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Anybody have some SoB pics?

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all I got

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Go away and never come back.

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oops still in tg

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newfag sery

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more of just being a badass

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actual games workshop fanbase

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Any kind in particular you were looking for? Unless you're just after r34 stuff. I don't collect that.

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derp, didn't mean to spoiler that. It's nothing lewd, just a very badass picture.

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It feels strange asking /tg/ for sisters of battle
Pics of the inquisition are all I really need.

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>not covered in choir boy jizz
It could be lewder 7/10.

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Oh god I loved that thread!
Such lulz were produced....

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*sound of thread dying*

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I could fix that, if you know what I mean.

BTW, my daemonette never showed up ;_;

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do it...

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top boner

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Moving it to /b/ for R34

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Mr. Tuvok! Arm the photonic lewd cannon!

But sir, their dicks are probably still chaffed from last night, they won't be able to...

I gave you an order Lieutenant!

Aye aye Sir...arming the "photonic lewd cannon..."

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The boners must go beyond

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A haze covered Fennias’ mind. He was still not accustomed to having his pistol being overloaded, let alone the soft touch of the Sister’s skin pressed against his. “Um.It…It was…”

Violette lifted her head, staring directly down into his eyes. “Go on…” she purred, rubbing her chest against his. “Your dear Sister just wants to make sure you’re happy…”

Gulping, he quickly muttered, “It was…nice…” Following this, he turned his head to the side, blushing profusely.

“Awwww, you’re afraid of me, aren’t you?” pouted Violette, the mock disappointment in her words making Fennias feel terrible.

“N…No Ma’am! I mean Big Sis! I mean Viole…”

Lightly biting his lip to stop his stammering, Violette leaned back once more. “I’m just teasing you. But come, it’s time for you to see that surprise. Oh, but you’ll need to get dressed first.”

“But you have my…”

“Oh right…Here…”

Rather than get off of him, she slid her hand between their bodies until it reached her holster. With a wet sort of noise, she pulled the soaked fabric free of herself, sliding it up their bodies and placing it on his neck. “There you go…Sorry, they’re a little wet…”

That was an understatement, but the smell alone was enough to overload the poor choir boy’s mind. Almost mindlessly, he donned his garments, after Violette got off of him and started dressing herself. He couldn’t help but sneak a few glances at her as she did, though he felt immensely guilty for doing so. She was fully aware of this, of course, but thought it best to leave some semblance of his sanity intact.

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Macha one was better.

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“Let me see you,” Violette said, minutes later. Fennias spun around, the Sister tugging against his robes to make them more presentable.

“Close enough…we’re going up to the Sister Superior’s quarters, but that’s good enough to get by any passersby.”

“W…Why her quarters?”

“Oh, that’s where we have to keep her now, since the Commissar went and died. We *were* just going to kill the xenos, but she begged and pleaded. She even volunteered to be your…well… you’ll see.”

The wink that accompanied this sent his plasma pistol recharging, though his juice-soaked undergarments were already aiding in that regard.


Muffled thwacks marked the riding crop being applied to Macha’s posterior. Through the ball-gag, she cried out, “More...More…!” Increasing her pace, she began rocking back and forth, her cannons swaying beneath her as she imagined the choir boy’s face upon seeing her the second time…

I tend to agree, but the people want what they want. *shrugs*

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how do you put lines through things

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You mean spoilers?

Directly in front of the text you want 'spoilered' you need to type the word "spoiler" in between "[" and "]" Obviously without the quotation marks. It will look something like this: [spoiler ] Note that I put a space between the r and the second bracket so as to not trigger the spoiler.

To end a spoiler you need to do the exact same thing except put the bracketed "spoiler" at the END of what you want darkened. Also, for the end spoiler (but NOT the start) you need to put a "/"

So it it will look like this:
[spoiler ]text[/spoiler ]
Remove the spaces and you get:

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Why, yes I do. I very much do.

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The sad thing is that without the diaper, that's actually a pretty nice pic.

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If you want strippers, I cant help you much

But if you want badass bolter bitches, I have those in spades.

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What about Strippers of Battle?

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Did not mean to spoiler the last half but whatever.

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Other way around. Without the diaper it's a very mediocre SoB pic.

However, as it is, it's a pretty good diaper cheesecake pic.

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That French faggot Technomancer must have done this.

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I did!
about twenty months ago!

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gtfo heretic.

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you don't know whit about diaper porn standards, man.

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That does not change the fact that you are a heretic.

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>based janitor removes the sperg, leaves the smut

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>green Mugi as Sister of Battle

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last one i got.

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For once I approve of the janitor's actions.

Praise the Emperor noone has to see that picture ever again.

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Badass SoB pic, you say? Why, I can contribute to that!

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Only the insane have strength to prosper.

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Sister Ulysses.

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Note the tiny teddy bear on the Living Saint.

This, of course, makes her an Argent Shroud Sister.

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This one's official art. Better than a lot of the fanart, IMO.

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Fuck you, books!

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This one looks like it's from a Fantasy Flight book.

Goddamit. I am so tempted to buy their SoB book just for the fluff. But there seems to be literally nobody to play with down here...

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I remember requesting that picture. Too bad nothing came of it.

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Hmmm? But isn't it right there?

Here's a picture that I requested, and a kindly drawfag produced it. /tg/ had been throwing around an idea of Orky Sisters and I just found that hilarious.

Fuck, did not mean to spoiler that.

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>But isn't it right there?
I meant of the Rogue Trader Sororitas Convent.

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Ooh dear when you get back. Now my boners have returned.

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What's going on in this picture?

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>implying you can have enough lewd.
>mfw sort of tempted to make a translated version of your fapfics because every time I see plasma cannon and pistol my space marine senses shit bricks. Plus its sexier

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Ha, I ripped that, it's from deathwatch rising tempest, but blood of martyrs is good too.

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It's a trade off really. I could drop all the innuendos, but then it sort of looses the "lol, dark heresy" feel.

