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How do rats act like socially? I don't mean the nasty caricature the Skaven represent, or necessarily a Zerg-like hivemind. How are they socially?

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He looks comfy as fuck

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They have a very complex society. Any questions in particular?

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If they lie on their back, that means their body is ready.

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>A 2011 controlled study found that rats are actively prosocial. They demonstrate altruistic behaviour to other rats in experiments, including freeing them from cages. When presented with readily available chocolate chips, test subjects would first free the caged rat, and then share the food. All female rats in the study displayed this behaviour, while 30% of the males did not.

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They like to groom each other and cuddle. If they fight for real, they bite the back.

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Lawful Good rats?

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Needs more cute rats.

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Rats have a well developed fashion sense.

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They appreciate physical proximity and cuddling.

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>If living space become limited, rats may turn to aggressive behavior, which may result in the death of some animals, reducing the burden over the living space.


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They will engage in games and interactive social activities.

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Do rats live in packs/communities/family structures etc? Do they have pack leaders?

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Rats like to present gifts to each other.

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I love the terrified look on the tiny cat model.
"Something is horribly wrong with this situation."

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Sometimes they get drunk together.

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> As with dogs, rats create a social hierarchy, and each rat has its own place in the pack. Rats are said to establish an order of hierarchy, so one rat will be dominant over another one.

>Rats like most mammals also form family groups, a mother and her young.[31] This applies to both groups of males and females. However, rats are territorial animals, meaning that they usually act aggressively or scared of strange rats.

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lot of Jedi rats I see.

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Sounds Neutral then. Not like you have to be LG to let a buddy out of a cage, and it's certainly not LG to butcher your own kind when there's population pressure.

Skaven have the excuse of being warpstone mutants and dominated by an evil god.

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Occiasionally rats are known to rock out.

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If trapped in overcrowded conditions, even with abundant food and water, they will go insane, either withdrawing socially or becoming violent.

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Depends, what sorta setting are you building OP?

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>now imagine a gang of honorable rat-folk thieves
>when one of their own has been arrested and they could pull off the job just as well without the captured rat and split the earnings into bigger piles, they still choose to save their gang mate first.

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I've kept rats. They're horrible. They bite each other's balls off and constantly scream as some form of violence or other goes on.

Whenever you remove the large bully that hurts the others, the next largest one starts doing the exact same thing he was being subjected to hours ago.

I hate them.

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OH god, I thought it was just a movie!

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>no skaven themed filenames

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it's not. The dude who made it LOVED to imply shit on his movies, he never got to make much movies.
welcome to the machine.

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just like people!

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Nimh is a real organization.


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the secret of NIMH (NIMH is actually National institute of Mental Health, it's said there too IIRC, but what sounds better THE SECRET OF THE NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF MENTAL HEALTH or THE SECRET OF NIMH!)

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Humans do the same thing though.

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Rat are cute, bats are cuter.

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>liking bats
best rat general then?
in my mother tongue they're called "ratpenats" translated literally to "Punishable rat" and that has nothing to do with anything, but whatever.

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A lot of these pics are hamsters, not rats.

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It's true, bats are superior in cuteness.

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That's the whole point. Humans (and any other animal which lives socially) are predisposed to prosocial behavior, but their nature is overridden by unnatural conditions. Do you think they did these studies because they were just so interested in rats?

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That's because the biggest strongest bully rat is not the leader. the smartest rat leads and makes the big strong bully rat his enforcer to do the violence. Yes this is absolutely true, I used to own a bunch of rats

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sounds chaotic good to chaotic neutral. They work well in small groups but implode if thier numbers become too large/ social structure becomes too complex

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Those are mice.

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I've kept rats too and you're either full of shit or were stupid enough to have multiple MALE rats in a cage that's way too small for them.

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>I don't even know this bat.

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>Whenever you remove the large bully that hurts the others, the next largest one starts doing the exact same thing he was being subjected to hours ago.

How many rats where you keeping in a single cage? Also females are generally nicer then the males.

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It's sucks that bats are always just low ranking dungeon fodder or pure evil, and never nice NPCs or players.

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WHY are people so afraid of these little guys? Look at how flippin' cute the little blighters are.
And altruistic behavior to boot.

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She looks like a cutie.

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The only bat player i've seen was a gigantic faggot. He was a halfling-sized man-bat thing and was completely useless.

