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These guys must be the coolest fucking fuckers in the whole universe of 40k. In case you're un-familiar with the Death Korps of Krieg, Imma tell ya a thing.

> Krieg is a planet in the realm of the space emperor.
> Krieg used to be a nice place, with trees and greens and maybe even some animals, and regular people.
> Some idiots wanted some fun so they sparked a revolution
> The revolution went in to a civil war, between the evil Seperatists and the loyal Imperialists.
> The whole planet fell to the Seperatists with the Imperialists had to nuke the whole planet to win the war.
> To make up for their forefathers sins, the Kriegers have to be soldiers.

> WWI germans with cheap artillery, gasmasks and bayonet charges loyal without question ready to die for their emperor with a smile on their lips.

We discuss how cool the DKK are.

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Poor man's emo-teen Steel Legion.

> we wear black and are miserable

Fuck you, blitzkriegin' kriegers all the way, every day

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Nigga this. When the galaxy tries to slap their shit, they slap it right on back, using copious amounts of heavy armor.

They also use Orks for live fire exercises.

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Sure Armagedon and the Death Korps are pretty cool but nothing beats the Mordian Iron Guard

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Mordians are okay.

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Praetorians are better.

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>Catachan is a planet in the Imperium of Man
>Catachan absolutely hates you and will try and murder you every single minute of the day
>People join the Imperial Guard to get away from there and help their families to have a better life
>Don't take no guff from The Man (old Oops, Sorry Sir special rule)
>Use stealth tactics instead of walking into enemy fire
>Give any enemy a run for their money
>Hardiest special characters that make some Space Marines look like pussies


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They're. more French than German, actually.

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We used to have awesome threads about these guys. Terranis threads they were called. It started out as cute and funny then turned into tear inducing and awesome. They are probably archived.

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Kriegers are a shitty mashup of the Steel Legion and the Mordian Iron Guard

>needing to nuke your planet to win against mere seperatists
Bloody casuals.

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That's some serious Dredd tier scowl

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I like how Kriegers jailbreak their lasguns to hit harder at the cost of more energy.

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They're WW1 general. The coats and comb on the helmet is French, but the helmet design and names are German, etc. They also got stuff like the Ragnarok tank, which is just a WW2 Soviet KV2.

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>ww1 stahlhelms
>Death korps of krieg

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I always imagined them acting like the red army in gwtbw.

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You can't live on a planet of perpetual night without developing a good scowl.

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>french style comb on the helmet
>french style jacket that is buttoned open on the outside, not on the inside like German ones were

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Just remember who is the best of the best.
Did you wake up without daemons? You're welcome

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>Every time a DKoK thread is posted Steel Legion tryhardingly tries to prove they're better
C'mon, /tg/, I thought you were better than this.

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skuboff skubsucker

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Where is Tallarn/Maccabean kebab?

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He removed it from the list.

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>hatin' on classic beetleback warlords
we can't be friends anymore

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they are Chaos.....

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There's no trying involved when you ride in a personalized chimera apc anon. It just comes with a natural flair of being right in the face of obvious emo wrong.

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Those spiked wheels are a common feature in 3rd edition imperial art, ecclesiarchal stuff especially. Blanche liked them.

>not noticing the aqulias on the hats and breasts of the troopers

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You're all forgetting about possibly the toughest IG there is.


>Live in icy wastes
>Drink a pint of vodka for breakfast
>Another on the way to the mines / igloos
>Frostbitten, hard as nails, Russian-esque badasses, all of them
>Valhallan wives fight off space bears on a daily basis

Get on Valhallas level, Cadians, Catachans, Mordians, Steel legion and Kriegers.

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Kriegers are what happens when 13 year olds design Guard regiments.

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Then explain why they still shout that they're so much better than the DK if they supposedly are? Inferiority complex perhaps?

Plus your custom APC aint got shit on this swag

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Pretty much.


Shouting? Just stating facts bub. Its the OP that wrote an essay about how cool his guys are.

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Valhallans and Vostroyans should get together for a big vodka party

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Vosties are 100% cooler

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>Knowing the first thing about swag

Thank you for holding the line, Krieger, but we're going to actually win this battle now.

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>This entire thread

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Vostoryans are the worst regiment I'd rather serve in a penal legion than with the Vostoryans. Even the Catachans aren't as shity as the Vostoryans.

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Lol, okay bitchtits...

