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Your father finds your current character sheet and reads it.
We're assuming he can read/understand it.
What does he think of it?

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My dad actually did once. Just gave me a thumbs up and left the room.

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>We're assuming he can read/understand it.
he's not my father, then
blind ignorance is part of his essence

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"Son, why would a janitor need a background in nuclear physics?"

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A chocking cloud of ash and grave dust coalesces into the shape of my father, drawn forth from the beyond by some terrible power to levy judgement upon me.
Seeing that I'm playing a dread necromancer, he'll probably assume this is all my fault and haunt me.

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"So that's where that went"

My sister and I are doing a retro campaign based off of my parents' old DnD world from when they played. My parents don't know we found their old notes.

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Damn autocorrect.

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Why did you spend 100gp on masterwork condoms? Just hire a damn cleric to cast the spell you need. Also you don't have anywhere near enough damage with this weapon

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My father could never read or understand it, it's just so fucking far out of his realm of thought and understanding.

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Whats all this cobblers about worshipping Bane, son?

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Tough, but fair.

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"Son, why a monk? why son?...and even worse, why Decisive Strike?"
"B-but dad, Karmic and Robillars..."
"I don't care son...your PC wouldn't reach those levels if you had started at level 1"

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"A high charisma bard with three wives on the side?

Carry on son, you know the rules."

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"So you're what, a wizard or something."
"No dad, it's a bard/sorcerer cross class"
"But it's magic, right?"
"Well, yeah."
"So it's a wizard."

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"Let's see here... wizard... teaches at the college... paunch, beard... collects animal skulls... outdoor survival skills... son, is this character based on me?"

"Yeah, pretty much."

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Probably thinks it's a neat concept, an ex-naval officer turning to necromancy after the loss of his family.

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>Multiclassing bard and sorcerer

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I've got like half a dozen current character sheets.

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"You and your new character every week. How the hell do you get killed six times every session of this game?"

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even though you sound angsty as hell I have to say I agree, it's such a stretch from my father that I can't even imagine.

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>Son, why are you playing a nun?
>Son, why is this character a genderswapped version of yourself?
>Are you thinking of entering the clergy? Because that's a fine choice for a lad like you.
>And is there anything... else... you want to tell us? We'll understand...

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He begins explaining in detail how wrong I am about all the military information I have on there.

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I dunno, my dad was an investment analyst, all business, but he enjoyed base pleasures. He yoinked my PSP while I was playing Monster Hunter once, started fiddling with the buttons, and then gave it back.

>"I killed a dinosaur."

And then he walked away, proud in having achieved this bonding moment.

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>every character has something to do with devils

son we need to talk

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"Bard? that sound gay as fuck, why you don't try something manly like dwarf fighter?"

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"You took EVO as your Records On File organization instead of Ares? Do you hate America, son?"

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>>"I killed a dinosaur."

>And then he walked away,

Goddammit. My jellies are in overdrive right now.

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He's the only who introduced me to roleplaying games and nerdery in the place, so he'd be perfectly okay with me playing an ork shaman.

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>my fucking loli wizard


>leave the house in two different directions
>end up in the bar
>leave the bar in two different directions, from whence we approached and from each other
>wake up with no prior knowledge of the event

S'bit obtuse, but it works for us.

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"Son you may be trying to be Charlemagne, but this comes off as more Don Quixote."

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>loli wizard
you should play that in fatal

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No, he shouldn't. He'd be at a severe mechanical disadvantage and also probably have an anal circumference wider than his torso.

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Gods no. FATAL is a terrible system. I would suggest 3.5 before putting someone through the hell that is FATAL.

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>Nature: Penitent
>Demeanor: Defender
>Religion: 3 dots
Father approves...

>Clan: Malkavian
>Derangement: Voice of Saint Whatshisname
... not so much.

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That's not the point. If he's as much of a pervert as to play a little girl then he might as well play fatal and be honest with himself as he gets a big dick up his ass.

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I didn't even know I'd left mine on my desk when my daughter first discovered it. I come back from work and she and my wife are cuddled on the couch, "killing lots of gigigis".

I was a little less happy about having lost almost a hundred thousand zeny on her feeding that bowgun full loads of ammo with bad aim after they cleaned out my munitions stock, but fucking worth it man.

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Nothing wrong with playing a skeleton. I'll be fine.

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>So you started stealing because your parents were poor and your brothers and sisters hated you, and now you crawl around looking for magic with the other hobos?

We did all roll rather shit on social class...

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>Nothing wrong with playing a skeleton

If I were your father I would disown you in an instant

>> No.26821958

would run with

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>My sister and I are doing a retro campaign based off of my parents' old DnD world from when they played.
>My sister and I
>My parents

Can I have your family?

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What's the matter? too spooky for you?

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Half-Orc trip fighter?

That's muh boy!

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Fuck no! They're the one good thing in my life, you can't have them.

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Probably he would look badly at me, and throw away the thing.
Not for the contents, as much he's a "nofun" kind of person. Whatever isn't work-related for him is trash.

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My character is a nagaji cavalier that jousts on top of an alligator. It's a really silly concept and I think my dad would just laugh at me.

Fuck you dad, I do what I want.

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> Dad played DnD in the 80s
> Huge Might And Magic fan
> Huge Fantasy fan

Well shit, this might work out-

> most recent character is a party face in Shadowrun


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Well at least run an all family DnD session and story time it

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>Why is your old man paladin, named Old man? Why is his Horse named horse?
A fun little joke since most of the group can't speak finnish?
>that's a bad joke and you should feel bad.

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My current character is an alternate universe version of one of the scout troopers that smashed into a tree on Endor. I think my dad would thing that was pretty funny.

