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Hay /tg/ Im just starting WH40k and i am looking for a bit of advice. I have people i can play with already and it is really casual, the only problem is i have never played before and i dont want to invest in an army blindly. I can form a general idea of what is good but it would be nice to have some advice from experienced players. The guys from the playgroup I will be joining have not had the time to show me how to play and help me out, but i want to get started on forming an army. I know I am going to play Eldar. I have the codex and i torrented the rulebook. Im thinking of making an army thats really good with hit and run and so far I like the way Illic Nightspear looks as an hq. I was thinking of using rangers and howling Banshees alot and maybe throw in a fire prism to fuck shit up at range. Like I said I am going in blind and would like some advice. I have found this http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Warhammer_40,000/6th_Edition_Tactics/Eldar to be very helpful.

Here is some additional info:
>I will be facing space marines, Tau, Chaos marines, and maybe nids
>Army size is about 1500 points
>I doubt there will be any aircraft used
>Its super casual

Anything helps, and I will be bumping with some WH40k pics for a little while

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Also any ideas for a good army make up would be appreciated

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Last few dumps then I am going to bed. I'll check back tomorrow

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If you like hit and run, you cannot go wrong with warp spiders. They hit hard and they can run really really far. For troops choice you should also consider a windrider jetbike squad, at least 6 man strong. 2 shuriken cannons, 3+ save and t4 makes them more durable than most eldar units and they have good stopping power. Eldar jetbikes can also move 2d6" in the assault phase, allowing them to zoom up, shoot and run. On the subject of bikes, Shining Spears are pretty cool. They aren't super competitive but considering the casual nature, they aren't bad either. Use them to stop 2+ armor save units or harass small size units.

HQ wise I wouldn't run Illic. In all the games my friend has fielded him, he has killed nothing. I think at best he's managed to score one wound. Granted, if his gun goes full distort, it'll be hilarious but Illic can only kill one model a round - at best. If you want to keep the hit and run theme, a Farseer on a bike is a popular and versatile choice. Otherwise, Karandras is an expensive but very deadly choice. Actually, all of the Phoenix Lords are useful at some point or the other but Karandras tops the list. If you need more input on the HQs, just holler.

Anything not in bikes should be in wave serpents. If the squad is small, an argument could be made for a falcon. Except maybe the warp spiders. Things that aren't so fast that you should consider are as follows: Fire Dragons, Wraithguard, Striking Scorpions and Dire Avengers.

If you need anything else, just ask

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Wooo i got a reply! Well i was thinking illic because i thought running alot of rangers would be a good idea but you dont think so? They have very far range so i can move just in range, pop off a volley, and then book it. My other Idea for an HQ is Jain Zar. I think she looks really cool and her mask is sweet. Should I use dire Avengers as my troops rather than Rangers? thanks for the advice btw

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Also does battle focus even work for bikes?

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I haven't checked the FAQ but I don't think so. Not that you would need it. Bikes move 12' and can thrust an extra 2d6' in the assault phase anyways.

Illic - and rangers as well - all share the same problem: low rate of fire. This combined with meh ap - yes, I know, Illic's gun is ap2, but the rest are meh - and wounding on 4s, you're not gonna force a lot of wounds for their points. You could say that you be fishing for 6s, but when your unit is putting out one shot per dude, the odds of you seeing those 6s are pretty low.

Jain Zar would be my second choice as a close combat Phoenix Lord. She's no Karandras, but disarming strike is pretty awesome. And yes, that mask of hers will force your opponents to consider going into melee with her very carefully.

I love me Dire Avengers. 18 inches, good weight of fire that ignores armors on 6s and an exarch that can tank for a bit, they're a good support fire unit. Need a bit more firepower to put down that pesky unit? Dire Avengers got you covered. Need a countercharge unit in a pinch? Dire Avengers got you covered. In an army of specialists, they specialize in being a jack of all trades and they're pretty good ay what they do. Of course, your mileage may vary, but I honestly think Dire Avengers are a pretty solid choice. Actually, so are 20 man guardians with 2 heavy support platforms, but that's for a different reason altogether.

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No they don't work on bikes. They cannot "run" they can only turbo boost, thus do not get to use BF even though I think they have it anyways just for consistency.

The big rulebook straight up says bikes cannot run, so that should answer most of your questions.

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Dude, you are in the exact same position as me, right down to what my friends will be playing. Are you me?

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If it's really casual your opponents don't matter. You should play which one strikes you as the coolest sounding or which have the coolest look.

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So would you suggest i use my troop slots for bikes and avengers then and forget all about rangers? I plan on using Dragons to run around and blow up armored units, banshees and spiders to jump into melee combat. Sound solid? any other suggestions? If i use 2 hqs do you suggest a farseer on a bike and karandras?
Well shit, then i cant do any good hit and runs with them?
Possibly. Perhaps from another dimension?

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Well alternate-dimension-me, what do you think of the Harlequins?

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They seem too expensive to get any real use out of them

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As mentioned before, Eldar Jetbikes get a special move in the assault phase. Instead of charging, you roll 2d6 and move that many inches. So yes, you can hit and run.

Windrider bikes and dire avengers are a good choice. Remember to stick the avengers in a Wave Serpent. if you're running Dragons, remember that you don't need a large number of dragons to turn tanks to slag. A 5 man dragon squad with exarch is plenty good. I'd recommend putting them in a falcon so you get extra dakka out of the deal. Spiders should stay away from combat - their thrust moves are amazing and unless you give the exarch powerblades, they're kinda meh in combat. Banshees... are a tough sell. They only have 4+ and with no reliable way to get into combat quickly, they will likely get shot to pieces. If you're looking for a solid melee choice, Scorpions are a good choice. Wraithblades can be pretty good, especially if you rock the shield and axe combo.

Remember that Karandras has infiltrate, which is a really good way to get your units within shooting/charging distance as early as turn 2. It also forces your opponent to react to threats at their front door, allowing for your other units to move up the field and take up their positions. Sure you can't charge turn one, but you can infiltrate a ten man wraithguard team armed with wraithcannon and be within wraithcannon range turn one. Or you can infiltrate a wave serpent and its payload of dragons within 18 inches of the opponent. Always a fun time.

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Thanks a lot, you yhave been really helpful. I was under the impression though that warp spiders were really good at hit and run, and could really fuck shit up. Also which do you consider to be better, spears or vypers?

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taudar is pretty facesmash right now.

faseer, serpents, swooping hawks, bike councils with fortune etc for 2+ rerollable saves, etc
fire warriors, suits (plasma or missile crisis, missile broadside w/ missile donres, plasma riptide, commander with support gear (TL/tank hunter, etc) and ML drones), 5x pathfinders, 3x sniper drones w/ 3x controllers.

if it's casual, just proxy models before you buy them, make sure you like what they do/how they work, and understand that your local meta is not necessarily representative of all 40k ;)

that said, tau is pretty broken right now.

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I've always wondered which was stronger, Tau, Eldar, Tau/Eldar, or Eldar/Tau.

I'm pretty sure it's like this:

1st: Eldar/Tau (maybe? I don't know)
2nd: Tau/Eldar ?
3rd: Tau
4th: Eldar

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