the name of the Word Bearers is tainted, our chapter will be reborn as (Insert name here)

>> No.26841016


The Bear Worders.

>> No.26841115

shiiiiit niggers I'm legitimately thinking of making this army.

Why would it make neckbears buttangry, though? Not very familiar with Spess Mahreen lore.

Which rulebook, do you think? Maybe when 6th edition Spess Mahreen book comes out, use that and have my Chapter use the Chapter Whatever rules for Black Templars?

Hrmn, and then use C:GK for my army's inquisitor friends?

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They were just doing normal shit back in the day. Moving their little Expeditionary Force to its next system, everything going fine everything happy. Warp-jump. Every thing happy, sailing through the warp.

Exit warp. Count all the ships and everything is fine and accounted for.

Open auspex arrays and start broadcasting to the planet. Thats where everything starts to go odd. Check the stars. Stars are all slightly out of place. Mechanicum Adepts say their Logic Engines are telling them that the stars are in the right place if this was nearly ten fucking millennia forward in time.

Start getting messages from capital city of a planet some way into system. Already Imperial. Has been for longer than they have had written records. Ave Deus-Imperator. WTF.

Go down to the planet and start reading their books.

Go back to ships and sit in a high orbit and wait peacefully for the Inquisition to show up.

Their colour scheme was rather drab. Now they dress in white, pure as the Emperor's Divinity. Trim for librarians is blue, the colour of the scholar. Chaplains is gold trim because their words are precious and don't decay with age. Apothecaries have red trim for the life they preserve. Tech-Marines have the chrome and silver trim of untarnished metal. Captains and the Chapter Master have black trim, they remember their origins and endure the weighted chains of authority.

Scouts wear any colour that will help them blend in.

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I like it, anon.

>> No.26841486

Goes without saying that they have a lot of older patterns of Power Armour.

When they made the transition from mid to late Great Crusade to a worse future they took all their old gear with them. And all their old on-site manufacturing things and tech-adepts.

They know how to make old style power armour and patch old suits together from other pattern parts.

When they were pulled out of time Mk7 was at the prototype stage and Mk6 was not something they had any of.

They have Mk2 - Mk5. They have a couple of Mk1 suits in their museum. Thy have a few Mk6 and Mk7 suits now and the number is only ever going to rise. But slowly. They aren't going to throw anything away that still works and Power Armour can last a very long time.

Same can be said for everything else they own. Old as balls ship, weapons and vehicle designs. Not of the "so awesome the Ad-Mech forgot how to make it", type of old. Unfortunately. Mostly they have things the Ad-Mech phased out for good reasons. They have tried to upgrade as best they can, installing modern systems into antiquated ships and such but the process is not perfect of fast.

Mostly still time-displaced Crusade Era marines. Can't quite loose the Crusader mindset and can't quite get to grips with the fact that no one else has one. Approve of the Black Templars but the Black Templars despise them. New recruits are more grounded in the new era.

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so lots of forge world kits?

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They see their return as proof of the Emperor's Divinity and love for humanity.

Just before they could be led down a dark path they were snatched from time.

As the horrors of Old Night were begging to come back they were returned to be the champions humanity needed.

They are fleet based and have no intention of settling down even if the Imperium would let them own territory.

Extremely zealous when it comes to Choas. Consider "compromise" to be as bad as surrender.

>> No.26842145

knowing the fate of their former brothers this is a reasonable mindset for them

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If this becomes a new /tg/ chapter I support it as one of the better ones we've come up with

>> No.26842810

Would you kindly give your opinion on what its name should be.

We have some suggestions here and I'm all for Soldiers of Faith.


But thats far from decisive.

>> No.26842863

The Light of Redemption, as they work to be the one sliver of light in Lorgar's Dark Legacy

>> No.26842930

OP here, just got back from work.

What in the shit is going on here?