I'll write more after the quest is over tonight

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Thats why id just put the actual word in like brackets so it be both. Ew whatever I know what you mean. But when you reqd that a choir boy is getting sucked off and titjobbed from cum covered Sisters and Macha, it just has that raw lewd lust attraction you know. Ill just translate it myself.

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The innuendos are hillarious
in a lewd way
I'd say don't drop them. If people want it without, they can quickly rewrite it themselves.

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Yah thats what im doing. Keep the dark heresy its funny heh

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We were gonna give him a daemonette for writing fapfics.
Damn it nigga you was supposed to be at his house at 5. What r u doin, what does slaansh even pay you for.

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Should I just insert this into 1d4chan then?

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Well nobody contacted me about this...
I can fix that though.
>Writefriend now has Vagina Anemone!

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It's not the same as an actual daemonette though. A vagina anemone can't listen to your feelings and berate you for them lovingly.

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...Sorry Writefriend, but the Vagina Anemone is YOUR crotch...
...This is probably why no one contacted me.

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Dem soaked undies. So hot, Violette is clearly quite experienced at this.

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Stop roleplaying

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Part 4 on dat 1d4chan.
My body is awaiting the next section.

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>tfw chinaman has no sister models to buy

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Hey is there more?

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Not until the quest I'm running is over. I might be able to sneak in a segment during one the longer pauses though.

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There's more if you haven't yet read the entire thing;

>> No.26795157

Oh thanks.....this looks like a lot.
>i just wanted to know if we were gonna find out the surprise

>> No.26795197

Oh so you are the write friend for it. No I wouldn't wanna trouble you.

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I need to know, /tg/
Do Dark Eldar also refer to humans as monkeigh(s)?
I need it for... research purposes.
And maybe writing purposes if I'm in the mood.

>> No.26795433


Yes. Or, rather, I've always had them do so.

You will, in time.

Eh, you never know. So long as I don't have to spend a lull dealing with Crohns, I can easily crank out another segment.

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They do.......writing is always good. is it special writing

>> No.26795467

Thanks anon, Crohn's sounds like it sucks but I keep confusing it with Crom the band, which I like.
Also: 4.8k words of /ss/, thats a lot.

>> No.26795527

And maybe. Maybe it's special writing of the triple S variety.
Special /ss/

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>mfw little virgin boys running away from attractive space elves, but they never get away
Chris Orksen tried to warn us...but now all these young boys will grow up with bruised pelvises and mature sexual experience. What a disaster.

>> No.26795745

Delicious. I am imaging the win as we speak.

>> No.26796575

But my imagination sucks.

>> No.26797046

Your fans await the lewd sir.

>> No.26798117

Feels bad man, though I hear he's working on it.

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link pls

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Oh dear what do we have here.

>> No.26798885

What was this about Macha losing her virginity?
I likes the jib of your smut.

>> No.26798927

Oh the elf slave is macha but its all a fantasy:
This one is where she looses it.
She actually screams that she won't be denied. Probably cause of us.

>> No.26798954

Or because of Eldrad psychic dickery trying to stop her. Or Slaanesh trying to claim her soul. Or the Emperor trying desperately to reinforce her hymen while holding back a dozen alien invasions.

Or all three.

>> No.26798966

Oh well, ITS IN.
Dat Macha cowboy, plus grabbing Dat Ass.
Finally glad to see her cobwebs dusted off.

>> No.26799022

>Dat final oral scene where the dude is balls deep in Macha's mouth who is slurping all the blood, cum, and juices from the previous sex and then he sticks his thumb into her creampied ass and massages her cum-leaking vagina. Damn Macha got fucked good, that's super heretical.

>> No.26799044

This is a gold mind

>> No.26799061


Probably the last bit before I go to bed, but here:

It turned out that Romelia's quarters were off in their own wing of the church, which, much to Fennias' dismay, meant that there was plenty opportunity to be spotted by those on their way to dinner. Though Violette maintained an aura of superiority, one of leading a heretic to his doom, Fennias could do little but follow in her wake, eyes cast downward at the floor. The other Sisters they passed seemed to not give them a second thought, but the few members of his choir that did muttered among themselves.

"Poor Fennias, that mean old Sister is probably going to beat him senseless like Marcus..."

"Shhh! She'll hear you! Do you want to join him?!"


"Shut up, John. We don't need your deviancy getting us into trouble."

A single look from Violette sent the group scattering, and they were the last people the pair encountered on their trek.

"Well, here we are!" beamed Violette, opening the door and ushering him inside. "Romelia's out for the moment, but she said to go ahead and let you have some fun."

"W...What do you mean?"

Not saying anything more, Violette winked and lead Fennias over to a door. "And here is the surprise. This used to be a spare bedroom, but now its all yours. You can do *whatever* you want in there until either myself or the Sister Superior fetches you."

"Ummm...o..okay?" murmured Fennias, not really sure what to make of this.

Laughing, the Sister opened the door and pushed him inside, locking the door behind him. As the boy's eyes adjusted to the dim light, he could barely believe what was before him.

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Sweet. Now I can't wait for the Macha sexing, and hopefully Fennias makes an adorable unf unf sound when he's riding Macha or the Sisters etc...

>> No.26799137


On a large, wooden bed was the xenos from the night prior. Her red hair fanned out beneath her frame, which was spread open and bound to the posts. In her mouth lay a simple ring-gag, which allowed drool to constantly seep out of it. Finally, around her neck was a black collar, emblazoned with the Aquila.

Fennias rubbed his eyes, not really believing his senses. Yet, there was the eldar, her and the bed the only thing in the otherwise bare, windowless room. Tentatively walking to the edge of the bed, he was uncomfortably aware of the farseer's gaze, watching his every move. Now that he was closer, he noticed a small note taped to her spirit stone.

"Umm... sorry," he muttered, reaching over and pulling the note free.

Trying his best to ignore the grunt that accompanied it, he began to read:

"To the...little Mon'keigh,

You have taken something from me that is very important. Yet, at the same time, you have been the only one to ever listen to my needs, throughout the countless years. Whether this was a mistake or not, I wish to be your loyal servant, filling your *every* need."

