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The primary sense of humans works by detected the light which reflects off of objects. Ergo to avoid detection by humans, one should dress one's self in garments which reflect as little light as possible.

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like purple

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The best color is something that blends in with whatever environment you're in. Black is actually a pretty horrible color for stealth because your silhouette is going to stand out(solid color) and the color itself is going to contrast horribly with most surfaces.

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As >>26783346 points out, vision doesn't work on simply receiving reflected rays of light, but actually assembling said information into a coherent picture with discrete objects. Hence camouflage.

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Why is military camouflage all pixilated?

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To have as few (or as small) chunks of solid colour. As reasonbly possible. Helps break up outlines and blend you in more.

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Because it works

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dis boy is proppa orky

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Creates a macro and micro camouflage pattern to be more effective at different distances

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Because most high-end optical bits are digital, and pixilated camo makes you look twice as blurry on the other end of a camera.

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Pardon me, but I was under the impression that the first rule was "Don't stand up."

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Why did you post a picture of a couch? That doesn't seem relevant.

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>The primary sense of humans works by detected the light which reflects off of objects
Actually no.
We detect movement, differences in surroundings and have this weird ability to know when someone looks upon us.

Therefore: standing still, looking like part of surroundings with closed eyes.

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And now, Ms. B. J. Smith is going to demonstrate for us. Please stand up.
And that, Imperial Guardsmen, is how not to be seen by heretics, one way or another.

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... I actually have an old 'ninja warrior' handbook thing that explains some of the more advanced concepts of some of this. A lot of it will seem pretty obvious.

- Avoid sight by obscuring direct line of sight
-If you cannot avoid direct line of sight, attempt to wear something that camouflages you in the environment you're in.
-If that isn't at all available, look like you belong in a place (ninja got away with all sorts of shit by basically dressing like cooks / housemaids / janitors etc).
-Acting like you belong in a place is important for maintaining the previous deception.

This is just retardedly obvious things that I've remembered off the top of my head. When it came to combat a lot of ninjitsu was predicated on oblique strikes and fun slight of hand stuff - where they obscure your vision by throwing sharpened coins at your eyes then stabbing you somewhere else, or by spitting needles at your face and stabbing you etc.

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Mostly by detecting light reflected off objects.

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Nope. Don't need light, just movement.

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>-If that isn't at all available, look like you belong in a place (ninja got away with all sorts of shit by basically dressing like cooks / housemaids / janitors etc).

As Dave Chappelle says, no one pays attention to a black man with a mop.

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Repair people, plumbers, product reps all great ways to get away with shit

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Hackers still practice social engineering.

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We are programmed to respond to movement. But we detect movement with sensory organs such as our eyes.

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I ideally you want light to pass through you unhindered...i.e. invisibility.

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Well not everyone can get invisibility spells. You know how much the wizards are charging for that shit nowadays!

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Invisibility science is better.

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I can see you.

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I think that would be very scary.

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open the picture and look again. There is a person on the couch

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Sometimes I feel like there really are shittons of autists on the internet.

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It's okay, I understood. Chuckled even. You aren't alone.

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Same here
Agreed with >>26787385
This isn't a half bad thread.

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Look again. It's a couch with boots on it.

...Why don't they have camo boots?

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Becuase they realized it wasn't working and changed it back to the old splodge camo.

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Please. You would not autism if Temple Grandin drove a cattle drive over you with each cow having a page of a textbook on Neurological conditions and learning disabilities done in steel plates fixed to each of it's hooves.

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