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>how many were in one cage
A whole damn swarm of the things. I gave them food and let them do their horrible filthy thing, occasionally killing and cleaning one for my snake.

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Still lawful. Sacrifice for the good of the group and all that.

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Well there you go then. You put them under the kind of pressure that makes them go crazy. Humans tend to flip out under those kinds of conditions too. People in concentration camps are notoriously badly behaved.

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White and cuddly pet-rats and large-ass black plague-bearing rats are two big disserences.

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Not to mention the giant rats could cleave your fingers off with their teeth.

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The fuck am I writing.
>pig unrelated

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Same pig, I guess.

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Why is it that pigs and chickens start off so adorable and then turn into giant balls of ugly?

Cows maintain a degree of their charm in adulthood, though.

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That pig hasn't been augmented enough.

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>My bacon is augmented.

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Who knows. We need an animal physiognomist, and these don't exist... yet.

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those are white or lab rats, they're cute (and then injected with millions of nasty shit).
Then you have fucking large-ass black plague-spreading. shit eating sewer rats.

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>ITT tg discusses cute animals
I would say this isn't tabletop related but I want more pictures of cute rats with skaven named images, please.

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>not lizardmen themed ones

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>honorable thieves
It's like you want to live in a fantasy world anon.

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Did that pig lose it's hind legs? How awful ;_;

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>mfw i'm more of a fan of tomb kings but asking for pictures of cute skulls is both weird and not related

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doesn't seem to hamper his movement much...

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>what is spain

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Wel, we have kittens in sticky for one.

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He didn't lose them, they were too weak to stand on due to a birth defect. So his vet adopted him and got him a wheelchair. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LUPTnS_hHXI

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No it's not, Chris P Bacon has an awesome life.

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>chris P bacon

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The best part is that it's a Banjo Tooie reference.
Here you can see that Chris still has his hind legs, they're just pretty much useless.

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> K'nex


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>How do rats act like socially?
>Ctrl + F
>"Universe 25"
>0 matches

Look it up, seriously.

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read the thread.

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It's already been mentioned and discussed here, bro.

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>That feel when you will never get to own rats because stupid bullshit.

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>the feel when you have you own house and do whatever the fuck you want.

Why no rats for you sir, I am curious?

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Probably lives with people who are afraid of the adorable buggers.

Because that's where I'm at right now. Well, that and can't afford any.

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I would like a rat, but my cat would kill it before it even got comfortable. He's too much of a hunter.

>Captcha: slistio observing

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which is why i got a bearded dragon, my cat will chase down and try to beat the shit out of a 240 pound dog, but a 4 pound lizard scares the shit out of her

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>240 pound dog

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>that feel when rats are actually more closely related to humans than to bats

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the rats of acomar by paul kidd, read ot your own peril, it is almost as sad as A whisper of wings

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Look up More Cunning Than Man - great look at rat sociology and biology

Also, read The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents. Terry Pratchett did a fair amount of research on rat behaviour, IIRC

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Cause they can carry disease, which is probably the same reason humans started being afraid of rats. "Stay away from this creature otherwise you might fall ill."

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You know, St. Bernards, mastiffs, etc. Big dogs are big.

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Okay, I've seen this WAY too many times.

Who/what is she? Is she /tg/'s Skaven 40k attempt?

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It was the parasites that carried Plague, not the rats themselves.

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the leader is usualy a female and is almost always pregnant

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seeing bats in my neighborhood for the first time in years brings a joy to my heart

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No the parasites transmitted the plague, the rats carried it.

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Rats carry disease carrying organisms (like fleas), which carry disease-causing organisms (like Yersinia Pestis).
Ergo, they are also carriers of disease.
Is this difficult?

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keeping this /tg/ related, knowing that bats and rats both have complex social habits, it's not impossible to say that in the event of humans not evolving from apes that bats or rats would have instead gone on to develop into sapient species

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There are quite a few contenders. The main issue with rats is that well, a lot of stuff eats them.

Crows have been witnessed breaking nuts by dropping them on crosswalks and waiting for cars to crack them, and have also displayed some primitive tool use like fishing with bait (usually breadcrumbs tossed by passerby).

Raccoons are another likely candidate; they're clever enough to get into most garbage bins that aren't designed to prevent their entry. They're also a top predator in most urban ecosystems since most of their traditional enemies have been driven away by humans.