It was signed with a red lip imprint, and a post-script from Romelia:

"If you ever tire of her, just say the word. We'll have her hanging by the gallows the next morning."

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>> No.26799169

Why has this taken over 5+ threads? Can someone just make a fapfic thread already?

Seems like every thread I have watched over the last day or two has devolved into this.

>> No.26799185

Looks like he just won the "luckiest little boy in the Imperium award for the year 40k."
>mfw the Sisters later become living saints for being badasses on the battlefield but still love playing with the choir boy.

>> No.26799201

It seems this one is being written a bit at a time.

>> No.26799204

God damn, that was some awesome fapfic.

Incidentally, you mentioned you run a quest. Which one?

>> No.26799213

Its a series of fapfics that just happened to follow us home.
The four previous threads were kinda intentional fapfic or humor threads that went full lewd.
This is just a reallly long one, mostly /ss/ though the Macha fic was in the last thread too.

>> No.26799236

>mfw he plows her spirit stone and faints from it still being tight.
Lol still can't handle all that women.

>> No.26799280

>sucking dick like her life depends on it

>> No.26799310

It is. Basically, take the worst case of the shits that you can imagine and have it suddenly hit you when you least expect it. For the rest of your life.

>> No.26799319

Man, the sisters wearing respirators are the best.

>> No.26799354

Awww, well I hope they find a way to cure it and stuff.
>At least it aint cancer or aids, you know.

>> No.26799411


Yeah I love those and the Sabbat helms, don't see them in art enough, I guess because people want to see their faces.

If I ever manage to get a SoB tabletop army together I plan to buy nothing but respirators and sabbat helmed sisters until I run out of unique models. Which would probably be pretty quickly.

Anyone got any hospitallar art? Loves me my SoB medic torturers, don't have enough arts of them.

>> No.26799416

Sorta wish this was true.

>> No.26799440

....sorry for crashing your thread with lewd.

>> No.26799466

Uh I mean it hasn't happen yet, but it could POTENTIALLY.

>> No.26799472

You'll have less than 20, and only one Battle Sister as a Troop.

>> No.26799475

Hopefully whenever Sisters get plastic there will be enough helmet/respirator heads for all.

Or at least some cheap recasts to buy to fill out the rest.

>> No.26799513

I grafted a new head onto Celestine because her hair looked too much like tentacles and I deemed it heretical.

I didn't realize at first the new head had elf-ears, but when I did I left it on, because I'd rather have that than any GW face sculpt. Lesser of two evils.

>> No.26799522

can do your own recast from the helmeted head in the immolator vehicle sprue

>> No.26799535

And no Celestine, and only one Seraphim.

>> No.26799567


I actually only dumped the first bit in the beginning to keep the thread alive. Such is the problem with being the Emergency Lewd Hologram. Sorry for bothering anyone, I'll leave it to appropriate threads next time.

>> No.26799583

>Emergency Lewd Hologram
Please state the nature of the sexual deviancy.

>> No.26799592


I'll forgive you since you just gave me my first hospitallar picture.

I have a hundred SoB pics and this is my first hospitallar.


>> No.26799611

...I liked it. It's only one post anyways.
>Do you have more with the eldar slave?
Captcha: importance stomShe

>> No.26799639

I 2nd this lewd, we just need to post SoB while we do it.

>> No.26799652

>I only like the SoB's cause they're my waifu a hur hurhurhur
This fan art shits on their very concept.

>> No.26799654


It's from the Blood of Martyrs DH book from FFG, so it might be the only "official" art of them. (Probably wrong, apologies in advance)

Not yet. I'm tired and I don't have a daemonette to cuddle with.

I concur

>> No.26799688

Oh okay....i'll wait for you to rest up.
>Gotta admit, last three days has been pretty hectic on the naughty /tg/ spectrum.

>> No.26799731

I think so too. Who'd have thought that when I placed what might have been request #493 for Rule 34 of Macha, someone would not only deliver it but do an outstanding job of it as well. Maybe I accidentally tapped into a hidden well of fa/tg/uy lust or something.

>> No.26799755


It is merely the combination of being in the right thread at the right time. Scholars will look back at this moment and crown it to be the second lewd renaissance of /tg/. [Spoiler]Are we actually on our second?[/spoiler]

>> No.26799761

I know man, its been good.
>I've never seen Macha getting anything inside of her before. Feels great man.

>> No.26799775

There were plenty before, but this seems more like writefriendotry then drawfaggotry. Lewdanon loves to flat out draw dirty Macha pics but then censor them. Which while makes them funny does leaves you a desire to see the original.

>> No.26799844

Other writefag here. If the only thing anyone took away from the whole thing was "surprise anus daemons" I'd have been satisfied.

But it seems like both that and to a greater extent the ongoing fapfic were well received. Feels good, man.

>> No.26799889

Yup it is indeed fantastic.
Next time we should just have a general daw macha thread/emergency lewd beacon so we know where the lewdpocalypse is to begin again.

>> No.26800020

I might use this image if I decide to write moar.

>> No.26800059

Heheh nice. All right well I'll just keep lurking then.
Good night son, maybe you have lewd dreams that inspire you to write/ and or win the lotto so you never have to work again.

>> No.26800068

Yeah, that'll work nicely.

>> No.26800103

And thus Macha changed from being a beacon of perma-virginity to a beacon of lewd.

>> No.26800118

Just like this board, amirite?

>> No.26800192

Reminds me of /tg/ back before the mod.

>> No.26800231

Well, if she can do it... and man, did she do it.

>> No.26800278

Would read machas now newfound sexual liberation. Also a post fic where she rubbed it in taldeers face. Maybe hinting she knows that monkeigh taste like too.

>> No.26800310

What was it like. Elf porn everywhere?

>> No.26800327

/ss/ writefag here, I can do that if the other writefag doesn't want to. With the coming of the dawn, look to the east...