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My dwarf cleric has always been the son of my fathers from back in AD&D.

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…oh, I thought you were serious for a second. These trolls just get cuter and cuter, I tell ya.

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Well...I guess its time to go to church...

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How new R u

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>not manly

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Wouldn't that work pretty well at low levels though? I mean, decisive strike is good until level 6 since it doubles your damage output without sacrificing attacks and you'd multiclass out of monk pretty quickly

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>bronze (literally, bronze) skinned aasimar fighter
>high Strength, Constitution, Dexterity
>high Intelligence out of fucking nowhere
>described as having dark skin, blonde hair, huge tits, big muscles, wields a greatsword

"So this is the kind of girl you're into, huh? You'd better start lifting if you want someone like her."

Joke's on him, it's not the kind of girl I'm into. It's the kind of girl I want to become.

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My dad actually ran a D&D convention way back. Since I'm playing a Naberius Binder, it'd probably go something like-
>"Son, it looks like you're holding the party back, they could just dump you in the dungeon whenever they feel like."
>"Dad, everybody else has a crippling social disorder in-character."
>"Good one, but-"
>"No, actually, it's some accidental singularity of psychopathic behavior, and this one guy they picked up."
>"Oh. Ohhhhhhh."

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Still better start lifting.

>> No.26822232

Love that artist

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You'll still need to lift in order to become her in addition to taking hormones and stuff, though.

>> No.26822238

I've come to accept that I will never be the girl, but I can at least get the muscles I want.

brb goin to /fit/

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> "Why are you playing an atheistic priest."

> "Because everyone else is atheists playing religious soldiers."

> "Huh."

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Judging by the reaction image he's using, he's not THAT new. Or really oblivious.

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Only people on facebook talk about trolls now. 4chan has long since changed and stopped using it in favor of just directly insulting the poster and calling him a shitposter.

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That might be hard unless you know someone with a Raise Dead spell.

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>I've come to accept that I will never be the girl
Why not?
Just don't want to go through the whole process or lack of funds?

>> No.26822305

Not him but even if you go through the process it's not real. You're still a guy, just mutilated.

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>So why is a druid sacrificing goats in secret like some kinda demon cultist?
>Because its a dark world we live in the campaign setting and I'm planning to go all gang leader, can't have people knowing the edges I've got over them.
>Guess you're breaking barkskin
>God damnit dad!

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yeah, I cant suspend my disbelief enough

>> No.26822327

why dont you storytime us taht?

>> No.26822332

"Son, seriously. She's fifteen and can kill balehounds like puppies? That's awesome."
My dad got me into gaming, even if he doesn't have time to game anymore he still enjoys the stories. After I picked up a whole bunch of traveller expacs though he sort of wants to get back into it.

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>Him: "Why does your warrior have such high mental stats?"
>Me: "Look on the back."
>Him: "Are these...? Ohh. So, if the thief does that, you follow up with.. and if the wizard casts this and the cleric casts that, then you do that... that's a lot of damage."
>Son, I am proud.
If only. ;_;

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Chiefly because I'm leaving in 40 minutes and it'd take longer than that to get my thoughts in order.

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Fuck you and your flame post, faggot.

But really, 'shitposter' sounds like something /v/ would say. Or worse, some other site-that-shan't-be-named.

And anons still call out trolls/trolling. You sound like some kind of... internet hipster. Ew.

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I'm forever GM so I don't have a sheet.

I suppose he could find my campaign notes. He would probably call me an asshole and start laughing before he got past the optimized housecats.

>> No.26822355

>Current Character Sheet
Good luck with that one, I'm not a PC in any games right now, but I'm GMing Pokemon Tabletop Adventures.

With my most recent sheet though... I dunno, if he actually knew what the hell was going on, he probably wouldn't care because my wizard has enough utility that he can help with most situations without having an excess of damage spells.

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suffice to say they nearly kicked me out of the house when they found "satanic cult cards" on my desk ten years ago, namely pic related

>> No.26822396

Yeah, while I could actually see my father being CAPABLE of wrapping his head around it (He's a pretty decent at playing the Market and all in light of being a factory worker and not a professional like >>26821730
dad), I doubt he'd bother to learn enough of the material to get the context...

That said...
>Why does this girl have 4 daggers?
I dunno Dad, why can I stick my hand into any old pile of crap in your room and have a good chance of pulling out a Gun?
>*Death Glare*

...My dad is such a fucking horder...

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Threads like this make me appreciate having a nerdy dad who actually supports my hobbies.

>> No.26822497

The fuck system is this?

>> No.26822507


>> No.26822526

>Multiclassed Human Aristocrat/Cleric

Kid, you've got more balls than brains.

>> No.26822532

>Delicious brown stacked musclegirl with a brain
Why WOULDN'T you be into this kind of girl? Does she have the personality of a rock?

>> No.26822546

"So he's a magical thirty foot tall night? Cool! Here, have some more ridiculous fantasy romance novels written by female authors."

To be fair, those novels are HILARIOUS.

>> No.26822564

In what way?
Any particularly good excerpts?

>> No.26822572

Is you father secretly gay, or just ironic?

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"Fleet Captian Jayne Tiberias of the Anduair Airship Endeavor, who is a battle sorcerer with 18 Cha, 14 Str, 14 Dex, and 14 Con.... Son, is this character based off Captain James Tiberias Kirk?"
"My nigga."

>> No.26822629

maybe he knows what his wife likes to read.
harlequin novels are quite literally porn for women.
they are porn. no two ways around it. they are, to women, what two chicks lubing each-other up playfully in the shower as they prepare to give us the titjob of the ages, is to men.