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lots of stuff ate monkeys. Rats could band together, outsmart and outnumber predators.

Bats can fly, if they were to go on developing manipulating appendages they would either need extra fingers or hands for feet. Or pic related

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Batgirl waifu?

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imagine the things that might have come out of Straya'

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Crows have gone a step further than that. They've been able to teach other crows how to make tools that the second crow has never seen before. So not only are they able to invent solutions to novel problems but then relay that knowledge out.

They have a lot of really cool behaviors, actually. They're very much at the top of the pyramid as far as birds go and definitely on the list for eerily intelligent animals.

I used to think octopi were clever, but crows really take it.

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Currently there's a lot of research into crow intelligence due to some recent discoveries.

Some scientists are even saying the American Crow is the most intelligent thing on the planet after humans.
They're capable of communicating things they see and describing them to each other, and will do so regularly, to the point that something that makes an impact on a single crow (the experiment was humans wearing a specific kind of Halloween mask harassing it) that is released into the wild again will cause the others within a 3 mile radius after 24 hours to know the same thing (to flee from the sight of the mask, or to begin squawking alarm caws to alert others).

>> No.26784105

how would a crow evolve in shape if it was using tools more and more? Mostly it's beak is used, and as an avian flying is indispensable

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>get ere' inna me pouch mate. Ill fookin glass ye cunt

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actually a wild pig is kind of imposing. Those are scary motherfukers

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Crow language would be fleshed out pretty quick


Bat language would be ultrasonic for certain


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Every stat you would give a rat can't be anything short of awesome. They are perfect creatures.

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is the white one supposed to be pic related?

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Crows: cats with wings.

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We're all speaking in hypotheticals here. Could crows/rats/etc. go beyond their current level of tool use? Could they use fire?
Maybe so, but they'd definitely develop methods of tool use that will probably be different from the way humans use hands.

It's also hard to say at what point further tool development becomes impossible due to physiology. And of course, there's nothing that says tool-use is necessarily more adaptive - crows are already plenty successful where they're at.

But beneficial traits to enable tool use might be more prehensile tongues, perhaps? I could imagine some of improvement in fine motor control in the beak and tongue could allow for more sophisticated tools to start off with.

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Rats already have pretty dexterous claws.

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Large parrots are at least on the same tier as crows. There are multiple instances of African Greys working out fairly advanced mathematics, including the concept of zero, on their own.
They've shown that they actually understand the *meaning* of words, as they can use context and logic to re-purpose words to their own end. Alex the African Grey is a prime example of all this. He told his researcher to get something for him (With poor grammar, to be fair), when the word "get" had only been used in the context that he would get something for the researcher.

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>beak that separates into multiple smaller beaks, each with its own tongue for complex manipulation and enhanced vocal use

>> No.26784354

They've already got prehensile feet and beaks. They're plenty adept at tool use to begin with.

If anything they'd operate in teams for more complex tools.

>> No.26784361

Deep crow, oh no

>> No.26784373

I want to hug them

>> No.26784378

Crows use their feet and beaks the most.

But it's not hard to imagine radical adaptation, the ape ancestors to humans could not have survived without being fully adapted to staying almost entirely in trees or being able to rapidly ascend one.
But then we found a niche on the ground and lost those adaptations while gaining new ones.
What's hard is figuring out what adaptations crows would gain/lose.

>> No.26784397

There was multiple species of what can only be called "dire tigers" that fed exclusively on hominids.

Around the time of the emergence of what can be fairly called the "modern human ancestor" they all went extinct.
Think about that.

>> No.26784406


Actually, it'd be much more likely for a bird to evolve a kind of sounding chamber within their throat - singing birds have an organ that basically functions like a whistle, and by adjusting the musculature, they can vary the tone and pitch. Fun fact - one side of the organ handles the low notes, and the other handles the highs.

>Bird people will be able to talk in two different register via their throat chamber.

Freaky stuff, really.

>> No.26784447

He didn't ask for this.

>> No.26784457

but manipulation wise? Unless they develop some sort of ultra complex vocalization ability where they can control another species through sounds, leading to a society of drones serving flying bird people things...