>> No.26800348

Pretty much /d/ meets /toy/

>> No.26800376

I have some plans. It won't be by dawn, though. Imma need some time.

I've got to come up with a way to keep a common thread, but still escalate it. Maybe flesh out the Acolyte and the rest of his peers in that cell of the Xenos Hybris a little.

>> No.26800402

/tg/ used to be self-moderated and was cool with a lot of things. Then a nazi mod appeared and made things suck. Now /tg/ is self-moderated again, I think. But yeah, there was plenty of lewd.

>> No.26800418



>you see this (tied up brown elf girl) in the dungeon, wat do?

Porn and /tg/ and history all in one place. Barely needed the rest of the internet.

>> No.26800433

I'm sure you can think of something. Take all the time you need.

>> No.26800439

Yes please. My perv side wants it.

>> No.26800469

Awwww if only I had a time travel machine . What year was this so I can look at the archives

>> No.26800475

Fortunately, we've learned to be slightly more subtle since then. Slightly.

>> No.26800523

The last few days haven't been particularly subtle.

>> No.26800552

Ive only read plasma pistols and cannons which while unorthadox for sisters is not unheard of. And theres plenty of censor bars for certain redheaded xenos to keep young imperial choir boys from thinking astray.

>> No.26800562


>> No.26800580

True enough. On the face of it, Macha just really loves a well-stocked arsenal.

>> No.26800686

Absolutely. Good thing she has such a resistance to plasma streams, otherwise all that hot liquid going into her mouth all over her face and body and "webway" would really burn huh. Must be part Avatar or something.

>> No.26803002

Keep going for the love of the emperor.

>> No.26803828

This lewd for the lewd god

>> No.26803891

They look Chinese.

>> No.26804012

...its a big galaxy. And they do like flamers. They could be the Dragon Order and like close combat flamers like that crazy chainsaw flamer. Also non repenting repentia with armor just cause they love the choppy and flames that much.

>> No.26804883

I c wut u did dere

>> No.26804909

Chinese, you say?

Are there any notable worlds of the Imperium with a Chinese inspired culture?

>> No.26804923

Only in FFG where one of the rogue traders was chinesey. Her ship looked like a space pagoda, was pretty good.

>> No.26805054

Wouldn't anything out of the section the white scars were from look chinese?

>> No.26805088

don't be a rude asshole. If somebody wants to have a Sob share thread, its not a problem. Go wank your tiny e-peen somewhere else.

>> No.26805124


>> No.26805168

Thank you so much for this art. Theres not much of the sister Hospitaller

>> No.26805179

>tfw chinaman has no sister models to buy

There is more than one Chinaman: http://zhanchui.taobao.com/search.htm?spm=a1z10.1.w1006-149313012.46.ZWXNkN&scid=399290581&scname=%D5%BD%B6%B7%D0%DE%C5%AE&checkedRange=true&queryType=cat

>> No.26805184

Mongolian, so not quite.

>> No.26805618


That's disturbingly erotic

>> No.26805631

Ah, well I will leave that alone then. Back to /ss/, but first I have to obtain some breakfast.

>> No.26805954

Are you back. This is good now I'll finally see which of Macha's holes Fennias will stuff, adorable unfing intensifies

>> No.26805958

this is also exciting.

>> No.26806006

>Shhh do you want to join him
Oh if only they knew what our hero was up to, then we could see sexy bukkaked Sisters getting spit-roasted by shotas.
Oh well their loss.

>> No.26806082

Oh hell yes. I hope you're reading all this, /ss/ writing guy. We need spit-roasted Sisters somewhere down the line.

>> No.26806153

They could always wear a strap on while one of them services the choir boy. Macha got some sister head while she was sucking Fennias off, instead she could be getting the dildo for spitroasting fun.
>you will never have a horny adopted older Sister warrior monk who loves to jerk you off and cover her face and tits in cum, and then proceeds to suck you off.

>> No.26806171

Why stop at one?

>> No.26806205

...I meant initially. Of course he uses all of them.

>> No.26806303

Would it be super heretical if after like a couple months of unlimited sisters and xeno sex, the boy just sorts of wants to cuddle and use Macha as a substitute for his dead mother. I like the feels, but that could be like the happy ending.

>> No.26806420

Oh my
I would enjoy that

His tiny body just cuddling the bound and gagged Macha, talking to her in a very trusting voice and confiding his secrets to her, while she wiggles about on the bed in an attempt to mount him

>> No.26806439

Adorable and lewd. What will they think of next.

>> No.26806507

Or maybe how he first met up with her in the first place. And that Inquisitor did seem like his intentions for joining the Xeno Hybris were not exactly pure from the description the acolyte gave.

>> No.26806570

Yay back story.
>Also maybe there could be a Macha scene where she makes sure that the Acolyte isn't Callie-chan with a variety of tests and suspicion, until Macha flat out pulls down his pants and starts sucking him right there and then. when he inevitably cums in how hot it all is, Macha then tastes his seed and compares it to Callies-fake dick taste. Verifying that it fact he is really a dude

>> No.26806692

Curse you for being able to read minds. Well, at least certain people will be happy with this next installment.

(I'll be done in maybe a couple of hours?)

>> No.26806707


>> No.26806733

Lol totally called that.
does she do a little sucky suck at the end while he enjoys the cuddles. Just a little unfing thats all, so the lewd can transition in later

>> No.26806751


Sucky suck? Nope.

Full on warp incursion

>> No.26806793

As long as we're in.
I'm sure he got plenty of head anyways during the orgy.

>> No.26806867

Dominant sister submissive shota facesitting when?

>> No.26806895

Oh snap, that hasn't happened yet right?
Probably later when he is trained <3

>> No.26807048

....warp is pussy right.
>mfw I thought in your story the spirit stone was her actual soul stone on her neck or whatever. Before I realized it was her private parts.