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run out of the room because my father has been dead for over ten years

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>Wait, you're playing Star Wars, and you're NOT a jedi? But... why?

>> No.26822736

They're just so ridiculous. One of them stars "Annywl the Blood Queen of Murder" and her boytoy "Fearghus the Destroyer". The sequels star Fearghus' relations all getting paired off with assorted assassins, witches, prophets, and demigods.

Fearghus is a dragon. They're by GA Aiken if you want to read them. They're fun to laugh at.

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This is why I send you to college? Your sister's studying neurobiology, and you're playing pretend?
Cue muttering in Cantonese.

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>point to heavy blaster rifle
>point to other heavy blaster rifle
>point to self-reprograming ability
>point to back of sheet, where all of those techy crafty feats get replaced by heavy gunnery and vehicle godliness

Because I'm the goddamn missile boat

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"Why aren't you playing freeform?"

My dad hates having to learn the rules for any game, even though I KNOW he would like computer games like Crusader Kings because he LOVES history

>> No.26822788

What kind of a huge faggot is your dad?

Who the hell watched the OT and liked the Jedi the best? Or does he prefer the prequels?

>> No.26822822

>Annywl the Blood Queen of Murder
>The sequels star Fearghus' relations all getting paired off with assorted assassins, witches, prophets, and demigods
>Fearghus is a dragon

>> No.26822843

"Perform: Puppetry? Puppetry? Why not have your bard play an instrument son? Can't think of any songs?"

Now if only I could explain who my puppet was based off of.

>> No.26822858

I'd like to hear more about this

>> No.26822872

When he saw Empire, he thought Luke training with Yoda to move shit with his mind was one of the coolest things ever. His idea of a Jedi is Luke, a guy who gets shit done and stomps through bad guys, and happens to have a laser sword and telekinetic abilities. He hates the prequels and how the jedi become pacifist pseudo-intellectuals with pedophilic tendencies, so he basically just ignores they ever happened.

That said, I still don't like the jedi, but he wouldn't understand from his perspective.

>> No.26822896

Tell him that you're not playing a Jedi because the Prequels irrevocably tainted them for you.

See what happens.

>> No.26822897

I know the feeling. Sister and I both go into medicine. I don't like medicine, but it was pre-med in cegep or we boot you out you become a whore like your aunt because that's all you ever cared about becoming because you lazy.

I fell in love with a boy in the music program.
For two years, I heard nothing but horrible hypothetical scenarios where my deadbeat musician husband would keep me too pregnant to work at my older sister's clinic like a good family doctor would, and we would be wastes of trash.

He was in that program for the fun of it - his father and uncle owned a string of small garages and left them all to him when they died a few years earlier. We were just waiting to get any diploma post-highschool as a condition to inherit all of them.

I still like to pretend we're poor though since their dissapointment's become funny.

>> No.26822940

Yeah. It's that kind of series. One of the books is about Gwenvale the Ruiner going north to go talk to the Viking-Mongols, and falling in love with The BEAST. The BEAST is a short, round, vicious, manipulative, voyeuristic, short-sighted accountant and dog trainer. She runs the Viking-Mongol Horde's logistics.

They fall in love.

>> No.26822991

Well unfortunately there isn't much else, I haven't had the chance to play my bard yet.

Really all there is to Milo Magwitch so far is that he's a rather timid halfling who's often dragged along by his "pal" Peleus Gandring. Peleus just happens to be a puppet. A very annoying, yet somehow charismatic puppet.

There's also a plan to make Milo a lich at some point, because "a Halfling Bard Lich who performs with a puppet" just sounds hilarious, but that's later down the line.

>> No.26823002

I know that's probably a blatant author self-insert, but that romance actually sounds like it could be kinda fun if written well. Of course, I'm sure it's NOT written well here.

>> No.26823080


>> No.26823100

Actually, the blatant self-insert is probably Annwyl the Bloody Queen of Murder. The BEAST shows up three books in.

Oh, look, I found the author's website:

"With a nickname like Annwyl the Bloody, men tend to either cower in fear at the sight of me, or salute. So it would be nice to find a man I can actually talk to, just the way I can talk to Fearghus the Destroyer. Then again, Fearghus is a dragon...

Find out for yourself why All Things Urban Fantasy calls the Dragon Kin series, "As bawdy, crass, and hilarious as anything I could have hoped for!" and read the prequel novella, "A Tale of Two Dragons," to see where the insanity began!"

>> No.26823103

>He was in that program for the fun of it - his father and uncle owned a string of small garages and left them all to him when they died a few years earlier. We were just waiting to get any diploma post-highschool as a condition to inherit all of them.
Did your parents KNOW this? I assume they understand the concept of inheritance.

Not everyone needs to earn their way up from nothing.

>> No.26823135 [DELETED] 

>He was in that program for the fun of it - his father and uncle owned a string of small garages and left them all to him when they died a few years earlier. We were just waiting to get any diploma post-highschool as a condition to inherit all of them.
Did your parents KNOW this? I assume they understand the concept of inheritance.

Not everyone needs to earn their way up from nothing.

>> No.26823147

Well seeing as my Dad taught me D&D in the first play, he would most likely approve of everything, except for the part where I'm not playing a dorf, even though the system I'm using doesn't have dorfs.

>> No.26823190

Dad: "You're a performer?"
Me: "Yup. Almost done with that career, next I'm going into investigator."
Dad: "Why?"
Me: "Because he's a fake Baron Munchausen who must BECOME THE BAT."
Dad: "You mean Batman?"
Me: "Yes."
Dad: "Jesus, we just used to make Conan the Barbarian back in my day."
Me: "That's not the hero Altdorf needs."