...I'm gonna have to sleep on this

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>Every tabletop RPG ever has giant rats
>Not once has anyone thought of cuddling them

>> No.26784488

Rats are tough, hardy, intelligent little bastards who have magnificently dextrous hands and a complex social structure

give them a few million years isolated from humans, and you might have a race of toddler-sized rat-people who are curious and thoughtful

>> No.26784491


Your best bet is a kind of awkward, dextrous foot type scenario. They'll almost certainly never regain fore-limbs, they've been without them for almost 200 million years.

Maybe a male/female pair-bonding type scenario where the female or male literally sits on top of the other bird and uses its legs as arms? That level of sexual dimorphism already exists in the avian world, although not the close cooperation. Would be a good duality thing to go along with the split-voice thing.

>> No.26784499


>> No.26784504

Humans are really good at killing things.

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A long time ago, it was hinted there were Fancy Skaven amongst the Empire so players could run with the idea.
It hasn't been mentioned since, and now that the Empire pretends Skaven don't exist it's unlikely to boot (unless they play Ratatouille amongst the Frenchie Bretonnians).

>> No.26784588

>Fancy Skaven servant boy
Oh the hilarity

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Fancy Skaven like fancy rats.

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Is this a bat thread?

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>inb4 shotarats

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>> No.26784919

I don't know, the occasional rooster has a noble bearing to him.

If I had to guess why adult pigs and chickens look ugly, I'd say it's being bred purely for size makes them a bit disproportionate.

>> No.26784920

we /an/ now.

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Correlation /= causation. But still, many extinctions tend to be driven by habitat changes, and humans are notable terraformers (although many prehistoric megafauna did die out before agriculture).

>> No.26784972

It just means crow tools will be:
-assembled while they are stationary,
-light/small enough to carry around (they fly, after all)
-meant to be used with just one foot/beak.

>> No.26785009

Maybe we just got too smart for them and they starved out.

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Now I want to play a ratfolk character in an upcoming Shattered Star campaign I am going to get involved in.
Which character class I should pick? The campaign is very focused into dungeon crawling , we already have a rogue (trapsmith) and a monk (terracotta archetype) in the party for deal with obstacles.

>> No.26785040

Begone, demon dog!

>> No.26785046

My favorite hypothetical evolution is actually hyenas. Due to the structure of their birth canal, firstborns almost always die during birth, with a fairly high rate of mortality among the mother as well. One possible evolutionary solution is that children are born earlier, when they're smaller. However, the lower level of development in the newborn means it won't be able to care for itself for much longer, necessitating the development of more complex social structures to care for the children. This would, naturally, require a bigger brain, which puts more stress on the birth canal...
This cycle is actually one of the theories as to why humans developed intelligence.

>> No.26785066


Those who are afraid of bearers of disease and plague have a larger chance to procreate and not die to plague and disease.

Same reason people are afraid of insects, it is a sign of spoiled and rotten food (which also had a tendency to kill you back in the days).

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>> No.26785119

I bet they use their wings as hands
fucking bullshit

>> No.26785161

Gulch Gunner.
Is a gunslinger archetype for ratfolk found in the Advanced Race Guide.

>> No.26785169

Lankhmar Below

>> No.26785192

Little leather bags that they tie to their claw and store sticks for prodding and food on the go in
they don't have tanning so it just starts rotting after some time and needs to be replaced
while you're walking trough the city a crow bag might rupture and drop all sorts of seemingly useless stuff on your head

>> No.26785318
File: 73 KB, 499x334, its okay.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26785748

You are an asshole.

>> No.26785889

Looks like a roided bodybuilder tbh

>> No.26785895

They do have legs, you know.

>> No.26785972
File: 834 KB, 1103x2264, 1206294444484.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Once upon a time, in a land called /tg/, there was a char known as Chem-chan.

Then furry happened.

>> No.26786007

>Jews and gypsies are evil so we put them in camps
> There they acted in a way that reinforced our beliefs.

Holy... That makes so much sense, actually.

>> No.26786012

I love cute animals thread

>> No.26786032

Could be their extinction led to humans thriving and being able to adapt to different lifestyles.

Could also be that humans decided that cubs looks tasty. And that fuck you tigers.

>> No.26786037

there is a species of tropical bird called a hoatzin. Young birds cannot fly but they possess small talons on their wings to help them climb. when they mature they lose their fingers. How? I don't know, but if we were willing to do some splicing in the process of creating intelligent crows, we could have talking birds with simple hands as well.