>> No.26807054

>>Also maybe there could be a Macha scene where she makes sure that the Acolyte isn't Callie-chan with a variety of tests and suspicion, until Macha flat out pulls down his pants and starts sucking him right there and then. when he inevitably cums in how hot it all is, Macha then tastes his seed and compares it to Callies-fake dick taste. Verifying that it fact he is really a dude

>> No.26807186

Cock hungry Macha is best Macha.

>> No.26807216

And then she needs to find Callie-chan and be all like "Ha! Fuck you! I WON, BITCH!"

>> No.26807239 [DELETED] 

Disgusting, patronizing fetishbait.

>> No.26807314

Exactly, which makes Callie sad feels but then she considers what a great lay Callie-chan was and invites her for a menage a trois so the lucky Acolyte gets double titjobs and blowjobs with two Machas, and then her original form too. Followed by hard anal and doggy style vag, Oh and of course facials and cumplay, maybe some spit roasting if Callie feels a little /d/, Macha in the middle of course

>> No.26807328 [DELETED] 

gr8 b8 m8.

>> No.26807450

Dats just gross and [/spoiler] sexy as fuck [/spoiler]

>> No.26807508

a ward a day keeps the good stories away

>> No.26807629


>> No.26807654

I was thinking next logical step would be a "celebratory lap" of sorts.
Well, someone DID ask for more detailed oral, and that WAS on my to-do list.
Callidus might make an appearance, I dunno. I'm thinking it'll take till next weekend to puzzle it all out.

>> No.26807714

Nice, I'm liking what I'm reading so far. Can't wait for the Macha "interrogation"

>> No.26807717

What do you mean by a "celebratory lap", exactly?

>> No.26807780

i tip my hat to you, good sir.

>> No.26807794

Oh, I have a plan.

>> No.26807811

Elaborate. This is relevant to my interests.

>> No.26807819


>> No.26807934

All I'll say is that it'll involve some family bonding.

>> No.26807943

Man has a decent voice too. He sounds all sophisticated and shit.

>> No.26807960

If you mean what I think you mean, a certain Vindicare is going to be PISSED.

>> No.26807989

So basically this, but referring to herself?

>> No.26808263

Or slighty turned on now that Macha likes mon-keign man juice.
>mfw he overhears her asking Taldeer why they can't threesome. And Taldeer might get both really annoyed but a little bit curious too, her own dirty side kicking in.
"I mean we're both related, I'm sure we'll have LIIVI bursting within five minutes"

>> No.26808332

Or if this is before WA and DC, we can play up Taldeer's disapproval of screwing a mon-keigh (ironic, given what she will do later on). The writefag did mention that this took place fairly soon after the vanilla DOW campaign (or at least recently enough for Macha to still be bitter about the whole Maledictum incident).

>> No.26808431

But then I always thought Taldeer lost her V-Card way back before Macha, hence her making fun of Macha and also having Lofn the kid.
Its all fanon, but whatever. Writefriends got our back, I believe in him.

>> No.26808472 [SPOILER] 

dare I say... too subtle?

>> No.26808491

We must be more overtly lewd. Maybe ask some based drawfags to illustrate some of these fine events.

>> No.26808505

I second this. It would be funnier if LCB and Lofn happened before Macha got laid. Worse come to worse, just blame it all on Warp shenanigans.

>> No.26808511

>Porkbane R34 when

>> No.26808514

Lofn was her kid with LIVII, and she didn't meet him until Dark Crusade. Of course, she probably had a fling or something before that time.

Definitely. Perhaps we should save for commissions.

>> No.26808520

Hopefully never. That was an awful meme.

>> No.26808523

Macha tries to come on to LIIVI and fails horribly, have a small scene recounting LCB and then cut to present, and all the shenanigans that ensue.

>> No.26808541

>the constant threads driving it into the ground without adding anything new were awful

>> No.26808562

It was pretty bland from the get-go, but that certainly didn't help.

>> No.26808575

Lol, this be funny.

>> No.26808603

I've never understood this picture.

>> No.26808628

I thought she was disrobing and still had some weapons, and maybe she's asking if you want to get handcuffed for some sweet femdom/service/facesitting.

>> No.26808649

That was my first thought but I wondered why she'd even be offering weapons in the first place.

>> No.26808706

I disagree, but I'll let writefriend make the final call. Maybe start with >>26808332, then flash-forward to LCB's events and Macha's response to same. ("Didn't you say that you were too dignified to associate with mon-keigh?")

>> No.26808751

Yup, the writefriends have been making some quality smut so far, "which btw is really long for fapfics, check 1d4chan for the other ones"
The only one I can think of that comes close is the Sisters getting raped by Slaanesh in all holes and becoming hungry cocksleeves, but I don't have that link. It was on adult fanfiction though and maybe 1d4chan, all I remember.

>> No.26808888

Is there anywhere /ss/ commissions can be done though, without the internet police shitting bricks.

>> No.26808913

I was thinking about illustrations for the "Macha Gets Laid" story- the partyvan could care less about that.

>> No.26808943

Dominatrix. Like BDSM bitches in spandex and whips. Maybe pistol whip or threaten.

>> No.26808954

I'm relatively familiar with BDSM anon but why the fuck would she be using grenades and a bolt pistol?

>> No.26808980

>> No.26808982

Stuff the nades up our butt and threaten you with pistol or whip you with it. Or maybe girls with guns gives the comissar an extra boner.

>> No.26809018

Oh okay ;_; but choir boy getting triple blowjobs from SIsters + Macha, it would be so hot

>> No.26809020

>Grenade anal plug

>> No.26809054

>mfw /k/ actually did this with a mortar.

>> No.26809055

We all have to make sacrifices.

>> No.26809094


>> No.26809214

I am not surprised. I remember seeing a screencap where /k/ did prostate stimulation with a mosin bolt. There was also some guy sticking his cock in a garand.

>> No.26809251

THE COST IS TOO MUCH, sniff we could always make it a beta choir "18 year old" boy and then it be okay....

>> No.26809347

And to think I was all fine and limp until
>There was also some guy sticking his cock in a garand.
I am so fucking turned on right now

>> No.26809374

Talk about gun porn.