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>not posting the baddest dudes any hiveworld on this side of the galaxy ever shat out

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The Steel Legion has tank aces. How many Kriegers live long enough for us to care about? Not to mention Steel Legion tanks columns actually survive most of their offensives.

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Why are fanboys sperging over who looks cooler? There's really only one difference between the two; how they fight.
Steel Legion Blitzkrieg things with piles of tanks and other armour, DKoK engage in slow, grinding, trench/siege warfare.

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And still the DKoK has proved more valuable to the imperium than the SL

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IG regiments are todays Skub

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that would hold some weight if Armageddon wasn't one of the most vital planets in the entire imperium. On leauge with places like Cadia, if not moreso because of the massive production capabilities.

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I don't understand why most of /tg/ has a boner for Kriegers.

They seem too... one-dimensional to be very interesting. Now, Elysians and Vostroyans, on the other hand...

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Who said it had anything to do with pure looks?

Blitzkrieg by nature requires flair and style to pull off. Any asshole can grind forward in a war of attrition, from trench to trench. It takes skill to pull off complex tank manoeuvres.

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I love old 40k artwork.

Pic related, how the Imperial Guard used to operate

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Yeah, it makes a great ork valhalla.

Face it, Armageddon is just another hive world among hive worlds

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These guys shit over the every day Steel Legionaire anytime of the day

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Yeah, those self insert waifu fics were great, really top notch.
Eat a dick.

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>ork vallhalla
If the Steel Legion wasn't there to deal with them, then it would be.

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>On the nightmare world of Krieg, the elite Death Korps practice their killing arts against the only enemy they have available: those among the population unsuitable to join the regiments of the Imperial Guard.

>Implying any IG are as hardcore as the Krieg.

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Yes, the Steel Legion did all that.

Alongside the 5 Ork Hunters Regiments, Arphista Penal Legion, 15 Regiments of Cadian Shock Troops, 3 Regiments of Catachans, 5 Regiments of Kriegers, 14 Elysian DropTroop squadrons, 6 Regiments of Mordians, 6 Chem-Dog regiments, a dickload of Adeptus Astrates, including 5 entire companies. And countless of other troops.

Steel Legion doesn't get all the credit for Armadeggon's defence.

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That whole deal just screams 70's era sci-fi. I love it.

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> Alongside the 5 Ork Hunters Regiments

Ork Hunters are an off-shoot of the Steel Legion.

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I've been wanting to run an Only War campaign set in the goofy 80's Pre-Heresy Guard.

Shame it will never happen.

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>Implying any IG are as emo as the Krieg.

Its like they were cobbled together by a thirteen year old's bitter journal.

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My god. That's got to be the most ballin' IG pic I've ever seen.

It's a shame that they're firmly entrenched in WW!/II bullshit now, but most of those options aren't even really options anymore.

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Oh, let's kill civvies, because that's a good representation of the kind of things we'll be facing later.

Oh! The civvies are revolting, and we aren't good enough to stop them. Better break out the nukes!

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Except the Orks are still on Armageddon. The Steel Legion prevents them from ever becoming a credible threat.

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There's a Krieg tank ace in Fall of Orpheus.

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Ork Hunters do. Steel Legion is just chillan at the motor pool

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Elysian Drop Troops still cooler then all y'all

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Harakoni Warhawks were here
Elysians suck

>> No.26826054

This is how I Imperial Guard.

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But it IS a Ork Valhalla, why the hell you think they go there?

Don't forget the pajama snipers.

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You both don't understand what it means to be hardcore.

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>Not playing the manliest regiment

>> No.26826596

>dem moustashes

>> No.26826673

>Manliest regiment
>Not Woad Warriors
When they're ready to go into battle with naught but their helmet, gun, and what the Emperor blessed them with, then they can vie for that title.

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No member of the Adeptus Astartes could be this badass.

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Elysian Drop Troops were here: busy not wasting our resources with archaic, wasteful tactics. Have fun with your blitzkriegs and trench warfare, be sure to enjoy wasting the Emperor's valuable resources like the feckless heretics you are.

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Frankly, I can't imagine a place called Krieg ever being a swell place to live. It sounds more like a theme planet.

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Holy shit, a Clan of Xymox reference in 40k?!

>> No.26826783

>feckless heretics
>Imperial Guard
Nice hyberbole, pampered flyboy.

>> No.26826791

Best soldiers of the Imperium. Period. There is no more dangerous a foe than a Cadian with a Lasrifle

>> No.26826792

Of course.
After all 40k is just a loose collection of references that someone slapped some rules on.