>> No.26786058

Nah, if you want spliced super crows let them still look like crows
but maybe increase their social language brain flap so they actually can start using noises like >>26784158
to communicate and learn our language properly

>> No.26786087
File: 1.25 MB, 2560x1920, 20130224_175937.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's the same as a cute kitten and a fucking mountain lion.

You can go "Dawwww" and cuddle kittens. The Lion is just going to fucking murder rape you if you try.

Pic related. This is Gabby Rat a month or so before she passed away. She was a tubby lazy fucker who was food-orientated which meant that as long as you had food she'd do anything you wanted. Except climb shit because that amounted to physical exercise.

Same goes for rats, Fancy rats are pretty clean, and if handled young and given lots of attention are amazing pets. Wild rats wallow in filth and barely live past 7 months due to poisons, predators, life in general etc etc.

The thing is though rats are used as go-to thing for dirty and horrible conditions. Hollywood also loves the "wall of rats" running down subways terrorizing the protragonist. Actual rats aren't like that, most hate swimming and heights and nearly all of them are terrified of anything thats not a rat from their colony because as a prey species everything is out to fucking kill you.

>> No.26786257

More likely they'd simply weave a container out of strips of bark and the like.

>> No.26786467

>tfw no episode 2

>> No.26786493

Oh boy, i'm already having an erection.

>> No.26786523

It's the tail, I hear. I had two rats and everyone thought their tails were freaky as fuck. Compare that to a squirrel or some other rodent with a fluffy tail and everyone's all "D'awwwwwww!"

Man they were fun little shits. Took them maybe 2 months to figure how to open all the doors on their cage to the point I had to put safety pinks on them to keep them shut. And when free (I usually let them run around the bathroom once in a while), they found all the cracks and holes in the house. Even found a way into the kitchen and my kitchen and bathroom don't share the same wall.

>> No.26786535

Hollywood rats and mice actually have to be trained to run in the open. Normally they'd crawl along the walls even in crowds, but that's not dramatic.

>> No.26787076

ill take three

>> No.26787097 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 
File: 325 KB, 750x594, shotarat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>what-where are we-us going to do in the bed-lair master-boss?

>> No.26787172

I don't even play whfb but I've always fostered the desire to make a Skaven army that aren't all that evil and just want to live how they perceive humans do. Modeling wise it would mean less chaosy looking, lots of monocles, top hats, and ties.

>> No.26787208

*tips fedora*

>> No.26787327

And everyone insisted that their beloved "Chem-rat" was a totally original character that improved upon the lifeless human template, and that she was a character in her own right and not just a copy!

>> No.26787936

Thats it?

>> No.26787971

No kidding

>> No.26787982 [DELETED] 


It's a bllue board, you dickhead.

>> No.26788169

furretards and their obsession and unoriginality, nothing else.

>> No.26788207

At least she looks better/ more interesting than the human version.

>> No.26788214 [DELETED] 

No genitals or tits in that image, genius.

>> No.26788225 [DELETED] 

Except for, you know, that dick hanging there

>> No.26788243 [DELETED] 

Oh geez how did I miss that

>> No.26788274


God, that reminds me of that terrifying social experiment. I think it was called like Iteration 52 or something? Basically some evil geniuses set up a habitat for several generations of rats to live in with no shortage of food and saw what happened. It was terrifying.

>> No.26788281 [DELETED] 


>posts a picture of a naked mouse-furry with a dick flopping out
>not genitals

You're one of them stupid types, aren'tcha?

>> No.26788292


No, just entirely better. As it meshed bits of rat behavior and hints of "what has science done" in her background with post apocalyptic survivor.

What did Chem-chan have? Oh right, Tank Girl in space... yeah, I can see why she was an amazing success... oh wait...

>> No.26788343


I think we're forgetting that they're both terrible characters.

One is a lifeless hollywood badass chick, the other is furry fap bait.

>> No.26788349

Are you serious?

I need to know so that I can laugh the appropriate amount.

>> No.26788370

Sly Marbo is Rambo in Space. In fact a whole lot of 40k characters seem to go like that... What's your point again?

I feel like people that bitch about Chem-chan don't truly understand 40k or the point of that character.

>> No.26788377
File: 109 KB, 674x609, 1247471651092.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>lifeless Hollywood badass chick
Keep telling yourself that.

>> No.26788401

>Their male counterparts withdrew completely, never engaging in courtship or fighting. They ate, drank, slept, and groomed themselves – all solitary pursuits.
...guys. Is it just me or does this sound like nerds?