>> No.26823207

You and your dad both have shitty ideas for characters

>> No.26823209


>> No.26823253

They knew, but it did not click in their heads.
What they heard, despite explanations, was "we will live in his father's garage", and anything else was just me trying to delude myself.

Then I just gave up and turned it into entertainment. We add his mother's old things to our drawers, put old frames down on the dresser and the like so whenever mom visits she inevitably snoops around more proof that we're really just pretending we own our house but its really borrowed from someone else.

>> No.26823298

Really? They refuse to believe you're successful? Fuck them, they're dicks.

>> No.26823325

Well they're not that successful. Living off father's garage earnings and such. I mean, I'm sure they're keeping it going to a point where they're breaking even, but that isn't what I'd say "success" is.

>> No.26823370

Yeah, but they're not destitute white trash either. And searching through people's possessions like that is wrong.

>> No.26823376

Not successful.
Comfortable, for sure, but not "successful".
In my entire family successful means high civil servant, lawyer, doctor or CEO of a company everyone's heard about... and even then the last one isn't certain.

I dropped out of medical, neither of us is a lawyer or minister, we don't own google, so no, somehow I really am "the shame". It's rather pitiful for them when you think about it though. Just that locked in on way of thinking.

People move to different countries and cultures just to get away from that, but all we end up doing is bringing the shithole with us.

>> No.26823395

His "in-character voice" was like Hedonismbot.

This was hands-down the hardest character I ever had to roleplay.

He was a lowly street performer who used to dress up like an outrageous fop and tell people stories of his great adventures. Some merchants of wealthier means found him to be funny, and he began frequenting parties of the upper crust as the entertainment. Some people took him more seriously than they should have.

Soon, he began receiving gifts; fine clothes, piece of art, jewelry, even a custom rapier and pistol (which look like a cabbage and a bent leek, respectively). Eventually, some wealthy old lady left her inheritance to him instead of her children.

Now he travels in his finery, bouncing between nobles as their guest, eating their food, drinking their wine, and sleeping in their guest rooms.

But now he's been entangled in a conspiracy involving the ruinous powers. So now he not only has to keep up the lie, lest he be killed for impersonating a noble, but he actually has to make good on his outrageous stories and become the dashing hero he claims to be.

>> No.26823473


>You're going to church to confess right this minute young lady!

I don't think my parents would like my alcoholic, exhibitionist priestess of the fertility goddess....

>> No.26823487

>I don't think my parents would like my alcoholic, exhibitionist priestess of the fertility goddess....
I might. Or a character of mine would

>> No.26823489

Actually it sounds like they're somewhere in larger Quebec cities - only place with the between-highschool-and-college moneysink of nonlearning that is "CEGEP" in the world far as I know.

Garage owners can make a lot of dough in the right places there. A *LOT*. Low to middling six-digits a year for the owners in some places. And if you've got more than one chances are that was exactly why you do.

>> No.26823494

My came across my DM notes journal at one point.

She thought I was writing a book.

>> No.26823496

swanky card

>> No.26823525

Well you wouldn't be the first to take your D&D adventures and write a series of novels based on them. Whether or not you're DM or Player, I'm sure.

>> No.26823533

"A cleric? Why the hell aren't you a rogue?"

>> No.26823598

Eh, it was the protoype for an MnM campaign based around a space corps, where each player would be testing an experimental new technology.

Never got off the ground.

>> No.26823716

Hackmaster had that I believe. If you were a cleric, one of the first rolls for training was "how did you become a cleric' and half the rolls were "mother pressured you into becoming a cleric".

>> No.26823783

>Goddammit, I didn't abandon you at three so you could be a heretical cleric.

>> No.26823789


They might, but she's an adventuring character not an ERP character. She uses her charm to get the party free or cheap supplies, lodging, and transportation and hides behind the paladin and castes healing magic in combat.

>> No.26823870

Plenty fair enough. More fun that way, anyway.

>> No.26823899

>"Physical attractiveness... penis length... anal circumference... everything seems about right to me."

>> No.26824034

>playing a space dude
>it's a space conquistador.
>fuck yes, sea.

>> No.26824078

>a cleric with all social skills, dark heresy

i am not sure

>> No.26824087

>"You use magic? Why not fight with your fists like a man?"
>"Cause I have a creature from another world doing that for me."
>"So you're like a trainer from a gym then, encouraging words and such."
>"Pretty much yeah."

And so my summoner is now a training coach that supports his summon with pep talk.

>> No.26824104


>> No.26824111


>> No.26824123

>Why are you using a sword? Guns are much more effective, son.
>It's fantasy, guns are not invented yet.
>Oh, fantasy, huh. I'll be upstairs.

He doesn't like fantasy

>> No.26824211

dads back! awesome i get to knock his fuck smug face in again the fucking massive cunt.

>> No.26824296

>You're still a guy, just mutilated.
Shows how much you know about transitioning.

>> No.26824315

Do they actually change your insides and give you the ability to bear children and do other female-exclusive things now?

>> No.26824321

does your chromosomes go from XY to XX?
Guess what faggot, they don't.

>> No.26824343

So does like 40% of /tg/ hate/have a bad relationship with their dad?

>> No.26824353

But anon, I'm playing a self-insert!

>> No.26824354

He's technically correct.
The best kind of correct.
But it's not like half the population doesn'tt practice self-mutilation already - tattoos, piercings, circumcision, plastic surgery...

>> No.26824365

>Hey guys! Let's say things we know will provoke people, and then blame Tumblr once this thread falls apart!

Do you guys say these things with knee jerk sincerity, or do you just hate this thread?

>> No.26824366

>So does like 40% of the world hate/have a bad relationship with their dad?
And true.

>> No.26824374

My relationship with my dad is pretty bad.