>> No.26826810

I'd say wasting the Emperor's resources because you're too stupid to into proper tactics and strategy is pretty damn heretical.

>> No.26826826

That's just because you're too much of a wimp to do a real charge, like a real man, instead of using cowardly wuss tactics.

>> No.26826834

Then why haven't we all been executed yet? Don't act so high and mighty, you take as many casualties as the rest of the Guard

>> No.26826845

Those dudes always remind me of Cadet Stanley from Malcolm in the Middle.

>> No.26826851

>Skydiving into the enemy army
>cowardly wuss tactics
nigger what?

>> No.26826893

And yet when it comes to the really sanity blasting shit, the sort of shit that leaves space marines and sororitas clawing their own eyes out, the Death Korps just carry on as normal.

Their big saving grace is that nothing bothers them.

Only breed of man that requires commissars to convince them to tactically withdraw and not carry on fighting in a neat and orderly fashion.

>> No.26826895

That's the Elysian's schtick, yes, but that other guys was assuming that jumping into the jaws of death is somehow a better tactic than just charging into them

>> No.26826921

Someone should correct this image.

The Krieg should be shooting the civies for target practice.

>> No.26826929

The point of Elysian Drop Troops is to do what the Space Marines do when they aren't available
I don't know what the other guys is talking about, the point of Elysians is to work in tandem with other regiments

>> No.26826936

With modern weaponry focusing on mobility is more effective than congregating in a homogenous mass, always.

>> No.26826967

ITT: Literal buckets of pure, unrefined skub.

Why not Cadian Guard?

>> No.26826969

The word is oxymoron, you oxy moron.

>> No.26826977

Don't Elysians have a horribad track record in the fluff? Like every Elysian unit I've heard mentioned killed to a man?

>> No.26827008

They're very much all or nothing. They either win big or they get decimated.

>> No.26827031

Well they are pretty much suicide troops. That is why they are an all volunteer force. They either get complete victory are complete defeat, just for to get a small advantage for the charging troops

>> No.26827035

They also have no access to armor, which probably played a large part in their defeats.

>> No.26827066

Balls and det-charges don't make up for a lack of armor when the big guns get on the field.

But that doesn't stop those brave, beautiful fuckers from trying anyway.

>> No.26827074


That... that kind of sounds like 'archaic wasteful tactics' to me... Or more correctly an archaic wasteful strategy. So I guess the problem lies in with the IG Brass more than it does Elysians?

>> No.26827098

> problem lies in with the IG Brass


>> No.26827117

Says the regiment famous for getting its lightly armed ass stranded in enemy territory and massacred on a routine basis

>> No.26827136

Why don't they have armor? It's not like it's impossible to airdrop a tank.

>> No.26827158


Ahhhh, ahhhh,
They come from the land of the ice and snow,
From the midnight sun where the hot springs blow
the light of the emperor, will drive their ships to new lands,
To fight the horde, singing and crying: Valhalla! I am coming!

On they sweep, through orks they tore, their only goal: the imperium to restore

So now you can stop, and imperial worlds rebuild their ruins
For the Valhallan ice warriors can win the day, despite of all your losing

>> No.26827171

The best they can get is light crap like sentinels

>> No.26827176

So, why are all the Imperial Guard regiments completely tactically and strategically retarded?

>> No.26827188

Not for Marines, but Guard isn't Marines.

>> No.26827195

What do you mean?

>> No.26827201

Zerg tactics are heavily exaggerated

>> No.26827208

You forgot the ice-cold showers.

>> No.26827236

Ok, so their vehicles and equipment are supposed to be at least on par with modern gear, right (or at least that's what the fanboys insist). Why are they using tactics that have been outdated for over a century, and were often a terrible idea back when they were being used? It's not like it can be said that they're doing so for cost effectiveness, since every regiment is going through personnel like they're going out of style.

>> No.26827241

>Imperial Guard
Your answer is in the question.

Nearly every army in 40k is completely retarded tactically and strategically.

>> No.26827251

>tfw Elysians and Krieg perfectly push my hard-on for Aliens/Halo Colonial Marines as well as my boner for Sci-Fi Nazis.

>> No.26827253

Cadians, despite being awesome, suffer from being GW's posterboys of the IG. So people forget that they are a VERY modern style fighting force, they are the 40k version of Spartans and most importantly they are technically warp affected mutants.