>> No.26842970

someone joked about Loyalist Word Bearers and it turned awesome

>> No.26842973

Why not call them the Barren Worded

When they meet those of their brotherhood who turned to Chaos, there are no words for them, only death.

>> No.26843010

Doesn't really roll off the tongue, anon.

>> No.26843041

More like the Emperor's Salvation, the one thing that saved them from the fall to chaos

>> No.26843083

True, but there are worse names that are official. Flesh Tearers, Flesh Eaters, Benedictors, Brazen Minotaurs, for some examples.

>> No.26843120

The Emperor's Redemption?

The Divine God-Emperor hurtled them into the future, to redeem their fallen comrades?

>> No.26843125

Shall we go into the crunch, naturally they get prefered enemy when meeting Word Beares

>> No.26843147

not much left to redeem, save maybe Lorgar's Gene Seed

>> No.26843148

Any technologies made post-heresy are right out.

>> No.26843153

Redemption by Bolter.

>> No.26843195

They are redeeming the name, their brothers are lost, but their name of old can be salvaged from the mud.

>> No.26843271

>Not familiar with Spess Mahreen lore
No you really fucking aren't. Word Bearers are one of the orignal traitor legions, the engineers behind the Horus Heresy, and hated by pretty much everyone in the Imperium(ESPECIALLY the Ultramarines). Not immediately executing them would be heresy of the highest order.

>> No.26843305


Lets not forget that they see themselves as the holy warrior protectors of all humanity and not just as mortal agents of vengeance.

They think they have a King Arthur resurrection deal going here. The Legions of the Great Crusade were created to end the Remnants of the Age of Strife. an eternity later Old Night is coming back and up they spring, a helping hand from a half-forgotten past.

>> No.26843306

I hate what they did to broadside rails. I really don't know why so many people claim Tau are great against heavy armour anymore. All we have now is the same "hope they aren't immune to melta rules" of fusion guns again.

And half our S8+ gets hot now.

>> No.26843329

The thing is that they were sent to the future before the heresy happened,

>> No.26843353

Sons of Schism?
Imperial Apostles?
Silent Heralds?
Word Revilers?
Criers of Devotion?

>> No.26843381

Only if they are traitors. A group of Word Bearers who were trapped in the warp and never involved in the heresy would bear no sin but the name of their chapter, of course they would be expected to try and redeem their chapter name, but it wouldn't be heresy to not kill them.

>> No.26843469

>commit sudoku
I bet he was puzzled

>> No.26843482

Dude. Dark Angels. Their secret is kept for a reason, if the rest of the Imperium knew that shit, the Dark Angels wouldn't have survived to the 41st milenium.

>> No.26843483

Depends on which Inquisitor led the investigation on them.

If all of them were subject to heavy psychic scans the Inquisitor and their psykers would have found only faith in the Emperor filling their heads.

Gene-seed would have been free of mutation and equipment would have been approved, if somewhat outdated.

So long as a not asshole puritan finds them first.

Lets assume this was the case.

>> No.26843548

No, those that remained loyal to the Emperor and the Imperium would be tested thoroughly for any sign of corruption or lies, their Primarch wasn't a traitor and only their brothers went to Chaos, it would be more likely they would be executed if Lion was a traitor, but he wasn't.

>> No.26843571

>it would be more likely they would be executed if Lion was a traitor, but he wasn't.

Lorgar was a traitor.

>> No.26843616

Yes, but I was talking about Dark Angels. On the topic of the Word Bearers, it depends completely on what Inquisitor reaches them, like >>26843483 said, if it's a puritan, most likely they would all be executed just because they are Word Bearers, if not, theres more of a chance they will be given a chance to redeem their chapter name.

>> No.26843639

>Scouts wear any colour that will help them blend in.

Reasonable Marines? In my 40k?

>> No.26843688

Scouts wearing camo is true of every chapter with the exception of the Black Templars.