>> No.26824383

"Playing a Monk? I'm disappointed in you. You have disgraced our family.


>> No.26824388

nigger, it's the truth.
basic science.

>> No.26824389

"This sounds like something from my LSD trips."

>> No.26824402

>dad finds notes and sheets for a "play yourself" fantasy game
>we all made characters based off ourselves, tried our best to make them representations of our real-life skills
>big buff gym-rat buddy is a warrior with a giant axe because he's huge and has biceps as big as my head
>bookish academic friend is a wizard because he's super smart and does programming
>EMT-in-training is a cleric of a healing deity because he's learning how to patch people up
>I'm a thief who emphasizes on lying, cheating, sneaking, and stealing, because those are the only things I'm good at

>come back and notice the notes and sheets are out of order, and my sheet is outside of the folder
>later that day, dad gives me a hug and tells me he'll love me no matter what
T-thanks dad ;_;

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>> No.26824416

He could just take hormones and go ultra-fem diet and lift some and be a cute smexy trap
Better than being the little girl.

>> No.26824442

"Your character hails from a giant castle in a soup of FUCKSHITRANDOM and it's made of thoughts and held together by will?"

From the Cuntflowerhowrandom-stuff.


"Son, why don't you just smoke pot. Would make more sense".

>> No.26824453

Hey, Klinefelter's is sexxy.

>> No.26824456

XXY=Anomaly in the genome, normally this kind of people tend to be sickly since they're malformations, like most extra chromosome people.
It's okay my little trans, people will think you're a girl.
or not, probably not

>> No.26824473

"So you're a fighter that hits poeple with his fist and doesn't wield weapons, just a shield?"


"So you're like, what, Captain America?"

"...yeah pretty much."

>> No.26824481

>my little trans
I was compelled to post PT, but I really don't want to donwload that kind of taint into this borrowed computer.

>> No.26824484

It ain't. Speaking as a trap.

>> No.26824487

"Why do you gotta be so violent? Is this because of all those damn video games?"

>> No.26824490

you forgot the line in which you both salute the flag.

>> No.26824500

it's okay, you'll find someone who loves you.

>> No.26824505

>I was compelled to post PT

>> No.26824510

"Why is only anal circumference filled out. And also what the fuck."

"It's the only important stat in FATAL. Also, FATAL."

>> No.26824514

W-well, I prefer traps...
Also, >>26824500

>> No.26824520

How did he even know that's what your character sheet even meant?

>> No.26824535


>> No.26824538

Purple Tinker

>> No.26824552

Fuck, spoilers inside spoilers don't work on /tg/

>> No.26824566

Should people really be offended by the truth? Really?

>> No.26824569

>Implying I give a shit about arguing over this.

I just know that whenever this conversation crops up, threads die.

>> No.26824577

try instead of

>> No.26824583

That bitch looks like my mom but without purple hair. And taller.

>> No.26824585

This isn't /v/

>> No.26824590


>> No.26824602

welcome to our culture.
welcome to the world where feels>facts.

>> No.26824612

>perfect moment to go FULL AMERICAN
>hurr not /v/!
anon, there are moments to go make a joke, this was one of those.

>> No.26824621

So you shouldn't tell people basic objective facts to protect their fragile and incredibly biased views. Should the direction of all conversations be dictated by the most sensitive person in the room?

This is just silly.

>> No.26824624

I did... I guess.
Go figure.

>> No.26824633

Whatever, this thread is sinking fast.

>> No.26824641

this thread like most /tg/ and 4chan threads are bad.
are you new or something?

>> No.26824644

>Purple Tinker
>MFW my old room mate was a NYC Brony
>MFW every once in a while he would let slip that the founder, Purple Tinker, wasn't all there.
>MFW She ditched the BronyCon board and took all the money
>MFW she threatened legal action on them for not changing the name
>MFW I later learn she's internet famous.

>> No.26824666

I don't think that's likely to happen given the fact that my father has been dead for 13 years

>> No.26824667

My dad plays in an AD&D campaign with me. He's sometimes played my elf wizard.

He prefers his Barbarian and doesn't really get how the magic system works, so he just casts magic missile and haste all day. He does me proud.

>> No.26824676

Do you want me to come into many /tg/ threads and start telling lots of basic, objective facts about My Little Pony?

If you complain you're just biased and overly sensitive about the show

>> No.26824693

he comes back by the glory of satan, who was feeling like giving you a gift.

>> No.26824710

>bawww y u cant be nice to me!
>your blood doesn't say so.

>> No.26824712

People already know the points being made. They just don't agree on them, and they never will. Especially not on this forum.

I'm just sick of seeing this argument.

>> No.26824741

/srs/ plz

>> No.26824769

>Trans people killed my parents in a dark alley
>Only I can protect the world by shitposting offtopic on a traditional gaming board!

>> No.26824784

"Son, Warforged juggernauts hit like train but aren't all that good after that"

>> No.26824785

And we all know the only way to fight shitposting is with shitposting.

>> No.26824795

Was there ever any doubt?

>> No.26824805

/troll/ plx


>> No.26824829

>trans people are nice and sane persons!
>totally not suicidal
Most transgenders even after OP tend to have severe mental problems, like most people that are unhappy about something hard to change that's near them.
Jesus christ you SJW are the worst.

>> No.26824858

My dad's a cool guy. He's not into PnP, or any role playing games at all for that matter, or any fantasy or sci fi. He's into history RTS as far as gaming goes and NOTHING else. He would understand my infiltrator-demolitions-lockpicking-thief in shadowrun because the thread says so, he just wouldn't get the appeal.