>> No.26809417

>never had garand thumb.
Uh...nope boner is gone.
so /ss/ or Macha cherry popper writefriends, any eta on new parts just wondering? I got kinda confused with all these new ideas and stuff

>> No.26809470

It's not that.

It's the little ding noise they mane when the clip is out of ammo. It reminds me of little hushed cries of pleasure from lolis. Except
lolis that shoots nazis dead.

>> No.26809610


An hour for the /ss/ continuation. Maybe less. Blame Crohns.

>> No.26809614

I like it more if she has to suffer through watching Taldeer get everything she tried so hard to get before she finally gets some. Make the girl work for it.

>> No.26809632

Watch Archer.

>> No.26809654

>slight boner at the mention of /ss/
>not entirely sure what Crohns is
>know I've heard of it, but I can't remember what it is
>quick google
>boner dead

>> No.26809659

Ok okay. Ill be waiting intensely now.

>> No.26809672

Hehe lol

>> No.26809697

About a week for the aftermath of Macha losing her virginity. I'm also trying to more or less tie it off there.

>> No.26809705

Fuck yeah he does.

For those who have not yet experienced itm revel in it here.


>> No.26809751

And give us a prologue too while you're at it. Backstory is always nice.

>> No.26809808

Gotcha settle the matter and move onto greater and lewder pastures.

>> No.26810057


>> No.26810061


Yeah, shit's not fun. Anyways...

"Something important? But I didn't..." Realization dawned on Fennias, his legs going numb as he stood at the foot of the bed. "Oh...I...Emperor what I have done?"

A gurgle from the farseer met this, proper words prevented due to the gag holding her mouth open. Timidly, the choir boy looked over his new charge, trying his best to ignore the throbbing below.

"I...what do I even do?" he asked, moving to the right side of the bed. Taking a seat on the edge, he left his back to the eldar and stared at the wall. "I couldn't even keep my pet goldfish alive, and now I have to take care of you? And what am I supposed to do about the Sisters? if I don't...with you...they'll probably be mad with me..."

The sound of the xenos straining against her bonds and trying to speak broke him from the spiral of depression, if only for a moment. "Oh...sorry..." he muttered, turning and undoing the bindings that held the gag in place. "There you go..."

The removal of the gag lessened the fire in the farseer's jaw, and she took a few moments to stretch her facial muscles before speaking.

"You were not a part of this? Of their plan?"

"N...No. I had volunteered f...for extra duties that night. If I had known what that would be..."

As the boy sniffed, at the edge of tears, the eldar couldn't help but feel a small amount of compassion for the mon'keigh. Both of them had been forced by those so called "Righteous Nuns" to do acts neither would have normally. While she was old and wise enough to be able to deal with the situation, the child barely into his teens probably would be scared for the rest of his life. Well, unless she helped him, that was.

"Do not cry. Sobbing will solve nothing." she offered, trying her best to sound comforting.

"Why shouldn't I?!" demanded Fennias, slamming his fists against the bed beside him. "I just wanted to prove I was a good servant of the Emperor, that I was ready for more..."

>> No.26810126

prepare yourselves

>> No.26810127


>> No.26810146

Keep going anon.

>> No.26810229


With a sigh, the eldar changed tact, "What is your name, mon'keigh?"


"Well, Fennias, I am Farseer Macha. And I want you to know something. Those first two lines of the note? I meant them. Before my capture and...last night, I have gone without any release. Though you are too young to understand, such an affair is enough to drive anyone insane, even among my kind."

Silence followed this statement, Macha's eyes on the back of the boy's head as he resolutely stared at the wall. "I'm..." he began, "sorry. You probably wanted someone...someone better..."

"Well...maybe a little bit. Oh no, I didn't mean! Isha damn it..."

Much to her surprise, Macha felt the boy beginning to undo her bonds, freeing her from the bed. "W...What are you doing?"

"I'm letting you go, maybe you can run away. Maybe you can escape. Maybe you can..."

Before the boy could continue, he found himself pinned to the bed as soon as the last chain around the eldar's arm came loose. Gulping, he looked up to see Macha straddling him, hair falling across her face and cannons sway gently beneath her.

"That would be...suicide. For both of us," she offered, "As much as that note was written with a bolter to my head, perhaps it can be of some comfort."

"W...What do you mean?"

"Well...obviously they're training you for...something, so why not let someone far wiser than they teach you ways to use their own medicine against them?"

"You mean..."

"Yes," whispered Macha, releasing her grasp on Fennias' arms as she leaned back and begun undoing his robes. "It's time for you to learn what it is to be the dominant one..."

>> No.26810250

>He was ready for more....
surprise feels chapter, all that shame and fear he feels toward fucking Macha and the Sisters so sad

>> No.26810279


Don't stop anon, don't stop.

>> No.26810308

[feel boner intensifies]

>> No.26810344

I hardened instantly

>> No.26810346

I know that feel anon.

>> No.26810348

Anon you've just made me want to get back to working on some smut I was writing and haven't touched for ages. Thanks.

This is great so far - I look forward to reading more.

>> No.26810355

Yes another writefriend joins the fold.

>> No.26810384

sounds like heretics of dune style duncan/matre/bene play

>> No.26810398


>> No.26810399

I'm back.
And writing.
Don't know if it'll be as good as Macha-Writes-A-Fap-Fic Guy's stuff, but hopefully it'll be readable.
I like the setting of 40k but as I don't actually own anything 40k related, I'm hardly the best lore guy around, so forgive any mistakes that pop up in what I write when I post it.

>> No.26810404

That better be you Creed of Heresy.

But yeah, sorry for the surprise feels, but I figured I might as well introduce a *little* story into this pile of heresy so it's not just "fuckfest 24/7." The innuendos stay, though.

Next part...probably next thread, judging by the bump limit. I'll watch for the other writefag's clarion call image or an activation of the ELH.