Cadians are actually pretty interesting

>> No.26827290


If that were even remotely true then the Inquisition wouldn't bother with the Deathwatch or Grey Knights, they'd just nuke a bunch of planets and be all "Ohh another daemon incursion? Bury them in storm troopers."

>> No.26827293

Because 40k warfare is after warfare "goes full circle". Drones and asymmetrical warfare become redundant against gene-boosted Techno-Pychopaths and giant murder-bugs.

Solution? Use Elysians are regular IG, add Krieg to Iron Warriors
>Look ma, two armies!

>> No.26827297

Because said vehicles and equipment that are on par with modern gear are up against shit that's on par with over wanky Mobile Suit Gundam fanfiction. When you're tech level is far behind your enemies that it might as well be the stone age, attrition is your best bet.

>> No.26827309


Its a bit of "The Brass is fucking retarded" and a bit of "Hey these guys use reasonable, modern day tactics! Wouldn't it be hilarious if they all died horribly every time they showed up?"

>> No.26827348

I like the way that they have practice wars as the nearest thing they get to having a sport.

That and their homeworld having an Inquisitor on it at all times

>> No.26827356

Eh, well, can't really expect a setting that thinks using swords one the same battlefield as tanks is the worlds greatest idea to be anything but lacking in the tactics department...

>> No.26827376

Well, if you haven't noticed, all the factions in the game use stupid tactics like that. Tau aren't much into camos either and they got shit like close combat donkey punches.

It's entirely up to the regiment what sort of tactics they use. Elysians are very much a paratrooper army riding in on valkyries, dropping down, using air superiority and drops, etc. Catachans are into ambushes and guerrilla warfare. Krieg use more static siege warfare, Steel Legion are into motorized warfare.

Problem is that you're not just fighting other other people with similar guns and tanks. You got factions that can swamp you with bodies that take several shots to kill, or big monsters that need anti-tank weapons to handle. You got whole host of creatures that can affect your mind or spray you with acids and swarms of little shits. Stuff like that.

And you think modern warfare wouldn't lose tons of dudes if it was between two equal militaries, not a bunch of imperial storm troopers blasting sand people with orbital missiles?

>> No.26827379


I think you mean like twelve Inquisitors.

>> No.26827396

What is Infinity?

>> No.26827406

After seeing this film and this thread I now want ot buy a whole bunch of Death Korps, paint them mostly black and adorn them with Nazi imagery.

>> No.26827432

Tau still use fission power, IG tanks run on anything that burns. You can stuff dry hey or logs into it and it'll run the tank. Where's your Greater Good now?

>> No.26827448

An abstract concept describing something without any limit?

>> No.26827470

That image cracks me the fuck up.
I... I just... the sunglasses. It's too good. 40k would be so much better if IG was still like this.
Hell, half of them look like members of a neo-nazi biker gang.

>> No.26827476

Iron Sky was freakin' hilarious. Make sure to add ipods.

>> No.26827518

>Implying the edgy cyberpunk fags would last two minutes against the IG

>> No.26827525

I miss those old commissar heads with the more techy headset.

>> No.26827537

Yeah and their culture is purely Hienlenistics nonstop Military gung ho the whole time. Before they teach a child to walk they teach them to dissemble and resemble a lasrifle.

This immediately conjures in my min; you know those fisher-price baby puzzle toys, where you have to put round peg round hole and put things together? Now imagine a brightly colored miss proportioned lasrifle with obnoxiously large parts for a baby to reassemble and disassemble. Thats Cadian baby toys.

Then when they hit 12 its not off to middle school or whathave you, Nope its Go inna woods time. If they make it to 14 they go to Basic training where they stay till they are a fucking adult and tossed off into a Regiment. If they are lucky enough to survive, they have a 1:10 chance to get put in a Anterior Guard regiment.

You can't tell if a Cadian is in Civilian attire because it doesn't exist. Its only a different kind of uniform with maybe a different cut or Material. Infact a Cadian Civillian does not exist. The closet you have is a person on reserve status working axillary jobs to fuel the war effort. And they are damn good at it. They EXPORT more weapons than anyone else, and there is no shortage of weapons or ammo. Cadian's only means to exist is to fight Chaos.

Shit an average Cadian has probably seen more daemons than a Veteran Space Marine. Probably has a good score of kills on them too. They aren't bad at their job either, some of the best shots in the Imperium. You know who the inquisition preferes to send against chaos? Grey Knights? Fuck that, send in the Cadians, they WILL get the job done and quickly.