>> No.26788417

>They were dubbed "the beautiful ones".
No, probably not. More like... monks. Or just plain better things.

>> No.26788430

40k is full of characters like that. Arbites in general are just a reference to Judges out of 2000 AD. Some models in early editions of 40k even had names like "Hicks" and "Vasquez" with very minor changes to avoid potential lawsuits. Then there's the fact that the entirety of the Last Chancers are just The Dirty Dozen. List goes on. Kids these days seem to think "THIS IS SERIOUS" when they look at 40k though. It's rather like how people on /b/ take /b/ seriously now because they're too new to it to know otherwise. 40k still isn't meant to be taken seriously and contains referential humor, but for some reason people that get into it thanks to PC games like Dawn of War or Space Marine have a hard time seeing past the whole "Grimdark, there is only war" aspect of it.

>> No.26788448

>groomed themselves

Have you actually seen any nerds?

>> No.26788743
File: 71 KB, 800x829, 158645_md-Escher, Female, Girl, Juve.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It could even be argued that Chem-chan fits the setting better than other Guard-chans! For the simple fact that she'd be so easy to convert. Just take an Escher Ganger and hopefully paint it better than this guy did... then greenstuff on a rebreather or literally just take one from one of the many, many 40k minis that have them.

>> No.26789185
File: 34 KB, 460x306, 1365127079483.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

now you have me missing my rats

>> No.26789733


Basically, no one in my family except me likes the fuckers, so when I'm at home my parents refuse to have them in their house. The apartment I was in and the apartment I'm going too soon hopefully I'll be staying too short a time to actually keep rats (I'd want at least three years). Not only that, some of the jobs I'd want to get work with lab animals, and if I got them I'd be forbidden to own my own rats, probably to prevent the immuno-comprimised test rats from getting sick from stuff my rats would have or something.

All I want is some cute furball. I mean hell, I've worked with rats before, and they're little wriggly furry balls of cuteness and cleverness.

>> No.26789905

I hear one reason mice are being increasingly used in animal testing over rats is that researchers tend to get emotionally attached to rats. Mice, however, are generally assholes.

>> No.26789990
File: 96 KB, 800x799, 1372115520719.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

pretty much

I'm pretty sure if your testing rats then the reason they don't want you to own any is because you'd be more likely to get attached to the test rats

>> No.26791423

What the fuck is that rat wearing...

Battle armor?

>> No.26791507
File: 88 KB, 960x747, War Guinea Pig.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26791582

Nah, they're /fit/fags.

>> No.26791627

No. They turned into homosexuals. Nerds don't take care of themselves. They force their mothers to do that for them.

>> No.26791663


>Thinks Don Bluth made it,

Oh jesus, I grew up with it and knew it was a book first.

>> No.26791689

That is a teacup pig, which remains tiny and cute throughout it's life.

>> No.26791721

My cat is too, but he never so much as glanced at my rats.

>> No.26791736

Mastiffs are the most cuddly dogs ever. That big bastard probably wouldn't hurt a fly.

>> No.26791785

Rats and raccoons already have fingers and thumbs, although without the degree of opposition that ours have.

>> No.26791803
File: 66 KB, 600x390, hoarders-rat-episode.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yes of course
do you expect an army of rats to charge into glorious battle without blinding their enemies with the sunlight gleaming off of their armor?

>> No.26791835

Just like humans.

>> No.26791864

They groomed themselves because grooming feels good to a rat.

They were essentially masturbating.

>> No.26791908


Birds wouldn't really evolve new speech organs to talk if they could use language. Humans barely evolved changes to our mouths when we started using language, we just made do with what we had.

>> No.26791923

Oh god they ARE nerds.

>> No.26791950

>if they could use language.

Crows at least have a language, and it is complex enough for them to convey human facial features. That's right, if a crow has a reason to it can tell all the other crows in the area what you look like.

>> No.26791983


>> No.26791988

>Crows at least have a language,

I find this very hard to believe, being a guy who studies linguistics. It's perfectly feasible for crows to have a bunch of sounds they use to communicate basic ideas, but the idea of them possessing an actual language with a grammar...I find that unlikely. But I'm off to go research that, because if it is true, that's some fascinating stuff.

>> No.26792016

We don't know much (or anything really) about the structure of their communication, just its abilities. It's certainly possible that it's a full language, it would be difficult to imagine them conveying as much information as they do without at least rudimentary language.