>> No.26810457

Its all right, the more the merrier.... and you just can't have enough lewd

>> No.26810487


I've actually been writing it for a while but haven't felt like adding to it in ages. I had even considered deleting it. But this has rekindled my interest in it and I'll get to work.

Go for it. I'm sure people can forgive a few little fluff errors.

>That better be you Creed of Heresy.
Unfortunately I'm not him, though he was one of the reasons I got into writefagging. My smut isn't 40k related.

>But yeah, sorry for the surprise feels, but I figured I might as well introduce a *little* story into this pile of heresy so it's not just "fuckfest 24/7." The innuendos stay, though.
Porn with a story is generally better - that's what I've been trying to do albeit really unsuccessfully.

>Next part...probably next thread, judging by the bump limit. I'll watch for the other writefag's clarion call image or an activation of the ELH.
If you plan on writing more of this be sure to pop in to a Wednesday Writefriend general or something and post what you've got. I'm certainly eager to read more of it and I imagine the anons there will be too.

>> No.26810567

Kay, I wrote a short flashback to tide folks over while I work out the main event (which is going slowly. none of my past partners were any good at oral, so I have nothing to draw on). No lewdness in this, though.

Checking it over now.

>> No.26810584

>(which is going slowly. none of my past partners were any good at oral, so I have nothing to draw on)
I'll bet they did though.

>> No.26810591

Have we already reached the auto-sage? When are we going to need a new thread?

>> No.26810610

I demand femdom SoB

>> No.26810612

In 23 replies.

Starting with an appetizer of smut, then some actual story before the 'main course' of smut is a good idea, I think. Sorry if that's a retarded analogy.

>> No.26810640

As long as it has plenty of head bobbing, a nice messy ending, and maybe a little throat action. You should be good.
>porn is great for inspiration

>> No.26810643

This. Without the /ss/. Maybe some lesbians, too.

>> No.26810649

>tfw you try to convince your gf to get an Aquilla tattoo and she agrees

fuck yes

>> No.26810656

....without /ss/?
Eh I guess little boys can't get sexed ALL the time. Those sisters do have some unfinished business heh.

>> No.26810657

Damned Taldeer and her Gods-DAMNED mon'keigh fucktoy.

Does she really need to call attention to the fact that she, after so many centuries lost on the loneliest of Paths, had found companionship? Have I done something to so anger my own sister that she feels she must torture me so by reminding me of my failures?

It is not for a lack of trying, to be sure. I truly thought that Gabriel and I had a chance. He had seemed so much more than the others... and yet even he betrayed my trust in the end even after I did so much to assist him and his Chapter. Ungrateful mon'keigh bastard. And Taldeer, who had NEVER expressed any interest in romance, managed to accidentally seduce a socially and romantically stunted MON'KEIGH ASSASSIN into betraying his people rather than do his job and murder her. While I was wasting my time trying to bring Gabriel around, SHE was getting hot filthy mon'keigh sex the sort of which some of our youngest sisters and daughters fantasize about.

Admittedly I'd have been upset had he killed her. She IS after all is said and done my sister, and that will never change. But it just isn't fair that she has had everything I have wanted, everything I tried so hard to take for myself, practically GIVEN to her. Sure she was wounded and left blind, but at least she has someone to guide her back out of the dark. And now she has the nerve to show him off at every opportunity, even now. Not even a month since I nearly DIED and she's flirting with him right in front of me, taunting me that the Astartes I had bragged about turned out to be just as arrogant and sexless as the others. Insensitive bitch.

>> No.26810661

What about SoB's sucking off some Dark Eldar futas?

>> No.26810679

Damn Taldeer you indeed a bitch. I wish to know more....

>> No.26810684

..... uh..... erm....well....

>> No.26810687

Fuck Taldeer, fuck the eldar, fuck Gabriel, fuck the Imperium, fuck humanity, fuck the Ruinous Powers... even the ORKS get to reproduce, so fuck them too, I guess. I need to get away for a while... anywhere, just away from my damned sister and her stupid little braindead sugar-mon'keigh.

The momentary disorientation of the Webway portal fades quickly, and I find myself fleeing through the abyss. Are those tears I feel on my face, or a trick of the howling void? I won't allow myself the luxury of crying. I simply refuse to show anyone that it bothers me so deeply, and I wipe my eyes with my sleeve as I step back out into realspace...

… only to find myself facing a mon'keigh.

Tall, dark eyes and brown hair that managed to be unruly despite its shortness, and broad-shouldered. He isn't as domineering as Gabriel. I could walk past him in a crowded alleyway, where the Astartes would likely grind my face between his shoulders and the wall. But still, he seems like he could eat a lesser mon'keigh alive if he set his mind to it.

Oscillating between making an advance on him and breaking him with my mind, I can't seem to find any words to address him. But the way he's looking at me, the sudden realization that I have NO idea where the hell I am: somehow, it's exciting.

>> No.26810721

Yes, but with lots of humilation and feminization

>> No.26810745

No, as in something completely separate from all this /ss/ noise. A sister superior initiating a new sister, two SoBs showing a female guard their Faith, just something without /ss/.

>> No.26810747

You've given me some very interesting ideas anon, and I think I would enjoy trying to indulge your request though I already have a writefag smut project at the moment. Would a simple, quick draft do for now?

I will try.

>> No.26810760

“Hi there,” he says to me with a friendly smile. “Welcome to Hai Fong," he offers.

The surprise kiss of his knuckles against my cheek knocks me off my feet, and clouds my vision as my mind slides into darkness. I wasn't prepared for this... my mind was in disarray. That's the only reason he managed to lay a finger on me. I was too upset.


I'm about to be taken prisoner. Me, a Farseer. On a strange world, by a fine specimen of a mon'keigh.

And nobody knows I'm here.

... by Isha, this day might turn out okay after all.

>> No.26810774

No, fuck that noise.

>> No.26810779

Macha is best Rihanna. Lol okay.

>> No.26810788

What would you like instead?

>> No.26810791


>> No.26810793

You mean yet ANOTHER lewdfic
On what planet would that not be okay?