So your Kriegers are fearless, your Vostroyans are Vodka driven, Your Elysians have too much time and money. You want the job done, Send in the people who don't fuck around when it comes to war


>> No.26827621

You sound like a fag

>> No.26827626

Typical coming of age ritual mentioned in the Eisenhorn trilogy.

Dump the kid naked on one of those extremely cold, wet miserable islands. Come back in a month. If they survive they are accepted as Cadian.

When your world is on Hell's doorstep no day is considered a bad day.

>> No.26827637

You're just mad because your regiments don't have kasrkin

>> No.26827647

The Tau can make a few allies.

>> No.26827649

I'd gladly watch a platoon of IG get slaughtered by an average sized Infinity army (9 guys).

>> No.26827662

We all are.

>> No.26827664

ARO is one hell of a drug.

>> No.26827665

yeah thats like step one, the next step is to see how well they can survive on their own. Then its military service from then out.

it's just Ironic the Purple eyed Cadians are technically warp affected. So say Chaos is ever beaten. Cadia then must be purged.

>> No.26827669

That's why the IG'd send 20

>> No.26827692

I might be running a kreiger in OW, but that's because it had what I wanted, this is probably what I actually look, now that my original gear was destroyed. Only imagine that at barely 5'. I'm the tiniest person to ever have a 60 toughness.

>> No.26827698

now that you posted that imaged i just have to post this one

>> No.26827841

I just realized that general IG stratagems are pretty similar to player stratagems in Planetside.

1. Amass infantry, tanks, and aircraft
2. Throw them at your target
3. Did it work? If not, repeat the previous two steps

>> No.26827845

A reminder.

The IG are wing of the Imperial forces which has members or groups bowing to Xenos.

In the immortal words of Saint Avi Tas of the Sanguine Corvus, ''Ye hordes of men who guard, ye all of weak of faith and haste of treachery''

>> No.26827858


We all learned from Armageddon. The Wolves will not allow it.

>> No.26827868

are the only wing*

>> No.26828027

>Blood Ravens

Fuck Avitus, man. He was a shithead.

>> No.26828059

>yfw they're rumoured to be getting plastic mini's and a suppliment 'dex in 2014 with the new guard codex

>> No.26828090

>Steel Legion

Dude that was a rumor from like 2008-2009

you're not getting one

>also Japanese WW2 infantry make perfect IG. Their Squad leaders have a CCW and a Pistol

>> No.26828091

The IG is pretty much the TR with more green, black and grimdark.

"Vanu at the crown?"


>> No.26828110

Man, 40k fluff is fucking stupid.

>> No.26828117

Their fluff is trying way too hard to be edgy, even by 40k standards. All grimdark, no exoticism or fun.

WWII Wehrmacht was pure faggotry, but if that flicks your switch, go with the Steel Legion.

>> No.26828138

...No shit. It's a game which exalts the space marine as the pinacle of manliness. At least the internet generally knows that they are merely massive pussies, cowering in their powered armor.

>> No.26828156


>> No.26828162

What's so try hard edgy about the Krieg?

Do you think the Iron Hands are like that too because they are bitter and ruthless?

>> No.26828164

Remember, there was one time when commissars killed HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS because tau were dicking around near them

>> No.26828179


>> No.26828258

That is the single most eloquent way of describing 40k fluff.

>> No.26828335

its like this

>tau vs ig
>"hey commissar my shoe is untied"

>> No.26828354

Enjoy being posted to trench defence again, flyboys.

>> No.26828411

>dat facial hair
Is that standard issue?

>> No.26828494

I was thinking about making a Chinese-themed IG Regiment, but I have no idea how to do it. I was thinking Red Guard style peasant guerrilla militiamen, but I'm not sure if that would work.

>> No.26828502

Read the sort story.
They fight fully amred and trained units of men who are rejected for the sake of being rejected.

If the rejects win, they enter the korps.

>> No.26828520

Some IG still are like that. It's a big galaxy.

>> No.26828631

What you said has literally no bearing on what he said.

Are you retarded?

The death korp WILL rout if pushed hard and long enough.
It just takes a mix of daemons, titans, and Chaos marines hitting them on all sides to do it.
They take a lot more shit than any other regiment, and are very likely to reform and head back to the fight, but they are still human.

>> No.26828670

It pretty much is.

It will either fall too fast, and break, or flal slow enough to no tbreak, and drift liek a MOTHERFUCKER.