>> No.26792018

as a linguist you probably know the exact dictionary definition of a language
could you post it?
We're all just using communication trough sounds

>> No.26792047

Wouldn't it be great if masturbation made you cleaner rather than dirtier?
Of course then you'd have insults like 'sooho, you smell clean today" and a social stygma on too much hygiene

>> No.26792077

Actually it pretty much is a language, how complex we don't know, same with whale songs, it's using a combination of sounds that sound distinct to the speakers to convey information.

Hell it's half the reason that Xenolinguists for things that aren't rubber forehead aliens tend to want to know what the mouth, and airway of the species look like.

>> No.26792200

>this is my melon
>there are many like it
>but this one is mine

>> No.26792225

Babies are, generally cute, because cute things are endearing and engender a need to care about and for them.

>> No.26792259

Oh god. For any of you who read Dresden Files, I'm pretty sure Mouse is a Tibetan Mastiff. How'd he even fit in the apartment with Dresden and Mister?

>> No.26792270

>you're walking through the outback with your girlwhen this guy slaps her ass, what do you do?

>> No.26792377
File: 40 KB, 634x493, article-2239226-163AF967000005DC-220_634x493.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hippos can fit through cat flaps, how screwed is humanity?

>> No.26792670

Remember: one of the house hippo's favourite foods is the crumbs from peanut butter on toast.

>> No.26792834
File: 25 KB, 496x310, BANISH! AHAHAHAHA!.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's not necessarily true. Viewtiful Joe had the first boss as a vampire bat . . . that died pretty easily. And Zelda did have a reoccuring devil bat villain called Vire . . . okay bats pretty much suck.

It's like everyone feels they have to make up for Batman or something.

>> No.26792863

I don't understand how anyone could be scared of a rodent, but I can understand very easily how someone could dislike them or find them unendearing. Their little sneaky faces and their way of scurrying round lacks either the grace and smooth, killer control of a cat or the strength and earnestness of a dog. They're the Loki of the animal kingdom, and some people prefer Freyr or Thor.

>> No.26792910

God damn Canadian PSAs were the best PSAs.

Don't put it in your mouth.

>> No.26792936

Everything is cute when they're young, even spiders and leeches. Pigs and chickens are livestock, we've effectively selected them to be dumb and ugly adults so it isn't painful to slaughter them.

>> No.26792960 [SPOILER] 
File: 305 KB, 1024x768, 1261379294707.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26792988

docile and cooperative, dumb is not the same as it.

>> No.26793000

You know, I've been browsing the Aztex thread and their attitude on gods got me thinking. Would rat people worship cats like strange, complex deities like the likes of Tezcatlipoca, the cruel jaguar god? I mean, they're brilliant and fickle and way more powerful than rats, and can demand deaths at will. Thoughts for a rat race not as insane as skaven, and in a setting with other animal people.

>> No.26793006

People still remember the black plague. Also hantavirus. Long story short if you see a wild rodent it can probably kill you.

>> No.26793264

I developed a set of genitalia like this for a unisex or vestigial-sexed species. Six tendrils could wrap around each other to act as a penis, or could spread and spray to reveal the vagina.

>> No.26793271

Could a bird talk in two notes at once? Could a bird sing an interval?

>> No.26793344

>implying 4chan isn't the monastery of the internet

>> No.26793365

Yeah, they grow neckbeards and wear fedoras with stickers on them. Even the lamest of the lame hold themselves to some standards. Plus, they're rats. Grooming is way more to furry species than us.

>> No.26793391

Good point, but come on. A chicken is not exactly smart.

>> No.26793405

Someone had already said that in the thread but yeah, that too.

>> No.26793518
File: 1.82 MB, 286x186, 1343285874292.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26793582

The tendrils would of course wrap around each other in coupling, sliding inbetween each other and groping before one spread for the other to tighten. Or both, fuck it. We unisex.

>> No.26793598

Human sacrifice was a thing at some point and in some parts of Europe, right? Wonder why it never caught on.t

>> No.26793611

Oops, wrong thread.

>> No.26795184
File: 293 KB, 590x600, Caucasian Shepherds.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mouse's semi-fictitious breed is based on the Caucasian Shepherd, actually.