>> No.26810803


We have several of those already floating around 1d4chan's NSFW section. Just go browsing and you'll find one.

>> No.26810812

Saturn. Damn prudes.

>> No.26810813

You guys want me to start another thread? This one's getting close to the bump and theres a bunch of writing and requests, etc.

>> No.26810820

Then I shall get to work. This might provide a nice creative break from my other stuff or give me ideas.

Since I'm doing this for you people, please feel free to request things. Should I just write it by post?

>> No.26810831

Delicious smut with a side of feels. I like.

>> No.26810839


Make sure it's a lewd thread from the start, then link it back here.

>> No.26810842

Yes so the anticipation builds.

>> No.26810851

Alright then, I already have some ideas for this SoB femdom thing. If we're starting a new thread though I'll wait until it's up.

>> No.26810852

Just plain old femdom without all that feminization/sissification people love to attach to it. Hell, have her cuddle the guy after tying him up and riding his face like a motorcycle.

>> No.26810865

>Hell, have her cuddle the guy after tying him up and riding his face like a motorcycle.
So it's a dude she's fucking? Someone asked for lesbians.

Whichever you guys want.

>> No.26810868

Sometimes I hate you TG.

>> No.26810879

But most of the time you love it, don't you anon? You love all the smut.

>> No.26810890

Oh I wonder what that could be
And sometimes we hate you too. Sorry for making you chafe to space elves and nuns. Use more lotion next time.

>> No.26810897

/ss/ writer here. Do what you think is appropriate for the story (if there is one). Otherwise, you'll end up bouncing back and forth as the many individuals behind the name "anon" vie to have their fetish covered. Just flow between events naturally, and you might end up covering what they wanted anyways.

>> No.26810904

Other guy here. I would prefer lesbians, yeah, but feminization usually implies males. Like him, the whole humiliation side of it is a huge bonerkiller for me. I like loving femdom. Like that Shiniez comic.

>> No.26810914

This, in any case you could always write more and just link anyone old stuff that covers it anyways. Like what we did before.

>> No.26810919

Sometimes /tg/'s urge to fap is greater than any desire for badass space nuns. It is a cruel, brutal reality.

>> No.26810932


A little smut here and there is fine.

This is mountains of smut everywhere for the last 3 days.

did everyone from /d/ move here or what?

I feel like if I started a thread about sisters no matter what it was about it would be infected by this.


Apparently. At least someone finally posted a goddam SoB pic.

>> No.26810947

It's okay now we got our own thread. Last time was unorganized, just a bunch of anons that popped up and lewd spread everywhere.

>> No.26810950

To be fair, this thread would never have become a proper SoB thread and thanks to the Lewd being concentrated here, the proper SoB is allowed to go strong.

>> No.26810963

Are you the OP?
Because if so what the fuck did you expect with an opening picture like that

>> No.26810971

As one of the guys badgering you, in the end this is the way to go. Even if I don't care for whatever subject matter you end up writing, the effort will still be appreciated.

>> No.26810980

I'm more annoyed by those apparently daily LOL, SLAANESH threads. At least janitors took care of that one.

>> No.26811003

>/ss/ writer here. Do what you think is appropriate for the story (if there is one). Otherwise, you'll end up bouncing back and forth as the many individuals behind the name "anon" vie to have their fetish covered. Just flow between events naturally, and you might end up covering what they wanted anyways.
This is a spur of the moment thing, but I'll try to write it naturally. I have a couple of ideas.

>Like him, the whole humiliation side of it is a huge bonerkiller for me. I like loving femdom.
Well I too like loving bondage so you're in luck.

>Like that Shiniez comic.
Yes! Sunstone is great.

Sorry for the flood then, I tend to get a bit too into it. I think we should do what >>26810947 suggested and keep it contained.

>> No.26811039

I prefer humiliation. IDK why but people on 4chan seem to really not have a thing for crueler or more hardcore femdom. It's always people talking about gentle femdom

>> No.26811060

>I feel like if I started a thread about sisters no matter what it was about it would be infected by this.
These lewd dudes seem to be moving into their own threads anyway, so this particular thing shouldn't be an issue again.

Eh, it could've been an art dump. I actually got a few SoB pics I didn't already have from here, so there's that at least.

>> No.26811092

>it could've been an art dump.
And with his starting image, it would have been exceedingly cheesecakey. Op knew what he was getting into.

>> No.26811107

>mfw when I made that pic just for an image reply and see it spammed everywhere.
Honestly some people can't control themselves.

>> No.26811119


It would have been cheesecake? You can check the images above you you know. Nearly 80 images posted here, though many of those are reaction pics to smut.

>> No.26811126


>> No.26811141

True, the OP image probably could've been picked better if he wasn't after smut only.

Speaking of which, have a more realistic depiction of a Sister enjoying some coffee

>> No.26811164

Dat sweater, saved.

>> No.26811199

And here is one with pudding.

>> No.26811213

anyone knows where I can get the 3rd book of daemonifuge? The complete book has vanished completely from the internet.....

(pic from the now dead virgil wh40k game)

>> No.26811260

You deserve it, cheapass.

>> No.26811340

Knitted by penitent children in the holy workshops, doncha know.

Here is one contemplating a doll.

Quite interesting to see art of Sisters doing really mundane things.

>> No.26811361

What do you call a Sister of Battle making pancakes?
A Sister of Batter!

>> No.26811391

I like how its an IG doll. Its that subtle acknowledgment of the blatant propaganda of everyday Imperium life that really sells that picture for me.

>> No.26811394

Ha! Saved as fuck.

Got anymore rarely seen pics?

>> No.26811421


Seen this one?

>> No.26811439

>> No.26811449

Yep, on 1d4chan.

Still love the badassery of it though.

>> No.26811459

I got some, but I have mixed feelings on rewarding op for whining. I was gonna save em for the next SoB thread.

>> No.26811464

>> No.26811473

dat hose.


>> No.26811521


thread's autosaging now, so yeah probably best to save them for now. That way they'll be up for longer.

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