Oh do I need to fit in with the rest of you? Garr I hate my dad I would beat him like he beat me arrgy bloogy boo

>> No.26824883

>The rest of you

Dude, 40% bad means 60% good. Chill with the majority.

>> No.26824908

>Dude, 40% bad means 60% good.
Unless you take into account there might be such thing as average.

>> No.26824954

Nope. Father relationships, like genders, are binary.

>> No.26824958

No, but it doesn't help anybody. People who say stuff like that don't understand what dysphoria is, and seem to think shouting "You'll never be a real girl" will somehow make them not-trans.

>> No.26824972

>doesn't really get how the magic system works, so he just casts magic missile and haste all day

Sounds like he gets how it works to me

>> No.26825445

You are playing an assassin, why are you using heavy armor and an axe ?

>> No.26825456


>> No.26825461

Exactly. It just makes us want to kill ourselves even more. Especially since the more we learn, the more we realize that it's an actual genetic deformity that leads to people being trans.

>> No.26825539

Son, why does your character have 3 different classes don't you know that WHY ARE YOU USING PSIONICS?!?!

>> No.26825626

"You're playing a person who doesn't worship the one true God? I have no son!"

>> No.26825710

"False Dichotomy: This is where you say that there are only two choices, when actually there are more. For instance, you might say that someone is either alive, or they're dead, ignoring the fact that they might be Dracula. Or you might say that if someone's not a Democrat, they must be some sort of Republican, ignoring the very real possibility that they may be Dracula."

>> No.26825817

He was being sarcastic.

>> No.26825838

Goodness, I didn't realize. Now I feel like a fool for posting my well thought-out, completely serious, and critically insulting response.

>> No.26825861

My dad was actually a player in 1e, as was my mom.
He was a Ranger, my mother a Fighter, and I play Wizard/Sorcerer.

I was distraught that neither of them were casters until I realized we complete the traditional Fighter, Rogue, Wizard trio.

>> No.26825895

>For instance, you might say that someone is either alive, or they're dead, ignoring the fact that they might be Dracula.

That was awesome; I hate you.

>> No.26825901

"Son, this is a doctor. A fancy cyborg future doctor, but a doctor."


"You're a doctor in the real world. Not really very escapist."

>"Eh, party needed one."

>> No.26825911

It's cool dude, I laughed.

>> No.26825921

>Father is an old nerd.
>Almost lost one of his earliest comptech job in the 70's when the boss looked at the transcript and read "Seven dwarves are shooting arrows at you"

"Samurai paladin? That is pretty...how do you kids say it, weeaboo. What is he trying to do?"

"...kill a god?"

"Should have been one of those monkey people monks then. Like that Chinese story."

>> No.26825925

I wish I could say I came up with it.
Or that I didn't copy it from TV Tropes.

Don't judge me. Only God can judge me.

>> No.26825990


>> No.26825991

Technically, my statement is still valid.

>> No.26826014

>You're a doctor! I'm so proud of you!
The doctoring isn't really important, dad.
>You have force powers too? why do you need those?
It's post-Jedi Purge. I have to hide, so I work as a doctor, and I can use force healing as a doctor, so that works pretty well.
>You have to hide? That's happened to our people before. You should be proud, not hide!

Fuckin stereotypes, man.

>> No.26826108

>being this super edgy

>> No.26826190

>Paladin? So he's a knight?
Yeah, kinda. Like a knight with magic powers.
>So he's a Jedi?
Well, n-
...Yes dad. I am playing a Jedi.
>Good talk, son.

>> No.26826262

Jedi are pretty much Paladins without the "moral choices determine if i still have powers" crap.
Light Side: Paladin
Dark Side: Blackguard
Grey Side: ???

>> No.26826308

>"Son, D-do you have friends to play with? Since when?"

>> No.26826346

>Son, why does your rogue have wizard spells?
>What the fuck kind of game are you playing?

>> No.26826432

They draw their power from the infinitely more powerful deities of Chaotic Neutral.

>> No.26826494


>> No.26826498

>Sees I'm a Paladin

"My boy why not consider a more challenging career!"

>> No.26826526

I mean't a hypothetical neutral paladin you autist.

>> No.26826565

My dad always played fighters. I did too, until I moved out. Now it's all casters.

I didn't want to have to explain to him that... times have changed.

>> No.26826573


I'm pretty shurre thish doesn't work like tish.

>> No.26826641

>tfw your father will never be Tim Curry

>> No.26826648

Yes, they stand forth as stalwart champions of...

what exactly?
We all know Paladins are "I vow to do good and serve justice until the GM railroads me" and Blackguard have the Team Rocket Oath, but what exactly does a Neutral Paladin vow?

>> No.26826676

To carry out the will of their god?

Raven Queen (4e) paladins? RQ was a neutral god right?

>> No.26826697

to keep the forces of the universe in balance.

is civilization threatened by encroaching gobbos? ok, go smite them. wait, are the gobbos in danger of being wiped out, now? force the villagers to accept peace. what, the countryside is getting too peaceful, now? go smite the neighbors. what, this war is causing great evil across the countryside? open an orphanage. but sacrifice an orphan to the demons, once in a while.

it will be pretty hard to gauge the cosmic balance all the time, but... just pray to your patron deity for guidance. you are a paladin, after all!

>> No.26826703


>> No.26826714

>responding to someone's post five hours later
You are the WORST sort of person.

>> No.26826718


paladins need to do more than just obey their god, though; they need to be stridently devoted to an ethos, like universal balance.

raven paladins, let's pretend those never existed. 4e fluff is horrible.

>> No.26826739


Hail Sithis

>> No.26826751

So they actually hear the word of their god like all the time, and it tells them what to do?
If not, how could they fall?