>> No.26795376
File: 35 KB, 640x465, mastiff.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

With dogs it really depends how they're raised. Spanish conquistadors used mastiffs trained as war dogs when they were fighting in Mesoamerica.

>> No.26795432


Also, I'm pretty sure I killed some rat kids as part of work.

>> No.26795511


mastiff is an overloaded word.

They used big dogs.

What kind?

Mastiff doesn't tell you

>> No.26795655
File: 847 KB, 617x715, Cyboar02.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

needs more DAKKA

>> No.26798111

>Rat thread
>250 replies
>Must have evolved into a porn dump
>It hasn't
Well, uh, I'll just be going then.

>> No.26798378

I've never even had rats and I'm finding them adorable after this thread.

>> No.26798416

The modern domesticated rat really is fucking adorable. When I was in high school, I had a rat. One day, the clever little bastard stowed away in my hoodie, and I didn't even notice until he crawled out of the hood and onto my shoulder in the middle of first period, freaking out one of the other students. So I had to jump through a bunch of hoops to get my family to come pick him up, and I got in deep shit with the school over it.

>> No.26798450

You're telling me they actually had rules against bringing rats to school?

>> No.26798503

That archetype is very risky, as it functions through incurring attacks of opportunity, and the Gunslinger is most likely banned.
Ratfolk get bonuses to intelligence and dexterity with a penalty to strength, so Wizards, Alchemists, and Witches would be pretty top tier considering party compostion.
Wizards can get pretty powerful, but can't heal.
Alchemists tend to clear rooms with their bombs, and can keep the party buffed if you have time for Craft(alchemy) and if you take the Infusion discovery. Ratfolk have a racial archtype called the Plaguebringer which seems to be pretty good for debuffing. Alchies can also prepare healing extracts.
I'm not too familiar with Witches, other than that they get some cool stuff.

>> No.26798557

A lot of times in a school, if folks feel like there should be some rule against something, they just act like there is, which makes it prohibited for all effective purposes.

>> No.26801891

Well that's something for pupils and parents to object to.

I know it seems silly to say this on 4chan, but rule by decree is good in no situation.

>> No.26801928


Witches CC and bring heals. Just take Accursed Hex, Split Hex and Slumber/Ice Tomb or whatever the fuck its called and enjoy. Pick a ton of CC spells and you'll generally be fine. Sure you can heal, but it'll be done mostly with wands.

>> No.26803990

cows suck

>> No.26805167

Often, schools have a general-purpose rule against any behavior that impedes education and the like. Freaking out students during class and possibly exposing them to allergens or animal-borne disease falls under that umbrella.

>> No.26805219

hey look its Doom's pinkie

>> No.26805337

these are lab breed rats

who are so inbreed it somehow went to other way and they have no genetic defects

the wild ones are nasty scumbags who killed 1/3 of the human race via the black death

>> No.26807864

rats as food for snake.

got it.

>> No.26811283

>Freaking out students during class and possibly exposing them to allergens or animal-borne disease falls under that umbrella.
Other students freaking out because they've never seen an animal that's not a dog or cat before doesn't. Neither does ignorant staff assuming the presence of allergens or diseases (which if they did exist could be on students' clothing anyway with nobody knowing).

That's not rule of law; it's arbitrary rule.

>> No.26811413

I was being slightly sarcastic; of course it would be better if the entire student body was sufficiently exposed to the "real world" so as to be comfortable in the presence of animals and not have allergies, but it's easier to make schools that keep unusual stimuli out rather than produce robust students. Unfortunately.

In any case, it's not an arbitrary rule, as the rule (hypothetical, of course, I don't know the policies of the actual school) does not specifically call out rats, though the rule may have been arbitrarily executed (such rules frequently are -- there probably would not have been as much trouble had the distracting, potentially allergenic and diseased animal in question been a puppy).

>> No.26811507

That rat is kawaii.

>> No.26812257

They've been inbred to the point where mutation doesn't occur. Through selective inbreeding, they've dodged having freakish mutations and such by simply eliminating those from the genepool, until you end up with rats that have been bred to the point of stagnation - Science has removed the ability of these rats to evolve, so long as they don't receive an influx of new genetic material into their breeding population.

>> No.26815929

>it's not an arbitrary rule, as the rule does not specifically call out rats, though the rule may have been arbitrarily executed
It's an arbitrary rule in that, thanks to its vagueness and generalness, it can only be executed arbitrarily.

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