And you can't drop it with crew aboard, so good luck finding and manning the fucking thing before it gets sabotaged, stolen, or the crews are all killed.

>> No.26828684

>See arguments between Krigers and Steel Legion.
>Opinions go both ways
>Bitches are forgetting who Yarrick works with.

Always bet on Commisar Yarrick

>> No.26828709

>I like the way that they have practice wars as the nearest thing they get to having a sport.
Every culture ever.
Even sports have existed throughout history primarily to practice various martial skills.

>> No.26828751

8th Cadian has disgusting uniform colors though.

>> No.26828756

Look it up.

>> No.26828820

One thing you gotta give to Krieg: they have the damn best looking commissars.
Pretty much the only model I would consider actually buying and fielding from FW.

>> No.26828838

>had to get their asses saved by DA and GK

>> No.26828888

Because the enemies had to get their asses saved by chaos space marine warbands.

>> No.26828897

>have to get their asses saved by everyone, all the time, every day
>STILL haven't won
>and it's their own planet
>about to lose

>on the offensive
>fucking chaos marines
>everything is going to hell
>still win

I can do this all day.

>> No.26828969

Worse than that, the warbands landed behind the siege lines, brought fucking titans with them, and they and the locals hit the krieg regiments at the same time from all sides.

>> No.26829243

>I can do this all day.

Got a webcam

>> No.26829261

Krieg fans are the worst

>> No.26829362

I like all regiments but I would have to disagree, this was a thread created for stuff about Krieg, but all these fans of other regiments just couldn't resist and started shitting it up saying their favourite regiment is the best.

>> No.26829472


No, GW have dialled back the PURGE EVERYTHING aspect of Chaos over the last decade or so. Time was, even Space Marines had to be lobotomised after so much as seeing a daemon in their peripheral vision. The population was supposed to hate and fear.. something, but you couldn't tell them what the bad stuff was. Eventually, GW began to realise that this absurdly overblown slaughter was really stupid and unworkable, and nowadays is a lot more sensible in that you don't reward your heroic veterans and grizzled loyal Chaos-killers by shooting them.

>> No.26829505

Didn't the cadians win and trap abaddon planetside?

>> No.26829545

No, last i heard creed actually lost.

>> No.26829894

>Even sports have existed throughout history primarily to practice various martial skills.
So, sports are abstracted ways to practice martial skills. But every culture does have them, and they aren't all just war exercises.

>> No.26830715

Uh, I am new to 40K, how Cadians are technically warp affected mutants?

>> No.26830952

Make then Chinese militia that have more soldiers then normal IG regiments but can't aim for shit because they can't close only one eye to fire.

>> No.26830982

so an all conscript force then?

>> No.26831444

You don't actually close one eye to aim.

>> No.26831480

You just don't pay attention to one eye.

>> No.26831493

They have purple eyes or something, from living in such proximity to the eye of the warp.

>> No.26831537

Or you learn to ignore the false image form your left eye.

MUCH easier with some firearms. Or with dot sights, for that matter.

>> No.26831641

...That's what I said... just in more technical terms.

>> No.26831656


And they have Commissar Cain on their side!

That has to count for something.

>> No.26831669

>Implying that the sanguinary guard could stop polishing eachothers metal tits long enough to fight anything

>> No.26831710

Trying to figure out with army to play.

How is IG?

fuck im high

>> No.26831955

>dat end ;_;

>> No.26834721

That is not a human. That is a monkey dressed up in an Iron Guard uniform.

What the fuck is it doing?

>> No.26834734

Steel Legion is cheaper, that's all I care about.

>> No.26834951

Vraks would have been over in a week had they sent Cadians. Cadians would have stormed the city and taken it house by house. Its like playing baseball to them.

The Krieg INTENTIONALLY sat back and said, "Lets fight a war of attrition!"

Cadians actually have a better battle record than Ward Ultrasmurfs, not only that Managed to fight GREAT CRUSADE levels of traitors on their homeplanet while Abby cleverly tied everyone else up elsewhere. And STILL held their planet.
Thats akin to having two guys hold your arms back and STILL fight off fuckers

Well yes, if that was the case then Cadians couldn't exist. I am saying the unfortunate truth is they are warp touched.

>> No.26834968


Carrying the battle, obviously.

>> No.26834982


More importantly, why the fuck are loyalist guardsmen fighting ALONGSIDE Chaos!?

Look! LOOK!!