Holy shit, no. Classic DnD "True Neutral means serial backstabbing disorder" was retarded then, and it's retarded now. I'm pretty sure you're joking because if not you aren't qualified to operate anything sharper than a DVD case.

>> No.26826898

>True Neutral means serial backstabbing disorder
this is it pretty much... True neutral is batshit insane but actually only trying to achieve absolute eradication of entropy

>> No.26826918

Thats what is used to mean. Now it just means "Someone who likes the idea of Good but isn't willing to stand up for it, hates Evil but isn't willing to fight it, and only cares about advancing the Good of himself and his family/friends"

So basically normal faggots.

>> No.26826968

Geez... things sure devolved from back then... people like that would be kicked out because they pretty would end up being NPC's

>> No.26826994

Thats the idea. 99% of NPCs are True Neutral. True Neutral player characters are usually selfish jerks or farmers or something roped into something bigger then they are.

>> No.26827036

pretty much the things i never want to see happening with my players...

they would all end the same way : rocks fall, you died.

>> No.26827108

Just for shits I took on this cause in 4e. Took their executioner class and made it viable with a waraxe and chainmail (Called it the axecutioner).

>> No.26827140

*looks up at me and blinks*

"Sweetheart, why doesn't this Cleric worship Our Father in Heaven? Who's this Vodierre?" (DM custom Deity)

>> No.26827189

Out of curiosity, does your DM use a lot of names that start with or include the letter "v"?

>> No.26827229

The only other V name I can think of was for a red dragon. That and I don't know how the name was spelled aside from the V part.

>> No.26827248

"Why are you playing that guy from Drive?"

>> No.26827267

Okay cool. The only reason I ask is because the D/GM of my normal group has tons of names with "v" in them, and I was wondering if it might be a common thing in other groups.

>> No.26827498

Because he works in a lab.

>> No.26827677


>> No.26827699

Can't speak for the rest of the fa/tg/uys and ca/tg/irls, but my dad and I get along great. He likes fantasy and sci fi books, movies and shows. He just doesn't find the appeal of my D&D, PF, and MtG hobbies.

For the PF cleric/holy vindicator, he'd probably just ask me "why not play a paladin instead?"

For the v.3.5 knight phantom, he'd say "just play a real wizard."

>> No.26827835

"What's this? Ah, how's school going? When are you going to hang out with me? Do you know where your sister is?

>> No.26827898

>"So... you're a half-dragon, half-man warrior with a big-ass sword?"
"A Dragonborn, yeah."
>"Oh, cool."
>"But if he's half dragon, why is he wearing armor? Don't dragons have really tough scales or something?"

That's how I see it happening. He's a generally pretty cool guy and he might like sitting down to play a Campaign one of these days. He'd probably be all over the roleplaying part, but not so much with remembering all the rules and crap. But as long as he'd be having fun, he'd like it, I'd think.

>> No.26828149

>But as long as he'd be having fun, he'd like it, I'd think.
>But as long as he'd be having fun, he'd like it
> having fun, he'd like it

i think if your having fun you like it.

>> No.26828249

"Not playing a paladin? What are you some kind of faggot?"

>> No.26828256


>> No.26828367

Well... They could also be BEAR DRACULA

>> No.26828415

He'd be less interested in reading it and more in pretending he never found it when I asked if he'd seen it.

There's a reason we don't talk anymore.

>> No.26828483

...That exists?

We actually made those stupid looking things? Holy shit sorry rest of the world, I guess we are as bad as you say. Fucking christ who needs something like that.

>> No.26828503 [SPOILER] 

He just doesn't have the guts.

>> No.26828995

>last character is an Elf Gunslinger Adept from Shadowrun

"So you're like Neo from the Matrix?"
"Pretty close, yeah."
"But why are you an Elf?"
"Well in 2012 . . . on second though, it's because a wizard did it."
"Eh, good enough."

>> No.26829133

>Being this retarded
>Commercial for Puerto Rico
>Celebrating fifty years in Puerto Rico
>Actual thing is a joke on multitasking.
>Amerifat too dumb to use fucking google.

Holy shit rest of the world, I guess we are as bad as you say. Fucking Christ, who needs to check sources anyway?

>> No.26830936

Because it's a fictional world, and God doesn't have to have made the fake ones?

>> No.26832220

Agreed, we don't need silly devices.

>> No.26832353

>responding to someone's post five hours later
>You are the WORST sort of person.

P.S. I'll be back in six hours if you respond.

>> No.26832416

>So you're playing some kind of chainsaw wielding psychopath?
>Why's it a woman?
>Because men don't really pull off the bondage suit assassin thing

I think he knows I'm a weirdo but I don't know how much he knows. I'm not sure if this would be suprising to him.

>> No.26832484

My dad can see again?!
Oh man, that's so much more interesting than what he thinks about my Dhampir!

It's a miracle, praise the Emperor.

>> No.26832530

>his face when I'm playing a Ghost Rider homage in Mutants & Masterminds since Ghost Rider was his favorite comic character

>> No.26832535

Oh, you didn't make this character? It was handed to you?
Okay, other than not slapping everyone with your cock until they let you roll your own dude, I forgive you.
Ha, how does no one know he has this much money?
Where the fuck did you get a fucking dragon from, you're level 5.
Ha, they think you worship Pelor. That's fucking hilarious.
What? This shit hasn't died yet?
3 fucking HP?
I'm proud, son. Putting up with those idiots.
How the fuck did you end up with a character interested in Politics and Mercantilism? You hate that shit.
Fuckin' AD&D.

>> No.26832554 [DELETED] 

I don't think he'd remember the next day because he's always high as fuck on painkillers.

>> No.26832568

It's his fault for raising you wrong.