>> No.26843691

actually even the Ultras do that with scouts, there was a chart and the only one with scouts in chapter colors was them on parade

>> No.26843698

Lets talk Crunch, faggots.

Which codex do we use?

>> No.26843766

The reason Marines don't care about actual stealth or reasonable tactics is because their armor makes them tanks, they rely on it because it is strong. Scouts don't have that armor, they are given very little armor actually, as they are Marines in training, and are meant to mainly work as recon and sniping.

>> No.26843823

Sorry to suggest this but Vanilla Codex.

Even if they got a reasonable inquisitor they would still have to toe the line more than most if only to avoid suspicion.

They have quirks but they are more codex compliant than the Wolves or Angels.

With the exception that they often march to war as the spear tip of bunch of regiments rather than acting alone. They take Guard allies.

>> No.26844016

bump before sleep.

hope it is still here tomorow

>> No.26844080

and maybe SoB given their Faith

>> No.26844205

>commit sudoku
>I bet he was puzzled

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Knights Repentant. It's perfect.

>> No.26845846

Using swedish crowns and the gw website, a necron box costs 270 kr, and the apocalypse formation costs 2700 kr.
So, for us, it's not even a deal, it's just buying everything at once.

Can't be arsed with checking the other currencies.

>> No.26846428

sounds like a good name

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>> No.26849323


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this is actually what i call it, that or '' hey you , punch yourself in the face ''.

>> No.26849981

this was the first thing to come to mind

>> No.26850057

Nope. None of the bundle deals on the GW site save u even 1$ , just think of these 1 click deals as suggestions .

>> No.26850111

that still happens, but take it from someone who runs 1 at 1000pts, they are terrible without a lot of support.

>> No.26852617

Oh God don't let this die

>> No.26853758

This, holy shit. Anyone making a 1d4chan page? I am shit at formatting

>> No.26853815


>Non scattering templates delivered by immortal death machines that are only hit on 6's

Yes I can't see why a horde army would have a problem with that.

>> No.26853938


/tg/ has a hateboner for Tau that rival's /v/ and /pol/'s combined hated of feminists, jews and liberals. Don't take anything on here said about Tau seriously.

>> No.26854520

This. Fuckin Necron and Tau faggots think your so cool, this is the master race of armies

>> No.26854877

make some of the female to add extra autist rage

>> No.26854924

Arguleon Veq/ Karnulon
He repented.
He repented by giving the middle finger to the word bearers and then personally fucking Khorne in the ass while making Slaanesh look like a limp dicked pussy faggot in front of his/her followers.

>> No.26857575

yup that'll do it
imagine the tears when GW does it for real

>> No.26859772


>> No.26859801

Better. They never "fell". Because they were always in the service of Malal to begin with.

>> No.26860547


>> No.26861015

looks like it was already successful.

>> No.26861796


When a Chapter Masters dies his replacement is chosen by a conclave of the chapters chaplains from the captains. The process of choosing is kept secter, the decision is made in a closed and guarded room and an Oath of Silence is taken afterwards regarding the matter.

Since they emerged from the warp in 887M39 they have only had to choose 2 new chapter masters. There are a fair few hundred Crusader era marines left but the rest are natives of M41. A new breed of Logar's stock that bear no shame of that monster's original sin.

There are three Dreadnaughts of archaic design in the chapter. They are part of the first generation astartes, the legendary Terran Born Legionaries. They do not sleep as much as regular dreadnaughts and spend much of their time being the astartes equivalent of Statler and Waldorf.

>> No.26862426

>I heard the last leader of these kids got transferred to the black legion.
>Transfer? More like a Demotion!

>> No.26862508

Doh ho ho ho.

>> No.26863617

Hey I think i remember that guy
Yeah, old poker buddy?
Nah, shooting trainer.
So nothing's changed?
Doh ho ho ho.

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>> No.26866803


>> No.26867402

Ok, that one got me.

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>> No.26872518

face it, this thread is dead

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