What in the fuck

>> No.26835088

The purple-eyed natives were exterminated by the Word Bearers pre-Heresy. Cadia was resettled by non-mutated Imperial colonists in M.32 following Abadabadoo's first Black Crusade.

>> No.26835376


No mention of the Tanith First and Only? Really?

I am disappointed, /tg/.

>captcha: thanks ofoopsy

>> No.26835522

Mkoll Sue

>> No.26835580

Pretty sure the eye still have the new people people eyes.

>> No.26835611

And he's not even the best Tanith.
It's Mkvenner

>> No.26835662



as in 'the German word for war'-Krieg

>> No.26835788

I am gonna greenstuff an arm-band on every one of my kriegers and paint them like nazis

>> No.26835811

>You will never smite the enemies of the Imperium with an exploding spear whilst riding cybernetically enhanced steed like a sir.

>> No.26835822


>stab someone with a spear to which a bomb is tied
>die in resulting explosion

40k pls

>> No.26836012

They're like Special Snowflake guard and an attempt to insert WW1/2 look without the sci-fi elements into 40.

Elysians are a cooler FW faction.

Steel Legion did the long coats and gasmask thing better.

>> No.26836032

Alot of people like them so that means they aren't as cool anymore.

>> No.26836057

But that doesn't make sense.
Steel legion would make more sense.

>> No.26836063

Elysians always looked rather NC though.

>> No.26836071

Iron Hands are also kind of lame too.

I'm so edgy, and I get special snowflake bionics too.

>> No.26836091

So what I gathered from this thread is that DKK are space emos?

>> No.26836110

Goddam anarchist scum

>> No.26836112


>> No.26836181

Look at this guy.
Baller as fuck.

>> No.26836730

New settlers developed the purple eyes as well. Its determined that living that close to the eye of Terror does that to people

>> No.26836747


Space Wolves have no purple eyes.

>> No.26836826

>with a smile on their lips.
Krieg wont smile they die with a cold expression that will cut you to the bone.

>> No.26836836


Cain imagined smirking and smiling at his poor riding skills behind their masks.

So at least they have imaginary smiles.

>> No.26836990

What? Where is my implied clone trooper Krieg?

>Planet with NO natural resources
>Ancient technology in underground cities
>Absolutely no moral qualms about the value of human life, soldiers exist only resources to be expended in order to gain ground
>Kriegers never ever remove their masks, especially in the presence of other regiments

>> No.26836996

Oh yeah, and they output a SHITLOAD of those regiments.

>> No.26837188

>special snowflake bionics
How exactly do you conjure bionics to be special snowflakes when they're used routinely by everyone? The Iron Hands are just fanatical about it.

>> No.26837992

They're not clones. The Vitae Womb is a technology that allows their women to pop out new Kreigers in a couple months then be ready for another almost immediately.
This was shown in Dead Men Walking.
Stop wanking.

>> No.26838060

They probably still look alike a lot, since they're all cousins and brothers and shit. How inbred are they?

>> No.26838091

Since they have a shitload of Genetors specifically making sure their genetics are top notch, not very.
The guy in Down Amongst the Dead Men was rejected because he had an ever so minor genetic mutation that didn't even express itself physically. But it showed up in a DNA test so into the trash he went.

>> No.26838103

Also I should note that he thinks to himself that he's worthless because he can never be a soldier or a father.

>> No.26838135

>you will never sacrifice yourself for sins of your forefathers

>> No.26838156

He's also probably around fifteen years old, because that's when you're a full soldier on Krieg.

>> No.26838183

They're also cliche as hell which is why I can't stand them. I used to like them but now they're as amiable as Ultramarines in my book.

>> No.26838193

Ultramarines are cool.

>> No.26838312

Lets talk about how we can make the FW codexes viable.

I don't think that either of them are quite competitive, how are you guys running the DKOK siege/assault list if any of you guys are.

Also Thudd gun or Heavy mortar

>> No.26838338

>Best Tanith
>Not Colm Corbec

>> No.26838359

if they were competetive faggots would cry and moan.

>> No.26838393

>get kriegers
>brown coats+white helmet with red stripes


>> No.26838400

forgot pic

>> No.26839602

Do it. Replace bayonets with spoons.

>> No.26839618

It's one of the most expensive and time consuming armies, since you're either running a hundred soldiers or a dozen tanks.
But if you want the opposite of subtle, they're your Hammer of the Emperor!