>> No.26832579

"Huh, ok. Want to go see a movie this afternoon?"

>> No.26832782

I'm so lucky I'm DMing a Star Trek-like pirate adventure. (Original Series, cheese and those crazy plots always get me.) My dad would probably tell me the same if he found out my last character was an asshole vampire wizard, although to be fair, the vampirism was of no fault of his own.

>> No.26832961

A psyonics, what IS that?
Well it's like if I'm Professor Xavier
But isn't DnD based off Lord of The Rings?
Well, kind of, you see-
Wait you're chaotic neutral?
Well dad-
Get out of my house.
This is my hou-
I know what I said.

>> No.26833515

"It's Spiderman"

Marvel Heroic, motherfuckers.

>> No.26834457

I'm imagining you said the last line in unison.

>> No.26835520

"Why does an octopus need so many katanas?"

Because he has 8 arms dad. Geez.

>> No.26835594

"My 24 years old son is a teenage goth girl|"

>> No.26835840

WTH. You made yourself into spiderman, but as a goblin with a robe and wizard hat. Why would you pick this race and are you are really retiring as willy wonka? Your wizard needs to become a beef jerky conjurer.

Captcha scientific akeyban
Yes, captcha, yes.

>> No.26836295

>can't stop laughing

>> No.26836318

>This isn't even a good anti-semitic joke, son.

>> No.26836331

He would start going on about how it's suboptimal. I should be rolling with a x/y/z with levels in a/b/c because he is the biggest munchkin fuck I have ever met. WAAC doesn't even begin to cover it.

>> No.26836383 [DELETED] 

I don't know about "better", but it did a good job of condensing the plot.

>> No.26836413

"Huh, cool. I never liked sorcerers much but it looks like you made it work. Nice art too. Though I'd probably be playing a ranger if I were you."

My dad LOVES rangers. Course he practically is one in real life, what with all the hiking and archery.

>> No.26836886

I'm forever GM, so I won't have that specific problem.

Both my parents are supportive of my hobby for the most part.

But, I just mentioned I'm the GM, did I also mention that my father is a leading expert (at least nationally) on the topic of global trading and has a pretty good education in the field of Social Science.

So yeah, if he checked out my GM notes, my whole setting would probably need to be re-written so it is more correct politically and socially (not to be confused with "politically correct").

Which actually sounds sweet, so while I won't get the
>I have no son!
treatment, I can look forward to a couple of hours of him lecturing me on the finer details of global trading - and if it makes my settings better, I'll embrace it.

Odd thing though, if my father had been into these sort of things he'd end up as the GM himself, he is that sort of guy, he likes everything to work out like a well oiled machine so he'd put that much more effort into it instead of rail roading.

>> No.26836925

> Hey son where is your character sheet from the game you were playing in?
>I'm forever DM.

Like father like son.

>> No.26836947

"Playing a special little snowflake huh?" Then laugh with me as I explained the purpose of the character for the campaign I'll be using him in.

...for a cop he likes deceiving people a little too much.

>> No.26836959

Can it be story time?

>> No.26836960

What the hell sort of character is this son, playing a medic, recon/backstabby characters or you're not my son any more. I don't care if the medic makes a good scout, you need more killy-sneaky stuff.

My dad also plays RPGs, he likes to play rouges, rangers, thieves and the like..

>pic semi related, I am a guard medic, just not a longknife

>> No.26836982

in regards to the D&D char/campaign, it's not set to happen for another two weeks or so, but if I do a good enough job manipulating my friends I should have a pretty good story to tell by then.

as for my father... during a police exercise in the '80s he managed to con a hotel by pretending to be a critic for Michelin, and a car dealership by pretending to be the son of the owner of a construction company that was doing roadworks outside the dealership. Got him free food, a bed to sleep in and a nice car to drive, while his colleagues were stuck sleeping in parks or on benches.

>> No.26837009

Your dad sounds like a very interesting person. I look forward to hearing about your exploits.

>> No.26837016


>> No.26837089

There is such a thing as Grey Guard

>> No.26837097

He rips it up and yells at me for not spending every waking moment studying.
I ain't even asian.

>> No.26837432

My name is not Sean, but suddenly I'm intrigued: What made you ask?

>> No.26838772

"Star Wars? You're still playing that?"

My current Star Wars SAGA Edition game has been going on for the better part of this year.

>> No.26839867

Don't have a dad.

>> No.26840693

>Fuck you and your flame post, faggot
That's more like it!
But seriously how new do you have to be to bitch at someone for playing a loli ON /tg/. Wanting to be a little girl is a basic staple of the board.

>> No.26840788

He (devout Christian) probably thinks its awesome. Noblebright scion of humanity aasimar paladin who only does the right thing, no matter how difficult the personal sacrifice.

>> No.26840980

>mfw it's just a regular chill average human male wizard guy

Feels good not to be some furry lolifaggot.

>> No.26841196

Love me some alt text.

>> No.26841297

An neutral paladin vows to occasionally make a stand and to sometimes say die.

>> No.26843377

>So for instance, saying "You provide oral pleasure to nutria, thus you're wrong." is bad. That's a fallacy.
>But saying "You provide oral pleasure to nutria, AND you're wrong." is okey-kosher.

... It isn't?

>> No.26843702

The idea is that one is an invalid argument, while the other just means you're kind of a douche.

>> No.26843888

The joke was that what he described is pretty much standard operating procedure here and--
Oh forget it.

>polite sage

>> No.26843972

> Father's an old greasemonkey
> Has had me help him with various jobs with his cars and trucks though out my life
> Is playing a Knocker mechanic in an OWoD Changeling game.
> Has notes based on what he taught me about cars and so forth written on back of CS.


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