>> No.26839733

FUCK. I'm stripping my paints now

>> No.26839789


>> No.26839839


>> No.26839852

If that ever happen, the planet would explode from awesome overdose

>> No.26840150


Tallarn Desert Raiders actually use smart tactics. Hell, the fuckers shoot through sand dunes to deny the enemy LoS.

>> No.26840673

There's a penitent who has nailed himself to a wheel of chaos and is flinging himself into the jaws of the genestealers to repent. Mordia is full of heretics, presumably those guys hitched a ride with the Iron Guard to repent and die for the Emperor.
The titans are normal looking oldschool titans.

Blanched liked them, but that's a Gallagher piece if I'm not mistaken.

>> No.26840712

Because Warhammer 40,000 is not a reasonable future, it's a future where things were good for a while and then took a series of really bad turns and now everyone is space feudalist inbred illiterate and the ancient power systems that were set up for an efficient galactic empire are being mismanaged by bloated children who don't understand how to use them.

>> No.26840746

Could also be all those necron pylons on their homeworld.

>> No.26843124

Either or something screwy on Cadia be messing with peoples eyes. And who knows what else.

It just upsets me to see people use Cadians as standard usless throwaway guard

>> No.26843288

Problem is, tanks are heavy, complicated (yes even the tractor tank is pretty fucking complicated compared to a lasgun) so therefore, if you try to drop one, you will need
>A large aircraft with enough carrying capacity
>fuel for said aircraft that will be burnt quicker due to more thrust requirements
>Enough counter-measures to keep the thing from being knocked out of the sky like the overstuffed bird it is.
>a way to keep the tank from drifting off course if dropped from high altitude OR
> a way to prevent the earlier issue with being shot to fuck
>some way to get people into it quickly
So yeah, that is why Leman Russes won't be raining from the sky or in modern terms, dropping Merkava 4's (if you don't know the tank, look it up, it's pretty fucking awesome) from C-7s.

>> No.26843477

What about in Drop Pods?

>> No.26843485

Why are we even bothering to discuss the merits of loyalist regiments when the traitor guard are so obviously superior?

>> No.26843539

Not asking for competetive. Asking for more than barely useable

>> No.26843901

>WWII Wehrmacht was pure faggotry

>> No.26845312

>not having commissars or puffed up commanders like pic related

yeah nah you're a heretic

>> No.26845367

I just remembered I had this saved. I've forgotten where it's from.

>> No.26845544


Chaos makes standard issue brass balls turn into DIAMONDZ. We are the hardest mutha fuckas.

>> No.26845573

Bitch and moan about how hard your life is some more Loyalist scum.

We fight with the craziest, most fucked up individuals in the galaxy and we LOVE it. We kick ass. We destroy.


>> No.26845597

Some people just don't like fun.

>> No.26845632

Don't feel bad, Erwin.
Just do as I do and live your dreams.
I became the little girl and so can you.

>> No.26845687


>I am badass because I am able to fight while high as the Dark Eldar

Naw, fuck of heretic.

>> No.26845706


Damn you additional f.

>> No.26845907


>> No.26847527

>Colm Corbec

That's not how you spell Hlaine Larkin.


I didn't mention them because they're basically Sharpe's Rifles in space. It's impossible for anyone to be better than Sharpe's Rifles. It's just not a contest.

>> No.26847541


Soviets used trained bombs with dogs attached to them to kill tanks in WWII.

>> No.26847561

It was. They were dicks. I read Otto Carius' memoirs and the guy was a total cock.

>> No.26847584

You mean they put tanks on top of bombs, and then Soviet bombers dropped this killer combination on naturally-occurring swarms of dogs.

>> No.26847595

>Soviets used trained bombs with dogs attached to them
Also no they didn't. They tried, and failed horribly.

>> No.26847598

>trained bombs

>> No.26847601

Larkin? Mkvenner made Generon and chaos his bitch.

>> No.26847624

Nobody said they used them successfully.

>> No.26847683

>trained bombs with dogs attached to them

I... I fucked up and made something better than expected.

>> No.26847812

obligatory pic

>> No.26848429

> tfw I'll never find RT era IG models
> tfw I'll never recast them and give them away to young aspiring IG players so they could always know that the current Cadian models will never be as awesome as them

Anyone know where I could find some RT IG models?

>> No.26848573

You could try the 1980s.

>> No.26848600

Tell me more about the 80's!

And how can I go to this magical place?

>> No.26848653

According to legend, only the one known as Doomrider can show you the magical cocaine portal that will take you there.

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